Quantum Leap (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

The Lonely Hearts Club

We hit 'em tonight.
Remember, two guards at the rear.
One in the head, one in the chest.
When we get inside, you grab the statue
and I will light that place up
so there are no survivors.
Hey, not bad for a former TV star
whose best days are behind him.
Am I right? [CHUCKLES]
Oh, that's what Quentin does.
He sees things in actors
that other directors don't.
Oh, and I just hope I get his job.
- You're Neal Russell!
- You're damn right I am.
I don't know if I'm allowed to say this,
but I'm a huge fan!
Summer, I am gonna stop you right there.
Today, you are allowed
to say anything you want.
Now, I know my agency,
they like their assistants
to be all buttoned-up,
but you're with me now, so no filters.
In fact, tell me more.
Uh, okay.
Uh, well, I love you
in "Cosmic Attraction."
But my, uh, ex, um,
she loves "Duplication."
Oh, the one where I play that scientist
who duplicates his wife
and then the clone falls
in love with my brother?
- Yeah, your twin brother!
- Oh.
She says the only thing
better than Neal Russell
is two Neal Russells.
Oh, I like this woman.
She's an ex, you say?
- Yeah.
- I am sorry.
You know, I certainly
shed my fair share of tears
over lost love, but as they say,
"To weep is to make less
the depth of grief."
Summer, can I let you in
on a little secret?
Every day we wake up,
there is an adventure to be had.
Some are fun, some are scary,
and some are flat-out stupid.
But no matter how you slice it,
life is meant to be lived.

Good morning, everyone.
I'm sure you've noticed that
we are back up and running.
What you may not know is
this is the man responsible:
Tom Westfall.
He's a senior official
at the Pentagon's
Defense Innovation Unit.
He's been working behind the scenes
to get Quantum Leap back on its feet.
I know I speak for everyone,
Tom, when I say thank you.
You saved us from dark days.
Good morning.
I just want to start by saying
how excited I am to be joining you.
This is a truly historic program.
It's the stuff dreams are made of.
Short-term, my job is
to oversee an audit of the operation.
[ALL GROANING] I know, I know.
But this is the government.
We can't change the world
without some paperwork.

Now long-term, my goal is to make sure
no one ever shuts us down again.
And to be clear,
that is what's at stake.
Now, the way we keep that from happening
is we show everyone
in Washington how important,
how noble, and how inspiring
Quantum Leap truly is.
Okay, speech over. Let's go to work.
- Ian, can I borrow you a sec?
- Yeah, sure.
Can you talk me through
these periodic energy spikes?
Oh, yeah. Okay.
Um, so basically, every time Ben leaps,
we have to search for and then lock onto
his quantum signature,
and that takes
an enormous amount of energy.
I take it our light bill is expensive?
- In the Las Vegas range.
- Oof.
Look, I can spin that
as the cost of
leave-no-man-behind mission,
but would you mind looking into
the internals for me?
These spikes are much bigger
than they were three years ago.
They are?

It's "The Tonight Show"?
We'll come on down.
I cannot believe that you get
to hang out with Neal Russell.
I don't know. [SIGHS]
Um, do you mind if I?

- Yeah, I know it's crazy.
And he's even cooler than we imagined.
You missed some of the craziest stories
from his first season
of "Awful Good Together."
Okay, I'm gonna need
a full debrief later.
But first, we should probably
figure out why you're here.
You think it has something
to do with the accident?
It sure does. It is April 4th, 2000.
That's the day he disappeared.
Okay, in the original timeline,
Neal was in town to appear
on "The Tonight Show,"
but he canceled last-minute.
He was last seen sailing to Catalina,
and his boat was found adrift
the next day.
And a week later,
his body washed up on shore.
We gotta keep him
from getting on that boat.
Actually, Ziggy says
you're here to get him
to "The Tonight Show."
Apparently, that was the
real Summer Walsh's assignment,
but she clearly failed to do so.
"The Tonight Show"?
There has to be more to this than that.
Summer, would you mind
getting a shot of all of us?
Oh, yeah. Of course.
Everybody smile.
Oh, I love spending
quality time with the fans.
Now, Pete said you were gonna
bring some of my old mail.
Uh, Pete is Neal's agent, your boss.
Yes, that's right. Um
here we go, I'm sorry.


Uh, these letters to CR Lambert
have all been returned.
Yeah, it must be an old address.
Look, I'm gonna get another espresso.
Do you mind do you want anything?
No, I'm okay. Thank you.

Do we know when Summer lost Neal?
Uh, well, he was set to
appear on the show at 5:00 p.m.
But I have Summer's expenses
for the day.
She bought gas to pick up Neal
from the airport
and bring him here,
he paid for breakfast.
[ZIGGY CHIMES] And that's it.
That's it? That means I lose him soon.
- Maybe he's in the bathroom?
- Yup.
If we lose him and he gets on that boat,
he's gonna die, Ben.

He's in the wind.
I lost Neal Russell!
Who loses Neal Russell?
Okay, all right.
Uh, let's think this through.
So one minute, Neal's all
"Summer, you're the best,"
and the next, he bolts.
His mail he was reading it
in the café before he vanished.
Ben, that one.
He must've just opened it.
Okay, well, whatever was in it
is no longer there.
Laura Evans, 3512 Clayton Drive,
- Los Angeles
- Ben!
- Laura Evans!
Oh! Yeah. You mean his co-star
from "Awful Good Together."
Yeah, but more importantly,
Laura Evans was his ex-wife.
Ben, she's getting married
in her backyard today.
That's why Neal was in such a hurry.
- We need to find him now.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Oh, hey!
Excuse me, excuse me!
Can I get a ride to the front gate?
Well, I guess there are a few perks
to bureaucratic oversight.
I'm not sure everyone feels
the same way.
I think I may have blindsided
some people this morning.
Come on. Blindsided implies
that you're doing something wrong.
Everyone here wants
what's best for the program.
How goes the leap?
Neal Russell.
I mean, can you believe that?
I am having a hard time
not just staring at him.
Relax. You said that out loud.
Yeah, well, teenage me would've
shouted that from the rooftops,
- so that's growth.
Well, hopefully grown-up you
can help Ben stop Neal
from stopping that wedding.
You were watching.
Uh, okay.
What do you think about your first leap?
What I think of the leap
or what I think of Ben?
Honestly, I haven't seen enough
to have an opinion.
His hologram, though,
- she is smart, resourceful
- Mm.
To be honest,
it's hard not to stare at her
the entire time.
I, uh, see what you did there.

[SIGHS] Come on, come on.
Rachel, please pick up.
Hi, honey.
Yeah, no.
Everything everything is fine.
I've never called you from work before?
Well, I just I, um,
I had a couple of hours free
and I wanted to see if maybe
you could slip away for lunch?
- Hi.
- Hey.
How'd you get by?
Oh, agency IDs are like
golden tickets in this town.
I remember that from
Neal's movie, "Public Safety."
Wait, "Public Safety."
Didn't we watch that during
the Neal Russell marathon
BOTH: The flu weekend of 2020?
I get queasy just thinking about it.
Oh, tell me about it.
I have never spent that much
time on a bathroom floor.
Though I do remember someone
staying with me
long after he did feel better.
Oh, you know, I just have
a thing for lying on tile.

Uh, hey, well, I found out
why you have to get Neal
to "The Tonight Show."
So Ziggy says that
despite outward appearances,
Neal's star was starting to wane.
But he was the lead
of the biggest sitcom on TV.
I mean, his movies.
He gets recognized everywhere he goes.
Yeah, but that show ended 15 years ago.
And if you noticed,
most of his fans are of a certain age.
I mean, sure, after Neal died,
everyone said, "Oh, he's a legend,"
but the truth is
he quietly sold his mansion
and moved back to the East Coast.
That's why he's just "in town."
Yeah. Oh, and those letters
to CR Lambert?
She was an up-and-coming publicist
who clearly was not interested
in shocking life
back into Neal's career.
Ah, no wonder all the speculation
his accident was actually a suicide.
I mean, perfect day, calm seas.
But Ziggy says none of that happens
if we get him to the TV show
to promote his memoir.
If we do, the book's a hit and
Neal gets cast in a big movie.
So we get him to Leno, everybody wins.
Oh, he really is a good actor.
Here he is under all that stress
and he's nothing but grace and charm.
- So I'm the asshole, huh?
- Yes!
- Yes, you are the asshole!
- Oh, I got it, I got it!
That's it. You know what?
I'm calling the cops.
- Oh!
- I'm calling the cops!
That's a classic Michael move.
[SCOFFING] No backbone.
He's running off to tell mother.
What do I do?
Uh, wait for an opening?
Laura, please. I'm begging you.
Give me another chance.
We'll start fresh.
Neal, get up. Please!
Look, I will do anything you want, see?
I'll quit acting. We'll get a dog.
- We'll start a family.
- A family?
What if there is no opening?
You know, I really I
I thought it was a kind gesture
inviting you to my wedding,
but obviously, I made a mistake.
Okay, can we at least agree
that you can't marry Michael?
I mean, he's a sidekick at best.
He's not a leading man!
And what did
being a leading man get you?
A life of loneliness.
That is why I'm here.
Working on my memoir,
I realized how empty my life is.
Help me. Help me fix that
before it's too late.
Oh, she's marring Michael Stevens,
their co-star on the show.
And he's got a samurai sword!
Neal, you son of a bitch!
Whoa, hey! No need for violence.
Oh, great. Who are you?
Neal's 25-year-old skanky girlfriend?
Not surprising someone as selfish as you
doesn't recognize Summer,
our agent's assistant.
Oh, Summer. Sorry.
It's nice to put a face
with the name, you know?
- I didn't
- Out!
The two of you,
out of this house right now.
Neal, if you say one more word,
I swear to God,
I will never speak to you again.
Well, that went over about as well
as the time
I did Shakespeare in the Park.
Oh, when you played Puck?
No, that was just critics
looking to take someone who
Look, save the hope
for someone who actually could use it.
The curtain's dropped on this guy.
I don't wanna think, I don't wanna talk.
Just tell Leno I have my regrets,
so I'm going sailing.
No! You can't do that!
Why not?
Uh, because, obviously,
Laura still loves you.
She does?
- She does?
- Yes!
Didn't you see the way
she was looking at you?
Yeah, kinda looked like rage to me.
Yeah, yes, but also,
rage can sometimes also be love.
In reverse.
What you need to do is you need to
go on "The Tonight Show"
to promote your memoir
and then you need to declare
your undying love for her.
No, that's a terrible idea.
Laura hates publicity.
She'd never forgive me.
But but
what she does like
what she does love are
tender romantic gestures.
- No, that is not the mission.
And you are right.
I was quitting too soon.
But you never bail
when you've just found the one.
Ben, you need to stop this
before it gets out of hand.
Okay, put on your seat belt, Summer,
because we're winning Laura back!
This is not the mission.
I could get used to random,
surprised lunch dates.
Although I'd much rather
have you home before midnight.
I, um, took the liberty
of ordering us the omakase.
Oh, not having to make
another decision today
is so my kind of foreplay.

What's wrong?
I know all your smiles.
That's the something-is-wrong smile.
Um, Tom
Tom asked me if I could figure out a way
to make our technology
more energy-efficient,
so I was looking into our code
and I found something seriously wrong
with the quantum processing chip
that your boss built for me.

When we got back together,
we agreed that was between you and him.
I know.
You needed someone to make you
the most powerful chip on Earth,
I introduced you to my boss.
That's the extent of my involvement.
I know, I know, but the chip
the chip is transmitting
Ziggy's code out of HQ,
presumably back to him.
Okay, um, well
let's not overreact, okay?
The good news is the most that
he can get is the AI, okay?
Unless you find Ben,
there's no way he'll figure out that
Quantum Leap is related to time travel.
Did you find him?
Ian, did you find Ben and not tell me?

I just I-I-I-
I didn't want your boss to
to ask you about my work and
you to have to lie to him, so
So instead, you lied to me.
No, you told me that
you wanted to be left out.
Kept out of the deal, not
don't you dare say keeping a secret
from the person you
supposedly love isn't lying.
I can deal with your savior complex.
Some days, it's even admirable.
But I told you
I wouldn't do secrets anymore.
Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.
I'm sorry.
You always are.
But you never change.

Yeah, thanks, Charlie.
You're a good man.
Step one of my plan to snap Laura out of
whatever spell she is under: flowers.
- Mm.
- That was Charlie Carter.
He's Jeffrey Katzenberg's
number one floral artist.
Tulips are Laura's favorite,
so we're gonna
fill the car up with them.
Ah, she always thinks
I never listen to her.
I always listen. I just
did what I wanted instead.
I guess that's what you call selfish.
You think?
We all learn from our mistakes.
- Do we?
'Cause, uh, Ziggys says
every minute we go after Laura,
we are making things worse.
You know, I once helped a bounty hunter
and her boyfriend
get back together even though
other people thought that was a mistake.
No, I did not say that was a mistake.
I said that wasn't the mission.
Thisis a mistake.
[CHUCKLES] Step two: music.
That was Carreras,
who's gonna meet us at Laura's house
and serenade her after I've broken up
this farce of wedding.
Okay, see? Right here.
"Laura and Michael still happily married
20 years later."
How do you know you're doing
the right thing, Neal?
How do you know she's the one?
Because I I lost her.
I mean, it's strange. I
I could spend hours telling you
all the things that I love about Laura,
but I loved them before and still,
I made decisions
that destroyed what we had.

It was like a part of me was torn out.
I lost my other half.

And you're just
drifting through life, lost.
Does that make any sense?
More than you know. [NEAL SIGHS]
You're doing the right thing, Neal.
[NEAL SIGHS] You're fighting for love.
All right, turn left up ahead
and find a place to park.
What's here?
Well, we got the flowers,
we got the opera legend.
There's just one more thing to do:
steal my tuxedo.
- Huh?
You said steal.
Why do you need to steal a tuxedo?
It is not atuxedo, it is the tuxedo,
the one I wore when I married Laura
on the show and in real life.
And that's here?
That is there.

We were in DC for the last leap,
but it was rough.
Yeah, it sounded rough for both of you.
Yeah, well, at least last time,
Ben was making decisions
in service of the leap,
but now?
I mean, come on. Helping Neal
win back the woman that he lost?

What do you think I should do?
I mean, I can't just sit back
and let him ruin the leap.
He's going to get stuck
in the year 2000 forever.
Hey. We're not there yet.
Ziggy says this is not
getting him to "The Tonight Show,"
not about how Ben does it.
And from what I've read,
Ben has a pretty good track record
of knowing what to do.
Yeah. He does.
Then let him lead. He's earned it.
Trust him.
And trust that if he has
really lost the plot
[WHISPERS] He'll know what to do.
- Jeez.
Here we go. Hot off the presses.
Well, more like 20-something years.
"Awful Good"?
That's what he named his book?
"Awful Good Together"
was the name of his sitcom.
Instead of having Ziggy give us clues
as to what makes Neal tick,
let's get it from the man himself.
You know, we could always just
have Ziggy read the book for us.
With all due respect, this is a memoir.
And when it comes to memoirs,
sometimes, you have to read
between the lines.
Oh, where did a nice girl
like you learn to pick a lock?
Long story.
We need to hurry. Someone could find us.

And there I am.
That's supposed to be you?

Yeah, it's not great, but
there's something in the eyes.

You okay?
Yeah, yeah. It's just like
staring in the face
of your own mortality.
One, which honestly, they
never actually nailed, but
ugh, what is this obsession
with wax figures?
I mean, do we just yearn
to be around people that
The real thing's always better, anyway.

Maybe we should just
grab the tuxedo and go.
[SIGHS] Yeah.

- Police! Open the door!
Hey, Summer.
Remember what I said about
very day being an adventure?
Which kind is this?
The tabloid kind. [SIGHS]
Well, I, uh, didn't see that coming.
Uh, Ziggy says
by the time Neal's released,
he misses the show,
your host gets fired from TAA,
and Neal still dies.
[SIGHS] Terrific.
Hey, look. We have been
in tighter spots before, okay?
We just need to use what's available.
You're a Hollywood assistant.
You have the entire town's resources
at your fingertips.
Even better.
I've got Neal Russell.
[CLEARS THROAT] Officer Jackson.
Have you ever seen any of Neal's work?
- Why?
- He's got two daughters, nine and 11.
Neal did some kid movies.
The reason I ask is
the governor's daughter
just had a birthday
and Neal made a special appearance.
[SOFTLY] I did?
The governor
doesn't have a daughter, Ben.
- Just go with it.
- Okay.
He did the voices of all
of her favorite characters.
Checking credit card receipts.
I played Agent Tom Hawk,
I did Captain Peter Hunt.
"Coming Full Circus."
He rented it two weeks ago.
Of course, the Ringmaster
from "Coming Full Circus."
[NEAL CHUCKLES] How could you forget?
You know, the one with the girl,
she runs away from home
and she joins the circus
and he eventually ends up
getting her parents back together.
Oh, it just gets me here every time.
If you could let us off
with a warning this time,
I am sure that Neal would be happy
to do something like that
for you as a show of gratitude.
You still got the costume?

I didn't know Neal was
in a competitive barbershop
quartet in college.
Didn't know Neal was almost
in the Peace Corps.
I'd like to clarify
my earlier statement.
Read between the lines
for stuff that's relevant.
Either you tell me
what's going on right now
or you're gonna have to tell everyone.
[SOFTLY] Fine.
We've had a security breach.
Magic, turn to page 116.
What am I reading about?
One of Neal's early relationships.
I asked you to check that chip
when I snuck you in here to install it.
I told you to look for that very thing.
Jenn, you don't think I know that?
I know, I know.
Why are we only finding out
about the leak now?
Well, because it only just
started after we found Ben.
It transmits data every time
that Ben leaps.
She and Neal broke up.
She never acted again.
So our choice are
we let the chip keep hemorrhaging code
or we pull the chip
and lose Ben forever?
Yeah, I'm kind of hoping that
we can come up
with a better third option.
I can pull the firewall, but they're
gonna figure it out pretty quick.
[SIGHS] Well, at least
it'll buy us some time.

Ian? Jenn?

Look what Tom found.

Patricia Bradford?
She and Neal fell in love
doing Broadway 30 years ago.
They split up.
Five years later, she married
a man named Clyde Lambert.
Lambert, Lambert.
Why does that name
sound so familiar to me?
Those returned letters
to that publicist.
Her name is Lambert.
Caroline Lambert.
She's Patricia's daughter.
She just turned 30 years old.
Oh, my God.
If she's 30 during the leap,
- then that means
- Caroline is Neal's daughter.

You know this is destiny.
Think about it, Summer.
The universe sent you to me
'cause if you hadn't been here,
I'd have been in jail
or halfway to Catalina.
But otherwise, my life would've been
Let's focus on
how great you're gonna feel
once you have Laura back
and you crush "The Tonight Show."
I bet Quentin gives you that part.
You think?
I like your chances. [NEAL CHUCKLES]
- Ben.
- Hmm?
Oh, hey.
I'm just gonna use the phone real quick.
Just picking up shoes.
Okay, look. We might've found a plan B.
Did plan A go wrong?
Yes, when Laura
threw you out of her house.
Uh, never mind. Look.
Neal has a daughter he's
never publicly acknowledged.
Caroline Lambert.
Those letters marked "return to sender."
You said this leap had to be about
more than getting into
"The Tonight Show."
You were right. It's about his daughter.
No. No, it's about Laura.
Ben, come on.
I think Neal knows what he wants.
If Neal knew what he wanted,
he wouldn't be having a crisis.
Okay, come on.
Reconciling with his daughter
makes sense.
What's the name of his boat?
- "Sweet Caroline."
- Exactly.
Look, he tried for years
to reach out to her
with no response.
I mean, it was so painful for him,
he didn't even put it in his memoir.
Honestly, we're lucky
Tom put two and two together.
Tom? Is he a new guy in the office?
Addison, is he, uh
is he your boyfriend?
So he's helping?
He knows about Quantum Leap?
Actually, he was one of the ones
who helped get the lights turned back on
so that we could find you.
Oh, so he works there?
Has he been watching the leaps?

Is that why you're not on board
with helping get Laura back?
Because you're worried
I'll do the same when I get home?
What? No.
Ben, my only concern is to get you home,
not what happens after.
Oh, really? Because I can't
stop thinking about both of those.
But yeah, I'm the one
who's stranded and alone, so.
Okay, look. This is why
I've kept checking in with you.
I knew that you needed time
- to process
- What I needed was
for you to wait for me.
I jumped through time and space
to save you,
And you couldn't wait three years?
I would've waited forever
for you, Addison.

I would've never stopped looking.

It is easy to say that you would wait
when you're not the one who had to wait,
When you were the one who left,
and not the one who got left behind.
Do you know what I did when they told me
that they were gonna
shut Quantum Leap down?
I tried to jump in the accelerator
hoping that it would send me to you.
Yeah, I did that.
You know what else I did?
I gave a eulogy at your funeral.

So do not tell me
how hard it has been for you,
because I waited.
I grieved,
and then I buried you
along with the life
that we were supposed to have together.
A life that you left me in alone.

We need to get out of here.
They say there's some crazy woman
Yelling about space and time.
All right, you ready
to win back my love?


How are we doing?
Your turn to check on me?
Yeah, Tom actually
has us working in shifts, so.
Of course he does.

Look, I'm
I'm sorry.
That was
that was really unfair of Ben.
No, it wasn't.
What happened was
exactly what I feared would happen.
I kept something important from Rachel
and I think at the time,
I thought that maybe
I was protecting her,
but now,
I just think that maybe I wasn't really
ready to deal with it.
So are you saying that
Ben might just not be ready
to deal with it?

Hello again.
We just have a few last-minute flowers.
You call that a few?
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, well, see
see, the bride is expecting these
and she gets really pissed off
when anyone's late.
She is lying.
Laura has the patience of an angel.
- I just
- Was about to just leave.
Sorry for the confusion.
Oh, no.

She'll love it.
Here. She'll love you.

Ugh. Guy doesn't have
the decency to wear a tux.
Ah, don't worry about him.
Do you remember what we rehearsed?
Yeah, I'm an actor.
I memorize lines for a living.

Hey, you.
Neal, you came back?
Laura, I know this is crazy,
but what would be crazier
is to throw away what we have.
The universe hasn't been kind
to us, but it
it hasn't given up on us, either.
We've already overcome impossible odds,
so let's just go further.
Let me come home to you.
Because in my heart,
I know that's where I belong.
Neal, you are such a sweet man.
Are you okay?
You just you just
seems so lost right now.
Coming back with this grand gesture
like we're in one of your movies.
But we are not, Neal. This is reality.
This this is my life.
We loved each other once.
But that was years ago.
And I am not that woman anymore
and you are not that man
no matter how much
you wish you could be.
It's time to let go.
It's time to move on.
I can't make your dream come true.
You have to find a new dream.

- I'm sorry.
- No sorrys.
- I should've listened.
- It's okay.
I was out of my mind.
It's understandable.

Can you forgive me?
There's nothing to forgive.
It's not your fault, Summer.
I dragged you here.
No, you didn't.
It is my curse.
I am impossibly charming.
At least for a little while,
and then it starts to diminish.
A little more quickly
than I would like to admit.
Well, we still have "The Tonight Show,"
- so we should get going
- No.
I am going sailing.

First full day.
Is it all you hoped and dreamed?
[SIGHS] Aside from all this paperwork.
No, it's so much more.
When my wife died,
I remember suddenly feeling
how powerless we all are.
No matter what we think.
And working here with time travel,
the one thing I thought
I wouldn't have to feel
Was powerless.
Yeah, I made that mistake, too.
Can I ask you a question?
Is it, uh
about Ian and Jenn?
Because I know they're up to something.
Then again, they often are.
Ben and Addison?
I think the best thing I can do there
is let her take the lead.
My question is about
the Quantum Accelerator.
[CHUCKLES] I'm not sure
I'm the guy to ask about that.
First Sam Beckett, now Ben Song.
In both cases, our assumption
was something went wrong
and if we can fix it,
one or both of them could come home.
That is the goal.
But what if the engine
of Quantum Leap is sacrifice?
What if sacrifice is the price
we have to pay for change?
For 30 years,
we assumed the technology was broken.
But what if it has to be a one-way trip?
But I don't think that'll
stop people from leaping.
I think some will go
even if that's the cost.
There's something deep down inside of us
that strives to do better.

And that's what we need
to show the folks in Washington.

Okay. We're here.
This isn't the marina or Leno.
Where the hell are we?
Your daughter's house.
How the hell did you
Well, that was very clever, Summer,
but, uh she doesn't want to see me.
Why do you think she
sent all these letters back?
What am I supposed to do?
Just walk up there, knock on the door
[SHAKILY] And just say, "I am so sorry."
Sounds like a start.
What if she slams the door in my face?
She won't.
- What if she doesn't answer?
- She will.
Oh, what if she hates me?
God, I've made so many mistakes
in my life,
but not having a relationship
with my own daughter?
She has every right to be furious.

I have a friend who has a
complicated relationship
with her father.
She told me that seeing him in person
changed her life.

Give her a chance to be angry.
Give her a chance to cry.
Someone very smart once told me
"To weep is to make less
the depth of grief."

you're Neal Russell.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
[NEAL SNIFFLES] Yeah, I guess I am.

You know, you are gonna
make one hell of an agent.
Thank you.

- Neal makes it to Leno.
His daughter drives him.
He tells the story
of your little adventure today
and the appearance
completely revives his career.
He becomes a grandfather.
And now, we have seven more
Neal Russell movies to watch.


- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, no, no.
That's okay. Um
these last two leaps have been brutal.
I know.
I ignored you, I snapped at you,
I yelled at you, Addison.
- I don't want to do that.
- I know.
But Ben, look,
we're going to figure this out.
No, we won't.
Laura was right.
I have to give up the fantasy.
I have to give up the happy ending.
I don't
Ben, what are you saying?
I need time.
I can't get over you if you're always
you can't be in my hologram
anymore, Addison.


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