Queen (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

And that bus, mon Dieu!
Last time my ass hurt like that
was when I let that Irish guy
brutalize me, remember?

Silvestre, have you seen my shoes?
They're fabulous.

I wasn't asking for your opinion,
I was trying
to subtly get you to notice me.

Hello, I'm here!
Okay, you're sulking because I left Laika
at Madame Segal's, is that it?
I made her promise
she wouldn't feed Laika leftover cake.

Oh, mon Dieu!
This sidewalk isn't a sidewalk at all.

It's an obstacle course!
Like a reality TV game show.

You see what I mean.

You really want me
to break my leg, don't you?
You should have told me
it was Polish Mardi Gras.

I'd have brought my feathers.

It's a miner's funeral.

Is it? Oh, it is.

Did the doctor see you?
She said the drug treatments
aren't working
and we're going to have to
operate on the baby.

No, don't worry about that, sweetheart.

The baby's in good hands.

Are you gonna come today?
Oh! Klaudia! Klaudia!
What are you tagging there?
I'm here.

I was asking if you're coming by today,
or if you're too busy
with your great mission.

Are you saying
we shouldn't help these families?
Of course, but I don't know
why it always has to be you.

Come on, sweetheart
you don't have to take it out on me.

You know that you're
my most important mission.

Bye, bye.


No, you're kidding me.

So, I have to teach some miners
how to dance?
- Yes.

- And it'll be broadcast on social media?
- And on local television.

- Oh!
How much time have I got?
A year?
- The show's in two weeks.

- Two weeks?!
Did you bring me what I asked you to?

Two weeks.

So, either you have a high opinion of me,
or the expectations are very low.

You're a miracle worker, Corentin.

On a scale of one to ten,
exactly how homophobic is your daughter?
- At worst, she'll pretend you don't exist.

- You've told her I'm Black, right?
My dear Corentin, just be yourself.

But how much of myself?
70% myself? Or 100% myself?
Just start at 50%,
and we will see what happens from there.

Sound good?
No, no, no, not in there!
Ah, Corentin, Wiola.

My daughter.

Wioletta Nowak.

Nice to meet you.

Enchanté, Wioletta.

Would you and your friend
perhaps like something to drink?
Oh, I should have asked, uh,
if you'd like a beverage.

- Yes.

- Tea.

- Tea?
- Yes.

Put Put something on.

Hurry up.

They're coming.

This is the director of the mine.


- Adamski.

- Corentin.


He'll be
in charge of choreography.

- Adamski.

- Bonjour.

Come in, please.

Władek, the gate please.

We have a call scheduled
with our star, Elizabeth.

She understands the problems we face
since she's from a small town too.

She's generously agreed to waive her fee.

Oh, that's a nice gesture.

And she's a real star in Poland?
Yes, naturally.

And how many miners
have agreed to be in the show?
We've invited everyone who volunteered,
plus a few hold-outs.

Well, we'll choose the best of them.

I just hope we don't end up with
only two miners dancing
at a benefit show for these families.

- Now, wouldn't that be a real shame?
- Right.

We'll make sure
that doesn't happen, Director.

Thank you very much.

- Watch out for the barrel.

- Thank you.

- Careful, please.

- We're close.

It's just a few more steps,
and we'll be there before you know it.

Corentin, we're almost there.

Come in, come in.

This is
This is the main entrance
to the warehouses.

And this is
This is the small warehouse.

Come this way.

Step inside.

And this is your rehearsal room.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Good morning.

Good morning, gentlemen.
This is This is Corentin.

He's visiting us from Paris,
and he's going to be our choreographer.



And this is Silvestre, our director.

He will also be designing our costumes.

Want to share a little about that?
Well, um, we'll follow
the style of John Galliano.

I'm sure you're familiar.

Just as inspiration, of course.

- Galliano.

- Bold, but not outrageous.

I will need Um
those miners' costumes,
what are they called?
- Coveralls?
- Coveralls, that's right.

I'll see what we can do about that.

Anything else?
Maybe we should clean up a bit in here?
Get some fresh air?
We'll get right on it.

Hope they don't ask us
to paint everything pink.

Let's clean it up.
David, come, let's go.

Turn it down.
Come on!
We're here to work, not to party!
Why can't we dance on our own?
Do we really need these Uh, them?
Son, you are here
to set an example for the others.


In these times ♪
Things are hard for everyone ♪
Unemployment looming everywhere ♪
It is the end of mining ♪
The sun is setting for the miner ♪
Miss Elżbieta
- Elizabeth.

- Excuse me, Elizabeth.

Um, I think that song is
a little depressing.

Well, maybe a classic miner ballad
is not such a bad idea.

It is.
Unless we don't want anyone
to dance or have a good time.

Do you think so?
I actually think the song
is original and incredibly modern.

Um, I think Elżbiet I think, Elizabeth,
maybe let's try it this way:
we will look through your repertoire
with the director and suggest a few songs.

We have two weeks,
and there's a lot to work out,
so maybe let's move on
to costumes and makeup.

Um, sorry, one problem:
we only have one week.

But, I talked to your agent
and we settled on two weeks.

Elżb Elizabeth! You're breaking up.

Um, Elizabeth! Something's
I was saying that in two weeks
I'm at a friend's wedding in Dubai.

But your agent said
And then I'm doing a tour
for the Polish expats in the States.

We would really like to confirm all this
with your agent because
John and I parted ways two months ago,
I coordinate everything by myself now.

I sit and wonder why ♪
Every time that I'm ♪
That's enough.

Thank you very much.
Next, please.

I sit and wonder why ♪
Every time that I'm thinking of you ♪
Okay, turn off the music.

Thank you very much.

I'm Olaf, howdy.

Howdy, Olaf.

- I watch a lot of dance shows on TV.

- That's great.

- My wife says I'm pretty good at dancing.

- Let's see if your wife's right.
Go ahead.

He's good.

Excuse me, but do you think
we can be ready in a week?
That's very funny.

Elizabeth's agent mixed up the dates.

We have to do it in a week.

So stick around ♪
Heavy lovin', baby ♪
Heavy love is mine ♪
Heavy lovin' gets me ♪
Gets me
Gets me every time ♪
Heavy lovin', baby ♪
Heavy love is mine ♪
Come on, Bruno!
Gets me, gets me
Gets me every time ♪
I really can't believe it.

I can't believe it.
Are we really going to
make fools of ourselves
in front of the entire country?
That's our plan?
It's just dancing, Bruno.

Maybe you just have stage fright.

And maybe you're looking
for your 15 minutes.

And the truth is that
when we're shut down,
you can dance whenever you like.

Nobody's gonna care about
what happens to us, Olaf.

Hey, shut your pie holes!
Tell me, why is it that we have to
make fools of ourselves
to get what we are owed?
We have to beg for a handout
to take care of our own.

Bruno, maybe leave the organizing
to smarter people.

- Let him speak, Olaf.

- What's so hard about it?
Recently, the bosses were offering
severance pay for leaving voluntarily.

Now it's off the table.

Dad says that in two years,
we'll all be out of work
and everyone one of us
will be on the streets.

Except, right now,
we can still fight for what's ours.

But not by prancing around
and making fools of ourselves on stage.


- Strike!
- Strike.

What strike, you morons?
You guys are gonna go down there
when the mine could still blow?!
Strike! Strike! Strike!
Guys, where the fuck are you going?
Władek, call the managers
and tell them the strike's started.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Excuse me, Silvestre,
um, we've got a problem.

- What problem?
- The guys went in the mine, on strike.

We're not sure
that under these circumstances
if there's any point in trying.

He's the director now?
Look who came to visit.

It's Mr.
Director himself.

Bruno, this has gone far enough.

Get on the elevator.

Dad, you wanted me to set an example.

That's what I'm doing.

What example?
By bringing these men down here
when there's a risk of explosion?
Your friends are up there,
doing their best.

But this is not going to work
without your help.

For your information, Dad,
our first demand is for financial help
for the victims' families.

You think we're helping them
by prancing around on stage?
Fine, do what you feel is best.

We're doing what we feel is best.

- We're staying.

- We're staying down here.

We're staying!
Lift your arms up! Your arms!
Up! Up! Up! Up! Yes!
Up! Up!
Yeah! And
Up, up, up, up.

Lift higher.
Voilà! And your body
Keep your hands to yourself,
you fucking queer!
Hey, hey!
You okay? You okay?
I'm fine.

You see what he did?
- I won't work with ignorant assholes!
- Hold on, calm down! Calm down.

What happened?
Nothing, he just
If he wants to keep all his teeth,
he should keep his hands to himself.

That's all.

If you don't want to participate,
then you're excused.
You can leave.

No, um
All right.

If he just doesn't touch me,
we'll be good.

I understand what you're saying.

Corentin will respect your boundaries,
but he will have to touch you sometimes.

His hands won't hurt you.

Sexual orientation isn't contagious,
as some people claim.

- All right?
- Yeah.
We're sorry.

Gentlemen, we only have six days.

Get to work.

You okay?
Please, try not to provoke them.

Start again.


And this Botalli is a blood vessel.

And it should close up right after birth,
but it doesn't always close up,
and then something has to be done,
because otherwise heart murmurs
and other problems might pop up later.

It's common with premature babies,
you know?
- He's going to need surgery?
- Right.

I don't want to be
like my mom and grandma.

Grandma felt so abandoned by Grandpa
that she hated all men forever,
and Mom ran Dad off so quickly
that I barely remember him.

I'd like the little alien
to have a mom and a dad.

Oh, look!
Look at him.

He's moving his leg.

Good morning.

It's seven o'clock.

We remind all of our listeners
that this coming Friday is
the charity concert
for the miners we lost.

All the proceeds are going to the families
of the victims of the mining disaster
that rocked our city.

Please remember that you can
donate directly to the families
on the website helpforminers.

The concert, starring Elizabeth Zasada,
will be broadcast on local television,
and you can watch it online.

We hope to see you all there!
You can go ahead and wake up Corentin.

Breakfast will be ready very soon.

Excuse me, who are you
and what have you done with my daughter?
I just woke up this morning
with a feeling that everything's
going to work out just fine.



Five, six, seven and
Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.


- Come, take a look.
- Oh!
- Voilà!
- Good morning, sir.


- Morus.

- Gacek.

these don't have to be returned?
Of course not.
And good news.

our engineers here
would like to volunteer for the show.


The boys are making progress.

You'll have to catch up.

I know that ten people still isn't enough,
but my father's working on it right now.

I'm going to need
sewing machines, a table,
material and, um a mannequin.

Uh my sister-in-law is a seamstress.

- She really wants to help.

- Uh-huh.

Sewing machines.



Hey, what are you doing down here?
How are you feeling?
They need you guys up there.

Grandpa sent you, right?
Don't be stupid.
Just go home.

Nobody gives a shit about your strike.

There's eight of them.

But at least they're doing something.

Okay, so you're just gonna sit here.

Is that right?
Every one of you is a coward!
Especially you.

This concert is a good thing.

Bruno! Bruno!
What now?
Don't worry, the baby's going to be okay.

They're the strikers.

We came to rescue you.

So you don't embarrass yourselves
in front of the entire country.

They want to join the show.

There you go!
Let's get to work!
We've got four days until the show!
- Bring it in.

- What are the steps? Seriously.

I'd like you to meet someone.

Join us.

Corentin, this is my granddaughter.

- Aw, nice to meet you.

- Pleased to meet you.

- A friend from Paris.

- Enchanté.

- And this is Darek.

- Darek.

He survived the mine accident.

- Wow.

- Darek Adamski.


Ready for tomorrow?
Que sera, sera.

Whatever will be, will be.

- Do you know this?
- Yes!
Hey, come on! Come on! Come on!
- Get up here!
- Get up!
- No!
- Józek, join them!
I honestly love these people.

I think I'm going to move here.

- You are?
- Of course.

Come on, Mr.

Come on.
Come on up here!
Oh, I can't.
Come on.

Just pretend that you're Elizabeth Zasada.

- Come on! Go!
- All right.

Paris has never seen a greater performer.

Black gold sleeps underground ♪
Waiting for its time ♪
The pickaxe is trembling
In tired hands ♪
Black sweat glistening on the face ♪
Time to go down into dark tunnels ♪
To fill up the stack ♪
In infernal toil we are waiting ♪
For our miner's tough lot ♪
Hey, fellows ♪
Our mining fellows ♪
Somewhere up there a rainbow appears ♪
Hey, fellows ♪
Our mining fellows ♪
Let's catch the sun's rays ♪
It's almost break time ♪
Hey, fellows ♪
Our mining fellows ♪
Go slowly.

I'm so drunk!
I'll take care of him.
I'll put on some tea.

What is it?
- Hmm?
- Don't worry, it'll pass.

This is just your first encounter
with Polish vodka.

- Mm-hmm.
- You understand?
- Black or green?
- Black tea, please.

Can I help you?
Let me.

Is that amber?

A long time ago,
I spent a week at the beach with a friend.

One day it just washed up,
right into his hands.

If this is too hard for you
It was hard keeping it from your mother.

I felt awful.

That friend was
It was Patryk?

This stone was
supposed to sweeten our parting.

I know this is no excuse, but I would
I'd like you to know that this whole time
I'm sorry that I wasn't here for you.

Well, then,
the concert
And the baby's operation tomorrow.

It's going to be a tough day.

- Good night.

- Good night.

Night, Dad.

Good night, my little girl.

Have a sweet, nice life ♪
Without cold, hunger and beatings ♪
Have a sweet, nice life ♪
There are so many mountains to conquer ♪
- You know, Józef
- Huh?
It doesn't have to be so complicated.

What's that?
Just go ask Wiola out on a date.

- I'll be right back.

- Oh, merci.

Wiola! Hi, darling!
This is Silvestre, our director.


- Hello, it's very nice to meet you.

- Don't push.

We're free now.

We can do a quick rehearsal.


I propose that you perform
the first few songs on your own,
and our dancers will join you
for the grand finale
of your "Kamikaze of Love.
" Agreed?
The dancers! Come here.

I've got some costumes for the dancers.

Look at these.

What is this? I don't understand.

Well you don't mind, do you?
I mean, the costumes from the French guy
I know they're original and all,
but they don't work for me.

And these are perfect.

We just need someone
to get them to the stage.

- I'll call the boys.

- Super.

I'm sorry she said that
about your costumes.

What should we do about this?
I'm sure it's part of her deal.

Don't worry about me.

You're okay with this?
Excuse me.

Don't worry, they're super stretchy.

They should fit everybody
I'm afraid we cannot accept
the costume change.

Oh, there's Elizabeth Zasada.


Let me gently remind you, Wiola,
that I'm here doing this for free, okay?
Our miners
will definitely not be wearing
those awful tracksuits.

Excuse me?
These are These are
part of my fashion line!
No, I will not let you
You little shit, give me that!
That's not what we agreed to.

- Miras, Bolo, get in the car.

- What?
Close that window now!
Go and sing everything yourselves!
How about Marek?
Nah, that name carries
too much weight.

He's going to stay with us either way.

How about Franek?
How do you like "Franciszek,"
little alien?
- Franek?
- I don't know.

Is that it?
When will we know something?
In about an hour.
But don't worry,
everything's gonna be all right, okay?

You can do it, little alien.

Elizabeth won't be performing.

All of that was for nothing?
Then why are we doing this?
No, no.

It doesn't have to be for nothing.

As it happens,
we have here with us today
a French super star.


Loretta graced
the French concert halls for 40 years.

They say she retired, but maybe
maybe she will make an exception for us.

Wiola, that's not funny.

People will love Loretta.

You just have to be brave
and let them see her.

Come on, Silvestre.

Let's get her out here.
We're out of time.

Seriously, man, let's go.

Who is Loretta?
Hold on.
Can you please tell me
why you're hesitating?
She wants Loretta to replace Elizabeth.

Darling, it's a brilliant idea!
What's stopping you?
It's not! What are you talking about?
You remember the first time we met?
Have you lost your mind too?
Back then,
I was filled with shame and guilt.

You showed me you could be gay and proud.

I'm saying that if there's
even one gay person struggling like I was,
who sees her performance
and accepts who they are,
it will be worth it.

Silvestre you are my hero.

Be their hero too.

And to all the young people out there.

On behalf of the organizers,
I encourage you to donate.

All proceeds go to the miners' families.

The link is on the bottom of your screen.

And remember, every penny counts.

- Go on, get up there.

- Yeah, okay, I'll go up.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to welcome all of you
to this charity concert.

It's gonna be good.

Thank you very much for coming out
in such huge numbers.

My name is Józef,
and I'd like to welcome you
to our concert.

Um, ladies and gentlemen,
a quick announcement.

Um, Ms.
Elizabeth Zasada
unfortunately fell ill at the last minute
ladies and gentlemen,
in her place we have a bigger star
who's come to us from Paris.

The international super star, Loretta.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to welcome to the stage
the miners!
Let's hear it for them!
Hey, Iza,
who in the heck is Loretta?
She's Grandpa's friend, I think,
but I don't know how they managed
to get her here so quickly.

Our wonderful miners!
And after them, Loretta!
Enjoy the show!
If I could turn back time ♪
If I could find a way ♪
I'd take back
Those words that hurt you ♪
And you'd stay ♪
I don't know
Why I did the things I did ♪
I don't know
Why I said the things I said ♪
Pride's like a knife
It can cut deep inside ♪
That's really Silvestre?
I didn't really mean to hurt you ♪
I didn't want to see you go ♪
I know I've made you cry ♪
But baby, if I could turn back time ♪
If I could find a way ♪
I'd take back
Those words that hurt you ♪
If I could reach the stars ♪
I'd give them all to you ♪
Then you'd love me ♪
Love me ♪
Like you used to do ♪
If I could turn back time ♪
Et voilà!
If I could find a way ♪
Then maybe, maybe, maybe ♪
A moment ago, nobody knew who Loretta was.

Now she needs no introduction.

You can hear it.

On behalf of the families,
I encourage everyone
who hasn't donated: do it now.

Something amazing is happening!
Um, as of a few minutes ago,
the fundraiser has raised
over 31,000 złotys.

But I've just gotten word
the fundraiser has received 100,000 euros,
and the amount is growing
faster than we can keep up!
The credit goes to drag queens
from all over Europe
and all over the world!
Ladies and gentlemen, drag queens
have helped the families of Polish miners.

Are you all right?
More than all right.

You see it?
Incredible, right?
"Drag queens from all over the world
raise funds to help Polish miners
and their families.

Can you not make so much noise
back there, please?
I'm trying to talk to my dad.

That Silvestre?
You okay?
I'm well, Józef.
I'm well.

Darling, can I talk to Dad
for a minute alone?

You see, Silvestre?
You see how she treats me?


- No, shoo!
- Come on, I love you.

- Oh!
- Oh! There's Iza.

Hi, Mom.

- Hi, Grandpa.

- Hi.

All right, I've gotta go,
because I'll be late for work.

I'm just dropping off the little alien.

Darek finishes at 4:00,
so he'll come and pick him up.

- If it's up to me, he can stay forever.

- Milk.

- Ah.

- All right, I got to go now.

- See you at 4:00, bye!
- Kisses.

Bye! Bye! Ciao, mom!
Ciao, sweetheart,
I'll call you later tonight.

So, what about those dates?
I think this Christmas would be
the best time to plan a visit.

This is going to be
our first Christmas together, after all.

What do you think?
Well, unless you've got other plans?
No, none, Wiola.

Please, come visit.

Can you show me our little alien
one more time before you go?
Silvestre, Junior!
Goodbye, darling.

Goodbye, Dad.

Honey, what are you doing back here?
We all have
slightly asymmetrical figures.

The perfection of a suit lies in nuances
that can't be foreseen,
even by precise patterns.

The jacket is a real art.

The art of illusion.

Do you like it? Hmm?
Oh! Pardon.

Merci, monsieur.

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