Quantum Leap (2022) s01e18 Episode Script

Judgment Day

Quantum Leap was an experimental
time travel program
years away from being tested.
- Why did you leap?
- I don't remember anything.
Your name is Dr. Ben Song.
You're a time traveler
leaping from life to life
trying to put right
what once went wrong.
I'm Addison Augustine.
Addison. You're the woman I love.
Richard Martínez is Leaper X.
Another leaper from the future
traveling through time just like Ben.
I remember why I leapt
in the first place.
It's to save you.
All I know is Martínez is gonna try
and kill you in the past.
You still think Ben
is nearing his last leap?
- I'm getting nothing.
- Where are you, Ben?

It's snowing
in LA.
Nuclear winter.
- Ian.
- Hi, Ben.
I've been waiting for you
for a long time.
Oh, my God.
I'm in the future.
I'm picking up a signature.
I'm picking up a signature!
- Where is he?
- He is
um, he's He's gone.
You said you got a signature.
Yes, I did, but then it just vanished.
What'd I miss?
Ian finally picked up Ben's signature,
- then lost it.
- I didn't lose it, okay?
It just it disappeared.
There it is again. Look, it's like
Um, it's like the quantum
accelerator is confused.
Because it wasn't designed
for traveling to the future.
This shouldn't be possible. [GRUNTS]
It isn't strictly possible.
The accelerator's already
trying to pull you back
into the past,
but you have to fight it, okay?
We don't have a lot of time.
[GROANS] Time for what?
And did you say nuclear winter?
- Are we at war?
- Amongst other things.
It's not that great up there.
I'm the only one from
Quantum Leap who survived.
I could barely find someone
for you to leap into.
We're all gone?
You're alone.
- Hurry.
Can we get a visual?
No, not while he's in the future.
- What is he doing?
- I don't know.
- Oh, come on.
- I don't.
Ben told me his final destination
is in the past.
I don't know why he made
a pitstop in the future,
but he can't stay there
for very much longer.
This doesn't make any sense.
How is this our future?
The government blames Quantum Leap
for society collapsing.
But we help people. We right wrongs.
It doesn't matter.
Quantum Leap always worked in service
of the mysterious and beautiful ways
in which human beings are connected,
but all the government sees
is a scapegoat
for their bad policies and poor choices.
Time travel changes things,
so they've somehow convinced themselves
that we changed things for the worse,
and they sent a marine
on one last mission to the past.
Martínez. [GROANS]
They want to undo everything
that we did here at Quantum Leap
by killing the person
who leaped in 2022.
- Me.
- Addison.
In the original timeline,
Addison leaped.
Now, when I went back to warn you,
- you leaped instead.
- To save her.
I was almost too late.
After I warned you
and I leaped back here,
they destroyed our quantum accelerator.
So they think
they can just play with time.
Well, I figured out a way
to beat them at their own game.
- What is this?
- It's a code.
When I told you to leap,
I didn't have all the pieces
that you would need
to defeat Martínez in the end.
We needed time, so while you
leaped from decade to decade,
I worked on finishing this code
and waited for you
to come and meet me in your future
so that I could give you
the final piece.
Took me ten years to finish it,
but it was worth it.
It's a fail-safe,
and you're gonna need it.
- Oh, God.
What's happening?
The machine is pulling you back.
- Just memorize the code!
- But what does it
Memorize it! We're running out of time!
Ben has really
pissed off the accelerator.
Uh, um

- Done.
- You sure?
- All of it?
- Photographic memory.
Now what did I just memorize?
What? I can't hear you.
What does the code do?
Give it to me in the past, okay?
- I'll know what to do with it.
- What about you?
I can't just leave you alone
is this awful place.
I forgot how relentless you are.
You just never can stay on mission.
- What?
- Just stop Martínez, okay?
The future, it'll figure itself out.
Remember, we need each other.
All right, that's the only way
it's gonna work.
- We need to
- He's leaping.
- Is he coming home?
- Yes.
But he has one last leap.
Just tell us where he's going.
It's not so much where as when.


- So you're meeting Al tonight?
- Yep.
- And can't you just move it?
- Nope.
But you can't just bail on trivia night.
- We need you.
- Sorry, but I promised Al.
Oh, my God.
- It's us.
- In 2018.
This is why Ben needed my help.
He wanted to leap back to the day
that Martínez was sent to kill Addison,
and he needed my help
to program the accelerator
to this specific day
and this specific leap host.

I leaped into myself into the past.
And that is still only the second
weirdest thing you've done today.
So how was the future?
- It was
- What'd you see?
- I saw Ian.
- What?
Future Ian.
And they gave me this code.
- Okay, what does it do?
- I don't know.
The last thing I heard Ian say
was "remember that we need each other."
Okay, cute, but not exactly helpful.
- We have eyes on Martínez?
- No, not yet.
Ian our Ian
Said that we will get an alert
as soon as Martínez lands.
Good. That'll buy us some time.
I'll look for you in the past.
You get this code to Ian in the present.
They'll know what to do with it.
What am I supposed to do with all this?
I don't know. You wrote it.
Yeah, like, 30 years from now
based on advancements in the field
that I can't even begin to anticipate.
This literally looks like
gibberish to me.
[LAUGHS] Well, except for that part.
That's it's an inside joke.
You wouldn't understand.
Are you sure that I didn't say anything
about how this code
was supposed to work?
No, all you said
was that we need each other.
Okay, glad I used my time wisely.
[SIGHS] Can you figure this out or not?
Sure, just, uh,
give me a couple decades.
How about a couple of hours?
I'll take it. [SIGHS]
Oh, but before I do,
tell Ben not to change
- anything in the past.
- Why?
Because if he alters his own timeline,
it could create a paradox
or erase someone from existence
or make it so that you two
never fall in love.
What? Why would you help him leap
into his own body
if those were the risks?
It was the only way to get
close to you in the past.
Ben needed to leap into
someone you would trust.
Don't worry.
He was confident he could stick
to the original history.
Well, maybe Ben can cover for you,
but have you even seen him?
I can't find him anywhere.
If we don't leave soon,
we're gonna be late.
By the way, did you hear
that there is a prize for the winner?
Okay, coupons to the new buffet place
down the street doesn't exactly
count as a prize.
- It's the principle.
- Ooh.
Oh, sorry. I didn't

- See you.
- Hi.
Well, this is awkward.
- You guys okay?
- Yeah, no, I'm fine.
- I'm fine.
- Yeah, fine, uh
There's something different about you.
- Hmm?
- You wearing cologne?
- No. Are you?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
They're going out on a date.
Why didn't you tell me?
Ben, that dress.
This is the night of our first date.
Okay, okay, let's give 'em some space.
- You knew?
Let's go. I'm late for a meeting.
Well, drinks with Al
hardly qualifies as a meeting,
but I got you these.
Well, as a non-smoker
and a government employee,
I formally decline
your contraband Cubans.
But Al will thank you. Come on.
Wow, wow, wow, wow.
So I'm guessing that the two of you
aren't coming to trivia night either.
- Keep it moving.
- We needed you, you know?
Jenn doesn't know anything
about pop culture.
- She's too "edgy".
- It's true.
you're gonna be sorry.
- That's enough.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You look really nice.
- Oh, yeah? Thanks.
Yeah, um you
You also look you
[SNAPS] Hey, keep it together.
- This date has to go well.
- Are you ready to do?
- Yeah. Yes.
- Okay.
- Just gonna go grab my bag.
- Okay.

- We can't go on this date.
- Excuse me?
If we stick to the original history,
Martínez will know
exactly where to find you.
And if we don't stick
to the original history,
we have no idea what
could happen in the future.
Look, Ben,
if this date doesn't go well,
we might never fall in love.
Janis said that you leaped
knowing these risks
and that you promised
you wouldn't change anything.
Sorry, this is a little weird.
Yeah, I know, right?
Dating your coworker.
I was thinking
scallion pancakes to start.
- Yeah, sounds good.
- No, you ordered egg rolls.
Nope, we should get egg rolls.
Okay, sure.
We can't just sit here
and wait for Martínez.
- What?
- Hmm?
Mm Mongolian beef.
- It's good, yeah?
- No beef.
No beef. I hate that.
- Uh, you seem nervous.
- No.
You were actually very nervous.
I'm actually very nervous. [CHUCKLES]
Me too. Almost didn't come.
Ian told me that you asked them
to run the probability scenarios
to see if we should go on a date or not.
- Wow, I'm sorry about that.
- Yeah.
But I thought about it
and considering all the times
I hurled myself into a relationship
without thinking it through,
what you did was very practical,
very you,
and I like you.
- You do?
- Yeah.
- I love
- Hmm?
Like you too.

What can I get started for you?
Egg rolls please.
Egg rolls.
- Wow, this is incredible.
- Right?
No idea what it means,
but the pieces I do understand
are brilliant.
Why can't I figure this out?
I mean, future me is just
casually writing this thing
in some "Blade Runner"
apartment probably wearing
a very cool trench coat,
and I still can't
put one and one together.
Should we get you a trench coat?
Mm, couldn't hurt.
I think you're being hard on yourself.
If your 2018 self could see you now,
they'd be pretty proud
of who they've become.
Well, that's a pretty low bar
because in 2018, I was a mess.
I had just broken up with Rachel.
I was lonely.
I mean, you saw how desperate I was
to get everybody to go
to those trivia nights.
It's because the other
six nights of the week,
I was at home alone playing
this impossible to beat
video game called "Dark Souls,"
which is actually
a very appropriate title
for my state of mind back then.
- Uh-oh.
- Uh-oh.
Okay, look, don't panic,
but Leaper X is here,
but he is still all the way across town.
Okay, you still have plenty
of time to finish the date.
- Is everything okay?
- Yes.
Tell her yes.
- No.
- Ben.
We have to go.
But you still haven't had dessert yet.
But we haven't had dessert yet.
- We got to go.
- Oh, okay.
No, no, no. What is he doing?
We said no changes
to the original history.
You are changing the original history.
I don't care. I'm not risking your life.
My life is not the only thing
at stake here.
Our love is.
Our love is stronger than this.
- Huh?
- No, it's not.
Not yet.
- She'll understand.
- Who?
- Ben.
- You.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't you dare.
Addison, I'm a time traveler
from the future,
and your life is in danger.
So you're a time traveler.
Yes. I'm Ben from the future.
I leaped in 2022 to come
back here and save your life.
- From what?
- A man sent back in time
to kill you.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
Okay. That's really good.
I mean, it's literally
the plot of the "Terminator,"
but it's good.
Okay, can we please go back
- and have dinner?
- Yes. Please.
No, I'm not joking.
God, this date is officially
not going well.
I mean, we do work for
a secret government time travel project.
Yes, yes and in the future
everything goes terribly wrong.
You have to believe me.
You can trust me.
I don't know.
I'm gonna need some time
to process this.
Sorry, but we don't have time.
Wait. Whoa.
How much damage did he just do?
I don't know, but I would say
that telling people
you're a time traveler
is high on the list of things
not to do if you want
to avoid a space-time paradox.
And Martínez. Who has he leapt into?
We can't tell. All we can
do is triangulate his location.
Jenn, would you monitor
Leaper X's movements?
I'm on it.
Okay, now if you will all excuse me.
I'm gonna go and try
to figure out this code
before Ben accidentally
erases me from existence.
- Could that really happen?
- Yes.
It was always a risk.
We have no idea the degree
to which Ben just altered the future.
In past leaps, we felt any changes
to the original history instantly.
Why not now?
Because we've never directly messed
with our own timelines before.
Until Ben finishes the leap,
everything is in flux.
- The phenomenon is called
- Don't tell me.
Nanowave nullifier.
Space-time suppressor.
- Quantum bubble.
- Of course.
Look, I'm not gonna lie, Magic,
this is a big thing he just changed.
So I'd say best case scenario
when this is all over,
Ben and Addison don't end up together.
That's the best case scenario.
- Mm-hmm.
- What's the worst?
Ben rips a hole in space-time
killing everything that ever was.
- Hurry up with that code.
- Uh, guys.
I think I know where Leaper X is going.
Martínez is on his way back to HQ.
HQ, he must think you're still there.
Who? What? Where?
Take my car to your place.
Lock the doors. Arm yourself.
- Tell no one where you are.
- Are you going back to HQ?
- Why?
- The less you know the better.
Goodbye, Addison. See you in the future.
It's only a few blocks. I can run.

Hey, how did Al like those cigars?
Good. Good.
No, I'm fine. [CLEARS THROAT]
Look, Ben says that I'm in danger.
And it sounds crazy,
but what if he's right?
Leaper X is getting closer.
This is insane.
We are way off the original timeline.
You're safe. That's all that matters.
To you.
God, it's good to be in my own body.
Martínez is gonna have a hell of time
getting into this building.
- And when he does?
- I'll be waiting.
Has this elevator always been this slow?
Well, at least we get
to enjoy the time we have left.
Hey. Hey, come on.
You and me, there's no future
in which we don't end up together.
It's like Ian said, we need each other.
We have to remember that.
So we didn't finish the date. So what?
You and I are written in the stars.
You don't know that.
I know that I leaped
across time and space,
forgot you ever existed,
and still our love survived.
I think we can survive one bad date.
Hands up.
You were saying?

Come on. Move.
I see you took my advice
to arm yourself.
Thanks for that.
Talked to Magic. He made a good point.
Maybe you're telling the truth.
Maybe you are a time traveler
and maybe someone is coming to get me.
But how do I know that person isn't you?
Come on, Addison.
- You know me.
- No, she doesn't, Ben.
In 2018, you were
just a coworker to her,
and now you are a crazy coworker.
Have a little faith in us.
Who's the hologram?
- You.
- Bull.
I'm trained to be the leaper,
not the hologram.
Yeah, but then I ruined everything,
and I leaped instead of you.
What? Do not come any closer.
Magic, Jenn, and Ian are on their way
to help me decide what to do with you.
I know the idea of you and me
doesn't make
a whole lot of sense right now
because we're separated by time,
but have you heard of this thing
called the law of entanglement?
Oh, my God.
When two particles
experience a shared state,
they're no longer separate entities.
They exist as one.
- Ben, she's gonna shoot you.
- She won't shoot.

- What the?

- How'd you know she'd shoot?
- Because I would shoot.
- She missed on purpose.
- How do you know that?
- Because you wouldn't miss.
So I'm guessing the date didn't go well.
- He got away.
- I'm initiating lockdown.
- Where's Magic and Ian?
- Right behind me.
Did I She just initiate lockdown?
Yeah, looks like it.
- That's not good.
- Why?
Leaper X just entered the building.
- What?
- He's better than we thought.
Our past selves are trapped
in the building with an assassin?
Where you going?
I designed the security system.
Ben doesn't stand a chance against me.
Hey, did you just pull me out?
Sorry. This kind of just got personal.
Addison, where are you?
I don't know where I'm going.
- Hide behind the boxes.
- Jenn.
Hi, hey, 2023 Jenn.
Temporary hologram here
to help you beat past Jenn.
Cool. Wait, these boxes?
I'll be exposed.
The guards always sweep north to south.
They won't see you. Go.

I yelled at the delivery guy
for leaving those boxes here that day.
They're blocking the security camera.
This way. She's gonna be so pissed.

I told them those boxes
were blocking my cameras.
I lost him.
I knew something was off
about him today.
You really think someone leapt into him?
This guy just doesn't seem like Ben.
He's confident. He's impulsive.
He's one step ahead of us.
Whoever it is, they're good.

Okay, Martínez is headed upstairs
toward Magic's office.
Ben, wait! Be careful.
He'll be armed,
and if something happens, I
I just
Sorry. I don't usually get emotional.
Putting up walls is sort of my thing.
Well, you're head
of security for a reason.
All right, go.
Thank you.

Ben Song. You made it.
It's a good look for you.
But I think mine might be better.
Step away from Magic.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, no.

Addison, that's the man
who's trying to kill you.
So I'm guessing the date didn't go well.
No, it didn't.
And now he's saying Magic
is trying to kill me.
He's not Magic.
He's a leaper from the future.
I thought you were a leaper
from the future.
I am. We both are.
You're gonna have to get
your story straight, buddy.
He's armed. Search him, please.
- Nothing.
- Check his briefcase.
Nothing here either.
Ben, what's the name of the
coffee shop we always go to?
Hey, what's the name
of my favorite video game?
Come on, Ian.
Name of my pet goldfish.
You have a goldfish?
Um, it's I can't remember.
It's a side effect from leaping.
Butterfly Café, "Dark Souls," and Scout.

Addison, no. Addison!
Addison, it's me! Addison!
Addison! He's gonna kill you!
Addison, it's me.

We're gonna want to keep this quiet.
We could lose everything if it got out
the program is compromised.
Ian, Jenn, do a system sweep.
Wipe the security footage. Addison
I can stand guard
in case he tries anything.
I think you've been through enough.
You should take a minute to yourself.
Use my office. The chair's comfortable.
Thanks, Magic.
Why don't you leave that here with us?
Jenn told me what happened earlier.
What look, I wasn't gonna shoot him.
It was a warning shot. I meant to miss.
Look, we got to leave
our emotions out of this.
I'm fine.
I do not have emotions for Ben.
Addison! Addison!
She's not coming.
Magic, right?
I have to try.
Addison! Addison!
[SIGHS] I just
I just don't get it.
What's the point
of leaping through time,
helping all these people I don't know?
What about me?
What about when I want the machine
to help me save the one person I need?
I know the feeling.
I really messed things up.
Well, apparently,
the entire fabric of
the universe is at risk,
which probably means less
to you than Addison does.
I bet you're starting
to believe the people we love
are our biggest weakness.
Are you here to tell me
they're our greatest strength?
They are without a doubt our weakness.
I risked everything to bring Sam home,
but there's nothing wrong with
having a weakness for people.
I think that's what makes you
the kind of leaper
the quantum accelerator can depend on.
But that's not why I'm here.
Uh, I'm here to tell you
to write "turtle time" on that wall.
- What?
- Jenn says you have to do it.
Okay. I don't have a pen.
I always keep one in my jacket
in the breast pocket.

- Where's Addison?
- You are relentless.
So I've heard.
What's Magic saying?
I can't hear him.
Those cell doors are thick.
I'm gonna start deleting all the footage
- from earlier in the day.
- Wait, wait, wait.
What was he doing there?
Looks like he's talking to himself.
Writing something in a notebook?

You here to kill me?
Your friends are watching,
and I need their cooperation.
I will say you have been
annoyingly difficult to get rid of.
Maybe the quantum accelerator
is on my side.
Everyone that goes to war
thinks the universe,
God is on their side.
We can't all be right.
They destroy the accelerator
in the future. Did you know that?
You can't go home.
They sent you on a suicide mission.
You don't have to do this.
They don't care about you,
and they're wrong about Addison.
- I know they are.
- What?
I had Ziggy run the probabilities.
Every scenario in which Addison dies,
one of you Magic, Ian, Jenn, you
One of you always manages
to keep the program alive.
My mission was to neutralize the threat
that time travel poses
to the future of humanity.
According to Ziggy,
all of you have to die.
And I knew they were gonna
destroy the accelerator
in the future. It was my idea.
Unlike you, I have no delusions
about going home.
That means you're here
to destroy our accelerator too.


- This is unbelievable.
- So is this.
- We got to get to Ben.
- What are you talking about?
Turtle time?
What the hell does that mean?

Who told you about turtle time?
- You did.
- Wait, turtle time.
Turtle why does that
sound so familiar?
It was a password I made up
when I joined Quantum Leap
in case I was ever visited
by my future self.
I told no one.
- It is you.
- Yeah, it is me.
Oh, my God. [LAUGHS]
Oh, hi, I'm so sorry
we didn't believe you.
You must've felt so alone.
It's okay. It's in the past.
But we're running out of time.
He's about to blow up the accelerator.
Well, you would need a lot of explosives
to blow up the quantum accelerator.
I mean, you could always
override the fail safes
and program the accelerator to implode.
An implosion would take out
everything in a three mile radius.
- Go.
- Wait, Ben, this code.
It looks like a cheat code for
a very complicated video game.
- Where did you get it?
- From you.
Okay, well, that is trippy.
Wait, turtle time?
Turtle time is from
the "Housewives of New York."
You watch "Housewives."
So many Wednesdays wasted.
Wait, what did I just say?
Yes. I love the "Housewives," okay?
Turtle time is my favorite time.
- I'm basic as hell.
- No, no.
I just said that the code
looks like a cheat code
for a video game.

Turn around slowly, whoever you are,
'cause you sure as hell aren't Magic!
I spent months studying
the ins and outs of your HQ.
Lucky for me, you have an armory.
- What gave me away?
- The cigars.
You told me Al took them,
but you leaped into Magic's body
before he ever got
to Al's place, didn't you?
What are you doing with our accelerator?
- Putting right what was wrong.
That's sort of my thing.
- Addison!

Addison, oh, my God.

Ben, no!
Dream ♪
What happened?
The accelerator sent us
to our last crossing point.
- It's retracing our leaps.
- Send me back.
I don't know how!
- Oh!

Why didn't I think about it
like a video game?
I should've given my past self
way more credit.
Hey, explain please.
What's a cheat code?
A cheat code is used to
You know, to cheat.
I used to use them whenever
a video game got too hard.
Sometimes a cheat code
can allow you jump
to a very specific part of the game
and try it all over again.
Well, what if Ben could leap
to any point of this day in 2018?
If he leaps to the beginning of the day,
he could undo everything he did wrong.
- He could try again.
- Exactly.
That's why future me gave Ben this code.
They were counting on past me
to know what to do with it.
- Where'd they go?
- Um, they're in 1954.
Magic or whoever that was
did something to the accelerator,
and it's going haywire.
They're lurching backwards in time.
- So turn it off.
- No!
If I do, then Ben's
gonna be lost in the past.
I should've believed him.
I wanted to, but then I just got scared.
So you do have emotions for Ben.

You still think
the accelerator's on your side?

Yeah, I do.
- Detain that man.
- Yes, sir.

Damn, they really are "the Terminator."

Slip left to set up a straight right
flush on that chin.
You land that, we go home.

Don't worry.
The cheat code should bring Ben back
to the beginning of this day in 2018
effectively correcting every mistake
that he made on this leap.
Your bad date, all of it.
And if Martínez kills Ben
in the past, this'll bring him back.
No, no, no, if Ben dies in the past,
he's gone,
and the same goes for Martínez.

The code.

Okay, um
Okay, I'm almost there.
- Error message.
- What? No, it
No, no, no, no.
I'm getting an error message.

- Why didn't it work?
- I don't know.
Well, did it work for your game?
You know that video game
that you couldn't beat in 2018.
- No, but
- What?
But that's only because
the game is nearly impossible
to beat on your own.
You need another player.
- We need each other.
- What?
We need each other.
It wasn't just a nice sentiment
from future Ian.
- It was an instruction.
- I need another player.
We have to enter the code together.
- Who?
- Me and Ian.
- Ian from Ben's time.
- Okay, how?
We're back to where we started,
where it should've ended.
But you just had to keep following me.
I admire your faith in the machine,
I do, but even you have to see.
Look where it put you,
and look where it put me.

You all right, Señor de la Cruz?
It's good to see you again.

This is bad. This is bad.
If Ben leaps without the code,
then everything changes.
We may not even recognize
each other, or worse.
I have to reach future me.
But if Ben is in 1879,
then our connection
to the future is severed.
They can't see us.
There's got to be a way.
There has to be.
Quantum entanglement.

You and your future self have
experienced a shared state.
Right? That means
That we exist as one.

[TOGETHER] We exist as one.

Wait, wait, wait.
So you're meeting Al tonight?
- Yep.
- And can't you just move it?
But you can't just bail on trivia night.
- We need you.
- Sorry, but I promised Al.
Did it work?
Addison, did the code work?
I'm sorry, but who are you?
Okay. Not funny.
Oh, I mean, it was a little funny.
Hey, so thank you, by the way,
for saving my life and all of that.
Sorry I went off script
and almost killed us all first.
- And almost broke space-time.
- That's right.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Martínez?
He's gone. Lost to time.
We did it.
- You're coming home.
All right, well now
we just need to figure out
what you need to fix here in 2018
so that you can leave home.
Oh, hey. Is that the new applicant file?
Ah, thank you.
You know what I can't get over?
That I asked Ian to run the numbers
on whether you and I
should go on a date.
I mean, who does that?
Like where's the romance in that?
I've been thinking about something too.
Maybe when I
- Well, she shot you
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe she did miss on purpose.
- I knew it.
- Hmm.
I know you want me to stick
to the original history, but
But maybe we got it wrong
the first time.
Do I have your permission
to make it right?
Oh, hell yeah.

Hey, everything okay?
You seem different.

- Whoo!
- Ow, ow, ow, ow!
I like it.


- He's leaping.
- Here he comes.


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