Queen of the South (2016) s03e05 Episode Script

El Juicio

1 CAMILA: Previously on Queen of the South We're gonna sell on the dark web.
JAMES: Mail order cocaine? TERESA: I have a guy.
His name's Ivan.
He's built me a site.
We're gonna ship through a legitimate front and get paid with cryptocurrency.
We won't be cutting into anyone's territory.
JAMES: No, but we still need to transport through it.
Arizona's carved up by five narcos.
They're called La Comisión.
There's a Mexican named Pecas.
He's the leader.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) You're very light on your feet, General.
Very impressed.
You're the one with the gifts, mi jefa.
Just how much access do you think I have? I'm still on suspension.
(SIGHS) This is not a good idea.
Here's a little piece of Mexico to remember us by.
- Ah! TERESA: We need your help.
As the business grows, you can grow with it.
POTE: We buying a winery? KELLY ANNE: This place has an amazing wine cellar.
We can put our production down here.
And we've set up infrared cameras all around the property.
And the entire system is linked to your phone.
- This is my wife Kelly Anne.
- Hi.
POTE: Is the police looking for you? Officially, I am a missing person.
And it's Priscilla now.
JAMES: I was working with Devon Finch.
Someone hijacked our shipment and Devon wanted him taken out.
Why take a chance? Get it done.
(STRUGGLING) (SCREAMS) (COUGHS) JAMES: You always said there was a different way.
I wanna do things differently.
Let me in.
We are fully committed to offering our customers the purest product.
Come on in.
Have fun.
If Peter Piper pecked 'em I bet you Biggie bust 'em He probably tried to up him I told him not to trust him Lyrically I dust 'em off like Pledge Hit hard like sledgehammers Hit with that platinum grammar I am a diamond cluster hustler Queen [] supreme [] Kill a [] for my [] by any means Murder scene, clean, disease-free, check it I write a rhyme, melt in your mouth like M&M's Roll with the M.
, remember them? Keep eye-balling me.
I know I'm pretty.
You know, she has a thing for strays.
Don't make her regret it.
Production's running smoothly, Teresita.
The shipments are out the door.
Got buffoons eating my [] While I watch cartoons, sleep till noon (DOORBELL RINGS) Mostly Dolce wear Frank kills [] wives for 1.
5 While you struggle and strive We pick which Benz to drive The M.
, you wanna be 'em Most of y'all [] can't eat without per diem I'm rich, I'ma stay that, stay that Who you lovin'? Who you wanna be huggin'? Roll with [] that be thuggin', buggin' In the Tunnel and Esso's sippin' espresso Cappuccino with Nino, on a mission for the lucci creno I used to wear Moschino, but every [] got it Now I rock colorful minks Because my pockets stay knotted JAMES: Selling on the dark web, cutting out the middle man, and turning product into champagne.
TERESA: Yeah? We did it.
No, you did it.
(ROMANTIC GUITAR MUSIC) Now that we have a team, we can expand.
Get big enough where no one can hurt us.
$30 million in a month is a good start.
You have your eyes on something? (EXHALES DEEPLY) A decent rib eye steak.
(CHUCKLES) I haven't had one since we left Dallas.
How about you? I took flying lessons when I was in Europe.
And if they come for me, I'll be ready.
And if they come for you, I'll be ready.
(CHUCKLES) You still don't trust me? You're still here.
That's something.
MAN: Yeah, right, it was like that, right? (LAUGHTER) (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) He's making it worse than what I It was not that bad at all.
Oh, yeah.
I'd like to arrange dinner reservations for my boss.
We would love to accommodate you, but we're closin'.
(TENSE MUSIC) MAN: Hands up.
Hands in the air.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Gun on the floor, or your brains on the wall.
Calm down.
Do not reach for that panic button.
We good, Vee? We real good, E.
Call your boss.
DEVON (OVER PHONE): Hello, Miss Mendoza.
I hear the Sangiovese does well in this dry climate.
DEVON: I've just arrived in Phoenix.
I have your manager and I have your coke.
TERESA (OVER PHONE): She's not part of my business.
Whatever the problem is, we can fix it.
DEVON: Join me for dinner at your winery.
This invitation is not optional.
First course begins at eight.
Be here.
Come alone.
ANCHOR: (SPEAKING SPANISH) (TENSE MUSIC) Boaz has fled to Badiraguato.
His cousin Javier Jimenez is helping him.
A wounded animal always runs back home.
CORTEZ: He's desperate.
He sent a message to his people.
He's begging for a truce, for the sake of his son and your daughter's union.
Boaz tried to kill me.
There is no truce.
Perhaps we can use Kique to track him down.
I cannot involve my future son-in-law in this.
That would destroy Isabela.
We must find another way.
You did good, General.
We're nearly free of Boaz.
But there is still the matter of Teresa Mendoza.
Has Agent Loya provided you with any further assistance? He can only do so much until the DEA reinstates him.
According to my sources, he has been reinstated.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) Recently? CORTEZ: Weeks ago.
And there's more.
They say the DEA's target is no longer Boaz.
It's you.
And you trust your sources? I trust no one.
But, given your history with Agent Loya, I suggest we err on the side of caution.
Nobody touches Loya.
Not until I look at him in the eye and speak to him myself.
Is that clear? Como guste, Gobernadora.
(ENGINE REVS) (TENSE MUSIC) JAMES: There's no service in the cellar, but I'm sure Pote's safe.
Someone was watching us.
Or someone set us up.
LIL T: Any word from Pote and the guys? Not yet.
Listen we're gonna need your help.
Hey, when was the last time you spoke to your uncle? We don't speak anymore.
What's your point? It's just a little convenient.
Pote kills your gangbanger buddies, you come work for us, and now Devon finds us.
You think I led him here? You know, maybe it was your payback.
Teresa got shot when your ass switched out the coke.
Don't talk to me about loyalty.
I lost my family over this shit.
I brought her here because I trust her.
Whatever you need me to do I'll do, but if this pendejo keeps stepping to me He won't.
Be ready to move, okay? We're on our way to the winery.
Shit, born ready.
I'll call you.
Let's go.
Most domestic sparkling wine is unremarkable.
You knew enough to find Teresa a winery that produces a supple one.
Elegant, vintage.
I salute you, Priscilla.
Listen, I'm just the manager here, okay? I promise I don't know anything.
You ran a wine club in Dallas? My former attorney, Cole Van Awken, told me about your fine palate.
It's a shame what happened to him, isn't it, Kelly Anne? (MENACING MUSIC) Take her downstairs.
Her time will come.
All right, Hannah Montana, let's go.
TERESA: They're moving Kelly Anne.
If Devon wanted our coke, he'd already be gone.
Why is he here? Because he wants me.
For not taking out that guy in Texas for him.
I'm gonna go in there and work it out with him.
You hurt his business.
There's no working that out.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) - I'm gonna go in.
- What're you doing? I'm not gonna let you walk in there alone.
Listen to me.
Go to La Comisión for backup.
Have Ivan get something on Devon that we can use against him.
Yeah, but he could hurt you before that happens.
He wants something else.
It's safer this way.
Go to La Comisión.
I'll be okay.
- VEE: Shut up.
VEE: Sit down.
(GRUNTS) Tie her ass up.
- Keep that bitch quiet.
- Mm-hmm.
(GRUNTS) (GASPS) (SHUSHES) Just me, gabacha.
Oh, thank God, I thought they killed you.
I was in here when they hit us.
I'm gonna get us out of here.
But I need your help.
DEVON: Perfect timing.
Dinner is served.
Where are my people? DEVON: Your security is being held by mine, so that we may dine in peace.
- And my manager? - You mean Kelly Anne? She hasn't been harmed.
What do you want from me? Direct as always.
I want an introduction to El Santo.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) I have no way to contact him directly.
Even if I could, he only deals with his followers.
You weren't always one of his followers.
Yet you found your way into his flock.
I don't doubt your powers of persuasion, Miss Mendoza.
I can deliver you product, but not him.
We can make that deal.
But you coming here like this, it's not the man you are.
(CHUCKLES) Evelyn.
(SPEAKING HAITIAN CREOLE) DEVON: Let me tell you three things.
Those days between you and me are over.
You have no clue who I am.
Tonight you're gonna find out.
POTE: I'm gonna take him out.
Then we run to the tunnel.
Okay, but there's a whole bunch more guards all over the winery.
They got guns, and, like, radios.
- Now you have one.
- I don't POTE: When they come for us, you let 'em have it.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I cleaned up your husband.
I know you can shoot.
That was different.
You were in danger then, you're in danger now.
We're like sitting ducks in here.
(FOREBODING MUSIC) I need your help.
Are you with me? Or not? (GASPS) (CHUCKLES) Andale, gabacha.
(TRADITIONAL MEXICAN MUSIC) JAMES: I thought I was meeting with the full Comisión.
PECAS: We don't throw up the Bat-Signal every time you get yourself into trouble.
They authorized me to hear you out on their behalf.
So What did you do to bring Devon Finch down here? We're not clear on that just yet.
Then I'm not sure I can help you.
What's the point of having a Comisión if an outsider can come in and do what he wants? Since you arrived, all we've seen is chaos.
You think the other members are eager to go to war with a Chicago gangster on your behalf? We backed off the Sheriff on your behalf.
You're making money from us.
Now you just wanna screw us? It's not my call.
I I'll talk to the rest of La Comisión.
But in the meantime, see if you can't work this out yourselves first.
I'll remember this.
PECAS: Okay.
(MIMICKING) I'll remember this.
Don't make me ask twice.
(TENSE MUSIC) Hey, my old friend.
I'm here with Teresa.
DEVON (OVER PHONE): We just started our second course.
Look, whatever this is, whatever game you're playing Did you really think you weren't gonna see me again? That's got nothing to do with Teresa.
It does now.
So why don't you come in here, meet me face to face? JAMES (OVER PHONE): Just know, if you hurt her You came here for revenge.
From James, yes.
From you, I told you what I want.
If you hurt me, you won't need to look for El Santo.
He'll find you.
One last chance, Miss Mendoza.
I want a line to your supplier.
Bring me her friend.
He gave me a number for emergencies only.
I have it memorized.
You and the numbers.
Everything okay? What's on your mind? I understood the rules when we started this.
We had common goals and the exchange of information helped us both.
The rest of it was unexpected.
It has been.
I know the DEA reinstated you.
And I know their goal is no longer Boaz, but me.
You think I lied to you? I don't wanna believe that.
I don't know who's been telling you these things.
But I'd ask you what they have to gain.
I saved your life when I didn't know you.
You think I'd set you up now that I do? We've been at war, Camila.
But in this thing here, I'm with you.
Say it again.
I'm with you.
If I were you, I'd mind my own damn business.
(TENSE MUSIC) Are you seeing this? JAMES: She's telling us something.
That woman.
- Do a search on her.
- On it.
JAMES (OVER PHONE): Whatever you get, send it to Lil T, ASAP.
That number you gave us tracks to a pay phone on the coast of Ecuador.
El Santo has followers everywhere.
- It must be a drop phone.
- DEVON: That's bullshit.
And you're just buying time.
Bring me her friend.
KELLY ANNE: Ah! (SCREAMS) MAN: You need to be quiet.
(GRUNTS) - POTE: Let's go.
- Okay.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) You have the keys to the tunnel? The guards took 'em.
Stay there.
Cover me.
(GRUNTS) MAN: Oh! (GRUNTS) VEE: Get your ass out here.
KELLY ANNE: Don't shoot.
I don't ha I don't have a gun.
Get down on your knees now.
(CELLAR DOOR CREAKS OPEN AND SHUT) DEVON: I'm gonna ask you once, nicely.
How does Teresa get in contact with El Santo? I don't know.
She doesn't.
Let her go.
I have a better idea.
Let's go swimming.
What? What does he mean "swimming"? - Put her on the board.
- What does he No, no, no, no.
DEVON: Give me El Santo and I'll let her go.
(RUSTLING) I got out through the tunnel.
But they got Kelly Anne.
- We gotta go back in.
- No, we're outnumbered.
We rush in now, they kill Teresa and Kelly Anne.
- Where's Tonto and Charger? - I don't know.
But we gotta do something.
(GRUNTS) What're you what're you doing? Teresa! TERESA: She doesn't know anything.
Wait, wait, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no KELLY ANNE: (COUGHS) TERESA: Listen to me, don't do this.
Stop it, you're gonna kill her.
Just let her go.
I'll give you anything you want.
There's a camera in the motion detector.
(SNORTS) LOYA: I know what you're doing.
And I know who's behind it.
Last year Cortez tried to kill you.
And I saved your life.
So who are you gonna believe? Take the side door.
LOYA: Get out of here.
JAMES: I'm good with that.
Let me tell her.
Devon's leaving.
He's let Kelly Anne go, and you can go too.
And he's gonna back off your business.
What does he get in return? He's leaving with me so we can settle our unfinished business.
DEVON: Last year, this man showed loyalty to Camila and nearly got you killed.
You're willing to sacrifice everything, including your life, for this man? Yes.
Has he told you about his little excursion with us in Texas? He spared the man you wanted to kill.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, she doesn't know.
Well, allow me to open your eyes.
Or better yet, let's have the man that you're willing to trade your life for do it for you.
Devon sent me to take out a man who had hijacked one of his shipments.
You told me.
(SCREAMING) (NECK SNAPS) SUZIE: Mommy, what was that? What's happening? We caught someone trying to break in.
I need you to go next door to the neighbors.
Go, go, go.
SUZIE: Mommy, mommy.
No! (EXPLOSION) DEVON: The man he took out was part of a crew that stole a shipment from me.
James was supposed to take those men out, make it look like a robbery.
Instead, he turned the first one into a bloodbath, where a little girl died.
Then grew a conscience and decided to walk away from the rest of the job.
I'm taking this piece of shit.
What you must decide, Miss Mendoza, now that you know everything about him, is are you willing to sacrifice your life in a futile attempt to prevent that? Take him.
I'm gonna like this.
Just like you like watching me and Camila? (GRUNTS) (SCREAMS) (GRUNTS) Camila and I will rule Mexico.
And there's no room for a little boy.
(GRUNTS) (GASPING) Better her boy than her dog.
(HISSES) Listen.
I'm not gonna let him take you.
But you just said I said that to buy us time.
VEE: There's someone on the outer grounds.
Coming this way.
Check it out.
Collect the men.
- Okay.
- Get the car ready.
The cabinet behind me.
With the guns? There's too many of them.
JAMES: We won't make it.
- Then we don't make it.
(JACOB BANKS' "UNHOLY WAR" PLAYING) Unholy war My demons are coming Boy, you better run Go take your freedom, oh no Wade in the water Be gone by morning Don't you let them find you here What you wanna do, son? VEE: Put the gun down before it gets ugly.
Let love lead you home (CELL PHONE RINGING) Let redemption keep you warm So, you better Stop.
(GOSPEL MUSIC PLAYING ON CELL PHONE) Looks like the band that Moses led You're gonna wanna see this.
ALL: God is gonna trouble the water - Oh, wade ALL: Wade in the water Whoa, oh, wade ALL: Wade in the water Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, wade ALL: Wade in the water God's gonna trouble ALL: God's gonna trouble the water Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh How did you find her? How the hell did you find my mother? You're invisible online.
But your sister's not.
I should kill you.
You saw your mother.
Phone, please.
ALL: Ooh, ooh, ooh - Any problems? LIL T (OVER PHONE): No.
Who knew that delivery truck could go 150 on the highway, though.
LIL T: That hacker dude's the shit.
So what you gonna need me to do? Wait for me to call you back in a few.
Devon's just leaving.
Whoa, ooh, wade ALL: Wade in the water Ooh, ooh, ooh, wade ALL: In the water God's gonna trouble ALL: God is gonna trouble the water (DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) I have news.
Not sure if it's good or bad, but He got away.
I do not recall authorizing an audience.
You let him escape.
You failed me, General.
CORTEZ: The cameras were for your protection.
I apologize.
Hearing you speak to him the way you did in that hotel, I I don't have to explain myself to you.
It was all information and sex.
That's all it was with him.
Lately, nothing seems to make me happy.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) Well, I think I have something that may change that for you.
In an unexpected offer from a friend.
Something I think you'll like very much.
LIN: We ran the phone number Mendoza supplied again.
Problem's that El Santo's people change them so frequently that this is one burnt now.
So she really did give up her supplier for that bastard.
Loyalty to a fault.
Can't be bought either.
Told the brass I saw firsthand you'd gone above and beyond to get us that intel.
She found leverage on the fly and backed me off without a gun.
- I underestimated her.
- We all did, Devante.
We'll tighten things up on our end.
Relocate your mother, and our cyber team will make sure your sister and family have no further internet presence.
Where do they want me? Chief of Station wants you back at your aviation business in Chicago.
El Santo remains a priority target for the agency.
(PERCUSSIVE MUSIC) We'll find another way at 'em.
I might already have one.
This might hurt.
TERESA: Listen.
If you want to leave, I'll help set you up anywhere you want to go, okay? I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you.
I'm not going anywhere.
POTE: Andale, gabacha.
I'll check on dinner.
KELLY ANNE: I fired that gun like it was nothing.
I hit that guard.
I wasn't even thinking twice if I killed him.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) Shooting Cole, I knew who I was and what I was doing.
And it killed me.
But I'm scared because today I don't feel a thing.
Your husband beat you.
The men you shot at wanted to kill us.
It is all right to feel nothing for hurting the people that want to destroy you.
You saved my life.
You're family now.
Thank you.
(SNIFFLES) Let's eat.
Oh, my God, that smells amazing.
Pollo la crema.
The chicken's gonna taste like it was born in the sauce.
KELLY ANNE: (GIGGLES) (BLOWING) Come on, prueba.
- Oh, my gosh.
- (CHUCKLES) - (GRUNTS) - Hand me your plate.
House is yours now.
I'm gonna leave.
Look, I'm no good for you here.
I mean, you could've lost everything, including your life.
And I lied to you, right to your face.
And I know why you did.
Her name was Suzie.
She couldn't have been more than, like, six years old.
(SOMBER MUSIC) I can't stop thinking about her.
You didn't mean for that to happen.
You once told me there's no good or bad in this business.
Right? I'm not sure I believe that anymore.
Because of that little girl? Her.
And you.
Whatever you've done, you don't need to hide from me.
We're in this together.
I don't deserve that.
Everyone deserves that.
Let's go.
Let's get on with it.