Quarterback (2023) s01e02 Episode Script


- [jet engine roaring]
- [tires screeching]
[country rock song playing]
[singers vocalizing]
Right now's mine ♪
Blood runnin' through my veins ♪
Feelin' like it's worth the pain ♪
I was born just for the stage ♪
Just for this day ♪
[man 1] Hi again, everybody.
Welcome to Lubbock.
[man 2]Texas Tech!
Man, this place is hoppin'.
[woman 1] Yeah, guys,
quarterback Patrick Mahomes
going to be inducted
into the ring of honor.
- [song continues]
- [Mahomes] Whoo.
It's my time ♪
[Brittany] You see your cubby over here?
Yeah, I know, I saw it.
Sweet, man.
- Your arms have gotten bigger, I must say.
- [Mahomes] I was definitely bigger here.
- I was huge here.
- [Brittany chuckles]
[woman 1] Mahomes here, extra energy.
- Enjoy yourself, man.
- Oh yeah.
- You know you deserve everything.
- I appreciate you.
- The house that Pat built, man.
- [laughs]
- Good seeing you, big dawg.
- Good to see you.
Lubbock was such a big spot for me
in my football career.
[announcer] Mahomes, downfield.
[Mahomes] That's where
I grew as a quarterback.
- [announcer] Touchdown!
- They got the most out of me.
On the football field,
and for me becoming a man.
That university did so much for me,
I'm glad I left a mark in any way, for it.
It's my time ♪
[Brittany] Oh my God!
Look, it says your name.
[laughs] That's cool!
[crowd cheering]
[announcer] Now fans, please direct
your attention to the west side
as we officially welcome Patrick Mahomes
into the Texas Tech
football ring of honor!
[Mahomes] Oh, that's sweet!
[Brittany] So cool!
Right now ♪
Right now's mine ♪
[song ends]
[upbeat instrumental music playing]
- [Mahomes] How old are you, my man?
- [kid] I'm nine.
[Mahomes] Nine? All right.
- Y'all got any questions for me?
- [kid] Um
When you were a kid,
what did you really want to be?
A football player or
When I was a kid,
I did not want to be a football player.
I wanted to be a baseball player.
Uh, my dad was a baseball player,
so my dream was to play baseball.
[announcer] Mahomes, two-two to Reed.
Swing and a miss, he struck him out!
The ball game is over.
[Mahomes] If I wasn't a baseball player,
I wanted to be a lawyer.
I grew up playing baseball.
And I thought that was
kind of gonna be what I did.
I started playing the quarterback position
as a junior in high school.
And I remember,
when I got on varsity for the first time.
And went out there to play quarterback,
and was at the stadium
on Friday night lights in Texas.
That's when I really fell in love with it.
[crowd cheering]
Let's go, white-white. Set!
[tense music playing]
[announcer 1] We talk about the baseball
background of Patrick Mahomes often.
But he throws from every angle like
a good shortstop turning a double play.
[player grunts]
That's one of his strengths, the ability
to make unscripted, off-platform plays.
Yeah, the off-platform throws
are baseball throws to me.
It's not something that
I'm, like, out there looking,
"How can I throw a sidearm pass?"
I'm just trying to find a way to get
the ball to the playmakers in space.
I'm nasty! I'm nasty!
I work on them.
If you're put in this position,
how can you make this throw?
I got one more!
So that's stuff that I do
in the off-season with Bobby, my trainer.
Stuff I do with my quarterback coach,
and that's stuff I do
at practice with the Chiefs.
[QB coach] Slide right. Now! Bang!
[Mahomes] And that's prepare myself to be
in those positions and make those throws.
[QB coach] There's where
the perfect ball path
The one thing we want to be
conscious of, as you're tired
- Exaggerate that
- Get all the way over.
All right. 'Cause you got so much talent,
sometimes you'll wanna just flip it
like guys are doing now.
- Yep.
- [Jeff] Right? Good.
I look at these
"off-platform" throws as really,
"How many ways
can you move to solve a problem?"
[announcer 2] Creative movement
right there by Mahomes.
[announcer 3]
That's incredible. Oh my gosh.
How do you not like watching him play?
[crowd cheering]
[Bobby] The flip side of that
from a physiological standpoint is
your vision, the mobility you have
in your spine, in your neck
There are quarterbacks that,
when they're rolling right,
they can't turn their head,
and some that can.
The same athlete,
maybe when they roll left, they can.
There's many quarterbacks
that have deficits going both ways.
And Patrick can keep his head
perfectly still like an owl,
and still be able to visually see
what's going on here,
and also manipulate his body due to
the mobility that he has in his spine.
[announcer 4] Look at the magic
of the quarterback,
just Mahomes moving around, dancing,
and then throws it, no-look.
[Bobby] How fast can you rotate
and swivel that part of your body
independently of the rest of your body?
Well, Patrick has strength in his spine.
[tense music continues]
Patrick has speed in his spine.
He actually is one of the only athletes
I've ever worked with that can swing a bat
within 3%, full speed,
rotating to his right and his left.
Nice work.
I think that's an incredible feat because
most people have a 20% deficit there.
Big pivot.
And his hip-shoulder separation
is the best that I've seen.
And I've worked with some
of the hardest throwers in baseball,
and at the quarterback position.
It's incredible.
[tense music fades out]
[Brandt] For the wild, freaky athleticism,
there's only a couple guys maybe
in the history of the sport that
can even compare with Mahomes.
And yet, one of his rivals right now
is in the conversation.
You know I'm talking about Josh Allen.
[analyst 1] But I'll tell you something,
Josh Allen, I think, is playing
even better than Patrick Mahomes,
if that's possible.
He has been fantastic for the Bills.
[analyst 2] It's must-see TV
any time these two get a chance
to battle against each other.
It's like that 2021
divisional playoff game.
Instant classic.
[light instrumental music builds]
[man] Here you go.
Against the #1 defense on the season.
Kansas City takes the lead
with a minute to go!
Twenty-five points scored
in the final two minutes.
Three go-ahead touchdowns
in the final two minutes.
And the Chiefs have won
this incredible divisional playoff game
in overtime!
- Hell of a game.
- Great game.
- Hell of a game, dawg.
- Great game, big boy.
[announcer] Today, welcome
to the NFL's version of football drama.
[analyst 1] When the NFL
put their schedule together,
this was circled
as the number-one regular-season game.
They put it week six.
[Mahomes] We've built this rivalry of
playing the Bills, year-in and year-out.
You know you want to get
that home-field advantage.
That's why, even though it's early
in the season, it's still a big game
'cause at the end of the season,
you're gonna have similar records.
[music fades out]
Hola, hola.
[dramatic music playing]
[announcer 1] This game features
the two best records in the AFC.
This game has
the two best quarterbacks in the NFL.
[Brittany] Oh man, I'm so ready!
It's gonna be a good one.
[crowd cheering]
[Patrick shouting excitedly]
[analyst 2] For a regular-season game,
this is as big as it gets.
It could be who gets
home-field advantage in the playoffs.
Front-runner for MVP.
- Love you.
- Good luck. Kick some ass, okay.
- Love you.
- Love you.
[Brittany] It's very nerve-racking
at times, but it's also very exciting.
Getting to watch him live out his dreams,
and do what he does best,
and freaking kill it,
like he does every Sunday.
[Patrick shouting excitedly]
Let's go!
[announcer 1] 266 days ago, they had
that epic game in the divisional round.
We've been waiting
for this one ever since.
[announcer 2] You're not kidding.
This is why we play sports.
If you're a fan of football, or sports,
you want to be here watching this game.
[announcer 1] Patrick,
his 80th career start.
[announcer 2] We'll see if they can stop
the great Patrick Mahomes.
Yellow, gun duo,
left stack, H-counter, streak.
Run-pass, two-jet chip,
buck pin and z-fracture.
[Brittany] Let's go.
Come on, babe.
[Brittany] Attaway!
[Bills player] Reverse!
[announcer 1] Mahomes,
trying to buy some time.
Moving to his right,
pump-faking once, twice.
Now comes back to the near side,
caught, Smith-Schuster at the 30!
Up ahead, 25, 20!
Schuster 15, ten, five.
- Touchdown, Kansas City!
- [crowd cheering]
Let's go!
Hell yeah!
[whooping] Whoo!
[announcer 2] Patrick Mahomes,
wringing out plays
like no other quarterback,
not afraid to throw across his body.
[Mahomes] I'm a baseball player at heart.
I mean, that's just who I am,
the playing shortstop back there.
[crowd cheers]
[Patrick grunts]
[announcer 1] Seven to three, Kansas City,
11:31 to go in the first half.
Hell yeah! That's what we needed!
Great job! Great job! Great job!
All day!
- All day!
- Let's go!
[announcer 1] The Bills,
they are marching in Chiefs territory.
First and ten, Josh Allen, sell-out blitz.
Allen reads it, fade pattern, near side.
Gabriel Davis with the catch
and the touchdown.
Damn. That ain't good.
[announcer 1] Sixteen seconds
remaining in the first half.
Come on, we can score a touchdown
in 16 seconds.
[Mahomes] Go blue 80, set!
[tense music builds]
[announcer 1] Mahomes throws it
in the right flat, McKinnon.
Sprints upfield, 40, 45 yard line,
and out of bounds
with five seconds to go in the half.
[Mahomes] Catch the ball,
and go straight down and call timeout.
Go blue 80, set!
[announcer 1] Low snap, caught by Kelce.
Timeout! Timeout! Timeout!
Timeout, Kansas City.
One second to go in the half.
Here comes Harrison Butker
to try to tie the game.
This would be a 62-yard attempt.
It would be an all-time Chiefs record.
[Brittany] He's got it!
He's got it. I believe!
Snap by Winchester, the kick is up.
And the kick is up and it is
Good! Good!
[crowd cheering]
Fuckin' go!
Brand-new ball game, baby.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
[music fades out]
- [Andy] Are you good?
- [Mahomes] Yeah.
I'm tired, but I'm good.
Go blue 80, hut!
[players grunting]
[announcer 1] Mahomes holding.
Still holding it, waiting for a chance.
Fires it late. Caught in the end zone!
You all right, baby? That's a touchdown.
That's what I'm talking about, Pat.
[announcer 2] Patrick Mahomes
showing his patience in the pocket.
Throws an absolute bullet, a strike,
right in the gut of Mecole Hardman.
[crowd cheering]
[analyst 1] This game has turned out
to be everything we hoped it would be.
Way to stay alive, 17!
[announcer 1]
Now with the Chiefs leading 20 to 17,
the Bills are trying
to take the lead with a touchdown.
Hey. Be ready to get a field goal
or go score. Know what I mean?
Be ready to get a field goal or go score.
Be ready. Be ready. Be ready.
Let's go. Let's go.
[announcer 1] 2nd down, 12,
at the Kansas City 14.
Josh Allen backpedaling,
wants a guy open in the end zone.
Comes back to the ball, it is caught.
And it's a touchdown by Dawson Knox.
Here we go. Here we go.
And the Buffalo Bills
lead the Chiefs 24 to 20,
1:04 to go in the game.
- [Andy] Hey, we got two timeouts.
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
[players speaking indistinctly]
- [Andy] Four downs, two timeouts.
- Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Gotta stand up and cheer for Daddy.
Say, "Come on, Dada. We got one minute."
One minute to win the game, huh?
Rub your belly for good luck.
In my mind, I thought, "All right,
let's go score a touchdown and win it."
That's how I always feel
when I get to step on the field
and get a chance
to have the football last.
Come on, 1-5.
[tense music builds]
Set! Set, hut!
[announcer 1] First and ten.
And that's Taron Johnson with the theft.
[crowd murmuring]
[Brittany sighs deeply]
[announcer 2]
You do not see Patrick Mahomes
make many mistakes in clutch situations.
[announcer 1] Definitely a tough blow
for this Chiefs team.
It definitely hurts 'cause you know once
that interception happens, game's over.
And you hate losing in this league,
especially to a team you consider a rival.
[analyst 1] The Bills go to 5 and 1.
Chiefs drop to 4 and 2.
Buffalo on top
of the American Football Conference.
[analyst 2] Buffalo's had to overcome
Kansas City. They've been so close.
And now all the sudden,
it's like, "Oh my goodness."
They might actually be
the team to beat now.
Good game.
Good luck the rest of this year.
- [Josh Allen] We'll see you again.
- For sure. Yeah.
[Mahomes] Yeah, we lose a game, especially
at home, it's never a good feeling.
That's a great football team.
I thought we played some good football.
We made too many mistakes
at the end of the day.
When you make mistakes
against another great football team,
you lose football games. And, so, uh
It'll be good to learn from,
but right now, it stinks, for sure.
- [man 1] All right. Thank you.
- [man 2] Thank you, Patrick.
[Mahomes] It's football. You're gonna
have highs, you're gonna have the lows.
You put so much into this
that you wanna win, you wanna succeed.
And you want to win that Super Bowl
at the end of the year.
Um, but I have to be a dad too.
I have to be a husband.
Keep them hands warm.
- [woman] Hi.
- [Mahomes] Hello.
- Welcome to the Fun Farm.
- Oh, thank y'all for having us.
- We're very happy to have you here.
- Thank you.
[Mahomes] I wanna spend
as much time as I can with my family.
I don't wanna miss these days
of Sterling growing up.
The way that she brightens my day,
even after having a bad day,
when you see that smile, you can't be sad.
Oh, you wanna go on the carousel?
[Brittany] Say, "Giddyap!"
[pleasant music playing]
[Brittany] Wanna go
watch Dada go down the slide?
[Patrick laughing] That was way faster
than I thought it was gonna be. [laughs]
Cover her ears, babe.
[air blasting]
Imagine tryna hit a baseball like this.
These things are like a two-seam fastball.
[Brittany laughing] Oh my God.
[Mahomes] These things are moving crazy.
All right, last one.
- [air blasts]
- Oh!
That was sweet.
[Brittany] After games,
whether it was a win or a loss,
it's really nice
to get him away from football
and spend time with our family.
You're a daddy's girl today.
- Always.
- But it's okay, 'cause actually, my arm
You know, we really don't get much
family time all together during seasons.
So any little free time that we get,
really getting out of the house
and spending it with our family
is most important
[country music playing]
[Brittany] Oh my God.
Look at the miniature pony.
- Oh, he's ready.
- [Mahomes] Please be careful.
- I don't know, he's kind of aggressive.
- [Brittany laughing] Look at him.
- Hey, bro.
- [donkey braying]
- [Brittany laughing]
- [braying continues]
Here you come, over here. Look at you.
[Brittany chuckles] Oh wow.
Hey, hey, hey. Back up.
Back up. Back up. Back up. Back up.
All right. All right.
- Why am I shooting it so far, Brittany?
- [Brittany] 'Cause you suck!
- [metal clangs]
- [Brittany chuckles]
- Come on, babe. Let's see it.
- [Brittany] Let me get ready for this.
[Mahomes] You said,
"No, throw what you threw."
- [Brittany laughing]
- Oh my God. She made it the first try!
[Patrick laughing]
How many did y'all make? Zero?
She makes it the first try. That was like
the worst thing that could've happened.
- 'Cause you're losing a lot.
- [Patrick laughs]
I can do that one.
[music fades out]
[ducks quacking in distance]
[intense music playing]
[announcer 1] Here in Los Angeles,
Falcons to within six,
and the ball at the Rams' 20.
Mariota in the gun. Here come the Rams.
Marcus cuts it loose, hit as he throws.
Intercepted, and the ball game's over.
[analyst 1] So, 0 and 2 is not the way
anybody wants to start
the season in September.
But you absolutely cannot start 0 and 3.
[analyst 2] With a road game in Seattle
following last week's game in Los Angeles,
the Falcons now have chosen to stay
on the West Coast this whole week.
Heading straight to the Northwest
where they'll practice before they take on
the Seahawks in next week's game.
[calm music playing]
[Mariota] Being a guy that played
at the University of Oregon,
to stay up in the Northwest
for a week was a lot of fun.
I thought it was good for our team, right?
You almost separate
yourself from everything.
You kind of are there together.
They tried to figure out
north, west, south, east
- So they say it's Never Eat Soggy Waffles.
- Yeah.
[Mariota] I think it helped us kinda
get back to where we needed to be.
So practice when we went to Seattle
was actually University of Washington.
For people that
don't really understand that,
it's tough for an Oregon Duck
to walk into a Washington Husky facility.
Washington being our school rival
was a little interesting
for me for the week.
Just all the purple Like, it was
Purple and gold, I just ugh.
- [man] Doesn't jive for you?
- [Mariota] No.
So when you played in college,
you win here?
I did. Did.
[tense music playing]
[announcer 1] Marcus Mariota, he accounted
for 454 yards in total offense.
[reporter 1] What was the key for you guys
in pulling out this victory
in a very tough environment?
It took a huge team effort.
Every single one of those guys, they did
a great job, and I'm proud of those guys.
[reporter 2] You're cool in this building?
Not gonna deface anything?
No, I'm good. I'm good.
Got good memories here, for sure.
Fair enough.
Art said your last
appearance here was, uh,
450-something total yards
or something like that?
- I just remember the win.
- Okay.
[all laughing]
- Thanks, you guys.
- Thanks, Marcus.
- Take care.
- [woman] Thank you, Marcus.
[Mariota] My time at Oregon
initially started maybe a little sour.
[chill music playing]
I grew up in Hawaii.
Closest landmass
is five hours away by plane.
And it was kind of a culture shock for me,
growing up in the middle of the Pacific,
in the islands,
going to the rainy Northwest,
I was very homesick.
Got an opportunity to meet my future wife,
and she helped me through that.
Kiyomi was an athlete herself
at the University of Oregon.
She understands kind of the week-to-week
demands of playing sports.
[Kiyomi] Our freshman year we were
in chemistry together, and math.
We won't say who got better grades, but
[chuckles softly]
- [music fades out]
- Um
Yeah, and then sophomore year
- [chuckles]
- [Mariota] Hey. Stop that.
- [Kiyomi] Hey.
- [Mariota] Come over here.
- [Kiyomi] Excuse me.
- [laughter]
It actually was strictly platonic,
I mean, as far as I knew.
He wanted my notes from class, and
It was like, "Here's my notes,
here's my number."
"Let's go on a few dates," and Yeah.
[mellow rhythmic music playing]
[Mariota] 2014, I was fortunate enough to
put together a really, really,
just, special season.
[presenter] The winner of
the 2014 Heisman Memorial Trophy
is Marcus Mariota,
of the University of Oregon.
I was the first Polynesian player
of descent to win it.
And that was very meaningful
for my family and I,
and really for the entire state of Hawaii
and the Polynesian community.
[emotionally] To the Polynesian community,
I hope and pray
that this is only the beginning.
Young Poly athletes everywhere
[clears throat]
you should take this as motivation,
and dream big and strive for greatness.
[clears throat]
That part of my life
was very interesting for me.
I've always kind of stayed away
from the spotlight,
and you kind of get thrust into it.
I mean, I was on The Late Night Show,
and doing stuff
that I never thought I'd be doing.
And the number one thought that
went through Marcus Mariota's mind
when he won the Heisman Trophy.
Heisman? Now that's mayonnaise.
- [Dave] What is he talking about?
- [band playing]
[Mariota] That being said, it was cool.
It was fun to experience all that.
- This is heavy, isn't it?
- Thank you. Yeah.
[announcer 1] Well, happy
first Sunday in fall, everybody.
[pensive music playing]
The 0 and 2 Falcons
against the 1 and 1 Seahawks
here at Lumen Field
on this bright, sunny Sunday.
Actually, I got a little emotional
because there was Hawaiian flags,
and I saw a lot of local people.
[fans chattering excitedly]
I'm great, baby.
I'm back in the Northwest.
- [player] Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
- It's like coming home.
See the Hawaiian flag in the stands
To see the amount of support
that I had there was special for me.
Hey, you get one opportunity a week.
Let's put it all together
for four quarters!
Let's go. Falcons on three!
- One, two, three.
- [all] Falcons!
One play at a time, huh?
Put one together. Put one together.
[upbeat music playing]
I was a little emotional, and then once
you get in the game, you play football.
[announcer 1] Snap to Mariota, handle
No, Marcus will keep it,
around the right edge and score.
- Hey, come on!
- Let's go!
[Mariota] The Seattle game started well.
Scored a quick touchdown
in the second half.
They got some momentum.
We found ourselves in a hole,
and it was back-and-forth.
[announcer 2] The Seahawks
on top now, 23-20,
with 3:11 to play
here in the third quarter.
Vegas! Vegas!
[announcer 1] Empty set, Mariota.
Quick throw, caught, London at the five.
And Drake London
scores the Atlanta touchdown.
[Mariota] shouting excitedly]
Yeah, baby.
- Yeah, one!
- Great job.
- Yeah, one!
- Good job.
[Mariota] Drake had a big touchdown
before the start of the fourth.
We had fourth-quarter leads
in both those first games.
And we lost, so it was
very important for us to close it out.
Close it out, baby.
Let's go.
[announcer 1] Inside of
six minutes to play in the game,
Atlanta leading, 27 to 23.
[announcer 2]
Ball security a premium right now.
[announcer 1]
Mariota in the gun with Allgeier.
Fumbled the ball, on the exchange,
Nwosu comes up with it.
[announcer 2] Well, I just got it
out of my mouth, that ball security
This is a wry fake,
Marcus wanted to keep this ball,
and Allgeier clamped down on the ball
as he tried to pull it out.
- I tried to pull that one.
- I felt you pull it.
I don't know, it must have I think
what happened was I might have hit it.
- I don't know.
- No, you're good.
We're good.
That's on me, bro. You're good.
[announcer 2] Atlanta has found it tough
the first three weeks of the season.
Could very easily have
three wins in their pocket.
[announcer 1] Falcons hanging on
to the lead, but the Seahawks,
they're threatening.
[announcer 2] This could be
the game right here. It is the game.
[announcer 1] Smith drops back,
Atlanta trying to get there.
Here's Geno, to his right, gonna throw.
Intercepted! Richie Grant's got this one!
[crowd clamoring]
- And that is gonna be that.
- [somber music playing]
- Marcus, love you, brother.
- Love you too, man. Great job.
Good job, huh?
Coming home, dude! Yeah.
- [players exclaiming]
- [chuckling]
It's always good
to get the first one, you know.
This was special for me,
being back up here.
- A lot of family and friends.
- [fans cheering]
[Mariota] To be able to get that win
on the road in a tough environment
gave our guys
a lot of confidence moving on.
And gave us, really,
the foundation we needed
to push forward and get the season going.
[music fades out]
[soft breeze blowing]
[Cousins] So, one of the more
unique rooms in this home
is what I call the memory room,
uh, which I wanted put in
when we built the house,
so it was planned from the start.
But our builder came up with the idea
to do a Murphy door here,
do a little hidden door to get to it.
But I wanted the room
to be out of the way.
I didn't want all of this,
uh, out in the open,
in the family room, in the middle
of where everybody hangs out.
I thought it would look a little bit,
um self-promotional, if you will.
[chill music playing]
I saved so many things through the years.
From youth football
up until our most recent game ball
that I got only a few weeks ago.
This is my youth football memories.
What's funny about youth football
is a guy named Mike Singletary
was my football coach in flag football
in fourth and fifth grades.
We gonna be here all day, baby!
I like this kind of party!
I like this kind of party, baby!
That's Mike right there. That's me.
I got the "Singletary Award" that year for
being an outstanding middle linebacker.
I even have some non-football memories
in here. I've got family photos.
I got a picture
with the real Captain Kirk.
I got a T-shirt from high school choir.
The tenor section was a bunch of guys
who really hadn't hit puberty yet.
And so our voices were still pretty high.
So we would say, "We may not be basses
who have the big, manly voices."
"But we are extreme tenors,"
and we would throw up the X and the T.
- Pretty woman ♪
- [beatboxing]
I don't believe you ♪
You're not the truth ♪
I said whoa ♪
Pretty woman ♪
[pensive music playing]
I got a note that my dad wrote me
when I was in eighth grade.
After coaching the team,
he wrote out every kid's strengths,
and what they needed to work on.
It's different when it's your son.
But he wrote, "Kirk, your strengths are
your competitive desire,
your intelligence, your attitude."
"You're a leader, you're tough.
You got good skills, a hard worker."
"You're accurate as a passer,
and you got a good sense
and nose for the ball."
He said to work on,
"You need to be a more vocal leader,
your footwork needs to get better."
So it's funny because if you were to give
this to a scout on the Vikings right now,
they'd probably say that
that's pretty accurate, to this day.
You know, 20 years later.
I was 14 when he wrote this.
Then he wrote at the end, he said,
"Kirk, if you keep developing,
you could someday be an all-conference,
and maybe even an all-state player,"
in high school.
I remember when my dad wrote that.
I thought, "Wow, my dad thinks I could
someday be an all-state football player."
I mean, that's that's big-time,
I remember thinking, to be all-state.
Then what's interesting is
I didn't make all-state. [laughs]
I wasn't that good.
The builder of the house
said that he put this notch in here,
by design, for a Lombardi Trophy.
So he said that's where
a Lombardi Trophy's got to go, and, um
It's now on me to do it.
He built He built the notch.
Now it's my job to go get one.
[reporter 1] So you're going back to D.C.,
going back with a six and one record.
Is that a great thing for you?
To spend six years there, um,
I have a lot of great memories, and, uh
You know, I just think very highly of, um,
a lot of the people I worked with there.
Coaches and players
and teammates, and so, um
[clicks teeth] It'll bring back a lot of
those memories when I go back.
- [crowd chattering]
- [car horn honking]
[Roger Goodell] With the second pick
in the 2012 NFL Draft,
the Washington Redskins select
Robert Griffin III.
- [crowd cheering]
- Quarterback, Baylor.
Yes, sir.
Our man.
[analyst 1] RG3, he's gonna be their
starting quarterback for a long time.
- Number one, baby.
- There it is.
The Redskins are making their pick.
Let's see what they do.
A very interesting selection, perhaps.
With the seventh pick of the fourth round,
number 102 overall,
the Washington Redskins
select Kirk Cousins,
quarterback, Michigan State.
[tense music playing]
Out of 32 teams in the NFL,
I would've told you that Washington was
the 32nd most likely team to pick me.
Especially after drafting
a quarterback second overall.
[analyst 2] With RG3 in the house, they
just went ahead and took Kirk Cousins.
I'm ticked if I'm Kirk Cousins,
'cause I want somewhere to go
where I can be a starter,
and compete to be a starter.
I was shocked. Um
In fact, you dream of that
NFL Draft moment where you're celebratory.
And I really wasn't, just because
I interpreted it as a strange selection.
Somewhat of a dead end.
So I backed up Robert Griffin.
I knew my best-case scenario
would be to play well in preseason games,
and then hopefully get traded
someday to another team.
[announcer 1]
RG3 now looks like he's hurt.
[Cousins] Robert had some injuries,
gave me some opportunities to play.
And it was really 2015,
my last year under contract in Washington,
when I felt like it was do-or-die for me.
The season didn't start
as well as I would've hoped.
We ended up starting two and four,
and I had again thrown
more interceptions than touchdowns.
But something happened
in that "You Like That" game.
[dramatic music playing]
We were down, 24 to nothing.
[announcer 1] As the Bucs are
laying it on the Redskins early
- Wow!
- [announcer 2] What is happening here?
And we went on a run.
[announcer 1] Cousins.
He's gonna keep it, from the left side.
And he's gonna go in
for a Redskins touchdown.
The slant, Jordan Reed,
touchdown, Redskins!
They take the lead!
We came back, won 31 to 30.
You know,
kinda never looked back from there.
Really lived the dream of being
a starting quarterback in the NFL.
[analyst 1] Credit Kirk Cousins,
battling critics.
Kirk Cousins really rallied this team.
You like that? You like that!
- Way to go, Kirk.
- Yes, sir!
Yes, we do!
This one here is right above
the "You Like That?" towel.
And that's strategic,
where the towel's placed,
is because that was the game,
biggest comeback in Washington history.
And that was the touchdown run
that sparked the comeback.
[crowd chanting] You like that!
You like that! You like that!
[announcer 1] They are yelling,
"You like that!"
- How about that?
- [announcer 2] I like that.
- You like that?
- You like it?
I like it!
[crowd] You like that! You like that!
[Cousins] 2017, my time
in Washington ran out.
Which was a little scary.
But, looking back now, five years later,
coming to Minnesota was a major blessing.
["Pressure" by Calen Lucas playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[analyst 1] This is the first time
Kirk Cousins is going back to FedEx Field.
Are you ready ♪
For what's coming? ♪
Forged in the fire ♪
We're gonna rise ♪
It's better, better
Better under pressure ♪
[singer vocalizing]
Under pressure, pressure ♪
- [song ends]
- [door shuts]
[Cousins] I always tend to feel nostalgic
when I have football games,
or away games, especially.
And those feelings are
just exponentially more
coming back here
to the Washington, D.C. area.
It's not too different in the sense that
I want to win. That's the case every week.
That desire to win is always there.
I don't think the way it ended really
changes anything about the six years.
I felt closure,
coming away from the final season,
that it might be time to move on.
[analyst 2] This is a perfect test
for Kirk because he's gonna feel pressure.
He's a very competitive dude.
And he doesn't always
necessarily show it, but it's there.
The "You Like That" Kirk
really does exist.
Washington, D.C. holds
such a special place in our heart.
We got engaged, we got married,
welcoming our son.
I had been waiting
for that chance to get to go back.
And so, when I saw that on the schedule,
I circled it, and I said,
"I have to be there."
My wife flew into BWI this morning
and took a train over here.
- Nice.
- She was hoping to get down for warm-ups.
I don't know if she made it or not.
[Julie] I usually cut it pretty close.
And it was just kind of
a long journey to get there.
And we did make it in time to wave.
Oh, they're in the stands.
Gotcha. Thanks, T.
[announcer 1] Second and 15
from the Commanders' 26.
Kirk out of the shotgun.
[tense music playing]
He goes back-right of the end zone, JJ,
who leaps up to get it,
it's bounding about, intercepted.
[Cousins] You gotta be kidding me.
Shoot, I wanted that one so badly.
What I'm always gonna
get mad at is unforced errors,
not playing to our standard.
Probably gave up three points
not being able to kick a field goal there.
But that wasn't bad execution, it was
just an unfortunate bounce of the ball.
[tense music playing]
[Cousins] Man, I feel like
there's plays out there, man.
It's hard.
- Just really frustrating.
- [player] I know. No doubt.
The Commanders' defense
is and was for real.
And, um, they made it
hard for us all game long.
Down, go, set!
[players grunting]
- [player grunts]
- [Kirk shouts]
[announcer 1] Kirk Cousins' first return
to Washington in five years.
Washington defense
has not exactly welcomed him home.
[announcer 2] And Kirk Cousins,
in his first game back at FedEx Field,
is now trailing, 17-7.
[Cousins] I've learned football is played
one play at a time, so my mindset,
when we're down like that,
we can't find anything, it's,
"Just go out and play one more play.
And see where it leads. You never know."
Let's go answer. Let's go answer.
[dramatic music builds]
Hey. We're the fuckin' best, now.
- Let's go. Gotta get it rollin'.
- Time to go get it.
There's a handful of plays you call,
when you break the huddle, you say,
"Please, Lord, have them
play man coverage."
We had the perfect route
for Justin versus that coverage.
And as we lined up, it was man coverage.
And I thought,
"This could be our lucky day here."
[grunts heavily]
[announcer 1] And it's caught
at the 25 at Washington!
You'll be all right.
[gasping, groaning]
- [whistle blows]
- You all right, brother?
Yeah. I'll be good,
wind knocked out of me.
I'm good.
- Let's take a little time.
- Wind knocked out of me.
I got the wind knocked out of me.
I'm good.
- I'll be good.
- Catch your breath.
[groans loudly]
- Hey, you good, baby?
- I'm good.
That's what they get
for playing man coverage.
- [trainer] Mm-hmm. Hell yeah.
- Did we score?
[trainer] Beautiful ball. No, he's down.
- He's down?
- [trainer] At the ten.
[Cousins] Oh, I would've gotten up.
Oh shoot.
All right. I'm good.
Justin did a great job separating.
That throw and that play really highlights
Kirk Cousins in 2022 to me.
Um, why? It's a third down,
critical point in the game.
It has a chance,
if we don't make that play,
the game could possibly get away from us.
And who steps up in that moment?
We got to look for the play that I called.
Uh, zero indecision by Kirk.
Puts his back foot in the ground,
and just throws an absolutely perfect ball
down the left sideline to JJ.
And just the throw, the execution of that,
in that moment, totally taking a hit
[dramatic music playing]
And just standing in there,
and making that play
when the Minnesota Vikings
needed him to, that's Kirk Cousins.
[announcer 2] Cousins just took a shot
right in the solar plexus.
Wind knocked out of him.
He should be fine.
[announcer 1] Second and ten from the 12.
Cousins, throwing a fade
to Dalvin in the end zone.
And he caught it!
[crowd cheering]
[announcer 2]
What an amazing throw by Cousins.
[announcer 1] Kirk Cousins tying the game.
Love ya!
- What a throw!
- Yeah! Attaboy!
[Cousins] I knew it was
gonna be a tough throw.
I just remember fading away,
feeling pressure, needing to back up,
trying to just drop it in the bucket.
I didn't know how good it was gonna be.
Dalvin reached out his arm and caught it
with one hand, which was incredible.
[announcer 1] A tie game with
just over six minutes to play.
[Cousins] That was still
early in our season,
where we were kinda teetering on,
"Who are we gonna be here?"
Are we gonna be a team that finds a way,
or are we gonna struggle to get this done?
Here we go. Single high.
[players grunting]
[announcer 1] Fastball,
over the middle to Hockenson.
It's caught at the Washington 41.
Clock continues to run,
and our quarterback is catching fire.
43 on the game clock.
We're gonna run it all the way down
and call time out, okay.
All right?
And I think that game we said,
"This team's gonna be a team of character
that's gonna keep fighting
and finding a way."
And just believe that at some point
someone's gonna make a play.
[announcer 1] A field goal try
that's going to amount to
about 27 yards, left hash.
Oh, I was like,
"Please, this has to happen."
"This has to be
part of the story, please."
"Please let this be a comeback."
He wanted it so bad.
Snap, spot, the kick is up.
And good!
- Awesome job!
- Game over.
- Way to battle. You are a bad man.
- Whoo! Whoo!
- Oh yeah! Every time!
- Great game!
- Bad man!
- Whoo!
[announcer 1] And that's the ball game!
Your Minnesota Vikings
have won six in a row.
- Look at you. You lost some weight.
- I know.
- You thinned up.
- Yeah. How you doing?
I'm all right, yeah.
This is the most I've been hit.
You guys led the league in QB hits
coming into this game.
I don't think there's anybody taking over
after this game. Holy cow.
Look who it is. Look who it is.
- I beat the cancer.
- Did you really?
- Yes.
- Praise God, man. Praise God.
- Blessings to you.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
[analyst 1] Kirk Cousins makes his return
back to the place that drafted him.
[analyst 2] Yes, Kirk Cousins,
I'm sure he likes that.
[crowd cheering]
Thank you. Thank you.
[Julie] That city is so special to us,
and to walk out of there with a victory
I mean, every comeback is exciting.
But it meant so much to us.
[tender music playing]
[analyst 3] That game had to convince you,
he's playing some
of the best ball of his career.
[indistinct chatter]
We did it, Dave. We did it.
Don, we did it.
- We did it.
- [man] There he is.
[Cousins] We did it. We did it. We did it.
Great job, guys. Great job. Way to battle.
Way to battle. Great job, guys. Great job.
Way to battle.
Great job, guys. Great job, man.
- Attaway, baby!
- Great job. Way to battle.
[Cousins] I came here
as a single guy out of college,
didn't know a lot about pro football
or about being a pro.
And six years later, I left married,
with my first son, having learned so much.
The reason why we are seven and one,
the reason why our football team
is at its best when it's required,
is our quarterback.
- Yeah!
- Yes, sir!
[Kevin] Okay. This guy came back
to a familiar place for him,
got knocked out for a play
[players chattering]
comes back in and leads us to a victory.
- [player] You like that!
- [all shouting]
- [player] You like that!
- [all cheering]
[Cousins] Memories play such a big role
for me in my football journey.
There are memories that bring me to tears.
Many times, because I think back on
how difficult that football experience
was to go through.
But then to look back and see that,
you know, it just made me stronger.
[tender music builds slowly]
And I really believe that, you know,
every place I've been, it's for a reason.
To take me from
this little island in the Pacific,
up to Oregon,
to Tennessee,
to Vegas,
you know, to Atlanta
It's wild.
- We like that.
- Yeah.
I love you.
The journey kind of
across the country for me
has been something that's special,
and I'll never take for granted.
- [crowd cheering]
- [fireworks popping]
[Mahomes] We put our whole life into this,
and sacrificing a lot to go out there.
When you see your name on a stadium,
that means all the hard work you put in,
all the blood, sweat, and tears,
as people say, was worth it.
The memories around football
are part of what make this game
and this journey so special.
- Kirk, get on here and break it down.
- You like that?
- I like that!
- You like that?
- I like it a lot.
- Hey, man.
Hey, today was another example
of how we've been winning all year, man.
All right? This this team is uncommon.
And we play as a team.
We win as a team, man. No individuals.
I love this team. Let's keep doing it.
Let's go. "You like that" on three.
- One, two, three!
- [all] You like that!
[all shouting]
[Cousins] I keep all the game balls
that coaches give me
on the top shelf around the whole room.
That game will always be one I remember,
being that my wife and I
spent so much time there for six years.
So to be able to go back and have
those memories flood back was special.
And it was even more special
to leave with a win.
[tender music fades out]
[Mahomes] Set, hike!
[Cousins] The challenge is, can you
come back six days from now
and do it again?
And then can you do it again, and again,
and again, for an entire season?
It is pretty scary.
That was a good-ass hit, though.
- Breathe in.
- [Mariota] Make sure your body's prepared.
It's very important.
[Cousins] Oh my goodness.
Why do I put myself through this?
I do think there's a part of me that maybe
is just sick and just likes it. [chuckles]
You gotta want it. You gotta want it.
[analyst 1] Everybody said,
"Seven and one, but prove it."
"Go into Buffalo, and prove it."
[closing theme playing]
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