Queen Sugar (2016) s03e09 Episode Script

The Tree and Stone Were One

1 Previously on "Queen Sugar" Nova, we can't just sit on this.
Families are being kicked out of their homes as we speak.
Maybe I could keep Blue more often.
We're just gonna take it slow.
How slow? Last year, I was diagnosed with Lupus.
I'm gonna do everything for it to not interfere with our business.
NOVA: So you're gonna run yourself into the ground trying to be like Daddy.
Daddy was so busy trying to hide his pain It damn near broke him.
MALIK: We need to grab people's attention, because if they can't respect our history, they can't have our history.
Micah? You in? I'm in.
[CHUCKLES] My mom and a bunch of her friends in the neighborhood started this one.
I bet I could learn a thing or two.
More than a thing or two.
Oh, yeah? Those ladies have some serious skills.
I didn't know Ms.
Phan was into farming.
Oh, yeah.
And on top of everything, raising my brother and me, repairing the community They saved every penny to send me to private college.
Mai even took second jobs to make it happen.
So they're doing the same thing for Khanh.
He wants to study engineering in Houston next year.
I didn't know he was leaving.
In the fall, yeah.
This Phan sounds a lot like my pop struggled on the farm a lot last year.
Worked to punch out, odd jobs to help me and Blue.
I can only imagine a parent would do anything to protect and provide for their child.
- Yeah.
- No matter what it takes.
Everything's okay with Darla? Yeah.
Working it all out.
So, uh [CHUCKLES] Um Was thinking maybe we, like, a thing or something? - More than work friends? - [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
I'd like that.
Dreams never die Take flight as the world turns Keep the colors in the lines Take flight as the world turns Keep the colors in the lines Take flight Dreams never die keep the colors in the lines Keep the colors in the lines Take flight MAN: Imminent domain comes from the trick bag as manifest destiny.
First step, the parish will assess your property value.
We're not selling our land.
Then the law says they can just take it.
Happened to a private port a few years back.
Then I can only imagine how many judges are taking kickbacks from the Landrys.
This family, they cheat and steal and bleed black people dry.
They take everything.
And I'll be damned if I sit by while they do it again.
I'm happy to provide legal counsel if and when the time comes.
It won't, but I appreciate it.
- I'll walk you out.
- [CELLPHONE RINGS] I can let myself out.
What do you want? I wanted to invite you to dinner.
Cut the playboy act, Jacob.
I don't have time for a sit-down while you bulldoze an entire community of black families.
- Charley.
- Bye, Jacob.
Don't hang up, please.
That's why I'm calling.
[SIGHS] We know you found out about Sam's big project.
My mother wants to sit down and discuss alternatives to the jail.
You, Sam, your mother, your entire goddamn family can go straight to Charley, please.
Hear my mother out.
We're not who you think.
Thank you.
Thought you were taking the first plane out after the festival.
Well, that was the plan, but then I found out Dave eggers was in town.
I love "Heartbreaking Work.
" Mm-hmm.
So, I talked you up, and he really loves what you're writing about your family, your dad in particular.
- Are you serious? - Mm-hmm.
- Don't bury the lead, Deborah.
- [LAUGHTER] It's a tight deadline, but they want to publish the chapter on your dad's depression.
It's a great way to set up your book.
I don't know what to say.
But it's not finished.
I need more time, you know, to Get it right.
I know what you're thinking.
But, Nova, I have never seen anyone Tell the truth and not have that truth set them free.
JARRETT: Vi, you in here? - Back here.
- [CHUCKLES] Working on one of your favorites.
Wow, that looks so good.
Oh, man.
How you doing, jarrett? Doing just fine.
I'm more concerned with how you're doing.
- Never better.
- Really? Come on, you're not calling me a liar, are you? No, no.
It's just that, if we're gonna start a business together, we need to be able to tell each other the truth.
I thought that this whole thing might be over for me.
Well, I don't hear a fat lady singing, so Well, I'll just, uh Here, take this home and, uh, we'll go from there.
You won't regret this.
I do have a request, though, and it is non-negotiable.
I, uh I did my research on Lupus, and If you find yourself hurting or you're having a bad day, please don't make me guess about it.
Thank you.
All right.
I got to get out of here.
I'm gonna get myself in trouble.
DARLA: My lawyer drew up paperwork.
I'm asking for a 70/30 split for custody.
RALPH ANGEL: Which means you'll have Blue 70% of the time.
[SCOFFS] We would alternate holidays, and we would decide if you want weekends or two on, one off.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what happened to 50/50.
He needs a stable environment, someone that's not holding on two jobs.
I can provide a routine.
I have a good job and and a safe home.
You're making no sense, Darla.
Right now, you and I, we're just we're just making up rules as we go along.
And you always get the final say.
I want to make an appointment for mediation.
I don't want to fight with you over this.
- We can sit down - You don't think I'm fighting this? You're out your mind, okay? I'll do whatever I have to do, Ralph Angel.
I don't even know you no more.
- Hello.
All right, now, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
[LAUGHS] MARY ANN: Nova? [CHUCKLES] Mary Ann! How you doing? I'm fine, I'm fine.
How you been? I'm wonderful.
How's Too Sweet? My baby's good, bless the Lord.
Just got a promotion at his job.
That's great.
Bless you for helping with tuition.
You'd be so proud.
He getting good grades, filling out all kind of applications for scholarships next year.
He's trying to do it on his own.
I'm always proud.
Oh, Remy, Remy, this is Mary Ann Bonclair, - Too Sweet's mama.
- Hi.
Any friend of Nova is a friend of mine.
This woman here, I tell you what Yes, ma'am, I know.
All right.
You kids get something to eat and have fun.
- I love you, girl.
- Love you back.
- Okay.
- Nice to meet you.
Take care.
You're a star.
- It's my people, you know? - Yeah.
- Ooh, wow.
- [LAUGHTER] This is a place fit for a king and his queen.
We doing it.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
See, you got your own pie shop.
I told you you was trippin'.
Congratulations, baby.
Thank you, baby.
Okay, so, this is nice.
What do you see? I see a gondola.
[CHUCKLES] A gondola still? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Yeah, see, we gonna arrive in the gondola big, big, big baller style, right? I love it.
And the band gonna be right there.
Our guests gonna greet us second-line style.
They gonna walk us into the party.
Oh, God, it's gonna be big fun.
That sounds like a lot of work, baby.
Yeah, but all I need you to do is just show up and looking and feeling and smelling as fine as you do every day.
That means you got to take care of yourself, though, right? Mm-hmm.
You like all this? I do.
I do.
You ain't having second thoughts, are you? I just don't know if I can live up to gondolas and bands.
I'm just one woman walking down the aisle in a pretty dress.
But I love it.
Hollywood, it's beautiful.
Thank God, 'cause I done already put down the deposit.
[LAUGHS] Of course you did.
You are impossible, you know that? Little italian man playing a little flute or something.
[LAUGHTER] This is what I got.
I went to four different stores so no one will get suspicious.
Put this on your front page.
Now, listen, this ain't about the fanfare.
It's about the act.
12 minutes, no messing around, no foolishness.
Now, KJ and I got the paint, asha on tagging.
You know, stick to the game plan.
We doing this? Let's do this, bro.
You like the one with the hazelnuts? Mm-hmm.
But the white chocolate with the strawberry filling and the cream cheese, now that's the one.
So, now how many of these you gonna sample? I'm gonna sample all of them.
We tasting wedding cake and celebrating your pie store opening.
I owe you an apology.
For what? You did nothing to me.
Back when you were talking about investing in Rondel's barber shop, I teased you, said you just wanted to spend all your money.
That was wrong of me to say.
So I should invest with Rondel.
- Hell no.
- [LAUGHTER] 'Cause Rondel is horrible with money.
But I should've asked you what your dream is.
Well, baby, this right here is my dream.
Taking care of you, that's my dream.
I want you to think about yourself, too.
I think about myself.
No, you don't.
Folks like us, we get so used to working all our lives just getting by that we don't know what to do when getting by ain't our everyday no more.
So what's your dream, black man? I always thought about having my own construction company.
When I was in college, I thought about having a sports lounge, thought that'd be real cool.
- You never told me that.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay, so, I don't know what a sports lounge is, maybe, but [LAUGHTER] But if those are the things you want to do, you should do it.
I got one question.
Let's say I do what you say, start getting busy.
Will you do what you supposed to do and take care of yourself? I promise.
The chocolate is really good.
I was surprised you agreed to meet.
I was surprised, too.
But I'm learning that's what life is full of surprises.
You are what I hear you are.
And what is that? Smart, tough my kind of girl.
I'm not your girl.
Why am I here? To help me wipe that smug grin off my brother's face and take control of Landry enterprises.
Sam has run our family's legacy into the ground for long enough.
But I'm sure you're well aware of our company's financial issues.
I need him out.
You can help me do that.
And why would I trust you? I love my brother.
It's just that I love our family land more.
The day I let Sam contaminate our land by housing criminals, thugs, murderers, and thieves is the day our father turns in his grave.
Criminals and thugs? You sound like your brother.
What difference does it make what I sound like as long as we both want the same thing? [CELLPHONE RINGS] Think on that.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
Can't speak in front of mama? I know what you think of me.
You overestimate yourself.
I don't think of you at all.
I'm sorry.
Truly, I'm sorry.
But withholding the truth about Sam's plans doesn't mean I lied about everything.
I didn't lie about me and you.
Sorry about that.
I want to talk to you about brothers and sisters, Charley, about men and women.
While Sam was spreading his oats, my father leaned on me to help him do Everything.
But he still left more of the company to Sam than me.
It's a familiar story, isn't it? But if we're in that boardroom together, we can combine out votes and stop that jail from ever breaking ground.
We can stop it before it ever gets to the parish council vote.
Even with me, you still don't have enough shares to override Sam.
Oh, we're working on that.
But I need to know we have an understanding.
I understand that anyone who's willing to betray their own flesh and blood is someone I need to be wary of.
And maybe that's how you treat family, but we don't do that.
I had no choice.
If we don't partner, the best you can do is hold things up in the courts, but in the end, Sam still wins.
You might find this of interest everything you need to know about my nephew, Colton.
Company bylaws don't let family poach other family shares, but You can.
I'll leave it at that.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, I'm talking to you.
- You okay? - Stop it.
You're throwing off my game.
I'm just checking on you.
What's going on here? Give me this.
- Give me this.
- Unh-unh.
- What you doing? - You're over here struggling.
Back in high school, I might've had some skills.
- Who are you? - [LAUGHS] I almost flunked out of geometry 'cause my skills were so good.
You was a regular rebel? Mm.
Served a week in detention after me and Jermaine Russell got into it over Angelee Morris.
Angelee Morris, huh? That girl was fine.
Suspension junior year after I knocked Elijah Shaw out during lunch in front of everyone, mind you.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
Then senior year rolls around and I realize I'm never getting out of Detroit, 'cause I keep parking my behind in the principal's office.
Realized I was just Mad, you know? Just Angry at the world back then.
So, picked myself up barely got into college down here, got my mind right found my people, my own purpose.
A lot like you.
Well, aren't you a mystery? Believe it.
Just figured you for some scrawny-ass math geek.
[SCOFFS] Scrawny geek, huh? You figured wrong, girl.
I wanna take you To see One of my favorite bands playing But this city Always takes you Away from me Oh You hold the key to my heart But why you keep losing it? Oh CHARLEY: I hate to say this, but what if they force the results of that paternity test? I know you said that you're on the birth certificate, but I don't know she's already playing dirty, right? You got to be blood.
What's the word on early parole? About to get off in a month.
That's good.
It'll help.
But you can still use Ra's prison history.
I already missed four years of his life in prison.
His first day of school, birthdays His first haircut, I didn't get to see that.
Now she want to take more away? I can't miss no more.
[CHUCKLES] I can't miss no more.
I wanna be there for him.
I'm trying to be there for him.
That bike, boy just took the wheels off, and I'm trying to show him how to ride it.
I didn't even get a chance to, and she's trying to take him from me already.
She's not gonna take any of those things.
Yeah, but What if what if he want to live there? She got all them new fancy things and what not.
What what if Blue don't wanna be with me? You'll always be that little boy's everything, and no one can replace that.
No one.
I'm trying to Take the straight line, but Seems like something always trying to just knock me off.
That something's gonna happen, knock us all down.
- We got you.
- No matter what.
We will fight like hell for you and Blue.
We're family.
Yeah, I know.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] So, a good friend has agreed to come down and represent Ra.
She's, uh, well, she's the best money can buy.
[CHUCKLES] That's great.
Summer pool parties at your house? I know.
I am, uh, overdue for a housewarming.
Hey, you okay? Yes.
Everything's good.
It's just Please don't hate me.
I could never hate you, Nova.
What's going on? I didn't tell you the truth when you asked if I was seeing someone.
I am.
I'm seeing someone.
Well, that's great, isn't it? Who's the lucky guy? Or is it a girl? [CHUCKLES] I need you to know this wasn't planned.
It's not something I We've been spending time together and never in a million years did I think that this would happen.
You've got to trust me.
It wasn't supposed to happen.
It just Just say it.
Remy and I We kissed.
It was innocent, unexpected.
I know.
I should've said something.
You lied to me for weeks or however long this has been going on.
I'm trying my best to do this right.
I'm sorry.
When I told you about the mill you let me know how wrong I was.
I know.
You were unrelenting.
I know.
Wasn't it the first time, but it will be the last.
I didn't ask for this.
You didn't walk away, though.
I will.
I will if you want me to.
Somehow I need to be found Back to you - [PAINT CANS SPRAYING] - Oh, I need to be found Back to you Back to you Oh, where I stray in the wilderness Heaven help me to abide in your love Let it be Let it be When the desert sits dry On my tongue I'll drink from your cup For the ancestors whose bodies and lives were stolen, whose hands bled in the fields, for those brothers and sisters they locked up in cages, who were shot in their backs, for those who marched for us in the streets.
For the ones still locked up.
Somehow I need to be found [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] ASHA: All right, come on, guys.
We got to go.
Ooh, ooh, hm - No! - What happened? Oh, no, no, we need to put that out right now.
- Shit! - Wait, man, stop.
You kidding me? Don't go near that.
- MAN: Hey! Who's out there? - [GUNSHOT FIRES] - Wait, wait, wait, go.
- Go, go, go, go, go.
It's all good.
It's gonna be okay.
If you came into the front door, that conversation with my dad is a whole other thing.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Everything okay? Everything with Darla.
Now she's trying to take Blue for more time than we agreed.
She can't do that, right? - I mean, he's your son.
- It's complicated.
You've been taking care of him this whole time.
It's complicated.
I just, um, I don't want to bring you into all this.
I ain't trying to drag you down with me.
You're about the only good thing I've got.
See, I just I just think we keep it simple for now.
You can always You can always come home No, I get it.
- It's just complicated.
- No, it's you don't have to explain.
Out there on your own Out there on your own All right.
Um, I'll just see you at work, then.
- Trinh.
- It's fine, really.
- Trinh.
- I understand.
I wake up in my own skin again Thinking all about me [SIGHS] What shouldn't I be? What shouldn't I be? - [COMPUTER CHIMING] - what shouldn't I be? [CHIMING STOPS] How are you, superstar? I'm good, thanks.
- Everything all right? - Everything's great.
Is this a good time? Yeah, no, of course.
What's up? So I didn't want to send this over text or in an e-mail.
Forget publishing with Eggers.
What? They lost interest? No.
Someone else is interested.
Another article fell through last minute.
Okay, who is it? The New Yorker.
I-I'm speechless.
Uh, really, thank you.
But it's a quick turnaround.
Do you think you can get it done in two days? Yes.
Yes, you'll have it.
All right.
Challenges come [REPORTER SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] Challenges come and they go I need someone to help me down [SIREN WAILS] You can always come home You can always come home [TELEVISION PLAYS INDISTINCTLY] What shouldn't I be? - [DOORBELL RINGS] - it's not all about me I got it.
[DOOR OPENS] [INSECTS CHIRPING] [EXHALES SHARPLY] Never expected to be in this situation.
I wanted us to work.
You know that.
But let's be honest the relationship wasn't working.
It's been over for a long time.
I'm trying I don't expect you to accept us, what's going on between me and Say her name.
[SIGHS] - Nova.
- Nova.
My sister.
I don't know you.
Maybe I never did.
I know I don't trust you, and I wonder, truly I wonder how much you value honesty, walking around here with your head so high, always judging.
But I know now.
You can't trust anyone, not even your own blood.
Whatever you're doing with Nova you better be damned sure you know exactly what she wants.
Because if you hurt her if you make her feel even an ounce of what I'm feeling right now Nova and I we're forever.
We're family.
But you? You will always be fleeting.
Llive your life, yeah, the wise man said Don't listen to the voices in your head [CAR DOOR CLOSES, ENGINE STARTS] The ones inside that tell us no That are shaking my life, gotta let them go Day after day Day after day, day after day Day after day Day after day, day after day Day after day Day after day Day after day, day after day Day after day Day after day, day after day Day after day, ooh Day after day, day after day Day after day Got to keep on runnin' Ooh Day after day Keep on runnin' on Day after day Got to keep on runnin' Got to keep on, keep on Day after day Got to keep on runnin' on