Quantum Leap (2022) s01e15 Episode Script

Ben Song for the Defense

Hey! Hey!
You have to tell them
it wasn't my fault.
I was only naked because my girlfriend
locked me out of the house.
I'm a lawyer.
And a good one, I hope.
Otherwise, I'm screwed.
Tyler Hamlin,
charges are disorderly conduct,
exposure of a person, grand larceny.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Judge,
I did not steal that car, all right?
I had nowhere to sleep,
and the car was unlocked.
Counselor, control your client.
Come on. Say something.
Come on. Say something.
Um, uh, yes, Your
Yes, Your Honor. It was a big mistake.
He was naked
and locked out of his apartment
with nowhere to sleep.
He'd never steal anything, Your Honor.
I object, Your Honor.
The defendant has two priors
for burglary
and failed to appear last time.
I don't appreciate
being misled, Counselor.
Bail is set at $50,000, cash or bond.
Miss Ramirez.
- Miss Ramirez?
- Huh?
- Your suitcase.
- Ah.
Saul Becker. I've seen you around.
Can I give you some advice?
Cut your losses. Go private.
And get out while you can.
Oh, no.
One of those mornings, is it?
Martínez. He was on the Montana.
We know.
We are working on a way to track him
so that there are no surprises
next time, if he turns up.
That is a lot of case files.
You have 183 open cases.
I assume I'm here to win one of those.
Let's find out.
OK, you are Aleyda Ramirez.
You are a public defender
in Queens, New York, 1985.
And that is all we have so far.
Well, I can at least link the
handlink to the court schedule
so you'll at least know
where you're supposed to be.
There you are. Aleyda, please.
I need your help for one more thing.
My bike, they won't release it
from the impound lot.
Uh, Stuart Johnson.
He was arrested
for unpaid parking tickets.
Sure, Stuart. Where's the impound lot?
- Just around the corner.
- Mm.
- Uh, Ben?
- Hmm?
You need to get to holding right now.
You have a client on trial for murder,
and it starts in 20 minutes.
And Ziggy says that's why you're here.
I have to be in court right now,
but I will help you as soon as I'm out.
You're a lifesaver. Thank you.
- Uh, Ben?
- Hmm?
- Holding's that way.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
You got them down from 30
to 10 like you said you would.
So I should take this deal, right?
Just let me look over it one more time.
OK, his name is Camilo Diaz.
He's 18 years old
and charged with the murder
of Nathan Herrera.
Aleyda got the charges knocked down
from murder two to manslaughter,
but Ziggy says you're here
to prove his innocence.
Well, 10 is way better
than 30, that's for sure.
But ten's still a long time.
And I need to be there for Leo.
His little brother.
Camilo is the sole caretaker of him
and their 65-year-old grandmother.
Camilo, what happened
between you and Nathan Herrera?
You know all that already, all right?
He was pushing my brother
to join Viento Este.
- Viento Este?
- The local gang
- where we live in Queens.
- Right.
He wanted Leo to work the corner,
but I won't let him go down that path.
In the original timeline,
Camilo took the deal, went to jail,
and his brother still joined the gang.
He was shot dead before he got out.
Camilo, I don't think
we should take this deal.
You said this is the best I could do.
I mean, there's no other suspects,
no evidence that helps me.
I was in the building when it happened.
And then I ran like an idiot,
so now, I have to take this deal.
Did you shoot Nathan Herrera?
No, but you said that wouldn't matter.
Yeah, it matters to me.
You shouldn't have to spend
one more day in prison
for something you didn't do.
You deserve your day in court.
So I say we fight.
We go to trial.
OK, finally.
So I isolated the anomalies
in the quantum code
from both times
that we encountered Leaper X.
- And I
- Oh, you said "Leaper X."
From both times
that we encountered Martínez.
And I ran those against the anomalies
that Ben creates whenever he leaps.
Ian, please stop.
I already feel a headache coming on.
Look, I just need to know,
will this thing
Program alert us the next time
Leaper X and Ben cross paths?
Well, it will now.
No, I didn't?
Did I? I said "Leaper X."
My wallet's upstairs.
Now you said it twice.
Did Magic lose another dollar?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Ah, you wanted to see me.
I just got off the phone
with the DA from Queens.
He's gonna dig up
Camilo Diaz's case file for us.
Great, but I was thinking
of another way to help Ben.
OK, so the last leap was
so easy for me to navigate
because of my military experience.
But, I mean, the legal system?
Not so much.
However, we do have someone here
who knows their way around it
quite well.
You want me to go in the chamber?
Ben needs you.
Yeah, that's not my job description.
Besides, I'm terrible
at all that emotional support
and positive reinforcement stuff.
Jenn, you are the only person here
that has experience in a courtroom.
When I was on trial, not as a lawyer.
- But you do have a law degree.
- You do?
Can you imagine Jenn
sitting in a prison cell doing nothing?
Look, I know I think
I can do everything,
but I can't do this.
Well, I guess we're lucky
this is a military operation
and I give the orders.
I'm going in right now.
Oh, good morning.
Wow. It's great to see you, Ben.
Are you another leaper?
No, that would be very bad.
But we probably should have
thought this through.
You're a hologram.
Where's Addison?
Hey. I'm here.
We were just hoping
if you saw Jenn by herself,
you might remember her.
- Nothing, huh?
- Yeah.
Sorry, Jenn, but it is nice to meet you.
OK, we can't keep two people
in the chamber very long.
Right. Now, I'm jumping in
because I know the justice system.
- Oh, you're a lawyer.
- No.
I'm a hacker who was caught
and put on trial.
Which means that Jenn
has spent time in a courtroom.
- Also, she has a law degree.
- I do.
I know me, and me was likely
to get in trouble again, so
- Let's stay on point.
- Yes. Right.
So I'm here to talk you through
what you're gonna say to the judge.
Probably feels like the deck
is stacked against you,
because it is.
OK. Come on.
But it's gonna be great.
Well, that is my cue.
You're in good hands with Jenn.
See you soon, I hope.
Of course.
I love you.
I love you too.
OK, we have five minutes
before you're due in court.
Now, the judge is gonna ask
for your client's decision on the deal.
That's when you'll say
his plea remains not guilty.
Now, the problem here is that your trial
is due to start today,
so then you say
Your Honor, we are
requesting an adjournment.
An adjournment?
Absolutely not. I object, Your Honor.
It's not our fault their client
can't make up their mind.
What are you playing at, Counselor?
You just spent four weeks
negotiating this deal.
Now you just want to throw it all away?
Say you have a motion
to preclude evidence.
I have a motion to preclude evidence.
Then where is it?
I don't know yet.
New evidence that you've
just been made aware of.
It's new evidence
I've just become aware of.
The court will not adjourn this case
because you failed
to file proper motions.
Look, Counselor, you want
your name on my dance card,
you get out on the dance floor,
show me your moves.
Trial begins at 2:00.
Like I said, stacked against you.
You're sure this was the right decision?
Don't worry, Camilo. We got this.
Aleyda, get my brother out of here.
Leo, no entiendo. ¿Que dijo, mijo?
Yeah, my grandma wants
to know what's going on.
We thought he was taking a deal.
Hi, Leo.
We decided we're gonna fight this.
No es tomar el trato.
Oh, no.
You better know what you're doing.
Come on, Abuela.
The discovery for your perusal.
Enjoy your reading.
Hope you didn't have any plans tonight.
You really want to waste
my time with this? Fine.
I'm gonna put your client away for life.
I see you didn't take that deal.
You are a glutton for punishment, kid.
Maybe you do belong here after all.
They only handed me
this discovery just now.
Is that even legal?
They only have to hand it
to you before the trial.
There's no rule on how long before.
Why do you think
we call it a Blindfold Law?
How is that a fair trial?
You think ADA Barnes is playing fair?
He wants to be DA. He's playing to win.
OK, so how am I supposed
to get through all this?
You don't. You're supposed to fight
for the best deal you can get
and then move on,
because one person simply
can't read all those files,
construct a decent defense, and
cover the rest of their cases.
What just happened?
Did I make the wrong decision?
Because he's right.
It's impossible for one person
to read all this.
One person, sure, but as we speak,
He's the head of Quantum Leap
Is getting the Queens DA
to dig up the original files.
And I wager that one A.I. called
Ziggy can get through them faster
than the world's best legal team can.
OK, so Ziggy can search for
clues while I get up to speed.
Let's find someplace to work.
Is it like this
for all public defenders?
Fun fact: the average public defender
gets seven minutes with their client.
I see now why you got a law degree.
Ben, you got pre-trial
for an armed robbery
in courtroom five right now.
That way.
We get everything we needed
from the Queens DA?
Well, I'm going through it all now.
It seems that Camilo was in the
wrong place at the wrong time.
And, unfortunately, witnesses saw him
threatening the victim
earlier in the week,
telling him to stay away
from his brother, Leo, or else.
And how is she really doing?
It's hard to say.
I mean, she hasn't looked up
from that screen once.
She's been in that
imaging chamber 24/7 for weeks,
so keep an eye on her.
Now, we got 30 minutes
till Camilo's trial starts.
And biker guy is right there.
OK, this way.
Here's good.
Let's work here.
And coffee.
Ben, uh, scary ADA chick
is coming this way.
You don't want to clue me in
on what you were thinking?
Was I supposed to?
Of course not,
but it would have been nice
to know I'd be pulling an all-nighter
to get up to speed on this trial
instead of doing
what I prefer to be doing.
Hmm. Which is?
I totally should have seen that coming.
Now, did you cancel our dinner
reservation, or should I do that?
Ooh, sleeping with the enemy.
I did not cancel our reservation.
I'll reset for Saturday, then.
Mm, you should have seen Barnes' face.
I thought he was having a stroke.
And I know you can't tell me,
but you must have something huge
to be blowing the deal
at the 11th hour like this.
And you're paying for dinner Saturday.
Fair punishment for ruining
our anniversary tonight.
Don't you agree, Counselor?
Aleyda, you OK?
Sorry. Yeah, I
Is this ethical, for us to be
on the same case like this?
Well if you want to hand off the case,
then please do, by all means.
No, but I'm all that Camilo has.
And since you're a second
chair, I thought that maybe
You thought that I should
just explain to ADA Barnes
that I've been
secretly sleeping with a public defender
for the entire three years
I've been at the DA's office,
jeopardizing hundreds of cases?
You'll get fired.
I'm just one year away
from making first chair.
Look, I'll get Chinese for us tonight.
It can be like we're back in college,
staying up late, studying for finals,
you looking over my shoulder
for the answers.
Yeah. OK, I'd like that.
I'm so excited for you.
Good luck in there.
- She thinks I have something.
- She does.
We better get on that.
Does anyone else enter
or exit the building during this time?
No, he's the only one to enter or exit
for the next 52 minutes.
Your witness, Counselor.
There are other ways
to enter the building, correct?
There's a door off
the trash room onto the alley.
- But you need a key.
- Mm.
And with 240 tenants,
don't you think
someone could have stolen
Objection. Speculation.
Your tenant at 405, didn't
they say someone stole her
Objection. Hearsay.
I was on duty in my patrol car
when I heard the two shots fired.
As I called it in,
the defendant ran right past my car.
That's when I got out
and tackled him to the ground.
And did the defendant say anything
when you tackled him to the ground?
He said, "I didn't do it. It wasn't me."
What do you think the
defendant was talking about?
- That's speculation.
- Objection.
Speculation, Your Honor.
I'll rephrase.
Did the defendant do anything
as he said that he didn't do it?
He looked back at the building
where the gunshots came from.
We'll pick up tomorrow
at 11:00 with the defense.
It's our turn tomorrow.
It'll feel different then, I promise.
Yeah, you can't promise
what you don't know.
- Leo.
- What?
Come on, Abuela.
Ella no sabe Nada.
You speak Spanish. What did he say?
He said I don't know anything.
And he's right.
I've got nothing.
Has Ziggy found anything?
Ziggy's going through
background information
on the Viento Este gang,
but it's a lot to get through.
What did I miss?
Instead of research
or running predictions,
let's have Ziggy focus
just on the discovery files
to see if anything's been left out
A missing witness statement,
forensics report.
- How about a missing page?
- Yeah, anything that can
No, Ben, Ziggy found a missing page.
Open the police report.
The list of people
detectives interviewed
the night of the murder,
it was two pages.
Yeah, it says
page one of two right here.
There's a page missing.
Ow, ow, ow.
- Saul?
- Yeah?
- Saul, hi.
- I'll see you inside.
Hi. I'm so sorry, OK?
So this is a list of people questioned
the night of the murder,
but there is a page missing.
What do you think?
You think it means something?
It means ADA Barnes is hiding evidence.
Or an intern forgot to copy it.
You think they'd
give it to me if I asked?
Well, if they don't,
it means you're onto something.
Ben, if that's true
and they're hiding important evidence,
that makes it a Brady violation.
We might even be able
to get the case thrown out.
Or like he said,
an intern forgot to copy it.
I just don't think Vicky
would do something like this.
Bury evidence just to win a case?
I need to see if there's a second page.
Ian, can you get on that missing page?
And I need to go find Vicky.
Ben, hang on.
You remember Tyler, the guy
that got locked outside naked
by his girlfriend? They need our help.
And if Addison were here, she
would say, "Stay on mission."
Yeah, but Ziggy says
if Tyler doesn't make bail,
he gets beat up at Rikers next week
and ends up in a wheelchair for life.
Tyler's mother won't help,
and that bail bonds guy wants $5,000.
Oh, Rose, I'm so sorry.
I really wish
there was something I could do.
There is. We got Marty McFly's almanac.
- Huh?
- Just give her
the 50 bucks in your pocket
and write this down.
Could I see your paper, please?
Thank you.
OK, Belmont. Race 8. Superfecta.
Numbers 3, 7, 9, 1, in that order.
And there's an OTB three miles away.
She'll win $5,000.
A whole $5,000?
Is what I should not be able
to provide as a lawyer,
but I got a tip from a friend.
So place this bet
at the off-track betting,
and you'll be able
to cover Tyler's bail.
- Go!
- OK, thank you.
What? You've never
done that in a leap before?
- Aleyda?
- Vicky, hi.
I was hoping to find you.
Look, um, I just got a call
from the precinct.
Camilo Diaz's brother was just arrested.
Um, you're welcome.
Yeah, I'm 16.
What are they gonna do about it?
What are they gonna do about it?
Leo, if they catch you
working that corner,
dealing drugs, you'll be put
in juvenile detention.
You should have told Camilo
to take the deal!
He would have been out in ten, and now,
- he doesn't have a chance.
- OK, so what?
You think dealing drugs is the answer?
Are you stupid?
Camilo is gone.
We don't have money.
I don't have a choice.
Besides, they promised to
keep Camilo safe on the inside.
OK. Please, Leo, we'll find another way.
Don't give up yet.
Just give me one more day, please.
You know, I wish my brother
had just killed Nathan.
Viento Este,
they would have left me alone.
Why do you say that?
Because Nathan was a snitch.
The whole street knows it.
It was only a matter of time.
I gotta go help my grandma.
We think the victim was
a CI working for police,
but there wasn't anything
in the case files about it.
Well, police like to protect their CIs.
They may not have told the DA's office,
not if it wasn't relevant.
Well, Ziggy says there's an 82% chance
he was killed because he was informing.
Good timing.
The DA's office
just found that missing page.
- And here it is.
- Ah, see?
Not all slow and boring
on the other side, is it?
OK, this is it. This is the second page.
And these are the remaining names
of everyone the detectives
interviewed that night.
And there's a name blacked out.
Yeah, but because they
crossed it out with marker,
a simple photo editing program
can separate the colors
and the saturation levels
in order to reveal the name below.
Edwin Soto.
Edwin Soto, 28 years old.
He's an enforcer
for the Viento Este gang
and a suspect in
two other gang-related murders.
Ben, this could be our guy.
So I need to ask Vicky what
Edwin Soto said to the police
and why he was brought in
for questioning.
And if she balks, then you
know they hid it on purpose.
Oh. How'd it go with Camilo's brother?
Wow. That good, huh?
I left you some Chinese food.
Thank you.
Oh, uh-uh. No, no.
We need to draw a line
the next few days,
I already stuck my neck out telling you
about Camilo's brother.
Thank you for doing that.
I just need to ask one, tiny favor more.
You are really dying
to just break the rules, huh?
And tonight of all nights.
Look, Aleyda,
these four walls, they're a sanctuary,
the only place that's just for us,
away from the reproachful looks,
away from the chaos at work.
And I love that we have that.
Let's not mess it up.
And that would be Barnes.
Come on. Let's take a teeny, tiny peek.
See what Edwin Soto said to the police.
No, I can't betray Vicky's trust.
Ben, this is our only lead.
You mess this up,
and Camilo goes to prison
for 30-plus years.
And he never sees his brother
or grandmother again.
What did Edwin Soto say to the police?
Did you just look at my files?
What? No, absolutely not.
Then where did you get that name?
He got it from the future.
Hang on.
Are you saying that you hid this?
Why would you do that?
Aleyda, I did not hide this.
Besides, he didn't
tell the police anything,
so there's nothing to hide.
What about the fact
that he was a suspect
in two other murders,
or that the victim was
- an informant for the police?
- OK, stop.
Aleyda, please stop.
I can't talk to you about this case.
I can't help you with it,
and it's not fair for you to ask me.
- You didn't hide this?
- I promise you.
I didn't hide anything.
So ADA Barnes just asked you
to leave out the page,
and you didn't bother to ask why?
You know, I think it's best
I get a hotel room tonight.
Happy anniversary.
I really hope we're right,
because I just blew up
Aleyda and Vicky's relationship
for this.
Hey, Stuart?
Did you sleep here last night?
Do you need a subway token to get home?
I don't need a subway token.
I need my bike.
I'm not leaving here until I have it.
Yeah, I'm really sorry about yesterday.
Things have been a little crazy for me,
but I'm realizing that's
what normal is around here.
Please, I promised my uncle.
I need to do this.
I'm sorry. I don't follow.
The charity ride.
We're raising money for AIDS.
My uncle, he passed last year.
There's a conference in Atlanta,
the first of its kind ever for AIDS,
and the cross-country tour
leaves from there.
I'll get your bike back, OK?
May take a few hours,
but I'll get it back.
- I promise.
- Thank you.
Hey. Hey, what's going on?
I've been here for ages. Leo's OK?
Sorry. Yes.
Well, no, Leo was arrested.
But I got him out. He's fine.
- Look, I don't have much time.
- You have to talk to him.
If he starts dealing, I
Look, my parents are gone, all right?
I have to make sure that he's safe.
Please talk to him.
I will. I promise.
Camilo, do you know the name Edwin Soto?
He's a Viento Este gang member.
I don't know any of them.
I've stayed away from them
as much as possible.
- Wait. This is Edwin Soto?
- Mm-hmm.
He's the guy that was
hanging around the building that night.
Why didn't you tell us you saw someone?
I did. I told you that.
But no one else saw him,
so police thought I made it up.
Well, they hid his name from
us, and I'm gonna prove it.
It's a Brady violation.
They purposefully withheld the page
from the list of people
detectives questioned.
And we believe the police
spoke to someone that night
- who should be a suspect.
- Really?
That's what all this nonsense
is about, a missing page?
You could have just asked for the page.
Is this really what I got
out of bed early for?
- Barnes, give her the page.
- Yeah, of course.
You said it was the list of people
that detectives questioned?
I don't want to jinx things,
but this feels way too easy.
Where is ADA Davis this morning?
She no longer works for the DA's office.
This the page you're looking for?
That a-hole deleted the name!
Don't say anything. You can't
let him know you've seen his files.
It could mean a mistrial.
Is everything in order, Councilor?
Yes, Your Honor.
Do Aleyda and Vicky break up?
Jenn, tell me what happens to Vicky.
ADA Barnes blackballs her.
She can't find another job.
She moves back to Kentucky.
Never practices law again.
Ben, please say something.
What should I say?
ADA Barnes is corrupt
and I have nothing.
I've ruined Aleyda's relationship,
Vicky's career, Camilo's life.
And I'm traveling
through time and space,
and I don't know where I'm going
or what I'm supposed to do
when I get there.
Well, I'm not sure what to say either.
I'm terrible at speeches.
It does remind me of a story
about drowning bunnies.
No, hang on. It's just one bunny.
There's a boy, and he sees a bunny.
And he saves a bunny from the river.
But then the next day,
he sees another bunny.
But he saves that bunny too,
and then another, and another.
I'm going somewhere with this.
I promise.
So the boy learns
that there's a farmer upstream
who's throwing bunnies in the river
after he learns
that they're eating his crops.
So what's the answer?
Is this a story or a brainteaser?
A story.
If he goes upstream to see if
the farmer will change his ways,
then the bunnies in the river
will all drown.
See? There is no right answer.
Is that the end
- of your story?
- Yeah.
I-I don't get it.
The answer is you, Ben,
because you are doing both,
leap after leap,
saving bunnies from the river,
but you're also running upstream
trying to change
what will happen in the future.
You're doing both, and it's exhausting.
But the fact that you can do both
is what makes you all the more a hero.
You just gotta trust
that there's a way out of this.
I know you'll be the one to find it.
Thank you, Jenn.
Well, what do we know?
We know for sure ADA Barnes is corrupt.
He's definitely a slimebag.
And your Vicky wasn't a part of it.
Well, because Vicky was fired.
Yes, I was.
I'm so sorry.
I couldn't help it. I put you first.
I asked him
to hand over the missing page.
Now he's convinced I'm the one
who told you about it.
I've lost my mentor, my career.
And all for what?
A missing page that gets you nothing?
You blew up our lives for that?
If it is nothing,
then why did he delete
Edwin's name from the page?
What are you talking about?
I know. He was your mentor, and
I'm sorry, but Vicky,
please, why is he trying
so hard to hide his name?
He said it wasn't relevant to the case,
that it would only distract
the jury from the truth.
And I mean, I believed him.
It's just that he
He just wants the win.
This guy, Edwin Soto, he's a suspect
in two other gang-related murders.
Is that why the police questioned him?
It is.
But there's nothing else.
He didn't say anything to police.
He wasn't seen by anyone.
There's absolutely nothing
connecting him to this murder,
just rumors.
So ADA Barnes is just
gonna let Camilo take the fall?
And he will,
unless you can make that connection.
If only there was some way
to look into the past
and see how Edwin Soto did it.
I'm on it.
We got something Ben can use.
It's a news article
from 11 years later, in 1996,
about the gun that Edwin Soto
used on the two murders.
Now, a kid that lived
in Edwin Soto's building
found the gun stashed in the basement,
and then he showed up to school with it.
And they linked the gun
to the two murders,
and Soto's DNA was found all over it.
Wait, that's great.
What if he used
that same gun on our victim?
Maybe, but Ben is in 1985,
and DNA analysis isn't around yet.
OK, but if ballistics can
match the gun to the bullet,
we have a murder weapon.
Yes. Yeah, yeah.
But what are the chances
that the gun is in the exact same place
11 years earlier, in 1985?
- All right. All right.
- Tyler, you're out.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
The racing bet worked.
Can you believe it?
- I'm glad I could help.
- Yeah.
And Tyler has a question for you.
All right, ma'am,
you know, we're just trying
- to get a break, you know?
- Mm-hmm.
So we were just wondering
if maybe you can give us another tip.
Here's my tip: show up to court.
That's all you have to do.
Then you'll get
your bail money back, OK?
OK. Bad bunny.
See? I told you.
You look like
you might have some good news.
Yes, I have great news.
I got your bike back.
But there's a catch: I need a favor.
Traffic's crazy, and I have
one hour to get across town.
Come on. Might need a witness.
The boy found the gun
in the southwest corner of the basement.
The gun was in a brown paper bag
that was taped
to the inside of an AC vent.
AC vent. OK.
No. No, it has to be here.
- Please.
- What?
Is this what you're looking for?
- I guess it was the northwest corner.
- Don't open it!
Does it feel like
there's a gun in there?
Yeah, it does. Is that bad?
It's amazing.
We gotta go.
- So this is the time, right?
- Huh?
When Addison tells you to give someone
one of those famous Ben pep talks.
Very funny, but I did promise Camilo.
What's taking so long?
Well, we're still waiting
for ballistics on the gun
to be rushed through,
but I believe it's the murder weapon.
No, it's not gonna be enough.
No, I know it.
Leo, I know how hard
it can be to have hope.
Hope that things will get better.
Hope that you'll get
a fair shot at life.
But it is helpful to have hope,
even if you can't see it.
I don't believe in anything I can't see.
Have you ever heard how plants grow more
- if you play them music?
- What?
No. Yeah. No, it's true. Here. Scooch.
The sound waves
stimulate the plant cells,
which allow for the nutrients
to move around the plant,
promoting more growth.
You can't see the music,
but you can feel it.
And allowing yourself
to feel hope helps.
It helps you to see
that things can change.
And sometimes
that change is for the better.
Did we get the ballistics back?
Not yet.
For what it's worth,
you may have helped me
on another two cases,
so I'm gonna throw you a bone.
I'll make it a B-felony.
Five years. He'll get parole in four.
It's the deal of a century.
I can't believe you.
Camilo is innocent, and you know it.
Do your job and present the
deal to your client, Counselor.
He'll take it.
They always do.
Ben, Ziggy says if you
take this plea, you can leap.
This allows me to leap? This?
Camilo gets out in four years.
He moves his grandmother
and his brother out of Queens
before Leo ever gets killed.
It takes years, but
they build their lives back.
Yeah, but it's still
four years in prison.
Camilo is only 18.
What if we don't take the deal?
What does Ziggy say?
It's a coin toss.
He's got a 50/50 chance
of going away for life.
They just make it harder every time.
Now it's four years.
But if I lose, it's 30.
It just makes the four
so much harder to turn down.
It does, but still,
four years is too long
for an innocent person.
No one cares if I'm innocent!
So I should just take this deal.
- Is that what you want?
- No.
I want my brother to be safe.
I want him out of Queens.
I want him to stay in school.
He's so smart,
so much smarter than I am.
Well, none of that happens
if you go away.
If I go away, he's a 16-year-old kid
working the corner.
And I can't live with that.
So then, let's fight.
I could have leapt.
Why didn't you push me to take the deal?
I want to see that kid free as well.
One more time then, for good measure.
Let's do it.
We all feel a deep responsibility
to those we love.
I'll give you two some space.
I didn't expect to see you back here.
Yeah, I was, uh,
pretty angry this morning.
But you were right.
ADA Barnes is a cheat,
and I was blind to it
because I admired him so much.
And I'm sorry.
Well, there's really
only one thing I need to know.
Did you reschedule our
anniversary dinner for Saturday?
Not yet, but I will.
May I?
Stand strong in there.
Juries are quick to judge women,
especially young ones like us,
so you really have to own that space.
Thank you, Vicky.
Good luck.
We all feel a deep responsibility
to those we love.
I know I do.
I would travel to the end
of time for the people I love.
I strive to see them succeed.
And when they hurt, I hurt.
Camilo is no different.
He is fighting
to lift his brother up
out of circumstance.
And yes, he made a mistake.
He threatened a violent gang member
who was forcing his teenage
brother into a life of crime.
But Camilo is not a murderer.
And the murder weapon, which we
now have, does not belong to him.
Camilo is a committed brother
who makes every decision
with careful consideration and planning.
Like the choice
to drop out of school at 15
and work two jobs so
he could keep his family afloat
and his brother in school.
Like writing down every dollar
he makes in his notebook
so he can budget
for his family's future.
And when facing life in prison,
his only question was,
"Who will be there for my brother?"
Camilo Diaz devotes his life
to those he loves.
Let's not take that all away
because he found himself at the
wrong place at the wrong time.
Careful. They're hot.
You think?
Any distraction would be most helpful.
I missed you.
Pretty sure I missed you more.
- So how was Jenn?
- Jenn was great.
But she completely
butchered Magic's story.
You know the one Magic always tells
about that boy who saves
rabbits along the river
Ben, you just remembered Magic.
I just remembered Magic.
Aleyda, they're looking for you.
The jury has a verdict.
Your closing was good.
Thank you.
I'm sorry you had
to lose your job over all this.
Well, ADA Barnes will be losing his too.
I found eight other cases
where he withheld exculpatory evidence.
I took it to the DA.
I'm really proud of you, Vicky.
OK, and now Ziggy is searching for Ben.
Mm, I believe you all owe me money.
Why? I didn't say
"Leaper X" again, did I?
No, Ben remembered Magic first.
And honestly, I can't believe I lost.
I spent two whole days with him.
And then I tell one story
about bunnies
- Badly.
- And poof,
he remembers Magic.
Addison, did I thank you
for helping me face my past?
No, thank you.
You helped me remember
that doing what's best
doesn't always feel right.
But me stepping aside was
And I believe you should do the honors.
Camilo was found not guilty.
Leo became the first member
in his family to go to college
and becomes a lawyer.
I imagine spending time in that
courtroom had an effect on him.
ADA Barnes, obviously,
went down for corruption,
Edwin Soto went down
for all three murders, and
And, uh, Aleyda and Vicky
joined the Innocence Project,
helping those who are
wrongly accused find freedom.
I saw that.
You know what I realized most of all?
I realized I really miss Ben.
Normal reflexes.
Normal dilation.
Hmm, we will confirm with bloodwork,
but it appears that your husband
is at least physically healthy,
Mrs. O'Connor.
It's not his body I'm worried about.
My husband is clearly
not in his right mind.
Right mind?
Of course I'm in my right mind.
Why would I be of wrong mind?
OK, I think I should probably go, right?
Liam! Liam, you need help.
They're going
to make you feel better here.
- Can you help him or not?
- I can.
And I would like to begin
treatments immediately.
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