Quantum Leap (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

Off The Cuff

Previously on "Quantum Leap"
Egypt. This is amazing.
Ben, is that you?
Is that your hologram?
Hi, I'm Hannah Carson.
I know why the accelerator
keeps putting them together.
They're in love.
Promise me you'll find me next time.
I promise. From now on, I go forward.
I love you.
I was called to D.C.
because they found something
on a fragment of a hard drive
in a discontinued DARPA project.
- What is this?
- A way to bring Ben home.
Ah, watch it! I've got fragile bones!
This is false imprisonment.
I told you I'm innocent.
You've got the wrong guy.
Are you lost or something?
Do you even know where you are?
Oh, please don't light up again.
This car reeks.
It's like Keith Richards
bathed it in an ashtray.
I think you broke my wrist.
No, I didn't
I didn't break your wrist.
Finally, he speaks!
After two hours of the silent treatment.
And how would you know
if you broke my wrist?
Are you a doctor?
Not the kind you're thinking of.
And he does schtick?
Does your bail bondsman
pay you extra for that?
I'm a bounty hunter.
- Ow, ah, ah, ah, ah!
Come on, man.
Nick Peterson, Carr Bail Bonds.
OK, so you are definitely lost.
Yeah, maybe a little.
I can't get no ♪
Oh, no, no, no ♪
- Carr Bail Bonds.
- Hey, it's Nick.
Nick, is everything all right?
Did Kevin bolt?
I told you you can't trust him.
No, it's nothing like that.
But you're still going to have
him here by midnight, right?
Right. Remind me that
address one more time.
[SCOFFS] What?
You can't find your old precinct?
You're a funny guy, Nick.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, the funniest.

Hey, could you do me a favor?
Could I get the number for a
former Princeton grad student,
Hannah Carson?
Nicky, you deliver Kevin tonight,
and I will get you the number
for Johnny Carson.


You know, eight eyes
on the back of my head
is not going to make me
read this any faster.
How about first impressions?
Do you think this equation
can bring Ben home?
It's too soon to tell.
- Who even wrote this?
- We don't know.
It's part of a scrapped DARPA project.
None of the engineers were named.
But if there is something here,
D.C. wants us putting
all our resources into it.
No, no, there's definitely
something here.
It's just buried under
a mountain of nothing.
So you'll do your clickety-clack thing
and sort it out.
Please tell me
that you don't actually think
that's how this works.
- Yes, I'll clickety-clack.
But look, there's no point
in you guys standing here, OK?
This code could take months
or years to sort through.
Look, don't get me wrong.
This is by far the best lead
that we've had.
But it's just I don't know.
It's far from being real.
So do we tell Ben?
He's the one out there leaping.
- He deserves to know.
- I don't know.
We've been down this road so many times.
Addison, you have the best read on him.
Uh, Magic's right.
We can't keep getting his hopes up
and then pulling out the rug.
OK, so we'll kick the tires,
see what we have before we read Ben in.

You think she's OK?
Look, if you thought that your
boyfriend was going to propose to you,
but instead, he tells you that
your missing ex-fiancé may be returning,
an ex-fiancé who, mind you,
might also be falling in love
with another woman outside of
the bounds of time and space,
how do you think you would feel?
I can't say I've been
in that exact scenario,
but this one time [COMPUTER CHIMES]
Hold that thought. I think I found Ben.
Uh, potty break?
I've got an overactive bladder.

Oh, come on, please. You don't look.
Even wanted fugitives
get a little stage fright.
Give me a break.
I'm not going to run on you.
Listen, I swear on my children's lives.
- You have children?
- I've got a nephew.
But I really, really like him.
See? I knew you'd be reasonable.
I mean, you don't want
to be in here either, right?
Yeah, I know.
Oh, come on!

Finally, a friendly face.
OK, so I'm Nick Peterson.
You are former NYPD, first precinct.
Uh, it looks like you retired
from the force last year.
Now you are a bounty hunter.
At least you have experience, right?
- Who's my gabby friend?
- Kevin Zatt, esquire.
A lawyer.
Kevin's client list is a who's who
of the criminal underworld
mobsters, drug runners.
His crown jewel is Sonny Fox,
who happens to be
one of the world's
most dangerous arms dealers.
OK. So why was Kevin arrested?
Money laundering.
Though it turns out he was
skimming from his clients too.
OK, in the original history,
he skipped bail, slipped your custody,
Fox's enforcers found him,
tortured him, killed him.
- And that is the PG-13 version.
- OK.
But I can't be here just to
make sure Kevin goes to jail.
According to Ziggy, that is
exactly why you're here,
to protect the world's
most annoying criminal
from the world's most dangerous one.
There has to be something
redeemable about this guy.
I'm usually helping good people
through a life crisis.
Look, we'll keep digging,
but stay vigilant.
You take your eyes off this guy
for one second, he's gone.
- Oh!
It was clogged.
Whatever your bond agent's paying you,
I'll double it to let me go.
I know it may not seem like it,
but the safest place
you can be right now
is attached to my wrist.
Stealing from arms dealers?
You had to know you were
writing your own death warrant.
- And why'd you do it?
- I didn't.
Like I said,
this is all a misunderstanding.
Then why bribe me to escape?
If you're innocent, you'd get acquitted.
You think a lawyer is
going to get a fair trial?
Please. Everyone hates lawyers.
I hate lawyers.
I'm not going to survive
one day on the inside.
I need to sit on bespoke furniture.
I need to eat on china plates.
I need to sleep on Egyptian cotton.
Do you have any idea what the
thread count is of prison sheets?
- It's not high!
- You'll survive.
Let me make it worth your while.
I have cash, bonds, uncut diamonds,
all smuggled from my client.
You just said you were innocent!
I'm a criminal. I lie.
I'm getting that sense.
I actually have this life philosophy.
It's called radical selfishness.
I'm six chapters into a memoir.
I think we're being followed.
By that heap of scrap? Please.
The guys chasing me are going
to be driving something
way nicer than [GUNSHOTS]
Now do you believe me?
Uncuff me! Uncuff me!

We're gonna die!
Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God!
Come on, baby, it won't take long ♪
Only takes a minute
just to sing my song ♪
Boney Moroney is gonna be with Jim ♪
Shoot back! Shoot back!
I'm not a gun guy!
Maybe now is a good time to start!

How can you see with all this dust?
I can't, but neither can they!
Uh-huh, uh-huh ♪
And this is what I'm gonna do ♪
I'm gonna put a call to you ♪
Hold on tight!
I'm gonna have a good time tonight ♪
Rock and roll music
gonna play all night ♪
Come on, baby, it won't take long ♪
Oh, yeah! Take that!
Stop the car.
Stop the car! Stop the car!
I can't! The brakes are stuck!

Hey, Kevin. We have to get out of here.
I smell gas. The car's about to explode.
My arm's pinned.
Uncuff yourself. Then pull me out.
Really? You trust me now?
Not really!
But I'm sort out of options here, so

[GRUNTS] It looks bad.
It looks bad back there.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on!

Tree! Get behind the tree!
- Are you kidding?
I just saved your life!
And I deeply appreciate that.
Let me return the favor by saving yours.
Come on. We've got to move.
Fine, I'll pay you four times
your bounty to let me go.
I'm not taking a bribe.
OK, looks like there's a gas station
two miles up the road this way.
You might want to get
that shoulder looked at.
- Could be dislocated.
- It's not dislocated.
He's right. You should see a doctor.
I'm fine.
OK. Got it.
Is it the taxes?
Because I can set up a Swiss account.
I don't need your money.
What about enemies?
I bet you have some enemies.
I can destroy somebody's life
with two phone calls.
Maybe your ex?
What makes you think I have an ex?
Ring finger tan.
For a bounty hunter, you really
suck at recognizing clues.
What, did she catch you
with another woman?
You catch her with another guy?
- No.
- Two other guys?
It wasn't like that.
Just have this thing where
I put distance between myself
and the people I love.
- Plus I'm on the road a lot.
- Got it.
So another guy.
She's an amazing person.
She deserves to have someone
who is there for her.
Really there for her.
Listen, I got the best divorce guy.
He'll help you screw her over real good.
I don't want
to screw her over real good.
You got to look out for number one.
I actually have a whole chapter about it
in "Radical Selfishness."
So do you think he's still got
a heart of gold in there, or
Honestly, Kevin, I think this
whole selfishness thing is a cover.
You risked your life
to save me from that car.
Because I didn't want
to have night terrors
about you burning up
like an overcooked sausage.
I'm not buying it.
Don't tell me you're one
of those guys that thinks
There's some good in everybody.
[NORMALLY] You're like my brother.
Everything's sunshine and rainbows.
Or as I like to call it, delusional.
What made you such a cynic?
Here's one. Senior year of high school,
some anonymous donor
endowed a scholarship
for the valedictorian.
I desperately wanted to get out
of there, so I busted my butt.
Sure enough, I get straight As.
And then by the time
graduation rolls around,
I'm the valedictorian.
Except the principal
bumps me down out of nowhere
because some kiss-ass sycophant
went behind my back
and snaked that scholarship
out from under me.
Really sorry to hear that.
Universe never did anything for me.
Why should I give anything back?
Radical selfishness.

Jesus, they ran you off the road?
- It's a miracle you're alive.
- Yeah.
Think we lost them.
Just browsing.
Any luck on finding Hannah Carson?
No, no one matching your description
in the tri-state area.
Did you try the mid-Atlantic?
Nothing. What's this for?
[CHUCKLES] Better not be
moonlighting on me.
No, no. Nothing like that.
Looks like our bus is boarding.
I got to run.
I'll see you in a few hours.
[SIGHS] Come on. Got to go.
Can you just pick a position?
You couldn't spring the extra
two bucks for first class?
This isn't a seat.
It's a torture device.
I have to go to the bathroom.
I'm not falling for that again.
What, you think I'm going
to jump off a moving bus?
Yeah, that's exactly what
I think you're going to do.
I thought you believed
that I wasn't selfish.
I'm an optimist, not an idiot.
What's in your pocket there?
- What's that in
- No, there's nothing
There's a bulge in your pocket.
There's nothing in my pocket.
- What's this in your pocket?
- A pack of gum. Get
You stole this from the bus station?
Yeah, I did.
I told you I was a criminal.
That's what we do.
[WHISPERING] Why are you like this?
[SIGHS] Growing up,
if my brother and I
wanted to eat, we had to scrap.
We would hit a grocery store,
a five-and-dime.
I was the one that got pinched.
Few times, bunch of times.
Josh, he was the one that got away.
He always got away.
You and your brother still close?

Five times your bounty, final offer.
- And you know what?
I'll throw in a diamond for
this new girlfriend of yours.
[CHUCKLES] What makes you
think I have a new girlfriend?
I'm very intuitive.
Plus, your car smelled like smoke.
You haven't lit up for hours.
You're trying to quit for someone.
And then that goofy
little smile when you said,
"What makes you
think I have a new girlfriend?"
Dead giveaway.
It's complicated.
Hey, you can talk to Uncle Kev.
We've been on three dates.
And it's long-distance, so
- How long-distance?
- Last date was in Cairo.
You like her.
You love her?
I think so.
Well, then how complicated can it be?
Look, you only have so many shots
at happiness in this life.
You got to look out for number one.
- Radical selfishness.
- Yeah!
Now he's getting it.

So for three years,
I think Ben's dead.
And it takes every ounce of me
to feel like I am walking
on solid ground again.
And then as soon as I find that,
as soon as I find Tom,
I go from solid ground to an earthquake.
Seeing Ben every day.
Watching him fall for someone else.
And then as soon
as I make peace with that,
now he's maybe coming home.
Yeah, you've been thrown more curveballs
than any person should have
to handle in a lifetime,
let alone a few months.
You have any Magic
pearls of wisdom for that one?
You know, you shouldn't have
to go through all this alone.
If you're struggling, talk to Tom.
Tell him where your head is.
Help is not a four-letter word.
Actually, it is.
You deserve to be happy.
Addison, Addison!
We need you back in the imaging chamber.
Ben's in trouble.
Listen, if I die
from chronic kidney failure,
that's on your conscience forever.
Hey, one of Fox's enforcers
got on at the last stop.
Four rows up, cowboy hat.

Change of plans. Bathroom break.
And we're going together. OK, look

- We're getting off this bus.
- We're doing what now?
Fox's guys are here,
and I don't think it's to hear
your book proposals.
Hey ah!
- You got other ideas?
- No, not right now!
But maybe we bat around
some alts for a bit?
[HIGH-PITCHED] Uh, occupied!

You're not gonna like this next part!
Ben, we gotta pick up the pace.
Sonny's men are gonna
keep coming after you.
Come on.
What are the odds you land
right on the same shoulder?
You should probably
get that checked out.
Actually, he's right.
Ziggy says if you don't get
medical attention,
Nick loses his left arm
from the infection.
I know a doctor close by.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
So is my guy, which, bonus,
means we can lay low
until the heat dies down.
OK, Mr. Radical Selfishness,
what's your angle here?
No angle, I swear.
[LAUGHING] Oh, there's an angle.
His doctor? It's his brother.
He's your brother?
Yeah, you're not the only intuitive one.
Uh yeah, he is my brother,
but we hate each other for, pfft,
I don't know,
a thousand different reasons?
Trust me, if I were trying to escape,
Josh is the last person I would go to.
Then maybe this is the leap.
A way to redeem Kevin.
Maybe he needs to reconcile
with his brother.

Lead the way.

- Can you uncuff me?
I hate my brother.
But this might be the last chance I have
for a while to see my nephew.
I would hate for this to be
the lasting image he has of me.
Don't make me regret this.
- Hands in the air!
- Holy hell!
Uncle Kevin!
Hey, hey, hey, buddy.
Oh, my gosh, look at you! You're so big!
And you're
you're packing heat now, huh?
It's a Red Ryder BB gun.
I saved cereal box tops for two years.
I bet you did.
This kid's gonna run the world someday.
Got something for you.
You think he'd like
to go join his friends?
Uncle Kevin sends me teddy bears
for my birthday every year.
I've got a whole family now.
Wow, how selfless.
Jeffrey, put that thing down
before you shoot your eye out.

Kevin. What are you doing here?
Uh, we were we were just
passing through town
on our way to a meeting.
Structured finance,
it's very complicated.
They needed the best, called me.
And we ran into a little bit
of trouble on the
- Oh, right. This is Nick.
Sorry. He's my chauffeur.
We were in a terrible accident
because he's a really awful driver.
I'm a bad driver.
Banged his shoulder up.
Would you do you mind taking a look?

Come inside.

Got you some antibiotics.
Don't want it to get infected.
So you two are brothers?
What, we don't seem like
two peas in a pod to you?
[CHUCKLES] No, we met in foster care.
We were inseparable.
Eddie Haskell and the Beav.
Which one were you?
I was obviously the Beav, yeah.
We bounced around
to a few homes together.
By the time we were 12,
we were on our own.
That must have made you really close.
It did.
Until it didn't.
When you're a kid, it's a thrill
following the smooth-talking rebel.
But Eddie Haskell doesn't age well.
[CLEARS THROAT] OK, hold still.
So what are you?
NYPD? FBI? Escorting Kevin into custody?
Bounty hunter.
There's no escaping karma.
Do you think he has any chance
of redemption?
Well, he's had dozens.
Blown them all.
Kevin never misses an opportunity
to miss an opportunity.
We studied pathological
narcissism in med school.
Let's just say I aced that unit.
It sounds like
he was dealt a rough hand.
Well, so was I.
You don't see me going to prison.
You know the worst part?
He was the smart one.
He would have been valedictorian
of our high school class,
except he was caught
stealing from the petty cash fund
the week before graduation
and nearly got expelled.
So they gave it to you instead.
All right. Well, we're all done here.
You're as good as new, almost.
- Mind if I make a call?
- It's right through there.
The good news is, you know
that thug from the bus?
Cops scooped him up at the next stop.
Outstanding warrants.
Bad news, Fox will send someone else.
So where are you? I'll pick you up.
101 Hewitt Road, Stockton.
In the middle of nowhere?
Why are you way out there?
- Sorry, I'm late. Mwah.
The alternator busted again,
so I had to walk.
I can pick you up in a couple hours.
Can you sit tight till then?
Yeah, I think I could
hang around a little while.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
We get it. You like the potatoes.
Have you ever had potatoes
like this, ever?
Yeah, yeah. Everything's delicious.
- Thank you.
- They're so crispy!
It's like I'm
I'm biting into a fallen leaf
on a cold autumn day.
Do you want to know the secret?
- Yes.
- I cook them in Worcestershire.
The amino acids react
with the sugar in the potatoes,
- which enhances the browning.
- The Maillard reaction. Right, Mom?
Well, I think we know
which side of the family
he gets the smarts from.
You're a scientist, Hannah?
She's the first woman
to chair the physics department
at Princeton.
- You're the chair.
Wow, that's so impressive.
Well, Josh is no slouch.
He's dean of the Rutgers med school.
Yep, real power couple.
- Beauty and the dweeb.
- That's enough, Kevin.
So, Nick, tell us, is there
a special lady in your life?
He just started seeing someone new.
And don't let
this old sour mug fool you.
The guy is head over heels.
They don't need to hear
about my love life.
Josh, what's Rutgers like?
Come on, Casanova!
It's, like, the one
interesting thing about you.
Tell them about your date in Cairo.

Sorry. Um, would you excuse me a moment?


Were you just going to not tell me?
Were you going to sit there
and say nothing
- after you promised
- I don't know! OK?
I don't know what I was going to do
or I don't know
what I was supposed to do.

This is this is a lot.
I literally saw you yesterday,
and now so much has changed.
In nine years.
Look, maybe we just let this sink in.
Because if you're here,
that means somebody's in trouble.
Don't tell me there are
more Nazis in New Jersey.

Actually, I think I'm here for Kevin.
Well, if there was ever
a soul in need of saving.
You think so too?
OK, well, that's good to hear
because Josh doesn't seem as on board.
Well, Kevin and my husband
have a complicated history.
Well, it's got nothing
on our complicated history.
No. [CHUCKLES] No, it doesn't.
We have a lot of history.

Jeffrey, your Uncle Kevin
is not a serious man.
Don't listen to him.
We should probably head inside
- before they kill each other.
- Yeah.
You are not a nationally
ranked marksman!
Not officially, but I scored
off the charts at an exhibition!
The range master said I
should be teaching the course!
What did we just walk into?
It's like you don't even
realize when you're lying.
It's pathological!
Let me prove it. Hey, Jeffrey.
Do you think a BB could
rip a teddy bear in half?
Why don't we go grab that puppy
and test it out?
You're not serious.
You're serious. OK, no wait. Hold on.
Wait! Wait. Wait!
Ben, look.
I know that you're here to help Kevin,
but we may not get
another chance to talk.
I feel bad leaving them
alone with a weapon.
It's non-lethal. Come on.
Is this a hydroelectric turbine?
I've been building it with Jeffrey.
You built a renewable home generator
with your seven-year-old?
Well, he's a pretty special kid.
Yeah. Well, so is his mom.
Um, do you like being a mom?
Mm, I love it.
Every day, he makes me laugh,
and every day, he makes me think.
God, Ben, I've missed you, Ben.
Hannah, you're married.
Do you think it's possible
to love two people
at the same time?
I I don't know.
Well, I do.
It is.
We're taught that love is finite.
But it's not. Every parent knows that.
You have a child, your heart expands.
- Hannah.
- Look around, Ben.
Look at the world the same way
you look at time.
There is no limit to love.

Mom, can I watch TV?
Uh, Sweetie, I thought you were upstairs
with Dad and Uncle Kevin.
We were.
But he made Dad so mad, he stormed off.
Jeffrey, where's Uncle Kevin now?
He said he wanted to play with my bears.

Broke, and I'm just
I'm trying to sew them back on.
Do you have any thread
or a needle around here somewhere?

What kind of monster
hides stolen blood money
in the gifts he gives
to his seven-year-old nephew?
- The clever kind.
- Your brother was right.
You are nothing but a narcissist.
How could you involve Jeffrey in this?
To be fair, I was pretty clear
from the get-go that I'm
Oh, OK, enough
with your radical selfishness!
I am done with your excuses.
Why take loose diamonds?
What was he going to do with them?
I'm sure he's got a guy.
A fence.
Any self-respecting criminal
has got one on speed dial.
Did you have a guy?
Not that I'm gonna tell you about.
[TABLET CHIMES] What is it?
Well, I ran a deep dive
on the hit man from the bus.
Right. Thanks to Ben, he got arrested.
And he was bailed out
just a few hours later.
Look who paid the bond.
Elena Carr.
Ben's boss is working for Fox.
He must have bought her off.
No wonder she told him to stay put.
She's coming for him.
I'll go get Addison.
I was going to donate the money,
or at least you can't prove
that I wasn't going to.
Ben, your bond agent double-crossed you.
- She'll be here any minute.
- Is that Addison?
- Who's Addison?
- What's she saying?
- What's who saying?
- That we're not safe.
That the men who want to hurt Kevin
are going to be here any minute.
- What?
- I'm sorry.
I'm so confused. What is happening?
I have to get Jeffrey and Josh.
- We need to get out of here.
- They don't have a car.
Hannah, we can't go!
If they leave, Elena will
catch them on the road.
We have to take them out
when they get here.
Uh, I'm still working on that.
I'm sorry, did you
did you just say take them out?
Ever heard of a snap trap?
We get a lot of rodents around here.
You use their curiosity to lure them in.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's brilliant.
But how do we [CLAPS]

You have paint thinner.
Do you have any bleach?
How would we contain the chlorination
Without an accelerant? Good point.
Oh, what about
an electrostatic discharge?
- You have a 220 down here?
- Just a 110.
I'm sorry. What is happening?
Do you two know each other from before?
Your turbine!
If we rerouted the electricity
We'd just have to iodize the reaction.
BOTH: Rock salt.
[GASPS] I've got some upstairs.
Let's go.
Rock salt?
They're coming here?
How do they even know where he was?
Right now, all that matters
is keeping Jeffrey safe.
I need you to go upstairs
and lock the door.
Nick and I have a plan.
You and Nick? We just met this person.
He's a former cop.
I should be staying down here.
You should be going upstairs
with Jeffrey.
Honey, there's no time to explain,
OK? I just need you to trust me.
I'm scared.

Well, what do I always say?
Courage is a choice.
Let's go.

One more time. I know I said,
"Explain this to me
like I was a ten-year-old,"
but why don't we bump that down to five?
We're routing these electrical wires
into the salt water.
Salt water's conductive,
so the current flows through it.
Bad guys step in the water,
bad guys get shocked,
bad guys go night-night.
What keeps us from going night-night?
Unless we're all wearing rubber boots,
we just have to stay out of the water.
It's not charged yet.
But when it does turn on,
it's only going to last a few seconds,
so we need to get
this timing just right.

- They're here.
- The trap's not ready.
We need another inch of water.
OK. Uh, Kevin, stall.
Me? I'm the one
that they're here to kill.
They won't kill you until
after they get the diamonds.
Oh, great.
That's very reassuring. Thank you.
I know you're selfish.
Radically selfish.
But that doesn't mean
you don't love your brother.
Then Jeffrey.
And me.
Sometimes if you want the universe
to give you something,
you have to give it something first.

this is not going in the book!

Are you selling
"Encyclopedia Britannicas"?
Because I've been missing my "PQ"
for what feels like forever.
Ever the fast talker.
How's that working out for you?
Or would the plural be
"Encyclopedias Britannica"?
Nope, that you know,
that just doesn't really
sound right either, does it?
- Where are the diamonds?
- The diamonds are probably
[VOICE CRACKS] In the D volume.
I will get them for you right now.
But first, I just
I need a guarantee that nobody
is going to get hurt.
Oh, I guess that depends on
whether you start cooperating.
Cooperate? I'll cooperate.
So cooperative.
But first, I'm going to need
you to hear my side of this.
And so we're all going
to need an understanding
of the case law around intent.
This is just wasn't how
I pictured our fourth date.
Mm, I've had worse.
I finally connect with someone,
and the next leap, I meet her husband.
Not to mention lethal home invaders.
At least the accelerator
has a sense of humor.
Maybe it's a test.
- Of?
- Strength. Faith?

Could our next leap just be us
sitting quietly by a fire?
All right, all right.
Stop. Listen up. Enough stalling.
But this is the interesting part.
Tell me where the diamonds are
or I start shooting ears off.
- Diamonds. Oh, my gosh, right.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I kind of lost the thread.
They're inside. Come on in.

I hid them in gifts to my nephew.
Not my proudest moment.
But Fox sells grenade launchers
to dictators,
so, you know, glass houses and whatnot.

Why is it all wet down here?

Rubber soles!

Are you sure you two didn't
know each other from before?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Oh, we did it.
Yeah, I mean, I did at the end
with the
I shot her in the eye.
- Give me that.
- Careful.
You really will shoot
your eye out with that thing.
Well, so you think Attica will
let me bring my own sheets?
My job was to bring you
to your bond agent.
That's what I did.
It's not my fault she's going to prison.
That might be the first time
I've ever seen him speechless.
I um
can I give you something in return?
Not a bribe, like a like a bonus?
Hey, what about a diamond
for that, uh, new girl?
I'm good.
But I must say, you might have a point
with your whole
taking care of yourself thing.
I could probably do
a little bit of that.
You know, I could use a blurb
for the back of the book.
You want to put that in writing?
Please leave before I change my mind.
Great. Sounds good.
- Ah.
- Oh.
- We gonna hug?
- I mean, a handshake
- Let's sure.
- Yeah? Yeah.
I'll, um I'll send letters.
I'd like that.
But please, no bears.
No, no, no, no.
Far too small for a whole brick
of hashish anyway.
Hey, got him to laugh! Look at that.
Is, uh is Elena's car spoken for?
Or, you know, just yeah.
[SIGHS] Might be
the friendliest exchange
we've had in a decade.
- Mm.
Thank you, for everything.
Take care.
You too.


Your jacket. I, uh
It's cold out there.

Thank you, Hannah.

You have a lovely home.

Come back anytime.

Those goodbyes never get easier.
[CLEARS THROAT] What did Ziggy say?
I could use a happy ending about now.
Elena goes to jail,
but not before she rats out
her arms dealer boss.
And Kevin?
Starts a new life in South America.
With all that diamond money.
Actually, he donates most of it.
He and Josh set up
a scholarship at their school.

- What is it?

Josh dies in 18 months.
It's a ruptured aortic aneurysm.
I can't let that happen to Hannah.
It's an easy surgery
if you catch it early.
I have to tell Hannah.

Hey, I was just going to find you.
I'm running to that panel.
Nightcap when I get home?
Yeah, can we talk for a second?
I'm already super late.
Yeah, I found the ring.
I swear I was looking for caraway.
[SIGHS] I knew I shouldn't
have made that damn shakshuka.
Look, I've spent all day
trying to figure out
if I should say something or not.
And then I realized
that when I'm stuck
You are the one who gets me unstuck.

Were you going to propose?
I might have had a plan.
One knee, candles, big, romantic speech.
Every time I wanted to ask,
another emergency was
dropped into our lap.
Yeah, well, not a lot
of slow news days around here.
[SIGHING] Yeah, right.

OK. I I didn't
- Yeah, I know.
- Mean that you need to
I I want to, more than anything.

Addison, I have a
I'm sorry. I know I know you
had a whole speech planned.

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