Quantum Leap (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

One Night in Koreatown


- Girl, I must ♪
- Warn you ♪
I sense something strange in my mind ♪

- Situation is ♪
- Serious ♪
Let's cure it 'cause
we're running out of time ♪
Excuse me. You sure these are real?
'Cause I ain't paying for no knockoffs.
Uh, let me check.
I haven't seen these in years.

Oh, yeah. These are totally authentic.
Last week, they were 40 bucks,
and now, they're 65.
Why you guys suddenly
jacking up all your prices?
- Blame Foot Locker!
Ever since they move down street,
we lose so much business,
we have to raise our prices.
My son knows this.
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
Times are tough all over.
That's why I'm pulling a double
tonight at Saint Joe's
and why I really need these shoes.
Guess I'll have to hit the ATM
between shifts.
- What time do you close?
- 7:00 p.m. every day.
Not a moment sooner.
[TAPS BOX] I set aside for you, okay?
Wh-what is your name?
Luisa Rojas. That's Rojas with a J.
Rojas with J. Okay.
[CHUCKLING] Oh, hey.
I remember when these came out. [SIGHS]
I always wanted a pair,
but my mom couldn't afford it.
Stop daydreaming, mm?
The troublemaker is back.
You keep eye on him.
Make sure he don't steal nothing.

- Can I help you?
- Oh, 'sup, Daniel?
I came to check out the new 7s.
- Sonny said he'd hook me up.
- Sonny?
Your brother, fool.
Oh, right. My brother.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, um, be right back.

Hey bro?
Uh, there's a kid here saying
that you're holding a pair
of Jordan 7s for him?
Follow me.

Hey, don't let Dad see this.
You know how he feels about Dwain.
Yeah, doesn't seem like
he trusts him very much.
[CHUCKLES] He doesn't
trust anyone who's not Korean.
- And he barely trusts Koreans.
Well, good luck convincing Park Jin
he could ever be wrong
about something or someone.
Feels kinda light.
You sure there's anything in here?
it's not what you think it is.
Trust me on this, li'l bro.
Drifting on a memory ♪
Ain't no place I'd rather be
than with you ♪
Yeah ♪
Loving you ♪
What's all this?
Well, well, well ♪
A special breakfast for a special lady
on a special day.

Happy first date anniversary.
[GASPS] These are beautiful.
And tonight, we're gonna celebrate.
Guess where I got us a table.
[GASPS] My favorite.
Oh, Magic. You are just the best.
[SIGHS] Well, hope you don't mind
I had to take a later reservation
in case I get held up at Quantum Leap.
I thought you said it was just temporary
till they got it up and running again.
I know, but well,
with Addison stepping away
from being Ben's hologram,
someone had to be there for him
on his leaps.
Can't Ian or Jenn?
What about that new fellow,
what's his name?
He's the DOD's liaison.
But the team is still my responsibility.
I know Ben is like a son to you,
but after what you went through
last year,
are you sure this is wise?
I'll be fine.
Now come on, let's eat
before this gets cold.
- Come on.
Yo, man. Why you trippin', Mr. P?
You go or I call the police.
What's going on? What happened?
I was just checking out
those fly-as-hell Adidas
when your dad starts coming
at me calling me a thief.
Every day, you come here
and all you do is looking.
No buy!
I told you I already paid.
Then where is the receipt?
Nah, I ain't leaving
until I get what I came for.
That's my bad, Appa. Here.

Next time I see you in this store,
I call the police.
For real.


You sure you're ready for this?
The second Ziggy locks onto Ben,
it's on and you're up.
- I know the drill.
- What about the handlink?
It's a lot harder to operate
than a smartphone.
Well, it's a good thing
I've seen Addison do it a million times.
I just don't want you to get rattled.
Jenn, I'm a former Navy SEAL.
I don't rattle.
You're sure you don't want
to go back in there,
maybe try to talk to Ben one last time?
Ben said what he said for a reason.
I'm not gonna ignore his wishes.
Nor am I gonna sit around here
and be one more thing
for you all to worry about.
So if you need me, I'll be on my cell.
Go get him.

Ziggy found Ben.

Okay, Magic.
Are you ready
to trip the light Quan-tastic?
As I'll ever be.


You wouldn't happen to have
a black leather Oxford in men's 14?
Wow. Did not see that coming.
Your head in the clouds again?
Go work register.
Hope you weren't expecting someone else.
Oh, you know, it's just old habits.
But it's a fresh start,
it's a new beginning,
so it's gonna be good.
Better than good.
LA again, huh?
It's a far cry from Hollywood this time.
Welcome to Park's Shoe Shack,
here in the heart of Koreatown.
From what I gather,
my name is Daniel Park
and this leap has something
to do with the family store.
But, uh, there's still some blanks there
that I was hoping my hologram
could fill me in on.
The defendant's being congratulated
as the verdict "not guilty"
rang through the courtroom
over and over again.
The four LAPD officers in
the Rodney King beating case
found not guilty
do you know what day this is?
April 29, 1992.
The day the LA riots began.
The verdict not guilty
of the crime of assault
I remember watching the riots on TV,
how unfair that verdict was
to the Black community,
and how angry people were over it.
I remember the rooftop Koreans
trying to protect their businesses.
It seemed like
this whole city just exploded.
I can't possibly be here
to stop all that.
- Right, Magic?
- No.
According to the original history,
Park's Shoe Shack was ransacked.
Jin tried to protect his store
and was killed.
Looks like you're here to save him.
By getting him and Sonny out
of here before it's too late.
Good news is there's still time
before the chaos hits Koreatown.
In the meantime, I'll have Ian and Jenn
dig up more specifics on Jin's death
to help you get ahead of it.
Can't believe they acquitted those cops
without even a slap on the wrist.
Rodney King was a criminal.
That they beat 56 times. On camera.
The police protect
our community, you know?
Those officers just doing their job.
Justice was served.
Yeah, but people won't see it that way.
For them, it's just another
example of a system
that doesn't treat everyone
equally under the law.
And it's gonna really piss them off.
[SCOFFS] It's not a problem.
You know, business is slow today.
We should probably
close up early and go home.
You know we never close early.
Yeah, I know, "7:00 p.m.,
and not a moment sooner."
I know, but if things get real bad,
this is the last place we wanna be.
[SIGHS] The police will handle it, okay?
Not this time, they won't.
How do you know?
Just trust me, okay?
No. We stay open
until Ms. Roja come back.
Yeah, stock room is a mess.
Go clean it up!
Korean radio said people
are protesting the verdict
around town.
They seem to be peaceful.
For now.
Look, you're the elder son.
Maybe you can convince Dad to leave.
Good luck with that. [CHUCKLES]
You know how he feels about this store.
It's like
his third child.
Now that it's in danger
of being put out of business
by the bigger shoe chains,
he's only fighting harder to protect it,
even though it's a losing battle.
Especially today.
That's why I've been
working a little side hustle
to keep things going
while you're at boot camp.
By the way, when do you plan
on breaking the news to Dad
that you joined the Marines?
Uh I uh
just haven't found the right time to
We should get inside.
- What's going on?
- Shh!
Let me listen.
They are saying to shelter in place.
- I really think we should go.
- You better make it quick.
The cops have completely lost control
around Florence and Normandie.
Folks are smashing store windows
and burning up cars
and I'd like to avoid all that.
So this should cover the upcharge.
If it's as bad as you say,
maybe you should wait here
until it's over.
I can't.
I got three kids to feed
before my next shift starts.
Did you drive here?
It's LA. What do you think?
- Where'd you park?
- Just up the block.
I can give you a lift if you want.
- Yes!
- No, no, no, no.
They say shelter in place.
That's what we'll do.
Speak for yourself.
You shouldn't go alone.
I'll come with you.
Watch yourself out there, li'l bro.
You come right back!
What am I looking at here?
Insurance claims, LAPD incident reports.
Somewhere in these official documents,
we're gonna find the cause
of Jin's death.
Bit of a needle
in a haystack, unfortunately.
Which we haven't got time
to sift through.
Ben needs this information now.
Well, the LA riots are one
of the most complicated events
in recent history.
I mean, there were so many
different points of view.
So much information and misinformation
between the police and the media
and the people on the ground.
The reality of the situation
shifted from moment to moment,
so there was really no objective truth.
It's a whole lot of fear
and rage and violence.
just keep at it.
Is it just me
or is anyone else still reeling
from the whole Ben-Addison blowout?
Oh, my God. Thank you.
I feel like we're kids
in the middle of Mom and Dad's divorce
and everything just went
all "Kramer vs. Kramer."
I was actually thinking it was more of
- a "War of the Roses" scenario.
- Ah.
Minus the attempted murder.
Yes, everything is
incredibly awkward right now,
but can we please just
stay focused here?
Oh. Blunt force trauma to the head.
That's what killed Jin.
Right outside of his store.
[SIGHS] It's awful.
And Sonny nor Daniel
were there when it happened.
Out of guilt, they tried
to keep the store alive
in memory of their father,
so they both gave up their own
dreams and aspirations.



Oh, no.
I'm a nurse. I help people.
What did I ever do
to make someone so angry
that they would do this to me?
They're not angry with you.
It's the system.
Yeah? Well, I'm angry, too!
I'm a single mother working
her ass off to make ends meet,
and I just lost my one
and only way to get to work.
And I can't afford
to repair or replace it
'cause I can't afford the insurance!
How am I supposed to get back
to my kids?
There must be someone you
can call to look after them.
A-a relative or a-a neighbor?
You know, you can use the phone
back at the store!
- Ben.
- Yeah?
You need to get back to the store, ASAP.
We were just on our way. Why? What? Why?
You're not just here to save Jin.
Luisa. Come on. We gotta go. Come on.
Come on. I'm so sorry.


What are you doing?
Calling mi madre to watch my kids.
Get your things, Appa. We're leaving.
Danny, we can't.
I don't care if it isn't 7:00 p.m. yet.
We're closing the store
and getting the hell out of here now!

[SIGHS] W-why are you
just staying there?
- Come on! Let's go!
- Go where?
They're closing all the roads
into and out of Koreatown.
He's right, Ben. There's no way out now.
Where are the police?
Probably down in Beverly Hills
protecting all those Richie Riches.
They ain't coming here!
We need to lock this place down tight.
I'll get the back door.
Who has since been
identified as Reginald Denny
was pulled from his vehicle
at the corner of Florence and Normandie
and severely beaten.
- Dios mío.
And it's just gonna get worse.
[SIGHS] What are our options?
Few and far between, I'm afraid.
National Guard won't arrive
till morning.
You'll have to hunker down
and ride this out.
The riots lasted six days.
How am I supposed
to protect Jin for that long?
That's one way.
Why do you have that?
I see too many robberies in area.
I buy this for protection.
We need to show them
that we can defend ourselves.
Do not go up on that roof.
You could get hurt. Or worse.
Someone has to protect our store.
I'll do it.


One gun ain't gonna stop a mob.

She's right.
Until we can work out an exit strategy,
you'll need to fortify your position
starting with the most vulnerable spots.
I got an idea.

You'll also want to take down
that merchandise.
Less things to loot makes
for a less appealing target.
Yeah. Not your first rodeo,
I'm guessing.
You could say that.
I'm really glad you're here, Magic.
Especially at a time like this.

- Is there a problem?
I'm not sure. They need me back at HQ.
You'll be okay while I'm gone?
Yeah. We're good for now.
What's going on?
Beth, I wasn't expecting you
until dinner.
I know, but you forgot your lunch.
I don't recall packing a lunch.
Allow me to refresh your memory.
In your office.

Have Ziggy run a series
of exit strategies
for Ben to get the Parks
out of Koreatown.
Since when did "please"
become a dirty word?
[STERNLY] Now, Ian.
Yes, sir.
Okay, that is so not about lunch.
You got that right.
You said you'd never set foot
in this place again.
Whatever's bothering you
must be pretty serious.
It is.
After that lovely breakfast
you made, I went to clean up.
Took out the trash.
And that's when I found this.
That's not mine.
Then how did it end up
in our recycling bin?
I saw it in the back of the pantry
and I poured it right out.
Oh, Magic.
I swear.
Look, I haven't
started drinking again, Beth.
You have to believe me.
I want to, but I saw
the toll it took on you
when you thought Ben was gone
and this place got shut down
just like it did on Al when he lost Sam.
With God as my witness, Magic,
I cannot, I will not
watch that happen again
to someone I love.
Ben is not Sam.
This isn't history repeating.
I-I won't let it be.
For either of us.
You have my word.

You should get back to Ben.

I'll see you at dinner.


Where are you going?
Uh, shoe rack could use some tidying.

Everything okay at HQ?
Everything's fine,
but there's no exit strategy
that doesn't end with Jin dead.
Open the door!
Hey, open the door! It's Dwain!
Open the damn door!
No! Don't open the door!
We can't just leave him out there!
I don't want him here!

He's gone.
Ben, you have to go after him.
Is that what Ziggy's saying?
I don't need an AI to tell me
that if cops catch Dwain,
there's a 100% chance he won't survive.
[SIGHS] Ben, you have to hurry.
One minute you're telling me
I have to hunker down,
now you're telling me
I have to go out there?
What about Jin?
Ziggy says there's
an 84% chance he'll be safe
for the next couple of hours.
Dwain won't be so lucky
if the cops mistake him
for one of the protesters.
You should've let him in.
Ya, that boy is a no-good criminal.
Why? 'Cause he's Black?
He's not a criminal, Appa.
He's my business partner.
So that's what the money
in the shoe box was for?
What money? What business?
Dwain and I are
working on a custom shoe line.
- A what?
- Shoe line.
He's gonna design 'em
and I'm gonna sell 'em.
We're gonna be the next Nike.
You sell these shoes.
Not for much longer.
Mom and pop shops like ours are done.
So why bother?
Your mother and I,
we come to this country with nothing.
20 years, we work so hard
to build this place for you
and your brother.
And now you just going
to turn your back?
I'm not turning my back.
I'm looking forward,
trying to build something new.
For all of us.
Something with a future.
Ya, your future is here
with your family!
Not some hoodlum!
Damn it, Appa. He's not
you know what?
Never mind.
You're never gonna hear me,
so I'm done trying to explain.
You so ungrateful.
You don't want part of this store, hmm?
Daniel will be here.
He can take over.
Why don't you ask Daniel
where he's gonna be
three months from now?
What is he talking about?
So, um, I enlisted in the Marines.
Ben, we have to go.
we can talk about that later.
After we find Dwain. Come on.

Hey. Sorry I ratted you out.
I was pissed
and it just kind of spilled.
Truth would've eventually come out.
I get why you didn't want
to say anything to him.
You knew it would break his heart.
And what son would want
to do that to their own father?
I know he thinks I'm crazy,
but what do you think?
Oh, you're definitely onto something.
Ten years from now,
sneaker culture is gonna be huge.
That's exactly what Dwain said.
The kid's a real visionary.
Just sucks Dad refuses
to see any of that.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
And it's ridiculous,
but I think it's because he's afraid.
The store is his family's legacy.
Only now, he's got one son
who is planning to go off on his own
and another who's about
to join the military
and a mob who's threatening
to tear it all down.
It's like he's about to lose everything.
Found him.
Around the corner, one block over.
[SIGHS] Okay. This way. Hurry.
Damn it!

- Dwain.
Over here!
He's here somewhere.
All units, fall back.
Repeat, all units, fall back.
Repeat, all units, fall back.

Hey, you fellas get back to the store.
- I'll meet you there.
- Where are you going?
We could be stuck for days.
We haven't got food or water,
so I'ma hit the N&M market
down the street,
assuming it hasn't been
picked clean already.
What, so you're gonna go
in there and steal stuff?
[SCOFFS] Ain't that ironic.
Hey, don't stay out there too long.

- Good to go.
- All right.

I can't do this.

You remember the last time
we saw him like that?
He was drinking.


Whatever's triggering you,
we don't have to talk about it.
We can just stand here
in silence if it helps.

Ever heard of the long, hot summer?
Yeah, summer of 1967.
Race riots broke out
in cities across the country.
I went to a school that wasn't
afraid to teach Black history.
For us, it was just
another frustrating battle
against injustice
in a long history
of frustrating battles.
Hundreds were killed,
thousands arrested,
and a whole lot more injured.
I was one of them.
I had no idea.
Not the kind of thing that comes up
in casual conversation.
I was on leave in Detroit
visiting family, where the night before,
cops randomly arrested
80 people outside of a club
for no other reason
than because they were Black.
Folk around town were rightfully angry,
demanding justice.
And that's when things got out of hand?
People were scared,
looking for help, so
me and my cousin, Phil,
we tried to do our part
until four cops
stopped us at a red light.
All they saw were two Black men in a car
they assumed was stolen.
I tried to explain I was on leave,
but they decided
we were part of the problem.
What did they do?
Two of them pulled us from the car,
threw us on the ground, put their
boots on our necks
and pointed their guns at us
while the others beat us
with their batons
and left us on the street like
we were no better than trash.
It's a miracle we both survived.
There wasn't anything
you could to do fight back?
Hell, no.
Black kids have that talk
before their parents
will let them out of the house
on their own.
Seeing that fear in Dwain's face
just took me back to that night
and it reminded me
that it doesn't matter
whether it's 1967, '92, or even today
that sparks of injustice may vary,
but systemic oppression
will alwayslight the fuse.
And no matter how much progress we make,
it seems like that will never change.

If you need to tap out of the leap,
Ian or I can always tap in.
I appreciate that.
But I promised Ben.
And I intend to keep that promise.
Your staring at that camera
ain't gonna bring them back any faster.
I should've never let him go.
That boy they're trying
to help is some mother's child.
If the situation were reversed,
wouldn't you want someone
looking out for your kids?
- What happened to your brother?
- He went to get supplies.
Why is he here?
Yo, I'm just trying
to get through this thing alive
and in one piece, all right?
Same as you.
You are nothing like me.
How many times I have to say?
When did you learn to speak Korean?
They're here!
You're gonna get yourself killed.
Now what do we do?
Uh, into the stock room!
Everyone! Come on!

There's too many of them!

Is it over?
- They're gone.


My store.
At least no one was hurt.

We should start cleaning.

I'm sorry I bailed on you back there.
That thing with Dwain just
hit a little too close to home.
Just glad you're here.

Damn, they really did
a number on this place.
At least Jin is still okay.
I still feel bad for yelling at him.
It's not his fault
I have unresolved anger issues
about my own father never
being there when I needed him.
And now, with all this Addison stuff,
- it's just
- I'm here.
Any time you want to talk about that.
The same goes for you, Magic.
If you need someone to talk to,
I'm here.

- Ben.
- Mm-hmm?
I'm an alcoholic.

Does the team know?
They had a front row seat
for all of it, unfortunately.
When we thought you were lost.
The project got shut down,
so I spiraled.
The only solace I could find
was at the bottom of a bottle.

Beth Calavicci. [CHUCKLES]
She pulled me back out.
She got me help, she got me sober.
It's been
353 days since.
And every single day has been
a battle
to keep from falling off that wagon.

You didn't lose me, Magic.
I made a choice to leap,
and the consequences of that
are my burden to bear,
not yours.
And as for what you're living with,
I mean
you're an admiral and a decorated SEAL.
If there is a battle to be fought,
I know you can win it.
I thought I was the one
who was supposed to be
doing the helping here.
We're family.

Look, for the record, you're a beast.
Yeah, and don't you forget it.
[GRUNTS] How's the leap?
Well, to be honest,
this one's been a little rough.
Is Ben okay?
LA riots notwithstanding,
he's he's fine.
it's Magic that I'm worried about.
Okay? Turns out that Navy SEALS
do get rattled after all,
and I'm afraid that it's my fault.
Ian, no.
Addison, look,
everything that's happened
to Ben, to Magic,
it all happened because my future self
dropped this nuclear bomb
that's left this team
in an emotional wasteland.
We're slowing being poisoned
by the radioactive fallout.
Okay. That's quite a metaphor.
I know, I know.
It's not one of my best
But it doesn't mean that it's not true
or that I'm not consumed
by guilt because of it.
Yeah, well, I do know
a little something about guilt.
It's one thing to feel it when
you intended to hurt someone.
But when you did your best
all guilt is gonna do is keep you stuck.
And you feeling that way, Ian,
is not gonna help Ben.
Or any of us.
Things are different now.
And we all have to find a way
to move past what was
and focus on what's next.
Which is?
Figuring out a way to get Ben home.
And if there is anyone
who can do that, Ian
It's you.
Just when we were having a moment.
Hey, Jenn.
You need to get your ass up here.
Ziggy's freaking out!
What did you do?
I was just trying
to get more specific details
on Jin's death, when suddenly
please tell me I didn't break Ziggy.
It would take a lot more
than that, believe you me.
Okay. Well, then what's setting it off?
according to this,
the blunt force trauma
that killed Jin was from his own rifle.
He was beaten to death
with his own weapon?
He was, but that's not
going to happen anymore.
Okay, wait. Isn't that good news?
Well, it would be
if Ben hadn't changed history
by bringing Dwain back to the store.
That new variable caused Ziggy
to have to recalculate.
So what's it saying now?
That someone else is going to die.
He's just gonna
keep sitting there like that?
This store was his life.

Yo, Mr. P.
Look, I know all this sucks,
but try to look
on the bright side, you know?
Everything they took was just stuff.

That stuff was my family's future.
And those lowlifes just take all from me
and left me with nothing!
Do you hear me?
You still got your boys.
That's something.

What you know about anything, huh?
You just some punk kid.

What I know
is that every damn day
I got a target on my back
from folks like you.
Always giving me the side-eye,
thinking I'm some thief or some thug.
I'm 'bout to graduate top five
in my class.
I got scholarship offers
from three Ivy League schools.
But you don't see that, do you?

'Cause the only thing you ever see
is just another poor, angry Black kid
with no prospects
or future ahead of them
hanging outside of your raggedy-ass,
kimchi-stinking store
waiting to make problems.
Ain't that right?

Hey! Hold it!
- Get back.
- Stop! Okay?
If you were to just stop
and listen to each other,
you'll realize you have much
more in common than you know.

See? What I tell you?

They're coming back!

- Oh, no.
- Oh, no! Oh!
[JIN GASPS] Sonny!
[CRYING] What have I done?
Oh, what have I done?
What have I done? Oh, my God!
- Oh, damn, Sonny!
He's losing a lot of blood.
But you can help him, right?
Yeah, I-I've dealt
with gunshot wounds before.
[CRYING] I-I didn't know it was him!
Appa, you made a mistake.
But it's not too late to fix it.
There's nothing I can do from here.
He needs a hospital.
Ziggy says if Sonny doesn't
receive proper treatment
in the next hour,
there's a 93% chance he'll die.
That ambulance up the block!
If we're lucky, it'll still
have the supplies we need
to help keep Sonny stable.
Do you really think we could save him?
I know we can. If we all work together.
- Hold on, Sonny.
Stay with us.
Watch your step.
One, two.
Okay, all right. Down, down, down, down.

[GASPS] Sonny. Sonny!

There's a hospital north of here.
I'll have Ziggy map out
the safest route to it.
- Okay.
- Stay with us.
Looks like everything's still intact.
- Okay, uh, here's what I need.
How'd you know I was gonna ask for that?
Oh, I spent some time
in the hospital once.
Okay, we'll get Sonny loaded up.
Dwain, see if you can find the keys.
Got it.

Oh, yeah, boy!
Out of the ambulance, now!
[STUTTERS] My friend was shot.
We need to take him to the hospital.
Step away from the vehicle.

Hands on your head and get down
on the ground, now!
You get down on that ground
or we will shoot you!
Do you hear me?
You shoot him, then you shoot me!
You all say you are here
to protect and serve.
But who are you protecting
from his kid, hmm?
He has done nothing wrong,
so leave him alone!

Go! Please!
Do your job and let me save my son!

- All units
regroup at Wilshire and 3rd.
Repeat, all units,
regroup at Wilshire and 3rd.
- Fall back.
- Let's go.
Thank you, Mr. Park.
You can thank me by driving
as fast as you can, Dwain.


- How is he?
- Stable for now.
But we really need to hurry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.

Please tell me he's gonna make it.
Not only does Sonny make it,
but he and Dwain going to build
a custom shoe empire
thanks to Jin,
who uses the insurance money
to become the first investor.
As for Daniel, after the Marines,
he goes on to business school
and becomes the company's first CFO.
So yeah, things work out
for the Parks in the end.

He's gonna be okay.

We all are.

Mission accomplished, Admiral.
Well done.
Especially under the circumstances.
I mean, we all know that
this leap wasn't easy for you.
No, it it wasn't.

You sure you're all right?
I will be.

Listen. [SIGHS]
I know you had your heart set
on Emilio's tonight,
but would you mind if
we take a rain check on dinner?
I was hoping you'd come with me
to a meeting.
I need help, Beth.
And I could really use your support.

It's me, Lawrence.
Thank God. Thank God you're here.
You're bleeding! What happened?
Someone followed me.
They thought I had the formula.
- You're gonna be okay.
- Just breathe.
- He had cold, blue eyes.
Help! We need help!
Henry, it's real. You have to find it.
Before they can!
We're gonna
we're gonna find it together.
Okay? So hold on. Hold on, Lawrence!
Lawrence! Lawrence!
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