Queen Sono (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


1 [siren wailing.]
[Moonchild Sanelly's "Dance Like a Girl" playing.]
Piss off! - All my booty girls - Holla, holla - All my booty-holics - What's up, what's up? Dance like a girl Dance like a girl Dance like a girl Dance like a girl Dance like a girl [in English.]
Hey, Vicmoro.
[in IsiZulu.]
No, Queen! Okay, what is this? I told you I want a Toyota Hilux.
Instead you bring me a Fortuner.
- [in IsiZulu.]
Give me my parcel.
- My people in Maputo won't use this car.
Besides, you know how stingy my boss is with money.
He'll say, "I don't want trouble.
Money this, money that.
" He might not give me money.
- Here are your car keys.
- Give them here.
- You owe me bigtime.
- No.
No, man.
[in IsiZulu.]
Hey I'm not judging.
[in IsiZulu.]
Why not? It's just that Greetings, ladies.
Greetings, child.
What do you think you're doing? You scared us.
Are those your mother's teachings? Dance like a girl Dance like a girl Dance like a girl [whistling.]
Dance like a girl [in IsiZulu.]
Ah, piss off! Get out of here.
Dance like a girl [reporter on TV.]
President Eusebius Gumede has launched a commission to investigate the corruption around the proposed multi-trillion rand nuclear energy deal that threatens to [in IsiZulu.]
You know I really don't know what to do, my child.
I do love you, but you don't listen.
You are so childish.
- I don't know what you want me to do.
- [knocking on door.]
Be still.
Come in.
If his Deputy President Malunga is found guilty of taking bribes, he will be removed from office and face years in prison.
[Mazet in IsiZulu.]
Come in.
Sister Mazet.
[in English.]
Sidwell, long time.
What brings you here so late? Oh, my God.
[in IsiZulu.]
What has she done now? I I don't know if Queen has told you, but I've set up several interviews for her, but your granddaughter hasn't even gone to a single one.
She hasn't told me about interviews.
All she does all day is hog the TV while I miss my soapies.
And if she's not on that couch, she's out gallivanting with that policeman boyfriend of hers.
Anyway, tell me, where in this world is that good-for-nothing friend of yours? I have not heard from Aganyi for a long time.
I'm sure you haven't as well.
The only thing my son cares about is himself and himself alone.
[in IsiZulu.]
Where do you think you're going? - Come back here.
- [door slams.]
What the hell, Sono? I put my neck out for you and you do this.
- What are you talking about? - That dirty pile of cash in your backpack.
You have no clue how to get it into the banks, right? So, you wanna take after your father, so you can be known as a mere thief? I kicked everyone's ass in training.
You even said it yourself.
Now all you've got me doing is this boring office work the entire day, tracking gazillions of cell phone numbers.
- I want to be in the field, doc.
- Well, I can't trust you, Sono, until you can prove to us that you're taking this job seriously.
So, are you prepared to work? [Queen.]
Tell me what the job is or I'm not letting you go.
Hey, just give me one little clue.
Just a little clue.
You think this is some sort of a game, rookie? Hmm? This is not Mortal Kombat.
I would beat your ass at Mortal Kombat and you know it.
Well, if I played games all day, I'd also kick your ass.
- Hmm.
- No, Queen.
This is serious.
People made a lot of sacrifices to fight Viva the savior of all Azania's children, from Nubia to Mapungubwe.
Man, I just can't get over how much you look like your mother.
Really? [in IsiZulu.]
Get off me.
What did I do now? [in English.]
I just would like to not have the mention of my mother's name, especially in bed after sex.
Do you think you're fucking me or my mother? Whoa, whoa, whoa, that escalated real fast.
But that fondue, mm definitely Mazet's.
I wonder what would she say, if she If I came down there to Soweto and asked her to marry you? Ah-ah-ah.
[in Xitsonga.]
"What do you want? You will get what's coming for you.
I will beat you up.
Get out of here.
Piss off.
" [in English.]
What are you doing? Are you recording? What do you think I'm going to do? Post it and have a caption: "Oh, yeah, it's me and my sexy spy boyfriend in bed together"? Please respect me.
Just delete that.
Your royal highness.
[in IsiZulu.]
Piss off.
[in SePitori.]
Oh, my.
Privileged children.
[in English.]
Hey, Sono.
Let me introduce you to our newest colleague since you are never here, Frederique Kazadi.
He hacked the whole insurance company, one man.
I'd give you a standing ovation if I wasn't already standing.
[in SePitori.]
You're the man.
What do you want? You are You are loud, you are distracting.
You You want me to get you airtime again [clears throat.]
[in SePitori.]
Hey, man, don't embarrass me.
What's wrong with you? Hook me up.
Please, man.
[in English.]
My brother from another mother.
[in French.]
Thanks a lot.
[in SePitori.]
1,000 rand airtime.
[in English.]
You see now.
Now I can afford a long-distance relationship [in SePitori.]
in places like Tzaneen, everywhere.
I am calling everyone.
[in English.]
[in French.]
What are you doing? [Nana.]
Sidwell's men are on standby.
All we need from you now is your go-ahead and I'll be well on my way.
I'm very uncomfortable with your use of "we" in this instance.
Has it not always been "we," comrade? Lines between party and state must be clear.
You've been deployed in business.
This shouldn't involve you at all.
You are not an elected official.
You and I made a pledge years ago to fight for this country, and I'm not going to stand here and watch my country going up in flames.
Your deputy's paying off your minister to vote for this nuclear deal.
And if we catch them in the act, we can stop this whole nonsense once and for all.
Malunga is gathering enough numbers to take me out.
I can't expose myself like this.
He's about to sell our country off wholesale.
It's a crisis, comrade.
I can't be spying on my own cabinet members.
[keypad beeping.]
[cell phone beeps.]
[Nana sighs.]
President Queen, correct? - Yes.
- What do you want? Why are Ulrich and Shandu inserted into the Deputy President's security detail? Laaite, have you ever been inside Orlando Stadium when it's full? You look around and you see all that joy and excitement on those faces.
People, for 90 minutes, they get to pour their hearts and souls into something other than the fucked up ways you can exist in this place.
I'll tell you what I have seen.
Grown men and women looking like fools.
Those mothers and fathers with their faces painted like clowns waving around loaves of bread at the counter.
What is that? It's embarrassing.
You need to take the broader view of what it means to be happy.
Examine joy fully, stop politicizing.
- Doc.
- Mm? Please.
I will do anything, as long as it's away from this office.
Viljoen is with the Minister of Energy's detail.
So, you can join him, provided you do exactly as he says and nothing else.
Just observe.
It's a routine gig, so it can't be complicated.
Got it.
- And, Sono - Yes.
Don't mess with Frederique.
He might not show it, but he has been through quite a lot.
And you could learn a few things from him.
He's all right.
[cell phone beeps.]
[keypad beeping.]
My brother was just like you.
No sophistication whatsoever.
My man, spending all your time watching those dodgy conspiracy theory doccies online, that's not sophistication.
I really don't know how Miriam puts up with you.
Ah Who puts up with you? Oh, that's why the pregnant glow.
Do we need to have the talk? Hmm? So says someone with four kids.
Show some respect.
You are gonna terrorize that poor woman, man.
Hey, why is that always the immediate assumption? Oh.
Is this the one? [Shandu chuckles.]
Take my advice.
Get married, have some kids.
At the end of the day, you get to come home to bruised knees, homework, complaints about annoying colleagues.
That's the only remedy for this bullshit around us.
[cell phone beeps.]
Here we go.
[computer beeps.]
Why do they always give me the typical Indian surname? Singh? It's because you look like a Singh.
What do you want to be? A Zimande? I look more like a Zimande than a Singh, I'll tell you that.
[device beeping.]
[device beeps.]
[device beeps.]
[inaudible dialogue.]
Morning, morning.
It's good, very nice.
Lovely to see you.
So, gentlemen, how is this, uh, weather treating you? You see now, [chuckles.]
you're from Europe.
I mean, Europe is quite cold.
I was just, um, gallivanting around Yorkshire and the Great Lake district, and I remember thinking to myself: "Whoa, what is this? Is this global warming?" Cut the bullshit, Malunga.
It's been six months and you still haven't delivered.
I don't understand what the problem is here.
You know, decisions of such magnitude, they don't happen overnight.
There's a lot of work that needs to be done.
I need to persuade, uh, colleagues and, um, it's It's not easy, isn't that so, Minister? To be honest, at this stage, my hands are tied.
I personally have explored all avenues.
Aren't you the least bit interested in what's happening in there? Nope.
So boring.
This isn't an amusement park, rookie.
A lot of the time, you just wait around doing fuck-all.
[man 1.]
We have it, from reliable sources, that you've also been speaking to RDG.
Well, that's business.
I mean, business always comes with some kind of competition.
You know, such persuasion is always attached to a hefty price.
You are asking us for more bribes after we have given you 50 million rand, while simultaneously taking money from a rival company.
What do you think we are? Fucking assholes? Now, let me explain something to you.
You mustn't think that you'll just waltz in here and walk out with a nuclear plant deal just like that.
For a mere 50 million? Come on, guys.
Things are quite expensive here.
Besides, my colleagues and I are taking a lot of risk in supporting you.
So, that's it, hmm? This meeting's over.
You made things incredibly difficult for us, Malunga.
You won't get away with it this time.
That's fine, they can just go.
I mean, they just can't come in here and talk to me like I'm some nobody.
Look, I think we should pay them back the money.
As you said, it's not a lot.
And I don't think we should be accepting any bribes at this time.
Now, Minister, let me explain something to you.
You must never ever mention the word "bribery" in my presence.
Besides, I will give that money back over my dead body.
[sighs deeply.]
Now, somebody needs to fix this air conditioning in here because it's bloody hot.
Fucking waste of my time.
You wanna know what's boring? Spending the rest of the day pretending to be protecting this greedy fuck.
[horn beeps.]
What the fuck's going on? Why are we stopping? Hey! [shouts.]
Fuck! Oh, shit! [panting.]
- [keypad beeping.]
- [line ringing.]
It's a fucking ambush.
We're under the M1 Double Decker Bridge.
We're two minutes away.
Hold on.
[in IsiZulu.]
Hey! What are you doing? Get in the car and drive.
- Get out.
We need you out.
- [stammering.]
You ready, rookie? Let's do this.
- [Ulrich.]
Calm down.
- [shouts.]
Calm down, sir.
We're gonna get you out of here.
Just calm down, okay? We're gonna get you out of here.
Calm down.
Come on.
Come on, sir.
Get down.
Get down! [shouts.]
Go! [Queen.]
Are you okay, Viljoen? Viljoen? Fuck.
I'm getting help.
Rookie, what the fuck are you doing here? [child giggling.]
Queen! Queen! We have to get out of here, right now.
We have to go.
We have to go.
Listen to me.
We have to get out of here.
Queen! [gunfire.]
[sirens wailing.]
[woman over PA.]
Makenene, you are needed in surgery.
So, about Ulrich's family, I was thinking we should go with, like, a botched hijacking.
Yeah, that should do.
I'll probably go there personally.
[monitor beeping.]
- Did you know this was going to happen? - How could I have known? We were all caught off guard.
He is getting off scot-free, isn't he? It's a bit more complicated.
Don't talk to me like I'm stupid.
I can see he is getting away with it.
Why did we do it then, Sid? What's the point? I can explain, but not here, not now.
When are you going to use the intel, Sid? Huh? When? This is what we signed up for.
You knew it.
Ulrich knew that.
Are you done? You know what? You do not deserve an ounce of Ulrich's loyalty.
You're a snake, Sid.
A user.
[door opens.]
[cell phone ringing.]
- Hi, Ma.
- [in IsiZulu.]
Oh, my God.
[in English.]
Have you been drinking again? [in IsiZulu.]
You sound drunk, my child.
No, Ma.
[in English.]
All right.
Hey, you won't believe what I just read.
[in IsiZulu.]
You know your habit of not making the bed? [in English.]
They say it could be a good thing.
Can you believe it? [Mazet laughing.]
Being filthy and lazy can actually be good.
Some silly scientist says that the bugs get trapped in there and breed when you make your bed.
But, then again, this Internet of yours is full of lies.
[in IsiZulu.]
Just lies.
[in English.]
Queeno? I'm so shocked.
"Hey, William.
Sorry I'm seven hours late for our meeting.
Oh, I'm also terribly sorry that I didn't reply to your texts or answer your calls.
Or let you know if I'm okay.
" Mm? [sobbing.]
Hey, hey, hey - What's going on? - It's the bubbles.
William, I saw them.
What are you talking about? [sobs.]
I saw them.
Sono, what are you talking about? [Queen crying.]
William All right, all right, all right.
Come inside.
When my mother was When my mother was killed she was blowing bubbles for me.
She really loved doing that.
She would keep blowing and blowing and laughing as I tried to catch each and every one of them.
I don't know what's going on with me, William.
I feel I feel like my brain is broken.
Hey, listen, it's okay.
I'm here for you, all right? Let me make you some tea.
Okay? [all shouting and chanting.]
Have you no shame? Have you no shame? You're killing innocent children here.
Who is killing innocent children in your suburbs? You can try, but you'll never kill us all.
You cannot.
[all chanting.]
You'll not kill us, you'll not break us, you'll not finish us! You'll not kill us, you'll not break us, you'll not finish us! - You can try, we'll never stop fighting.
- [crowd.]
Viva, viva, viva We'll carry on fighting.
Until the end, - we will carry on.
- [crowd.]
Viva, viva, viva We'll carry on fighting.
Until the end, we will carry on.
We'll carry on fighting.
Until the end, we will carry on.
[soldiers singing.]
War of the soldiers War of the guerillas Who would keep quiet When you are being attacked? - [gunshots.]
- War of the soldiers War of the soldiers War of the guerillas Who would keep quiet When you are being attacked? [Queen.]
It's only been a week.
We shouldn't be making any rash decisions.
I've made up my mind.
All I want to know is are you coming with? As what? Where will we go? What will we do? What does it matter? What about Mazet? [chuckles.]
I can't just leave her.
Well, then I guess I have your answer, then.
Who would keep quiet When you are being attacked? Who would keep quiet When you are being attacked? War of the soldiers Can we just wait for everything to be over? All this to be finished and we can talk then? There's nothing to talk about.
[car door opens.]
I met the man who lies here when I was 15 years old.
He was my older brother Khathu's friend and comrade.
You see, when, uh, Khathu died I had a brother to look after me.
As I stand here my heart breaks knowing that Ulrich died without ever having seen our dreams for our country come true.
Now, how is it that Khathu dies fighting for our freedom in Angola at the hands of the Apartheid regime? And Ulrich, over 20 years later, the same.
See nothing has changed.
The very same people we hoped would end our pain are now rampantly corrupt eating from the bellies of our young.
[mourner sobbing.]
Was it worth it? Was it worth Khathu's life? Was it worth Ulrich Govender's life? [crying continues.]
[all singing in IsiZulu.]
Rest in peace MK Soldier Spear of the Nation Rest in peace MK Soldier Spear of the Nation We the people of Umkhonto Are determined To kill these murderers We the people of Umkhonto Are determined To kill these murderers Rest in peace MK Soldier [band playing jazz music.]
How is the family holding up? [Sid.]
His wife is a mess.
And the fucking thing about it, is that he left them with nothing.
I'll see what I can do.
That was a good man, Nana.
You don't come across that often.
You know, Sid, heads are going to roll.
Malunga knows that he was being spied on.
The Deputy President is not supposed to know about SOG.
And right now, he is threatening to accuse Eusebius of trying to assassinate him, if he doesn't step down.
Oh And then, of course, we will never be able to use that intel.
That man is no fool.
Are we safe? Yeah.
Eusebius is taking the fall for it, and he did not say anything about our involvement.
That might be the bravest thing he's ever done.
- Hmm.
- Sid, look at us.
We are getting old, my dear, and time is against us.
That's why, you know, right now, I just want my daughter back here with me.
How's she doing? Mm.
I am worried about that girl.
I think I think she's going off course.
[Nana sighs.]
Five years undefeated.
That's my girl.
[all chuckling.]
Your girl had private lessons from when she was five years old.
- All I'm saying is this game is rigged.
- Hater.
- Next year.
- [cell phone ringing.]
Oh, guys, I'll catch up.
- Bye.
- [man.]
[line ringing.]
Hi, Ma.
Miri, hello.
Three months ago you said you'll be home in three months' time.
[in Setswana.]
It's been three months and you're still not back.
- [in English.]
When are you coming home? - Mama, I told you.
I've been offered a postdoc fellowship.
It'll really look good on my CV.
There's no way I can possibly turn it down.
My dear, you can't live all your life collecting degrees.
It's time for you to come back home now and contribute to your own country.
Mother, being born in a place doesn't necessarily make that place home.
I'm not gonna have my daughter living in a clueless self-imposed exile.
Huh? In America, of all countries, and with a white boy.
I will not have it.
And next time I have this conversation with you, I'll be in Boston, my girl, helping you to pack to come back home.
- [in Setswana.]
Am I making myself clear? - Yes, Mama.
- [keypad beeps.]
- [Nana sighs.]
[keypad beeps.]
So, you came? I almost didn't.
So, why did you? I can't do this, Sid.
Safiya Sono's only daughter - What does she have to do with this? - You have no idea how you are like her.
If you had spent more time with her, you'd understand better.
Well, I didn't spend more time with her.
So, it's fine.
I am my own person.
When freedom finally came we thought we'd be able to lay down our guns once and for all.
We never thought that we'd have to hand them over to our children.
Your mother wanted something different for you, but she knew that might not be possible.
That, she knew.
You need to stop romanticizing The Struggle like this.
It's 2015.
This is what democracy, this is what freedom looks like.
Let it go and just move on.
All your childhood I struggled with you, Sono.
We all did.
You were so angry with this world and maybe now, you still are.
But when you found this, you found yourself, Sono.
And you're fucking good at it.
You're a fighter, Sono, of the highest caliber.
And what's the grand prize for that, Sid? A bullet between my eyes? Ulrich died defending this country.
And he knew from day one that this day might come.
That was his choice.
Ulrich died defending a corrupt Deputy President.
And that corrupt Deputy President once took a bullet for me many, many years ago, Sono.
Life Life is so complex.
And this job requires you to understand that.
What we did was immensely heroic.
This is what our victory looks like.
You You have what it takes, Sono.
You have the mental acuity for it, you have the heart for it, you've got the guts for it.
And not only are you the spear, you are the tip of it, Sono.
So, I ask again are you ready to work? [outro music playing.]

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