Queen of the South (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

Reina de Espadas

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And maybe one day, we can get ourselves a little house on the beach, make love all day in the sand.
- How's that sound? - As long as I'm with you.
I'm on my way to the meeting spot, but I got a little bit of heat on me.
Lose them first.
Meet us at the port.
- Guero's not here yet.
- Let's go.
Arizona's carved up by five narcos.
They're called La Comisión.
You got a lot of heart, girl.
Who gave you that? Someone in La Comisión sold us out.
Taza backed me.
Came across a little something here in Phoenix.
- Where is she? - Relax.
- Oh.
- Teresa.
Isabela, put the gun down.
You took my father from me.
Let's go.
You're forbidden from seeing Kique.
That's crazy.
We're getting married.
Not anymore.
The wedding's off.
Get down.
I got hit.
Guero? Guero? Pote, he's not breathing.
Guero! All right, let's see how good those hands are.
You know how good they are.
Hey, flying's serious business, Captain Mendoza.
Why don't you give us a steep left turn? 60 degrees.
Take it easy.
Looks like all those lessons are starting to pay off.
Okay, let's see how you do with a simulated engine loss.
It's so quiet here.
Yeah, it's quiet.
All right, come on now.
Go through your engine fail procedures.
Mags on, mixture and throttle full forward, hit the starter.
Let's go.
Where is she? Maybe we could just stay up here.
What is she doing? She's gonna kill herself.
Teresa, hey.
Teresa, pitch down now, or you're gonna stall out and kill the both of us.
Do it now! What happened up there? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
You haven't been sleeping.
You sure flying was a good idea? It's Lil T.
Hey, it's me.
What's going on? We're making a delivery and someone's trying to jack me.
Hold up.
What the Ah, sh Take that, pendejos.
I think I lost them.
What now? Finish the run.
Get somewhere safe.
I'll call you when the next load is ready.
- Finish the run? - We have orders to fill.
Well, we knew Pecas would attack us.
This is the start.
He'll come for the winery next.
We could have allies against Pecas.
- I want you to set the meeting.
- That wasn't the plan.
We need to get the cash and product and leave Phoenix now.
This town is blown.
We gotta go now, Teresita.
If you wanna go, you can go.
I'll see you at the winery.
Get in the car.
We don't make a move now, we could lose all our product, or worse.
I'm doing nothing till Teresa says so.
What are all these cars doing here? Okay, you can pretty much just sit wherever.
Don't sit in the first two rows.
That's where the family is gonna be.
Talk with you a minute? Look, we've got work to do.
You need to call this off and send these people home.
Honey, I can't do that.
Get them out of here.
Teresa called and said the wedding was a go.
- Sorry.
- What do you mean she called? She's not here? Where is she? Teresa Mendoza.
Give me one good reason I shouldn't deliver you to Pecas right now.
Because you need me more than you need him.
Yeah, we'll see.
Where are you going? School, or have you cancelled that too? Isabela, you have to be careful, please.
Boaz is still out there trying to do us harm.
It's not safe for you to see Kique any longer.
You called off our wedding.
He's not even talking to me anymore.
- Isabela - I'm late.
What's wrong? Isabela.
Good news.
What? We've got a line on Boaz's whereabouts.
His cousin, Javier, has him holed up in a tunnel underneath a home in Badiraguato.
I'm heading there right now.
- No.
- Excuse me? No, you keep my daughter away from Kique.
Put Pecas on Teresa.
If she dares set foot in Phoenix, we'll show her who rules there.
Gobernadora, right now, Boaz is a bird in the hand.
- It's a smart move - You have your orders.
This casino was my high school, college.
What went wrong? Greed got the best of us we overbuilt and overleveraged, and ended up in the drug game, trying to outrun our debts.
If I were a betting man, I'd bet you know what that's like.
You didn't set out to sell cocaine.
Pecas takes advantage of that.
The south border of your reservation is the entry point for all distribution into Phoenix.
You're not getting paid what you deserve.
You know that.
What did you think you were doing by coming here? You thought Taza was the weak link? He was an underdog too.
Maybe we could share fleas.
I came here to offer you a better deal.
I'm not Pecas.
We can help each other.
Yeah, I'm afraid someone with your luck wouldn't be much help to anyone.
My Bolivian product is better than theirs.
It's new to the Phoenix market.
I have a better way to distribute it.
That's why they're afraid of me.
They should be afraid of you too.
When we work together, I'll give you a cut of my product and far better terms.
If you win.
If you don't win, Pecas kills me And you, and anyone who fought on your side.
His greed has lost him your loyalty.
Don't you want to protect what's yours? You know why people look down on gambling? Because it holds up a mirror to our ugliness.
People hate losers because they're pathetic.
We feel guilty for enjoying their misery.
And we hate winners because they're luckier than us.
People hate luck.
It's a cruel God, but it's the only real God we have left in this country.
So what do you believe in? I believe if anyone has a shot at taking on that hungry pig, Pecas, it's you.
We gotta find Teresa.
Pecas is gonna come for us.
I need you guys to be on guard.
Any cars come in that don't look right, you know what to do.
Last time you disappeared, you ended up in a cell in Mexico.
Now you leave without telling us? I met with Taza.
- Why didn't you take me? - It was better to go alone.
Come on, Teresa.
I did okay without you.
I'll be outside.
You know, you could have been killed.
I did what I had to do.
I took a risk.
So Taza said yes? He's gonna side with us? Not yet, but he will, and then we're gonna have an ally.
Even if he does, we won't be strong enough to take on Pecas and the rest of the Comisión.
You know, staying here isn't smart.
It's suicidal.
You've been making some bad decisions.
You know someone's gunning for you, and there's a wedding happening upstairs.
Pecas won't attack us when there's civilians here.
You're using innocent people to protect the business? This isn't you.
We said we'd do things a different way.
- This is not it.
- You're always questioning me.
Just stop.
You have no obligations to me.
You can leave.
I'm not leaving.
I'm just trying to protect you to protect us.
With Boaz out of power, this is Camila's territory now.
I don't wanna run anymore.
Camila can kill me, but I'm not leaving.
So that's what this is not business, just personal? No, this is what you do when you've earned something.
She wants war.
She can have it.
Family and friends, we have gathered here today to witness and celebrate the joining of Miguel and Martha in marriage.
With love and commitment, they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife.
- Hey, Mama.
- Hey.
And today, they publicly declare their private devotion to each other.
Listen, we haven't really gotten a chance to talk since, um I'm so sorry about Guero.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Really? I know how much you loved him.
I know how much you meant to him.
I mean, I kinda know how you feel.
Maybe it's not the same, but, um, after everything happened with Cole You can't compare my life to yours, Kelly Anne.
Listen, I'm not trying to patronize you.
It's just, you're my friend, and I care about you, and I just wanna make sure you're okay.
So, you know what? It'll make you feel better.
I'll get you a plate of overpriced wedding food and I'll be right back, okay? I do.
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
How can we trust each other on this Comisión when one of us makes moves unilaterally? By one of us, you mean me? You handed over Teresa to Camila Vargas without consulting anyone.
Camila controls the Colombian product now.
If I don't have product, I'm out of business.
If I'm out of business, you don't get paid.
It's economics, my friend.
Teresa came to me and offered me a better deal.
That's also economics.
But of course, you didn't take the deal, because you are loyal to La Comisión.
Yes, I honor my deals.
And it's time you do the same.
Teresa paid for a seat at the table.
She deserves our respect.
She's got superior product.
Maybe if you play nice, she'll cut us all in.
I'll set up a meeting with the entire Comisión to discuss our options.
Do you know where she is now? Set the meeting, Pecas, then we'll deal with Teresa.
We gotta clear this place out.
We can't wait any longer.
Teresa wants to stay.
She's not thinking straight.
Her calling the shots isn't safe right now for anyone.
You calling them for her now? 'Cause you know I'm not gonna let that happen.
She hasn't slept since Guero died.
She's out of her mind with grief and exhaustion.
We can't let her put her entire operation in danger.
We just need to keep her safe, get her through this, or we're all gonna pay.
You want to leave me too? Never.
You need to eat.
Wedding upstairs, you're down here alone.
It's not good.
- How did you handle it? - What? When your marriage ended? Work.
I put work first.
My loyalty to my bosses was more than loyalty to any woman.
I vowed to protect them, no matter the circumstances.
And that's a vow that I will never break.
What you say it goes, Teresita.
Thank you.
What? James is right about one thing though.
You need to rest.
I will, just I have work to do.
I will.
I promise.
Just don't work too hard, and don't worry about anything.
Now, eat your sandwich.
Aww, look at our beautiful couple dancing together.
Pote, open the door.
No, Teresa.
You need to rest.
Pote, open the door.
I vowed to protect you no matter the circumstances.
Pote, don't do this! Open the door! I will protect you even from yourself.
Pote! Open the door.
I'm sorry.
Open the door, Pote! Pote! Mi amor.
General Good evening, Governor.
It's Camila tonight.
Have a drink.
What was it you wanted to talk to me about? It is my sad duty to inform you that Isabela is still sneaking out to meet with Kique Jimenez.
My men confirm it.
Isabela's disobedience is putting her at risk.
And Boaz can try to use that against me.
That's true, but it's a two-way street.
If we were to kidnap the boy, then we can use him to flush Boaz out from hiding and finish him for good.
I am asking for the order, Governor.
Do it.
Capture him, use him but no one can harm him under any circumstances.
I will send my most disciplined men.
Isabela cannot know that it's me that gave the order.
I would lose her forever.
I understand.
With this, we defeat Boaz for good.
Up north, Pecas takes care of Teresa, and in a few short moves of the board Mexico is ours.
Phoenix is ours.
Pote! Remember, this was your idea.
She wasn't listening to reason.
When she comes to her senses, she'll see that we were right.
That, or put a bullet in us.
You don't know Mexican women.
Hey, boys, you seen Teresa? Told her I'd pilfer her a little food.
She's out running an errand.
Yeah, she, uh, she left to do, uh, something.
Just give me that.
We need to check the car.
All clear.
You can go.
Hey there, beautiful.
Es muy sorprendente La forma en que esto va Come here.
Dance with me.
Parece que es un juego Pero si solamente Te puedo mirar Desde hipnotizar No creo ser precipitada I just can't stay away.
Que abrirá las puertas Para que Suavemente haré Que te embrujes Más de mí Guero No es coincidencia La forma en que te sigo Respiro si sé donde estás Ha pasado mucho tiempo Y aún siento que si sólo Guero? Desde hipnotizar No creo ser precipitada Mi corazón Que abrirá las puertas Para que Look at yourself.
You've got blood all over your hands.
Pain can be powerful.
It can be our strongest weapon, but you need to use it against your enemies, not yourself.
- Holy shit.
- Where are James and Pote? They're loading something out back.
- Did they lock you in here? - Yeah.
Ho, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're not gonna make it anywhere looking like that.
And I know you haven't been sleeping.
Um, I got a little something that might help.
I mean, it's this or a Starbucks run.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Show me where they are? - Okay.
Yeah, uh, just up here.
They were just here.
Is that blood? - Oh, my God.
- Give me your phone.
Do you have a gun? Does it look like I have a gun? There's one in the cabinet by the gift table.
- Go get it.
- Okay.
Take this last load to the safe.
Get out of here.
What's up, Kelly Anne? Where are you? - Teresa.
- She got out? Someone has been killed outside the winery.
Get over here.
Where is she? She's inside.
And it's her you keep thinking of Just pray To the guardian angel The guardian angel Of love Angel Well, I have lost my sweetheart Everything I've done was wrong I'll keep praying To the angel Until she's back in my arms You may think It's kind of foolish It's Pecas' sicario.
For me to act this way Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know what's going on with these birds, huh? Listen, at this time, we'd like to ask y'all to go outside so we can get the honeymoon started, okay? Thank you.
And I know She'll come back someday Put your hands where I can see them.
'Cause I believe Go on, bitch.
Take your shot.
You know, Pecas wants you dead.
You will never make it out of Phoenix alive.
The guardian angel Of Love Que, eh? Teresa.
Who's your friend? I know you two are working together.
Pecas just tried to kill me.
You failed again.
I'm not leaving Phoenix.
Over my dead body.
If it comes to that.
You know what happens to my enemies, and you think because you and Guero had the good fortune of escaping, scurrying around like roaches Guero is dead and I'm sure that makes you happy, but I'm not in this for revenge.
Really? Do you feel superior, telling yourself that lie? It's the truth.
But now I will fight for what is mine.
I made you.
I picked you up from the streets like a stray dog.
And everything you are, everything you have, everything you know is because of me.
Everything I've learned from you was cruelty and betrayal.
I've earned what I have, and I'm not gonna let anyone take it from me.
This is a warning.
What do you want me to do with this cabrón? They wanted to send me a message.
Send him one back.
The guardian No, no.
No, no, no! You expecting someone else? Isabela? Going on a trip? We're running away to get married.
You can take my life.
But you will never take my love for her.
I'll remember that.
Women they'll destroy you.
You'll give them everything you have inside you your heart, your guts, your courage, every last ounce of sacrifice left inside of you and they'll just walk away.
They'll consume our hearts, like our Aztec ancestors consumed the hearts of their enemies.
But there's one thing that can protect us one thing that will save us, and that is our manhood.
You're not a man.
You're Camila's fool.
You poor bastard.
She's playing you.
What do you know about this? I'm the son of Boaz Jimenez.
I know how a cartel boss operates.
You have no power, no control.
You are Camila's puppet her puppet.
Isabela told me everything.
Sí, General.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No! Who's the puppet now, putito? Take my car.
I'll call you when it's safe to come back.
I'm sorry I was rude to you earlier.
Forget it.
Rough night.
I'll see you soon.
About the cellar it had to be done.
Teresa, come on.
Yeah? Pecas sent his sicarios to kill me.
What makes you think he won't do the same to you one day? My tribe will protect me, and you.
Come to the reservation.
I'll text you the location.
Let's go to Taza's reservation.
Could be a setup.
It isn't.
Where is he at? All right.
Teresa Mendoza.
I'm rolling the dice on you, Teresa.
You won't regret it.
Follow me.