Queen Sono (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

State of Emergency

1 The explosion left 95 people dead and nearly 200 injured Such a damn pity people lost their lives.
What kind of animal would do this? What you need to do is get your mind off this shit.
Some Greek sunshine.
We have a villa in Crete.
It's great.
My brother's right.
You're like family to us, and no family of mine is going to go through a lifetime without experiencing the olive harvest and a beautiful woman in Crete.
It's wall-to-wall pussy.
- What the hell are you doing? - Who do you think you are? We will not harm any of you.
My men are decent people.
Hey, little one.
We're just here to have a little chat with Daddy.
- Come on, move.
- Come on.
- I will fucking kill you! - Spiro, don't be stupid! Put this down! Spiro.
Please, I'm begging you, my friend.
Please hear me out.
These whites might not cooperate, but you and I could find a better way forward Let's just talk business, please.
Oh, you wanna talk business now? Okay.
Is this enough money for you? Is this why you fought against Apartheid, comrade? To sell your country off to the highest bidder? Huh? Is this why? How much are they paying you? Huh? I guess we own you now.
Remember me now? Brother, please.
Whatever that I did to you, forgive me.
Comrades, friends, please.
Let's sort out our differences without any violence.
- Shut up! - We're much better than this Shut up! My own men, friends, colleagues.
Your own men, you son of a bitch! All of them led to the slaughter.
Because of what? Your greed.
Don't show them your tears, big boy.
For fuck sakes! Thank the Lord you are here, arrest these dogs, shoot them all! Gentlemen.
So glad we could finally meet after the scheduling disaster in Nairobi.
I'm so sorry about the recent tragic events in your country.
I came as soon as I heard the news.
Are you assholes going to untie us or what? Ah, the puppet master.
I beg your pardon.
Where are my manners? Perhaps Perhaps some refreshments? Uh-uh, uh-uh.
Please don't do this, brother.
My family and children! No, please! - No, my family! - Fuck you! Oh, please.
President, there will be a state of emergency now.
When you come into this executive power, you will give Superior Solutions the opportunity to help you provide security for your people.
Let us offer your military our expertise.
This is a chance for you to lead by example, to show your brothers on the continent what we can also do for them.
It would be an honor to help you capture and bring to justice these evil, evil terrorists.
Was that really necessary? I thought I should complement your penchant for theatrics.
Leave a damsel for Delilah Dagger for the damned The damned, the damned Fine wine and foie gras In my view, nothing's ever given away I believe to advance you must pay In my view Love will never come my way So, when I leave You'll be dancing on my grave I wanna be king until I am A man is just a man, I understand Has everything gone to plan? Don't say it out loud Just let me dance I know you wanna, say you wanna I never said I was a saint I'm a sin again, ah Sin again, ah, and then a sinner Again, again, ah, again, again, ah I really wanna take your honor I'm writing blank checks I'm a greedy bugger I'll take your daughter To feel the thunder Daddy's little girl Now the reaper got her In my view, nothing's ever given away I believe to advance then you must pay In my view Love will never come my way So, when I leave You'll be dancing on my grave Lay my belly on a woman Leave a damsel for Delilah Dagger for the damned The damned, the damned Fine wine and foie gras Is this where you plan to be? What, tonight? No.
In life.
The Shandu Makwaza of years back, is this where he planned to be? That righteous bastard.
I'm serious.
But I'm getting there, though.
Are you happy? I'm not chasing happiness.
Then what are you chasing? I say they got what they deserve.
They should have burnt that Malunga as well.
My goodness! How can you say that? How do you burn someone alive? Just the thought of it makes me sick.
But you have to admit that they've made an impact.
All these dirty politicians are panicking now.
Stop talking nonsense! You're talking rubbish, just shut your mouth! Dude, why aren't you answering my calls? What is it you want this time? Okay, look I'm sorry, um, my schedule is actually pretty full this week.
I'm sure you can make an appointment with Rolene on the way out.
What's going on? Did I do something wrong? Do you want me to start with this week, or should I go further? Or is it that you're asking for help and never give anything in return? Hmm? - I'm confused.
What are you talking about? - Oh, shit, I almost forgot.
What are you doing? Here you go.
That's for helping me with my tuition.
The one and only time you were there for me.
And now, if you don't mind, I have a patient waiting.
- Fuck you! - Hey, hey.
Fuck you! - Hey.
Keep it down.
- Okay? - Do you mind telling me what is going on? - Keep it the fuck down.
On the day of the bomb, Nova called you in a panic to find out if I was injured or killed.
Wait, I can explain what You didn't call back to find out if I was fine.
- I promise you, I checked.
- Where did you check? On fucking Facebook? Come on, Queen.
Stop lying, man.
I understand how this must come across, but I swear to you I What? What? You were busy? Selling art? What could have possibly been more important, Queen? Hmm? I need you to trust me.
- I knew that you were fine.
- Sure.
Thank you.
I promise you I knew that you were okay.
I promise I knew.
I can't see you through the maze How did it come to this? Where are you from, if I may ask you, my brother? DRC.
You? I'm from Malawi, Blantyre.
You know, Malawi is a wonderful place, not like this shit.
Yes, there is more money here, sure, but look at the cost.
The Zulus.
I don't think that's really the problem.
These people, they're saying we are stealing jobs, we are criminals.
Every bad thing.
- It's tough, I know, but - It's bullshit.
These people are calling us makwerekwere, they are calling us kalanga grigamba.
All those bad words.
If you can see the way they are beating our brothers here.
It's not good at all.
If they must come for me, I'm telling you, they are gonna run one by one.
That is why I support the Watu Wema.
Is there anything else I can use? My attempt to subpoena Superior Solutions to give us their intel hit a brick wall.
We feel vindicated.
Why would we give any government our corporate intellectual property and skills for free? - This is our bread and butter.
- How are they so organized? The exact services that we offer to these nations.
Gromova, what about the state's indictment that Superior Solutions is supplying terror groups with weapons? Yes, we were shocked and disappointed to discover that our deceased former CEO, Elton Davenport, was in fact stealing arms from our company and selling them on to terror groups.
We've launched an internal investigation and are Can't we just tell the world that Vitali is actually her brother? No.
She'll just deny it and we'll risk looking like crackpots.
That Superior Solutions intel would be incredibly useful right now.
Fred, is there any way you can get into their system? I tried.
Have you heard anything from Shandu? So, is there any good news? Well, not good news.
We have established that the bombs that went off at Park Station, they were triggered by cell phones.
Yes? And? The shop that sold them sold six of them to the same person.
So, they could be planning more attacks.
Malunga is having a meltdown.
He is tipping over and now he's pushing for that state of emergency.
We've found dirt on every minister.
He will naturally try to lobby or bribe.
I think we've compelled them to do the right thing.
I just need a little more time! Perhaps a little more money.
To be honest, these guys are not biting at all.
I mean, I just don't know what to do now.
Do you think I'm an idiot? Is that's what's happening? Mr.
Malunga, perhaps what you need is a little more help.
Perhaps there should be a more spectacular act of bloodshed.
Would that accelerate this process? He is struggling to convince them.
Oh, those assholes have done his bidding for a lot less cash.
Somebody got to them.
Which means someone is onto us.
It's time to take the next step.
The next step? What? You're getting stage fright? You see, Ekaterina, you might regard the sacrifice of black bodies lightly.
To you, those people might be just a bunch of expendable kaffirs in your master plan.
But to us, this is a big fucking deal.
This is the highest sacrifice that should ever be made in the pursuit to free our people.
You're a military man.
Surely you are familiar with the concept of collateral damage? Jesus, Ekaterina! Those are human beings.
But why would you care? Huh? Because you only worship money and power.
You know what? I actually don't blame you, 'cause I don't think you know any better.
I pity you.
You pity me? I'm doing this because I genuinely love my people and I want the best for them, Ekaterina.
See, my mother may not have had much, but she taught me one important lesson.
She taught me how to love.
I pity you because you have no idea what that is.
- What? - I found her.
The lady who claimed to be a journalist in East Africa.
Bonnie Kutako.
She's from these parts.
I'll find out.
I'll bring her here.
You've got far more important things to do.
Get some men to bring her here.
Oh, now you're giving my men orders? God, you're in a fucking foul mood today.
Get a massage.
Okay, so, what is it, really? Do you have feelings for her? Gosh, I can't believe that just came out of my mouth.
What? No, of course not.
What? Look, babe, I don't have feelings for Queen.
All right? I'm just really upset with her right now.
She can be so annoyingly self-indulgent sometimes, you know? Mm.
You see, that thing right there? Those are feelings.
You two need to resolve this whole thing, 'cause I can't share a space with all of this.
Okay, listen.
My uneducated opinion is that she needs help and she needs help from you.
I mean, you've told me her life story.
It seems like it was pretty rough.
Does she have friends? I mean, I guess she has friends, I don't know.
Like friends that call her up and are like, "Yo.
I'm not too sure you know anything about this art thing.
" - You think she knows nothing about art? - Nope.
- Babe.
Hey! - Catch me if you can, bobo.
With locals attacking them in the streets and burning their businesses, many immigrants are saying enough is enough.
Like this Ethiopian shop owner who says he has been taking violence and attacks from locals for far too long.
He says the Watu Wema have made him believe he can finally fight back.
I'm ready to die now.
- I'm ready to die now.
- The Somalis chase looters What took you so long, man? Take care, my brother.
Cool, bye.
Queen, I know you're in there.
Listen, I know I said some things yesterday, and I'm really sorry, okay? Queen, please open.
Leave me alone.
Go away.
I don't wanna see you.
Viljoen, I need a cleanup urgently.
There's quite a mess where I am right now.
- Fuck.
- Who sent you? No, no, no Who sent you? Okay, okay, okay.
I'll talk.
I'll talk.
Shit! Fred.
Your life is what I would describe as undesirable.
- If I could pick a life I would - I will punch you in the face.
Okay? - Okay.
- I have already warmed up.
- Please don't test me.
- Okay.
These two guys are South African.
That guy is Zimbabwean.
Now, their passports place them sporadically across the continent over the past few months.
They could be any one of your enemies.
And this guy Amos Masilela, he's been very busy.
But more suspiciously, here.
When was this? Last night.
What do you think is in the bag? At times like this, we have to assume the worst.
One of your corpses had traces of concentrated hydrogen peroxide.
Unless he was dying someone's hair blond, I'd say he was making a bomb.
Has there been no activity from the phones that they bought? None.
If they have any idea of what they're doing, they'll only switch them on at the very last moment.
We'll have to call it in, Sid.
So, you want us to just give Malunga the state of emergency? If we keep this information to ourselves, that's treason, Sono.
Damn it.
I think I made a break.
Yes? The guy on the bus, I managed to track down his ID.
He doesn't have much of a footprint, but I got his mother's cell phone number.
Her and her daughter have been making phone calls to the same number.
This is what we can hear right now through the microphone.
What is it? The biggest football event of the year.
Either we call it in and give Malunga the perfect grounds to declare a state of emergency, or Or we go rogue.
What? No police.
No military.
Just the SOG.
Off the grid.
I can't willingly put you guys into this shit.
But if you choose to do this, then you should all agree to do it my way.
I gave the orders, I take the fall.
Those are my terms.
You take it or you leave it.
What am I gonna do? Go home and watch a soccer game where everybody dies? Of course I'm in.
This is not going to be possible without me, so I think this is the least clever decision I have ever made.
Sono, you're gonna lead them on the ground.
Now, go! No pressure, rookie, but don't fuck this up.
Uh, are you absolutely sure about this? I wouldn't have it any other way.
It's another day in Soweto as you line up for the spectacular Derby.
I am Mojack Eatsummore Lehuku and I am here with my guest Of course, the one and only Mo Changer Digear Mothebe.
We are here for the biggest derby within the republic, whereby the continent.
This is an important game.
Considering the recent event, what does this mean for South Africa? Fred, you're linked to every camera in that stadium.
Too many people.
And their painted faces are confusing the facial recognition software.
I'm going to have to reconfigure the code to get it to isolate the facial features better.
Put it on the floor, now.
Put it down.
Thank you.
Security, please come here.
Please make sure all your unit checks all the bags and boxes here.
Right now, okay? Sharp.
What is this thing with the coffin? Wow, Fred.
Have you never been to a soccer game? I've seen it on TV.
I don't understand what the fuss is about.
The coffins represent the opponent's burial, assuming you win.
That is childish.
Another beautiful day in South Africa The fans are playing their vuvuzelas.
Considering what's happened lately Come on, solider! Bulabule, I can tell you are upset.
Now, talk to me and tell me what's bothering you.
Are you sure, Chief? For Snow White and her money, is there anything we won't do? It's not like that, little brother.
You know, Chief, I grew up watching soccer there.
My father always took me to these games and I always wished I could take my own kids to watch these two teams play.
But lately, after doing what we are planning on doing, Chief, I don't think I could ever have the courage to watch soccer ever again in my life.
Look, Chief, we're about to kill innocent people here, Chief.
Little brother, we've spoken about this.
This isn't easy for me too.
You think I relish this? If my brother and Ulrich were still here today they would have executed me right here, right now.
Okay? There's a huge and very difficult sacrifice that needs to be made here, kid.
You've heard for yourself that there are people who are prepared to die for our cause, right? We are being heard, little brother.
Right? If that's what it takes to finally break our people free so be it.
And our people's blood will be on whose hands, Chief? Who is going to pull the trigger? You? Or that Snow White of yours? Snow White is just a small price to pay, Bulabule.
Trust me when I tell you, we won't have to enjoy her much longer.
If you say so, my leader.
Yes? I've just been told where you are.
What are you up to? Sometimes you have to beat the dog until its master comes out.
Ekaterina, we have no business with that old woman.
Our issues are with her granddaughter.
Call off the men and get back to base.
This is a personal matter.
It really has nothing to do with you.
What do you mean? Vitali was my friend.
And she also killed some of my men.
Your sanctimoniousness amuses me, comrade.
If the blast radius is anything like the station bomb, oof, we are looking at about 15,000 to 20,000 casualties.
- Bring on the face paint.
- I think I've got an idea.
- What is it? - Where's the TV control room? Now, you need to make sure that the real cops do not see you.
Blazing, Queen.
Seven, go wide.
Just like I tuned in the rehearsal's channel.
Zoom out.
Nice, going to five and cue score graphics going up in three Okay.
Everybody, listen up.
Who's in charge here? All right, sir, I'm going to need you to turn the cameras from the game onto the fans right now.
Lady, we're broadcasting a national game live.
All cameras, pan to the fans.
All cameras, pan to the fans.
Hey! What do you think you're doing? I will blow your brains out.
You hear me, Satan? Not today! Move your fingers away from that phone! I know what I fucking said.
Just pan to the fans! Brilliant, Queen.
It seems quite peculiar.
We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties.
The cameramen seem to be zooming in to the spectators.
What the fuck? It seems quite peculiar.
The cameramen seem to be zooming in to the spectators.
I'm not sure what's happening.
Something is wrong at the stadium.
You might want to see this.
Fred, have any of the phones come up? No.
Like Viljoen said, they probably switch them on at the very last minute.
Shouldn't we just eliminate that possibility? Sid.
Disabling the cell phone towers will raise all sorts of red flags.
If the terrorists are watching the game on TV now, then surely they must know we are onto them.
It's only a matter of time before they activate that device.
All right, all right.
I want you to take out every cell phone tower within 80 kilometers from that stadium.
- Now! - Sid, - that's almost the whole of Johannesburg.
- Yes.
I think I've just signed my resignation letter.
Cell phone users around the Johannesburg area are currently not able to access the services.
Now this has led to a countrywide panic in light of the recent attack on the Gautrain.
Babe? I know this face.
Are you an actor? No, I'm not an actor.
Oh, and, uh, all these guys, your boyfriends? Hmm? You're very funny, I don't usually laugh.
No, they're They're my colleagues.
Okay, so, um, what's the occasion, my dear? Well, it's rather unfortunate, but your granddaughter she took something very dear to me.
That is so unfortunate.
I always tell her to stop stealing people's things.
Oh Tea? - I'd love some.
- Good.
Queen, I've found him.
Section A-234.
It seems peculiar.
We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties.
The cameramen seem to be zooming in to the spectators.
Again, we're still having a little bit of an issue over here.
Move out of the way.
Move out of the way.
Move! Move! Jissis, rookie, but you can run.
Must be nice.
Fuck you, man, Viljoen.
Get this fucking bomb out of here.
Oh, I brought out my special tea set today.
I don't always have visitors.
Oh, here we are.
Thank you.
I don't take sugar, thanks.
I'm sure you are laughing at me right now.
I'm sorry I didn't come to your funeral.
This is all my fault.
I'm so sorry.
I miss you so much.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know where to go.
I need you so bad.
You were right.
I am running from myself.
But I'm not my mom.
I'm not Safiya Sono.
I can't be the same as her.
I'm not great like her.
And I'm turning out to be a disappointment.
Just like Dad.
But what are we fighting for? We're not fighting for freedom.
People have already got their freedom, right? You always asked me what I did for a living.
I fight people who bother other people.
I fight bullies.
I can now see that my life is painted with blood.
I am not afraid to spill blood.
For too long, suffering has cursed my people It's time to spill the blood of our enemies now.
I will use their blood to fuel the fire that will remove the curse and light the path for me.
I'm going to find them and I'm going to make them pay.
They will get what's coming to them.
Why did you call me here? It's about your daughter.
I'm listening.

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