Quantum Leap (2022) s01e17 Episode Script

The Friendly Skies

Quantum Leap was an experimental
time travel program
years away from being tested.
- Why did you leap?
- I don't remember anything.
Your name is Dr. Ben Song.
You're a time traveler
leaping from life to life,
trying to put right
what once went wrong.
- I'm Addison Augustine.
- Addison.
You're the woman I love.
Richard Martínez is Leaper X,
another leaper from the future,
traveling through time, just like Ben.
You made a serious miscalculation
- coming here, Ben.
- You want to help Ben?
You will tell him to trust no one.
You say we have a mole,
and you know who it is?
It's Ziggy.
I'm here to help you.
Not bad for a pacifist.
Thanks for your help.
- No!
You're a threat to my greater mission.
- Goodbye, Ben.

I said medium-well.
That slice looks like it's
about to moo on my plate.
Any day now, sweetheart.
Can I get another lobster, please?
Fresh ashtray, ma'am?
Freshen up my Rob Roy, dear.
What do you mean, shut Ziggy down?
Martínez works
for Quantum Leap in the future.
He has access to the same Ziggy
we're using now.
So every move we make,
every word we utter,
is being used against us.
I mean, that
That's how Martínez was able
to stay one step ahead of us.
If we have any hope
of stopping Martínez,
we have to pull the plug now.
Okay, first of all,
Ziggy doesn't have a plug.
It is it's thousands
of interconnected servers,
cloud-based AI
Ian, don't take it personal.
That's not what this is.
I mean, it definitely is.
No, no, no, no.
This could debilitate us, okay?
Ziggy runs all of our
probability analytics.
It sorts through trillions
of data points
in order to help find clues
to locate Ben on his leaps.
And right now, we have no idea
where or when he is.
You've found him before without Ziggy.
True, but that wasn't easy.
And when we find him, you can
still use analog tools
Internet searches,
databases, message boards.
Ben is nearing his final leap.
We need every single tool
that we have in our arsenal.
Jenn, you're the head of security.
What do you think?
The cautious move would be
to cut Ziggy off, at least for now.
Ugh. Sorry, everybody,
I just have to get
this knife out of my back.
Jenn is right.
We can't take the risk.
Pull the plug plugs,
whatever it takes to shut it down.


[OVER INTERCOM] Sorry about that, folks.
Hopefully this turbulence
will be over real soon.
Let's try this again.
I-I'm sorry.
You had it right the first time.
Now this is too much grenadine.
I'll make it again.
Did you know ginger ale
tastes better on airplanes?
They've done studies.
- It's it's the drier air.
- Is that right?
And it helps with airsickness.
Not not that I get airsick.
But when I'm taking my flying lessons
Did I mention I take flying lessons?
A couple times, yes.
Can I can I have
extra maraschino cherries?
Holly always gives me three.
She makes the stems into flowers.
Cory, go easy.
It's her first transatlantic run.
[WHISPERING] I'll take it from here.
[WHISPERING] Thank you.

You there?
Are you okay?
You look a little shell-shocked.
Oh, I'm fine.
The turbulence is just throwing me.
Well, these international
flights can get very bumpy,
but you'll get used to it.
Not sure I can get used
to how grabby the men are.
Pretty sure 2C just left
a handprint on the back of my skirt.
It's like they told us
in the Charm Farm
[SARDONICALLY] Service with a smile.
Excuse me.
You need some help
with your insulin, Zelda?
Thank you, dear heart.
The altitude flares up her arthritis.
You do a few of these
international flights,
you'll never go back to domestic.
Planes are nicer, the money is great,
and you get to see the world.
Isn't that worth a few skirt chasers?
I'm not sure.
Give it time. Hey, can you,
uh, see if anyone upstairs
needs service?
Right, upstairs.
Charcuterie boards,
caviar spread?
Okay, I thought I was lucky
to get extra corn chips
on my last flight.
[WHISPERING] Addison, thank God.
For a second there, I thought
I'd never see you again.
Hey, Ben.
You know, I was never worried.
I have learned that you don't win much
betting against Ben Song.
[WHISPERING] We go through
everything together, Addison.
And when things go wrong, I know
I'm not the only one who gets hurt.

I should have known
Martínez was gonna betray me.
What if I'm getting too trusting?
Too trusting?
Wow, I never thought
I'd hear you say those words.
Okay. Well, let's focus on this leap.
What's Ziggy giving us?
Uh, Magic took Ziggy offline.
It's a security thing.
So we're running analog.
Ziggy's gone, but the handlink works?
Yeah, apparently they work
on separate systems.
It's a whole thing. Ian explained it.
I zoned out.
Do you want the download or not?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
Uh, okay, it looks like
you are Lois Mitchell,
uh, from Chicago.
It is August 5th, 1971.
Uh, you are on a flight
from London to New York,
one of the first
in this brand-new line of 747s.
But no idea why you're here.
Mm. So we're flying blind.
Apologies for the wordplay.
- You're not sorry at all.
- Nope.
Mm-hmm. Okay.
Well, I will see
if Ian can pull a manifest.
Do you know the flight number?
Uh, yeah.
Ooh, pockets.
Cute dress.
Thank you.
Um, Transglobal Airlines,
flight number 349.
Mm-hmm. I don't like that face.
That's a bad face.
Well, the good news is
we do not need Ziggy
to find out why you're here.
TGA flight 349 goes down
in the Atlantic tonight.
Every one of these 366
passengers and crew are going to die.
[SIGHS] Look, for the record,
racing against the clock
to try to figure out
how to save this flight
is infinitely harder
without Ziggy running probabilities.
Your complaint is duly noted.
Now, TGA 349 is one
of the most confounding
airline crashes in history,
and there were so many unknowns.
Let's start with the knowns.
Any ideas why it went down?
The leading theory is weather.
There was a vicious electrical storm
above the North Atlantic that night,
and a well-placed
lightning strike could have
disabled fuel valves or power feeders,
electrical distribution systems.
All this without Ziggy? Not bad.
"Air Disasters" had
a two-parter last night.
You watch a TV show
called "Air Disasters"?
Yeah, I like to fall asleep to it.
The pilot had 40 years' experience.
It'd be unusual to lose
a plane that big to weather.
Unless there was also
mechanical failure.
Now, this variation of the 747
was fresh off the line.
- Did they find a black box?
- No.
Rescue crews spent months
scouring for the wreckage,
but they only ever found
a part of the wing,
never the rest of the fuselage.
And then there there wasn't
even a distress signal.
I mean, the the final
correspondence with ATC
was an all clear at 10:08 p.m.
And then the flight was never
heard from again.
Which means we have less than an hour
to figure out what crashes that plane,
or everyone on it will die.
Including Ben.
Well, I'll ask the obvious
Shouldn't we just make
an emergency landing?
Oh, yeah? How am I supposed
to make that case?
Captain, I know my main function
on this flight is walking sex symbol,
but let me explain why you should divert
hundreds of passengers
to the middle of nowhere.
Okay, well, we could
workshop the dialogue a bit.
Do you have a better idea?
Excuse me, I can take that in.
No, it's all right.
This, uh, flight crew can
get a bit crass.
Not for the faint of heart.
Well, I've gotta learn sometime, right?
Cream or sugar?
Cream, two sugars
Oh, and your hotel room number
in New York.
Forgive the captain.
They don't have a manners class
at Annapolis.
Relax, Kirk. She thought it was funny.
- Oh, yeah.
- Didn't you, doll?
I hope you choke on your coffee.
Just sugar for me.
The passengers might
be getting a bit nervous.
Maybe we should divert the flight.
I was flying a B-17
at the Battle of the Bulge
when you were curling
your dollies' hair.
I can handle a little rain shower.
This guy's a real charmer.
You know, that'll be it, sweetheart.
- And, uh
- Jim
Send Holly next time.
You have to keep pressing them.
This aircraft is relatively new, right?
Are we sure there aren't any
underlying mechanical issues?
You think you know so much
about this plane, sunshine?
What's the optimal speed
for the 747 at flaps 25?
140 if the fuel's half
or under, 150 if over.
140 at half tank, otherwise 150.
The copilot looks like
he might agree with you,
but he's not gonna jump
Mr. Chain of Command over here.
First Officer Kirk
Honey, you want to fly this plane,
go to flight school.
Until then, stick
to cocktail waitressing.
I'm starting to think the early '70s
wasn't the best time for stewardesses.
Yeah. I am appreciating
your feminist awakening.
Okay, we have 45 minutes before
the plane loses contact. What now?
Okay, HQ has done some digging.
Apparently, that captain
is under investigation from the airline.
- What for?
- Don't know.
- About to find out.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- What do I do?
- Oh, uh, I think it's time
for that service with a smile.

You okay?
Cory Zampol is driving me nuts.
- 3B?
- Oh, right.
The kid who thinks
the world revolves around him.
Well, from his point of view, it does.
His dad owns the airline.
Oh, that makes a lot of sense.
Oh. Your turn.
- Service with a smile.
- Yeah.
So that's butterscotch, white and
dark chocolate, and ginger crumble.
And the butter pecan ice cream
with the real pecans.
I'll see what I can scrounge up.
It it's back there.
This line of the 747 has
the extra-large freezer.
You're new. I'll come with you.
- I know where to find it.
- That's okay.
- I don't mind.
- It's okay.
- It's okay, I don't
- Cory, sit down.
if you poisoned his sundae,
any jury would acquit you.
- Excuse me.
- Mm?
I forgot my lighter.
Do you have any matches?
Uh, yeah.
Uh, I saw it here somewhere.
Um I'm really sorry
about your seatmate.
- He's a real
- Bug?
Nuisance? Endless pain in my rear?
Well, I was gonna say character.
I can switch your seat if you want.
Oh, I'm okay. At least I'm not
sitting next to 2C.
Oh, you mean Mr. Handsy?
Well, you should really
consider quitting.
[SIGHS] I know, I know.
I saw the big Surgeon General's report.
I try, but every time
I'm around my boss, I start again.
Must be some boss.
Yeah, he's a real character.
Wait, you work for Cory Zampol?
Well, his dad, technically.
I do private security for the Zampols,
which mostly means escorting Cory
on his extravagant European vacations.
- Hmm.
- Yes.
Ben, she is ex-NYPD. She could help us.
Let me guess, once you really
get to know him,
he's actually a good kid?
Mm, once you really get to know him,
he's an even bigger pain.
[CHUCKLES] But the gig pays well,
and I wasn't exactly climbing
the ladder at my last job, so.
Ask her if she's seen
anything suspicious.
It was nice to meet you
- Leslie.
- Lois.
Uh, please let me know
if you need anything else.

Why didn't you ask for her help?
And tell her what,
that I'm a time traveler
from the future who needs to know who
or what crashes this plane
in 30 minutes?
Well, again, the wording
could use some help, but
Hey, is this still about Martínez?
Just keep digging for more information.
I'll be okay.

All right, I want one team
searching foreign nationals
and another combing through US citizens.
Look for any ties
to radical political groups
and causes, organizations
Hey, any progress?
I got something.
I guess so.
The captain, Jim Gentilly,
turns out he'd been acting erratic
in the months leading up to this flight,
and he missed a lot of work.
Digging a little deeper,
I found a bunch of mysterious
financial transfers
to a shell corporation.
- Gambling debt?
- I went down that road, too.
But then I dug into the shell company.
It's an off-books medical clinic.
He was getting electroshock therapy.
- He was suffering.
Bipolar disorder, depression.
But why the payments?
Pilot unions had good insurance.
He wanted it off-book.
At that time, the stigma
of a mental health disorder
would end your career.
As unfair as that may be,
it jibes with a Reddit theory
that I found
from user Oswald-Was-An-Alien-117.
- Credible source.
- Oh, you would be surprised
at their accuracy in other threads.
Anyway, they they think
that TGA 349 crashed
from pilot suicide.

Hey! Hey!
Hey, he he started having
chest pains and he collapsed.
I think he's having a heart attack.
That's not a heart attack.
That's poison.
Ben, the flight engineer.

He's gone.
So is the captain.
It wasn't pilot suicide.
It was double murder.
What the hell just happened?
The coffee.
Did you drink this?
No, I was waiting for it to cool off.
- Wait, you-you're not
- It was poisoned?
Yeah, it's the likeliest explanation.
And Holly was awfully reluctant
to hand that coffee tray over.
Oh, no, no, no. I know what
you're thinking. It wasn't me.
But but I think I know
who might have done it.
Are we okay with just one pilot?
Yeah, I've flown a million miles.
You're in good hands.
But we need to make
an emergency landing.
We're in a communications dead zone.
Once we're in range of an airport,
- I can radio their tower.
- It's past 10:08.
That's why the flight never
issued a distress signal.
But we still don't know
why it went down.
Because the threat is still
on the plane.

Okay, no sign of Holly.
Okay, I need to check
the downstairs cabin.
No, Ben. You can't do this by yourself.
You need help.
I have help.
From someone who's not a hologram.
Don't s
Don't sell yourself short.
Okay, this is not the time
to start flying solo.
Hey, I know you must be exhausted.
I mean, putting yourself on the line
leap after leap
You're almost home.
Last mile of the marathon.
You know how many people have
heart attacks in mile 26?
No. How many?
- I don't know, a lot.
- Okay, you know what?
I thought flight attendants
were supposed
to have sunny dispositions.
I'm glad we're close.
All the more reason why I can't risk
trusting the wrong person.
I can't blow my chance
to get home to you.
- Ben
- I need to go find Holly.

Okay, so what do we know
about this flight attendant?
Any idea why she'd want
to kill the cockpit crew?
Holly has a pretty clean record.
But her on-again, off-again boyfriend
[WINCES] Not so much.
Patrick Reilly
This guy's dirty as dirt.
Multiple arrests,
in and out of prison, and
Wait for it Ties to the IRA.
Mm. That'll explain it.
Taking over a 747 definitely
makes a statement.
But why crash the plane?
If she's IRA, why not demand
political concessions?
Could be someone went rogue,
or they lost control of the plane.
As in more than just Holly?
Well, IRA hijackers, they
They always work in teams.
There's no way that Holly would have
taken the plane on her own.
Keep digging into that manifest.
See who she might be working with.
Hi. Sorry, could I trouble you
for a set of the metal airplane wings?
Cory, I have a job to do.
People rely on me to keep them safe.
And this may come as a shock to you,
but the world does not
revolve around you.

- Oh.
- Whoa.
Oh, so sorry.
Quaaludes, bourbon
That's really not a great combination.
Oh, my God. Jim and Carl?
They're they're both dead?
Wait, is the plane safe?
I mean, should we warn the passengers?
We're going to be fine.
Thank God the copilot didn't drink
that poisoned coffee.
Wait, are you
You're you're not
accusing me, are you?
You brewed that pot, didn't you?
And you brought it into the cockpit.
How do I know you didn't do it?
I can't believe you, Lois.
I got you this route,
and this is how you repay me?
This is what I get
for trusting a friend?

Do you believe her?
If she did do it,
she's a really good actor.
That's the crew's luggage compartment.
You should check her bag.

Anything from the manifest?
Couple of serial tax cheats,
but no one with ties to the IRA.
What about the rest of the flight crew?
Mm, nothing yet.
What about those
employee background checks?
FAA says they're on their way.
They weren't big
on record keeping back then.
Some of these entries
on the passenger manifest
don't even have first names.
Yeah, their their screening
process was a total joke,
- which is why we need
- Ziggy.
You mentioned that once or twice.
Okay, all right, fine.
So so I took the shutdown
a little personally.
But do you blame me?
Look, I I oversaw
every single line of code
that went into putting
Ziggy back online.
It's part of me.
It's not. It's code.
- It's not you.
- Okay, well, that's like
telling a songwriter,
your lyrics aren't you.
That doesn't make it hurt any less
when the audience screams "you suck"
at your 11th grade talent show.
Okay, let's save that story
for another session.
I get it.
It's hard not to feel attacked.
Any time there's a security breach,
I take it hard.
Look, it's it's not just
It's not just about Ziggy, all right?
It it's about me finding out that
That future me travels through time
to set this whole thing in motion,
and then keeps the entire
thing secret from all of you.
That's I don't know.
I'm just I'm just a little
at sea at the moment.
That's that's all.
[CHUCKLES] From where I stand,
you got this on lock.
An AI, we can do without.
But without you,
we'd truly be lost.
Passport, clothes,
nothing that suspicious.
Maybe Holly's innocent.
Well, let me scan her passport
and run her travel pattern
just to be sure.
Why are you going through Holly's stuff?
This area is crew only.
You should not be back here.
Holly always lets me back here.
It's where they keep the airplane wings.
Okay, well,
he's not going away that easy.
Aren't you a little too old
for novelty wings?
I have a collection.
Every edition since the start
of this airline.
Can't you just ask your dad for them?
I did.
But it's more fun to collect
them on flights anyway.
So where are you coming from,
vacation with your parents?
They were busy working.
It was it was just me
and Officer Leslie.
You were vacationing
with your babysitter?
[SCOFFS] Officer Leslie's
not a babysitter.
She's, like, my best friend.
Don't you want to hang out
with kids your own age?
No, not really.
Lois, is there an emergency
on the plane?
Why would you think there's
an emergency on the plane?
Because that's where they
keep the emergency equipment,
and the tamper seal is broken.

That's a go bag.
You mean the kind they'd use
after you hijack a plane?
- Yeah.
- The plane is being hijacked?
And I bet that was cyanide
in their coffee.
- It's the copilot.
- He must have poisoned
the rest of the flight crew.
Officer Leslie,
the plane is being hijacked.
Well, looks like
you ruined the surprise.
Hands in the air.
Uh, okay.
You might have been right
not to trust her.
[OVER INTERCOM] Ladies and gentlemen,
I regret to inform you
that this plane won't
be landing in New York tonight.
We're gonna make a little detour.
As long as Transglobal Airlines meets
our ransom demand, you'll all be free
to return to your families.
We don't want to hurt anyone.
If you all remain calm,
we'll land safely,
and everyone will be home soon.
What if the cops surround us
when we land?
In Havana?
Not a chance. I worked out every detail.
Before you know it,
we'll be on Playa Paraíso,
sipping mojitos
and counting our ransom money.
Cory's father has made millions
running this airline,
exploiting working people like us.
It's time for us
to bring him to his knees.
Our two lovebirds have
two gunmen with them,
for a total of four.
Now, according to their profiles,
these two gunmen must be mercenaries
Hired guns, so to speak.
What about Bonnie and Clyde?
Well, uh, Kirk,
he was strapped pretty hard for cash.
He got passed over
for a promotion to pilot,
and then he fell deep into debt.
Our ex-cop is the ringleader.
She's had money problems, too.
This can't just be about a payday.
I mean, there are easier ways
to get out of debt.
It's about power.
Most hijackers are feeling
disenfranchised, disrespected.
There's no quicker way
to take back power
than grabbing control of an airplane.
And as a woman in the NYPD,
she faced her share of disrespect.
And then working for that family?
My guess is it was even worse.
How she talked about that CEO,
like, this beef is personal.
I mean, they could have
hijacked any plane.
They picked the one with his kid on it.
You know, it still doesn't explain
why they crashed the plane.
Why not call for ransom?
Yeah, that's the part that's
still a mystery to me.
Let's focus on what we can control.
How's Ben supposed
to stop these hijackers?
Okay, so if Ben is gonna
take control of this airplane,
then he's gonna need to disarm the men
that are patrolling the cabin
here and here.
Those guys are 200 pounds each.
Ben's leap host is half their size.
Yeah, I'm more concerned
with those AK-47s.
If he can take them out,
he still has to make it to the cockpit
and face two more video game bosses.
Yeah, and if he's able
to pull off that minor miracle,
he still needs to land a 150-ton plane
in the dead of the night.
Something that takes
a decade of training.
Gee, is that all?
Won't he have a better chance
once they're on the ground in Havana?
Uh, according to the Internet,
this plane still crashes.
So Ben's gonna have to act fast,
or else none of these passengers
are gonna make it home.

- Can we just
- No talking!
[WHISPERING] We need to make a plan.
He said no talking.
I'm sorry I accused you.
We have to band together
if we're gonna stop these guys.
No one's getting hurt.
They just want money.
Follow my lead.
- Hey! Hey!
- Oh!
I told you to stay in the back!
These people need water.
Panicked people get dehydrated,
dehydrated people get sick,
and sick people make
for a messy hijacking.
Make it quick.

This your granddaughter?
Caroline Rose.
I'm on my way to see her.
She like planes?
She loves planes.
When all this is over, I'll make sure
she gets some airplane wings
as a souvenir.
Thank you.
This woman's about
to go into diabetic shock.
- She needs her insulin.
- Fine.
[WHISPERING] I just had my insulin.
Even hijackers need to hydrate.
I'm not drinking that.
Suit yourself.
You drink it.
That's okay. I've had
enough water for today.
I wasn't asking.
Is that enough insulin to keep him down?
It is when you mix in enough
quaaludes to sedate a horse.
Watch him.
I'm going to first.

Okay, no cause for concern.
I'm just here to see
if anybody needs anything.
Back to coach, lady.
I'm sorry, this kid's hyperventilating.
Do you want to clean up
when he vomits, or
Fine, go ahead.
Hey. You okay?
You're okay.
It's all because of me, isn't it?
Leslie hijacked the plane
to ransom me to my dad?
Let's look on the bright side.
I was wrong.
The world does revolve around you.
I can't believe
I thought she was my friend.
I was so stupid.
None of these people care about me.
My parents pay to ship me off.
Even the people who are paid
to care about me
don't care about me.
Guess you really can't trust anyone.
People let you down, kid.
That's life.
You're not very good at pep talks.
Sorry, I'm usually better at this.
It's been a rough week.
So what now?
I'm working on it.

[WHISPERS] What are you doing?
You, sit down! Now!
I said sit down!

Okay, tell him to keep pressure on that.
Keep pressure on that.
We have to do something!
Let's take the cockpit!
Ben, you need to calm them down.
If they try and take the cockpit,
they can send this plane into the ocean.
- Everyone.
Okay, I know you're all scared,
but I need you to stay calm.
I have a plan.
You do?
Kind of.
Okay, it says, crease the aluminum foil,
and then add three parts sodium nitrate.
Okay, let me just look in
the volatile chemicals cabinet.
Okay, it says sodium nitrate is found
in gunpowder, uh, limestone,
and and some chemical cold packs.
That I can find.
[SIGHS] Yes.

Don't say it. Don't say it.
I didn't say anything.
I'm definitely not gonna say
that this would be
a lot easier with a second pair
of non-holographic hands.
Your restraint is admirable.
- Mm-hmm.
- What's the next step?
Two parts sugar.
I'm also definitely not going
to mention the fact
that if we get into the cockpit,
this is clearly a two-person job.
[SIGHS] Ben.
Look, I know you don't think
that you can trust anyone anymore,
but that's not you.
That's never been you.
Maybe that's the problem.
You needed Martínez
to complete the last leap.
I mean, even with everything
that happened,
you made the right call.
And then a-again today, with Leslie.
You trusted your gut,
and you were right again.
Look, your instincts are spot-on.
And I know they are
telling you right now
that you cannot do this alone.
You need to trust someone
and ask for help.
What the hell is going on out there?
It sounded like gunfire.
Why haven't they checked in?
Hey, tell me that cabin is secure.
You don't want to do this.
Kirk, you spent years in the Navy,
served in two wars,
multiple commendations.
Leslie, you're a career cop,
just like your dad.
You took an oath to serve and protect.
You're both patriots.
You do not want to take
your own countrymen hostage
and live the rest
of your life on the run.
This has nothing to do with you.
Stay out of it!

What is that?
We gotta get out of here.
No, we have to see this through.
It's locked!
Hey! Open it up!
We're not killing them, right?
Just putting them to sleep.
Leslie and Kirk are tied up
in the galley.
Hey, we are only 220 miles away
from Puerto Rico.
We just have to figure out
how to land this thing.
Cory, you can land us, right?
Are you kidding?
Didn't you say you took flying lessons?
In a Cessna! And haven't we established
those people were paid to tell
me I knew what I was doing?
I'll see if Ian can run a simulator.
And no amount of flying
lessons would have saved us.
Even the copilot couldn't
have landed this.
What do you mean?
See that warning system?
We're losing hydraulics.
What does that mean?
No hydraulics means no control.
We've got five minutes
before this plane crashes.

The gunshots must have gone straight
into the instrument controls
and ruptured the hydraulics line.
That must be what crashed the plane
in the original timeline.
How fast are they losing altitude?
Fast. And even if they could somehow
stabilize, they can't steer
without hydraulics.
- So what can they do?
- I can either explain,
or I can find answers. I can't do both.
We're at 8,700 feet and dropping.
Okay, I just heard from Ian.
They think that you can manually reroute
the hydraulics from the avionics bay.
Where's the avionics bay?
On this line of the 747,
under the fuselage. Why do you a
A manual reroute.
That's brilliant.
BOTH: But that's a two-man job.
One person has to stay in the cockpit
to take control of the plane
once the line's patched.
Cory, do you think
you know your way around
the avionics bay?
All right. You go, I'll stay.
Uh, time's kind of
Of the essence here, Cory.
So, um
If I don't get this right,
and this plane crashes,
it'll all be my fault.
Cory, you can do this.
What if I can't?
Look, I was wrong.
When I said people let you down,
they do, sometimes.
But then at some point,
you have to get back
off the mat and learn
to trust other people again,
learn to trust yourself.
I bet your whole life,
they did everything for you
Your parents, your minders.
But I can see that you're ready
to stand on your own two feet.
If you trust yourself,
you can do anything.
Including helping save the lives
of everyone on this plane.
That's a good pep talk.
Okay. I will monitor him in the bay.
How am I gonna land this thing?
Uh, Ben, this is
You you remember me?
Is our, uh, karaoke duet song
"Under Pressure"?
Tell Jenn she owes me five bucks.
I will ping you as soon
as the hydraulics are back online.
That's a great look for you.
Okay, so we're below 4,000 feet,
so, um, move those flaps to 20.
Addison said that Cory is
in the avionics bay.
It should only take two minutes
to patch the line.
I thought we couldn't keep two people
in the Imaging Chamber for long.
Well, we couldn't.
But then I ran a patch
to help stabilize two simultaneous
Actually, can we just put
a pin in that for now?
How do I fly an airplane?
Right, right, right. Priorities.
Okay, so, um, pull those levers back.
- Slowly, slowly.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- Right there.
- Okay.
You know, I'm still not completely over
you getting into
the accelerator without
Right now is not the optimal time
to criticize my life choices.
Okay, but if this plane crashes,
this might be my only chance.
Not funny.
It's a little bit funny.
- Just a little bit.
- Besides, Addison told me
it was your future self who told me
to get in the accelerator, right?
Okay. All right. Sure. Sure. It was.
But let's not point fingers, okay?
Look, you I know you've
been out there, like,
saving the world and everything,
but you really screwed our trivia team.
- We used to dominate
the federal employee league.
Dominate! We all had a part.
Addison, she was pop culture.
I had music, obviously.
- You were sports.
- Doesn't Jenn know sports?
Jenn thought that the Indianapolis Colts
was a horse racing club.
[SCOFFS] Inaccurate.
Now you know why
the Department of Energy
is the current reigning champ.
Uh, turn those landing lights on.
You know, there's, um
There's a Zulu word, "ubuntu."
It means "I am because we are."
We can't do this without each other.
So please,
come home soon.
Addison said that Cory patched the line.
[ON RADIO] TGA 349, this is SJU tower.
Do you copy?
- Uh, yes.
This is TGA 349er.
Uh, we have a mechanical issue on board,
and we need to land immediately.
Copy that. Fly heading 2-3-0,
runway 2-7 left, cleared for landing.
What does that What does that mean?
Oh, this might help.
Ian, you're a genius.
I know.

Okay, you're at 600 feet.
Now 500 feet.
Watch the crosswinds! You're
The rudder! Use your feet, Ben.
- Use your feet.
- I'm trying!
Okay, now aim for as close
to the edge of the runway
as you possibly can.
Watch your speed.
Power to idle, now!
Pull back gently.
- Gently.

Brake! Use your brake!

- That wasn't that hard.

- Aye.
- Whoo!
Wow, being a hologram is
way harder than I thought.
Yeah, it takes some getting used to.
Some? I was dizzy for,
like, a full day after.
Cory Zampol ended up being one
of the longest-tenured pilots
in the TGA fleet history.
Recently retired and started
teaching at flight school.
And all four hijackers are
still comfortably behind bars.
What about our flight attendants?
The entire crew received commendations,
and Lois was invited to the White House.
- Mm.
- This is yours.
- Thank you.
- I'm guessing she was
- very confused.
What is it?
No, it's just
We always get these wrap-ups
at the end of every leap,
find out where everybody ends up
except for Ben.
Ian, you still think
Ben is nearing his last leap?
Uh, if I had to guess,
he has one left
Two max.

What is it?
Um, well, usually after a leap,
I can pick up some kind of signature.
I I may not be able
to pinpoint exactly
where Ben is, but I can get
a rough sense of when.
But now I, uh
I'm I'm getting nothing.
Because Ziggy's down?
No, it's something else.
But I don't know what.

Where are you, Ben?
It's snowing
in LA.
Nuclear winter.

Hi, Ben.
I've been waiting for you
for a long time.
Oh, my God.
I'm in the future.
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