Queen Sono (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Sugar Water

Good afternoon, sir.
Yes, boy? Ah! What the fuck do you want? Do you want to die today? Help! Ouch, fuck.
Ouch, Lord.
Shut the fuck up! Who killed Safiya Sono? It came from very high up.
It was a joint decision.
Joint with who? Who do you think? Your comrades! They all bought in to the so-called peaceful transition with their expensive homes and fancy cars.
Was the SOG involved? Die Koporasie never ordered the hit.
We were just the go-between.
- The higher-ups wanted deniability.
- Give me names, now! Was Sid Isaacs involved? Okay, I'll give you the names.
Democracy, freedom, liberation! That's who killed Sono.
Last chance, give me names! Names! Queen, it's not exactly easy compiling a dossier.
He was one of Die Koporasie's chief operatives responsible for the deaths of many freedom fighters during Apartheid.
Did he ever work with Sid? That's hard to say.
Not everything was so black and white during the transition.
What the fuck, Sid? - Viljoen? - Fuck it, Sono.
What's going on? - Huge explosion at Park Station.
- How many agents do we need? - Everyone, we need them here, now! - So, what do you need me to do? Get there before the police step all over it.
CCTV footage will be first prize.
- Okay.
- Let's go, let's go! - Fred? - Queen, are you okay? Do you have the schematics? I am busy uploading them.
Where is the control room? I need hard drives of the security footage.
Okay, they are in the basement, level three.
Everybody, out that way! Exit that way! Fred, when are the first responders coming? They are close, but there is a gridlock.
What the fuck am I breathing? There are gas lines everywhere.
They must have hit one.
Maybe you should get out.
Find me that access.
There is an emergency ladder.
But that gas I don't think I think I hear a child.
Where are you? Where are you? Queen, what is happening? Are you okay? Queen, are you there? Queen? Are you still there? Queen! Queen? Please, talk to me.
Hey, are you okay? Everything's gonna be okay.
All right? A huge explosion has ripped through Johannesburg's Park Station in what is considered the largest terror attack in post-Apartheid South Africa.
No group has claimed responsibility for the bomb, and citizens are urged to come forward with any information that may lead to arrests.
Anything from Queen? We lost comms.
I think she went down into the tunnel.
None of this is any good.
We need security footage from the station.
I think the police have it cordoned off, boss.
That gas fucked up everything.
Wouldn't it be quicker to just go there in person? Uh No.
Queen? Are you okay? This is from about a three-meter radius from the blast.
Fucking rookie, you are one rough lady.
Now can I ask you if you are okay? You, medic.
- Really? - Really.
Make sure we get these motherfuckers.
Okay, everyone, let's scrub the footage.
Queen, it's William.
Okay, his phone is off.
- Okay, okay.
- He said he was going to his office, but - Relax.
Calm down.
- He was going to his office but I haven't heard anything from him - I'm gonna find him.
- Oh, thank you.
Sorry, excuse me.
This number right here, William Chakela, I need to find him.
Viljoen, take the parking garage.
Fred, the mall entrance.
- On it.
- Charlotte Maxeke Hospital.
His phone has been off for 20 minutes.
Hi, excuse me? Just one Just give me one second.
Please? - Are you a volunteer? - No, no, no.
Just - Listen, just fill out this form.
- Fuck! Quickly, and report to Doctor Hinkeman.
by our newsroom just a few minutes ago, members of the terrorist outfit who call themselves Watu Wema have claimed responsibility for the Gautrain bombings at Park Station, Johannesburg, earlier today.
The following clip contains material not advised for sensitive viewers.
South Africans.
Or should I say South Africans? We blew up the Gautrain to get your attention.
The Gautrain is a symbol of everything that plagues this society.
It's a toy for a select few, carts from their cubicles to their distractions while true sons and daughters of the soil live in poverty.
Your leaders are sleepwalking, they have sold your birthright for trinkets and we are the cure.
And to the elite, we say, you cannot intimidate us, you cannot kill us, you cannot buy us.
We're coming for you.
We're legion.
We are the Watu Wema.
Can the Minister of Defense please be allowed to finish her report? I'll tell you what she has to say, absolutely fuck all.
You know, always xenophobe this, xenophobe that.
How many times have I told you about this? We need concomitant action, okay? - DG Komalo - Oh, not that fucking idiot again.
Mandla, please.
I think my DG here will take us through, uh, the events of the day.
Uh Dr.
Isaacs will brief us on an ongoing investigation.
Go on, Sid.
We've been investigating a terrorist group called the Watu Wema for some months.
Their focus has been mainly on Central and West Africa.
Could somebody please give this man a map? I mean, where are we now? Some fucking shithole in Western Africa? We have reason to believe their ideology is expansionist, that they are planning on a continent-wide reach.
We need a state of emergency.
Release the funds, Mr.
Okay? We have to act now.
Call up the reservists.
I will put a soldier on every single street corner.
Oh, please! Everybody knows what your soldiers do in Central Africa.
Mandla! Mr.
President, yes, call the state of emergency, but let my officers handle this.
You know, because we've also been doing an ongoing investigation on all of these foreigners.
Give me three days and I will round them all up.
A state of emergency would not be wise.
We'd be seen as a country buckling under the pressure.
The Watu Wema should not be given the legitimacy of a state of emergency, Mr.
Ah Yes.
Um, is that all you can tell us? At the moment, yes, sir.
Um, the investigation is still I understand it's ongoing, I get that, but the problem is, what do we do in the meantime? Sir, I think they are waiting on you to tell them what to do.
Get me sugar water, five spoons.
What is it? Um, call Sid, now.
How are things going over there? Malunga is leading everyone in prayer.
Well, I think his prayers are about to be answered.
Miss me? What's her game plan? If she wants to get a foothold for Superior Solutions, she will have to go through Malunga.
Her timing is impeccable.
World media is calling her our knight in shining fucking armor! That woman is crazy.
Everything about her is far-fetched.
We need to take her legs out, now.
She needs to be incriminated.
Sid, are you able to stall the state of emergency? I'm doing the best that I can, but we need to move fast.
If Malunga gets the state of emergency and she has him in her pocket, she'll run this country from her cell phone.
Find me something to pin on this woman.
Let's get her the fuck out of my country.
Fine! Jeez.
What? This is not your fault.
Oh? So, that wasn't me who sabotaged the sting in Nairobi? Hey.
Watu Wema, Superior Solutions they can't get past us.
How can you be so sure, Q? I have an idea.
Shandu Magwaza.
Yes, of course.
You and he were Well do you think he'd just roll over? If you can get something, meet him.
I think I made a break.
They are setting up a base in Krugersdorp.
Look at the gear.
They must be breaking a thousand customs laws.
Set it up, I'll lead the team.
- You? - I'm going to hobble this bitch.
I think we should pay them back the money.
As you said, it's not a lot, and I don't think we should be accepting any bribes at this time.
Now, Minister, let me explain something to you.
You must never ever mention the word "bribery" in my presence.
Besides, I will give that money back over my dead body.
Sorry, ma'am, this is a private property.
South African Customs, here is our warrant.
Let us in.
You've made an appointment? I don't need an appointment.
Run that by your people.
We'll wait.
Where is all this shit coming from? Fred, are you getting this? They definitely did not fly that in.
I'm checking all the cargo manifestos in the country.
Check again.
All right, all right, let's go! Apologies for the wait.
I'm Adaku Clarke, Head of Legal Affairs.
- Where is Gromova? - Ms.
Gromova is on a conference call at the moment, but I'd be more than happy to give you a tour.
I'm not here for a tour.
I'm here for an official inspection.
That's quite all right.
I'd be more than happy to guide you on your inspection.
Open every crate, photograph everything and fingerprint everyone on this base.
This isn't a base, Mrs.
Well! These are KVH military satellite dishes, and your soldiers are Staff.
are carrying M14 enhanced battle rifles.
How the fuck did you get them into my country? This dish is from our education facility at the Roodepoort Military Academy.
We run South African radar and comms training for your military.
Sizwe, confirm that.
These rifles are part of the VIP protection unit with ADM Security.
They've been in the country for almost two years.
So, yes, we protect you while you sleep, Mrs.
If I find one unauthorized weapon on this base You won't.
Give Mrs.
Dube a full list of our inventory.
Not a bad spot, rookie.
Metal detector.
Lots of witnesses.
Shall we? My S&T doesn't cover groceries.
So, you can handle yourself now? There is only one way to find out, but, yes, I could kick your ass.
So you're back now? Well, for the time being.
They promoted me.
Head of Southern African logistics.
Logistics? You know nothing about logistics.
They don't know that.
How did you, uh, get more beautiful? I didn't think that was possible.
Does that line work on Russian women? Is she, uh, jealous? Yes, terribly.
I have always wanted to be crazy.
She is crazy.
But she gets shit done.
Like trying to get me killed? I suppose I should thank you.
She will find out who you are eventually.
Russians are all about family.
I'm not responsible.
Say that again? I meant, for her brother.
A bit late for negotiations, Queen.
Is that why you wanted to talk? To call her off? No.
I can't believe you're scared.
Vitali was supposed to be an investigation.
He wasn't a hit.
The SOG, always investigating.
Uh, what good comes of it? I don't know.
Like finding out that Superior Solutions is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for weapons.
Okay, what? You were right.
I'm listening.
You can't take this to Sid, Queen.
This could really fuck me up with Ekaterina.
And selling arms to terrorists, doesn't that fuck you up? It's That's It's It's not that simple.
Jesus, you smell good.
We had a problem with Vitali.
He was selling weapons to anyone willing to buy.
He just didn't give a fuck as long as the money was on the table.
And what did you do when you found out? By the time I found out, he was already dead.
Cleaning up his mess, tracking down those weapons.
That's why we're hunting down those terrorists.
Superior Solutions is undoing Vitali's mess.
Superior Solutions and Vitali are the same thing.
Not since I've been there, sweetheart.
Oh, God.
I forgot just how big your ego is.
You used to love the size of my ego.
Well, I've seen bigger.
Anyway, now that Vitali is gone, Superior Solutions is now Africa's big savior? Look, our track record stands for itself.
Sure, some of our weapons may have ended up in the wrong hands, but at least I'm trying to fix the issue, unlike - SOG? - Yeah.
Look, I know.
I know that you loved him, but Do you even know what the SOG did before we got there? They were the secret trigger men for the Apartheid regime.
They did all their dirty work so that they can keep their country The SOG is not Die Koporasie.
Are you sure? How much do you know? I know that Sid is not to be trusted, Queen.
He doesn't give a fuck about his team, about you.
He uses people, Queen.
He uses them up.
His job is to keep fat bastards like Malunga safe.
We're investigating Malunga.
So was Ulrich.
Sid does not protect anyone close to him.
You need to cut him loose, Queen.
Enjoy your almond milk.
- Sir.
- What happened here? Nothing, sir.
Nothing serious, sir.
Maybe next time you'll pick on someone your own size.
Isn't it too early for that? Come on, dude, talk to me.
Look, dude.
We had to do it.
Let me show you something.
Take a look.
- Viva, Watu Wema! Viva! - Look, dude.
- Viva! - Viva, Watu Wema! Viva! - Viva! - This is what the bomb achieved.
I need you, boy.
Now more than ever.
You kill us! You kill us! South Africa, you kill us, like animals.
Okay, chief.
- Hello, Sono.
- Shut the fuck up and drive.
Tell me everything.
And remember I know more than you think.
There was a joint operation with the CIA, MI6 and Die Koporasie.
They were proxies, all representing interests in South Africa's future.
It was decided that Safiya was too dangerous and that she would usher in too much militancy.
Why were you working with these people? You have named pigs after these people.
These are the people I was tracking down, but they've all gone missing or died.
You're not missing, Sid.
They locked me out.
I found that after the fact.
And what did you do when you found out, Sid? I did what I could.
- I investigated.
- And what? I cannot prove any of this.
Stop here.
Stop! - And Hendrikus? - That was an orchestrated cover.
Whoever killed Safiya is very powerful and very thorough.
They don't leave loose ends.
- So, we have to tread lightly.
- There is no "we.
" Did you tell my father? Your father hates me.
So, talk.
She used to love dancing.
I used to love watching her dance.
She couldn't sing for shit, but, man, she could dance.
The guys would tease me when they knew that she was coming to see a gig.
I couldn't look away, I lost tempo.
I forgot the chords.
What are you saying? You and her? So, why didn't you take it further? Take it further? To who? I didn't want to take any more risks.
And the chances are the people who wanted her gone are still in power.
- You were scared? - I'm not scared of dying.
So, why didn't you do something, you fucking coward? Maybe.
But do you have any idea what this would do to the country if they found out that a westernized cabal of businessmen, of fascists, of freedom fighters, had orchestrated Safiya's murder? This country would be burnt to the ground, and my job is to stop this country from burning.
Hendrikus was the last loose end, and you saw how they quickly sorted him out.
So, I had nothing I had nothing to do with your mother's death.
I loved her.

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