Queen Sugar (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

Your Distant Destiny

1 Previously, on Queen Sugar.
It doesn't matter who owns the mill, - as long as farmers get a break.
- Depends what you're giving up.
[JACOB] Now that you managed to pull off that 1% brings you in the family.
[VIOLET] Push for this big order.
- You're only human.
- I've been only human my whole life I want to be a warrior.
I question whether I can do this or not.
You are the best thing that ever happened.
To that little boy.
[NOVA] I'm quitting the newspaper.
You going to public school.
Mom, I need this.
I feel like I belong.
Flashlight, flashlight Flashlight I think I'm gonna Take it to the flashlight If I'm feeling curse I'm feeling crash right Make sure that the money In the bag right I live on the edge On the deep end I live on The edge on the deep end I live on the edge On the deep end I live on The edge on the deep end [KNOCK ON DOOR] Hey! You scared me.
Well, maybe if it didn't sound like a concert in here, you'd have heard me knocking.
Just getting ready for school tomorrow.
You know, it's going to be nice to feel more like myself, you know? I know, but I'm putting a lot of trust in you.
I mean, it's great to have a cool outfit and everything, but what about your classes and your books? You know I'm a straight A student, right? And I want you to keep it that way.
I'm not going to mess this up.
I swear.
I know.
I trust you.
You unpacked.
[MICAH] I told you I would.
Yes, but you actually did it.
You know, if me unpacking makes you this happy, you got to get out more.
Yeah, this is true.
Don't turn that music back up.
Dreams never die Take flight As the world turns Dreams never die Take flight As the world turns Keep the colors In the lines Take flight Dreams never die Keep the colors In the lines Keep the colors In the lines, take flight [DEBORAH, ON COMPUTER].
and you've had some shake-ups in your world.
I hear you're no longer with the Daily News? That's right.
I it was time.
[CHUCKLES] I completely understand.
But I wish you'd have given us a heads-up about leaving.
Unfortunately, all of the articles we discussed, because they were written for the Daily News, they're no longer available for your book.
I, uh wasn't aware of that.
- I'm sorry, I should've - No, no, it's okay.
I'm sure you have a million ideas for something new.
I I do.
It sounds like this is taking you a little off guard, so why don't you just take some time to regroup.
And when you have a proposal, you can send it over.
- I can do that.
- Okay.
And I'll need my team to sign off before we make things official and work out our next steps.
Okay, well I've got some work to do.
All right.
Well, I look forward to reading.
- Bye, Deborah.
- Talk soon.
[STRIKING COMPUTER KEYS] [SIGHS] [HORN BLARING] Yo, you sticking around for a game? Nah, I can't.
I got pick up my little man.
I'll see you.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] Ralph Angel, you leaving? I need my spades partner.
Ah, not today, Mrs.
Think I can grab my check before I leave? They be ready tomorrow.
Come on.
Put your stuff down.
I'll see you later, though.
When you find nice girl for you and your little boy, huh? You deserve good girl, Ralph Angel.
I'm still a free agent, Mrs.
You come over, I make dinner for you one night.
You name it.
I'll be there.
Y'all, I'll see you tomorrow.
Later, man.
See, it ain't just about the cuts.
It's a destination.
A place where brothers can relax, unwind and just be, you know? - That's what I'm talking about.
- Yeah.
A little place.
Hey, Miss Violet.
Good to see you, Rondel.
Good to see you, too.
Hey, man, we could do some big things together.
Hey, man, I'm going to look this thing over and get back to you.
- Cool, sounds good.
- All right.
All right.
[HOLLYWOOD] Have a good one now.
[RONDEL] All right.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Got me feeling like a new man.
Are you seriously thinking about investing in a barbershop? Why not? I figure we both could be business owners.
I got some ideas too.
Hollywood, you just got that settlement check, and you already itching to spend it.
Baby, what good is having money if you can't spend it? All I'm saying is I hear what you're saying, all right? I got this.
Ain't nothing wrong with spending a little something from time to time.
Got that reunion coming now.
We about to be stepping out for something fresh.
Well, we always do that.
[LAUGHS] And tomorrow, we're going shopping.
I'm about to get you some red bottoms.
I don't need nobody's red bottom nothing.
- [LAUGHS] - Reunion or not, you ain't got nothing to prove to nobody.
Look here, whether I got two dollars or $2 million, I'm the same old Hollywood.
And I do got something for you.
See, I figured you wouldn't mind if I splurged on this.
[LAUGHS] Oh, Hollywood.
[LAUGHS] - Oh, baby.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, baby, look at that.
Excuse me.
Uh-huh? - Did you say something? - [LAUGHS] Huh? Look what I got.
He's sleeping.
His window's right over there.
We got to make this a regular thing.
A schedule or something.
A schedule.
Truck, kitchen, where you want to go? Come on.
Come on, let's get you back to bed.
What you doing up? Come on, come on.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Oh, Micah West going here now? Keke, girl, where you been hiding him? Where you been hiding me? Oh, hush.
You have your schedule? Um yeah.
Man, we finally go to the same school and have no classes together.
Maybe you can transfer to my English class.
Your mom will have to get the request though.
I'll see what I can do.
That'd be awesome.
Okay, but I'd better get to class.
- Have a great first day.
- Thank you.
Ralph Angel.
Benny Williams.
It's 20 past.
Your watch stopped working? I ain't had a car, and you know how the bus be.
Yeah, last time I checked, the bus be on a schedule.
You'll have to figure that out.
[SIGHS] Let me show you around.
Spend most days outside, obviously.
Herbicide applications.
Soil testing.
Monitor crops for insects.
This all you? You know something about farming? I grew up on the bayou.
I know more about hunting and fishing than farming.
[CLEARS THROAT] Look, I appreciate you coming down.
You'll be hearing from me soon.
All right.
You might want to get a flapper for that exhaust.
It only rings like 15 bucks or so.
You can't be serious.
Afraid so.
And I can't get you to change your mind? Like I said on the phone, we got to break our contract with Queen Sugar mill.
But it's so sudden.
I mean, there's something that we can work out, I'm sure.
Ain't no way around it, unfortunately.
We have family obligations.
I really was looking forward to having a long-standing relationship with your family.
[JAMES] We was too.
We been on this farm for over 30 years.
A lot of history.
Well well, who's taking the land? We was just leasing from Sam Landry.
The land belongs to him.
You're good farmers.
And good people.
That goes a long way.
I'm going to waive all the penalty fees involved in breaking your contract early.
[ARIANA] Charley, you're a blessing to us.
It can't be easy, but please, keep doing what you're doing.
Ernest was a good man.
An honest man.
You're definitely your daddy's daughter.
[RALPH ANGEL] I'm waiting for my water.
What's taking so damn long? [NOVA] I know it's a little slow.
[RALPH ANGEL] Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me! [GIGGLES] Man, I'm not playing, the service ain't been the same around here.
[MUTTERS] So the interview.
PO sent him over.
You thinking of hiring a parolee? - Good on you, Rah.
- Yeah.
And he showed up late.
Dressed like he was going to a club.
And he ain't have no experience.
- So he was late and unprepared.
- Yeah.
That sounds vaguely familiar.
- Ha.
- [LAUGHS] I can't afford to get this wrong.
Might not be worth all the trouble.
Yeah, some folks said the same thing about you, and they were dead wrong.
[CLEARS THROAT] Aunt Vi say you got a book deal in the works.
What's that all about? You can't be the only one out here hustling.
So what's up? You want to let me hold the dollar? Nah.
Miss Parthena.
Ralph Angel.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
Miss Nova.
Been meaning to thank your sister.
I got back with Queen Sugar for next season.
That fixed rate for the next five years, that's a godsend.
- Yeah.
- And Sam, well, he ain't bothering us no more.
So whatever Charley did to make that work, we all real thankful.
Glad to hear.
Feels good to do business with your own.
Ain't that the truth.
You thank Charley for me.
Yes, ma'am, I will.
Good seeing you.
[CLEARS THROAT] So, what'd Charley do to get everyone back? She did what she do.
Got them back.
So, what you want me to say? Sam left them farmers alone, ain't he? Yeah, but how'd she do that? [LAUGHS] You really not going to say? What? Everything's fine.
Charley got a plan, and the Landrys ain't going to see it coming.
West is in the building! - Oh, from the game.
- What's up? What's up, bro? I'm Ant.
This is Malik, this is KJ and this is Asha.
You want to sit with us? Yeah.
Yeah, sure, thank you.
That's my girl.
- Hey.
- Yeah, what's up? Hey, Asha.
My friends are waiting on us, but I can see them tomorrow.
Yo, so what's the plan later? Four-wheeling? Yeah, y'all should come too.
Yeah, sure.
I'm down.
You still remember the spot, yeah? How can I forget? Young man, I need you to get off the table and sit in a seat.
[MALIK] Ooh.
Man, he ain't trying to get close up to me and go down like that other cop did.
[MALIK] Man, that video was messed up.
[KJ] Yo, you see the headline? "Local Hero Takes a Fall.
" - Man, local hero my ass.
- Exactly.
"Racist Cop Exposed," more like it.
[ASHA] Man, white people can beat the hell out of people.
Kill them, even, and then still get called a local hero.
But our slain brothers and sisters, they get demonized and picked apart.
- [KJ] It's crazy.
- [ASHA] I'm telling you, man, it's messed up.
You okay? - Hmm? - You good? Yeah.
So, what's this all about? You look really dope, Aunt Vi.
Because we're going to Hollywood's big reunion.
There's those soda waters you like in that bottom drawer.
- All right, Aunt Vi.
- [VIOLET] Okay.
Are you doing business with the Landrys? Where'd you get something like that from? I heard it from Rah.
What's she saying? [CLEARS THROAT] It's true.
I sold the mill for 1% equity in Landry Enterprises.
You sold the mill? Why would you sell? Everything you went through to get it off the ground.
Everything those people put you through.
Put us through.
Queen Sugar was about to be ruined by that family just on lies alone.
I almost lost everything.
But now my 1% is the first step to taking back the power.
[NOVA] So, you betray our family, get in bed with the enemy, and all you got was 1%? That's what we're worth? [CHARLEY] I didn't betray anyone.
And you ain't try and stop it? You knew about this? Y'all ain't seeing the big picture.
If Charley got a chance to change things and take down the Landrys, - I say she do it.
- You sound crazy.
[CHARLEY] You don't think I've thought this through? 1% gets me access.
And every day, that access gives me information to bring this family to their knees.
Landry's in debt, has been for years.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
And when I have all the pieces, I will destroy every shareholder one by one until I own every stake at this company.
[NOVA] What you going to do in the meantime, huh? Go to work every day? Sign another contract? Shake a black farmer's hand? Smile in folks' faces.
And it's all a lie.
[CHARLEY] You're not listening, Nova.
I can't barge into Landry Enterprises without knowing every backroom deal, every falsified report, every lawsuit like the back of my hand.
They can't see me coming, because by the time they do I'll already be standing on the ashes of Sam's empire.
You really think people are going to care how I did it? Or are they just going to say "thank you"? You need to wake up.
The game's rigged.
You can't win this way.
I don't plan on winning the game, Nova.
I plan to eliminate it.
It's what Daddy would've wanted.
You think this is what Daddy wanted? Seriously, Charley? They killed him.
And I'm going to make them pay.
I'm going to take everything.
I know what I'm doing.
You don't know shit.
Nova [HOLLYWOOD] Landrys is cancer, Charley.
You know this.
I quit a good job because Sam's hands was all in it.
Now, look here, I may not be a Bordelon, - but even I walked away.
- Right.
You're not a Bordelon.
- You did not just - Now you hold on right there.
Hollywood is as much family as anybody sitting at this table, and you ought to pay attention when folks are trying to talk some sense into you.
I am the only person at this table doing something, doing anything for Daddy.
- Come on, Micah.
We're leaving.
- No, no.
You need to sit down and finish explaining how you think sitting at a table with folks that have preyed on your family for generations makes good sense.
Micah, come on.
Hey, there Little sister What you doing here? Can't you see there's trouble In the air? [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR SLAMS] I know where you're from And you ain't welcome here You better run Y'all have a good time.
Hang on, little sister [DOOR OPENS] There's no time [DOOR CLOSES] Just take a moment Let's talk this out [CELL PHONE VIBRATES] [DARLA, ON PHONE] Hey, Ralph Angel Hey, I'm going to hand you off to Blue.
I'm about to go get my check.
Here, talk to your mama.
I'll be right back, all right? [BLUE] Hey! Hey! What are you doing? We're at Dad's fishing job, getting his money.
Ooh, that sounds fun.
- Hey! What up? - [RALPH ANGEL] Yo.
- Man, just coming for my check.
- All right.
Could have used you at the game the other night.
Had it in the bag until Johnny came through and messed it all up.
No, Johnny won fair and square.
You're just saying that because he was your partner.
I could beat you with any partner.
- [SCOFFS] - Hi, I'm Trinh.
Ralph Angel.
You the daughter from up north, huh? I see I'm famous.
Yeah she went and got herself a fancy degree so she don't have to handle fish.
Your mama's always talking about you.
She's real proud.
Now if she would just say that to my face.
She's an Asian mom.
Why would she tell you she's proud to your face? You handing out checks now, boss? Ma has the guys go to the office.
Just go tell them I have their checks.
[LAUGHS] What was your last name? Bordelon.
Bordelon Hope Khanh hasn't been running off his mouth too much.
No, he good.
He actually showed me around when I first got here.
Khanh's smart.
He's a good worker when he focuses.
You going to tell him that to his face? Touché.
I got sisters.
I know what it's like being the little bro.
Big sisters just know how much potential little brothers have.
Ma said you've got a son.
Yeah, he in the car right now, talking to his mama.
I like that.
- Good kid.
- Hey, Trinh, you going to keep passing out those checks or what? Better get going before they start a riot.
I'll see you soon, Miss Trinh.
I'll be here.
[RALPH ANGEL] All right, now.
- [INDISTINCT CHATTER] - [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, 'Wood was always cracking jokes in the back of class.
Earl'd be hollering so loud, they'd kick him out instead of me.
[ALL LAUGH] Champagne? No, thank you.
Oh, baby, one won't hurt none.
I don't need no liquor to have fun with you, baby.
[GINA] When's the big day? [VIOLET] Oh, well, we're still looking at venues.
You going to have it in St.
Jo? St.
Jo might be too small for what we're trying to do.
Hell, we might go back to Italy, make it a destination wedding.
Fly the whole family out.
You've done struck gold.
We all going.
Ha! Now you the one with the jokes.
[ALL LAUGH] Wait a minute, is that my high school sweetheart? Hollywood! Come here.
Oh, look at you.
Long time no see.
Where you been keeping your fine self? [HOLLYWOOD] Good to see you too, Charmaine.
Hey, girl.
Hallelujah and amen to this dress.
Three months senior year.
Wasn't nothing.
[DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] They on their high horses.
That's for sure.
When it comes down to it, you're the only one on the battle lines.
Micah went off with his friends.
Wants to stay over at Nova's.
He shouldn't have heard all that.
He's almost 17.
I can't protect him from the world anymore.
You know? Yeah.
I just I just don't want him to hate me.
Nah, he don't.
Everything y'all been through you ain't nothing but strength for that boy.
He know it.
And all this all this, you're doing this for him.
Building a world that's fair, just.
It's for him.
His legacy.
You good.
All right? Hey Come on.
Don't want to be lost Don't want To be lost Don't want to be lost Girl, only you Consider the cost Consider the cost Don't want to be lost On On you [SIGHS] Oh, and I don't want To be lost Don't want to be lost Don't want To be lost On you Consider the cost Consider the cost Don't want to be lost Ooh [LOUD BANG] Blue! Blue? What happened? You scared me.
I was looking for PJs.
But I pulled the drawer too hard and it fell.
You had another accident? [SIGHS] Why ain't you tell me? It happened yesterday too.
But when I tried to tell you, you were with some lady.
[SIGHS] Everybody has accidents.
There ain't no shame about it.
Just got to keep coming to me, okay? I'll be there for you always, you hear me? What if I have another accident? Then we'll clean it up.
Start fresh tomorrow.
Come on, you can sleep with me tonight.
What you know about the Leaning Tower of Pisa? - That it's leaning.
- [LAUGHS] Earl, man, we went everywhere.
[VIOLET] It was breathtaking.
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello to you back there.
It's been so long, but I think we met when I was in high school.
You're Hollywood's mother, right? Your son and I dated for a few months our senior year.
I'm Charmaine.
This is Violet, my fiancée.
Oh, my God.
I am so sorry.
I'm awful.
Just awful.
No, it's fine.
Violet Bordelon.
And you don't look a day over 25.
Ooh, this was my jam.
Hollywood, you still got the moves? How about a dance for old times' sake? No, I'm good.
Got my forever dance partner right here.
Ain't that right, baby? That's right.
Come on, let's get up there.
Nice to meet you, baby.
[HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] Ooh! Don't hurt nobody now.
I'm going to grab me some water.
Y'all do your thing.
Yo, I'm telling y'all, she likes all my pics.
She's feeling me.
She likes my videos [OVERLAPPED CHATTER] She be liking everybody's photos.
You are not special.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICK] All right, who got next? - I'll go.
- Really? Yeah.
You might want to go slow.
Girl, bye.
Didn't I teach you? - Right? - You right.
You right.
I know.
All right, be careful.
Let's see what you got.
So, why are you here? Really? Like, who leaves Gardini for St.
Jo? You miss being around your people that much? No, I've never really been around my people.
You know what I mean? I never could've rallied a group to kneel at a game, or protest police brutality at my old school.
- So - Hey, man, everybody was talking about that.
Yeah, exactly, man.
You know? Fight for what you believe in, and don't care who it scares or makes uncomfortable.
That's what's up, man.
We got to figure out what we doing next.
Yeah, but we got to level up next time.
Didn't y'all just get suspended? Man, I don't care about getting suspended.
Yeah, facts.
Look, we ain't no bitches.
All right? But look, we can't be doing nothing to get my ass picked up by Truancy again.
- My mom ain't with that.
- No, no, no.
But we still going to take it to the rest of St.
- Right.
- Yeah, for real.
Don't sleep on the resistance, you know what I'm saying? I got to put this on Snap, know what I'm saying? Don't sleep on the resistance [OVERLAPPED CHATTER] - Coming at you.
- Resistance.
Making waves.
Making them.
Oh, here she comes.
So we out here whipping ATVs now.
[LAUGHS] Maybe I'll show you how one day.
- All right, who's up? - I'll take that.
[HOLLYWOOD] What you doing out here? Mm, getting some fresh air.
Waiting to catch my second wind.
No, baby, go on in there with your friends.
I'll be there shortly.
Baby, I am all talked out.
I can't keep up with that damn Earl.
- He's a talker.
- [LAUGHS] I done told every joke, story, anecdote that I know.
So, maybe, if it's all right with you we could call it a night.
And I can take my beautiful, sexy fiancée home.
I'm fine with that if you are.
Let's get out of here.
[GRUNTS] Ginger tea.
I can put those four-wheeling clothes in the wash.
No, I'm good.
We may not always agree with what she does, but we can agree it comes from a place of love.
A love of herself? Power? - Micah - Nobody asked her to sell out her own so she can beg for, what, 1%? I mean, you said it yourself.
Maybe I shouldn't have said it.
Look, I don't agree with your mom's methods, but this this ain't new.
Medgar Evers.
Whitney Young.
Some wanted to storm the gates.
Others wanted a seat at the table.
But they all wanted the same thing: dignity and freedom.
See, that's why couldn't she be more like you? Hey, don't do that.
I'm serious.
You have an incredible platform, you know? And you make change with words and actions, not secrets and lies, and You be proud of your mama.
She's achieved more in her lifetime than most people dream of.
I am proud.
It's just I am proud.
And you do know I quit my job.
Yeah, but you got that book deal.
You can write about the black farmers and their struggles.
You could write about anything you want.
It seems impossible Until it's done Mandela said it well And it's begun The fight's unbeatable Until you've won So keep on fighting Keep on fighting Keep your sunshine Right inside your smile Open wide, seek a life Through your eyes In the night As you shine Make it all What you are [CHIMES AND VIBRATES] What up? I hope you ain't wore out already.
[LAUGHS] I meant to text you, but tonight ain't no good.
My bad.
I appreciate it.
I do.
But Blue ain't sleep yet.
You know how it is.
I do.
Simone's over at her dad's.
I'm going to be taking it easy for a while, so Okay.
Well, you know what you're missing out on, so [LAUGHS] Come on, now.
It's all right.
You go on and be a good dad.
I'll see you.
I'm sorry.
It's cool.
You weren't supposed to find out.
At least not now.
But I'm glad you did.
Why? The world's not perfect.
You know that.
So I don't know why we expect our solutions to be.
If you're going to keep doing this, can you at least promise to win? I promise that it will all have been worth it.
I trust you.
[RALPH ANGEL] I need to know you going to take this serious.
Look, man, I been going through it since I got out.
But I keep my nose clean.
What you was in for? [SIGHS] Stealing cars.
Selling parts.
Well, it's slow work around here.
Ain't no quick cash.
I ain't looking for no short cuts.
I ain't going back.
[CLEARS THROAT] Fill this out.
Get it back to me soon as you can.
[CLEARS THROAT] [SIGHS] See you tomorrow.
Bright and early.
On time.
Yes, sir.
On time.
All right, now.
[SIGHS] Take me down in flames [CAR DOOR CLOSES] [DARLA] Hi! - [BLUE] Mommy! - [DARLA] Aww! I missed you a lot.
Hey, let me take a look at you.
Oh, my goodness.
You've gotten so big.
I missed you so much.
I missed you too.
Take away the pain Pull it from my vein Touch me like you do Fall right back to you Well, don't tell me This doesn't feel right Because I'm thinking About it every night Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Mmm