Quantum Leap (2022) s01e16 Episode Script

Ben, Interrupted

Quantum Leap was an experimental
time travel program
years away from being tested.
Your name is Dr. Ben Song.
You're a time traveler
leaping from life to life,
trying to put right
what once went wrong.
Ben's working with someone.
Al Calavicci's daughter, Janis.
She may be our best chance at
understanding what's going on.
Richard Martinez is another
leaper from the future,
traveling through time just like Ben.
Martinez, he was on the Montana.
We know. We're working
on a way to track him.
I isolated the anomalies from both
times that we encountered Leaper X.
Will this alert us the next time
Leaper X and Ben cross paths?
Well, it will now.
Normal reflexes.
Normal dilation.
Hmm, we will confirm with bloodwork,
but it appears that your husband
is at least physically healthy,
Mrs. O'Connor.
It's not his body I'm worried about.
I'd like to ask you a few
questions if that's all right.
Who is the president
of the United States?
It's OK, honey. You can do it.
The senator? Wouldn't he love that.
All right. How about today's date?
Um, Tuesday?
And your name.
Mr. O'Connor.
Doctor, is this really necessary?
My husband is clearly
not in his right mind.
Right mind?
Of course I'm in my right mind.
Why would I be of wrong mind?
OK. I think I should probably go, right?
Liam. Liam, you need help.
They're going
to make you feel better here.
We will know more after further testing,
but it's clear that
he has short-term memory loss,
possibly due to shellshock
or late-onset schizophrenia.
- Can you help him or not?
- I can.
And I would like to begin
treatments immediately.
Immediately? That seems hasty.
What about a second opinion or
perhaps we sleep on it, right?
- OK, I think I should probably
- Can we have a moment alone?
Of course. Yes.
Why don't I give you the room?
Sweetheart, sweetheart,
sweetheart, it's for the best.
It truly is.
Nice work.
You really sold that memory loss.
Thanks. It was a bit
of a stretch, but, uh
When you find my sister,
give her a message.
Tell her I would've gone in myself
if I thought I could get us
both out in one piece.
- But you think I can?
- For what you're charging,
you better.
You get me Judith back,
I'll get you your money.
I promise.
Please, please.
She doesn't deserve this.
Apologies, but Lawrence has reminded me
that I have another meeting.
So how are we doing?
Couldn't be better.
Oh, better is our business, Liam.
Now, I know how you must be feeling.
You're disoriented, confused,
maybe even a little afraid.
You wonder what's going on.
How did I get here?
My promise to you is this:
by the time we are through
with your treatments,
you will be a changed man.
Oh, thank you, Doctor.
Beautiful building.
Where exactly is my room?
This is your personal schedule.
That's your bible in here.
Treatment, labor, enrichment.
Follow the rules,
and we won't have a problem.
Don't, and we will.
Bathroom duty for a first offense.
After that, things get more serious.
Structure is sanity.
If you threaten that,
you threaten every patient here.
And I won't let that happen.
Wait. This is my room?
Lights out in two.
Are we gonna have problems, O'Connor?
No problems.
Only purpose.
- This place is a nightmare.
- Aah!
And I'm living it.
So let's just do
whatever I'm supposed to do
- and get me out of here.
- Yeah.
I already know I'm
someone named Liam O'Connor.
A private eye out of Boston.
Looks like he was hired
by Elaine Sullivan
to break her sister, Judith,
out of George's Island Asylum.
Does Ziggy know what got
her sister put in here?
Judith's husband had her
committed for hysteria.
Church records show
that he used that "unfitness"
to get an annulment
and remarry three months later.
- Oh, nice guy.
- Yeah, well, nice system.
Not exactly "Leave it to Beaver," is it?
Which is why we need
to get Judith out of here.
So what did Liam do wrong
in the original history?
Ziggy doesn't have the specifics,
but this looks like
it was Liam's last job.
Judith never left the asylum.
And neither did he.
OK. Don't worry.
We're gonna figure this out.
In the meantime,
maybe the universe wants you
to finally get a good night's sleep.
In here? Good one, universe.
If it makes you feel any better,
I wish I could keep you company.
Me too.
I'll be back before you wake up.
Whoa. You OK?
This place is creepy, all right?
How's anyone's mental health
supposed to get better in here?
OK. Well, I take it
that you didn't sleep.
Does this look like a map to you?
It looks like a map, doesn't it?
This this is a map, right?
Maybe it's a way out.
I'll have Ian run the schematics
and see if we can find
any passageways or tunnels.
But, Ben, hey, look,
Ziggy says you need to stick
to Dr. Mueller's schedule, OK?
Don't go snooping around yet.
It could raise suspicions
and compromise your escape.
OK, I have to go.
Look, just focus
on finding Judith at breakfast.
OK. Uh
OK, I will be back as soon
as we find a way out.
Find it quick, please.
Just sitting here, mumbling to yourself.
What's it like talking to
someone who really isn't there?
How goes the escape route?
Nothing yet.
Well, maybe this will help.
Venti dark roast, venti blonde roast.
Ooh, thank you.
Is that a Is that a hot chocolate?
That is adorable.
Well, I could use
a little comfort today.
- Mm.
- I'm worried about Ben.
1954 was a dark time for mental health.
Hey, how is that escape route coming?
OK, so the two of you just
asking me the same question
isn't gonna make it happen any faster,
especially not when I'm pulling
double duty running security.
Wait. Where's Jenn?
She had a cough. I sent her home.
The last thing I need is for all of us
to get sick right now.
As for Ben's escape
Well, I've already cross-referenced
the asylum schematics
with the drawings found in his cell.
And they do, in fact,
represent a series of tunnels.
Now, Ziggy should hopefully
have a path mapped out soon.
Great. I wanna get Ben
out of there ASAP.
I got a bad feeling about this leap.
- That makes all of us.
- Oh, thank you.
Um, Janis' ankle monitor
is being tampered with.
- Is Janis on the run?
- No, not yet.
She's still at her mother's house.
- We should've kept her here.
- She's under house arrest.
Besides this is a time travel
project, not a prison.
And she just took it off.
OK, well, we can't let her
get off the grid.
Do you need me to handle this?
I got it. Keep working on the exit.
Looking for a booth by the window?
Seats are assigned.
This one's yours.
Skip the sausage.
Think I'll skip the whole thing.
Coffee's dishwater, but it's hot.
Name's Ralph.
Do you know Judith?
Sure. Nice gal.
Haven't seen her in a few days, though.
A few days?
Is that normal?
In here, it is.
Folks disappear all the time,
especially if they stand up
for themselves.
Sometimes when they come back,
their eyes are dead,
like something inside them
just switched off.
Sometimes they don't come back at all.
- That's not right.
- Right?
Only right in here is, "Do
as I say and don't talk back."
I'd tell you to ask my buddy, Lou,
but he can't talk no more,
not after what Doc Mueller did to him.
Hey, there's your girl, Judith.
Excuse me.
May I use some of your creamer?
Mine's all out.
Judith, your sister, Elaine, sent me.
I'm a private detective.
I'm here to get you home.
Judith, do you remember Elaine?
You said no problems!
What part of assigned seats
confuses you?
Leave him alone!
What are you doing there, Ralph?
Ralph, please.
It's OK. Just sit down.
You throw that, that's your last strike.
I already struck out!
Well, I'm done with it! You hear me?
Done with it!
Show me your schedule.
We have the same enrichment block.
Find me during library time.
We'll talk there.
Take him to Dr. Mueller's office.
Anyone else wanna join him?
Addison, I need that escape route.
- What?
- What?
- Ian?
- Yeah?
You might be one
of the most talented people
- that I have ever met.
- Thank you.
Yeah, but when it comes
to a poker face, you stink.
What did you find?
I found more about George's
Island Asylum's history.
they shuttered the entire place
in the 1970s.
Now, they kept it quiet,
but Mueller's methods,
they went far
beyond physical punishment.
He was treating them all
like they were guinea pigs,
testing his experimental
surgical procedures on them
and then covering up their deaths
any time he lost one
on the operating table.
OK, we need to get Ben out of there now.
I know. I know, just
One escape route coming right on up.
- Really?
- Whoa.
Well, any other requests
while we're here?
Yeah, send it to my handlink.
And thank Ziggy for me.
Got it.
You are welcome, Addison.
Oh, what a lovely surprise.
Well, I wish I could say
it was a social call.
Is Janis here?
Mom, can you give us a minute?
What did you do now?
Why did you take off the ankle monitor?
What game are you playing?
You promised to keep me up to speed.
We do. You're getting the
leap reports as we file them.
It's not fast enough.
By the time I get anything,
it's all ancient history.
Have Ben and Martinez
crossed paths again recently?
- Yes.
- That.
That is the kind of thing
that I need to know right away.
I can't help you, Magic,
if you keep me out of the loop.
I don't even know what year Ben is in.
Where are you going? Is that bad?
There is an order to Ben's leaps.
And if he is in 1954,
this is our last chance.
Last chance for what?
Let's go!
"The Odyssey." Reminds me of you.
I hope not.
It took Odysseus ten years to get home.
Odysseus didn't have me.
- Did the map in my cell help?
- Kinda.
Ian was able to cross-reference it
with all surviving building records.
And we think we found your way out.
It's the best we got.
I'll walk you through it
as soon as we find oh.
Judith, hey, I found a way out.
That's great, but I can't leave yet.
What? Why?
I can't leave the others. Ralph and
Elaine didn't forget about me,
and I won't forget about them.
Ben, Ziggy says a mass escape
has a 99% chance of failure.
I get it, I do.
But if we try to save everyone,
then no one gets home.
I know, which is
why we have to stop Mueller,
get him arrested
before he can hurt anyone else.
OK. Fine, then we go to the
police once we get you out.
You think a Boston cop will believe
a hysterical woman
who escaped an insane asylum?
We need hard evidence
Mueller's files.
It's the only way to help
all the other people suffering in here.
This leap is about freeing Judith.
You have to stay on mission.
So you're telling me
we can't get you out
unless we get those files?
So I guess that's our mission.
So how do we get them?
The doctor keeps his files
in his real office.
And he goes to Bible study
every evening at 5:00.
Perfect. We'll break in then.
Do you know a safe way to get there?
You're the detective.
I was hoping you could figure that out.
I might have a lead.
Or two.
OK. Are you sure
Ben is gonna fit in there?
His host is a little husky.
Well, I'll have Ziggy run the numbers,
but honestly, this is
the only path that we have.
- OK.
- Oh, no.
- What?
- This is bad.
Quantum anomaly?
Wait. Is that what I think it is?
Not what.
Excuse me.
Ben, Martinez is coming.
Keep moving. Don't worry.
- I'll find him.
- Let's go, people.
Come on. Keep it moving.
Hey, what is Martinez doing there?
I-I don't know.
The tracker only tells me
when he leaps, not how or why.
But but I did find something
very, very interesting.
This is a misfiled report
from the old Quantum Leap program.
- Evil Leapers?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, apparently Sam Beckett
had run-ins with other Leapers.
The report says
that evil Leapers were leaping
to put wrong what once went right.
OK, so the opposite of Ben.
I mean, Martinez is there
to hurt people.
I don't know.
Something doesn't make sense.
But think about it.
He could've sabotaged Ben at Salvation.
Why did he help Ben
on the U.S.S. Montana?
OK, but we didn't see Martinez
until the end of those leaps.
For all we know, he could have
helped McDonough set the fire.
And he could've convinced Drake
to turn the Cold War hot.
I'm going back in.
OK, Ben.
We modified your escape route
to take you through Mueller's office
so you can get the files.
Now, are you sure she's ready for this?
She was earlier.
I think you're supposed
to be painting that fruit bowl.
I miss flowers.
I used to garden.
It made me feel good
to help something grow after
Charles and I wanted children.
We tried for years, but I kept
losing them.
After I lost the fourth one,
I told him I couldn't do it anymore.
I guess that's why he put me in here.
Ben, it's almost 5:00.
You have to get her
to the doctor's office.
Let's get those files
and get out of here.
Mr. O'Connor, what are you doing?
This is expressionism.
- I'm expressing myself.
- Liam!
Mr. O'Connor, that's a first offense.
- Bathroom duty, now.
- It's Judith's fault.
She told me to do it.
Judith, please join Mr. O'Connor
in scrubbing out
the main floor lavatory.
I expected better from you.
Why did you do that? I thought you were
- trying to help me escape.
- I am.
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.
All right.
How do you know that vent
leads to the doctor's office?
Because a team
of highly-skilled geniuses
just spent all night
figuring it out for me.
I'm a detective.
It's what I do. Come on.
What's all this?
This is where he keeps his files.
I've seen him opening it
during our therapy sessions.
I'll work on the safe.
You call your sister to come get us.
Hey, know how this works?
Locks I've picked,
but this, I don't know.
Here. Grab that stethoscope.
OK, put it right over the lock,
like you're listening for a heartbeat.
And then, just listen
as the notches line up.
- OK.
- Elaine?
It's me. It's Judith.
Listen, I can't talk,
but we're about to get out.
Can you meet us in the
parking lot behind the asylum?
And, Elaine, if we're not there by 8:00,
promise me you'll go home.
Promise me.
I don't want you trapped
on this godforsaken island.
Whatever happens,
thanks for not forgetting me.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
We have to hurry.
Where do you think you're going?
- You stay away from her.
- Keep your voice down.
- I'm here to help you.
- I doubt that.
I'm here to help you.
Help us? Why would you do that?
You gotta just trust me.
We don't have
You've done nothing
but make our lives hell!
Oh, hey. Good work, Lawrence.
Find out where that vent leads
and make sure this can't happen again.
Judith, seems that none of my methods
have calmed your hysteria.
That's not your failure. It's mine.
- Prep her for surgery.
- No.
And then meet me in the intake office.
I have some questions for Mr. O'Connor.
- No.
- No, no. no.
- No, no!
- No, Judith!
- Judith, no!
- No, no!
- Judith, no!
- No, no!
Don't let them take me!
No, no!
Let go of me! Judith!
What was that?
And the truth shall set you free.
Sodium thiopental, AKA truth serum.
OK, you are gonna feel
a little loopy and very chatty.
You need to fight that.
So what were you doing in my office?
Stealing your medical files.
- Oh, I see what you mean.
- Yeah. Come on, Ben.
See what who means? Who are you?
Liam O'Connor. You are Liam O'Connor.
- Liam O'Connor.
- You seem uncertain.
- I am.
- Ben.
- Hmm?
- Ben!
Who are you really?
Dr. Ben Song.
Are you a journalist?
Who do you work for?
"The Globe"? "The Times?"
I work
at Quantum Leap.
It's a secret government
time travel project.
Ben, do you understand
what they are gonna do to you?
So tell me more about
Dr. Ben Song, the time traveler.
I leap into other people's
bodies to fix the past.
So we're in the past right now?
Mm-hmm. And what year are you from?
I leaped from the year 2022
to save my fiancée from
I can't remember what.
Ben, I am begging you.
Please, please stop talking.
OK, then, Dr. Ben Song,
tell me, doctor to doctor,
why do you want my medical files?
To put you in prison,
to save Judith and everyone else in here
from your cruelty,
your ego, and your madness.
You're a monster.
You're a monster
who thinks he's an angel,
and you need to be stopped.
This man is clearly suffering
from advanced delusions.
He's a danger not only
to himself, but to others.
- Get the straitjacket.
- No.
No, no.
I have been looking
for a subject like you,
one whose mind I can study on the table
while I keep you alive.
We'll start right after
I take care of your friend.
Ben, I am going to figure out
a way out of this for you.
Your drugs are gonna wear off
in about ten minutes, OK?
I am gonna come back as soon as I can.
I'm not gonna leave you here. I promise.
- We we just can't do that.
- No.
That is the only way to make this work.
What is she doing here?
Really? I thought we were good.
Janis is trying to convince us
to tell Ben not to save Judith.
Have you forgotten
how Quantum Leap works?
He saves the person so that Ben leaps.
Correct, but we want Ben
to stop leaping.
That doesn't make any sense.
I don't understand why she's here today.
Addison, you don't understand
that Martinez leaps
the same way Ben does,
by helping people.
They're obviously
using the same machine,
so maybe they're using the same Ziggy,
just in different timelines.
Maybe Ziggy thinks that this
mission requires two Leapers.
Look, all I know is that Ben had
to sabotage one of Martinez's leaps
to prevent him from reaching
his final destination,
which, in this case, is when
he's gonna try and kill you.
The path Ben is on,
he has three chances to stop Martinez.
Salvation, the battleship
And now.
Ben has to sabotage the leap.
OK, hang on.
If he sabotages the leap,
what happens to Ben?
He's stranded in 1954.
You knew this was Ben's plan
the entire time?
I don't believe her.
She'd have said something before.
You couldn't be trusted.
Why do you think I've been trying
to talk to Ben myself this entire time?
You think I just built an imaging
chamber as a side hustle?
And the only reason I am telling you
any of this right now is because
this is Ben's last chance
to stop Martinez
before he reaches his final target,
which is you.
Magic, you have got to tell him.
I promise you this is what he wanted.
He was gonna try and find
another way to stop Martinez.
But if all else failed, he was going
to sacrifice himself
for the greater good.
She's lying!
Ben swore to me in his video message
that he was gonna make it back to me.
Have you ever lied to someone you love
to try to make them feel better?
You have any idea how to figure out
whether Janis is lying or not?
If Martinez is using
the same technology as us,
he can see me, right?
Yeah. Why?
Addison, don't do it. No.
Addison. Addison. Hey, Magic.
Magic, you have to stop her right now.
Janis, enough.
Listen, when I restarted this project,
I swore to your father
we'd never lose another Leaper.
Now, I'm sorry if this goes against
whatever you and Ben agreed to,
but I'm not breaking my promise to Al.
Well, congratulations then.
You're about to win a battle
that's gonna cost you the war.
She'll be under for about half an hour.
The doctor will be up shortly.
Dr. Mueller says the patient
needs to come with me right away.
He just told us to prep her for surgery.
Well, I guess he changed his mind.
If it's all the same, I'll
wait to hear that from him.
I've worked here ten years.
Doc's never called off a lobotomy.
No, no. Get away from me.
Get away!
You're upsetting the patient.
Go find someone else to scare.
Martinez, don't.
So you can see me.
Are you really here to help?
Then put that down, and let's talk.
- You need to help Ben.
- I'm not here to help Ben.
I'm here to do what he couldn't.
Stay out of my way.
I'll save Judith,
and then Ben will leave too.
That's what you want, right?
You can't do this on your own.
I'll take my chances.
Ziggy puts your chances
of succeeding alone at 10%.
I'm a decorated marine raider.
I can handle a solo extraction
against a group of civilians.
Martinez, I have been in your shoes.
I have been on the front lines.
But the majority of my career
was spent in intelligence,
gathering information,
anticipating scenarios,
planning contingencies.
- Kinda like Ziggy.
- Exactly like Ziggy.
My Green Berets were more than capable
of brute force when required,
but sometimes the intelligence found
that the path to success
lay in avoiding bloodshed.
Sometimes we even worked
with known hostiles
to achieve a shared objective.
Addison, help me!
No, no, no.
- No, no.
- O'Connor, calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
- No.
- Look, I have your treatment.
- No!
- Calm down. Calm down.
- No, no!
- It's OK. It's OK.
- No!
- Calm down. Calm down.
- Wait, you're helping me?
- For now.
And you trust him?
About as much as he trusts us.
So what's the plan, Doc?
This is your version of helping me,
you asking me for help?
Well, you sabotaged my first plan.
Gentlemen, you're
working together, remember?
I tried to call off the surgery
and walk Judith out of there,
but the nurses called my bluff.
I was gonna fight my way out of there,
but Ziggy and your sweetheart
here claimed that's a bad call.
Well, now she's in there alone.
What about fighting our way back in?
- What does Ziggy say about that?
- No good.
There's staff everywhere.
By now, the doctor's probably
got her under the knife.
One wrong move, and he kills her.
Follow my lead.
Follow your lead? What does that mean?
Uh, hey, Ben, what are you doing?
- What happened to no force?
- Put that on.
Are you crazy?
Let's hope they think so.
Code red.
Patient security breach.
Repeat, code red.
Patient security breach.
- All orderlies
- Stop!
Let her go, or I slit his throat.
He's delusional, Doc.
Keeps saying he's from the future.
Release her or your friend dies,
in three, two, one.
I'll let her go, but you
have to let Lawrence go too.
What are you doing? Lawrence, no.
No, no!
Grab that folder.
It's on top of his desk.
Put it in his bag. I'll grab Judith.
What's happening?
We're gonna get you out of here.
- Behind you.
- No, no, no.
It's OK. He's with us.
- Are you sure?
- Eh, fairly.
Ziggy says the orderlies
are right behind you.
- Can you barricade that door?
- Yeah, OK.
- OK, tunnels are that way.
- OK.
They should be coming up.
Turn left and just keep going.
- This way?
- Yeah.
- OK.
- Straight, straight.
Wait. No, no.
Wait. This can't be right.
- Above you.
- Huh?
I'm on it.
And Ziggy says the orderlies
just broke the barricade.
They're gonna be here any minute.
Oh, thank God.
All right, you're up.
Judith, come on. I've got my car.
The bridge is about to raise.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Come on. Come on.
- All right, here.
Wait. Here's Dr. Mueller's files.
It's for the police.
Thank you, both of you.
Yeah, thank us by getting out of here.
- OK.
- Come on.
- OK.
- You got it.
- You got it.
- OK.
Thank you.
Here I come.
OK, good news.
Ziggy said as soon
as they cross the bridge,
you both are gonna leap.
Not bad for a pacifist.
Hey, thanks for your help.
Yeah, don't get used to it.
You're a threat to my greater mission.
My orders were to stop you
before we cross again.
Goodbye, Ben.
Let me see.
Am I dying?
If we can't stop
that bleeding, you will.
How much longer until Ben leaps?
Well, not until Judith
and Elaine cross the bridge.
And they're still at least
another five minutes out.
Ben doesn't have five minutes.
- His vitals are plummeting.
- Yeah.
And when Liam O'Connor dies,
Ben dies for nothing.
Let me talk to Addison.
Not now, Ian.
Captain Augustine, do you remember
what you told Martinez earlier?
I'm losing him, Magic.
I am losing him, and there's
nothing I can do about it.
You're an intelligence officer.
You saved hundreds of lives
without being physically present.
I believe you can
save another one today.
Yes, sir.
OK, think.
Think, Addison.
Hey. Hey, I have an idea.
OK, we are right below a parking lot.
I need you to climb that ladder
and find a car that you can get into.
I can't.
You can, and you will.
You can do this, Ben.
Come on! Climb!
OK. Come on, Ben.
Come on.
Again. Again.
He's doing it. He's doing it.
Ziggy says that Ben needs
to last at least another three minutes.
He's overexerting himself.
The more he moves,
the more blood he loses.
You got a better idea?
Come on.
Yes. Yes.
Ben, stay with me.
Look at me.
Hey. Hey, you see this lighter?
I need you to push it down.
Come on.
There you go.
OK, good job.
All right. You still have that rag?
You're gonna bite down on it, OK?
And then you're gonna press
that lighter to your neck.
I'm not gonna lie,
it's gonna hurt like hell.
Come on. Come on.
Come on!
OK, let me see.
OK, good job.
Good job.
Ziggy puts the leap out at two minutes.
Ben, hey, you're gonna stay with me.
You're gonna stay awake.
In case I don't get the chance
- Mm-mm.
- To remember
Tell me about us, you and me.
There's no foods that you dislike,
and it drives me crazy.
We both hate dancing,
except at weddings.
And then we love it,
which totally works out.
Um, the first time that you
told me that you loved me
was at Griffith Observatory.
I mean, the first time I told you
was at the observatory,
but the first time I knew,
it was way before that.
I remember we were
pulling an all-nighter
on the quantum accelerator.
I remember.
I stayed with you that night,
talking about why
we both joined Quantum Leap.
When Magic talked to me
about the project,
I knew I had to join it.
Righting wrongs that were made,
sa saving lives that were lost.
I couldn't imagine a more honorable way
to spend my life.
Or a better man to spend it with.
Hey. Hey, Ben.
Just stay with me, please.
Ben Ben, there are peop
Ben, there are people coming.
Ben, you have to get their attention.
Come on.
Come on. Honk the horn.
Ben, honk the horn.
Stay with me. Honk the horn.
Come on. Come on.
What? Huh? Whose car is that?
Look! Hey, someone's inside!
They're coming.
They're coming, Ben.
You should've listened to me today.
We almost lost everything.
But we didn't.
Judith moved in with her sister
and adopted a child.
Liam O'Connor, well, he survived
to enjoy a long,
fruitful career as a PI.
And Dr. Mueller
lost his medical license,
ensuring he'd never harm
another patient again.
More importantly, no lives
were lost in the process.
Admiral, do you seriously think
we can win a war without sacrifice?
I don't know,
but we're damn well gonna try.
You say you want us to tell you
more about what's happening.
That cuts both ways.
You're not telling me
everything you know.
Why not?
You know, you don't have
to smash something
just to get my attention.
Your phone is connected to HQ,
and they can't hear
I can't have them hear
what I'm about to tell you.
Why not?
Remember in Belize, when I told Jenn
that someone at Quantum Leap
couldn't be trusted?
Yes, but I didn't believe you.
You say we have a mole
and you know who it is?
Well, Ben never told me who.
And I don't even know if he knew,
but it came to me today
after something Ian said.
It's Ziggy.
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