Quarterback (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

The Quest

[man] Let's go upstairs now
and read, okay?
Let's do the "Book of Why"
in Sports Illustrated.
- [boy] Yeah.
- Let's do that. That was a good one.
[boy] "Big Book of Why."
[man] Why does the NFL have so many rules
against hitting quarterbacks?
First, there's the fact that
when a quarterback is throwing a pass,
he's in no position to protect himself.
An injury to the quarterback
can sink a team's entire season.
Did you know the season-ending knee injury
Tom Brady suffered
in the first game of the 2008 season
led to a ban on hitting quarterbacks
below the knee?
And Dad is forever grateful.
- [crowd cheering]
- [players grunting]
- [lineman] You all right?
- [Kirk] Yeah.
[Kirk continues groaning]
[epic music playing]
[Peyton Manning] Omaha!
All right, look
I'm a little biased.
But for my money, there's simply
not a harder position in sports
than being an NFL quarterback.
Hey, 25! 25, this You!
Ready, set, hut! Oh my God!
[players grunting]
I mean, think about it.
[QB] 180, white-hut!
[Peyton] As a quarterback,
every single play, you're the focus.
Hey, 48. What you got? You got #48!
[Peyton] You have to know everyone
else's job just as well as your own.
You got these two over there.
[Peyton] You can't hear half the time,
the weather is bad,
you got 300-pound linemen
trying to kill ya.
[players grunting]
[Peyton] Win or lose, you are
going to be front and center.
You have to give credit when it's good.
You have to take blame when it's bad.
You have to face the music
when times are tough.
No one really to blame but myself.
[Peyton] And there's always someone
waiting to take your spot.
[reporter] Planning on making
a change at quarterback?
[Peyton] Beginning in September,
each of the 32 teams selects one man
to be their starting quarterback.
And in 2022,
that list included these three.
Marcus Mariota.
[Marcus] Hey, you get
one opportunity a week.
Let's put it all together
for four quarters.
[Peyton] Kirk Cousins.
I got three words for you. You like that?
[all] Yeah!
[Peyton] And Patrick Mahomes.
[Patrick] This is what I do!
This is what I do! [shouts]
[Peyton] Now, these are
three very different players.
[Marcus shouting]
- Let's go!
- Golly!
Each in very different situations.
[Peyton] But they all
have one common goal.
Down, one, set!
[Peyton] To lead their team
to a Super Bowl victory.
I love going to war with you guys, man!
[Peyton] And during the 2022 season
[trainer] Go!
they allowed unprecedented access
to capture that quest.
- [Patrick] They don't know I watch tape.
- [players laugh]
I got tape, brother.
I got tape.
Everybody sees the game days.
But they don't see the day-to-day grind.
They don't see how
you have to manage playing football
and being a dad and being a husband.
- Kick some ass, okay.
- Mm-hm.
- Love you.
- Love you.
And then, on top of that, you gotta
prepare yourself weekly for a game.
Lamar, Y-slide.
'Cause you're going
against the best of the best.
[Kirk] I think to whom much is given,
much is required.
And it is an incredible privilege
to be a pro quarterback in this league.
[commentator] Cousins, touchdown!
This was a turducken.
And this is about
as close as they'll ever get
to crawling into our skin
and seeing what it's like to truly live
in our day-in, day-out basis.
You're a daddy's girl today.
[Patrick] Always.
The greatest comeback in history!
- How'd you pull off
- In NFL history?
[all grunting]
It's gotta be Kirk.
His neck is so heavy right now.
[reporter] Marcus Mariota,
what's going on with that?
- [coach] Not with the team.
- Not with the team?
[reporter] Would you understand
if he decided to make a change at QB?
[commentator] Cousins has to
hold that ball till the very last second.
[Kirk] Doesn't feel
like it should be over.
Looks like the ankle got twisted.
[Patrick shouting]
- I'mma take you out here.
- No.
[woman] He thinks he's about to play
a damn game? Has he lost his mind?
[Peyton] This is one year,
following three men.
[crowd cheering]
[players grunting]
[Peyton] Every hit
- [grunting]
- [fans groaning]
[Peyton]every hurt
[Patrick] It doesn't feel good.
- [Peyton]every high
- Yeah!
of the hardest position in sports.
- [music peaks and fades]
- [crowd roaring]
["How You Like Me Now?" playing]
[commentator] And this one is over.
Kansas City has won
their first Super Bowl in 50 years!
With Patrick Mahomes leading the comeback.
[Patrick] Let me get that!
[commentator] He is the Super Bowl 54 MVP!
Kansas City, baby!
[analyst] Can you imagine the unbridled
joy of a man not yet 25 years old
being the Super Bowl MVP?
I'm so proud of you!
[Patrick] We did it, baby.
We did it.
I love you.
[chattering emotionally]
[Patrick] Winning a Super Bowl early,
I think, was a good thing.
In a sense of, all you want to do
is get back to that spot again.
Oh, my baby!
[Patrick] Once you've won it,
nothing else can be successful.
[analyst 1] You know, he is now
the face of our league.
He is the face of the NFL,
best player in the NFL
How you like me now? ♪
[analyst 2] This is a guy
who is going to be
the face of the league
for the foreseeable future.
[analyst 3] By the way, you wanna know
who has the most commercials?
How you like me now? ♪
Using Head & Shoulders every day
is like great offense for my hair.
Yeah, it was wild.
Once you win that Super Bowl,
like, everybody,
media and endorsement deals and all this
stuff off the field comes flying at you.
[newswoman] For the past few years,
hairstylists have had a request
for a now popular hairstyle,
the Patrick Mahomes haircut.
But as far as pressure on the field,
I always keep it in perspective that
this is a game that I love to play,
and I'm gonna enjoy it.
This is what I do!
I've been in four
AFC Championship games now.
I've won two and lost two.
I've lost one Super Bowl
and won one Super Bowl.
You're a legend, man. Congrats, man.
- You're amazing.
- Keep at it. Let's keep in touch.
- For sure.
- All right.
I'll tell you what, those losses
stick with you more than the wins do.
And so, for me,
the goal is the Super Bowl.
And if you don't win the Super Bowl,
you feel you haven't reached your goal.
Ready, hut!
[commentator] They shovel it inside,
Edwards-Helaire, touchdown!
[analyst] I think for Mahomes I mean,
I'm expecting the world
from him this season.
[commentator] Patrick Mahomes, impeccable.
Five touchdown passes.
He doesn't turn 27
until next Saturday.
[analyst 2] When you have Patrick Mahomes
in an environment he's in,
they're always a Super Bowl contender.
[commentator] Snap to Mahomes,
now Mahomes scrambling to his right side.
He is gonna pump-fake it,
trying to get to the outside.
Now fires it sidearm, caught!
And into the end zone, McKinnon!
[analyst] As long as
Mahomes is on the roster,
every week they should be the favorites.
Heavy favorites. You know why?
And I don't say this lightly
They have the best player
in the history of the sport.
- Wow!
- Bar none.
[song fades out]
[Patrick] Picture before
everybody gets here?
- [woman] Yeah. I do.
- [Patrick] It's over here.
- All right.
- Yeah, that angle, like
Like, right at your face, yeah.
- Get your angles right, Hugo.
- [sighs] Scoot over.
- We weren't even in the middle.
- Hide my phone.
- All right.
- Maybe I'll just put my hand on my belly.
[Hugo] One, two
[phone clicks]
[Patrick] There's gotta be a good one.
Gotta be a good one in there.
Gotta be a good one.
Gotta be a good one in there.
- Gotta be.
- [Brittany laughs and sighs]
Oh my God. He hates taking pictures.
Probably not many people realize that.
But he's not a picture guy.
So, getting good photos
with him is, yes, a struggle.
- [Brittany] Okay, we have one more spot.
- No ugh.
[Brittany] By that thing. Yeah.
[chuckling] Bruh
[Brittany] I'm pregnant,
and we have to work on all the angles.
The way me and Brittany met is we met,
uh, kinda, in seventh, eighth grade.
She was a grade above me.
I was like the best friend,
in the friend zone forever.
I used to walk her to class,
and was trying to flirt.
When I was a sophomore in high school,
and she was a junior,
I actually got her a rose.
I was kinda I had a crush on her.
But I was getting the rose as a joke,
but kind of a quotation "joke."
And, for Valentine's Day
He thought it was a joke. I thought
it was the cutest thing in the world.
And then everyone at our lunch table
started chanting, "Kiss him, kiss him,"
and made it really awkward.
Um 'Cause we were "just friends."
So yeah, that's kind of what started it,
and I thought it was cute, and then I
- Actually
- [Patrick shouting]
Is he yelling? At the dogs
- [interviewer coughs]
- [Patrick] Silver!
- [Brittany laughing]
- What is happening?
Is that Patrick?
- [both laughing]
- [dogs barking]
[interviewer laughing]
[Brittany] Okay, we could hear you
screaming at the dogs, bro.
- Did you not see what happened?
- [both] No.
They were fighting dogs
on the other side of the fence.
So they were chanting,
and I thought it was kind of awkward,
and it was funny,
and then we just kind of
I was like, "Okay, this guy is actually
kind of cute. Maybe I do like him."
So then we just started talking,
and then started dating.
We're trying to find
a babysitter right now.
[Patrick] Me and Brittney
are expecting again.
We're gonna have a baby here
at the end of November.
Um, it's gonna be a baby boy.
He'll be Patrick Lavon Mahomes III.
- Cheese!
- Oh, that's cute!
Happy birthday!
- All right, I'm done.
- Cute.
The first two weeks
of the football season flew.
- Flew by.
- Yeah.
It was like, you played that first game,
and immediately played again, like
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, dear Pat ♪
- Is that my hair?
- Happy birthday to you ♪
- Blow out the candles!
- [Patrick] I can't believe the hair.
Look at the hair, though. Hey!
[man] That's hair?
That is hair. You can see it, bro.
Thank y'all.
[Brittany] Hey, babe.
- Yes.
- You're gonna be really mad.
- What?
- But there's another photo op over there.
- The lighting is way better.
- I saw it at the beginning.
I'm done. I'm for real.
- I'mma see y'all.
- Okay, bro.
Wait. One more.
- Happy birthday!
- [chuckling] No.
I'm out.
[Brittany] Hey, who wants to play limbo?
[overlapping chatter]
[Kirk] So, what we're gonna do is,
tomorrow after practice,
I've got a list going
right now of all the plays
that need have signals or need signals
that are somewhat new or newer.
We're gonna, tomorrow, post-practice,
we're gonna walk the whole field
and run one play after another.
I'm gonna give him this goalposts logo.
Differentiate between Sombrero and Halo.
I don't want anybody to think
I'm doing a halo or I'm doing a sombrero.
So I'll try to make sure the difference.
And then Saber is gonna be me
wielding a lightsaber like in Star Wars.
[imitating lightsaber sounds]
One-eighty! 180, set!
[analyst] Kirk Cousins, not much expected
when Washington drafted him
to be a backup way back in 2012.
Good job not turning around
on the throwback.
Seized every single opportunity.
Ten years later,
is the Vikings' franchise quarterback.
- You like that?
- It's a good story. Great stats.
But his job is about winning.
Go win it.
And Kirk has yet to even
come close to the Super Bowl.
For Cousins, that clock is ticking.
[radio host] Thanks for giving us
some time. We appreciate it.
You know, in my business they do rankings.
You end up landing anywhere
from, like, ten to 12 to 15.
Does it bug you?
Does it, deep-down, frost you at all?
Do you say that does bother you?
Or you allow to let it bother you?
Or do you even think about
that kind of stuff?
I think my story,
going back to high school,
has been one of being,
you know, a little overlooked,
a little underrated.
I love this quote
by Margaret Thatcher that says,
"If my critics saw me walking on water,
they'd say it's because I can't swim."
Ready! Set, hut!
[calm music builds]
[analyst] They are gonna turn the page
at some point if you're just
continuing to be a fringe playoff team.
[Kirk] Started a lot
of games in this league.
Thrown for a lot of yards,
a lot of touchdowns.
But, I want a lot more
than just one playoff victory.
[commentator] The Minnesota Vikings
have beaten the New Orleans Saints.
And so, for me, you know, to make
the final years of my football career
the best years of my career,
it's gonna come down to winning.
We hired a new coach, Kevin O'Connell.
And he and I had worked together
for one season in Washington in 2017.
He was my quarterback coach.
Everybody seems to have something to say
about the way he plays quarterback. Or
How he plays in certain games,
and things like that.
Kirk, turn this thing loose.
So much of it is narratives.
Some of which about Kirk
are false narratives.
Let's just call it what they are.
Kirk, to me, is really built for it.
I mean, he's such
a process-oriented, driven guy.
That's good decision right there.
Good. Good. Good.
[Kirk] Changes are inevitable
with new coaches.
Like, how you're calling plays.
[Kevin] Let's go West Right Ace-Z Insert.
Jab Patrick XPP.
- Can it to Jab Duo
- XPP, okay
[Kirk] Being in a new system has caused me
to feel like, at times,
I'm back to being a rookie.
And I need to get
more comfortable with it.
Um, and really own it.
This is just a play
that I haven't run until this year.
The elements of it to my right
where Adam and J.J. are running
are similar to things
I've done in the past.
But the route that K.J.'s running,
and how you'd get to it,
or the read you'd take to get you there,
it's not something I've ever done.
[tense music builds]
[commentator] A happy Sunday to you,
and welcome to US Bank Stadium.
It is the kickoff
to the 2022 Minnesota Vikings' season.
[analyst] I'm in for this game,
and I love the fact that
we're gonna see
what this offense looks like.
[Kirk] Down, one, set!
Week one, I remember coming off the field,
being shocked at just
how smooth everything went.
[commentator] Vikings march down the field
behind the throwing of Kirk Cousins.
[Kevin] You're playing your ass off.
- It's gonna be me and you talking all day.
- Gotta keep grinding.
[Kirk] It was a nearly
flawless game offensively.
Which was surprising
with a first-year head coach.
[commentator] He'll throw right.
Look at that! Jefferson, uncovered!
Twenty, 15, ten,
dances to the right for the five,
dives for the end zone
[Kirk] Yeah!
That's big-time! That's big-time!
[screaming excitedly]
Hey! You like that one?
[Kirk] Hey.
What I really like is the finish, man.
Not a lot of guys would be able
to make that six points.
We're running our, you know
14-week on or 12-duo.
You just get us off the field
with six points. Great job finishing.
- I got you.
- Great job finishing.
It's special to win at home,
week one, divisional opponent.
So, it's a great start.
[Dan Patrick] Congratulations on the win.
[Kirk] Thank you so much.
We're trying to come up with a bet on
the yellow plaid shirt you had on
yesterday after the game.
- Seton?
- [whimsical music plays]
[Seton] I'm gonna go L.L. Bean.
[Dan] All right. Marv?
I'm gonna go Eddie Bauer.
- Eddie Bauer.
- That's a good guess.
I'm gonna go REI.
All right, and
I wish it was L.L. Bean or Eddie Bauer.
Maybe that fits my brand a little more.
- But my wife dresses me, by the way.
- [all laughing]
It happened to be Patagonia.
[woman] So, normally for home games,
I like to pick out his outfit.
We got some plaids,
some stripes, some solids.
We kind of go with the simple, um
People call it "Dad" style.
But I think it's very classic.
Week one, I thought,
this is the perfect shirt,
for September, for week one.
It's got some fall colors in it.
It's lightweight, short-sleeve.
It was a hot day.
So I just went with it.
I was kind of thinking for a while,
how do I tell him
that his shirt is all over the Internet?
[tweets whistling]
Somebody ended up
texting him one of the memes.
I actually thought
the comments were so funny. [laughs]
[Kirk] You know, when people say,
"Boy, Kirk Cousins
must be drowning in Kohl's cash,"
that just had me laughing.
I'm pretty bad at fashion,
but that's because I want
all my decision energy going to football.
So I like to just pass it off to Julie,
and let her handle it.
I just I just feel like
we're very normal people.
Like, yes, we do shop
at Target and Sam's Club.
And so it's like, if you wanna
laugh at that, go for it. [laughs]
[Kirk] I don't get it, right?
'Cause I'm just kind of a basic guy.
- Pretty boring.
- [kids chattering]
- [Kirk] All right, diving catches. Ready?
- [boy] Okay.
- Ready, Dad.
- Ready.
- Good catch, Coop.
- He get it?
Oh yeah, he caught it.
[Kirk] Maybe that's it. I'm boring. Then,
when I do something that isn't as boring,
it becomes something funny.
[rock music playing]
You like that? You like that!
[fans chanting] You like that?
You like that?
They are yelling, "You like that?"
[analyst] I like that.
[Kirk] I'm aware of the conversion van
I drove becoming a thing.
[tweets whistling]
[woman] Remember when Kirk Cousins
was like, "You like that"?
He was talking about his van.
'Cause you drive one of these guys, right?
I do. I'm a van guy, and
I feel right at home right now.
[commentator] A couple of
1-0 teams get together
for the second game
on Monday Night Football.
[analyst 1] The Vikings, they've seen
their QB, Kirk Cousins be very good.
They brought in Kevin O'Connell,
first-year head coach, to make him great.
And, man, last week
was a heck of a way to start.
[analyst 2] Yeah, it was all good.
I'm excited to watch this offense
and what they're capable of doing.
We're in this together every step.
You're the best player on the field.
- All right? We roll.
- Let's go.
Set, hut!
180! 180, set, hut!
[commentator] First and ten from the 25.
Cousins under center, handoff,
Dalvin, stutter steps at the line.
And that's gonna be a loss of one.
[tense music plays]
[Kirk] For that first play,
it was a run play with a check.
And with the run game rules we had,
I needed to get out of the play.
I wasn't quite sure,
and I was a little undecided.
And I decided to just let it eat,
and it was kind of a dead play.
That's not a great way to start.
That was one of those moments
where I realize, you know,
I'm not comfortable yet in this system.
I gotta can that first one.
I knew it. I knew it.
I was like, do I wanna run a Randall
into this five-man front?
[commentator] Cousins, deep drop.
Passes left, intercepted.
Cousins loops it to Jefferson.
And it's intercepted by Darius Slay.
And for Kirk Cousins,
that is his first three-interception game
since October of 2020.
Talk to me. You're good.
You just didn't feel like you had it?
- I got you.
- He was just sitting there.
I got you. Just come flat.
- I got you.
- That's on me.
That's all right.
[Kirk] I was blown away after week one,
how clean the game was.
And it was almost a false sense
of security after week one
that reared its ugly head in week two.
So that started with that first play,
and that run check,
then it kind of snowballed from there,
and it was a game that got away from us.
[commentator] Final score,
Philly 24, Vikings seven.
And tonight was a complete disaster.
[analyst] How far can Kirk take this team
even with O'Connell as his coach,
becomes the question.
Big changes for Atlanta
this year at quarterback.
After a decade as the franchise guy,
Matt Ryan is out,
Marcus Mariota in.
[Marcus] Pretend to be a gentleman
and open the door?
[wife] You can. You don't pretend.
[door squeaks]
- Hi.
- [woman] Welcome in. How are y'all doing?
- Good. How are you?
- [woman] Good.
I'm Tara.
I'll be doing your ultrasound today.
My wife and I, we found out
she was pregnant on April Fools' Day.
So, I thought she was kidding.
I thought she was joking. Um
You know, initially, and then Yeah.
There's a whole bunch of excitement.
Then there's, like,
"Okay, how are we gonna do this?"
[Tara] So she is head-down, face-up,
which is a good thing.
[wife] That's how she was last time too.
Damsel in distress.
Just sitting like this?
[Tara] So she's there butt
and legs come back over this way.
- [wife] That makes sense.
- [Marcus] She's always kicking there.
Oh yeah, she's moving.
[Tara] Ah, you see the hand?
[Kiyomi] Maybe she has
- [Marcus] A smile.
- [Tara] Oh, did you see that?
I'll go back and I can rewind.
[all laughing]
[Marcus] That's cute.
I'd like to think I'm ready.
That's what everyone says, right?
"Oh, I'm ready."
[Tara] Okay, let's go ahead
and listen to her heart.
[Marcus] I'll find out
when the baby comes if I'm ready or not.
[heart beating rapidly]
[Kiyomi] It goes so fast.
[Tara] Perfect.
And she's doing so good.
She's like, "Fine, Dad. I'll do good."
[Kiyomi] Already a daddy's girl.
- Are you nervous about f-ing it up?
- Oh yeah.
Never had a girl. Like
Like, young girl cousins, didn't have any.
Well, I have.
I just never spent a lot of time so, like
Raising a girl is gonna be weird.
- Dude, you're dead.
- I know.
- Two little girls at home, it's over.
- I know.
- She's the first grandchild on both sides.
- Oh no.
- Yeah, she's about to be so spoiled.
- Wow.
- You got a name picked out?
- Makaia.
- Oh that's awesome, dude. Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Honestly, expecting our first child
during football season,
I was a little nervous for. Um
Just 'cause we were gonna be
so far away from family.
But, going into Atlanta,
some of the coaching staff
we had known previously.
So it seemed like a really good
opportunity for a fresh start.
[dramatic music plays]
[Marcus] You know, free agency
is such an interesting deal.
Especially in my position,
talking to teams, you know.
Seeing what the interest level was,
where they viewed me,
and in what role would I play.
You know, and Atlanta kept coming up, um,
just a lot with
the relationship with Arthur.
I met Coach Arthur as a rookie.
We were together in Tennessee for five.
I was there the entire time
through Marcus' journey in Tennessee.
Throughout the seasons,
we had some success.
[commentator] Now he's gonna scramble
for the end zone. Pump-faking, fires late.
It's knocked down and caught by Mariota!
And stretches for a touchdown!
[analyst] What a play, Marcus Mariota,
who just threw,
and caught, a touchdown pass!
That's why you the leader.
[Smith] Like a lot of things with QBs,
and this is a competitive league.
There's a lot of a lot of change.
It's constant.
[analyst] Tennessee has made
a change at quarterback.
Out is Marcus Mariota,
in is Ryan Tannehill.
[Smith] Sometimes that can have a huge
effect, especially on a young player.
[Marcus] You know, I was going
through a little bit of confidence issues.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep playing
the position, playing football in general.
A couple seasons in Las Vegas,
I was the backup to Derek Carr.
It was a good reset in my career,
allowed me to get healthy.
And I found the love, again, of the game.
[commentator] Jackpot, baby!
Marcus Mariota!
Marcus went out to play with the Raiders.
And then we were able to reconnect, and
It was He had a different perspective,
and I was in a different spot.
[Marcus] It came down to the fact
my relationship with Art
was one of importance.
And it was just
a really cool opportunity for me
to be part of a team again,
and get a chance to start.
- Good morning.
- [woman] Good morning. How we doing?
- [Marcus] Good, how are you?
- [woman] Hello! You're the real one.
- Yeah. Have a good day.
- [woman] Have a good one, Marcus.
[analyst] Marcus needs to make
the most of this opportunity.
You only get so many chances in the NFL
to be a franchise quarterback.
And, oh yeah, the Falcons drafted
another quarterback in the third round.
[man on TV] With the 74th pick
in the 2022 NFL Draft
the Atlanta Falcons select Desmond Ridder,
quarterback, Cincinnati.
[analyst] When I watched him on tape,
my comparison was Marcus Mariota.
And here he is, he's gonna go there
and learn from Marcus Mariota.
And hope to eventually take his job.
We drafted Desmond in the third round.
And Marcus, he handled it well.
To his credit, he's a very resilient guy.
Good? Yeah.
[commentator] And here is Marcus Mariota.
Mariota starting again.
First time since 2019.
Yeah! What's up, buddy?
[commentator] Mariota spent five years
in Tennessee.
Former Heisman Trophy winner
out of Oregon.
Second overall pick, the 2015 draft.
[Marcus] Let's go!
[commentator] Last two years backed up
Derek Carr with the Raiders.
Hey, man, it's an absolute pleasure.
Come out with the mindset to win.
We got West Right Ace 12-Duo.
On one, ready?
Set, white-80!
White, set, hut!
[energetic music playing]
From the 25-yard line, Mariota
will pick up a first.
Let's go!
And that's one of his strengths.
[commentator 2] Which is what
Arthur Smith loves about Marcus Mariota,
that ability for
the designed runs to get outside.
White-80! White, set, hut!
[commentator] From under center, Mariota's
gonna keep it and sneak for the touchdown!
- [crowd cheering]
- [commentator] Oh-ho-ho!
How about ya, Marcus Mariota?
- Hey.
- Yeah.
- Good play on that Wiz.
- Yeah.
- Keep, didn't realize Kaleb soaked him.
- Yeah.
Hell of a play by you.
Hey, make sure we stay in bounds.
Stay in bounds.
[commentator] With 100 seconds
to go in the ball game.
Third and one right here.
If you get a foot, you win the game.
On me. On one, ready?
- Flat?
- Axe Orbit. Axe Orbit.
[dramatic music plays]
Hey, we're good! We're good!
White, set, hut!
Fumbled the snap! Picks it up.
Dives, and I think
he's still gonna be a step short.
Thanks to the botched exchange,
keep the Falcons
from picking up a first down.
They would've been able
to run out the clock.
That's all Mariota.
Oh boy, that was big.
- It's on me. We're good. Yep.
- We're good.
It was my fault 100% on the snap.
[commentator 2] It's gonna be
a 51-yarder for Wil Lutz.
[commentator] And Lutz's kick is good!
The ball game ends.
No way!
Yeah, really, it's crazy, like,
just how close the margins are in the NFL.
Especially at the quarterback position,
you know, a decision that you make
in a matter of seconds
can ultimately determine the outcome
of not only the game, but maybe a season.
Onto the next, brother.
- You know we can get there.
- Hell yeah.
[analyst] Marcus Mariota
fumbled the snap on third and one.
You lost the game.
A lot of football, brother.
Lot of football.
[analyst 1] So, the season
is off and running.
The Kansas City Chiefs,
what have we learned about them so far?
[analyst 2] Gotta remember this team
traded their best receiver, Tyreek Hill.
It's been okay through two weeks.
They're 2-0, we know that.
[Patrick screams]
But might be too early to tell
whether that trade's gonna make sense.
We'll see how this unfolds
for Mahomes and company.
[Patrick] We heard it all off-season
that we weren't gonna
be the same without Tyreek Hill.
I mean, for good reason,
'cause of such a great player that he is.
[commentator] Tyreek Hill makes the catch,
burning the defender.
[analyst] The best in the business,
Tyreek Hill, the peace sign.
[Patrick] Obviously, losing Tyreek,
everybody was kinda ready for the Chiefs
to kind of take that step back.
[analyst] Everyone,
the talk about Tyreek Hill.
How's it gonna go? Well, guess what
[analyst 1] Chiefs offense,
great start in week one.
- Hasn't been as good the last couple.
- [analyst 2] It hasn't.
[commentator] The Colts lead, 20 to 17.
And 24 seconds to go in the game.
Let's go. Let's go get a field goal.
Let's go get a field goal.
Let's go get a field goal.
We were playing the Colts. At the time
they didn't have a good record.
[commentator] The Chiefs
gotta get closer here.
Timeout! Timeout! Timeout!
[Patrick] I think guys
took that for granted.
[commentator] Seven seconds
to go in the game, pump-faking.
Pass is broken up, and now intercepted.
Intercepted off a deflection,
and the Colts are gonna win this game.
On a tipped pass,
McLeod with the interception.
And the Chiefs are gonna lose
for the first time this season,
20 to 17, to the Indianapolis Colts.
[dramatic music playing]
[reporter] Are these expected
growing pains with the new group?
Or does this stretch beyond that?
I mean, I don't expect any growing pains.
You obviously have new players,
and you don't know
how everybody's gonna
respond to tough situations.
So, you know, we can learn from it.
But for me, I mean,
our schedule gets no easier.
We have a hard game,
Sunday Night Football,
against Tampa next week
with a great defense.
So we have to get better quickly.
And if we don't, we don't want
these L's to start piling up.
We wanna make sure
we get back on that winning train.
[analyst] They don't have
a number-one wide receiver.
They haven't gotten that
ironed out yet, 100% correct.
Anything close. That's a concern.
Tyreek Hill is not there anymore.
We're not seeing all the explosive plays.
That was the difference in this game.
You look at Kansas City, they do not have
the offense to make up for it.
People said, well,
we lost our best receiver.
Which, arguably we did,
best in the National Football League.
And so, well, we won't be as good.
Our pass game will be off
He just took that and ran with it.
[Patrick] Blue-80, set, hut!
[Reid] And said,
hey, we're gonna work at it.
[Patrick] Higher.
I think it's gonna be higher.
[Reid] The amount of time that he spent
with those guys is something
that most quarterbacks in this league
have not done with their players.
That's perfect pace. I was gonna tell you
to put pace, and you did it anyways.
Yeah, baby. One more, Noah. My bad.
[commentator] We welcome you to
Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida,
for week number four
of Sunday Night Football.
The Chiefs, one of the AFC's elite,
led by Patrick Mahomes,
against the team that beat them
in the Super Bowl two years ago,
the Buccaneers, led by Tom Brady.
[analyst] As quarterback fans,
it doesn't get any better than this.
How are you gonna replace
the big plays of Tyreek Hill?
[commentator] We're about to find out.
[Patrick] Get set! Get set!
[commentator] Chiefs,
deep in Buccaneer territory.
Mahomes fires,
Kelce over the middle, inside the ten.
Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go!
I see you, boy!
I see you, boy! I see you, boy!
Let's get it! Let's get it!
[analyst] Tom Brady
over there looking for answers.
And so far, Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes
have had all of them.
Let's go! Let's go!
All day! All day!
We got the lead early, but when you play
great quarterbacks, especially Tom Brady,
you have to make sure
that you really keep the pressure on
'cause he'll fire his team up
and get back into the game.
Hey, keep the pressure on.
Keep the foot down. Let's go. Let's go.
[commentator] First down,
goal to go at the two.
He floats a pass,
and wide of McKinnon, incomplete.
Mahomes leads his intended receiver,
Jerick McKinnon, too far.
[Patrick] Fuck!
[commentator] A rare miscue
by Patrick Mahomes.
In this league, when you miss on easy,
slam-dunk throws that could be touchdowns
My bad, one.
usually those things
will change an entire game.
[commentator] Mahomes still upset
because McKinnon was wide open.
[commentator 2]
I wanna see Patrick Mahomes
be able to bounce back after that.
Go, white-80. Set, hut!
[commentator] Play-action fake, Mahomes
is in trouble, scrambling to his right.
Holding it. Holding it.
Gets off the hit, now lunging forward.
And then throws it late, caught!
I'm like that. I'm like that.
Mahomes with the touchdown pass.
[player] How did he do that?
[player] Let's go!
[commentator] A two-yard touchdown pass.
Mahomes, magic!
[commentator 2] You mentioned magic,
it looks like Magic Johnson out there.
No-look passes,
late little drops like that.
I'm I'm not usually impressed
until I see it on film, like, after.
Or seeing it on Twitter after,
or whatever that is.
[pulsing music plays]
[analyst] Tyreek Hill not here.
But the one positive is they've been
distributing the ball across the field
to many more receivers
than what they did in the past.
[Patrick] You don't necessarily know what
it looks like when it happens on field.
But I remember when I hit the sideline,
all I could think about was
how lucky I was that I made that play.
Because if not, we would have
really lost points on that drive.
I had to make up for it with that shit.
I had to make up for that shit.
[analyst] He looks like the dad
playing in the backyard with all the kids,
and they can't get him
on the ground. Watch this!
And the little push pass?
Stop it! Stop it!
Y'all saw that? I know y'all saw that.
- What?
- That play?
That's something you, like, do on Madden.
Had to make up for that miss, bruh.
I missed a wide open tub,
gotta make up for that somehow.
[commentator] And the Chiefs go
to three and one on the season.
With an outstanding, exhilarating
victory here in Tampa, Florida.
Hey. Good luck this year. Do your thing.
Good luck the rest of the way out.
- You're great. Keep it up.
- Yes, sir.
[Kirk] Yeah, so,
State of the Union, I feel like, uh
The Eagles game obviously was a disaster.
So, um
you know, you gotta make sure that
you don't allow
You don't wanna see the road game
failure to spill over into a second one.
And then allow that to become a thing.
[Kirk] One poor decision
can set you all the way back.
[commentator] He'll regret that decision.
Heat of the battle, and I understand that.
[groans] My goodness.
But you can't you can't play the position
if you're not giving yourself
the grace to make mistakes.
- If that makes sense?
- Mm-hm.
[Kirk] I just started meeting
with Dr. Mack this season. Um
I had spoken with
other psychologists in the past,
just as an exercise to be able
to have a place to go vent.
Honestly, I think, at times,
we carry, like, a doubt mindset.
[Mack] Mm-hm.
Wondering what's coming around the corner.
I think there's some power in just
sort of talking about what I'm processing.
And what thoughts are
going through my head,
and maybe if those need to be changed,
or they need to be leaned into more.
You get hooked on to the negative things
that are happening. Then they always do.
Um, it crowds at the space for you
to focus on the opportunities.
Unless you quickly release the mistakes.
When you do that,
you're in a better position
to take advantage of
what's in front of you,
and the opportunities that arise.
- It's not gonna be easy.
- No.
- It never is.
- Never is.
But that just makes the reward richer
when you get to the outcome.
[Kirk] Yeah, that's good.
- How we doing?
- Have yourself a day.
- You're ready to roll.
- Let's do it.
[commentator] And there is Kirk Cousins.
[analyst] He's gonna try to rebound
after what was just a bad performance
Monday night in Philadelphia.
Down, one, set!
[players grunting]
[commentator] Kirk, lofts one,
K.J. uncovered!
Incomplete at the 20!
Kirk barely overshot him.
Gotta be kidding me.
[analyst] Nice play design.
Just too much on this.
Doesn't get much more wide open than that.
[commentator] 4th and six, Kirk Cousins
and the offense still out there.
On the ball. On the ball.
Down, one, set!
[dramatic music plays]
[commentator] Kirk, protected sweetly,
fires left, caught.
Right at the first down marker.
[analyst] We gotta have some fight in us.
Gotta get a touchdown
on the board quickly.
[commentator] Dalvin,
stutter-steps, bounces left.
[Kirk] As painful as missing
that third-down throw was,
it was big in the outcome of the game
that we stayed on the field
to get points on that drive.
And a big call by Kevin
to go for it on 4th down.
[commentator] We trail 24-21.
A minute, six to go.
Minnesota has no timeouts remaining.
[analyst] So for our offense,
this is it. Let's go.
All right. Here we go, I'm good.
Let's go, O. Right now. Come on.
Let's do this. Let's do this.
Down, one, set!
[players grunting]
[commentator] Cousins, great drop,
loops one to the left.
It's caught by K.J., at the 35, to the 30.
With 27 seconds to go.
[Kirk] Hey, Louie, Louie!
- Cousins out of the shotgun.
- [Kirk] Down, one, set!
Takes the snap.
He's gonna fire right!
That's right!
[analyst] You make adjustments,
you keep getting at it.
Beautiful read by Cousins, great throw.
[commentator] The final score,
Minnesota, 28, Detroit, 24.
And we are two and one.
- That's a great call!
- You know what, though?
For you to hang with the Mexico like that,
and then make that play
I'm so freaking proud of you.
Great job.
Great job, Kirk. On your back!
- We're on the way, man.
- Good job.
- Yes, sir. Good ball.
- Yeah, Kirk!
- On the way, man.
- Gritty as hell. Way to go.
[Kirk] Man
[tense music playing]
Tonight it's the Raiders and Chiefs.
And it's Monday Night Football.
Two franchises that have tried
to pulverize each other for 63 seasons.
[Patrick] Feel good. Feel good.
Raiders week is
the one rivalry in this league
that I feel like
is like a college rivalry.
You have that bit of hatred
towards that team,
and you can feel the energy.
It's just different.
[Patrick screams]
- Love you. Love you.
- Play hard. Love you.
[repeating] Love you.
[commentator] The Chiefs
must account for Maxx Crosby.
[analyst] He's a guy that you have to
reckon for on that defensive line.
Set, hut!
[commentator] 3rd and eight
for Mahomes and the Chiefs.
He's in trouble,
and Maxx Crosby's gonna sack him.
[Patrick groans]
Go blue-80. Set, hut! Hut!
[commentator] Shotgun to Mahomes,
Crosby giving pressure up the middle.
Bulldozes through,
and takes him down at the 35.
The Condor, flapping his wings
with his second sack of the half.
[analyst] Maxx Crosby there is
gonna follow Patrick Mahomes.
There's always mind games
that you play in the NFL.
He was trying to do whatever he could
to kinda get in my head.
A little push or a little shove.
Wrap me up and hold me
a little extra longer.
Set, hut!
[commentator] He's in trouble.
He'll be sacked back at the 12.
[analyst] Where's the flag?
The crowd half expects a flag.
They're waiting for it.
- They're diving at me after every play.
- That's a tackle.
After every play,
98's diving at me, though.
Watch 98 dive at me.
98 dives at me after every play.
Set, hut!
And then he kind of gave me
one of those extra punches on the arm.
Come on, dawg.
I know what you're doing,
but just chill out a little bit, you know?
- Don't just punch me for no reason, dawg.
- Punch you?
I understand you touching me,
but don't punch me, bro.
[commentator] And the Raiders
now lead 17 to nothing
at 9:22 to go in the second quarter.
I was already frustrated
we weren't playing
at a good enough level that I expected.
And it kinda just snapped.
[commentator] And now the Chiefs
will have second down and goal to go.
Mahomes takes the snap,
in trouble, moves out past Crosby.
Fires it late, Kelce with the catch,
inside the ten.
Stiff-arms one,
stumbles into the end zone!
I'm here all day! I'm here all day!
I'm here all day!
I'm here all day! I'm here all day!
- You woke up the wrong motherfucker!
- What, boy? I'm the right one!
You woke up the wrong motherfucker!
You woke up the wrong motherfucker!
You woke up the wrong motherfucker!
The temperature is heating up.
All of a sudden, I go into that mode
where I don't know what I'm saying.
I'm just kinda blacking out
and going crazy.
I'm here!
I'm here!
- I'm here!
- Come on.
I'm here!
When Coach Reid has to grab you and pull
you aside, you know you're going too far.
He's usually like,
let your personality show.
Coach Reid grabbed me and was like,
"Hey, we got a calm down a little bit."
- [coach] Who you after?
- [Patrick] 98's ass, bro.
[coach] Hey, I like it!
- Keep that fire. You just be smart.
- Yes, sir.
I think our team needed it at that moment.
And it fired the guys up
to see me that fired up.
Go blue-80, set, hut!
[commentator] Mahomes over the middle.
Pass caught, Kelce, touchdown!
Set, hut!
Mahomes they flood the left side.
Caught by Kelce,
and into the end zone. Touchdown!
We keep rolling. We keep rolling, dawg.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Let's fucking go!
Down, set!
[commentator] From the one, Mahomes
[Patrick] Four of 'em!
Four of 'em! Four of 'em!
[analyst] He's got another!
[Patrick] Four of 'em! Four of 'em!
[analyst] Four on the night.
Travis Kelce yet again!
That's what I'm talking about!
That's what I'm fucking talking about!
I'm fucking talking about, baby!
Getting down 17-0,
guys could have kind of folded and quit.
But guys responded,
came back, we won a game.
It's gonna build that grit and toughness
that I think we'll need as we get
to the later part of the season.
- Down, set, hut.
- [whistle blows]
[commentator] That is going to do it.
After five games in this season,
the Chiefs are four and one.
[Patrick] Hey. You know I love you, dawg.
Hell of a game. You're a fucking baller.
[Patrick] Me and Crosby
were, like, about to fight.
He kept kinda doing it.
Like, some D-linemen try to get
in your head touching you all the time.
I threw a ball and sat there for a second.
Five seconds later,
he came up and jabbed me in the arm.
Like, punched me hard, and I just go
"Hey, bro." I was like, "Hey."
I was like, "Nah. Yeah, don't
I understand something, but hey."
The next play I threw a touchdown,
I was like, "All right!"
I'm here! I am here!
- I'm here!
- I am here!
[Kirk] This is the best way
to finish a hard day's work, Cooper.
We built a good fire, Coop.
The win today doesn't change what happened
Monday night in Philadelphia.
But, emotionally, you feel like,
uh, more is right with the world.
[Julie] I was pretty calm
most of the game until the very end.
And I ended up putting in
my worship music at the end
for the last minute, 'cause I was
just feeling so overwhelmed, and like
just needed to calm down.
[kids chattering]
- Oh. Burned my [blows]
- [Julie] What a fun surprise!
Burned a hole in my sweatshirt.
- That's my favorite sweatshirt.
- [Julie gasps] No way.
- [Kirk] Shoot.
- Oh no. Daddy's on fire. Look.
Dad likes that sweatshirt too.
This will be my bonfire sweatshirt.
[gentle music playing]
It was such a good play design.
And such a good play call,
to the throw to K.J. that I missed.
Man, when you miss ones like that,
it just It eats at you.
I'm still on a quest to try to figure out
how do I fulfill my potential
as a player and a person?
While not driving myself crazy
with the standard I'm asking.
It can be a miserable place to live
because you'll never be perfect.
And when you set that as your standard,
you set yourself up for failure.
- Do we still have to build the crib?
- Yep.
[Marcus] First and foremost,
you have to be self-critical.
What can I do better in this situation,
better in this scenario?
Set, hut!
So that when it does arise again,
I'll be prepared, and I'll go out there
and make the right play.
It's gonna be so much more now.
[Patrick] You know
where I messed up, though?
I cut back on that run, I thought
I could have really scored.
I went to slide, and I was like,
"Wait, I could have scored, bruh."
After the game, I always think
about the plays that I miss.
[players grunting]
Win or lose, I can win a game
and have great stats.
But you go back to those plays like,
"If I'd made that throw at that moment,
it could have been even better."
You're gonna look
at positives and enjoy those.
I said you messed with the wrong dude.
Threw a touchdown, next play.
But I think looking at the negatives,
and figuring out ways
to be better on those
Learning from those
are gonna make you great.
The goal is the Super Bowl.
You have to maximize every opportunity.
Y Short to Cousin Right Clamp Two Jet Rib.
Ready, set!
[commentator] The Vikings are attempting
the greatest comeback in history.
Oh, I'm getting frustrated.
I remember questioning leaving.
Gettin' spicy in here.
[Marcus] I've asked myself a lot,
why do I put myself through this?
I don't think I've been
part of a wilder game.
[analyst] This game has
the two best quarterbacks in the NFL.
Hell yeah! That's what we needed!
[commentator] This has been
the most amazing two minutes of football
- [Kevin] Call that on your own?
- [Kirk] Yeah.
I was gonna call timeout.
[analyst] Let's talk about
this Marcus Mariota situation.
[Kiyomi] I'm just sitting at the hospital,
waiting for the call.
[analyst] Can't say I've heard of this.
[Marcus] Thought I was making
a good decision for everybody.
[Kirk] You do all you do, OTAs, training
camp, regular season, for the playoffs.
That's what it's all about.
I think we match up better vs. the Bills,
but I wanna play the Bengals.
I'm excited, but you're making it
sound like we're going to a funeral.
- They are the best of the best.
- Touchdown!
[analyst 1] Unbelievable.
[analyst 2] Mahomes is hurt.
- [Reid] I'm gonna take you out here.
- No.
Fuck no.
[closing theme music playing]
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