Quantum Leap (2022) s01e09 Episode Script

Fellow Travelers

Quantum Leap was an experimental
time travel program
years away from being tested.
- Why did you leap?
- I don't remember anything.
Your name is Dr. Ben Song.
You're a time traveler leaping
from life to life,
trying to put right
what once went wrong.
- I'm Addison Augustine.
- Addison.
You're the woman I love.
Yeah, Ben.
- He remembered you.
- I know you're worried
about Ben's motivations.
Ben's working with someone.
Al Calavicci's daughter, Janis.
Someone opened a remote link
into the system.
Janis Calavicci.
- What is that?
- That's the destination.
I think that Ben was trying
to leap into the future
to a specific place,
a specific point in time.
That shouldn't be possible.
I remember.
- Remember what?
- Why I leapt
in the first place.
It's to save you.
Out of the shot!
Yeah, you, step aside!
Come on, boys, be nice to Jack.
After all, my life is in his hands.
Carly! I love you!
I love you! I love you, I love you!
We better head inside.
We're on a tight schedule.
After sound check,
it's back to the suite
for a small VIP gathering
and one interview.
It's part of the job, Carly.
Did I complain?
Do I ever complain,
even if I might want to complain?
Ms. Farmer, your dressing room,
which is obviously supposed to be ready,
isn't ready. I am so sorry.
Oh, it's Amanda, isn't it?
Don't worry about the dressing room.
It's a sound check.
More importantly, how's your mom doing?
Huh? She was sick
the last time I was here.
She's much better. Thank you.
I-I can't believe you remember that.
Time goes by, I live my life ♪
Traveling down the road ♪
Open my eyes to clear blue skies ♪
But I'm feeling all alone ♪
It's a one-way ticket ♪
That's the price you pay ♪
Addison, where are you?
Where is he?
Chicago, April 24th, 1979.
Addison, you OK?
Yup, just looking forward
to finding out what the hell Ben meant
when he said he leapt to save me.
Guessing she's not happy
about Ben keeping that a secret.
What do you think gave it away?
It's a one-way ticket,
that's the price you pay ♪
Another day, another song ♪
- Traveling on ♪
- Keep traveling ♪
- Traveling on ♪
- Keep traveling ♪
Gonna sing my way back home ♪
She is good.
- Hi.
- Sorry about that
dramatic exit last time.
Not your fault.
So tell me everything.
Well, it's coming back slowly.
I remember working with
that woman, Janis Calavicci.
I remember knowing that what I was doing
was the only way I could save you,
but I just don't remember
from what.
And I, uh, don't suppose
you remember why you couldn't tell me.
I know you're upset. I
Well, I just feel like, of things
to say to your fiancée,
"you're in danger"
feels like the top of that.
I'm just as frustrated as you are,
and I'll remember. I'm sure of it.
OK, let's just focus on the leap.
It's 1979.
I'm a bodyguard named Jack Armstrong.
I'm here with a singer
named Carly Farmer,
and it's the day before the concert.
There, now we can have our conversation.
No, we can't.
Ziggy says Carly died on stage
in her sound check.
That's that's now.
Another day, another song ♪
- Traveling on ♪
- Carly!
Ben, that light's coming down.
Traveling on ♪
Are you OK? You OK?
Somebody tell me
what the hell just happened!
Carly, are you OK?
I don't think that was an accident.
Ziggy says now that Carly doesn't die
in her sound check,
she's murdered tonight.
So what do we know?
Just that Addison is going to die?
Actually, Ben didn't say that.
He said he leapt to save her.
The man stepped
into a quantum accelerator
with no way of coming home.
You don't do that unless
the person you love is in real danger.
I agree with Magic.
I think if Ben is using the leaps
to try to build up enough momentum
to get to a specific point
in the future,
I think it's pretty likely
that that point might be
Addison's death.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Ben left Addison a message
saying this is bigger than all of us.
You're making my head hurt.
And you're focusing on the wrong thing.
It's bad enough
we may never get Ben back.
Now Addison is at risk too?
We're not gonna let
anything happen to her.
How do we prevent something
from happening
if we don't know what the something is?
Ben didn't tell us or Addison.
The only person who might know
is the one person
he went to for help.
Janis Calavicci.
She's been running circles around us
from day one.
But if she's helping Ben save Addison,
is it possible she could be on our side?
Let's ask her.
You remember how Janis tried
to use Ziggy
in order to predict
what we might do in the future?
Well, I repurposed her code
in order to have Ziggy predict
where she would have gone
when she put us in lockdown.
Now, these are the 40 most
probable destinations.
We're a clandestine program,
few dozen personnel,
access to one jet if we're lucky.
How are we gonna search
40 cities around the world?
She's in Belize
Frequented by tourists
so she doesn't stick out,
notoriously flexible customs,
and located next to a new power plant
so she can try to reach Ben again.
That's where I'd go.
Let's get you that jet.
Is that Elton John?
It is.
Maybe he murders Carly.
He would never do that.
Anything new from Ziggy?
Mm. Carly is going
to be stabbed to death
at 10:15 tonight while walking
along Lakeshore Drive.
OK, so whoever rigged
that light must have known
Carly's routine.
So we should check her entourage.
Cherise does her makeup.
Dante, her hair stylist.
We've got Loretta and Dionne,
her backup singers.
Come to think of it, we should
check everyone in her band.
Yeah. Ooh, stop talking.
Carly's behind you.
Guess there's no sneaking up on you.
It's kind of my job.
How did you see that light?
How'd you move so fast?
I guess also kind of part of your job
- Mm.
- I guess.
That was a freak accident, huh?
Tell her, Ben.
It's not fair to keep her in the dark.
Doesn't make it any less scary.
No, it doesn't.
I need some air.
All right, well, I'm still not getting
anything from Ziggy.
I'm gonna go back and do some research
- on Carly's murder.
- OK.
This is some view.
I'm sorry.
I thought after what you said last week
- that you were interested.
- I'm sure I am.
Oh, my God, I don't I don't
I don't want you to think that
I'm one of those needy artists
that just expects things.
I-I don't I don't think that.
I-I just think that you've
been through a lot.
And and I need to focus
on doing my job.
God, it's strange, isn't it?
This life.
Always on the road,
traveling from city to city,
never going home.
The longer you're gone,
the harder it gets.
You start thinking less
about where you're going,
more about who you left behind
to get here.
That's about as much of a pity party
as I've thrown in a while.
As if I weren't the luckiest
woman on the planet.
I don't mean to disturb you two,
but Trevor's looking for Jack.
Jamie's here, and we can't find Trevor.
- Jamie
- Carly's younger sister.
Oh, that Jamie. She's here?
She says she has a ticket
to the show tomorrow
and claims she was invited
to this party.
Which obviously, she wasn't.
OK, I'll tell Carly.
Jack, are you insane?
She has enough to worry about already,
and you want to tell her,
her junkie sister is here?
Just get rid of her.
See? I told you. I'm her sister.
I've got it from here.
Jamie Farmer. Nice to meet you.
Jack Armstrong. Hi.
Uh, Ben, I just finished
looking at the court records.
Jamie murdered Carly Farmer.
I've heard such great things.
I was so excited
when Carly sent me the ticket.
Oh, and she did invite me tonight,
so you can tell Trevor to stick it.
"To a small gathering
of Carly's closest friends."
What, you're not gonna let me in either?
Somebody screwed up, didn't they?
This is a work thing, and
that invitation wasn't for me.
I'm afraid not.
I appreciate your honesty.
Not a lot of that around here.
Truth is, I'm just grateful
she sent the ticket.
She did mean that part, right?
No, she didn't. No, she didn't
Yes, she did.
You are unbelievable.
Thank God.
That's good and frankly,
very generous
after all I've put her through.
But I've been clean and sober
for a while now.
Will you tell her I love her
and that I'll be cheering?
And if for some reason
she wants to find me
after the concert,
I'm staying at the Budget Inn.
She murders Carly?
Are we sure? I mean,
I-I know I give people
the benefit of the doubt, but
Like Tammy Jean, the damsel in distress
who turned out to be a drug lord?
Point taken,
but she doesn't seem
like a killer, does she?
Most killers don't
seem like killers, Ben.
That's why they're successful.
But Jamie was tried and
convicted of murdering Carly.
And it only took the jury
45 minutes to do it.
I hear you, but But humor me, OK?
What were the facts of the case?
Let me dig into it with Ian.
Addison, it's 7:30.
Carly dies in less than three hours.
I'll be quick.
I am sitting here with music superstar,
Carly Farmer.
Carly, welcome back to Chicago.
Oh, it's great to be back.
I love it here. I am a deep-dish gal.
OK, so please tell us,
how has your tour been going?
Hey, can you pull up
everything you can find
on the trial of Jamie Farmer?
Ooh, you know I'm a true crime addict.
So what are we looking for?
Evidence she was framed.
Oh, wow, you just made my day.
Wait, you really think that's possible?
Yeah. Look, when I was eight years old,
I realized that about half of the world
just blindly accepted as true
the construct of gender
that is both artificial
and profoundly limiting.
So yeah, I am pretty suspicious
of basically anything
that people say is a fact.
There's a song on your new album
that's about your sister, Jamie.
When is the last time you saw Jamie?
Excuse me. That was not on the list
of approved questions.
Um, it's fine.
it's been six years.
Looks like a history of substance abuse,
which people always vilify.
But then then there's
a history of jealousy,
a restraining order taken out by Carly,
a psychiatric intervention.
You know, Jamie,
she was the real talent of the family.
She the voice of an angel.
And, uh, she actually used
to write all my songs.
Speaking of the psycho,
Loretta said she showed up.
Actually, she seemed pretty sane to me.
Healthy, eager to reconnect,
which it seems like Carly is too.
Come with me, Jack.
Well, moving on to brighter subjects,
everyone wants to know
Besides finding the murder
weapon in Jamie's hotel room,
Jamie also doesn't have an alibi
for the time of the murder.
And then there's, you know, these
Six years of threatening letters.
Always keep a sample on hand
in case local law enforcement don't take
the threat seriously enough.
Hired a private investigator.
He traced it straight back to Jamie.
OK, well, this feels like
an open-and-shut case.
Or it's a perfect frame.
OK, start with the letters.
If you were angry with your sister,
would you really bother
with a typewriter?
And then there's the actual crime.
I mean, she kills her sister,
but gets no blood on herself.
And then she takes the bloody
knife back to her hotel room.
I mean, how did she even do that?
Just seal it in a bag and transport it?
What is that?
This is the invitation Jamie received.
Just wanted to see if it's
the same typewriter.
You should have shown me this
right when you got it.
That's proof then.
Psycho invited herself, tried to get in.
You need to watch her, Jack.
And don't tell Carly she was here.
Looks like I was wrong.
Maybe not.
Someone stands to make
tens of millions of dollars
if Carly dies
You happen to know the Wi-Fi password?
I don't.
But please, take a seat, Jenn.
Anyone else looking
over here would think
we were just two girlfriends on holiday.
Enjoying the sun, the beach.
The lack of extradition
treaty with the US.
I'm not here to arrest you, Janis.
I just want to talk.
Well, in that case,
let's get you a drink.
Considering you drugged
your own mother's tea,
I'll pass.
Family's complicated.
But you know that, right?
Your dad's a gambling addict?
And you're the daughter
of the great Al Calavicci.
But somehow I'm the one
who ended up at Quantum Leap.
If you're trying to piss
me off, it's not gonna work.
Because you don't care about anything?
Yeah. That's what I thought at first.
But then I realized,
you're risking everything
to help Ben save Addison's life.
How is she gonna die?
You were doing really well
until you asked that question instead
of the one you should be asking.
Which is?
Why did Ben come to me
when he had all of you?
Trevor signs Carly,
her sister, Jamie, falls into drugs
Which is when Trevor starts
"helping" Carly write lyrics.
So then he becomes
her songwriting partner.
Write a word, get a third, as they say.
But if he's getting a third,
then why kill her?
Because he isn't credited
with any of the songs on "Traveler."
So the money well dried up.
And with Carly dead and Jamie in jail,
Trevor ends up with all the
publishing rights to Carly's music.
He makes $50 million after she dies.
Wow, OK. So we have motive,
but still no proof he killed her.
And we're running out of time.
I have an idea.
Why don't we set a trap?
I mean, we know Carly is
murdered on Lakeshore Drive.
Addison, I'm a bodyguard.
My job is to protect her,
not use her as bait.
Yeah, that's why you tell her
about the plan
and let her have a say
in how she protects herself.
And tell her what, my hologram told me
that you're going to die?
You're her bodyguard, Ben.
If you say that she's in danger,
she's gonna believe you.
She trusts you.
Try trusting her.
Is this about Carly or about us?
Addison, I'm sorry.
I-I I don't know
why I didn't tell you,
but I have to believe
there's a good reason.
Because I have been racking my brain
to come up with a single
good reason to keep a secret
like that from the person that you love,
and I can't think of anything.
We were a team, Ben.
Uh, you should go.
I'll see what proof I can dig up.
What are you doing?
Uh, what I always do
when I'm in Chicago,
going for a walk along the lake.
Carly, I can't let you do that.
Jack, what aren't you telling me?
Your sister's here in Chicago.
- She is?
- Damn it.
I told you not to say anything.
- Why not?
- Because she tried to get in here.
She's unstable.
And you got enough to worry about.
Jack, did you see her?
How'd she look?
I mean, did Did she seem unstable?
And you think what,
she she would hurt me?
I have no proof she's dangerous,
but I think there's a threat.
So right now, I think it's best
if you don't see each other.
You know what?
You're both wrong.
Jamie might have her problems,
but she would never hurt me.
I'd like to go out, and I don't want
either of you coming with me.
Carly, I cannot let you walk
along Lakeshore Drive.
You said yourself that's
something you always do,
and right now, anything routine
could be dangerous.
I'm your bodyguard.
You pay me to protect you from everyone,
and tonight that includes from yourself.
I won't go for a walk.
But we are still going out.
Well, having been a warrior once myself,
I know a little bit
about the warrior's mindset.
Yeah, well, look,
I appreciate it, Magic,
but Ben's on a clock right now,
and I'm fine, so.
This is our ninth leap, Addison.
Let's not hide behind words like "fine,"
not when he said he's
doing this to save you.
OK, I'm angry.
Is that what you want to hear?
I mean, it's bad enough
that he kept me in the dark
about what he is doing,
but then to say it was about me,
to deny me the chance
to protect myself, I mean
Who does that to someone that they love?
I agree with you.
You do?
When I heard what Ben said
I wanted to throttle him.
And I love him like a son.
We who doing everything to save him,
are under attack, and he didn't say
a damn thing before he left.
When you put it that way, it, uh
It really sucks.
It does.
And that's why we have to share
the burden of these feelings
and not bottle them up.
We're a team, Addison,
now more than ever.
Thanks, Magic.
Wait, do you see the way
Jack's watching us all?
Handsome, you need to go off the clock.
That's the thing about this job.
You only really sleep when it ends.
Well, thanks for letting our canary
out of her cage at least.
- To you, Carly.
- Oh, no, no.
To you, all of you, my family.
- We love you, Red.
- Yes, if anything were
to happen to you,
I don't know what I'd do.
You're sounding kind of creepy, Dante.
It's just, when I think
about what happened today
You were incredible, Jack.
- Here, here.
- I agree.
And you're sexy as hell.
But given your determination
to remain a monk,
I think I'll have to go find
my future ex-husband elsewhere.
I thought Loretta was seeing someone.
She's always in love.
- Who wants another round?
- Ooh.
I want some better music.
Uh, I pick the music.
I'm sorry I snapped at you before.
You know, I, uh, never wanted to sing.
I mean, I love it now,
but, um, I only did it
because Jamie signed us up
for a talent show.
And I had to go
because she's my little sister.
And it was my job to protect her.
We can't always protect
the people we love
the way we'd like to.
Ben, you were right.
I keep expecting her to show up
and be the Jamie I remember.
I had Ziggy run an analysis
on the letters
that her sister supposedly sent.
Grammar, syntax, vocabulary
Trevor wrote them.
To keep them apart
and the money flowing.
Come again?
You have to tell her, Ben.
I don't care if you can't prove it.
Give her that information
and let her decide what to do with it.
Carly, there's something
you should know.
Trevor wrote those letters.
He did it to keep you and Jamie apart.
Carly! Carly!
I deserted her for all of those years!
The restraining order!
She must hate me.
No, no, she doesn't hate you.
She loves you.
Just breathe.
We can't change the past.
We can't change the choices we've made,
but we can change
what we do moving forward.
We do this one step at a time
together from now on.
Ben, look out!
Watch out!
- Did you see the driver?
- No.
- Did you?
- No.
But that light today
wasn't an accident, was it?
Someone's trying to kill me.
How was your date?
Was that you driving the car just now?
Bad enough you've been
lying to me for years.
- Now you want to kill me?
- What the hell
are you talking about?
I know about the letters.
I know they didn't come from Jamie.
They came from you.
You kept her out of my life
to keep yourself rich.
I was trying to protect you.
Jamie is dangerous.
She always has been. She always will be.
And I love you, Carly.
I've always loved you.
You're fired, Trevor.
I want you to get out.
- Carly.
- Now.
Gonna need your access badge.
Can't have you showing up backstage.
- This isn't over
- Bye, Trevor.
Do you think it was him
trying to kill me?
I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
And if it isn't Trevor,
I'm gonna catch whoever it is.
All this time, I thought
Jamie was getting worse.
She was getting better.
Six years.
I can't get that time back.
Call Jamie.
You two still have
so much time you can share.
Don't waste even one minute
being afraid.
So is Uncle Sam gonna pick up the tab,
or you want me to chip in?
I'll take care of it.
You're right.
I have no idea why Ben came
to you for help.
But he trusts you, so I trust you.
The start of a beautiful
friendship, Jenn.
Well, then let's be honest.
This isn't about Addison, not for you.
You don't even know her.
So why are you risking
your freedom to help Ben?
You think I'm obsessed
with my dad's work?
You still wear his ring.
He was a hero,
using QL technology
to save countless lives,
while making some pretty
questionable fashion choices.
I think you're trying to save lives too.
But if you really want
to honor your father's legacy,
just remember, he didn't do it alone.
My dad had people
he could trust at Quantum Leap.
Do you?
Because Ben sure didn't
seem to think so.
Sorry, I can't let you leave.
Oh, these are my bodyguards.
They like me. I pay them well.
Uncle Sam pays better.
You didn't sleep all night?
Yeah, no, I think I drank every single
cup of coffee in this hotel.
It's Jamie.
You ready?
What do I say?
Um, well, tell her that you're sorry,
that you made a choice
and that you've been
paying for it ever since.
Hi, Carly.
I, um
Uh, you remember Jack.
Yeah, we met.
I don't have to stay long.
I just wanted to say this in person.
I'm sorry.
I know I made myself sick
for a long time.
And I know you tried to help me.
But I I lost everything.
I had to lose everything
before I could help myself.
Well, Addison, we did it.
Trevor is gone, and we made it
through the night.
Carly is
Still going to die.
- What?
- Yeah.
Every time you save her life,
the killer reacts with a new plan.
I mean, I'll give them this,
they are relentless.
So it's not Trevor?
He has motive.
And he sent all the letters.
Yeah, well, he's a liar and a creep.
But unless he can ninja his way
past concert security,
he's not the killer,
because Carly is stabbed
backstage tonight.
And this time, the knife isn't
found in Jamie's hotel room.
OK, well, that's a relief.
It's found on Jamie, in her coat pocket.
So you want me to cancel the show?
I have reason to believe
that there's going to be
another attempt tonight.
But you don't know
who is trying to kill her?
Not yet. It could be anybody.
Then Jack's right.
You can't take the risk.
I just got you back.
I can't lose you again.
Whoever is doing this,
they've already failed twice,
but they just keep trying.
I mean, what am I gonna do,
just keep running away forever?
What did you say, Jack? You said,
"Don't waste even a minute
being afraid"?
Well, I don't want to live in fear,
always wondering
about what's gonna happen.
Besides it's a chance
to catch the killer.
You're gonna use yourself as bait?
I want this to end.
So I'm gonna go up on that stage,
and I'm gonna trust
that the people I love
are gonna stop him.
What do you say, Jack?
When do you want me to open the house?
Not until Ms. Farmer is backstage.
No one gets in without a pass.
- Hey, Jack.
- Hi.
Oh, I'm so relieved That you're here.
I'm so relieved that you're here.
- No knife?
- No.
The killer must plant it on her.
Well, Ziggy says that
Trevor's still at the hotel.
Ah, so he's really not the killer.
But then why would he invite
Jamie to Chicago?
The invitation, remember?
It it looked like all
of his other letters.
What is that?
Only he was surprised
when he saw the invitation
because he didn't know
anything about it.
You should have shown me this
right when you got it.
Stay where I can see you.
I need the number for the Drake Hotel
and a dime.
Trevor, don't hang up.
Someone is about to kill Carly.
God, you really are unhinged,
you know that?
I know you didn't
invite Jamie to the show,
but someone else did, someone who knew
about the letters you were sending,
and that someone is about to kill her.
Who opened the house?
Carly! Oh, my God!
Ms. Farmer, we need
to get you backstage right now.
Carly, wait!
Trevor, who else knew about
the letters you were sending?
She was always jealous of Carly,
then she was mad about her
cutting me out of the songwriting.
Who? Who are you talking about?
We've been seeing each other
on and off for a year.
Carly's backup singer.
She has enough to worry about already,
and you want to tell her,
her junkie sister is here?
Ben, you need to go.
Security! Out of the way!
Excuse me! Security!
Where is Jack?
Anybody have eyes
on Ms. Farmer's bodyguard?
Carly, Jamie needs to see you.
You go to your sister.
I'll find Jack, Ms. Farmer.
Thank you.
Loretta, please, no!
Someone send help! She has a knife!
It should've been me on that stage.
You don't deserve Trevor.
You don't deserve anything Anything.
I need police and EMTs on site now.
Copy that.
- Jack.
- Ben!
Are you OK?
I've never been stabbed.
It really hurts. Oh, God.
- Aah!
- We need paramedics over here!
Ben, focus on me.
You were right.
We're better as a team.
Yes, we are.
OK. Let me see, let me see.
You're gonna be OK.
You're gonna be OK, Ben.
Let me guess, you used Ziggy to find me.
Well, I'm not at liberty to say that
that's exactly what I did.
Magic. Mom says hi.
We have a lot to talk about, Janis.
Yeah, what if I don't feel like talking?
You're not exactly
the waterboarding type.
Maybe not.
But I have my ways.
Must feel good finally bringing her in.
Ask me after we've heard
what she has to say.
- It's fine.
- Are you sure
you don't want to go to the hospital?
And miss your show?
It's not happening.
Besides, I heard you have
a new backup singer.
You're really gonna
watch me embarrass myself?
You're gonna be great, both of you.
So now that I'm safe,
any rule against taking me
on a real date?
I have a feeling my calendar
is going to be very open.
Thank you, Jack,
for giving me my life back.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome to the stage
Carly Farmer!
Good evening, Chicago!
Tonight is a very special night.
I am singing with my sister
for the first time in years.
I'd like to dedicate this song
to all my fellow travelers out there.
Time goes by, I live my life ♪
Traveling down the road ♪
Open my eyes to clear
blue skies, but I'm ♪
Feeling all alone ♪
A one-way ticket,
that's the price you pay ♪
Another day, another song ♪
Traveling on ♪
But I'm making my way back home ♪
All these spaces look the same ♪
If you say Carly's gonna die
one more time,
I might just pass out.
Oh, come on, that's not OK.
I couldn't resist.
- Ah, ah, ah.
- Mm.
- Stitches.
- Mm-hmm.
No, it's all good news.
Carly continues to tour
and record with her sister.
Jamie stays clean and sober,
and Jack makes a full recovery.
You put things right, Ben.
You're gonna leap.
I don't know why
I did this to us, Addison.
I still can't remember.
But I won't do it again.
From now on,
we face everything together.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
I'm making my way back home ♪
Making my way back home ♪
Oh, God. Oh.
Right this way, Doc, hurry!
Ugh, where the hell is Dr. Goldman?
Uh, I'm I'm calling her right now.
God, this baby is not due
for another month.
Why is this happening?
That's an excellent question,
which I'm sure Dr. Goldman can answer.
I just got her answering service.
They don't know where she is.
Who's gonna deliver our baby?
She is. Right, Doc?
- Me?
- Whoa.
- OK.
- You got this. Come on.
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