Quantum Leap (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

Paging Dr. Song

Dr. Ben Song risked
everything when he used
the Quantum Leap Accelerator
to travel back in time.
Now our team's working to find out why.
As he leaps between bodies
with no memory of who he is,
he still has one hope
That his next leap takes him back
to the place and people he calls home.
Right this way, Doc. Hurry.
Oh, where the hell is Dr. Goldman?
I-I'm calling him right now.
Oh, God.
This baby is not due for another month.
Why is this happening?
That's an excellent question,
which I'm sure Dr. Goldman can answer.
I just got her answering service.
They don't know where she is.
Who's going to deliver our baby?
She is, Right, Doc?
Me? No, no, no, no, no, no.
We're going to take
this woman to the place
where the people who
actually deliver babies work.
No time. That baby is
crowning. It's coming right now.
- I can't do this.
- You can. You can.
- I can't.
- Come on.
Guess I'm doing this.
OK, when you're ready,
as hard as you can, push.
You got this, mama. You got it.
Come on, baby.
- OK.
- Yes, you got this.
OK, I can see its head.
You're almost there.
Just one more big push.
Come on, mama. You got it.
You got it.
It's a girl.
I can take from here, Doc.
Let's get you guys to a room, OK?
Paging, Dr. Song, Dr. Ben Song.
Addison, you'll never
guess what I just did.
I delivered a baby.
Like an actual, real-life human child.
Wow. Look at you,
bringing life into the world.
It was like a miracle.
But also something I never
want to have to do again.
That is fair.
Hey, looks like you won't have to.
All right, so this time,
it looks like you
are Dr. Alexandra Tomkinson,
a first-year resident
at Cedarhurst Hospital,
Seattle, 1994.
Height of the grunge era.
And, oh, a start of a very
promising medical career.
- What you doing?
- The bras.
I'm still not used to them.
Honestly, Steven, you're
holding that against me?
At least I spend my days
trying to save lives.
Of course, I want what's best for Max.
He's my son.
Is that someone I should know?
Dr. Sandra Turk.
Third year resident,
kind of a mentor for you.
Looks like she's going
through a rough divorce
and a brutal custody battle.
Sure sounds like it.
Your shift ended an hour ago, Alex.
The hell are you still doing here?
I got roped into delivering a baby.
Volunteered is more
like it, knowing you.
Go home. Get some rest.
You can't save everyone.
There must be someone at this hospital
whose life I have to save.
It looks like you're here
to save three people's lives.
Hi, nurse.
Nurse Carolina.
Hey, girl, I was hoping
you could help me.
I am looking for three
specific patients.
These patients got names?
Kimberly Cole, Eli Jackson,
and Louis Tann.
Kimberly Cole, Eli Jackson,
and Louis Tann.
They should be in the system.
Nope. I don't see any of them.
That's weird.
Why would I be here at a hospital
where the people I'm supposed
to see aren't here?
- They're supposed to be here.
- OK.
But when?
Code trauma.
Repeat, code trauma.
Code trauma.
Repeat, code trauma.
Yeah. Yeah. Yep.
- What's going on?
- Train crash.
Multiple victims coming in hot.
Should have left when
you had the chance, Alex.
It's about to get real messy.
All right, people, showtime.
Critical patients are top priority.
If they can walk, they can wait.
Someone get me an intubation tray now.
I need bandages over here.
There's a lot of blood.
Code trauma.
Hey. Don't just stand there, resident.
Help someone.
That's what I'm trying to do.
Hey, Madison, what if
the reason those patients
weren't in the hospital database
was because they hadn't
been admitted yet?
OK, Ziggy says there is a 100% chance
all three were on that train.
Now all I have to do is find them.
Yeah, and quickly.
In the original timeline, Kimberly Cole,
Louis Tann, and Eli Jackson
don't survive the accident.
Dr. Turk, over here.
What do we got?
Female, 17 years old.
Took a piece of shrapnel to her heart.
She's not breathing.
Alex, get the bag.
She means the resuscitation bag.
Oh. Right, the bag.
All right, cover her nose and mouth,
and then squeeze the bag
just slow and steady
until you see her chest
start to rise and fall.
And then just keep repeating that.
It's working.
Don't get too excited.
She's not out of the woods yet.
Any idea who she is?
I found this in her pocket.
Kimberly Cole.
Isn't this one of the patients
you were asking about?
Get her to the OR stat.
And tell Dr. Rojas to administer
10ccs of Respiratrex.
Is there a problem, Dr. Turk?
No, Dr. Harper.
No problem at all.
All right, you heard him.
Let's get her to the OR, stat.
What's Respiratrex?
Surgical anesthetic. Why?
Dr. Turk did not seem happy
when Dr. Harper prescribed it
for surgery,
like she thought it was a bad idea.
Well, pharmaceutical
companies in the '90s would
often sell experimental drugs
to hospitals that seemed
promising at the time,
but turned out to have
negative side effects on people
with pre-existing conditions.
Well, if Respiratrex was one of those,
why would Dr. Harper insist on using it?
Because Cedarhurst
was one of the five hospitals
incentivized to use it
during the final trials.
So they're putting profits
before patients?
Well, OK, if Respiratrex was dangerous,
they didn't know that then.
What are her odds?
50/50, at this point.
I'd be a lot more confident
if Dr. Harper had prescribed
a more proven anesthetic,
like Soprofon or Restanol
or anything other than Respiratrex.
Can I see her chart?
If Dr. Harper finds out
you changed his script,
he will nuke your career.
OK, well, Ziggy says
there's an 85% chance
that Dr. Tomkinson loses
her job if you get caught.
Well, then let's hope I can save
these people's lives without
ruining Alex's in the process.
You know, you're taking an
awful big risk bringing me in here.
I've committed every square
inch of this place to memory.
Think of what I could do if I got loose.
It is a risk, but I believe
it's one worth taking.
Do tell.
We want the same thing,
to help Ben save Addison
and bring him home,
just like your dad wanted
to do for Sam Beckett.
So let's stop working at cross purposes
and start working together.
What do you know about Ben's leap?
Trust is a two-way street, partner.
OK, I will tell you what I know,
but only after I talk to Ben.
Hey, you.
How the hell did you know Kimberley Cole
was going to be in that crash?
Would you believe I
can predict the future?
And it looks like you're
two for two, Nostradamus.
Now go see if you can predict
how to help this guy.
A brain tumor?
Doc, are you sure?
I'm afraid so.
But the EMT said the worst
thing this could possibly be
is a concussion.
Look, I just hit my head.
And in a way,
it's a good thing that you did.
I just have to send you
over to oncology right away.
What for?
Chemo, radiation.
Whatever treatment the
doctors think would be best.
Aren't you the doctor?
Only temporarily, I hope.
OK. Then I want you to discharge me.
Mr. Jackson, you have a serious,
life-threatening condition.
It's not much of a life
worth living for.
Look, I'm so done fighting.
I've been done ever since
my Sarah passed.
These last five years without her,
they've been so damn lonely.
I can imagine.
But there must be other people
in your life. Any family? Kids?
You were on the train, too.
What are the odds of that?
You know him?
Of course she does.
She's my daughter.
Wow. Pagers.
Talk about a throwback.
Another crash victim just came in.
I'll see you around, Eli.
Actually, Sandra, you
Don't. Don't. Don't.
Don't tell her about the tumor, please.
I don't want her to know.
Fine, but you have to
stay here until I get back.
Hey. Any updates on Kimberly Cole?
Ziggy's still working on it.
You found Eli Jackson.
- How'd that go?
- Not great.
Turns out he's Sandra's dad,
and he has cancer
but refuses to do anything about it.
OK, well, in the original history,
his refusal to seek treatment allowed
the tumor to metastasize.
You have to change his mind or else
He's a dead man. I get it.
How many fingers am I holding up?
- Three.
- Great.
Now, can you please tell me
if anyone has seen my wife?
We were on the train together.
I just want to know where she is.
We're going to help you find her, sir.
But first, I need to know,
what's your name?
Louis Tann.
Ben, that's the third name on the list.
Yeah, and it doesn't seem like his
is a case of life or death.
If you're done talking
to yourself, Dr. Tomkinson,
I could use your help over here.
Yes, Dr. Turk.
Oh, no.
All the ORs are taken,
so I'm going to have
to remove that shrapnel here.
It's dangerously close to
a superficial temporal artery.
One slip and he'll bleed out.
And in the original history,
Sandra nicked the artery
and Louis died on the spot.
OK, so what can I do to
make sure that doesn't happen?
Talk to him.
Keep him calm and distracted.
Finally, something you're qualified for.
Mr. Tann, I'm Dr. Tomkinson.
I understand you're
looking for your wife.
Her name's Jeane.
We were in the third car near the back
when the train ran off the rails,
and we got separated.
I'm sure the first responders
are out there looking
for her right now, but in the meantime,
I just need you to stay calm.
I don't even know
if she's alive or dead.
Look, it's not bad news until it is.
So let's just focus on the good.
Can you do that for me, Mr. Tann?
Yeah, I guess.
So how about you tell me a
little something about you two?
Like, where did you meet?
In college.
It was the last summer
before our senior year.
I was working at one
of the neighborhood bars.
She was a waitress.
Turns out, we were both science majors.
Boy, did we have chemistry.
Yeah, my fiancée and I met at work too.
How long have you been married?
25 years.
Still going strong.
I'd be lost without her.
Yeah. I know the feeling.
All right, Mr. Tann, we're almost there.
So what I want you to do is focus
on all those amazing memories of Jeane
so we can get you healed up and
- Got it.
- Ah.
Get him stitched up.
Nice work.
We'll do our best to find her.
Thank you, Doctor.
Nice job, Ben.
You just helped save a man's life.
Just two more to go, one of whom
still needs to be convinced
they've got a reason to live.
Well, lucky for us,
that reason works at this hospital.
I see what you're doing.
Magic's good cop, your drunk cop.
Going to ply me with booze
to loosen my tongue.
Actually, this is a peace offering.
For how things went down in Belize.
Yeah. It was a clever sting.
Kind of trap I would've sprung.
To great minds then.
I don't blame you for not
wanting to talk to any of us.
If I was in your position,
being held against my will,
I certainly wouldn't.
You get me.
The only thing is,
I'm not in your position
because I know something
I'm guessing you don't.
Does the name Richard Martínez
ring any bells?
Pretty generic. Why?
Because he called Ben by name
during Ben's fifth leap.
You made a serious miscalculation
coming here, Ben.
If you value your life,
you need to stop following me.
And how did Ben react to that?
He was stunned.
He had no idea what was going on.
But I get the feeling you do.
You really need to let me talk to him.
Yeah, you said that already.
Look, if this Martínez guy
recognized Ben, that means
Look there is an order that has to
Wait. What order?
What do you mean?
You won't tell me because
you don't trust anyone here.
Actually, there's one person besides Ben
that I will talk to.
40 miles south of Seattle,
train 501 has derailed
in Washington state.
You see that car right there,
it is right on.
Ahh, what I wouldn't give
for high-speed Internet access
right now.
Got a patient with a brain tumor?
Uh, yeah. Any advice?
Send them to oncology.
What if they won't go?
Then you find a way to make them go.
You're the doctor, Alex.
Their life is in your hands.
Oh, I know.
Believe me.
Hey, so it must have been a surprise,
huh, seeing your dad here?
We're not exactly on the best terms.
Is this a recent thing or
When I was a kid, my father was
this big-time corporate lawyer.
Defending all these evil corporations
against chemical spills,
sexual harassment suits, you name it.
The more egregious the crime,
the harder he fought for them.
So hard, in fact, that he
never had time for his family.
I'm sorry to hear.
Don't be.
His bad example is what
drove me to become a doctor,
so I could prevent people suffering
and be the complete opposite of him.
Do you think you two
could ever reconcile, or
Not in this life.
Crap. Harper wants to see us.
Damn right, he does.
It's come to my attention
that somewhere between
the ER and OR, someone altered
Kimberly Cole's chart,
prescribing Restanol
instead of Respiratrex,
despite my explicit instructions.
It was me. I did it.
Why am I not surprised?
Dr. Harper, sir, it may
not be public information,
but there has been studies
that say Respiratrex has
had terrible side effects on patients
with preexisting conditions.
I'm aware of the studies.
But this drug is about
to be FDA approved,
or else the board wouldn't
have authorize it's use.
Furthermore, Kimberly Cole doesn't
have a pre-existing condition.
Ziggy says she has an undiagnosed case
of Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy.
Her interaction with the drug
triggers it
and ultimately causes her death.
She has Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy.
Not according to that chart.
It's undiagnosed.
Are you a doctor or a psychic?
All I'm asking is that you
use an alternative anesthetic.
It could mean the difference
between life and death.
Do you agree with Chicken Little here,
that the sky's about to fall
if we don't stop using Respiratrex?
We're in crisis mode here.
We will continue using
Respiratrex as prescribed.
But when this is over, Missy,
you and I are going
to have a come-to-Jesus
about your future here at Cedarhurst.
Oh, he did not just call you Missy.
You heard that too?
Can you believe that condescending tool?
He's got some nerve talking to you
like you're not even a doctor.
What I can't believe is
that you didn't push back.
You know how dangerous that drug is.
It wouldn't have mattered.
The pharmaceutical companies
have got the board deep in their pocket,
and Harper is the board's lackey.
Nothing you or I could say
is going to change things.
But a girl's life is at stake.
How can you be so sure?
Call it a hunch.
You want me to risk imploding my career
in the middle of a custody battle
I can barely afford to fight on a hunch?
My son is my whole world.
If I lose him, I lose everything.
I'm sorry, Alex, it's just
It's not a risk I'm willing to take.
It's my damn ex.
Oh, Ben, we have a problem.
Let me guess. I just got myself fired.
No, worse.
Ziggy says hundreds of people die
from Respiratrex in the next few years.
You have to get the doctors
- to stop using it.
- How?
The drug companies bought off the board.
The attending physician's a sexist jerk
who won't listen to me.
And the one doctor who might
be able to change his mind
won't even try because
she's afraid of losing
the only family she has left.
Except it's not
the only family she has left.
Wait. Ben, where are you going?
To see a lawyer about a doctor.
Mr. Jackson, what are you doing?
I'l-What does it lookr
I filike I'm doing?
Like you're about
to make a fatal mistake.
If you leave now, your chances
of surviving this cancer
dropped precipitously.
Doc, I've made peace with all that.
I don't know how much Sandra's told you,
but I wasn't exactly the best person.
Or the best father, for that matter.
She may have mentioned it.
It's because all the terrible
things she thinks about me
are true.
I've hurt a lot of people
during the course
of my career, especially her.
And that has haunted me
for most of my life.
I'm not a great believer in karma,
but I suppose this cancer's
the universe's way of
balancing out everything
by giving me the ending
that I deserve.
Or maybe the universe
is giving you a chance
to undo all the bad
you've done in the past
by doing some good here and now.
Your daughter has a chance
to save a lot of people
from a very dangerous drug,
but she can't do it alone.
She could really use
your legal expertise.
At this point, I don't think
she wants anything from me at all.
Eli, this is your chance
to help people, not hurt them.
And to finally be there for Sandra
when she needs you most.
Oh, no.
I know that face.
It's the, "I've got news and you're not"
"going to like it, Ben," face.
Jeane Tann was just
pronounced brain dead.
Does Louis know?
The nurses are waiting for
one of his doctors to tell him,
and unfortunately, Sandra's busy.
So you're going to have to do it, Ben.
We were just talking about her, Addison.
I know.
Bonding over how lucky we were to have
found the love of our life.
And now, I have to go in there
and just destroy him?
How do I do that?
You won't remember this, but I've had
to once walk up to
a lovely home in the suburbs
and tell a mother that her only son died
on a mission I led.
Addison, I'm so sorry.
She opened that door and she took
one look at me
and that Army Chaplain and
she knew.
And my mind just went blank.
My carefully
planned-out speech was gone.
But in its place,
the right words came to me.
I told her that her son
sacrificed himself
for this to be a better world.
And that there's nothing
more noble than that.
And I told her that sh
I told her that her son was a hero.
And that for myself
and everybody who knew him,
we were forever changed because
of how he lived his life
with hope and courage.
I told her the truth as it came to me
from wherever the truth comes from.
Hey. Good news.
I just talked to your dad
and he's agreed
to take up the fight
against the hospital board
to stop the use of Respiratrex.
I never asked you to do that.
No, well
Yeah, but I just thought that,
um, given your history,
it might be a great way
to heal old wounds.
Some wounds never heal.
Well, I don't believe that.
Sandra, I know Eli hasn't
exactly been the best dad,
but he's trying to make things
right before it's too late.
Too late? Too late for what?
Code blue.
ICU, room seven. Repeat, code blue.
- Let's go.
- ICU room seven.
We need to start a line.
What happened?
They got the shrapnel out in surgery
and everything seemed fine
until her vitals suddenly
started bottoming out
and she went into V-tach.
The Respiratrex.
Kimberly Cole must be having
some kind of reaction.
She's coding.
Come on, Kimberly, stay with us.
Patient's asystolic. Get the crash cart.
Ben, she means a defibrillator.
Over here.
OK. What now?
All right, set it to 100.
OK. Slide it over.
OK, now put one paddle on her sternum
and one on her left rib.
And tell everyone to get clear.
Oh, come on.
Ben, if you can't get
Kimberly's heart started
I know. She's not responding.
Increase the charge to 180.
On it.
- Come on.
- Clear.
Normal rhythm.
ST depressions are back to baseline.
But it won't last.
There's already signs of severe
damage to all four chambers.
Wait. What does that mean?
A heart transplant?
I understand you're
frightened, Mrs. Cole.
Rest assured, your daughter
is in the best of hands.
Cedarhurst has one of
the top thoracic surgeons
This is the only way we
can save Kimberly's life now.
If we can find a suitable donor
on such short notice.
I will check the donor registry.
I don't know what psychic
hotline convinced you
that girl has an undiagnosed condition,
or why you think I need
to work things out with Eli,
but if there is something going on,
I need you to tell me what it is.
Not just doctor to doctor,
but friend to friend.
Your father has a tumor in his brain.
Stage two glioblastoma.
The average life expectancy
post diagnosis
is 14 to 16 months, though
some people have been known
to survive 10 years or longer.
Which is why he needs
to seek treatment tonight.
It's the only way he can survive this.
I tried sending him to
Oncology, but he wouldn't go.
Stubborn son of a bitch.
Why the hell not?
Because he's lost the only thing that
can help him survive hope.
And I think we both know
there's only one person
in here that can give that back to him.
So what do you think?
Under different circumstances,
Janis would have been
a part of this project.
Looking at everything that's happened,
maybe she should have been.
Magic, you aren't seriously blaming
yourself for any of this?
What Ben did isn't your fault.
He kept us all in the dark.
But what happens next will be on me.
It's time to roll the dice.
We've been playing catch up
this entire time.
Now, whether we like it or not,
Janis is our best chance at
understanding what's going on.
Please tell me you found a donor.
Ian and I scoured the
entire UNOS waitlist for 1994
and were able to find a match
on the organ donor registry.
There's a "but" coming, isn't there?
She won't be dead
for another three months,
which brings our chances
of finding a replacement heart
down to 5%.
And leaves Kimberly and me
completely screwed.
OK, all right.
Don't give up, Ben.
We're going to figure something out.
Like what?
Addison, you and I both know
I was never supposed to be the leaper,
yet here I am with three people's fates
in my hand and not a single clue
how to help them all.
OK, I know you can't see this right now.
But there is a reason
that you were sent here
to save these three people.
There is a bigger connection
that binds them, all right?
You you just have to find it.
I might actually have an idea.
You're sure there's no chance of her
ever coming back from this?
My Jeane had the biggest
heart in the world.
Always looking out for other people.
And, uh, right now there's a young woman
who needs that heart
in order to survive.
I just
don't know if I'm ready to let go.
What happened to Jeane,
to Kimberly, to all of you
on that train, none of it's fair.
But if your wife's heart
is as big as you say,
I bet she'd want you
to do everything you could
to prevent that accident
from cutting anyone else's
life too short, too soon.
She would.
Yeah. Whew.
For a second there, I thought
this might not work out.
Oh, no.
Kimberly's odds of survival
just started to plummet.
What? Why?
Because the surgeon that was
supposed to do the transplant
got delayed, so Dr. Harper
is scrubbing in.
If he uses Respiratrex
Kimberly Cole is going to die.
Sandra. Oh, Sandra, there you are.
Do you not have your pager?
Sorry, I
I guess I've just been distracted since
you dropped the bomb on me
that my father
is basically at death's door.
I should have told you sooner.
I'm sorry I didn't.
But I've been trying to
save a lot of lives today.
And there's one more I really
need your help with right now.
- OK.
- OK. Come on.
Hemo at 7.5, vitals are holding.
- Excuse me!
- Excuse me.
Excuse me. Pardon me. Coming through.
Medical emergency. Excuse me.
Let's prep the chest for incision.
Pardon me.
Medical emergency! Excuse me.
Coming through.
Once the heart is removed,
the tissue will only
remain viable for so long.
Every second counts.
Now, let's do this, people.
10ccs of Respiratrex.
If you use that drug on Kimberly again,
it'll kill her.
Turk, what the hell are you doing?
Something I should have done sooner.
Respiratrex is dangerous and we
need to stop using it immediately.
Get the hell out of my OR
before I throw you both
out of this hospital.
No, not until you hear us out.
Tomkinson, what Have you gone insane?
That's Dr. Tomkinson,
you misogynistic piece of
Alex, focus.
Right, sorry.
If you go through with this,
you'll be risking exposing Cedarhurst
to a major malpractice suit.
You are a first-year resident.
You don't know how to deal
with the politics
of how this place operates.
I do.
This hospital needs that sponsorship.
As doctors, we vow to do no harm.
That means putting the lives of
our patients before all else.
Which is what I'm trying to do.
But for some inexplicable reason,
you two won't let me.
Exposure to Respiratrex
triggered Kimberly's
Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy
and caused irreparable damage
to her heart.
A second dose could kill her.
Duchenne's is rare in girls.
If she had it, we would know by now.
Show him the chart.
Multiple biopsy results
with elevated dystrophia,
which means her fate
is now in your hands.
So what are you going to do, Doctor?
Give her 10ccs of Restanol.
Now, if you don't mind,
I have a heart to transplant, Doctor.
Hey, Nostradamus, nice catch.
Starting tomorrow,
Dr. Harper suspends the use
of Respiratrex and
convinces the hospital's board
to break its contract
with the manufacturer.
Once word gets out,
other hospitals follow suit
and the FDA discontinues
the drug, permanently.
Thank you for having my back in there.
Thank you for having mine.
Even when I thought I didn't want it.
So, uh, about Eli?
Ever since this custody battle started,
I've been preparing for the worst
Life without my son.
It wasn't until today
seeing my father all alone
that I finally understood how
sad and lonely that could be.
He may not have been the best father
or even a good one, for that matter,
but he doesn't deserve to go out
feeling like he's got no one.
Then you'll talk to him?
Get him to seek treatment, like, today?
Already reserved his spot with oncology.
They're just waiting on me to drag
his stubborn ass down there.
You know, for a guy who
just saved hundreds of lives
over the next few years,
you don't seem very happy about it.
Today was a lot.
What these doctors and nurses
have to deal with on a daily basis,
the constant life and death stakes,
those folks are heroes.
That's true.
But arguably, so are you.
Think about all the lives
that you've changed already.
I guess.
There's still one life
I'm worried about.
Ever since I remembered why I left,
I can't help but wonder, what if?
What if the moment of truth
comes and I fail?
What if all of this was
for nothing and I let you down?
First of all, I can save myself.
So let's just put that
on the table right now, OK?
But secondly, if that time comes,
if I am in a life and death situation,
I know I'm not going to be alone.
I'll have you, Ben.
Just like you were there
for all of those people today.
You gave an estranged father
and his daughter
hope that they could be a family again.
You gave a young woman a second chance
at a lifetime of possibilities.
You gave a man peace
to know that the love of his life
didn't die for nothing.
And that is why no matter
what the future holds,
I'm not afraid.
Neither should you be.
Finally, someone listens to me.
Captain Augustine, I was
really hoping to meet you
under better circumstances.
And yet, here we are.
I want you to understand
that I am only here
because Magic asked me
to honor your request.
There is an incredible myopia that
has descended over all of you.
But you, most of all.
Do you really think I wanted Ben
to come to me instead of you?
Do you think I was thrilled
that he walked into my life
and dropped a world
of problems in my lap?
Because I actually have a life.
Or I had one before he
showed up and told me a story
that made me drop everything.
So I am sorry.
I'm sorry that I'm not
particularly sympathetic
to your ignorance, but in this case,
I can promise you, ignorance is bliss.
What were you working on?
OK, why did Ben leap?
Why am I in danger?
If you weren't going to say anything,
why did you want this conversation?
Because I need you
to tell Ben to stop talking
to you.
You need to go in that imaging chamber,
and you need to tell him
that from now on,
anything he remembers,
he must keep to himself.
You want us to stop helping him?
No, I want you to stop doubting him.
You say you trust him.
Well, there is a very
good reason he didn't
tell you anything, Addison.
Because the problem with information
is that the only place
we can really keep it secret
is in our mind.
Because once you say it
out loud to someone else
in a world with a Quantum Accelerator,
everyone knows,
including the people
who sent Richard Martínez.
You want to help Ben, you will tell him
to trust no one.
Even you.
Running a little behind schedule.
Yeah, everything looks good.
Startup will be quick.
Ever seen one before, Colonel?
Seen what?
It's far out.
Like something out
of a science fiction book.
Just wait until you see
what this nuclear reactor can do.
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