Quantum Leap (2022) s02e10 Episode Script

The Family Treasure

Previously on "Quantum Leap"
I was looking into her code, and I found
something wrong with
the quantum processing chip
that your boss built for me.
It transmits data every time
that Ben leaps.
My employer provided
a prototype under the condition
that you would share any data
you collected while using it.
You can't fix this on your own.
You know who you need to talk to, right?
The hard part was creating
the software patch
to override your quantum chip
without my boss noticing
anything changed.
- What is it?
- Josh dies in 18 months.
I have to tell Hannah.
This is the last will
and testament of Salim Malek.
"Know all persons that I,
Salim Malek, being of sound
"and disposing mind and memory
and not acting under duress,
"menace, fraud, or the undue influence
"of any person whomsoever,
do make, publish,
"and declare this
as my last will and testament.
First, to my eldest daughter"
Nadia. Sit.
Very nice. All right.
"First, to my eldest daughter, Sarah,
"I leave this terracotta vase.
"May its fragile beauty
grace the happy home
you keep so well."
Is this a joke?
You know there wasn't any savings.
Dad put everything into his search.
"Second, to my fearless Dina"
- It's Dean.
- "I leave my baseball glove
"and the homer you caught
when the Rebels beat
the Cats in '46."
- That's nice.
- Dig it.
"Third, to my precious Nadia"
That's me.
"May this ship send
you off with a message
of inspiration
as you head to university."
That's this here.
Let's see.
My condolences, truly.
Great, Dad. Thanks.
Nothing to remember you by
but a bunch of junk.
I'm not gonna listen to you rant.
- You would defend him. I
- Whoa!

I think Dad left us more than junk.
Looks like some sort of map.
You're getting married
We know it is a bit sudden.
But, look, we'd really like
you all to be there.
Yeah, I mean,
not to mention that eloping
saves us the trouble
of planning a wedding.
But wedding planning's my love language.
That's sweet, Ian, but this
is more about their love.
Look, I-I planned a wedding once.
Once was enough.
This way, it can be low-key.
We can hit the courthouse around 5:00,
grab a bite. [COMPUTER BEEPS]
Oh, I got a lock on Ben.
- Great.
- Let's go see where he is.
All right. I mean
Come here. Thank you.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
That went well.
Are you sure I'm not rushing you?
If there is one thing
that I have learned
from all of this, it is,
do not wait to live your life.

Looks like you got one too.
Oh, my gosh.
So with my two pieces from the glove,
we have a full map.
This is just across the border.
It's the treasure of San Patricio.
Of course! His last obsession
the cursed jewels
of Saint Patrick's Cane.
This was just another one
of his stories.
You can't be taking this
seriously, Dina.
Sorry, um, I have to go tinkle.
[FAINTLY] I told you,
don't call me that.
What happened back there, Addison?
One more second, and I could
have saved Josh's life.
I know.
But you know the accelerator doesn't
let us choose who you save.
Yeah, I [SIGHS]
I'm sorry.
Okay, so what am I supposed to do now,
find some buried treasure
or stop these sisters from fighting?
I'm not going on a treasure hunt.
Probably be easier to find the treasure.
You are Nadia Malek.
You are 17 years old.
And you just graduated
from finishing school.
Your father, Salim Malek,
was a Lebanese Christian
who escaped Turkish persecution
and immigrated here in the '20s.
He then became a disgraced
literature professor
and spent his life chasing
treasure across the Americas.
Sarah is married with two kids.
And Dina just sort of
bounced around from job to job
until she disappears in Mexico
a week after the will is read.
And the family falls apart.
Dina must be the key to all this.
She went looking for the treasure,
but she went alone.
"I stand on cursed ground
before the path well-concealed."
That sounds like a clue,
and it's in Dad's handwriting.
Oh, please tell me you're not serious.
You actually want to go looking
for this all by yourself?
I'm in.
Um, I think Dina was right.
Dad left each of us pieces of the map.
That must mean something.
He's leading us to the treasure.
Yes. Uh
Given the location of each
of the portions of the map,
one could infer that
your father intended for
Dad wanted us to work as a team.
- We should all go.
- Nadia has a point.
And this is our chance to finally go
on one of Dad's adventures.
They weren't adventures.
They were fantasies,
and they ruined our family.
Dad left Mom for weeks at a time.
And when she died, did he stop
to help and take care of us?
Poor Nadia barely even knew him.
Mm, this is true.
Sarah, the man just died.
And you think I plan to leave
Douglas and the kids
to go follow in his footsteps?
We're a family.
We have to stick together,
especially now.
There is no way you will get me
to go after some worthless treasure.
[CHUCKLES] It's hardly worthless.
You know something we don't?
Your father was one of my best friends,
and I can stand here and listen
to you cast aspersions on him,
but the treasure he sought is real.
How much is it worth?
If the jewels of
Saint Patrick were found today,
be worth around $40 million.


You two better be right about this.


Are we sure this is the right town?
Dos Estrellas.
It was two pueblos that shared a river
until the Spanish put a dam in
and dried up the north side.
Everything okay?
I know your looks.
Something's on your mind.
Sometimes I forget how well you know me.
- Ben, I
- Hey, shrimp, check this out.
So according to this,
the jewels of Saint Patrick's Cane were
a bribe the Church took to put
in the dam that killed this town.
And then a local priest stole
the jewels and hid them,
saying they were blood money.
God, you sound just like Dad.
Thank you.
"I stand on cursed ground
before the path well-concealed."
Maybe a graveyard?
Do either of you have any water?
This heat is drying me out.
I told you to bring a canteen.
What do you have in there?
Makeup, heels,
something formal in case we need it.
I said to pack light.
I'm not taking fashion advice
from you, Dina.
It's Dean.
I've told you a hundred times.
- Call me Dean.
- Maybe we stop for a drink,
uh, to plan our next move.
Huh, Dean?
There's a cantina right over there.
That is the first sensible thing
anyone has said since we got here.

I'll see what else
I can find on this place.
"Cursed ground, well-concealed."
Come on, Ziggy, please
just give me something.
You're just working
on that clue so we don't have
to talk about Tom and Addison
getting married.
Look, I-I know that you're against it
Then you know wrong.
I'm happy for them.
Ben's traveling through time,
and you said
it would take years
before we can bring him home,
even with the DARPA code we found.
- Yeah, true.
- So Addison deserves a life.
Tom makes her happy.
Does anything else really matter?
[CHUCKLES] Who are you, and
what have you done with Jenn?
Rachel, hi.
Hey, um, wh-what do you
what do you think this means?
"I stand on cursed ground
before the path well-concealed."
I don't have time for riddles, Ian.
What are you what
what are you talking about?
He knows.
Gideon knows that there's a mole.
He's having security search
everyone's office.
No, no, no. That's literally impossible.
The man's got puppets
in every government agency.
The NSA comes to him
for encryption advice.
We were idiots to think
that he wouldn't find out.
Okay, okay, please, Rach, let's
can can we just take a breath?
- I'll think of something.
- Well, think fast,
because once he finds me, he finds you.
He finds everything, Ian.
- What are these?
Tourist brochures.
I'd say they're proof
that Dad was a rube.
Or a proof of how many people
believe the legend.
Can you please stop?
Yes, Dad was not a great father.
But can you honestly
did the man honestly strike you
as a fool?
Yes, and I think he is making fools
of all of us right now!

So much for blending in.
He's telling them to leave us alone.
Nadia, where did you learn Spanish?
Finishing school.
You look like you've come a long way.
I take it you need a room.
- No.
- Yes.
Ye mm.
Family, yeah. I totally understand.
Want me to put your bags
behind the bar till you decide?
Yes, please.
- Um, no offense.
- None taken.
Ricardo Barragan at your service.
This is my cantina.
So you all here for the treasure?
What makes you think that?
Well, there's not much else
going on over here.
The cursed treasure of San Patricio
biggest hoax I've ever heard of.
It was good for business though.
I told you that map was worthless.
I've seen a lot of maps in my lifetime.
You see that wall over there?
That is full of treasure hunters.
I've actually got a camera somewhere.
Hell, I could put you up there too.
Watch the satchel.

Honestly, you'd think
after ending up with Douglas,
she would give up
on wanting male attention.
He's that bad, huh?
You know how he treats her.
Look at these guys.
Each of them on their own quest.
Hoping against all odds,
they'll find what they're looking for.
Thinking, when I find the treasure,
I'm gonna change my life.
Is that what you think?
I'm searching
for the same thing Dad was
a sense of accomplishment
and a sense I've made my mark.
You know how he was.
Never quite at ease,
never quite fitting in.

And what are we doing?
Looking for Dad.
There there he is.

He looks so happy.
I miss him.
miss him too.
He's standing in front of a well.
"The path wellconcealed"
gah, Dad and his puns.
The well marks a turn on the map.
Now you're talking.
Let's find some treasure.
Let me go get the map.
Hey, uh, do you have the satchel?
Ricardo's gone.
And he took the map.
How could you let him
get away with the map?
It was in your satchel.
Which I told you to watch.
But you were too busy flirting.
I wasn't flirting.
Okay, hold on! [SPLUTTERS]
Let's just think about this, okay?
It's not all that bad.
Ricardo's been here forever, right?
There's no way he would just
run off with the map
if he didn't think
the treasure was real.
Real, not real, it doesn't matter now.
We can't find it
unless we have Dad's map.
So let's just see when
the next bus back to Texas is.
Well, I can redraw the map.
- You can?
- How?
I have a very, very good memory
because of finishing school.
It's a course that
Sarah, could you grab me a brochure?
Dean, do you have a pen on you?
Great. Thank you.

Ah, great.
So here's the center of town, right?
There were some hills over here.
Uh, Dad drew the cane up in the corner.
That's right. Uh, the well is
northwest of here along this path.
And then I'll just add
some of Dad's clues.
"The path well-concealed"
Uh, my piece said, "Snakes underground
hide the shamrock key."
- Uh-huh.
- Slow down.
Am I to understand that we're
heading into the desert
chasing a man who's likely armed,
following a map from Nadia's head?
Sounds like an adventure to me.

All right, will you let me know
if anybody changes their mind?
Look, I left breadcrumbs
all across the dark web.
If anybody's up for hacking
Proteus's servers,
- they'll ping me.
- But?
The last person any hacker
wants to tangle with
is Gideon Rydge.
God, I just
I-I keep hoping that maybe
if I close my eyes just hard enough,
- it's all gonna go away.
- You went to Gideon
because it was the only way to find Ben.
He was the only one with money
and access to make the quantum chip.
And now Rachel is going to lose her job.
And she and I are
probably going to jail.
It's time for you to tell Magic.
Mm-mm, mm-mm. Absolutely not.
What you can't do
is keep trying to fix this yourself.
It's not working, Ian.

This is it.
Dad was right here.
Question is, where did he go next?
The answer must be in the second clue.
"Snakes underground
hide the shamrock key."
Sorry, I'm not doing snakes.
They snake underground.
The path is right here.
He wasn't talking about literal snakes.
He was talking about
the tunnels underground.
- I found a rope.
- Great.
Well, I am not climbing down that.
As delightful as this has been,
I have no interest in drowning.
- Thank you.
- You won't drown.
It's dry.
I hate you.
Not bad. Here you go.
Thank you.
Shall we?

Don't suppose you know which way?
Not any better than you.
No, but these stacked rocks
might be a signpost.
This way.
So about this treasure
if Saint Patrick drove
the snakes from Ireland,
how'd his jewels end up in Mexico?
It's a metaphor.
According to legend,
this bearded white man
arrived on the shores of Mexico
in an Irish rowboat
1,500 years ago.
Some say it was Saint Patrick.
But the Toltec believed it was
their feathered serpent god,
And Dad's theory was that
the priest that stole
the jewels buried them
as an offering to Quetzalcoatl
to bring the water back.
Well, clearly, that didn't work.
So how long ago did the water dry up?
Seems like it's been a while.
- Who do you think it was?
- Treasure hunter.
But he didn't have Dad on his side.
This way.

It's a dead end.
This tunnel's supposed
to go on for two more miles.
There was a cave-in.
Just when I was starting to believe.
Wait, you're not leaving?
Is there another option?
We have to figure out the clue.
"Snakes underground hide
the shamrock key."
Whatever that clue is for
is on the other side of that cave-in.
We don't know that for sure.
And what's the harm in looking around?
- Oh, I don't know,
another cave-in? [SCOFFS]
I know you had a lot of faith in Dad.
But for once, can't you just
trust your big sister
the person who actually raised you?
We do trust you.
We just need a couple more minutes.
You want to leave?
We're staying, Sarah.
Of course you're staying.
You don't have anything to go back to.
Excuse me?
Ben, we gotta move.
"Shamrock key." "Shamrock"
You have it so easy,
acting like Dad, carefree.
I have a family.
Nadia has school.
Sarah, stop talking.
You don't have a husband.
You can't hold down a job.
You've never had to worry
about anything.
Your world is so small,
hiding behind your sewing machine,
judging everyone.
You wouldn't last one day in my shoes.
And I couldn't live one day
in the hell you call a home.
I got it!
It's a fake rock!
Sorry, what you're talking
about is really important,
but also "the shamrock."
We're not looking
for a four-leaf clover.
Think about Dad's last clue,
It's a play on words just like
Sham rock.
- It's a fake rock.
- Yes.
God, that's bad, even for Dad.
Look for the rock that has
no earthly business being down here.
BOTH: "Shawshank Redemption."
You are such a nerd. [CHUCKLES]

I got something! Listen.
It's hollow.
- Let's take it out.
- Okay, okay.

There's something else in there.
Sarah, we need
your perfect ballerina arms.
Thank you for noticing.

Look what I found.
A sense of humor, apparently.
I didn't think it was funny.
I thought it was funny.
- Hate to ruin the moment.
We're gonna need that key.
Mr. Wells?
Of course it's the lawyer.
You set us up.
You knocked that ship out of my hand,
knowing it would break.
Hand it over, beautiful.
Our father trusted you.
Yeah, so he claimed.
And after 20 years of friendship,
did he tell me when
he found his treasure?
No. He just lied about it.
Then he gives his $40-million map
to his children who can't stand him.
You told me my half was 10.
Well, you see, that's 'cause I'm a liar.
You didn't have to kill him!
Now I need y'all to sit down
right here on the ground,
say, for about an hour.
After that, you can release yourselves
on your own recognizance if you like.
But I'll tell you this:
I see you at the church,
and I will have to kill you all.
But you still need us, Wells.
You need us because
you don't know about the curse.
There's no curse. What are you
Not literally, but there is a trap,
the Parting Tears of Quetzalcoatl.
It's intricate,
and fatal if you don't know
how to disarm it.
We do.
Our dad showed us how.
Ben, eyes on Dean.
You were right.
Our father never trusted you.
He didn't trust anyone except family.
You didn't even know about the map.
We did know about it.
We knew it existed.
We just didn't know where it was.
And we all solved the riddle.
So if you want to beat the trap
and enjoy a share of the treasure,
you're gonna need us to get you there.
What kind of trap are we talking about?
This kind.
Ben, this cave's about to collapse!

I'm okay. Where's
- Dean?
- Over here.
Oh, God.
Wake up.
Wake up, please.
Wake up. Wake up.
Oh, you're okay.
Here, let's get this off.
What the hell were you doing,
trying to get yourself killed?
I was trying to make sure
Wells didn't get away
with this.
- [LAUGHS] Oh.
Not that he's going anywhere.
Come on, let's get you up.
We're not going anywhere either.
The whole place is caved in.

Found a way out.
Think I see a way out.
Come on, this way.
- You okay?
- I think I'm all right.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Are you okay?
Thank you.
I got you.
Nadia, where are you going?
I felt a breeze.

I still can't believe
you could feel that breeze
all the way down there.
I'm the one with sensitive skin.
Looks like a ghost town.
Must be the other part
of Dos Estrellas
the one that dried up
when the dam went in.
Wells mentioned a church.
I'm guessing that's the last clue.
There's a church just up the road.
"A turn for every season
of Guadalupe's flower."
What the hell does that mean?
Oh, my God, are you okay?

Are those bandages? Are you hurt?
Not exactly.

It is a bandage,
but that's not why I wear it.
Transmasculine in the '50s.
I mean, I had a hunch. But this is
Isn't that dangerous though,
binding with elastic bandages?
Good eye. Look at you.
But there weren't exactly
a lot of options back then.
Dean must feel so alone.
I don't understand.
When I wear this,
I feel more like myself.
So do you want to be a man?
That's not it.
Do you think it's shameful
to be a woman?
Being a woman is great for some people.
But I'm not really one or the other.
I'm just Dean.
- Thanks.
- There you go.
You look badass.
You two like the whole
"miss" and "ma'am" thing,
but that's not me.
And I'm
I don't want to be "sir," necessarily.
I wish I had better words for it.
You know, my best friend
b-back at, um, finishing school
They also feel the same way.
So they ask us to use "they" and "them"
instead of "he" or "she,"
which is really binary.
Binary like spy code?
Yes, and also, a binary is anything
with only two possibilities.
A light switch is either on or off.
A person is either good or bad.
But I don't think that's true.
So we need more possibilities
than binary.
My friend identifies as nonbinary.
I like that.
So that's what you are, nonbinary?
I mean, I'm not only that.
But yeah.
Feels like me.
But you're still my sister?
I'm your sibling.
I can live with that.
Come here.
I love you, Dean.
I love you too.
Thank you for listening to me
when I tell you who I am.

Well done, Ben Song.
Uh, it only took
a treasure map and two bad guys
and almost getting buried alive
for us to finally be honest
with each other.
I'm leaving Douglas!
BOTH: What?
I'm done staying in an unhappy marriage
just because that's what the world says
I'm supposed to do.
He's terrible to me.
He's terrible to our children.
And I thought when we were dating that
once we got married,
it would fix what was broken.
But that's not how it works.
You have to be whole yourself
before you can fill your life in.
And I've wanted to tell you all day,
but I-I haven't been able to
because I knew once I said it
out loud that
it was really over.
And then I would just be alone.
You will never be alone
because you're not getting rid of us.
We're family, and family is for life.
Hopefully, a very rich life.
Can we go find this treasure, please?
Gotta steal my moment.

Found something.
Bring me the key.
- I can't believe it.

Come on.
What's the last clue?
"A turn for every season
of Guadalupe's flower."
Who's Guadalupe?
I think she's watching
over us right now.
The Virgin Mary.
Locals saw her as a symbol
of Mother Earth,
the goddess Tonantzin.
Four petals, four seasons.
Four pieces of the map.
One turn left for each of us.

May this treasure bring me a future.
May this treasure help me find my place.
May this treasure
always keep us together.

We did it.
- Here, hold this.
- We did it.
Wait, there's something on the door.
It's not from Dad.
I think it's in Spanish.
Nadia, can you translate?
"Fortune unleashes
a flood of condemnation."

How far away is the dam?
About a mile. Why?
How should I know?
Because every dam has spillways,
and I think we just opened one.
Everybody, run! Over there!
- Nadia!
- Go!
Go! Go!

Get behind this rock!
Get behind this rock!

Hold onto each other!
- You okay?
- Are you okay?
- Everyone okay?
- Okay. Good.
- Are you okay?
Good. We got it.
This is safe. [LAUGHTER]
I have the chest!
I have the chest! We did it!
- Here, here, here. Just
- Huh?
- Just put it here.
- Okay.

So the the Parting Tears thing.
- You knew there was a trap?
- No, I made that up.
You were pretty spot-on.
Okay. Hold on.
I think I got it.
It's empty.
I-I don't understand.
Someone must have beaten us
to it and taken the treasure.
No. No way, I
Dad wouldn't have had us come
all this way for nothing.
There's got to be more to it than this.
There has to be.
Would he really do that?
There's a false bottom.
"My beloved children,
if you're reading this,
"it means you followed my trail
"to the treasure of San Patricio.
"Now you've found what I found
"the emptiness at the end
of a life not shared.
"It was only when I got here
that it hit me
"the loneliness I felt
when your mother died.
"I wasted my life looking for treasures
"and running from love
because I was scared.
"The real treasure is
at home with family.
Love, Baba."
I wish he could have said
that when he was alive.
Maybe he was scared.
Or maybe he thought we wouldn't listen.
Well, we've listened
to everything else he said.
What do you say we go home together?
- Come along, shrimp.
Uh uh, I'll catch up.
I'm gonna say a little prayer.

Good job, partner.
Yeah. Good job.
Are you going somewhere?
[CHUCKLES] What do you mean?
It just feels like
you're someplace else.
It feels like you've been gearing up
to tell me something.

Don't worry. I am
[SIGHS] I am not going anywhere.

Hey, a buddy of mine
at City Hall convinced a judge
to stay a little late,
so if we leave now
I can't.
You were right before.
I did get caught up in the moment.
I wanted you to sweep me away.
But I just think we both underestimated
what me being back here would mean. I
I just need some time.
This "time,"
does it also include space?
I think it probably should.
Look, uh, you don't have
- Jenn has a spare room, so
- No, no, no.
I-I need to head back to D.C. anyway
N-no, Tom, you really don't
No, no, I think I do.

I knew I was rushing you.
I knew it.
But the more time you spent in the past,
the farther apart things fell
here in the present.
I started to worry about the future.
This isn't about Ben.
Well, you take that time.
I think you'll come
to a different conclusion.

Dear Hannah,
by now, you'll have married Josh.
Tell him to check his heart immediately.
He has a defect in his right ventricle,
but they can fix it
before anything happens.
All my love, Ben.

I need to ask a favor.
It's not gonna make sense,
and you can't ask me
about it ever again.
Hold onto this.
And then mail it for me
sometime after May 1, 1970.
Ooh. Who's Hannah?
Sarah, please.
You are just like Dad, you know that?
He was right.
The real treasure is family.
Come here.
Actually, what he said was,
"The real treasure is
at home with family."
The real treasure is
at home with family.
Of course.
That's why I haven't leapt yet.
Will you help me get it down?
I would love nothing more.
Oh, careful.
It was here the whole time.
- Shall we?
[LAUGHING] Oh, my God.

It's not every day you get to watch
a family hit the lottery.
Speaking of family, you get a chance
to talk to Addison since she
Came to her senses and
decided to push the wedding?
No, I'm still freaked out about Rachel.
I mean, I just
she still hasn't texted me back.

Oh, my God, there you are.
I've been so worried. You okay?
He's here.

She's fine.
[CHUCKLING] I told her I wasn't upset.
I totally get it.
Water, bridge.
It's good to meet you.
I'm Gideon Rydge.
I'm, uh, Rachel's boss.
Wow. Look at this place.
This is something.
It's good to see you.

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