Queen Sugar (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

Of Their Sojourn Here

Previously on Queen Sugar We see you this time next year with your New York Times bestseller.
Who would've guessed? Partners.
Feels bad having a secret like ours, don't it? I'll burn the entire Landry family to the goddamn ground.
You got to understand that I don't need no pedestal.
I got wings.
When are you coming to get me? So y'all not together no more? These are your results.
"Woke black teens cause trouble at Basketball Classic.
" What the hell? Miss Vi, sorry to keep you waiting.
Oh, that's all right.
How you doing, Mr.
Rawlings? I'm good.
Miss Vi, what do you see? Some canned goods.
Sylvia's Soul Food and seasoning.
Well, for now.
But in the near future, I see Vi's Prized Pies on central display in all my stores.
Starting here.
You're kidding.
We sold out of your pies over the holidays by word of mouth alone.
And all we did was put them on a table in the corner of the bakery.
Imagine what we could do if we gave your pies the red carpet treatment.
Well, I ain't never walked a red carpet, but I'd like to.
If if you can double your order by the end of the week, I'll increase your royalty by 25%.
Double the order? You got a deal.
Them kids wasn't confused.
That's right.
Disrespectful, maybe.
But if you ask me, they was very clear.
Soon as they took a knee on that court, they knew it was going to make a fuss.
And a fuss is all they got.
Respectfully, I'm going to disagree with you, Cardale.
No, see, in that moment what I saw was, we need to deal with how folks really feel about each other.
These are dangerous times, brothers.
And we can't just look away.
Speech! Speech! It's great to see everyone.
I appreciate the warm welcome.
So, yes, we hit a few bumps in the road last year.
Harvest didn't go exactly as planned.
Even though you had every right to feel intimidated, uncertain, you took another chance on me and you came back.
Queen Sugar is still standing because of you.
Our facility and I say "our" because in a way, Queen Sugar, it belongs to all of us our facility and business is stronger than ever.
And I am happy to announce that your discounted rate is fixed for the next five years.
- Oh! - Hell, yeah.
I thank you for coming back to Queen Sugar.
Let's show Louisiana that black businesses and black customers thrive when allowed to truly compete.
- That's right.
- man 2] Yes, ma'am.
This buffet is just my way of saying thank you.
- So, eat up.
- Thank you.
I'm gone, brothers.
- All right, man.
Take it easy.
- All right, brother.
So, this is you now? Tricking your own people into giving you their business so you can turn around and give it to the Landrys? Or they could just give it to them directly.
At a higher percentage.
Does it matter who really owns the mill, as long as the farmers get the break they need? Guess it depends on what you're giving up to get it.
I am the good guy here.
Yet your hands are getting dirty.
Well, if they are, it's because that's what happens to people who are actually trying to change things instead of, I don't know, living on the sidelines.
Don't worry about all that.
Thanks, Rah.
You going to be all right? Is it too early to ask for a glass of wine? Yeah.
What you doing tomorrow night? I got you.
You and me.
- What's up, man? - Good to see you.
Lord, I hope that's my pie tins.
- Hollingsworth Desonier? - That's me.
All right.
I just need you to sign for me.
What is it? Don't know what it is, ma'am.
The eagle has landed, Vi.
Look at God.
Oh, congratulations, baby.
Hey, where are you going? Pies ain't going to make themselves, and I'm breaking Rhonda in.
Call me when my pie tins come.
But, baby, I'm going to the bank - and then we going shopping.
- Hollywood, baby, we said that we wasn't going to let this money change anything.
I know, but baby, today is special.
And so is my business.
But we're going to celebrate later.
In private.
Going to give you your own private dance.
The Tina Turner '84, huh? Ooh! Mm! I'm going to make it rain.
So can you back me on this? Come on, man, I just want to spend time with my son, okay? I didn't come back here to fight with you.
Or your mom.
And I'm not the one you got to convince.
Dad, most of the kids that go to Ivy Leagues and the best universities come from public schools.
But you going to public school that goes against everything your mom wants for you.
All right, with your mom, everything's logic.
All right? Everything.
Put together an airtight argument, you might have a shot.
His name is Randall Orson.
He's been a local officer for 22 years.
But according to this video received by local law enforcement yesterday and that has since gone viral, he's spent much of that time assaulting young black males.
Though many in the community are calling for Orson's termination and arrest, several local activists say that isn't enough.
The activists believe a message needs to be sent: a message that unnecessary force and violence will no longer be tolerated.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
- I know you're upset.
- And I have every right to be.
You gutted my article without even the courtesy of a heads-up.
I knew if you found out before it went to press, you would talk me out of it.
Nova, look, you're being labeled a black identity extremist.
That's a bullshit formulation made up by this administration to criminalize activists.
The truth is, ads have taken a hit since your last article went viral.
Yeah, critics loved it.
But we're seeing the effect on the paper's bottom line.
Since when does advertising dictate content - at a legitimate newspaper? - That's the world we live in.
Are you asking me to look the other way while our country goes to hell in a handbasket? I hate this, but you have to lay low for a while.
At least for now.
Hello? The book deal is amazing.
A dream come true, right? But I still took some time to think about it.
Mm, Nova, you crazy.
There's always something to think over, Sister Too Ready To Sell Out.
We, especially we, must always read the fine print.
Did she just call me a sellout? She sure did.
Put on your armor, ladies.
- When do we get to take it off? - True.
True that.
But the unvarnished truth is what I need today from my sister tribe.
So, what's up? I'm thinking of quitting the newspaper.
Just doing me, focus on my book.
Wait a minute.
Quit your job? And then what? I mean, no offense, Nova, but what if the book doesn't sell? And what if it does? If we want to make a mark, we all have to face that choice at some point.
But Nova thinks for a living.
Which means as a woman as a black woman She's always in somebody's crosshairs.
So you don't give up that type of security and platform easily.
Even if I have to compromise? Nova, no one gets through life or a career without compromise.
Just wait for it to all come back around to you.
That's not very Black Girl Magic.
Black Girl Magic is hard work.
Well, I can't argue with that.
Maybe giving up your platform and your paycheck at the same time is too much.
I thought you was on my side.
I am.
I'm Issa Rae right now.
I'm rooting for everybody black.
We support you, whatever you decide.
But girl, tread carefully.
Most kids who go to the best colleges come from public school.
And although I've had a private-school education for most of my life You mean all of your life.
My point is, I'm better prepared.
And I'll stand out, because I won't be competing with kids within my own school as much.
He has a point.
Yale only takes so many kids from one school.
Also, I won't look like all those other spoiled celebrity kids when I apply for college.
Okay? No fake environments that have nothing to do with the real world.
You want more of the real world? Just think of the college essays I'll be able to write.
Absolutely not.
Ma, you're not even giving me a chance.
Giving you a chance is all I've ever done.
So I'm not about to throw it all away because you had a good time at a basketball game.
- Charley, come on.
- Even with all you have, with all we could give you, you will still need every advantage you can possibly have just to get in most doors.
Public school is not an option for you.
You'll thank me later.
Damn! Oh, come on, 'Wood, you ain't got to do all that.
I mean, I appreciate it.
Blue could use some new shoes, that's for sure.
Yeah - Fruit monster! - Blue! Hey, man, I got to go.
I'm going to see you tomorrow.
Do I look like I'm playing, Blue? You keep it up, I'm going to put you on time-out.
No, you're going time-out.
What'd I just? Shit.
- Ralph Angel.
- Mr.
Sorry for the unannounced drop-in, but, you know, that's what we do.
Come in.
Sorry for the mess.
Doing a lot of labor.
Hiring some new guys on the farm.
Take a seat.
- Thank you, man.
- That's for you.
Boy, that seafood job.
- Busy, huh? - Man! You know, usually it's a lot more in order around here.
I've just been trying to get Blue to learn how to pitch in.
You know? Yeah, well, good luck with that one, man.
I want to talk to you about other things anyway.
I'd like to support an application to the parole board for your early release from parole.
Louisiana has been shortening sentences, setting up new programs.
I know you got a year left.
I'm thinking I can get you off in three months.
- Three months? - Three months.
You interested? Hell, yeah, I'm interested.
What I got to do? Well, there's some paperwork that we need to fill out.
And, you know, we can just keep it Wait, hold up.
You said you're hiring workers.
Yeah, a few guys.
You know, I ain't done none yet.
Look, I know a few young guys, right? Most of them just got out.
Non-violent offenders.
Some of them dads.
A couple of them kind of remind me of you not too long ago.
You know how it is out here for them.
Yeah, I know.
So, they need a job.
And maybe you can give them one.
I think this would do the brothers some good to see that if you can make it, they can too.
Rhonda, baby, you can use that mixer for the meringue.
- Just put it on low.
- No.
I don't trust that new mixer, Miss Violet.
I messed it up last time, so I'm going to just do this by hand until me and that new mixer get on better terms.
- All right, as long as you can - keep up and stay on schedule.
- Yes, ma'am.
- That's right.
It ain't even hot.
You got to be kidding me.
Not today, devil.
- I'll make some calls.
- Where y'all at? Hey.
- Hey, baby.
- Hey.
Four months worth of meals.
Some organic herbs and veggies to get you started.
That's awfully sweet, but only thing cooking in this kitchen is pies if I can get this doggone oven to act right.
I don't have time for this.
Any luck, Rhonda? One second, Miss Violet.
I it's just this push for this big order.
You know, I don't want a little bit of pain to get in the way of my future.
You're only human, Aunt Vi.
I've been only human my whole life.
I want to be something else now.
I want to be a warrior.
Like your mama.
Like you.
Me? I don't know.
Feels like I take one step forward, it ain't long before something else pushes me two steps back.
Now, I know those folks at your job ain't tripping.
With all the kudos you've been getting? You should just go all in on your book.
Bet on yourself, baby.
That's what I'm doing.
Finally, after 59 years.
You find anything about some ovens? Yeah.
We can talk to Effie at the church.
No, we're not going to do that.
I have an idea.
I thought we were having dinner.
I wanted you to see this first.
When my daddy passed away, he left me his second-greatest love, passed down from his dad.
I've been fixing her up.
It's beautiful.
He courted my mom on this boat back when they were teens.
He was working-class and she was Louisiana royalty.
My plan is to get her on the water before the summer.
I'd love to take you out on it.
You know, my daddy, he lived for the water.
The irony being, my mama, like your daddy, lived for the land.
Louisiana soil passed down generation to generation, from her daddy's hands to hers.
Well, that's all very nice, but what's it got to do with me? My daddy's superstitious.
He said "Always toast a new partnership as close to the water as possible.
" He believed people could pretend to be something else on dry ground that they couldn't pretend to be in rough water.
So to our partnership.
I need to ask you a question.
We have an agreement that you'd leave my farmers alone.
But let's be real.
Sam owns Queen Sugar.
That's true.
So why is Landry Enterprises allowing my farmers to keep their discounts? The truth is, Sam wanted to break the deal.
He's all about the bottom line.
- But we stopped him.
- "We"? Our side of the family always stands by our word.
Quite the change from the man I met last year.
Don't think I'm just Sam's lackey.
But I'm realizing that you are a man with bigger and bolder ambitions.
Yes, ma'am.
Now that you managed to pull off that 1%, brings you into the family.
And we're all about family.
You ready with the rest of those pies, Rhonda? Yes, ma'am, gonna pop them in the oven in just one second.
Okay, great, then you can help me pack these up.
You've got to be kidding me.
Thought you went fishing, Clive.
You could've asked, Violet.
Just needed some extra ovens for a day or so.
Not one customer has been kept waiting, and I'm almost done for the day, so what's the problem? The problem is you can't use my kitchen for your side hustle.
My side hustle? You going to tell me that after all these years, you can't do me this one favor? We just need another day or two.
Who's this? I'm Vi's assistant, Rhonda.
You're not my employee.
Violet, she's an insurance risk.
Y'all got to go.
- Now.
- I'm telling you, Clive, you do this, you can't take it back.
I'm gone for good.
You know where to find Miss Effie? Can I have these shoes, Uncle Hollywood? They light up.
Oh, you can have two.
- Two pairs? - Yup.
Man, I appreciate it, you know, but he don't need all that.
Put one back, Blue.
Let the boy have some fun.
I'm trying the best I can, but he's been acting out lately.
Like you was an angel when you was his age.
My daddy kept me in check.
Blue I said put them back.
What you doing? - No.
- What? - No.
- Boy, I'll snatch you in front of all these people.
Put the shoes back.
Uncle Hollywood said I could have them.
I don't care what Uncle Hollywood says.
I said put them back.
Put the damn shoes down.
We good.
We good.
Thank you, but just about to head on out.
Come on.
Finish this up later.
Come on.
Bingo! You know kicking it at the bingo wasn't how I planned to celebrate.
You'll be all right.
You think I want to be here looking for There she is.
Violet Bordelon.
You want to use our ovens to make money for your business? Well, I wouldn't put it like that.
I know you don't care for me or the other ladies in St.
But you left us.
Well, in all due respect, Miss Effie, that's not how I remember it Why would we want to help you? Because I am donating 10% of my profits to the St.
Agnes Society.
Well that's very generous of you Sister Violet.
Thank you, Sister Effie.
Hey, Olivia.
It's Nova.
Oh, well let him know I'll be in the office in the next day or two.
I want to discuss my next story.
Yeah, no.
No problem.
Okay, thanks.
Get down, you little fat I mean, like, he was all, "I want you to see my boat.
" I wanted to be like, "Boy, bye-bye.
" So that fool actually think he got a shot.
If I'm doing my job right.
And I'm doing my job right.
Chess moves.
What? Just don't want you to forget what's real.
That's all.
How's Blue? Missing his mom.
A lot.
And acting out about it.
Nothing I do helps.
Got me questioning whether I could do this or not.
Like, for real.
Am I good for that boy? You are the best thing that ever happened to that little boy.
Appreciate it.
Well, enough of this.
No more Darla.
No more Davis.
- No more Remy.
- All right, now.
To freedom, good times and Parenthood.
All right.
Yeah I'm going to go do my thing.
You do that.
Dance it off.
You got to be kidding me.
Your battery might be dead.
What? Your battery, it might be dead.
Okay, turn it.
You really didn't have to do this.
Thank you.
It's okay, it's no problem.
I could have got my brother off the dance floor, but, you know, he needed a night out.
I hear that.
- You? - Me? I mean, you were having a night out, or? More like dinner.
Henry, the cook, he's an old friend.
Makes the best kickin' chicken in Louisiana.
The best kickin' chicken is here? Yeah, trust me.
Next time you're here.
I will try Henry's famous kickin' chicken.
Um All right.
So don't turn it off until you get home.
- Yeah.
- I don't know where you go, but Bobby James, off of River Road, he'll give you a fair shake.
I will take the tip.
Thank you.
Kickin' chicken.
I'm sorry, I'd hate to regret this later, but can I give you my number? And if I don't call? Then it wasn't meant to be.
Here, let me Do you have a? Oh, yeah.
It's good to meet you, Charley.
Thanks again for the help.
All right.
Get home safe.
You finished? Wow.
You did it, baby.
And you did it the way that you wanted to.
I'll take care of the deliveries.
Thank you, baby.
Why don't you go home and get you some rest.
Because you want to be feeling good when we walk in that store seeing these pies sitting there looking all pretty and delicious.
Congratulations, babe.
Thank you.
Ooh! It's early, Davis.
Yeah, I know.
Thanks for seeing me.
What's up? You have anything to do with that cop video getting leaked? Why should we always be the first to forgive and forget? He hurt our son in a reprehensible way.
I won't apologize for wanting to see him in pain.
And I won't apologize for protecting my son.
I'm not asking you to.
- But - But what? Has Micah seen it? The video? Because I'm wondering if it's helping or hurting.
That's all I ask.
Keep him foremost in mind, yeah? Micah? You want to go out for breakfast? You like them? Hmm.
They're beautiful.
Mama, I need this.
For the first time in my life For the first time in my life, I feel like I didn't have to justify my presence.
Okay? You're you're black, but the son of a celebrity, so it's okay.
You're black, but you have money, so you I feel like I belong.
We'll try it.
For a little while.
But if anything goes wrong Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Made your mama cry.
- This is beautiful.
- Thank you.
Is time-out over now? Yeah, it's over.
I'm sorry I was being bad.
Definitely was acting brand-new.
But you ain't got a bad bone in your body.
You hear me? Yeah.
Can I help? Yeah.
Oh, hey.
Hey, Vicky.
Good to see you.
You too.
So I take it that you're happy with the way things turned out.
I'd be happier if he'd left my son alone in the first place.
But some measure of justice is being served, even if it did need a little push.
I'm just glad that things are coming to light.
So, in other news Follow the money, and you'll find out all their dirty little secrets.
Lo and behold, Sam Landry's been drowning in debt for the last two years.
Wait, what? Why would they buy Queen Sugar if funds are tight? I I don't know.
But I can tell you this.
They got a team of lawyers tighter than Fort Knox.
This is good.
Any news on the rest of the shareholders? No.
I'll have something in a couple of days.
Just you wait.
Y'all did not have to do this.
Woman, was is you saying? You know you're loving this attention.
What he said! What he said! Hey, stop.
You can't barely stop smiling.
Is your face hurting yet? - All right.
Micah? - Yes? - You got that camera ready? - Oh, yeah.
Which way we going? Is this the right spot? That's where the man said they'd be.
No, stop.
This this is not right.
Excuse me, baby.
My pies are supposed to be on the central display, and they're not.
Is Mr.
Rawlings here? He's already left for the day.
Okay, well, baby, we got a problem, because my pies are not on the right display.
If you wait right here, I can give him a call.
What was your name? Vi's Pies.
Thank you.
Come on, y'all.
Come on.
- I got it.
- And we got you.
There, I got you.
All right, let's do this.
That looks good.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
I know it's a little thing.
But it's my little thing.
I'm almost 60 years old, and I will not be sidelined, sidetracked or sidestepped.
Or put in a damn corner and told to wait my turn.
Not another day.
It's my time.
It's my time.
- Nova.
- Steve.
I I'm glad to hear that you're working on a new story.
I know it's hard.
But we'll ride this one out, get you back to where you belong as soon as it's possible.
Thank you, Steve.
But I've reconsidered.