Quantum Leap (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

This Took Too Long!

In 2017, the military
gathered a small group
of scientists to try
and bring the Quantum Leap
time travel program back online.
Five years later,
believing it was the only way
to save his fiancée's life,
Dr. Ben Song risked everything
when he entered the accelerator
to travel back in time.
He awoke to find himself
trapped in the past,
facing mirror images
that were not his own,
and driven by an unknown force
to change history for the better.
Ben believed he would only
need to complete 18 leaps
before he could return to the place
and people he calls home,
but something went wrong.
Ben, no!
And for reasons unknown,
Ben did not leave home.
This can't be happening.
I was supposed to leap home.
I'm supposed to be back
in that accelerator in 2023.
Hey. You okay in there, Pérez?
I'm good.
Wait, wait. Look at this.
Look at this right up here.
- Uh-huh?
- Shipping out of Germany.
- Do you see that?
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
So it would be hard
not to ascribe meaning
to the point of origin, right?
Just because we picked it up
from Germany doesn't mean
- it came from Germany.
- No, no.
You're just gonna gloss over the fact
that the Nazis "collected"
a lot of artifacts?
This stop.
It's not what you think it is, man.
I'm just saying that
this could be some sort
of deeply supernatural
Level-ten occult,
ultra-powerful ancient artifact.
This is not a supernatural relic.
Okay, fine. What do you think it is?
I'm going to tell you
what I think it is.
- The floor is yours.
- Okay.
Taking into account all the variables
- that you brought up
- Thank you.
Mm-hmm I think that
the only reasonable explanation
is that it's, uh, you know,
some sort of alien or
extradimensional energy device
that our government just stumbled upon.
Were you thinking like Roswell?
Roswell's a hoax.
Angel Fire, New Mexico.
- That's where it all went down.
- Oh, yes!
God, would you two please shut up?
Okay, Bailey, you don't care
what's inside this thing?
No, I don't.
And if you were smart,
neither would you.
Knowing secrets in the
Air Force isn't cool or fun.
It just bites you in the ass.
All that matters to me is
once we deliver that thing,
we get to climb out
of this military purgatory
we've been stuck in
for the past five years.
So I think I got a way
into this thing
Go on.
That would look like we
never tampered with it at all.
Oh, look, Bailey, something
is clearly up here, right?
Let's go over some facts.
- We have a secret crate, right?
- One.
This is a commercial flight
manned by the military.
Why is the Air Force
keeping this so quiet, huh?
Oh, here's a big one.
Why, why do they have us
posing as civilians?
- I gotta know.
- Gotta know.
You two so much as touch that crate
and the Abrams family line
comes to a bloody end
right here on this plane.
That thing is a ticket out
of running dead-end,
long-haul supply missions.
If we land in New Delhi, hand it off,
you two get to go
do whatever,
you get an honorable discharge,
and you get to finally go home.
Isn't that what you've always wanted?
Yeah, it is.
Okay. Great, then.
All we have to do
for the next couple hours
is nothing, literally
stay out of our own way.
What's that?
It's a SAM. Everyone strap in!
SAM as in surface-to-air missiles?
We're taking fire!
All crew, secure yourselves!
- You okay?
- That was close.
That was too close.
We're hit!
We're going down.
I can save the plane!
I must be here to save it somehow!
Hey. Hey!
- Pérez, wake up.
- Addison.
Addison! Where
Where are we?
Somewhere in Russia, if I had to guess.
- Right, did we
- Yeah.
Yeah, we crashed.
The captain!
Died on impact.
I, uh, pulled his body
out from of the cockpit.
Oh, God, please help. He's pinned.
It's on wheels, so I thought
I could move it, but
It's thousands of pounds.
Oh, my God. Okay.
Uh, we need a lever and a fulcrum.
Ronny, I'm not going to make it.
No, no, no, gonna be fine.
Listen, listen, listen.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.
No, you don't understand.
I'm not gonna make it!
Stop being dramatic!
They're right here.
They're gonna help you.
Excuse me for being dramatic
in the final moment of my life!
You're not making this easier.
Neither are you.
You gonna help us, or what?
I'm gonna pull him
when you do the thing.
Ready? Okay, give me your arms.
- Ready? On three.
- Ready?
On three. One, two, three!
I gotta tell you something.
It's weighing on me.
- It's a betrayal.
- Okay. Don't worry.
It's a betrayal, Ronny.
I can't take to my grave.
W-what do you mean? What betrayal?
Ronny, come on. We need you.
- Yeah, okay, okay.
- Come on.
Ronny, listen!
Ready? One, two, three!
- Ronny, I'm out!
- You gotta get out of here.
Pull, pull!
Okay. He's out, he's out!
Thank God! You saved me!
Yeah. Yeah, well that is
a pretty bad cut.
We got to get this bleeding stopped.
Need to find the med kit
in the cargo hold.
Okay. On it.
Hang in there, buddy.
Yeah, yeah. Don't look.
Sorry, just to pop in here real quick.
Okay, what was the thing
that you were saying?
- What?
- About the betrayal?
You don't take it to your grave?
What was that?
Do you want to finish that?
What? I don't know.
I'm losing a lot of blood here.
I'm not thinking straight.
Addison, I don't know
if you can hear me,
but I could sure
use an assist about now.
As far as I can tell,
I'm in the middle of nowhere.
I can barely see, and
The med kit. Thank you.
Pérez! Help me!
Please, please, help, help!
Hey! Hey, we got to get out of here!
Hey, the wing is on fire!
The engine on that wing is on fire
and this whole place is going
to blow at any second!
This crate is my mission.
It is the most important thing
that they have trusted me with.
I am not going to fail!
Addison, how much time
do we have left here?
Okay, okay, I'll help!
The pulley. Okay.
- You got it. Okay. Thank you.
- Uh-huh.
One, two.
- You alive?
- You okay?
Should we say something?
About the captain?
I mean, none of us really knew him
even after all these years, so.
There must be some story.
No, it's okay. I'll I'll do it.
He always loved his home state of Iowa.
He was from Idaho.
Well, I knew it was one of the I ones.
And it's not like
you were saying anything.
I didn't want to say anything.
No, you just stood there
like we shouldn't say anything.
That's exactly right, and we
shouldn't have said anything.
He was a mean man.
He was always quick
to bite your head off,
a very, very angry soul
who, when it mattered most,
was able to get his plane
down from 35,000 feet
and somehow keep his crew alive.
That's who he was.
His wife should have this.
Big test today.
How's it all looking?
- Um, yeah, good. We're good.
- Mm.
You're worried about her.
It's just a test.
She's not in any danger today.
Well, I don't mean about today.
You think when Sam
got into the accelerator,
he knew he maybe wouldn't come back?
It's hard to say.
I just keep thinking about
his wife and Al
- and
- They all knew the risks.
Doesn't make it hurt any less.
No, it doesn't.
In some ways, hard as it is
to be the time traveler,
I think it's even harder
to be the people left behind.
For them, there is no adventure.
Just the longing.
Can you fix it?
Yeah, this looks exactly like
one of the old radios
I used to take apart
and Frankenstein back together
when I was a kid, so yeah.
Uh, that is top-of-the-line
Air Force communication tech.
- It's brand new.
- No, for sure.
Uh, it's metaphorically similar.
Metaphorically? How is that
how is what you're saying a metaphor?
I can fix it no problem.
Uh, we could stop talking about it.
Right, okay.
Well, so we should
probably get out of here.
What direction are you thinking, LT?
Oh, no. We're not going anywhere.
We're going to stay
and keep that crate safe
and wait for extraction.
Uh With all due respect,
we were in a civilian flight
that got shot down
over enemy territory,
which means
we're still in enemy territory.
Somehow they found out about
whatever was in that crate
and either wanted it destroyed
Or recovered.
Which means they're going
to send someone here
to search through the wreckage, LT.
That's why we can't be here.
There's an aircraft carrier
in the Arabian Sea on standby
in case anything goes wrong.
It'll come rescue us.
They're going to come here
to hostile nowhere
for us, for this crew?
I seriously doubt that.
- LT.
- Help me.
Do you think they
gave us an off-the-books
- mission because we earned it?
- Stow it, Enock.
No, no, no. They give us an
off-the-books mission because
if something went wrong,
we're disposable.
I said stow it!
Nobody's coming here, LT! Okay?
Nobody cares about a ragtag
collection of washouts.
I am not washed out.
I didn't piss off a general like Bailey
or embezzle petty cash like Pérez
or or smuggle contraband
into Vietnam like you two.
- Unproven.
- Allegedly.
I was top of my class at the Academy,
and the only thing that I did
wrong was not be born a man.
They refused to give me
a real mission until now,
so I'm going to protect
that crate not just for me,
but for every other woman
out there serving this country.
- Oh!
- Here we go.
So we're gonna die 'cause of feminism?
No, thanks! I'm a big no thanks on that.
I'm your commanding officer,
and I say that we're going
to protect that crate.
If you got a problem with that,
we can settle this without talking.
Okay, okay. Let me just, um, okay.
It's going to take me about a minute
to get this radio working.
It's just a busted antenna.
Hey, do you know
what's inside the crate?
- We're not doing that.
- We're not doing that?
Okay, so all right.
Then I'll just find what I need
from the wreckage
and I'll just MacGyver it back together.
MacGyver? What does that mean?
uh, he was my uncle.
Yeah, so sometimes
when I jerry-rig things
I like to say I MacGyver them sometimes.
You-you've got an uncle
whose name is MacGyver?
Yeah, on my mom's side.
We don't have to dwell on it.
I'm gonna go fix this antenna now.
Set up a standard perimeter.
Addison, I don't know
if you could hear me,
but I really
I I thought my next leap
was going to take me back to you.
I'm sorry. I don't know what happened.
Just, uh, trying not to be worried
that you haven't made contact yet.
But in better news,
big chunks of my memory are coming back.
So that's good.
Hard, too, to be honest,
because remembering more
means missing you more.
I gotta make it home.
I'm gonnamake it home.
Just gotta figure out
what I'm here to do.
I assume it's
to keep everyone here alive.
So if I can get them to safety,
can I leap?
Can I come home?
- You talking to yourself?
- Huh?
No, I'm just, uh, I'm just praying.
Praying? Thought you were an atheist.
Well, it felt like
a good day to hedge my bets.
Fair enough.
I, uh, I noticed when you
picked up the captain's ring,
it felt like something more
was going on there.
You a shrink now?
Thought you were a radioman.
Well, right now I'm just one soldier
asking a fellow soldier if they're okay.
I lost someone.
Someone I loved very deeply.
So I know that as time goes on,
and when all you're left with
is the memories,
something real,
anything real, even a ring,
becomes more precious than gold.
- Take it in your hand, and you
- And you try and feel them.
I get it.
I'm I'm engaged.
And, uh, I haven't been able
to hold her or touch her
in a very, very long time.
I'd kill for something that would
make me feel connected to her.
Uh, wait. You're engaged?
Since when?
First you're praying,
and now you're engaged?
Sure have been keeping
a lot of secrets from us.
Did you just hit your head real bad?
Yeah. I think I might have, yeah.
You know, there's not
much to see up here,
so we should head back down.
What about that?
Could it be one of our guys?
Our guys would come in a helicopter.
We got company!
Drop it.
How many more soldiers are coming?
How'd you know about the crate?
Anyone know any Russian?
They're looking for an update.
It's a status check.
All right, how do we get
them to give a status check?
Hey, well, that bought us some time.
What? Oh, oh, I've been
I've been taking
some Russian night school
at night sometimes.
Okay, yeah. Never mind about that.
What did you say to them?
Uh, I I said they
couldn't find the crate
and the crew was dead.
Okay, so we should take their truck
and we should get out of here now.
Enock, I'm not
having this conversation again.
The Air Force
probably knows where we are.
We run, that changes.
Not to mention
Pérez just bought us more time
- for them to come rescue us.
- Maybe.
Maybe bought us more time.
Maybe he didn't do the right protocol.
Maybe they know he's not one of their
guys and they're going to send more men.
All right, look.
Their truck has a half a tank of gas.
We should take it
and be far away from here
before the second wave
of Russians even shows up.
Where would you like to take it?
Okay, I just took a map
off of one of these guys.
Look, look, look.
There's a radio relay base
about 50 klicks from here.
I think hey, Dr. Zhivago,
what's that say to you?
Yeah, that's a radio relay station.
There it is.
If we get there,
you can interface
our busted encrypted radio
and boost the signal,
contact that ship in the
Arabian Sea, radio for rescue?
Yeah, I for sure can.
That's a good plan.
The truck cannot
take both us and the crate.
LT, we don't even know
what is in the crate.
They didn't tell you what's in the crate
and you're the CO!
That doesn't seem
a little bit weird to you?
The crate is the mission!
It is your ticket home!
It is your redemption!
We are taking it. That is that.
You're defending something
you don't even know what's in there.
Look, look, look how close it is.
Let's take a break. Who needs coffee?
- Me, please.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- You have a crush on her.
- Hmm?
- No, do not.
- Do not?
What are you, in the fifth grade?
Yeah, what are you in, the fifth grade?
Look, I just don't want
to say the wrong thing
and make everyone feel uncomfortable
and just ruin it for everybody, so
besides, she might not
feel the same way.
So it's you know, it's it's
I don't care.
Show him the thing.
Yeah, you're right,
you're right, you're right.
- The thing.
- What's the thing?
Well, I may have, in my spare time,
input some data
about you two into Ziggy.
You did what?
Do you want to know what it says or not?
- Run it.
- Okay.
What is the probability
of success in an Addison
and Ben romantic relationship?
- What?
- 50/50.
I've never seen that before.
It just flipped a coin
and it landed on its side.
What do you do with that?
This just made everything so much worse.
Okay, thank you so much.
No, no, hey, hey, look, look, over here.
Hey, maybe it's just Ziggy's way of
of saying that you need
to trust your gut.
You've got the strongest gut I know.
Oh, yeah?
Look, you just don't need to worry
about probability scenarios, okay?
Just worry about
what your gut's telling you.
So what is it telling you?
Something isn't right.
Something about this is off, isn't it?
- No, no!
- Yes.
Do not open that crate!
Pérez, I'm telling you right now.
- Pérez, I love you.
- I am commanding you.
Get this side.
I've been thinking
if this cargo is so important,
why would they entrust it
with the people
who they trust the least?
We were decoys.
Yeah, but decoys for what?
I don't know.
Pawns rarely know the insights,
what the kings and queens
are thinking, man.
But if they have an important crate
they need to move to New Delhi
The Russians find out about it.
The Air Force finds out
the Russians know about it
And send us decoys, cannon fodder.
The Russians shoot us down.
So the crate, whatever it is,
gets through safely.
They told me this was
a matter of national security.
They're not coming for us.
No one is.
We're on our own.
- It's a courtesy thing!
- Exactly.
That's what it exactly.
They didn't even bother to ask
us if we wanted to be decoys.
No, that's what I'm talking about.
They just assumed
that we were too scared
or worthless to even say yes
to this mission.
- Probably would have said yes.
- Right, exactly.
- Probably yes.
- Probably.
I know Grier for sure
would have said yes.
For sure Grier says yes.
- Right, LT?
- Right?
You know what really pisses me off?
Not them. They're predictable.
I'm mad at myself for believing,
for allowing myself
to think for a moment
that people like us, like me,
deserve a second chance.
We're never getting back home.
I know a thing or two
about disappointment,
feeling like you can
never get back home again.
Even before the SAM hit us today,
I was feeling defeated
about being stuck.
So I know.
I know how frustrating,
how humiliating, how scary it is.
But my fiancé once told me
that when all is lost,
the one thing you can do is get back up
and put one foot in front of the other.
Pity party's over.
It's time to go.
Yes, ma'am.
We are making it
to that Russian relay station.
Hell yeah!
Have Pérez patch into their
antenna, contact the fleet,
let them know that we're alive
and that we need rescue.
I am not ready to give up. Are you guys?
- No!
- Let's go!
I think it's going to clear up.
We're oscar mike.
You know I'm going
to find out eventually, right?
- About what?
- About the betrayal.
I don't know what this betrayal is.
Would you stop it?
I was not in my right mind.
I lost all that blood.
Ronny, I literally stand
next to you 23 hours a day.
When would I have time to do anything?
You can do a lot in an hour.
Okay, you're insane.
Yeah? That's exactly what
a guilty man would say!
You're a natural leader.
You know that, right?
Military service
in our family goes back to,
I don't know, just about the
Declaration of Independence.
That's all I wanted
was to do my part, you know?
To leave a mark.
You know, funny thing is
Ronny was right.
If they'd just told me the truth,
that we were just a decoy,
I mean, hell, if they had told me
we were a straight-up
suicide mission, I
I would have said yes.
Because I believe in our country
even if it doesn't believe in me.
The work you're doing now,
in the future, a whole generation
will reap the rewards
of someone like you,
women who laid the groundwork
and proved they deserve to be here.
I, for one, know someone who would love
to say thank you to someone like you.
Pérez, what the hell is wrong with you?
You don't know people from the future.
- No, I I meant if
- I think when we're back,
we should maybe get your head checked.
I think that crash
did a little number on you.
- Yeah, I think so too.
- Mm-hmm.
Trip wire.
This is the only road that leads
to the radio relay station.
Okay, Enock, Ronny, disable this.
Pérez, Bailey,
fan out and keep a lookout.
Addison, can you hear me?
Okay, this is the longest
I've been in a leap
without seeing you.
Flying blind here, and I'm worried
I'm going to miss the one thing
I need to see or say
or do to get these people home.
Please, I need you.
Guys, I found a landmine.
Do you see it?
I'm standing on it.
- What exactly do you see?
- Uh, I'm on a
a pressure plate
that's about two feet wide.
I assume the mine
is dug deep right below it.
Okay, we will disarm it.
Lieutenant, those are
basically impossible to disarm.
Basically impossible's not impossible.
No, now that it's armed,
any major weight variance,
that's going to set it off.
Can we swap them out?
Like take the bags in the truck,
fill it with sand,
have them replace him?
The bags are only going
to weigh about 100 pounds,
and Bailey's 180?
What sort of variance does a mine have?
Look, probably a 20-pound
difference and it goes boom,
so it's definitely gonna notice
an 80-pound weight difference.
- Just get out of here.
- Don't.
- Just
- Get to the relay station.
Save yourselves.
You've all got people
waiting for you back home.
I I got no one.
That person I told you about,
the one I loved and lost,
his name was Lieutenant Tom Miller.
They found out.
His parents read Tom's diaries
after he died and
turned me in.
But, uh, his father's a general,
so I didn't get discharged.
I'd be too big an embarrassment
for his son's memory,
so, um, I just got exiled here
with you all.
Well, if
if this is the end, then I just, uh
I needed someone to know
that our love was real.
It was good. It was pure.
Now, maybe I get to see him again.
No, we're not leaving you here.
No way, Bailey.
We are getting you off that thing.
We don't leave people behind.
How, exactly,
are we not leaving him behind?
It's gonna take us all.
I have an idea,
but it's going to take us all.
Okay, what is it?
Bailey is standing
on a pressure plate, right?
If we just replace that
pressure with the sandbags
No, no, no, no. Like I said,
it's going to notice
an 80-pound weight difference.
Yeah, but that's only
if we just do a straight swap.
See, Bailey just weighs a
little more than Ronny, right?
So we replace Bailey with Ronny,
Ronny with Enock, Enock with me,
and then me with Grier,
- then
- Me with the sandbags,
and it'll slowly lower the
weight on the pressure plates
and it won't trigger the mine.
That should work, right?
Wait, wait, wait. Stop, stop, stop.
So your plan is
for us to all take turns
standing on the landmine?
You have a better idea?
No. No, I don't.
Can't wait to explode with all of you.
Let's fill up the sandbags.
Look at me. On three.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
- One
- Uh-huh.
Two, three..
One, two, three.
Thank you, really.
I I don't know what to say.
You don't have to say anything.
Now, listen to me.
If you ever want to show your gratitude,
just a large donation
to my favorite charity
would be fine.
That's me, by the way.
I'm the charity.
Enock, think you can
disable this tripwire charge?
Yeah. I was actually pretty close
before we took turns almost blowing up.
Get it disarmed. Take it with us.
Let's get moving.
It's going to be dark soon.
Good work, team.
Something doesn't feel right.
Yeah, it feels kind of overkill
for a communication antenna, no?
Oh, my God, this isn't
a radio relay station.
It's the SAM site.
This could be the very one
that took us down.
Look, you said the map said radio relay.
You don't really want
to correctly label a SAM site
on a map in case it falls
into the wrong hands.
You know? Like our hands?
Okay, guys, this is bad.
You know, maybe not.
Oh, Pérez, I can't
with your Pollyanna story.
No, no, listen.
If this was a radio relay,
all the guards would be above ground.
But this is a SAM site.
That means they're all in that
bunker 50 feet underground.
I can get to it ways easier now.
That satellite dish is for radar.
Tracks the planes so
the missiles know where to hit.
Yeah, but I can still patch into
it and send an SOS to the fleet.
I know it seems crazy,
but this is easier.
Okay, Bailey, escort Pérez to the dish.
You can patch in, make contact,
and then we move out.
Yes, sir.
Five klicks out, we can be there.
No. Thank you, sir.
- Did it work?
- Oh, it worked.
They're going to send
a chopper right before dawn.
I have the coordinates.
It's five klicks east.
Thank God.
Let's get out of here.
Okay, well, I just have
to be careful here.
I don't want them
to notice we patched in, so
Wait, I somehow
tapped into the radio feed.
Well, untap.
That's not a part of the mission.
- Oh, no.
- What?
Did they hear you?
Did they hear our exfil coordinates?
No, it's way worse.
Hey, did it work?
We got rescue coordinates.
Five klicks east.
- Okay great, let's go.
- Uh, I I I heard something.
I accidentally tapped into
Russian transmissions.
Isn't that neat?
Tell us about it on the way, my man.
No, no, sorry,
we can't we can't leave.
After we left the wreckage
and the guys we captured
didn't report back in,
they sent another group of soldiers.
They found the plane,
realized that the crate was empty.
They know we're a decoy.
Whatever plane we're trying to distract
them from could now be in danger.
Will be in danger.
The planes are already
in Russian airspace.
The commander identified
three new targets.
They're going to take
out three more planes
if we don't do anything.
We gotta save those planes.
Okay, how exactly
are we going to do that?
'Cause we got a couple AK-47s
and some handguns.
They got a cement bunker
and who knows how many guys.
We take out their satellite.
It's their main radar.
They don't have air traffic without it.
We take out the dish,
the planes are safe.
Again, how exactly do we do that?
Hey, radio man.
Huh? What?
I mean, well, good news is
we don't have to blow up the whole dish,
but we do have to blow up the
control panel we just accessed.
What about the tripwire mine
Enock disabled?
- We brought it with us, right?
- We did.
But again, Pérez, it's a tripwire mine,
which means we cannot
detonate it remotely.
We have to do it manually,
which means we'd be way too close.
Not if we impact it with enough force.
- What?
- No, no, no.
I do you see what he's saying?
No, I don't get it. What?
This guy wants to mount a
mine to the front of the truck
and then drive it
into the control panel.
Yeah, and I jump out before it'd hit.
That's the plan, at least.
No, no, we need the truck
to get to the exfil site
that's five klicks away.
We can hustle on foot.
Through a minefield, apparently.
Yeah, well, we beat those before.
Are you serious?
Do you understand the statistical odds
of getting through a minefield once?
He does. I'm gonna break down the odds.
Hey. We're going to get this.
Yeah, I just know
Magic's under a lot of pressure
to meet certain goals by certain dates,
- and I just
- Come on.
We're a time travel outfit.
Once you, uh, figure all this out,
you can just go back in time
and tell yourself how you did it.
Yeah, but what if it actually works
and you have to go back in time?
That's the mission.
Yeah, I know,
but it just seems crazy, right?
That you have to risk your life.
That's the mission, Ben.
That's why they call it
military service.
We dedicate our lives, and yeah,
we sometimes risk them,
in service of something greater,
a greater goal than any one
of us could accomplish alone.
It's my job.
And it makes me happy doing it.
I know, but what if we
what if I lose you?
Then you'll come find me.
Hey, um, uh, do you want
to have dinner tomorrow night?
I know this great Chinese place.
I do.
One mile at a time. Keep walking.
Let's stay together.
- We stick to
- No.
Is that where you want to live?
You know
- My fiancée
- Oh, with the fiancée!
Oh, this guy!
I don't even think she exists.
- I'm here for a reason.
- She's not real!
- You're just making this thing
- Everyone, shut up!
The funny thing is
we have been so preoccupied
with getting ourselves out of purgatory
that we have forgotten
why we joined the Air Force
in the first place.
To fly cool jets.
No, to help people.
Oh, to help people.
Yes, of course. I'm sorry.
To help people.
We have been begging
for an important mission.
We finally have one.
We have to stop those SAMs
from firing at three more cargo planes.
Pérez has an idea.
If anyone else has a better one,
please speak up now.
Okay, great. Let's go.
Oh, LT, I got this.
Yeah, I'm sure you do.
But you'll need some help
out there if things get hairy.
Fire it up.
What is that?
They trip a perimeter sensor
or something?
No, no, that's a warning.
They're about to fire a SAM.
They're getting ready to fire.
Going as fast as I can.
We're too late.
No, we're not.
If you take out the dish,
the missile will lose guidance.
Yeah, but if the missile loses guidance,
it becomes heat-seeking and turns around
to find the hottest thing out there
the dish.
Then we should probably
get out of the car sooner than later.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Three, two, one.
We did it!
Tell me the betrayal thing now.
- That was crazy.
- Yeah.
We did it.
We did. Yeah.
I think you just proved
you can lead a mission.
Come on. We've got to get
to the exfil site.
Y-you're alive!
Barely. Where have you been?
And why didn't I leap home?
Why do you look so different?
W-why are you looking at me like that?
Ben, it's it's been three years.
You've been missing for three years,
and then they shut down
Project Quantum Leap.
We thought you were dead.
Everything has changed.
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