Queen Sono (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Dying Is Sore

1 This is our target, Elton Davenport.
You are posing as a potential client looking to purchase illicit arms from Superior Solutions.
We have to catch them red-handed.
You know it's been so long since I got to dress up.
The gala dinner is being hosted in honor of Zimbabwean president - Zuri Muzorewa's 95th birthday.
- Goddamn.
And there are a lot of people in that room with clout, Sono.
Nefarious and political.
So, it needs delicate hands.
Therefore, I would suggest that you keep a low profile.
This is primarily a recon mission, Sono.
- We need you to follow protocol.
- Okay.
I'll be home before 12, Mom.
Wow, this time you got me contact lenses.
My eyes on the ground.
Happy? - How do I look? - Blazing.
Thank you.
Let's go get them! You've crossed paths with a lot of these raconteurs under different covers.
You don't want to be attracting too much attention.
These people are very dangerous.
Muzorewa Junior, 75 and still hanging around Daddy.
Does HR know that I'm being deployed as a honeypot at this old-age home? I need to tell you something.
Fire away.
I'm all ears, sunshine.
Hendrikus is dead.
The emphysema finally got him.
So much for parole.
There's just no way.
He is very much dead, Queen.
I fucking hate bubbles.
Queen, are you okay? No, just I just needed a moment to myself.
I understand.
Take your time.
Well, as long as you avoid Rodney Masimba.
He must be in a good mood.
He just got a guilty verdict at the International Criminal Court.
Considering we put him there.
Speaking of which, your two o'clock.
The VIP room.
Davenport must have gone in there.
Francine! Your dubious friend, Everlyna Song.
Promise me you will not get involved in any of her dodgy schemes, Queen.
A certain diplomat's son needs safe passage out of the country.
- He's been accused of a crime and it - Everlyna, I am not in the business of importing and exporting criminals.
Consider this a down payment.
These are conflict diamonds.
And you should be ashamed of yourself.
I'm proud of you, girl.
That's how we keep getting them.
Actually, Everlyna? Queen, what are you doing? I knew you'd come around.
Let's have a drink.
Francine, this is rather urgent.
I will deliver him to you later tonight.
There's our guy.
Mm, mm, mm.
This is quite the spread.
Excuse me, champagne, please.
With that, Everlyna, you've signed a deal with the devil.
These diamonds are going to bite you in the ass.
This place is like a theme park, Fred.
We need tokens to get on the ride.
Just stay focused.
Hello, baby doll.
And I hope it was not you that sold me out, Francine.
Or should I say, Bernice? An old friend? More like a disgruntled business acquaintance.
I see you've been following me.
Dance? I see you are quite popular here.
It's been very hard to get your attention.
Well, you surely have it now.
I wonder if you can help me.
I'm sure I could make a plan.
- So, north of the border - Mm.
there have been some regime changes that have come quite early and with them, they've brought some, um, huge burden problems.
If you can be discreet, I can make it worth your while.
I'm not one for pest control, love.
Why don't we just have some fun instead? Maybe I have the wrong guy.
Let's at least have a few drinks before we talk shop.
You can call me later This is the down payment.
Oh, baby, call me later Call me later Mr.
Davenport, a call.
I'm listening.
Vitali, where the fuck are you? I'm worried.
Are you fine? Father is not well.
He wants you to come back home.
Tell the old dog not to fret.
I'll be there in the morning right as rain.
Baby brother, you should be here working, sticking to the plan.
Not out there partying.
Sis, I'm just having a bit of fun.
Listen! I was going through the inventory ledger, and I noticed a large number of arms has gone missing.
God! We should report that immediately.
It is not a game, Vitali.
You're being reckless.
Maybe you need Father to remind you who he put in charge.
You see, I give the orders, and you say please and thanks.
I've summoned your revolutionary friend.
I'm putting an end to this bromance of yours, once and for all.
Stop meddling in my business.
I'm a grown man.
Don't fucking tell me what to do! You behave like a fucking child.
You know, where I'm from, you wouldn't ask a girl to stay then leave her hanging the whole night.
Were you listening to my conversation? - Conversation? - Mm.
I thought we were having a conversation.
Who did you say you work for again? - I didn't say.
- Huh.
Let's take a walk outside.
Oh, shit! Okay, looks like there is an exit at the back.
Rodney, I checked.
They don't have your size in prison uniform.
Good luck.
Bitch woman.
Those will be your last words, Bernice.
- How did they get guns in there? - Bernice? I thought it was Patricia.
A second name.
Friends, let's not ruin a good evening, shall we? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to escort this woman out of the building.
This witch is not going anywhere.
This woman is not who she appears to be.
Bernice will not leave here alive.
And you You want to be a big man? Here, in Africa.
Who do you think you are? This is not your house, immigrant.
Let's not forget the pecking order around here and say something you will regret.
Now, why don't you go and play dictator Jesus Christ! You are alive! I thought I was here to meet with Vitali.
You're here to answer to me.
I know what you and Vitali are up to.
Pretending to be revolutionaries, liberating mine workers, recruiting soldiers with hyperbolic soap box speeches.
Do you know that the majority of those people you freed at the mine in Congo were massacred a day later? Power was restored immediately.
Nothing was achieved.
Yeah, but now they believe, Ekaterina.
They are no longer slaves.
Their minds have been liberated.
Yes, liberated in their graves.
I know Vitali has been slipping you stock from Superior Solutions.
I know you're using our weapons when you dress up and play Batman at night.
I am here trying to usher this continent out of the dark ages, and you guys are running around like a bunch of backward, asshole mercenaries.
This will ruin us if it gets out.
I love my brother, but he's got a shitload of growing up to do.
You're just his new toy.
I am no one's toy, Ekaterina.
You know where you're going to end up when he is done with you? In a jail cell.
You know where he will be? On a beach somewhere fucking supermodels and drinking Dom Pérignon.
At the end of the day, he is just another rich, white playboy.
Surely, you of all people should be wary of trusting him.
Oh, Vitali believes in our cause.
He has earned my trust.
He is my friend.
Friend? My brother has no friends.
What? Listen here.
Don't ever think your money affords you the privilege to talk to me this way.
Are you done? Now, I have places to go.
I'm going to make this simple for you.
Leave my brother and our business alone.
Get as far away from us as possible.
If I see you or hear about this shit again, I'll not be so forgiving.
Um Something terrible has just happened.
What? What's happened? Elton Davenport, Muzorewa Junior, Rodney Masimba, even Ringo Cise.
All dead.
Is that what you call reconnaissance? - You completely ignored protocol - Okay, thank you, Miri.
You really wanna see me fired? It's only going to be a matter of time before this comes back to us and bites us in the ass! I am We are very sorry.
I had no choice.
Elton was going to execute me.
I could not just roll over and die.
I believe dying is quite sore.
Um, despite everything, you did come away with some valuable intel.
Maybe you need Father to remind you who he put in charge.
I'm a grown man.
Don't fucking tell me what to do! Don't tell me to relax again! We ran Elton's face again, this time against a Russian database.
Turns out Elton Davenport is a cover that's been in place since he was 18.
His real name is Vitali Gromov.
As in GromCorp.
The Russian woman's company.
Ekaterina Gromova.
So, that's where Superior Solutions is getting their money from.
The wealthy Gromovs moved to London when he was 13 and then, facing a mandatory life sentence, he unceremoniously apparently died in a car accident.
He faked his own death? These are apparently the only Gromovs that remain.
Victor Gromov.
They used to call him the Butcher of Leski on account of what he did to that small town during the Cold War.
Uh, GromCorp has taken over Superior Solutions for what reason, exactly? Well, Victor is a military man, and war is good business.
So, under the guise of Davenport, Vitali has been doing his father's bidding.
Nobody realized this? I would have gone with the girl.
She's dope.
Well, Victor is an old Russian man.
I doubt that would have been an option.
And they say the Zulus are bad.
They are.
She's gaining serious credibility as a tech and energy innovator.
She'd be stupid to get involved in this sort of thing.
So, let's move on it before the trail gets cold.
A word, please? I didn't want to raise the Hendrikus thing during the operation.
I was trying to protect you.
From what? The truth? Well, you know SOG mandate is priority.
Priority over everything personal.
I know that, Sid.
Is that all? Well, I just hope you finally get some kind of closure from this.
Good night.
Afternoon, can we help you? Hello, Uncle.
Um, my name is Florence.
I'm a nurse at the prison.
Yes? So, what about it? I'm here to pay my respects.
Come on in.
Sorry, boys.
Come on.
Move so that the grown-ups can sit over here.
He promised he would come back to me.
No one knows what God's plans are.
It just makes me angry that the same day he was coming home he was taken away from me.
They said it was pneumonia.
Emphysema, sis.
Emphysema or whatever that thing was.
My Hendrikus was healthy.
Sis, this colored was his nurse at the prison hospital.
Come, sit.
And? Um What happened? I was his nurse, but it wasn't my shift.
I was very surprised, to be honest.
He was, um He was very fit for his age.
He was strong.
Thank you.
He was strong and nicely built, you know? Mm.
That man was as strong as an ox.
Not like these sissies.
I don't even know why he was in jail.
A terrorist, he killed.
Would have destroyed the country.
He was a fucking legend.
Where's the toilet? I think I made a huge mistake marrying him.
I didn't raise you to be soft.
You can be tougher than that.
My situation is very critical right now.
And I don't want these people thinking that we are weak and dysfunctional.
- Hmm? - Yes, ma'am.
A divorced daughter right now is not the kind of credential I need for higher office.
And tell me, how is Queen handling this, uh, Hendrikus thing? You know how Queen is.
She pretends to be as tough as nails, but I think she is starting to crack.
And at work? This Muzorewa Junior thing is causing chaos at the A.
I hope you guys are not involved.
No, Ma.
We're not.
I hope so.
You know when Queen is around, anything can happen - Mama, stop! - Okay.
I'm not getting baited into discussing work with you.
No need to get excited.
Look I'm the first to point out that Queen is reckless, but she gets things done.
She's really talented.
Let me tell you something about that Queen.
You know, when Queen was six years old, she peed on my favorite cashmere blanket.
Here we go again.
And I was paying fees for her at St.
What did she do there? She peed again.
Stealing teachers' cars, other students' cars.
I raised her together with you to be good children, you know, like sisters.
But that child is so unruly.
You know, she's wild.
Mother, she was a traumatized child.
That's not fair.
Smile a bit, my baby.
It's not every day that we get to host the president.
Let's go and put on a show for that asshole.
I'm telling you, cousin.
The blacks would never have fucking let him go free.
He was fucking clever.
Even though he was inside, he still looked out for us.
That's the truth.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Thank you for letting me pay my respects.
I will pray for you.
Um, I need to get back to work, but thank you very much.
Everything will be all right, okay? Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Where is my phone? How would I know where your phone is? I saw you looking at it.
Twat! That fucking colored! - Ah! - Stop that fucking colored! Fuck! Now where is she? Where's that fucking colored? For fuck's sake, boys! You are all fucking useless, man.
What a spread! Oh, and look at your daughter.
It's as if you bathe in milk in this house.
Thanks for entertaining.
You know, I have just been thinking that maybe one of these days, I'm going to get a hefty piece from all the billions that you are making in the tech world.
I have an election campaign coming up, so Oh, I thought you have a guy already.
Oh, oh, uh, meet Spiro.
Spiro, Nana.
And, uh, you must also taste these.
They are very delicious.
You must remember, Nana, that you were deployed by the party to the business sector.
And when we When we call on you, we expect favors.
What is Christopoulos doing here? No, man, Nana, please, don't embarrass me in front of everybody.
Some of your comrades, they think they are better than me? That arrogant bitch did not even shake my hand.
Come on, Spiro.
She just met you.
- Give her some time - Babe? Miri? Babe, why don't you be a doll and top up our drinks? Hey, hey.
Tell me, you two, when are you giving me grandchildren? I'm still trying to tell Miri to quit the desk job of hers - at Home Affairs and give me a child.
- Yeah.
No wife of mine will work like a slave.
Ladies and gentlemen can we please raise our glasses? This week marks a very, very important day, the anniversary of my great friend and comrade, Safiya Sono.
To think that time can heal our loss.
She was such a passionate, crazy person.
Even in exile, she would just make us laugh, amidst all the problems that we were going through.
She had a wonderful, wonderful sense of humor.
You know, especially after a few whiskeys, of course.
But, you know, I don't think she would be laughing today.
She would be disgusted, you know, by the cancer of this corruption and greed that has infiltrated our movement.
And I'm sure some of the soldiers here, you know, would be shaking in their boots when she is looking at them with those big eyes and with her Beretta at hand.
But while having said that, let's celebrate her.
Long live Safiya! Power to the people! - Holy shit.
- I'm so sorry.
Is everyone okay? Fuck.
I'm really sorry.
I mean, I just got lucky.
And you guys need to hide better.
But I play a lot of video games.
Whatever you say, Rambo.
Next time, I'm on your team, eh? Exactly.
What's the point? I didn't even get to shoot my gun.
Wait, wait, wait.
Guys, guys, guys.
Did you guys see how Muzorewa just chokes, you know, of a heart attack at his father's birthday party? Amazing, amazing stuff.
You can't write this shit.
Wait, wait, wait.
Here's the best part.
The old man is like, "He is about to stay in power indefinitely.
" - Dude! It's - Know what really grinds at me, though? It's the fact that we have no leadership.
This entire continent, not a leader in sight.
- Preach.
- Think about it.
Malunga was amazing in the beginning, wasn't he? Like when he was talking about, you know, the revolution, the emancipation of the black man.
All of a sudden, in bed with the Greeks.
That's the truth.
We need to go back to the good old days of the likes of Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Safiya Sono.
Even Muzorewa was a good guy in those days.
Like a proper revolutionary.
You had me at Safiya Sono.
I mean, that woman was amazing! She is a personal hero of mine, and I believe she could have led us.
Right? But too bad.
She's dead.
- I think that's enough with the politics.
- Wait.
Let me make this point, guys.
There has never been, nor will there ever be, a revolutionary of the same caliber as Safiya Sono.
- No.
- That woman was a warrior, incorruptible, and it doesn't hurt that mm, she was fine.
I mean, God, she was hot Hey, dude, you were coming along really well and stuff, and now you went all sexist.
It's weird.
Stop it.
But isn't she And you also have no idea what you are talking about.
You have no idea who she was as a person.
Maybe she was an asshole, maybe she was shitty to her family.
- You have no clue - Maybe it's just me.
But personally, I do not give a shit who she was as a person, right? She was a revolutionary.
These comrades make sacrifices - Maybe we should just - Wait, wait.
That's why we revere them.
They made sacrifices, right? I think we need maybe one or two, you know, Safiya Sonos walking around.
We'd be better off as a country.
I really think so.
I just love the way a murderer just croaked in jail on the day of his parole.
What? I would have loved to see that.
To see that racist fucker go Gasp! Gasp! Are you done? And you? - What? What? - What? Queen is Safiya's daughter.
- What? Get out of here.
- You happy? - High five? No! - You're an idiot.
Look, I didn't know.
Did I just insult Safiya Sono's daughter? Yes, you did.
Not just a little, a lot.
- Why didn't you say anything? - I tried.
Wait, wait, guys.
You know that weird paintball thing? - Doesn't this explain it? - You think that thing is genetic? - Guys, stop.
- It was crazy.
Just pop, pop, pop! - Stop! No, no, stop.
- You saw that! - Stop, stop! - She got you twice! Yo! Yo, Queen.
Hey, wait up.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm sorry about those idiots.
I think I've stayed here long enough.
Can I go now? No, we still have to cut the cake.
I don't really need to be here for that.
All right, yeah.
I should have warned you about Jono, the pseudo-woke avenger of Randburg.
I don't really give a fuck about those guys.
I just think that things have been a lot lately.
And maybe it's getting on top of me.
Hey, listen here.
I really think you need to see someone.
Dude, what the hell do you mean? You are my shrink, guy.
Yeah, but this is different, all right.
I mean we're friends, Queen, and there are boundaries that we shouldn't be crossing.
This is so lame.
Also uh, there's something I want to talk to you about, - but we hardly get a moment these days.
- Oh, my God! Are you pregnant now? So exciting! I have gained a little bit of weight, but no.
There is an opportunity, kind of, in the UK and And I have been thinking, you know, maybe it's time for an adventure.
You have only known her for four months.
You need to calm down.
Yo, relax, all right? It's purely work-related, all right? I mean, yeah, if I take the job, she is going to come with me, but I believe this is the part you jump up and down all happy, wishing me well for my endeavors.
Come on.
I am so happy for you that you are going to leave me here in my dysfunction and go to some shitty city where it rains all day.
I'm happy.
Nothing is set in stone yet, Queen.
Come on.
Stop sulking.
I asked you for one small thing: keep an eye on Vitali.
Look, look at my beautiful boy.
You have ruined my legacy.
I have nothing now.
Papa I am ready to run your empire with strength.
I have been doing so throughout your illness.
Let me take Vitali's place.
I can My empire? You've always been too much ambitious.
When will you understand that you are nothing but a broodmare? Papa, you're not well.
My decision is final.
I will run my business myself.
Each day, I'm feeling better.
And in the meantime, you will find me a suitable successor.
Papa do you remember when I was seven, and you wanted me to learn how to play the piano? I struggled tremendously, but you did not care.
You would beat me until I got it right, my fingers bled all over the keys.
It was pretty much the same with fencing, then learning English.
Always pushing me hard to be as good as Vitali.
The truth is that I was always better than him at everything.
You were just punishing me because I was a girl.
I want to thank you for never accepting me like I was.
It has made me better.
Relax, Papa.
It's time for you to relax.
My baby brother the streets will be flooded with blood when I find your killers.
Wow, chief.
- Just look at this place.
- Just look.
I bet they have more animals in here than in the Pretoria zoo.
If you have all this money, why come and live in the bush, chief? - You know what I'd do? - Buy a mansion in the city.
Not this nonsense of living in the bush.
No ways! These white people love our continent, Bulabule.
Some seem to love the animals and our land more than our people.
To hell with these white people, chief! You see, chief.
When we take back the land, we must start by expropriating this place.
And just maybe we can give Snow White a dignified funeral and bury her by the garden.
Right, chief? That alcohol looks very pleasant.
My father has just passed.
Sorry for your loss.
Vitali had great admiration for him.
He did not take my brother's death well.
I have returned some of your brother's belongings.
I'll leave immediately.
I know you don't want me here.
Have a drink with me.
We've never really talked.
The last time we spoke, you were making threats.
I think you have said enough.
We started on the wrong foot.
There is something about tragedy that gives one a sense of clarity.
Let's try again, shall we, please? This must be a horrible time for you, Ekaterina.
So much sorrow.
I was fond of your brother.
Bulabule, take a walk, please.
I'm tired of dealing with arrogant, mediocre men.
Are you a man like them, Shandu? I am my own man.
There lies your master.
And now will you search for another man to lead you? See, Vitali empowered me, Ekaterina, but I did not serve him.
He, uh, loved my fight.
Look, I'm not trying to rubbish your suffering at the hands of men, Ekaterina, but at least you have received some sort of relief through privilege.
My people do not know such comforts.
You see, I was born into struggle.
Raised in a dusty township.
Every single day, I walked to school barefoot.
My mother cleaned the homes of the rich, white people.
And this continues to be a common experience of my people.
So, what do you want, Shandu? Change, obviously.
And are you too much of a man to be led by a woman? Follow me.
I'll give you all the change you want.
Vitali gave you resources, but he had no vision.
What do you want from me? Why be a mere man? Help me rebuild this continent, and I'll make you an emperor when it's born again.
What? You scared to deliver this revolution you speak of? Vitali kept you in the shadows.
Come, walk with me in the light with your head held high.
I'll deliver your change.
So, what will you do? Simply just sign a check and end all of Africa's problems? What will I be, Ekaterina? A soldier of fortune in your corporation? I don't think you understand what the Watu Wema stands for.
Ultimately, we want the same thing.
So, let Watu Wema continue to burn this continent down, and Superior Solutions will extinguish the flames.
She's beautiful.
This is what she would look like today.
Your sister would not be a hipster.
At this point, I would take hipster.
Do you have, um, any new leads? Nothing.
You know, you could just let me help you.
Enough, enough.
This is not what you're here for.
That phone you gave me I went through it, and condolences, condolences, but then I noticed a lot of these payment notifications.
It's like someone took a lot of energy to try hide them.
Wait, wait.
What's that one over there? I recognize that payment reference.
Yeah, that's a government account.
It's the same front company for secret government payments.
They are slash accounts, the same ones SOG uses to pay us when we are on a mission to not attract too much attention.
In fact they use the same account number from the same front company.
This is the exact same vintage year.
Fred um are you saying what I think you're saying? SOG has been paying them.
All in all, it's about 20 yeah, 25 inward transactions that seem to go up with inflation.
Queen? Please say something.
It's Dr.
He's been lying to me, Fred all this time.

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