Quantum Leap (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Ben & Teller

Quantum Leap was an experimental
time travel program,
years away from being tested.
Your name is Dr. Ben Song.
You're a time traveler,
leaping from life to life,
trying to put right
what once went wrong.
You still think Ben is
nearing his last leap?
I'm getting nothing. He's gone.
Ben! No!
Ben. You've been missing
for three years.

You got a set, Wes?
Is that what you want me to believe?
You're gonna have to pay to find out.
[WHISPERS] It's turtle time.
If you had pocket kings,
you would've raised pre-flop.
I call.
Damn it.
Cash me out and put it on my tab.
We just got started.
Hey, at least now
you got a shot at winning.
Tell me you're not about to say
what you're about to say.
What do you think of these
for a one-year anniversary?
Hey, boss.
Long time.
How'd you know where
you're here to help me
pick out some jewelry.
[LAUGHS] Well, diamonds are
kind of a marketing scam
First we need to talk.
Not here.
Okay. You have a place in mind?

Well, uh, when when Ben leapt to 2018
and he entered the machine as
as a host,
it scrambled Ziggy's ability
to predict the gravitational
pull of his leaps,
fracturing any semblance of control
that we had over the system.
Not how did we lose him.
How did you find him?
We looked for two years.
When the government lost
all hope of getting Ben back
and they shut us down a year ago,
I snuck back in here,
and I turned on
one single computer station.
I just left it running,
like a SETI program
that's searching for aliens,
except I was scanning
for a mild-mannered physicist.
Look, it was a
a one in a trillion chance,
but I had to try.
I can't believe you actually found him.
For a second.
He leaped as soon as I showed up.
But he-he's out there.
He's been out there for three years.
That's the other thing.
For Ben, it
it hasn't been three years.
It's been one single leap.
It's almost as if, like,
no time has passed at all.
So he doesn't know.
Addison. How are we gonna tell her?
I don't know.
I can't stop thinking about it.
I do know one thing.
This news shouldn't come from us.
This is surreal.
On the one hand,
this all feels so familiar.
But on the other hand
Everything's changed.

Three years.
Did they really say
it's been three years?
Feels like three years
I've been waiting here.
I'm on the clock, lady.
Don't have time for your daydreams.
Oh, uh, uh, yeah, oh, sorry about that.
Um, how about we just start over?
Uh, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100.
Okay, uh
20, 40, 60, 80, and 200.
There you go. Have a great day.
Yeah, whatever.
Whatever, yeah.
[WHISPERS] Ian, are you there?

Hopefully another three
friggin' years don't pass
until you find me.
Lorena. Hello, Lorena.

The number of times you've
looked at that picture today.
So how does it feel
to finally be a grandma?
It's unexpected.
Like you weren't calling your daughter
every single day for the last month.
"Is it today? Is it today?"
Lorena, what's wrong?
Oh, it's just,
I got some bad news.
Not about my granddaughter,
about some friends.
- It's hard to explain
- Lorena, Rebecca.
Always far too much clucking
in the henhouse
when you two are together.
Hey, look, if you ever need
to talk about anything,
I'm here.
And I'm ready to listen or to
Oh, God.
It's Sean.
My little brother, Sean.
What is he doing here?
When was the last time you've seen him?
Not since he stopped by on my birthday
to borrow my car
and disappear for three days.
I try to keep track.
ask friends how he's doing.
It-it's always the same,
quitting whatever job he has
to work on some get-rich-quick scheme.
You watch.
He's just here to ask me for some money.

Everybody on the ground now!
Actually, he's here
to ask for all the money.

- Set!
- Move in.
- Set!
- Cover!
- Set.
- Move in.
All right, circle up.
Raise your hand if you are dead.
All right, guys, we're gonna
run this till I'm happy,
and I am a long way from happy.
Let's go.
Don't worry about it, guys.
I didn't pass my first time either.
That is true. Tom and I might have
failed this a few times at Fort Rucker.
Except we were shooting
at cardboard cutouts,
without Sims.
It was 13 years ago.
Things have progressed.
Yeah, we're old. Don't remind me.
Uh, all right, let's take ten.
We'll start from the top
when you're back.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Okay. What's up?
Something's wrong.
They found him.
Addison, they found Ben.

Hurry up.
- Hurry up!
- Okay.
Let's go. Hurry.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, hey.
- What-what's that?
- Hm?
There's a dye pack in that one.
What, do you think I'm stupid?
Hey, cut her some slack.
She's older.
It's not easy to do your job
with a gun pointing in your face.
You okay?
Because we're being robbed,
or because my little brother is
the one doing it?
This can't be happening, right?
We're gonna figure this out.
I don't know what or how,
but we will figure this out.
Do not be a hero.
Everybody go to the lobby, do as I say.
That way you'll be safe. Get up.
I don't understand.
He's alive.
He's been alive this whole time.
Yes, but for him,
it's like no time has passed at all.
He was stunned when Ian told him
it had been three years.
Wait, are they all at HQ right now?

Are they waiting for me? Am
what, am I just supposed to go back?
There's no "supposed to" right now.
Everyone's still reeling.
Yeah, but they weren't his hologram.
They weren't with him, leap after leap.
They weren't
They weren't in love with him.
What do you think I should do?
You should do what your heart tells you.
And whatever that is,
we'll get through it
We got him!
Great. Okay, this means
that our tracking system is back online,
so I'm going to go and get
the imaging chamber back up.
Where is he?
Tucson, Arizona, 1986.
He's a bank teller,
part of a robbery gone bad.
Eight people died.
- Ben.
- [WHISPERS] Ian? What?
Huh? Ian?
- Yeah.
- Is that you?
- Where are you?
- You you can't see me?
- No.
- Ugh.
The imaging chamber is
limited right now.
But Jenn is trying to adjust it.
Oh. Oh, there there we go.
Okay, got it.
- Uh, no.
- Huh?
- Take a step that way.
- Yeah.
Look, I know you have a lot
of questions right now,
and I'm gonna answer them
as fast as I can.
But first of all, we are all okay.
- Magic, Jenn
- Addison?
Y-yes, yes. Every-everybody is okay.
You said before
you shut down the program.
Why would you do that?
Okay, we didn't shut it down.
The Pentagon did.
We searched for you for two years.
Two years, nothing.
So they they made the determination
that you had died somehow.
Oh, my God.
- Was there a funeral?
- Yes.
I sang "Amazing Grace."
It was beautiful.
Addison must have been crushed.
Where is she? Can I see her?
Uh, well, we we think
that she's on her way.
But honestly, I know
this isn't what you want
to hear right now, but we need to
Focus on the leap, I know.
So that bank manager
triggered a silent alarm
to call the cops here.
Once they arrive,
all of this goes south.
All right? Ziggy says that the only way
to get everybody out of here
safely is to make sure
that those bad guys are gone
before the cops arrive.
Okay, I'm on it.
Oh, I should come.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
Eight grand?
Should be ten times that much.
Hi. Hello.
Um, I'm not telling you
what you should do,
but here's what you should do.
You should leave.
The cops are on their way.
The cops?
- What?
- How?
The the "how" is less important
than the "how long,"
which is not very long.
- We need to go now.
- It's payday Friday.
Half the town gets their checks.
There's no way this is all
the cash they're holding.

It's still in the vault.
The vault?
That's not part of the plan.
You said five minutes, in and out.
Ben, I have a route they can take.
Swan to Broadway to Interstate 19.
If you leave now, you can
take Swan to Broadway to I-19.
The cops will never see you.
- That would work.
- I'm not walking away
with eight grand
between the three of us.
I'm with you, boss.
Ben, I cannot stress this enough.
They need to be gone before

- Everybody move!
Let's go! Get in the pit.
In the pit, lady, let's go!
Faces down. Anybody still up
after four seconds gets a bullet.

Tucson Police!

Deep breaths.
Do you mind if I use this?
Hey, how are we doing over here?
You okay?
Okay, here, breathe into that.
I keep trying to make
eye contact with Sean.
He's not like this, Lorena.
Ben, we need to talk.
Uh, you can't talk right now
because you're on the ground,
uh, surrounded by people.
Right. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Um, uh, look,
time is of the essence here.
That phone call is the police
wanting to negotiate with the robbers.
Now, in the original history,
no one picked up.
So they stormed the castle,
and eight people died.
We have to figure out a way
to change that history.
Wait, no, no. No, no, no, no.
That's not what I meant.

Hey, what do you think you're doing?
Trying to buy you some time.
This isn't my first robbery.
I can help you get what you want,
but you have to talk to them.
I don't have to do anything.
No, no, no. She's right.
If we don't talk to them,
they'll just storm the bank.
First Bank of Tucson.
How may I help you?
Who is this?
My name is Lorena
Chaves. I am a teller here.
My name is Detective Reynolds.
How many assailants are there, Lorena?
Tell me quickly.
These three men have
deemed me the negotiator.
Is that right?
And what exactly are their demands?
We'll get to that. But first,
as a show of good faith so that
nobody makes any sudden moves,
they're going to release two hostages.
These men are choosing mercy,
Detective Reynolds.
I hope you will too.
Lady, you really think
I'm gonna release hostages?
Yes, I do.
You've got a pregnant woman
who is hyperventilating
and a security guard
with a nasty head wound.
They need medical attention.
She is breathing fast, man.
If something happens
to either one of them,
this goes from robbery to homicide.
We don't want that.
Do it.
- Do it.
- Okay.
Got one at the window!
They're coming out!
Okay, okay.
get up, please.
Now that we're feeling
all warm and cuddly
come here.
Come on.
How's about you give me
the code to the vault?
Uh, I, um
I don't remember.
Okay, breathe.
It's okay, all right? Take your time.
We have all day.
- Hey.
Sit back down, grandma.
How about now?
Is it coming back to you?
Okay. Ms. Assistant Bank Manager,
you seem to be the smart one here.

Give me the code.
I don't have it.
[SIGHS] Hey, Sean?
Why don't you come talk
some sense into your sister?
You don't want to do this.
Give us the code.
I know things have been bad
between us lately.
But this is the kind of mistake
that you don't come back from
Give us the code.
Sean, please. I love you.
That's very sweet. This is good.
Big sister coming in for the rescue.
But it's funny because it wasn't you
who pulled him off the street
six months ago, now was it?
- What?
- Put food in his mouth, right?
Or a roof over his head.
Sean, if I had known things had gotten
so bad, I I would not
You would have what?
You would have welcomed me back
with open arms?
Or would you have done
what you always do,
which is to to judge me
and to doubt me
and to tell me all the ways
I'm messing up my life?
Thank you for not pretending
to actually care.
And instead, why don't you just
Give us the damn code.

Sean. Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
Hey, look look at me. Look at me.
I'm not gonna
make you shoot your sister.
I'll just do it myself.
On three.
I don't have it.
I know the code.
I know the code.
You do?
You do, you do.
We need to get that code.
I've pulled the specs on the vault,
the history to the bank, and I'm looking
at every single government database.
But there's no record of it.
Turn around.
- Excuse me?
- If you don't see me
dark-webbing through
the bank's security files,
then you won't have to go
to jail if I get caught.
[SCOFFS] Fine.
You're lucky I'm no longer
a government employee.
There was a data breach
at the bank in '92 and
I know you're looking.
The code to the vault
was released in the hack.
Jenn got the code. She's a genius.
- Now I just have to put it in.
- Mm-hmm.
Right, right, that's me.
Um, okay, uh, so
so the code is five digits.
It's 7, 2, 9, 4
What the hell just happened?
Ben still needs the last digit
You're under arrest.
You all are gonna need to come with me.
What the hell just happened?

Come on. Don't have all day.
Uh, right. Um
7, 2, 9, 4 7?
Sorry, that was
was the old bank code.
7, 2, 9, 4 1?
They lock completely after three tries.
Lady, I like you.
Okay, I do. You've got guts.
- Thanks.
- Okay,
so I want you to think very carefully
before you answer
this next question, okay?
Do you know the code or not?
I do. It's just, uh,
you know, the keypad gets very slippery
when you have, uh, menopause.
Then enter it right now.
And if you get it wrong, you die.
[WHISPERS] Addison, I don't
know if you could hear me,
but I could really use
some good vibes right now.
7, 2, 9, 4 3?
Oh, thank God.
Allen Iverson's jersey number,
her favorite.
This is a restricted area,
and your credentials expired
11 months ago.
How did you even get past
the security system?
I designed the security system.
What's going on here?
Tom Westfall, Department of Defense.
This team is under my purview,
working on a classified operation.
Who's in charge here?
I am.
Agent Allen Lee.
You should take that.
Agent Lee.
Yes, sir.
Let them go.
So who'd you text?
Director of the FBI.
Owed me a favor.
Okay. Impressive as usual.
I haven't seen you since
game night, New Year's Eve.
They needed time to lick their wounds.
Not every soldier is good at Risk,
and that's okay.
Well, that call worked for now,
but it's gonna ruffle
government feathers.
It's okay.
Go take care of it.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
It's good to see you.
And Tom.
Yeah, it is.
I'm gonna go get the imaging
chamber back online.
You came.
It must have been hard.
No, I
I want to see Ben,
explain what happened since he
I know.
But it won't be easy.
Look, Magic, uh,
I don't know what you have
planned for the program.
But with everything
that's happened, I

I'm not gonna take my old job back.
I'll talk to Ben today.
I'll explain everything.
But then I have to go back to my life.
Of course.
We totally understand.
Thank you.

You okay?
I don't know what happened
to Sean and I.
We were really close
until I went off to college.
When I came back, it was different.
Somehow we just clashed.
Rebecca, you can't blame yourself.
No, but I can own my part of it.
You know, he's right.
Six months ago, I might have been harsh,
and he probably would have lashed out.
But I just don't know how we got here.
It's like I blinked, and
and everything changed.
I know what you mean.
With my granddaughter.
They grow up so fast.
Every day is like
like another lifetime.
[LAUGHS] All right, let's go.
- Whoo!
- You got it?
Yeah. 120 Gs, right there.
- Okay.
- Even more than we thought.
Come on, smile!
- This is good.
- No, I know.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I'm just, um
I was just wondering
about an exit strategy.
- Right.
- We're gonna need
to think of something.
Right, right, right, right. Okay.
How's this?
We ask for an M-85 chopper.
FBI's got two of them in Tucson.
Now, they land it in the children's park
behind the bank.
We mandate no personnel
or police cars in sight.
They give us a five-minute lead time.
And while we're taking off,
the cops come in,
and they get the hostages.
A couple of guys did it
in Yuma last month.
Did you get all that?
Yes, I did.
When's our buddy supposed
to call us back?
Next five minutes.
All right.
Then, by all means, convey our message.
That plan,
you had that locked and loaded.
This was never gonna be
a five-minute job like you said.
You were always gonna go for the vault.
Why didn't you tell me?
Oh, Sean, relax, okay?
Didn't want you
to overthink it, that's all.

And we're back.
It's really him.

I can't believe this.
He looks the same.
You okay?
The, uh the imaging
chamber's back online.

Do you want to take over?
Uh, you're in the middle
of a hostage situation.
I'm not up to speed.

Detective Reynolds?
Let's talk, Ms. Chaves.
These gentlemen want a helicopter.
A helicopter?
That's correct.
Well, I don't have that.
Would they take a caviar dinner service?
According to them, the FBI has two.
They would like you to land one
in the park behind the bank
and clear the space of all
police cars and personnel.
Give them five minutes to exit the bank,
and you'll have
all the hostages unharmed.
This is ridiculous.
These men are quite serious,
Detective Reynolds.
similar concessions were made
at a bank robbery in Yuma last month.
It's the only way to ensure
everyone's well-being.
Give me an hour to clear it
with the federal office.
I'll get it done.
One hour.
We can do that.
[SIGHS] Finally, a win.
- Ben.
- No offense,
but your hologram-ing could
use some work.
Yeah, tell me about it.
I tried to get Addison
to take over, but she has no
Addison's here?
Well, why isn't she in here?
- Is something wrong?
- Wrong? No.
No, no.

Look, she didn't want
to change horses midstream
because you're going to need to focus.
Things are about to take
a turn for the way worse.
What are you talking about?
I just got off the phone with
With a cop, yeah.
Ziggy says that he's lying to you.
He's not getting a chopper.
He's ordering snipers into position.

- The line's dead.
- Reynolds cut it
as part of his preparations.
Once he gets everybody into position,
they come in here guns blazing.
Yeah, and eight people die.
Actually, no.
The history's changed, okay?
Now everything escalates,
and the firefight hits a gas line,
which causes an explosion.
This isn't about eight people anymore.
Ben, you need to figure out a way to get
all of these hostages out
of here in the next few minutes
or else everyone in this bank
is going to die.

[SIGHS] Okay, we need an exit strategy.
I mean, HQ is working on one,
but it could take a bit.
Well, there's more than one
way to figure that out.

Are there any ways out of this bank
other than the front door?
You know there aren't.
You've been here longer than I have.
Right. That's what's driving me crazy.
I keep thinking there's
a weak point or a way out,
but I can't figure out why I think that.
- Weak points?
- Mm-hmm.
Repairs, construction
You're thinking of the expansion.
Yes, I am.
When they wanted to double
our square footage,
but they ran out of money?
They started the expansion,
and then they painted and
patched up over their mistake.
So the back of the supply
closet in the conference room,
that's just drywall now.
And on the other side?
An empty storefront.
Oh, that's perfect.
But how are you gonna get
all those people
in the conference room?
I'm not.
Yeah, give it all away.
I, uh, overheard some
of the customers whispering.
They said they saw snipers outside.

Son of a
all right, we got to move.
Uh, let's head to the vault, yeah?
Well, what about the hostages?
They won't fit back there.
We need to lock them somewhere,
buy ourselves time.
You got any rooms with no windows?

Hands up.
Keep it moving.
Hands up!
Face forward.
No funny business.
If you need something,
knock on this door.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Drywall, just like you said.
But how are we gonna break through it?
All that's in here is office supplies.
Well, that's okay
because all we need is this.
- Box cutter.
- Uh-huh.
- Genius.
- Grab that rug.
Place it against the door.
It'll muffle the sound
so they don't hear anything.
Okay. Oh, oh, I can also
do the wall thing too, if you want.
I mean, it might be
a little strenuous for you.
You're in your 70s, and
Oh, I can manage.
I take Pilates.
Ah, okay.

Okay, come on.

Is he okay?
You know, he's in a leap, so stressful,
but Ben hasn't lost a step.
It's the rest of us
that are trying to catch up.
I buried him.
I know.
Those two years
that we couldn't find him were
the darkest of my entire life.

And then when this program
got shuttered, I
I didn't actually think I could go on.
And then Tom,
he helped me remember
what it was to be alive again,
to be happy.
I know.
That's why you're not
the only one that loves Tom.
We all do.
You know, I keep
expecting you or Ian or Magic
to shake me or yell at me,
tell me to get back in there
and at least talk to him.
I just don't know what to do
with all this quiet acceptance.
Yeah, well, any chance you're
expecting us to fight you
because that's what you really want?
All right, come on.
What about Sean?
I can't just leave him here.
Okay, change of plans.
Everybody out.
What the hell is this?
Don't do anything rash.
Where is everybody?
They're safe. We protected them.
Yeah? And who's gonna protect you?

He had his gun on her.
He was gonna kill her.

Oh, no.
Oh, no.
What did I do?
What did I do? What did I do?
What did I do? What did I do?
It's gonna be okay.


We got to go now!
Let's go! Let's go!
Go! Go! Go!
- Hands on your head!
- Okay!
No, hey, Sean, Sean, don't do this.
Why not?
It's the same result either way.
My life is over.
I know it seems like
all is lost right now.
But I promise you,
I promise they're not
lost years if you have someone
waiting for you on the other side.
Not everyone's lucky enough
to have that.
You do.
Go. Go, go, go!
Tucson Police!
Give me the gun.
I'll say I shot him.
Spread out. This way.
I I'll say it was self-defense.
You would do that for me?
Of course I would do that for you.
- This one's clear.
I've been so busy staring
at the gulf between us
that I lost sight
of what really matters.
And that is that I love you.
- All clear.

I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
We've traveled
through this life together
with no help,
and we still have so much further to go.
I won't take another step without you.

It's okay.
- Don't move!
- Don't move!
Man down. We need an ambulance.
Clear the room.
I have the gun. He's not armed.
Hands behind your back.
Everything's gonna be okay, Sean.
It's all gonna be okay.
Okay, so Sean refused
to let Rebecca take the charge,
but they ruled that
the shooting was self-defense.
Happy endings are all well and good,
but right now, it's just you and me,
so can you drop the innocent act?
You need to tell them.
- Jenn, I
- Magic and Addison,
you need to tell them what you did here,
how you actually found Ben.
I told them that I left Ziggy
running in the background.
That is true.
It's true, but it's not the truth.
They don't need to know the truth.
You sure about that?
This is a hard place
to keep secrets, Ian.
I'm gonna head in there.
What do you need?
I think that might be a bit
of a moving target going forward.
Going forward?
I can't just walk away from the mission,
from the team.
His life is on the line
every single leap.
I lost him once.
I don't think I could live with myself
if something happened to him
and I wasn't there.
Does that make sense?

Of course it does.
You're you.
You're the most capable,
conscientious person I know.
I wouldn't expect anything less.
You're gonna be okay
with me staying on here,
seeing him every day?
I love you.
I trust you.
I'm secure in what we have.
So if you're asking,
am I gonna be jealous,
I'm sure we're gonna have
some weird days every so often.
But if I were you,
I'd do the same thing.
We're soldiers.
We don't leave people behind.
Thank you.
Have you thought about
how you're gonna tell him
about us?
That's the thing.
He's Ben.
He's gonna take one look at me, and, uh,
he'll know.

The hostages are all safe.
Even Ganz, they save him
at the hospital.
Uh, Sean does five years,
but is reunited with Rebecca
when he gets out.
And and Lorena sees her granddaughter
this very afternoon.
Ian told me it's been three years.
I can't imagine what it must
have been like for you.
But I'm here, so
What's wrong?
You thought I was gone.
You thought I was gone.

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