Queen of the South (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

Los Enamorados

1 Previously on "Queen of the South" I'm done with this business.
Let's be a family before the world tries to tear us apart again.
Don't! Agh! Camila is playing you.
Just 'cause her kid's engaged to get married, you don't think I'll kill the bitch? Isabela.
You do what you need to do.
You'll get no interference from me.
We're nearly free of Boaz, but there is still the matter of Teresa Mendoza.
What have you done? You don't need to hide from me.
It's Pecas.
Came across a little something here in Phoenix.
You might be interested.
Mi amor, es espactular.
For 25 years together.
And every night I thank the heavens that you decided to marry a baboso like me.
What's wrong? You're not drinking.
I found a very large transfer in our bank statement today.
You know, just out of curiosity, how much longer am I gonna keep paying for your whore? I couldn't turn away someone in need.
You can be as generous as you want with your dick, just not with my money.
And I'm gonna tell you something else.
If I ever see that you deposit one more cent to that puta she's dead.
Your rage and desire for revenge will be your end, mi vida.
Happy anniversary.
Enjoy your watch.
¿Bueno? What can I do for you, Boaz? You know, mi amigo Pecas picked up Teresa Mendoza as a favor for me.
I handed him over to your pinche general.
Still got to collect my bounty.
Say I give you the family discount.
¿Cómo la ves, eh? Thanks but I don't pay debt to a dead man.
See you on the other side suegro.
These will be your accommodations during your stay back home.
I hope you'll find them up to your high standards, Teresa.
I would like to speak with Camila.
She needs to know what will happen if I don't walk out of here.
La gobernadora will see you when she's ready.
Until then You two can catch up.
No, no Guero? No.
Teresa? No.
Where are you? Hey, look, I'm on my way to the meeting spot, but I got a little bit of heat on me.
Okay, lose them first.
Meet us at the port.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Se fue, idiota.
Tell me where she is, and I'll untie you and treat you like a king.
Sushi micheladas pedicures anything you want, Guero.
She left you high and dry.
Save yourself.
Dime ¿dónde está Teresa? Ahora! Ah! Doctor! Ayúdale.
Lo necesito vivo para que sufre más.
¿Cómo te llamas? Tomás.
If it wasn't for that doctor, I'd be gone by now.
You didn't give up Marbella to Cortez? What, and tell him that was our plan? Hell, no.
Cortez could beat me for another eight months, and I wouldn't betray you.
I went to Malta instead.
Should've looked for you.
No, it's good that you didn't.
That's what Camila wanted.
I knew that she'd bring you here one of these days.
I think I got a plan for us to try and get out of here.
You're the only thing that's kept me alive, Teresa.
I know they did it.
Pecas is the type of man that doesn't like to be accused.
Well, if La Comisión didn't take her, they know who did.
Sometimes the fly needs honey, sometimes the hammer.
You choose the wrong one, and you get nothing.
We don't have time.
Pecas! Where is she? Can't a guy enjoy his donas on cheat day? - I know you have her.
- Sit down.
Have a bear claw.
It's on me.
You hit like a little girl.
I delivered Teresa to my connect.
So she's in Mexico? Maybe.
Maybe not.
I turned her over to one of Boaz's guys.
That's all I know.
James Listen to your friend, Romeo.
Teresa's a hot boss.
But thinking with your little pee-pee's going to get you killed.
Call Boaz now.
The plan didn't work, pendejo! And now the crazy perra is after me.
Well, that's what you get for negotiating with Camila Vargas.
Who the hell is this? Where's Pecas? He's busy.
This is James.
Pinche Santiago! You want to get revenge on Camila, take away what she wants most.
Help me find Teresa.
If it means hurting that bitch, I'll help you, but I don't know where your girl is, just that Camila's got her.
We're getting on a plane to Mexico.
Malta, huh? I always knew you were destined for some badass shit.
Just like a little cocaine princess.
It's a long way from counting money in Culiacán.
I learned cryptocurrency Banking without cash.
No shit.
Then I made an enemy, so we fled to Phoenix.
I bought a winery as front for the business and a plane.
I'm learning how to fly.
Oh, Jesus, that's the kicker right there.
You started to solo yet? Soon.
I'm gonna be your first passenger.
- Okay.
- Can't wait.
Hello, Teresa.
It's good to see you here.
You like the surprise? I picked you up when this rat left you for dead.
I housed you.
I protected you.
You sent James to kill me.
I heard he works for you now.
He followed his dick right back to you.
And now you share a house and a bed.
But he couldn't protect you from me, so here we are.
You see, eventually, we all have to pay for our sins.
You killed Epifanio.
And you allowed me to watch him die in my arms.
Your need for power is what got Epifanio killed.
It wasn't me.
I have an employee who hacked into your Cayman Islands accounts.
By now, he knows you've taken me.
He's been instructed to transfer 10 million pesos from Sinaloa State Bank into one of them.
After that, he'll make the transfer public.
You expect me to believe that shit? You know what will happen when Sinaloa discovers you're just another dirty politician.
You're going to watch the love of your life die a slow Painful death.
A death of 1,000 cuts.
No, no! And, Teresa there's not a damn thing you can do about it.
It's okay.
I mean, what are the chances that I could find a house with an airplane hangar in it? You moved your other girlfriend in first.
We got a pool house around the corner.
We can take afternoon naps.
We can I mean, we can do whatever you want.
Come on, check out the inside.
- I can't believe we live here.
- Believe it.
Check this out.
This is my favorite part.
It's a bedroom.
I mean, it's not much now, but It's perfect.
Messing with Camila's accounts that was smart.
She wants revenge more than the power or the money.
It will only buy us time.
Well, that's what we need.
And Cortez he thinks he's got it all figured out.
You got locks on every door and guards 24-7.
But he can't control someone's heart.
I have to stay alive.
Shh, shh, shh.
Para Teresa.
The doctor couldn't watch me suffer anymore.
Now that you're here, we've got a shot.
Every night one of the guards he goes out, and he calls his mom on the phone, leaves the other guard alone, and that's when we strike.
Isabela, wait I'm in a meeting, Isabela.
I need to speak with you, alone.
It's important.
Is there something you want to talk to me about? Some big news? I don't know what you're talking about.
Kique told me you have Teresa.
His father told him she's here.
Why did I have to hear it from him? You promised you'd tell me.
She killed my father.
I deserve to see her today.
I don't think it's a good idea.
That prison is no place for you.
I'm not asking for your permission.
I know where he is, and I have the right.
Isabela, your mother has said no.
If I spoke to my mother like that, I would not be standing here right now.
My father would kill me.
That disrespect can lead to serious consequence.
This is between me and my mom.
She's right.
This is family business.
I won't have you threatening my daughter.
My apologies.
You heard my decision.
Isabela He's on the phone.
We need to go now.
- Keep an eye on him.
- Mm-hmm.
Oye! Oye.
¿Qué está pasando? Isabela, put the gun down.
Guero, it's okay.
We got to get out of here, Teresa, now.
It's okay.
You took my father from me.
The person to blame, Isabela, is your mother.
Okay? I will kill you.
- There's a car out back.
- Come on, let's go.
That's Isabela's car.
Car! Camila, stay down! Se están escapando! ¿Qué esperan? Síganlos! - ¿Está bien? - Sí.
Damn it, the tires.
- You okay? - Come on, let's go.
We need to get you to the doctor.
Tomás's clinic is close.
He'll help me.
Isabela Teresa got away.
Are you okay? Are you hurt? - No.
- Come on.
I tried to kill her.
And I couldn't.
- I'm so sorry, Mom.
- Shh, shh.
I told you not to come here.
I said I was sorry.
You disrespected me.
There will be serious consequences.
This wasn't about you.
- I did it for me.
- Really? You're forbidden from seeing Kique.
That's crazy.
We're getting married.
Not anymore.
The wedding's off.
Until you learn how to make better decisions, I'm making them for you.
I'm doing what's best for you.
You'll thank me one day.
- Come on.
- No! You just want me to spend the rest of my life by your side just as miserable and alone as you are.
Teresa and Guero nearly took my daughter from me tonight.
Isabela may hate me now, but eventually she'll understand that what I did was best for her.
It is I who failed you both.
You kept me out of harm's way, and for that, I'm grateful.
Their escape is not your fault.
I'm just thankful that Isabela's all right.
Maybe it was meant to be.
I promise you, I will not relent until I lay Teresa at your feet like hunted prey.
I have no doubt you'll bring her to me.
You're my most loyal soldier.
It's rare when a man can find a woman so worthy of his complete loyalty.
Thank you, General.
Are your soldiers searching the area? Teresa and Guero are fleeing on foot.
- They won't get far.
- Good.
General encontramos algo.
Estaba adentro.
- Hi.
- Doctor, I'm sorry.
We didn't have we didn't have anywhere else to go.
He won't stop bleeding.
Please help us.
Come inside, come on.
That's a bad cut.
It's close to the artery.
- You're Teresa? - Yes.
Thank you for helping us.
¿Qué esta pasando? We're leaving as soon as we can.
Is there a phone I can use? Thank you.
Yeah? It's me.
Are you okay? Where are you? I'm safe.
I'm in a town just outside of Culiacán.
I'm with Guero.
I'm with Pote.
We just landed in Sinaloa.
We've got some of Boaz's men.
We've been looking for you.
- Boaz? - I'll explain later.
Where exactly are you? I'm in a clinic in Imala.
- She's in Imala.
- Oh, that's close by.
All right, we're on our way.
Please, hurry.
Is she okay? - She's with Guero.
- Guero? I thought that pendejo was dead.
I guess not.
How's your hand? If there's trouble, I need to count on you.
I'm good now.
Quit driving like a pinche viejita and go.
Thank you.
What's this? We're celebrating.
- My birthday is tomorrow.
- I know this.
But I got to make a run for Epi tomorrow.
I got you a present, though.
What is it? It's the deed to the house.
It's yours.
No, I can't take this.
This is too much.
No, no, listen, if anything were to happen, I want you to have that.
It's getting cold.
You two are lucky you got here when you did.
Guero's lost a lot of blood.
I need more gauze.
- I'll be right back.
- Thank you.
Listen, James and Pote are in Mexico.
They're coming to help us.
So it's true.
You and James are working together again? - Yeah.
- You didn't have to call him.
We made it this far, didn't we? - Yeah.
- Just you and me, babe.
- We got this.
- I know.
Doctor, I need to see you! Do you have a back door? Okay.
- Come on.
This way? - Doctor! We need to hide until James gets here.
Doctor, I know you're in there.
Open the door! It seems I might have injured my wrist.
Maybe something for the pain.
Perhaps you pulled a muscle.
I can wrap it up just in case.
Was there a problem in your prison? Guero escaped.
Someone slipped him this.
You know anything about it? No.
Could've been one of the guards.
They're both dead.
Guero and his woman killed them both.
Teresa Mendoza, I'm sure you heard of her.
She murdered our beloved governor, Epifanio Vargas.
- She did? - In cold blood in front of his wife and child.
Well, I'm sure you'll find them.
You have, uh, another patient here this evening? Excuse me? A patient cut herself making dinner.
Forgot to clean up.
I hope you won't inform the health department, General.
Was your wife here when this other patient came in? She's visiting her mother this week with the baby.
I'm here stuck alone, eating quesadillas three times a day.
What a shame.
All alone with your quesadillas.
Should I ask your wife who else you're hiding? El doctor Tomás Such a good, good man.
It's James and Pote.
Let's go.
You're good.
Okay, let's go.
Listen, Cortez will follow us.
You have time to go, okay? Get as far away as you can, all right? - Gracias, señor.
- Váyanse.
Let's go.
We have to make a run for it, okay? Right behind you.
- Good? - Yeah, go.
Ah! - You okay? - I got hit! - Cover me! - I got ya.
Come on, let's get out of here! I'm not leaving him.
Come on, help me out.
Vamos! Get in the car! The bullet just grazed you.
It's gonna be okay.
It hurts like a bitch.
I know.
Hey, James, thanks for helping us out, man.
Hey, Pote, it's good to see you, too, man.
Looks like you lost a little bit of weight.
¿Estás de dieta o qué? Is he coming to Phoenix with us? Yeah.
All right, we need another guy at the winery.
And Teresa's been shopping for planes, so we could use another pilot.
Listen, whatever you guys need, I'm all-in.
Camila, don't do this.
And, please, take your ring back.
I made up my mind.
If you need to expand the business in Dallas, I can send Batman to run the operation.
Batman is not a businessman.
He'll run the entire organization into the ground.
Camila, I love you, and I need you by my side to run the campaign for governorship.
The people love you.
Having you on my arm will win me all the votes I need.
You just want to keep me under your thumb.
I'm not that woman.
I thought you knew that.
You want to throw a 25-year marriage away, then so be it.
Good luck in Dallas.
I won't be there to protect you.
I don't need you.
I can protect myself.
Camila, you are like fire on steel.
You know how to make the most challenging men bend to your will.
I speak from experience.
Use that gift.
It might keep you safe.
It's been a long drive.
I need to stretch my legs.
There's a Taco Bell.
Does anybody need a chalupa? No.
How about one of those tall slushies? It's like a bump of coke, man.
It'll keep you awake all the way to Phoenix.
I'm good, thanks.
How about you, Teresita? I'm good, thank you.
Guero, do you need something? Guero? Guero? Pote, he's not breathing.
Guero Guero? Guero? Guero Is it all for me? No, it's for us.
It's your favorite tres leches from that place that Brenda likes.
- Mmm.
- How is it? Está rico, ¿no? Mmm.
Hey, so, listen, I know you got it rough, all right, but you don't have to worry anymore.
Okay, what's mine is yours.
I know you feel weird about me giving you the house, but estoy aquí para ti, mi amor.
Come here.
You don't have to say it, General, I know.
Teresa's gone.
I'm sorry.
You know, your devotion to me it's not about power or about money.
I know that now.
You have become family.
I really hope that's true.
Please sit.
I don't cook often, but that happens to be one of my specialties.
Está riquísimo.
You have become a very good friend to me, Alberto.
Maybe we can be more.
I mean, I'm still mourning, and I need to take things slow, if that's okay by you.
Of course.
I'll follow your lead.
Yo vivo para ti Para ti, para ti Pensando solo en ti Solo en ti, solo en ti Rebuscándote no ves Me he dejado de querer Yo me arriesgo para ti Para ti, para ti Nada puede ser sin ti Yo sin ti, yo sin ti Eres mi razón de ser Fantasía de mi edén Quiéreme Te lo ruego Eres tú La raíz de mi fuego Para mí No hay otro deseo Que besar Tu piel de terciopelo