Quantum Leap (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Closure Encounters


Quick, they've abducted three
of my cows so far.
Project Sign.
That's UFOs.
It means they've landed.
You've seen them land?
They hide in the trees, short and green.
And they stare at you,
still as the night.
I ain't going no further.
Right, I'll take a look.

- Hey!
- You're alive.
- Yeah.
They said if you leave out
milk and cookies for them,
they'll leave your cows alone.
- Hey.
How's it goin'?
I'm an agent for Project Sign,
so everything's a little
- Strange.
- Yeah, strange.
Project Sign.
You seen any UFOs yet?
- Garden gnomes.
Reminded me of that one Halloween
where we decided to dress up like
I'm sorry.
Ben do you wanna talk
about what's happened?
You're with someone else, right?
How long?
About eight months.
Eight months?
Wow. Um, for me, it's like
no time has passed at all.
I know.
But for the rest of us,
it has been three years.
I'll tell you anything you wanna know.
You just tell me
what's easiest for you.
Maybe we should just focus on the Leap,
for now at least.
Okay, well, as you know,
you are Agent Robert Cook
from Project Sign.
Looks like you're one
of their best agents.
What, meaning I've found
the most aliens?
Meaning you've closed the most cases.
At least some things don't change.
Ziggy still doesn't know
why you're here.
- Ah. Well, I found this.
"Proceed to Starlight, New Mexico.
"Anonymous caller reported a UFO,
"ran two girls off the road.
Both girls now in hospital,
one in a coma."
Okay, well, Starlight's 300 miles away.
I guess you're driving.
Project Sign? [LAUGHS]
That was the Project Blue Book
before there was
- a Project Blue Book.
- I know.
Ben's a government agent
investigating UFOs.
I mean, talk about bucket list goals.
Here we go, Ian's theories on ET.
You do realize that it is
a statistical inevitability
that other forms of life exist
in this universe?
I'm a believer.
But you're so reasonable.
Being leapt into
changes one's perspective
on life's possibilities.
- Hmm.
- How are Ben
and Addison doing?
Um, they're they're doing.
Okay, well, keep me posted.
- Okay, found this.
Carrie Baker, 17 years old,
the driver in a single-vehicle
car accident.
Her friend, Melanie Hunt,
was in the passenger seat,
and it looks like
Melanie fell into a coma
and then eventually died.
And Carrie went to prison
for manslaughter.

Are the stars out tonight? ♪
I don't know
if it's cloudy or bright ♪
'Cause I only have eyes for you ♪
First road trip since I started leaping.
- It's a it's a cool car.
- I know, right?
How's the team?
Good, great.
All back together.
Pretty much remember everyone now.
You do?
Yeah, yeah, it pretty much
all came back to me.
For you ♪

Carrie, are you sure we shouldn't wait
for your parents?
Oh, it's just me and my grandfather.
And I'm pretty sure he has no interest
in hearing this again.
Okay. Well
can you take me through what happened?
It was just past midnight,
and we were on State Road 120.
This is you
and your friend Melanie Hunt?
Best friend, yeah.
Anyway, we were heading back to town.
First thing
that happened was the radio
It started making this noise.
It made us laugh, but when
Melanie changed the station,
it was on all the other stations too.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, aah!
It could be some kind of interference.
And then the next thing we knew,
the sky lit up.
- What is that?
- What? I
I remember thinking
it was kind of beautiful.
Oh, my God, oh, my God! Um, oh, my God.
Aah! [GASPS] Is it gone?
Where is it?
And then all of a sudden,
it sounded like a tornado.
- Go, go!
- So I hit the gas.
You're doing great.
Anyway, once I realized
it was probably a tornado,
I tried to outrun it.
But then I knew this wasn't some storm.
After we hit the tree, the
the ship, whatever it was, was hovering,
so we got out to run,
but I was slow on account of my arm,
so I told Melanie to go on.
I made it about 50 yards,
and then I fell
into that ravine,
where I hid till morning.
I don't know what happened to Melanie
or why she's in a coma.
It doesn't make any sense.
I have also seen things
that are hard to explain
and harder to believe.
- Who the hell are you?
- Sheriff, hello.
I'm Agent Robert Cook with Project Sign.
The alien chasers.
UFO investigators. And apologies.
I asked Carrie if she wanted
to wait for her grandfather.
She preferred to talk without him.
- Did she?
- How's Melanie?
- I wanna see her.
- Carrie, we've been over this.
Has she woken up?
Please, if she could just hear my voice.
Like it or not,
this is a criminal matter.
And I'm the criminal?
Got it.
Agent Cook, if you would?

Have been out to the accident site yet?
I have.
Did you see anything
like Carrie described?
I did not.
- You sure?
- No.
I'm uncertain on account
of I'm terrible at my job.
You wanna know if I found
any martians, Agent Cook?
No, what I found was Melanie Hunt,
unconscious in a car,
not in the woods like Carrie claims.
A bottle of whiskey in the back
and a list of bad behavior
as long as your arm.
The honor student, top of her class,
that Carrie is long gone.
[SIGHS] My granddaughter has
been on a tear for a year solid
while I've been running around,
cleaning up her mess.
Carrie is your granddaughter?
My one and only.
She lost her mother
a year ago to cancer,
hasn't been the same since.
Notice how he didn't say "we lost."
Men of his generation didn't
really wear their heart
on their sleeve,
nor did they come equipped
to deal with a grieving teenage girl.
I'm so sorry, Sheriff.
No parent should have
to bury their child.
Why isn't Carrie in lockup?
That's Russell Hunt.
He's the girl
that's in the coma's father.
- He owns half the town.
- She hasn't even been released
from the hospital yet.
Look, she's been charged,
and I'll make sure
that she appears for the judge.
No need to stick her in a cell.
Oh, a cell is where she belongs.
I want her in lockup
before the end of the day.
- That's a lovely fellow.
- Yeah.
Say what you want,
but the law is on his side.
I hope you find something, Agent Cook,
because otherwise, I'm about
to lose the last family I got.
So all I have to do
is prove aliens are real.

What can I get you?
- Coffee, please.
- Anything to eat?
Just coffee.
Are you, uh, heading out
with the sheriff?
In addition to working here,
I also help out over at the hotel.
I saw you check in. Must be a cool job,
traveling the country,
investigating the unknown.
Mm, stressful, this time.
Oh, I heard.
Poor Carrie.
Could she really go to jail?
Do you believe her, Carrie?
Well, I
I haven't heard her story.
But yeah, I do.
Then again, my friends think I'm crazy
because I believe in all kinds
of impossible things.
But it's just common sense, really.
I mean, imagine, if someone
from the 1850s walked in here
and you tried to tell them
about airplanes,
or or the atom bomb, or yo-yos
- Yo-yos?
- You try explaining a yo-yo
to somebody who doesn't know
what they are.
Centrifugal force, angular momentum
I mean, that would
have been considered witchcraft
100 years ago.
- Hello, Anna.
- Hi, Sheriff.
You ready to go out
to the crash site, Mr. Cook?
- Yes, I am.
- Oh, no, on the house.
- Oh, well, thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
How long have you been sheriff?
Since my father died.
He was sheriff before me.
How many sheriffs have
there been in your family?
I'm not interested
in holding hands, Agent Cook.
I had a wife that was the love
of my life,
a daughter who was my heart and soul.
Now I got a granddaughter
who needs help.
All I need to know is,
is if you see anything.
How long do I have to investigate?
Today's Tuesday.
Circuit judge is here Friday,
and it'll be a bench verdict.
So that leaves me
less than 72 hours to
has that car been following us?
- Only about 20 minutes.
- Do you know who they are?
My guess, they work for Hunt.
He thinks you're gonna
make something up,
come up with some loophole
that Carrie and I can crawl through,
which is only insulting
to every single one of us.

What's happening?
You ever played chicken before?
Not since high school,
and those were with shopping carts.
Only one way to face a bully,
and that's head-on.

Now you can investigate undisturbed.
Either you're insane
or you'll do anything
to find out what really happened.
You make a habit of stating
the obvious, don't you?
You're the anonymous caller.
You're the one who called Project Sign.
There might be
an investigator in you yet.
This all seems to match Carrie's story.
The road's a straight shot here,
so it doesn't feel like a place
she would just lose control.
It does not.
But here's the problem.
Those are my footprints
from when I arrived on scene.
And those are Carrie's,
so Melanie never left the car.
So we did some digging, turns out
those men the sheriff ran off
the road, they were Hunt's.
So far, it's not looking good
for Carrie.
Okay, you keep looking around here.
I'll follow her trail.
Maybe Carrie was confused, in shock?
- Or drunk.
- Where's that whiskey bottle?
It's in my car, hidden under the seat.
Don't worry. I'll log it into evidence,
but I got 24 hours to do so, and
When word gets out about that bottle,
any hope that people might
believe Carrie will be gone.
I just can't figure it.
Growing up, she never even lied
about brushing her teeth.
- Ben!
- Lemme keep looking around.
All right.
Found a partial print.
- It might be
- Sheriff, check this out.
It's heading towards the car too.
And it's too big
to be either of the girls'.
Well, we don't get hunters out here.
And I don't see why anybody
would go to the trouble
of brushing away all their tracks.
He's right. There are no other tracks.
Something happened here, Sheriff.
It does feel like there's
something more going on here.
Look, Ben. I really need to talk to you.
Addison, what?
Okay, you're not gonna love this,
but Carrie could be lying.
- No.
- Not intentionally.
- What about the footprint?
- But
we didn't find anything else.
Look, all I'm saying is that
she has been through a lot,
and grief like that impacts
people in different ways.
I'm not saying I don't hear you.
And I'm not saying there isn't
merit to what you're saying.
- Thank you.
- I'm just saying you're wrong.
"As she swam about,
trying to find her way out.
"I shall be punished
for it now, I suppose,
"by being drowned in my own tears.
That will be a queer thing, to be sure."
It's her favorite book.
I thought maybe if she heard my voice
Carrie, you can't be in here.
If Melanie's father catches you
This is all my fault.
It doesn't matter what happened.
It doesn't matter
that no one believes me.
The only thing that matters is
that I'm okay and she's not.
Maybe if if I hadn't swerved
to avoid that thing or
or if Melanie and I had
just stayed tog
Carrie, this is not your fault.
I mean, you said Melanie
was awake after you crashed.
You both were running
in the woods, right?
On my mother's life.
So let's find out
who's really responsible.
That's what we can do for Melanie.
Now I've been out to the crash
and I found evidence
that someone else was there.
Carrie, was someone else there?
You won't get in trouble.
But it sounds so crazy.
I keep thinking maybe
I hit my head when I crashed,
maybe I didn't actually see them.
- See who?
- Not who, what.

Okay, green, glowing round eyes.
What she described doesn't
sound animal or human.
Ben, those are Hunt's men.
Uh, where ya goin'? They are dangerous.
I pointed them out
so that you could avoid them.
Can I help you, gentlemen?
- Agent Cook.
- Huh? [GROANS]
- Ben.
Mr. Hunt doesn't take kindly
to outsiders messing
with his family.
He got your message.
- Have you gotten mine?

Is that how Hunt
always conducts business?
Pretty much.
He owns half the land
from here to the border.
Only fair to tell you,
if you manage to help Carrie out,
Hunt might just try to kill you for it.
Hunt was the largest
landowner in New Mexico,
and Carrie's accident happened
on his land.
But this is where
things get interesting.
All of Hunt's money came from oil
only his wells dried up in 1946.
He had no other businesses
and no other leases on his land.
So where was his money coming from?
Drugs, he could have been running drugs.
Wasn't '49 a little early for drugs?
Actually, no, Mexico's production
of weed and heroin increased in the '40s
when we put the block
on European imports
in World War II.
A helicopter.
A helicopter would fit Carrie's story
and look like a spaceship in 1949.
Not to mention, it would make sense
Hunt would have one
if he was running drugs.
The Bell 47 was first sold in 1946.
Sorry, Ian, it doesn't look like
you'll be meeting ET today.
I hope you can respect
my privacy during this time.
- Hey.
- Okay, and with that
[CLEARS THROAT] I am gonna tell Ben
we are going helicopter hunting.
- Addison, hang on.
- Yeah?
Look, I saw what Ben did in
there, confronting those guys.
- He's getting reckless.
- I'm a hologram, Magic.
There's only so much I can do.
You think it would help,
sending someone else in?
He thinks that I abandoned
him once already.
I do it again,
it's only gonna make it worse.
Look, he's hurting, but he's still Ben.
I can get him through this.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, Sheriff,
sorry to show up unannounced.
But I think Carrie might
have seen a helicopter.
Do you know if Hunt owns one?
Well, if he does, it's not in Starlight.
But he does have a ranch
about an hour east of here.
- You up for a drive?
- Ben, it's almost dark.
What happened to waiting
till the morning,
when you can, you know, see?
I think I'm starting
to like you, Agent Cook.

Trying not to get my hopes up.
I spent the last year failing Carrie,
which means a year
of failing my daughter
and the promise I made her
as she died in my arms.
Grief is a strange thing.
I lost my fiancée not too long ago.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
That's the thing,
it's not anybody's fault.
There's no one to blame,
except maybe for myself.
- Ben.
- When there's no one to blame,
no one to fight,
that's when the anger
is like acid in your blood.
I sure would like to find
a bad guy right about now.
- Hey, I see something.
- What was that?
- Ben, dirt road.
- That way.
Eyes on the sky, Agent Cook.
Let's find us a helicopter.
We're gonna close this case.
We're gonna save your granddaughter.
Ben, I can't hear the radio.
Hey, can you hear me?
Excuse me. Did I just get kicked out?
Okay, please do not tell me
that this is Janis again.
Janis works for the NSA in Hawaii.
And besides, the interference,
it's not coming from our side.
It's coming from Ben's.
The radio's not turning off.
It means it's a signal-jamming protocol.

- We're sittin' ducks in here!
- How?
I'll cover you. Get to the tree!

Whoa! [GRUNTS]
- Aah!
How'd I get here?
I don't know.
I got kicked out of the leap.
What do you remember?
Uh, and the sheriff was
driving me to Hunt's farm.
- The sheriff is he is he okay?
- Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
- Just
Take it easy, okay? We don't know
what happened to you.
You could have died.
Do you understand that?
Right, you're right.
Look, my entire purpose
is to support you
through these leaps,
and I am trying to do that,
but you keep making these decisions,
rash decisions,
that you would not have made
three years ago.
You mean three days ago.

Addison, I know
I'm not myself right now,
and to tell you the truth, I don't know
if I'll ever get that me back.
But Carrie and the sheriff,
we can get their lives back
if we figure this out.
And that is the one thing I have
to hold on to right now.
I need this.


Hey, good morning.
- Hannah, is it?
- Yeah.
Um, how early do you, um
did you happen to see me this morning?
I started at 6:00, and yeah.
I saw the sheriff pull up
and carry you inside.
I was a little worried,
if I'm being honest.
At least we know the sheriff's okay.
- Is your neck sore?
- Yeah.
I must have slept on it funny.
Actually, it looks like
a spider got you.
A nasty one, at that.
Ben, she's right, but I don't
think that was a spider.
Hannah, call the sheriff.
Have him meet me at the hospital.
Same placement, the same size.
Unless she and I were both bit
by the exact same spider,
we were drugged.
Melanie, the night
of the crash, me last night.
That's why when you found me,
I was passed out.
Melanie's so small I'm guessing
they gave her too much
of whatever it is.
- That's why the coma.
- Well, supposing you're right,
how do we prove it?
Well, I had the nurse
draw some of my blood.
I put a rush on the results.
I'm on it.
The compound used to knock me out
should tell us who's behind this.
If it's simple narcotics,
that points to Hunt.
If it's something more exotic,
we'll have to look at the military.
I know you believe what the girl saw
was a helicopter.
What came after us last night,
that wasn't a helicopter or a plane.
Blood tests will point us
in the right direction.
Yeah, but they're not proof.
Proof is what we need,
and we're runnin' out of time.
Hey, you've been discharged.
- Oh.
Well, you're gonna wrinkle
the man's suit.
Sorry, it's just
thank you for believing in me.
Thank your grandfather.
He's the one who called me in.
You said you didn't believe in UFOs.
I don't,
but I believe in my granddaughter.
Come on, before Hunt sees us
and demands I throw you in irons.
You know, the three of you standing here
actually will make the results
come faster.
- Really?
- No.
[LAUGHS] You should know by now,
mouth off to Magic,
the universe'll get ya.
What does it say?
Well, it's a very sophisticated
synthetic compound built
of gamma hydroxybutyrate
and several alpha-2 inhibitors,
so Ben was right.
If he had any more
of this in his system,
then he would be in a coma
just like that poor girl.
Gamma blue 5, the military
used it in the 40s and 50s.
The good news is, there's a serum
to reverse its effects.
So we know who our bad guys are.
Yeah, but I checked.
There's no military base for 500 miles.
But what about a black box program
that's operating on private land?
That's how Hunt is making his money.
He's not selling drugs.
He's secretly leasing his land
to the military.
Okay, okay, let's suppose you're right.
Where on Hunt's land is that base?
Well, if I triangulate the location
of Carrie's accident and Ben
and the sheriff's sightings
and then avoid all
of these populated areas,
then that should leave us
with somewhere within
these 1,100 square miles.
It's like the size of Yosemite.
I'll make a call,
see what I can find on a private base.
Ian, Jenn, comb through
the historical records.
Look for any clues we might have missed.
Addison, get Ben those results.
Yes, Ben, Magic found a name.
General Austin Murray was assigned
to Los Alamos in the '40s, so
if there was
a black box program,
he'd be the one running it.
So they drugged Melanie,
then put her back in the car
to cover up what she'd seen.
But they couldn't find Carrie
'cause she fell in the ravine.
- He's gonna run.
- Got no choice, I'm afraid.
Hunt made a call.
Circuit judge isn't coming Friday.
He'll be here first thing
in the morning.
Hunt also got me suspended
for impeding an investigation.
- What?
- Yeah.
My deputy gave me a heads-up.
They're on the way here now
to take Carrie into the custody.
And no offense, Agent Cook,
I appreciate all you've done.
There's no way I'm letting him
lock up my granddaughter.
Oh, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait,
Sheriff, if I can't let you do that.
At the risk of ruining
our budding friendship,
I'm gonna have to ask you
to get out of my way.
Ben, Ziggy says if they
run now, they're spotted,
there's a pursuit,
Carrie is still convicted
of manslaughter,
but now Sheriff Morgan goes
to prison as well.

Son, you've seen what I'll do
to protect my granddaughter.
Do not ask me for another demonstration.
- Six hours.
- What?
How's that?
All I need is six hours
to prove there is a military base
hidden somewhere on Hunt's land.
A few years back,
there was construction work
at the old Cutler Mine.
It's on his land.
And that mine went bust in the 1890s.
Hunt said he was giving it another go,
but it never made sense.
This is great.
You can call Project Sign.
I'm sure with a little digging,
you can find evidence of this.
What are we gonna do
when we get to that base?
We're gonna find the evidence
you need to help save Carrie.
Okay, you can't just walk up
to a secret military base.
- Six hours?
- Six hours.
Ben, please tell me you're not
actually thinking about doing this.
But I wanna put Carrie somewhere safe
- before we go out there.
- Of course.
Okay, Melanie Hunt is still in a coma.
You still have those same drugs
in your system.
If you go to that base
and they dose you again, you could die.
- That's what this is for.
- Adrenaline?
Uh-huh, nicked it
while I was in the hospital.
Since when do you nick things?
It's not much use once
you're already in a coma,
but it can keep your heart rate
up so you don't fall into one.
- Carrie, you okay?
- Yeah, just a little nervous.
You'll be safe here with Hannah.
- Thank you.
- I'm just glad I could help.
What happens if you overdose
on adrenaline?
Oh, too much, and he could die.
Too little, and it won't be enough
to counter the effects of the drug.
Which means he goes into a coma.
Addison, you need to stop Ben
from going through with this crazy plan.
Hunt is the linchpin.
He is the one leasing them the land.
We go to him,
we lay out our case, and
Hunt is out for blood.
His men are looking for Carrie.
I know this plan is risky,
but it's the only way
I can actually get this done.

The base should be just over that ridge.
- What are the chances
- Addison gets kicked out again?
- If it was a signal-jammer
on an aircraft carrier
last time, she should be good.
Oh, it might still be
a military base studying a UFO,
and I am not saying that
in a giddy, science nerd way.
You're saying it
in a they'll go to any lengths
to keep Ben quiet way.
Ben, this plan could get you killed.

I already buried you once!
Please, do not make me bury you again.
No one made you do that! [PANTING]
No one made you bury me
after two years, but you did!
And now I have to live
with whatever that means
for the rest of my life,
whatever kind of life this is.
Now I'm doing this,
and if you aren't with me
as my hologram, this will not work!
So please, don't give up on me again.

Thank you.



Ben, come on, wake up. Hey.
Hey, hey, the sheriff's here. Hey.
- Hey.
- Did it work?
Well, I think
you're meant to tell me that.
It worked. I saw everything.

Looks like our man.

That's him, General Murray.
Where is your uniform, General?
Agent Cook, you said your name was.
Let's not posture banter.
You don't know me.
I know you run an off-the-books base
on land you lease from Russell Hunt.
And I know you drugged me twice.
Sounds like you've been
chasing one too many UFOs, son.
We knew you'd say that.
That's why I followed him out
to the mine last night.
I have some nice photographs
of him getting grabbed
and even better ones of him being dumped
by your guys this morning.
Mm, so far, I'm hearing tales
of trespassing.
I saw everything last night.

Saw the camouflaged sentries
with their prototype three
barrel night vision goggles.
I saw the zero-point jet
they're testing,
the same jet
that ran Carrie off the road.
Even listened to the doctors
laugh about their golf game
as they injected me with gamma blue 5,
the same drug that put
Melanie Hunt in a coma.
Should we keep going?
'Cause I saw a lot more
that Congress probably doesn't
know about.
This is the part where you ask us
what we want to keep our mouths shut.
You have a serum at your base
that can reverse the effects
of gamma blue 5.
We'd like a dose for Melanie Hunt.
We'd like for you to provide
a statement to Mr. Hunt,
explaining that
let's call it a helicopter
flew too low
and caused Carrie to crash.
Carrie gets a full scholarship
to the college of her choice,
and, uh, throw in a car
like yours, a new one.
Anything else?
I assume we're not the first people
from Starlight you've abducted,
but we are the last.
You move your base.
You leave the good folks
of my county alone.

There's an abandoned airfield
in Groom Lake, Nevada.
You should check it out.
I think it's called Area 51.
So you off to your next case?
Uh, something like that.
I don't know how best to thank you.
Perhaps talk to Carrie
about how you feel,
about what you've both been through,
what you've lost.
Just talk to her.
That easy, huh?
It's the hardest thing in the world,
but it's the only way forward.

- I see you cleaned up in here.
- Ah.
How's it goin'?
Well, like they say, one day at a time.
- Yeah.
- How about you?
Honestly, it feels like
we almost lost him again today.
All the agony and loss
we went through doesn't vanish
just because Ben's alive.
We still carry all three years of it.
I I don't know how
to help him anymore.
It's so strange to look at Ben,
my Ben, and not know what to do.
Look, Magic, maybe you were right.
Maybe someone else should tap in.
Give it time.
Not just for Ben, for you too.
Yeah. Right.
Thanks, Magic, as always.
- Tom back from D.C.?
- Uh, in a couple hours, why?
Because I don't think
any of us should try
to go through this without help.
That's good advice.

Hey, it's me.
Got a minute?
This is all a lot harder than I thought.
Thank you. Thank you. [LAUGHS]
No, but thank you for all of your help.
I was actually a little afraid
for Hunt's guys.
Well, it was a pretty
incredible thing you did.
All's well that ends well.
- You taking off?
- Yeah, I am.
What we perceive as the force
of gravity arises
- from the curvature of space
- And time.
- Uh-huh.
- Space and time.
Okay, now what kind of waitress knows
the general theory of relativity?
Growing up, I wanted to be a scientist.
I studied mathematics and physics,
even got a job as a programmer
during the war
on the first electromechanical computer.
Wow. What happened?
Job went away when the war ended,
like it did for most women.
I'm still calculating my next move
and a career, I guess.
Do you mind if I
- Oh, sure.
- Yeah, thank you.
It's 1949, so you should
uh, well, there's a professor
by the name of Yates at Princeton.
He's about to open up
his new physics program
to female candidates,
and I have a feeling
you're exactly the kind
of person he's looking for.
So get his number from Information,
call him, go live the life
you want to live.
Wow. Um, I don't know what to say.
Well, just, um, promise me
you'll stick with it.
It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it.
- Goodbye, Hannah.
- Oh, no, don't say goodbye.
It's so final.
Just say, "See you later."
That leaves an open door.
See you later.

We hit 'em tonight.
Remember, two guards at the rear,
one in the head, one in the chest.
When we get inside, you grab the statue,
and I will light up that place
to make sure there are no survivors.
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