Queen (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[loud rumbling.]

[tense, delicate classical music playing.]

My phone
What was that?
Where the fuck is my cell phone?
[kitchenware clattering.]

It's over.

[Baśka panting.]
Jesus Christ
I'm gonna start wearing diapers to work.

Are you okay?
The boys!
[indistinct, panicked chatter.]

Everyone mutes their phone at work.

When the ambulance came to get you,
I couldn't reach her either.

Remember, Iza doesn't work underground.

I'm sure she's safe.

So now you're some kind of expert
on mining accidents, huh?
The earth didn't just open up
and swallow the cafeteria.

Someone like you might find this amusing.

I don't think that's fair.
I'm scared too.

You don't understand
what it means to be a parent.

You have no idea!
How could How could you?
- [Wiola breathing shakily.]

- [sirens wailing.]

I'll go check it out.

You gonna go out dressed like that?
Of course not.

Please go lie down.
Lie down and rest.

Ah, please don't touch me.

I wanna go too.

- [Iza.]
The boys are on 28?
- [Baśka.]
[all clamoring.]

- Excuse me! Level 28?
- Excuse me!
- How many meters is that?
- About 100 underground.

- A hundred? What did he say?
- A hundred?
[miner 1.]
They're coming!
- Make room!
- [miner 2.]
They're coming!
Hey! Guys, they're coming!
- I can see them.

- Can you see them?
- [miner 1.]
Someone's injured!
- Out of the way!
[miner 1.]
Make a way through.
- Fucking move it!
- [Iza.]
Hey, hey, is he okay?
They're not here! They're not here!
Bruno! Tell me what happened!
- Move!
- The ceiling collapsed.

Eight guys are still down there.

Marek and Darek.
I'm going back.

- Who's coming with me?
- No! You're staying here.

You need to see a doctor!
[miner 3.]
Let's go!
- Let go!
- Bruno, you're staying here!
Make me!
They're not here!
Oh, no! Help!
Help us! Please!
Can somebody help us?
Help her! Help her!
[tense music playing.]

[siren wailing.]

[crowd chattering anxiously.]

Can anyone tell us what's going on?
We don't know yet.

You have to wait, you have to wait.

Oh, Mr.

- Want a sip, boss?
- No, thank you.

Ah, there they are.
The vultures.

- Any news yet?
- Nah.

It blew up more often when I was a kid.

But the fear's the same.

Every day you ask yourself,
"Is this the day that someone I love
doesn't make it home again?"
They should've shut this place down
a long time ago.

But how? My brother's a foreman,
my sister-in-law's a secretary.

My son works underground.

I used to handle machinery,
then became
the director's personal chauffeur.

Speak of the devil.
 Patryk Adamski.

Now he's got some loser driving him.

Open the gate!
we need some information, please!
"Shut it down," everyone says.

"Better to shut it down.
But where are you gonna send
500 working-age people, huh?
To neighboring mines?
They're on their last legs, too.

Was Marek there? Wait, what?
Why would you scare
your old man like that?
I'm okay, Dad.

Safe and sound, yeah?
Come on, then.
Let's go home.

Dinner's waiting for you.

[somber classical music.]

Has anyone seen Marek?
Has anyone seen Marek?
Please, Teresa, you have to wait.

Calm down.

- [woman.]
Where is Marek?
- [man.]
Calm down!
I'm asking you where he is!
[tense classical music playing.]

[wheezing cough.]

[devices beeping.]

May I have everyone's attention?
- Everything's fine.
You can go.

- Thank you.

All employees, proceed to the exit.

Ladies and gentlemen,
mining is suspended until further notice.

- [Baśka.]
What was it?
- I just got dizzy, that's all.

Everyone else, leave the area.

Do you know
how much of the tunnel collapsed?
Please, everyone, we don't have
any new information at this time.

- Where's my phone?
- [Patryk.]
Go home.

Do rescuers know
when they'll reach them?
There's fifty missed calls.

informed about everything.

From your mom?
Please leave.


rescue teams do their work.

We have to leave.

Please go home.

[melancholy classical music.]

The earth shook
at exactly 3:02 p.
more than 100 meters underground.

Thirteen miners were in the danger zone.

Five of them managed to escape
through the elevator unharmed.

[overlapping anxious chatter.]

Baby! Don't you ever do that to me again!
I'm sorry I didn't pick up the phone
when you called.

We were just so worried about you.

Marek and Darek are still trapped.

They won't get to them today.

Is anyone else coming?
Is anyone else coming?
Has anyone Has anyone seen Marek?
didn't make it.

Hey! Can you hear us?!

How's the methane?
It's okay.

Darek, can you hear us?!
Help is on the way! We'll get you out!
- [miner.]
How far to the mine face?
- Thirty meters.

The last time we had such a strong quake
was before your dad became a director.

Yeah, we know the history!
No one survived because a bunch of idiots
debated what to do for three days.

Come here! Come on.

[miner 2.]
Guys, listen.

You're not equipped to handle this.

- Rescuers will be here.

- Either help us or get the fuck out.

[miner coughing.]

Let's go!
- Come on! Faster!
- One! Two!
Let's go, guys! Come on!
five miners thankfully managed
to reach the elevator in time.

But the rubble has cut off
the other eight.

Is there any news
on the trapped miners' condition?
At the moment,
we don't have contact with them.

Our rescuers are doing
everything they can.

The collapse is less than 30 meters.

If everything goes according to plan,
the rescuers should be able to get through
to the other side in about 12 hours.

Your grandson is one of the men
still trapped inside the mine.

You should know every man down there is
someone's grandson, son, husband, father
We're one big family,
and we're going to
get out of this together.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
this is a waste of time.

Last question: is it true that if rescuers
don't reach the miners within 48 hours,
they have no chance of surviving?
Władek, please escort
these people off the property.

Director, this isn't necessary.

Please just answer the question.


We need to talk.

About me.

I don't have the energy.

I'm sorry, but it's been a long day.

How are you feeling?

[somber classical music playing.]

The person you are trying
to reach is unable to take your call.

["Holding Out for a Hero" playing.]

He's gotta be sure ♪

And he's gotta be larger than life ♪
I need a hero ♪
I'm holding out for a hero
Till the end of the night ♪
[introspective classical music playing.]

How are you holding up?
I feel like everything is
still shaking.

They're gonna dig them out,
and everything'll be okay.
You'll see.

Marek and Darek are
probably still fighting,
and everyone's getting sick of them.

[Iza chuckles.]

What? It's the truth.

When they finally shut us down,
some people will leave
and the rest will drink.

They should just raze the whole town
and pretend it never existed.


Look at you
- What?
- Your eyeliner is too heavy.

- This one?
- Nah.

I'll show you later.

- [Iza, Baśka.]
Good morning.

- Morning, morning.

Any news?
Eight more meters,
then they'll be through.

I'm sure they'll get to them soon.

I'm worried about the guys.

I hope they're okay.

You must have been really scared
after what happened yesterday, right?
No, Grześ?
- Not even a little bit?
- I'm not scared of anything!
We're all scared of something.

Whether we're still children
or all grown up.

For example: right now,
a lot of people in our town are scared
because people they love are in danger.

Are you gonna die, Ms.
Maciuś, who told you such nonsense?
I've got some very good news
I want to share with you.

Someone helped me.

Someone who has come
from very far away
and turned out to have a good heart.

And I'm going to be okay.


I just have to be careful
about what I eat and drink.

And I can't eat any more sweets.

- [Maciuś.]
Are your teeth sick, Ms.
- [Józef laughs.]

You were all worried about me,
so you can understand how the families
of our miners are feeling right now.

They should come and see our play.

We could use it to cheer them all up.

I wanted to talk to you all
about that too.

We have to postpone the play.

Just for a few days.

I overcame the fear
I lived with back then, Corentin.

But now I feel like I'm being dragged
back into that place again.

Okay, so your daughter is homophobic.

[in French.]
Wow, so surprising.

[in English.]
But explain something to me:
why did you come out to her?
And why did you show her Loretta?
She wanted to know who I am.

Good morning, sir.

Two pounds of plums, please.

Good morning.
Of course.

Oh, yeah? Are you sure?
I think in a fit of bravery
you wanted to show her the truth,
because it's important to you.

It doesn't matter to me anymore.

And some chives.

- Of course.

- They have their lives, I have mine.

Silvestre, think about it.

Two weeks ago you had
no daughter or granddaughter.

And I've disappointed them both.

And Wiola is disgusted by me.


Did I say something that amuses you?
You could've said
you were better off without them.

But you didn't.

Sometimes suffering is good.

It'll make you a better person, right?
You're such a spineless old hag!
If you're such an expert on suffering,
then remind me,
when was the last time
you saw your family?
You don't know what I'd give
for the chance you've just been given.

I didn't mean to hurt you,
but you provoked me.

That'll be forty zlotys.

Sorry, how much?

[dramatic music playing.]

There still has not been
any contact with the trapped miners.

But the rescuers are getting closer.

It looks like they're going to get through
within the next few hours.

The miners have been trapped
since yesterday.

We're on location
and will keep you updated
if there's further news.

Let's hope for the best.

Excuse me, hello
If anyone is hungry or thirsty,
please help yourselves to anything.

Ham or cheese sandwiches.

Coffee, tea?
Any word about the boys?
They're close to reaching them.

Just a few more hours.

He's going to be fine.

You know, he always is.

Remember, like at our last barbecue,
Marek jumped into the river
to save that boy.

As soon as he pulled him to shore,
he came right back and he asked
if his food was finally ready.

[woman sobs.]

He's going to be okay.

You'll see.

- Excuse me.

- Are you okay?
I gotta get to the bathroom.

Can you finish without me?
Are you okay?
[jaunty, upbeat music playing.]

[whistles faintly.]


[door unlocking.]

[door opens.]

You're leaving?
Unless I can be useful to you here.


If you're talking about the kids' play,
it was cancelled.

Do what you want.

I have my life in France,
you and Iza have yours here.

you finally saw
why our lives are incompatible.

Because you're a transvestite?

I'm a drag queen.

It's not the same.

You dress like a woman.

For the theatre.

And the dresses?
Did you have a show coming up
here in Silesia?
You're gay.

Yes, Wiola, I'm gay.

And I don't expect you to accept me.

I do not have anything
against homosexuals.

But an old man wearing a dress?

You can't be serious.

[ring tone droning.]

This is Iza Nowak, good morning.

Is there any chance
I could make an appointment today?
Okay, then I'll try again tomorrow.

Thank you, goodbye.

Why did you apologize to Iza yesterday?
- Did you show her Loretta, too?
- No.

Two days ago,
it was Grandpa this, Grandpa that.

You were her entire world.

She's upset about the mining accident.

She's worried about her friends.

Can you just tell me
what's going on with my daughter?
You should talk to her yourself.

You want to be
a part of this family, right?
As my father, you have to support me.

You really don't know?
You haven't noticed anything?
You haven't been able to figure out
what's going on with her yet?
- The baggy hoodies, the nausea
- [door opens.]

[door closes.]

[Iza breathing shakily.]
I think something's happening.

[pained breathing.]

I think my water broke
[Iza whimpering.]

Call an ambulance!
I I don't have Uh, uh
Call Ziutek, it'll be faster!
There, there, baby, shh.
Everything is fine, everything's okay.

Breathe baby, shh, breathe.

We need you to come immediately
to Wiola's place, as fast as you can.

[dramatic music playing.]


We've got an opening!

I'm here
We've got one!
We've made contact!
Hang in there, buddy, we're coming!
We'll be right there!
[rescuer grunts.]
Take this.

I've been hearing the same thing
for 15 years.

"They'll shut us down.
How much longer can we hear that?
We've been holding out
for as long as possible.

The truth is there's only enough coal
for two more years, tops.

And it's the lowest quality stuff.

Specialists like you will be okay.

You won't have to worry.

So that's what you call restructuring, eh?
Fifty people'll be transferred
to other mines,
and the rest will get laid off
without any severance?
You should really go home, Bruno
Your kids haven't seen you in two days.

At least go get some sleep.

You know, Dad
Today, we were all over the news.

In two days,
no one will even notice we're gone.

And you're telling me
that there's nothing we can do?
Hey, they got through.

- We've got them!
- Sebastian, come on!
Watch the stairs.

- Please, Ziutek, hurry up.

- I'm doing the best
The door! Open the door!
There, I'll set you down.

- Baby, watch it.

- Be careful.

Keep breathing.
Stay calm.

Everything's going to be fine.

Okay, just try to relax.

- [Ziutek.]
Come on.

- [engine starts.]

- [Wiola.]
Let's go! You're okay.

- [Ziutek.]
We're going.
Let's go.

- [Silvestre.]
Careful, please, Mr.

- I'm doing my best.
There are pot holes.

You can reach me on my phone, boss.

I'll wait over here.

- You couldn't have told me sooner, huh?
- What good would that have done?
- Baby! There, there, shh.
There, there.

- [Iza.]
I don't want to!
[nurse 1.]
Relax, please lie down.

- I don't want this!
- Everything will be okay.

Leave me alone! Ow!
- [Wiola.]
Everything will be fine!
- [nurse 1.]
Please stay here.

You can't come in right now.

Please, wait here.

- [Iza.]
I'm not ready yet! It's not time!
- I'm here! I'm here, darling!
- [nurse 1.]
Iza, you can do it! Yes, push!
- [nurse 2.]
That's it, push! Breathe again!
A little harder! Good!
[dramatic classical music playing.]

[no audible dialogue.]

[no audible dialogue.]

Where's Marek?
Dad, where's Marek?
[no audible dialogue.]

[somber classical music continues.]

[music fades away.]

Excuse me
- Uh, here.

- [nurse.]
Thank you.

[gentle classical music playing.]

He's alive?
He's alive.

So, I'm a great-grandfather now.


The baby will have to
stay here for a while,
so we won't be getting out of here
anytime soon.

Assuming that you're staying, of course.

There's no force in world
that could chase me away from here now.

only one of the trapped miners
has been rescued.

We don't know
what the miner's condition is,
or if he is still in danger.

- Now in the shadow of this
- Excuse me, what are you doing?
Don't raise your voice.

Listen, lady, I paid five bucks for this,
not you.
It's my remote.

Her baby's father is
one of those trapped miners.

I get it.

Okay, but you owe me five bucks.

[phone buzzing.]

Baśka, sorry.
I can't talk right now.



Marek's dead.

This will break her heart.

- And Darek?
- Darek's injured.

I have to
I have to go see Marek's parents.

But if she wakes up,
please don't say anything to her.

Okay, I'll wait for you.

I just found out
[melancholy classical music playing.]

Eternal rest
grant unto them, O Lord,
- and let perpetual light shine upon them.

- I'm so sorry.

May the souls
of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.



Marek's death is
a terrible tragedy for all of us,
but we have a grandson.

We were totally taken by surprise too.

It was the 25th or 26th week.

But the doctors are hopeful
and say that we can be
cautiously optimistic.

We'd like to help you somehow, but, uh
Wiola Marek was basically supporting us.

Mmm, we we don't have any savings.

It's okay, I understand.

I just really wanted you to know.

So you could be present
in the baby's life.

Has Iza chosen a name yet?
Not yet.

He should be named Kazimierz,
after my dad.

That's not your decision, darling.

It's Iza's.

We'll figure it out.
I don't know how yet,
but we'll figure it out.
Count on us.

Thank you, Róża.

[soft, wondrous music playing.]

Come, look here.
- Amazing.

- My great-grandson.

[Wiola laughs softly.]

- You're a grandma, hmm?
- [quiet chuckle.]
He's so tiny.

I'm sorry, but it's time to go.

- Sure, sure.

- Okay.


Visiting hours are over,
but you're welcome to come back tomorrow.

I was thinking
Marek's parents just lost their son.

When I talked to them, they said
he was the only one supporting them.

I mean, all the families of the other boys
are in the same situation, or even worse.

We have to do something.

We can't leave them like that.

I don't know.

What if we hold a charity event,
a fundraiser or something?
They can't be alone right now.

What do you think about that?
You don't have to
fix the world today, Wiola.

- Right away.

- Okay, then when?
Tomorrow, darling.


[melancholy music playing.]




- Gocha.

- Iza.

So, um, your, uh, grandpa and mom
were here.
They just left.


By the way, I'm really sorry.

[moody music playing.]

[no audible dialogue.]

[medical monitors beeping.]

There you go.

We'll have to wait.

Road work everywhere.

They're digging up
Mickiewicza Street as well.
For what?
And who is this for?
Even here.
It's all over town.

I don't get why they're doing this.

Who makes these decisions?
- Hey, Ziutek?
- Yeah?
You remember
Patryk Adamski's address, don't you?
I could get there with my eyes closed.

So, take us.

Take us there instead.

But please keep your eyes open.

Yeah, sure thing.

I just have to turn around.

- [sleepily.]
What's going on?
- We're not waiting till tomorrow.

What does that mean?
- Come on, Ziutek, let's go!
- I'm going, I'm going.

- Be careful.

- Listen, we have to get miners involved.

They can sing, dance, or do whatever.

It has to be a community thing.

We can't let Elizabeth Zasada
do it for us.

Don't make decisions for me.

I want this event to be spectacular.

Like your shows in Paris.

We're going to need to shine
a spotlight here.

I can make the costumes,
but that's it.

What are you talking about?
I've seen Loretta's show.

On the internet?
Why do you think I'm even asking you?
Because I believe you can do it.

Carbon, stay, lie down.

Good evening, Director Adamski.

This is Silvestre Bork.


My father.

Good evening.

Good evening, Mr.

How is Darek doing?
He's better now.

Thank you for your concern.

Iza gave birth to his son.


- Is that all? It's getting very late.

- [Wiola.]
We're sorry.

But you know that the miners who died
were, in many cases,
the only breadwinners in their families.

And now these people aren't
going to be able to make ends meet.

And we know how to help them.

We're doing everything we can
for them.
Good night.

One moment, let me.

Adamski, sir, could I have
a few moments in private, please?
Okay, come in.

Don't be afraid.

The dog is friendly.
He doesn't bite.

Come on, Wiola, let them talk like adults.

We'll go for a walk.
Let's go.

I have cigarettes.
We can have a smoke.

- Yeah, okay.

- Come on, let's go.

[tender, wistful music playing.]

It's good to see you again.

It's been forty years.

You haven't changed a bit.


It's really late.
Can we please
Let's get to the point.

[inhales deeply.]
Of course.

We'll put on a charity concert
for the boys' families
that features the miners.

We'll invite a star, throw a fundraiser
I'll direct the show.

But we're going to need permits,
support, people
We're gonna need your help, Patryk.

I can't believe you're still wearing that.


I wear it every day.

Patryk, dear, who is it?
- [Wiola.]
She just needs to say yes.

- [Silvestre.]
You sure? A star?
- Yeah, she's a real star, from a
- I've never heard
- [Wiola.]
Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Have you seen Iza?
- Mmm.

She spent the whole night by the incubator
and wouldn't come back to bed.

- Come on.

- [Wiola.]


- [Silvestre.]
Goodbye, madame.

- Goodbye.

- [nurse.]
I'll keep an eye on your bags.

- Thank you very much.

Thank you.

[phone ringing.]


Hello, sir.


Thank you very much for the information.


Patryk got the Mayor's approval.

- Oh
- It's on now.

- Uh
- What's with the face?
You're going to do great.

I believe in you.

- Don't tell me you want to back out now?
- No.

You said you'd do it yesterday.

I need a choreographer.

And I happen to know someone
who'll fit right into our budget.

But you know we don't have a budget.


You're the director.

I trust you.


Hi, sweetie.

["La Belle Vie"
by Carla Andipatin & Thierry Los playing.]

[in French.]
Hello, my dear Silvestre.

[song continuing.]

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