Queen Sugar (2016) s03e08 Episode Script

Come, Clad in Peace

1 Previously on "Queen Sugar" After true died.
Your Daddy was starting to wonder if it was all worth it.
I don't understand.
Your father was wandering the fields - with a gun that night.
- We need a schedule.
You act like I'm trying to keep him from you.
CHARLEY: Who was she? Your love story doesn't have to be over, Charley.
I'm going to pitch to Rollins my own pie shop.
This here is our country.
Black bitch.
- Excuse me? - Say it again, dude.
Say it again.
The Landrys are working with the government to build a private jail here.
Hello? Just got home from church.
Uh, sorry I didn't call first.
Just wanted to stop by, check on how the move is going.
Going fine.
Matter of fact, I'm about to have brunch with Vi.
It looks like you still have a fair amount of packing to do.
Well, moving a little slow these days.
But, you're supposed to be out today.
Why didn't you just say something? We could've come over.
Another notice was on the door.
But this house is all I got left.
I'm working on a plan to get you back in your home real soon.
But I'm gonna need some time.
What about your daughter? Billy's still coming to get you, right? Okay.
Then why don't you go on to brunch with Vi, and just leave the rest of the packing to me.
Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do.
Please, let me help.
Dreams never die Take flight as the world turns Keep the colors in the lines Take flight as the world turns Keep the colors in the lines Take flight Dreams never die keep the colors in the lines Keep the colors in the lines Take flight You don't have time to be fancy.
Just stack them in the box.
Never been no cracked plates on my watch.
Hand me them clothes.
When Micah and I had to let go of our old life It felt impossible.
Can you imagine, having your whole life uprooted in your 70s? I made some calls about all that EPA stuff.
Still waiting to hear back on a few, but so far, the environmental issues seem legit.
So Jacob was telling the truth.
- Afraid so.
- [DOOR OPENS] Well, if that's a dead-end, we'll find another way to stop it.
More yapping than packing.
[CELLPHONE VIBRATES] Gotta meet up with Darla later, gotta iron out blue's schedule.
Since he’s with ’Wood taking Miss Mae home Seemed like a good time to get it done.
My advice? Stick to the terms, focus on blue, and keep your emotions out of it.
Yes, ma'am.
Y'all see this? Daddy and prosper.
I have seen that, for a split second.
Thought that was Ra.
Don't look like me.
You have the same mannerisms.
She right.
You're Daddy through and through.
I know I'll never be happy Score.
[LAUGHTER] Yo, look at his peanut head.
Hey, man, don't be talking about my head.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] You're right.
What they're doing there is foul.
All right, we need a round table.
Sweet bay plantation Now, we all saw what they was doing over there.
- Disrespecting.
- Exactly.
So I say we make some noise.
- Hell, yeah.
I mean, we gotta top the basketball game.
We could stage a sit-in.
Or we could chain ourselves to a tree.
I'm not trying to get arrested.
MALIK: We need to grab people's attention, because this right here, it's a slap in the face.
Every day, people be rolling in there making a complete joke of our ancestors with their stupid costumes and they fake-ass accents.
Hell, 100 years later, their legacies are still shackled and bound to that white man.
He's just parading them around like show ponies for cash.
- Hmm.
- For what? Selfies? See, these girls was taking selfies, bro.
So, no.
If they can't respect our history, they can't have our history.
ANT: Then let's show them what our people went through, not this watered-down crap they been teaching us.
You know, it'd be cool if we could recreate the blood on our land.
Yeah, like, maybe get some red paint.
Yeah, and cover the ground around the slave quarters.
Yeah, we should find the names of the slaves that lived there.
ASHA: And then plant their names all over the field.
- Yeah, that'd be dope.
- For real.
- Yeah.
- Micah? You in? [ SIREN WAILS] Get out of the car! [ DOOR CLANKS] I can't take no more, living in the middle, no I'm in.
Living in the middle, no No Best hide-and-go-seek spot was under Daddy's sink.
Y'all could never find me.
Because you were so skinny, you could fit yourself in the weirdest places.
Until that one time my butt fell through the wood.
Mama was so mad.
Mine was the side shed.
Had my first kiss in that shed.
- Hmm.
- Oh, summer That, uh, rapper bazaar.
Remember? Yeah, I remember.
Gerald Washington.
With the high top fade.
You always did go for the pretty ones.
And you always went for the Smart ones.
And all those basketball players.
Oh, it was Gerald Washington.
Hmm, that boy was fine.
Back in the day, when dating was easy.
Speaking of which, who is this mystery man that aunt Vi may or may not have mentioned? Nah, just me and my laptop.
I see how it is.
That's why expanding beyond the kitchen, opening up a pie shop, allows the business to grow at a good, moderate pace.
Now, using a model similar to Sylvia's soul food, we can still sell to stores regionally and keep a home base for the community, bringing together my two favorite things People and pies.
Well, I thank you for your time.
How'd that sound? Sound like you know what you're talking about.
- Yes.
- [LAUGHTER] And I am not taking no for an answer.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, shoot.
We better get back to it before clive try and cut us loose.
He's already been through two new managers, two.
I ain't surprised.
Oh, baby.
Can I get two pork chop plates with grits, eggs scrambles soft? We got you.
Proud of you, girl.
Thank you, babe.
[LAUGHS] - Hey, prosper.
- Hey! Muah.
Hope you ain't been waiting long.
No, sir.
You are right on time.
I just put our order in.
You tell them I like my eggs scrambled Scrambled soft, I surely did.
[LAUGHS] [SIGHS] Like you been busy lately.
I'm never to busy for you.
Charley told me About you needing to move.
I, um Can handle my own affairs.
Ain't nobody disputing that.
I got it all handled.
And you would tell me if you didn't, right? [EXHALES SHARPLY] Ain't nothing wrong with asking for a little help if you need it.
That's what family's for.
We've been friends way too long.
You family.
It finally feels like home, now that everything is in its place.
I got blue a bunch of snacks mom would never let me have.
Now he won't stay out of the kitchen.
He'll eat a hole through your wallet if you let him.
You're doing good, Darla.
Things, uh, things are really good.
And this This is blue's room.
He helped me decorate.
Man, we supposed to be doing something like that, too.
Looks good.
[ME'SHELL NDEGÉOCELLO'S "GOOD DAY BAD" PLAYS] I'm surprised every sunrise The earth would have me back Surprised my knees hold me up That it's not all gone black And I'm sure by nightfall I will burn up all I have Claire and me Sit out here every evening after dinner.
Take it you're done? So don't go out your way to make a good day bad Your boxes will go to storage.
Put your luggage by the front door.
I want you to know if you need anything, I'm here.
I'll wait with you, if you don't mind until Billy gets here.
Like this, like a lover I turned a good day bad I told her not to come.
Why? She's got her own life to worry about, with family, kids.
I'll rent a room for the time being.
You can't rent a room, prosper.
Just come and stay with Micah and me.
I I don't want to put you out.
You've already done enough.
I've got a guest room with your name on it.
I'm not leaving here without you, so.
I am haunted late at night And no one cares to ask me how I feel Seen more good than bad You're stubborn just like your Daddy.
Seen more good than bad Why, thank you.
MICHA: It's like a thing.
It's the same thing, yeah.
Mom's home.
- So crazy.
MALIK: See, I don't know what you're talking about.
I definitely think I Hey, Mr.
It's good to see you! No need to turn it down on my account.
I don't know what they're saying no ways.
Well, they're speaking the truth.
Only rappers in know are 2pac and biggie, so.
- Hey! - Hashtag legends.
- Right.
- All right, man.
We about to dip.
- All right, peace, bro.
- All right, bro.
- I'MMA hit y'all tomorrow.
- All right, bet.
- All right.
- Hey.
- Nice seeing y'all.
- Peace.
- Yeah.
Get home safe.
[DOOR OPENS] I know.
I'm gonna clean it up right now.
- Mm-hmm.
- Glad you're here, Mr.
Prosper, this is for you.
This is a beautiful place.
I didn't know two people need so much space.
[CHUCKLES] Make yourself at home.
I'm gonna go get your room ready.
Uh, Micah.
On it, throw that upstairs.
You took care of the sheets on the bed? Mm-hmm.
Yes, everything is good.
Just a few new ideas before all this goes through.
Let's see what you got.
So, for as long as I can remember, I've been baking pies from scratch, and pouring my love into a 9-inch pan.
And, uh, having the opportunity to sell my pies in your stores is a dream come true.
But, I realized that that's only part of the dream.
So, um The other part is community Interacting with folks.
I think that that's, uh I think that that's why I loved working at the high yellow so much.
You know, having a home base for a community, where I can, um [CHUCKLES] Just give me a minute.
I'm sorry.
I, um, I'm not feeling real well.
Can I get you some water, or? No.
Can we come back to this tomorrow? Of course.
Of course, absolutely.
Um, are you You okay to drive? I mean, I don't want you driving if Um, I can make it home.
Not a problem.
I'm gonna take you home, okay? - Okay.
Just give me a second.
I'll get the keys.
Thank you.
So, these are the alarm codes for the house.
Just try not to lose them.
My mom'll freak.
Um, remote okay.
So, this is for the TV, the blu-ray, and the sound system.
You just gotta make sure that it's connected to the right source.
I ain't gonna fuss with all that.
Can Can you just put it on 356? Uh, sure.
You like the westerns? Yep.
[ GUNSHOTS] Um, yeah.
My mom says someone should be by tomorrow to drop your recliner and a table.
You need anything else, just let me know.
- Okay.
- All right.
[LAUGHS] Peace.
DARLA: So we alternate field trips, PTA meetings, but both there for parent-teacher conferences and keeping each other on the loop on behavior issues.
All right.
What's next? You still got a key to the place, so, I was thinking I I can get that back to you.
I was thinking Actually, I was thinking maybe I can get one to your spot.
That way if you ever running late, me and blue ain't gotta wait in the car.
Um, of course.
I can get one made for you.
All right.
I know that you have a lot on your plate, so I was thinking that maybe I could keep blue more often.
We're just gonna take it slow.
How slow? You take him on the weekends.
Rest of the time, I keep him.
I feel like blue needs time to just adjust to all of it.
I think that we should both have him 50% of the time.
No, no.
We can alternate weeks.
It's too soon.
It's too soon for all that, no.
He's happy here.
What if you lose your job, huh? Gotta move again or something? - I am not losing my job.
- What if? I've been reading up on it, and blue needs stability right now.
I am stable.
You're the one that's got new people running in and out of that house.
Bringing that up again, huh? Yes, I am.
I need to approve anyone new before they meet blue.
You talking about trinh? I don't know what her name is, but yes.
And Benny and those men.
Thought we dealt with that already.
No, we didn't.
That never should've happened.
A lot of shit never should've happened.
But it's where we at.
I am tired of having the same fight with you.
Oh, here you go.
You tired? [SCOFFS] What the hell you know about being tired? Really? Mommy and Daddy paying for all your stuff, new house, nice little car out there.
See, I'm working two jobs and being a single parent while you're out here finding yourself.
You're not a single parent.
The hell you think I been doing all this time, huh? So what if my parents help me get this place.
Did you pay for that house you're living in? Or did your Daddy give it to you? You can let yourself out.
You can put the rest in the warehouse.
Thank you.
- Sure thing.
Didn't mean to interrupt.
Just came to get my check.
I had fun at your aunt's party the other night.
When I am 60, please make me as youthful as that woman.
Not to mention, I learned some killer dance moves from blue.
So, you know, watch out.
You okay? Yeah.
Just got some things, you know? Gotta figure it out.
Um Let me grab your check, then.
Here you go.
Appreciate it.
See you later.
KJ: All right.
Guards get off at 8:00, so any time after that should be clear.
- All right, y'all time it out? - Yeah.
Me an ant went there this morning.
- All right, cool.
- This fool was speed walking with his stopwatch.
I just out there looking crazy.
Whatever, dude.
Look, it'll take 12 minutes to get this done and be back in the truck.
Twelve minutes to stop the world and make them pay attention.
All right.
So we'll have two on paint, one on signs, one lookout, and one tagging.
Okay, but who's the Are you on lookout? Um, I'm the tagger.
- Asha got skills, dude.
- That's right.
- Mm-hmm.
- I call paint, though, so.
- Oh, yeah.
Me and kj got paint.
- I'll do signs.
Guess that makes you a lookout.
That's cool.
Yeah, that's cool.
Susie's famous chicken soup Guaranteed to have you feeling better in no time.
And I I need you better because my investors are getting anxious.
Well, that is awfully kind of her.
Please give her my best.
And I wanna say thank you for getting me home safely.
Of course.
Rollins There's something I need to tell you.
Last year, I was diagnosed with lupus.
It's a chronic illness, but an illness that I'm learning to manage.
And all that means is that there are good days and bad ones.
Um, I'm sorry, Vi.
I didn't I appreciate your candor.
I mean, I know that probably wasn't easy to share.
Well, I just want you to know that I'm gonna do everything in my power for it to not interfere with our business.
I can promise you that.
And so, um, I'd love to show you my pitch again.
Oh, no.
Please, look.
There's no rush.
We can talk about that later.
Well, I thought you said that the investors were anxious.
They'll be fine.
I would rather you just focus on getting better and enjoying that soup.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Finally heard back from my friend in D.
Check this out.
Sam's son, Colton Landry, did his undergrad at Cornell, graduated in 2000.
Yeah, I got a file on him.
Yeah, but look at this.
His fraternity brother, Thomas Rhodes? Guess where Thomas works.
[SCOFFS] The Environmental Protection Agency.
100 bucks says there's nothing wrong with our soil.
I've got a call into a friend at the EPA.
Yeah, don't mind me.
My sister and nephew taking good care of you? Got me all set up.
Oh, how's the interviews going with the book? Good.
Real good.
Thank you.
All right.
Now, if you need to talk some more, let me know.
I'm gonna do some reading now.
All right.
Nova, we can't just sit on this.
Families are being kicked out of their homes as we speak.
There's a board meeting tomorrow.
I wanna see what they have to say about all this.
I can make some more calls on my end.
Let me help.
Let me hear what your friend at the EPA has to say.
Otherwise This is all really great, Nova.
Thank you.
But I don't want you implicated.
You have a book to write.
[SARA NIEMIETZ'S "LET ME BE" PLAYS] You don't know my story You don't know my name You ain't seen my smiling face You ain't seen my name The road I walk is mine alone Only one for me If you don't want to come along You should let me be Let me be everything I am Let me be wild and free Let me be myself again Oh, let me be - [DOOR OPENS] - NOVA: Hello? In here.
[DOOR CLOSES] I don't wanna talk about it.
Me neither.
What are you talking about? This is a good room.
This was my room.
It's gonna be good when I fix it up.
Besides scrubbing the floors, what's wrong with it? Blue deserves more than hand-me-downs.
[CHUCKLES] I'm gonna pick up an extra shift at the plant, get him some new furniture.
Wanna get some art supplies, change up the walls or something, add some color.
Blue don't need all that.
He's a kid.
He's happy with you.
For now, yeah.
[CHUCKLES] Whenever he go live with Darla, see all the new things, I ain't really got a choice, huh? Oh, okay.
So you plan on not sleeping.
[SIGHS] Taking on more seafood shifts, when you already got the farm to tend to.
That's what pop did.
Even after mama died, he wasn't there no more, making sure he took care of me no matter what.
With the farm and all the going on, did all that.
And here I am.
Ain't even sure I got my life straight.
So you're gonna run yourself into the ground trying to be like Daddy.
Took a lot of strength, what he did.
Daddy struggled a lot.
Who don't? He still got it done, right? Yeah, and he almost died 'cause of it.
What you mean? [AISHA BADRU'S "SPLINTERED" PLAYS] When you saw him at his strongest after mama died, he was at his lowest.
Everything fell on him.
And he got real depressed The kind he almost didn't bounce back from.
What you mean, didn't bounce back from? Got so low He thought it'd be easier if he wasn't around.
So one night, he went into the fields with his gun.
But No.
prosper got to him, talked him down.
That don't make sense, Nova.
Not pop.
Daddy was so busy trying to hide his pain Do it all himself.
Ooh, ooh It damn near broke him.
Ooh, ooh But he survived it.
Started the farmers' collective, doing everything you're doing now.
Ooh, ooh You're not shouldering the burden alone, 'cause you got me, Charley, aunt Vi, Hollywood.
You don't need to take on more.
Just stay the course, Ra.
We dig ourselves into a ditch How many of us die and pretend to live? We stop the life from leaking in When we turn away from what lies within [GRUNTS] Prosper? Let's get you to bed.
Come on.
Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Mind if I join you? Ooh, ooh Oh, hey.
Ooh, ooh We're so afraid to be alone Everything okay from the other day? Ain't all figured out, but will be.
They never taught us how to look inside Only how to run and how to dry our eyes My brother said you wanted to pick up some extra shifts.
Not right now.
We dig ourselves into ditches Okay.
How many of us die and pretend to live? Aunt Vi wanted me to take her up to that sculpture garden, her and blue, ever since you told her about it.
Family field trip.
That'll be fun.
She really liked you.
I'm glad.
We are splintered And we are rotten deep Under the floorboards we've forgotten But all the answers to all our problems Lie within the one who tries to dodge them Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh