Queen Sono (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

The Devil's Toys

1 [Wanda.]
Hallelujah! [crowd shouting.]
Thank the heavens.
Whoa, ho, ho! For so long, they have made us to believe that God wants us to suffer.
That money is the root of all evil.
- [crowd.]
- [Wanda.]
God wants us to sacrifice.
As you are offering, you are planting a seed.
The bigger the seed, the bigger the sacrifice.
The bigger the sacrifice is, the bigger the recognition from God.
Then even you are ka-vroom, vroom.
[crowd shouting.]
[in Shona.]
You will receive that expensive car.
[crowd shouting.]
[in English.]
To give everything to sacrifice, to bring it all and sacrifice.
What does God want? - [crowd.]
Sacrifice! - Oh, you have not broken the heavens.
- What does God want? - Sacrifice! - [Wanda.]
I say - [all.]
Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.
Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.
[crowd gasps.]
Everybody settle down.
[in Shona.]
Have no fear.
I come in peace.
I love all the people in this church.
They remind me of my own mother [in English.]
a black woman, who spent her entire life on her knees, praying for her children.
It is men like Wanda here who take advantage of these faithful women.
Greedy and heartless, they exploit the very little our mothers have.
How long have these people paid for your lifestyle? Man of God, please.
I do not know what you are talking about.
Have you told these good people that they paid for the German car? Please, Father God.
Rebuke these evil spirits from inside our church.
[crowd gasping.]
Strip yourself of all that does not belong to you.
Quickly! [in English.]
Come on, strip yourself of their belongings.
- Quickly! - [crowd gasps.]
Take it off.
Man of God, please, don't do this to me.
I will pay you.
How much do you want? [Shandu.]
Stand here, in front of these people - and tell them the truth.
- [gun cocks.]
Right here, right now.
- Die with your lie.
- [crowd shouting.]
Come on, what's it gonna be? Do it.
[crowd shouting.]
- [gun clicks.]
- [crowd shrieks.]
Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.
You know what, Pastor Wanda? You are what we call an agent of imperial oppression.
Instead of building your own systems of self-determination, what do you do, you ask us to hope? To pray? So that you, greedy pig, can consume it all.
See, the white man told you to have faith in his God while he stole from you.
And now our very own black brothers are using the same God to exploit us.
[snaps fingers.]
The time has come, my brothers and sisters, to remember the power we've always had within us for thousands of years.
You need to return to your God now.
Her name is Africa.
Go out and serve her.
[men singing.]
War of the soldiers War of the guerrillas Who would keep quiet When you are being attacked? War of the soldiers [guns cocking.]
Gents, arms down.
I said, arms down.
Everyone, on your knees, put your hands behind your heads.
Bring me the leader.
Get up.
Nobody move.
[people screaming.]
[imitating gunshots.]
[all chuckling.]
Nice one, nice one.
[soldier laughing.]
[in IsiZulu.]
Hey, man, it didn't hit anything at all.
[in English.]
See, boys? [soldier laughing.]
Bulabule [in Tswana.]
Little bro Chief.
[in SePitori.]
Chief, you know I'd follow you to the edge of the world and back, right? But what is this? We're actors now, are we in a soapie? [in Tswana.]
This way, I never have to take your body back to your poor mother in Soshanguve.
[in English.]
Look, you said we'd find our own independence.
That we'd find our own strength and self-determination.
That the black man cannot strive with the interference of the white man.
[in SePitori.]
Chief, why are we working with that Snow White? [in SePitori.]
Have I once led you astray? Hmm? [in English.]
Have I? [in Tswana.]
The oil rigs in Mozambique.
[in English.]
The first and second time.
Swakopmund? [in Tswana.]
Listen here, Ekaterina is giving us a big stage to get our message to reach many more Africans than we could have ever dreamed of.
For now, we just allow her to think she's in control.
[in English.]
That's all.
Hmm? [snaps fingers.]
We're like the wooden horse in the city of Troy.
We're wooden "What, what" in the city of the "What, what," you know.
[in SePitori.]
It's all right, Chief.
All right, folks, Nairobi Security Summit.
As we know, these summits hold a lot of opportunity for us.
It's only once in a while where there's so many subjects who are under investigation in one place.
Uh what do we have? I need you to gather up as much intel as possible on all our subjects.
Ekaterina Gromova.
She's here to win the hearts and minds.
We need to see if she'll be forthcoming about her brother's real identity.
Maybe it'll help us figure out just how much she knows about Superior Solutions arming terrorists.
And more importantly, I'm hearing that, uh, Malunga is having a meeting with Gromova.
- What does she want with him? - Could literally be anything.
He's the most bribable statesman on the planet.
But that hasn't been confirmed yet, so I'd hang ten.
Well, I hope this meeting can finally get us something concrete about Malunga.
And if we're lucky, about Ekaterina as well.
You two will go in as media.
Namibian Herald.
Sizwe, since you're most familiar with these parts, you will be our man on the ground.
Africa, 1.
3 billion people in 54 countries, speaking 3,000 languages.
Thirty percent of the planet's mineral supply and the biggest precious mineral reserves on Earth.
Fifteen countries currently at war experiencing conflict and tension.
You need the right partner beside you.
Superior Solutions.
An African solution to an African problem.
[audience applauding.]
As we speak, 15 regions on this beautiful continent are awash with violent conflict.
That's the Ugandan finance minister, and his deputy are here.
already under siege from terror groups such as Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, and more recently, the Watu Wema.
War has had devastating consequences for millions across the continent.
Over the last few months, our company, Superior Solutions, has worked hand in hand with multiple countries across the continent to provide security where it was most needed.
And in turn stability.
[audience applauding.]
Superior Solutions is unlike anything Africa has seen.
We're not here to provide what charities can.
We're here to provide a solution to Africa's Achilles' heel: war.
[audience applauding.]
If this lady has anything to do with it, we're gonna be out of jobs very soon.
All these regions have the resources - What's wrong with you? - to support big business, and to attract I thought it was somebody I know.
It's nothing.
We all dream of an Africa that is at peace with itself, an Africa ready for a new and prosperous future.
Through Superior Solutions, this is a possibility.
[in Swahili.]
Thank you very much.
[audience applauding.]
[in Swahili.]
[in English.]
I am Olivia Nielsen from Afrifeed, an NGO based here in Nairobi.
You have put a very pretty bow on something very disturbing, Ms.
What you describe here is a quasi-corporate totalitarian state with you as its CEO.
With all due respect, you're jumping to very dangerous conclusions here.
The white Europeans are fighting over what's best for Africa.
who believes that an African child can be fed on one dollar a day.
No, you are something far more sinister than that: a neo-colonialist.
Your statements are completely slanderous.
You seek peace so that you can continue to pillage without having the people of this continent disrupting you with their trivial wars.
Please spare us all this show.
It will take more than a Time magazine cover, bought with Daddy's money, to convince us that you are anything but a hard-nosed industrialist, who wants to get even wealthier by exploiting Africa.
I thank you.
[in Swahili.]
Thank you very much.
What a badass.
[audience applauding.]
Do we have a question from the floor, please? [inaudible dialogue.]
To Kilimani, my brother.
- Sorry, brother, can you turn - [pop music playing over speakers.]
- Turn around.
- [volume increases.]
This is not the right way, my brother.
Unlock the door.
Let me out.
Please, open the door.
All I'm offering is a much-needed mutually beneficial solution.
But doesn't the privatization of government institutions take the citizens' democratic right to choose how they want their country to be run? And exactly how many countries on this continent have healthy democracies? [Queen.]
According to some, your presence here is due to the untimely passing of Mr.
Elton Davenport.
I was confirmed to speak long before he passed.
We are, however, deeply saddened by his untimely death.
He He was a great leader.
I see.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
However, Mr.
Elton Davenport wasn't without his own controversy.
I Hello.
Stolen Superior Solutions tech and weaponry showing up with the Watu Wema, hardly constitutes being a benefactor.
That assumption's quite a stretch.
Still, many would say that one gun in the hands of a militia group - is one gun too many.
- I agree.
That's why we have done a lot since then to strengthen our security and a lot more to bring down Watu Wema cells, as you might have seen in the news.
Um, you are asking people to trust you with a lot, and you must admit that that's very difficult considering your, um family history.
I'm waiting for your question.
I'm sure you would agree that, uh, your father, he dodged many scandals in his lifetime My father did what he had to, growing up in a war-torn country.
And your younger brother would have been a great leader for your family business.
Do you agree? Mm.
We'll never know, considering he's no longer alive.
Which publication did you say you are with? [Queen.]
The Namibian Tribune.
You have to excuse me, I have many obligations.
Queen, you are fucking kidding me.
Namibian Herald.
Not Tribune.
It was nice chatting to you, Bonnie Kataku, from the Namibian Tribune.
Thank you, Ms.
Ekaterina Gromova.
[woman speaking indistinctly on PA.]
I want to know everything there is to know about that woman.
- Do not let her out of your sight.
- Yes, ma'am.
Good afternoon.
Sorry for the holdup.
Ekaterina Gromova.
You are not paying attention, Queen.
That was too close.
Jeez, my deepest apologies, boss.
What the fuck is up with you? [Fred.]
That woman gives me the jibbie-jibbies.
It's heebie-jeebies.
Dude, she flat-out lied about her brother.
You must be careful with that one.
I know, I already have a shadow.
Look, um I'm gonna need you to buy me some time.
I need to get off the grid real quick.
What do you mean you are going off the grid? Queen? Queen? [door opens.]
[door closes.]
Sid, do you remember when you said to me you would do whatever it takes to help me find my sister? Fred, Adam Bosingwa holds a lot of influence in the DRC.
- So? - He represents a real chance of lasting peace in Kivu.
He's a celebrated man around the world for turning his life around and making good of a bad situation.
This man beheaded men and burnt down entire villages while laughing about it.
He's here now, doctor.
I said I would help you find your sister, not avenge your parents' murder.
I imagine Adam Bosingwa is heavily protected so you're going to have to think this through carefully.
I thought so.
[door opens.]
Just in time.
Fred, could you please excuse us? I just spoke to the Security Minister.
We both agree that the meeting is a bad idea.
- You did what? - Sid, everyone knows full well that Malunga is extremely corruptible.
Well, that's exactly why this meeting has to happen.
He is already in the Christopolous pocket.
The last thing we need is this man having even more capital.
Ekaterina can give him that.
She is using her checkbook to bag herself some really influential people.
So, stopping this meeting is gonna sort out Malunga's corruption.
Have you lost your mind? [elevator bell dings.]
What could we expect from your keynotes? President Magoro, my name is Bonnie Kataku from the Namibian Tribune.
I'm writing a book about the transition period in South Africa and I wanna know more about your involvement.
My involvement is widely documented.
That shouldn't be hard to find.
I focus a lot on Safiya Sono.
I know that you knew her.
What exactly do you want to know about Safiya Sono? Many say that it was detrimental for her to be left out of the initial negotiations.
Could you please share some light on that decision? Decision, you say? You would have had to know Safiya Sono to know how that could come about.
The type of candidate that many, including Mandela himself, said would be the perfect Deputy President for the new government.
Yet she was left on the outside of this transition.
Why is that? Is it because she was a woman? Word had it that there was a faction that was opposed to a female of mixed ethnicity colored, as you people call it, ascending so quickly to the highest office.
President, what do you know about the SOG? Where did you hear about the SOG? I have come to learn that, while many are afraid to speak, there are still some men and women who are willing to set the story straight.
It's all right.
The SOG is one of those things you don't want to know about.
It was a secret organization called Die Koperasie set up by the Apartheid government to spy on most of us across Africa and do untold harm to people.
We told Mandela to abolish that thing as soon as he took over power, but in his wisdom, he thought he could clean it up and use it for good.
You can never use the devil's tools to do God's work.
I believe his successor disbanded it and banished it to the scrap heap of history, where it belongs.
Do you believe that the SOG had a hand in the murder of Safiya Sono? Safiya wanted the people to share in the wealth, and was willing to take up arms to ensure that it happened.
Those protecting the wealth and the privilege of white South Africa and Western economic interests had no time for her socialist ideas.
And look who got to keep the wealth while millions of Africans still suffer? I I have it in good authority that Hendrikus did not kill Safiya.
That narrative never sat well with me.
A lone killer without political ties? Hogwash.
I would look at the last government, right up to the top.
Those who know will tell you that it goes as high up as defense.
My comrades should have done much better by that woman.
But just because you fought for freedom, it doesn't mean you are supposed to run a country.
Look, when we started we wanted the same thing.
But at some point, some of us got lost.
And then, at another point, a lot of us got lost.
What about your children? Did they not suffer from this loss, from all this sacrifice? [sighs.]
Was it all worth it? People like Safiya and I, we fought so that our children could have a better life.
The struggle and our children were mutually linked.
Ladies and gentlemen, our next speaker is the former President of Tanzania.
And now, the whole thing is spoiled.
We have to find a way to make it right again [audience applauding.]
for the people of this continent.
[inaudible dialogue.]
[door opens.]
Apologies, ma'am, but the meeting has been postponed to a later date due to unforeseen circumstances.
What are you talking about? Do you have any idea what we had to go through to get this meeting to happen? - I understand the inconvenience - Is he in there? Look, ma'am, like I said, I'm sorry.
The president really wanted this meeting to happen, but unfortunately, he had to leave unexpectedly.
He'll arrange to meet you when he gets back.
So, you think you did something noble to stop this meeting.
When in reality, you are just getting involved in party factions that you have no business in.
Your mother is very ambitious, and this is not the first time that she lobbies state security to get what she wants.
This is just another way to cut Malunga's balls.
And now Nana wants to be president, and she'll use anybody, including you.
So, there will be a meeting, at a time and location undisclosed to us.
So, I hope you are happy with yourself.
Hey, Queen.
Uh, this is a crazy coincidence.
What are you doing here? You know, the usual, you know, talk shop, where we listen to long, boring presidential presentations where they pretend they're gonna fix Africa and they squander all the money.
- Just another day in Africa.
- Right.
But the more important thing, what are you doing here? I mean, what would an art dealer be doing at a security summit? Um, yeah, I'm just here, - fishing for business, you know.
- Mm.
Uh, there are a lot of deep pockets here, so Yeah.
Of course.
In fact, I just saw a client that I have been looking for for a long time.
So, if you'll excuse me.
But please, do make sure you let William know that you saw me.
Listen, before you leave.
There is a cool coffee spot next to Njawa House.
- I would love for you to try it with me? - Sure.
Holy shit.
It's really you.
In the flesh.
[in French.]
Thank you.
Last time I saw you, I thought for sure you were going to free the black man, and I am still waiting for my freedom, you know.
[in English.]
Still got the jokes? What's it been, like five years? You should have come with me.
To where? Zion, Azania, Narnia? We could really do with someone like you at Superior Solutions.
Tempting, but I'll have to decline.
I had to try.
You on a mission right now? Are they listening? No.
I left.
So, do I have permission to, uh look you up next time I'm in Johannesburg? Sure, that would be nice.
Obara, just in time.
[Shandu speaking indistinctly.]
- Okay.
- Just right behind you.
So, how high up is he? I don't know, boss.
He seemed pretty high up.
- Queen.
- Okay, man.
Yo, this dude was wearing a Rolex.
So, either he is really high up or Superior Solutions pays really well.
So, an ex-SOG operative now works for Superior Solutions and you didn't ask him half the things we need to know? Sure, Miri.
Because according to you, I should have said to him, "Hi, Shandu, long time no see.
Does your Russian boss know you're a former spy of a secret organization?" - Queen.
- I just bumped into the guy.
I couldn't just interrogate him.
This is an important mission.
- You need to step up.
- Then, fine.
[door opens.]
I will arrange a nice romantic evening for the two of you and see how you extract things out of him.
- Queen just bumped into Shandu.
- What? - He's working for Superior Solutions.
- What did he say? Are you okay? [scoffs.]
Those South Africans think they can make me jump through hoops to get a sit-down with their idiot president, and then make me look like a fool.
- I think you want to see this.
- [Ekaterina.]
What? She's not a journalist, I checked.
That paper does not even exist.
They set the website up today.
Um I sent this picture to all the divisions, and Lagos confirmed that she is the woman that stole the laptop and killed Rulov.
You've gotta be fucking kidding me.
We can also confirm that she was there when your brother was killed.
The girl on the phone, do you know her? No, should I? No, she is just a journalist.
She was sniffing about our stall earlier.
She is definitely not a fucking journalist.
Listen, everyone.
That woman doesn't leave this city.
You find out who she is and who she's working for.
Do not lose her again.
Now fuck off.
I cannot believe you cook just for yourself.
- Who are you? - Who said I'm alone? Yeah, please.
Listen, I've gotta go, right? I need both hands to knead this dough.
No, no, no.
You've got to help me.
She's just a human being, all right? Just chat.
You know I'm not good at this type of shit.
Like, what does she like? Normal stuff.
Movies, soccer, oxygen.
Can't you just tell her that I got sick and I can't make it? You're being silly.
She just wants to get to know you.
But why? [chuckles.]
All right, thank you, bye.
What the fuck, dude? [choking.]
Sorry, sis Queen.
Sid said I should keep an eye on you.
Did he also tell you to wear these stupid fucking glasses? Sid, stop fucking following me.
I'm not going to see him.
Okay? I told you she would find out.
Can I be excused now? Yeah.
[clears throat.]
Thank you.
Oh, gosh.
You know, there's just something about the beans in this part of the world.
It's just coffee.
- [Nova chuckles.]
- Sorry.
You know, you actually sound like William.
He thinks it's just coffee, too.
Seems like you guys have it all figured out.
Are there gonna be wedding bells soon? Um You're joking, right? No.
We've only known each other for what, four months? Isn't that the big dream, though? To meet someone and get married, have a baby, - and a house, and a puppy, in the suburbs.
- Sheesh.
You know, we are still trying to get to know each other.
It doesn't necessarily have to end in marriage.
Okay, so is it marriage you are questioning or marrying William that you're not sure of? I just don't like, um following the social norms, you know? - Okay.
- And you? - Me? - What's your story? Story? I get that you two are childhood friends.
And he cares about you, like, a lot.
I just worry about how you yo-yo in and out of his life.
William thinks he knows you.
But does he? What do you want? I I want what any girl wants.
Ten million dollars cash.
- You do that a lot, don't you? - Huh? Use humor to hide your vulnerability.
Wow, and I thought William was the therapist.
I I don't want things anymore.
I have accepted, I have made peace with the fact that I'm just not the kind of person who has good things happen to them.
I don't want to feel anything.
That way, no one can hurt me.
No one can disappoint me or leave.
You asked.
[Adamu in French.]
I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance.
[knock on door.]
Room service.
[in English.]
Come in.
[door closes.]
A $10 tip for you, young man.
That'll be all.
How can I help you, young man? [in French.]
Listen to me.
And shut your mouth.
[in English.]
Goma, 2007.
It was raining that day.
Rainy days were Marie's favorite.
Even though Mama would be shouting at her about it all day.
Marie had a weak chest.
We were supposed to go back to school the next week, so we were trying to enjoy the last few days of our holiday.
Papa had just come back from work.
He seemed unusually happy that day.
And just like that you and your men came.
I can remember the gunfire and Mama and Papa on the floor dead.
Marie screamed and screamed but you did not care.
She was eight years old.
A child.
Where did you take her? Do you even remember? Deputy? [Fred sobbing.]
You ruined my life.
You ruined everything around me.
Go ahead.
Kill me.
Kill me now and take all this anguish away.
At least I'll finally feel something again.
You stop talking.
Do it, young man.
I have carried this load for too long.
Do it.
Please do it.
I've I've always known what I did was unforgivable but what I never knew is that I would create monsters like me in the process.
And you seem like a good person.
I wouldn't want that for you.
But if it means unburdening me of this pain so be it.
[indistinct chattering.]
[watch beeps.]
You certainly don't sell art pieces for $17 million.
And just like the money isn't yours - What the? - Nova, I have to attend to a client.
Can we catch up in Joburg? Hi.
Sorry, my hands are a bit sweaty.
Well, it was a pleasure meeting you.
[door closes.]
What a great coincidence.
You're going to answer some questions for me.
Who are you and why are you snooping around in my family affairs? [chuckles.]
Gromova, I've already told you.
I'm a journalist from the Namibian Tribune.
Know that I hold you responsible for what happened to my brother.
You caused me and my family a great deal of pain.
So, which one is your brother? Is it Vitali or Davenport? I mix up the two.
Keep that sense of humor.
I'm going to enjoy beating it out of you, along with that smug, arrogant look on your face.
So, you brought security Ah.
You, a celebrated entrepreneur, a billionaire, you're going to fight me right here, right now? Killing you with my bare hands will be the greatest joy of my life.
Followed by a profound sadness that I'll no longer be able to inflict you with any more pain.
You know, there is just something about the beans in this part of the world.
[Young Fathers' "Toy" playing.]
Don't you think? I'm chasing - What the fuck? - You gonna tell me who sent you or do I need to beat you some more? Broken little toy You silly little boy You're just a broken little toy You silly little boy Broken little toy You're just a silly little boy Sorry for what I get I'm burning down your money To light a cigarette I'm not for sale, I'm not for rent I never repent, yes, yes, yes I teach a class in sinning I'm always winning Just for you, fictitious revenue Sorry for what I get I'm burning down your money To light a cigarette I'm not for sale, I'm not for rent I never repent, yes, yes, yes I teach a class in sinning I'm always winning Just for you, fictitious No more jokes? You were quite the comedian a minute ago.
Tell me who you're working for.
[Young Fathers' "Toys" playing.]
I'm burning down your money To light a cigarette I'm not for sale, I'm not for rent I never repent, yes, yes, yes I teach a class in sinning I'm always winning Just for you, fictitious revenue You're just a broken little toy You silly little boy Broken little toy You're just a silly little boy Whoo
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