Queenie (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Happy Earthstrong!

MUSIC: Birthday Sex by Jeremih
It's your birthday
so I know you ♪
Morning, beautiful.
Huh? Frank, why would you
how'd you get in here?
Happy birthday, baby girl.
W-Wait. Why are you here?
I've got a little
present for you.
For me?
You want passion, I
think you found it ♪
I don't understand.
Ready for action ♪
Something you've
been waiting for.
Are you giving it to me now?
You feel surrounded ♪
If that's what you want.
I think it is.
Girl, you know I-I-I ♪
Then here I come.
Go away.
No, I said go away. I'm busy.
Hello, hello!
Just cos it's your birthday don't
mean you don't have things to do.
Come on, get up.
I run you a bath.
Morning, Grandma. Thank you.
You'll be late for
therapy. Let's go.
Grandma encouraging therapy?
Oh, how times have changed.
And when you get back, I
want you to tidy your room.
But the chores remain the same.
Frank Ssebendeke the Second?
Well, strong black
women don't cry, Janet.
Oh, I think they do, Queenie.
Hmm. Maybe I'm not as
strong as you think I am.
On the contrary, I think
you're very strong.
To keep coming back here week
after week shows great fortitude.
I know this isn't easy for you.
Go on.
Do you think all this started
because I-I could've been a mum?
How do you mean?
Being pregnant and then
not. Do you think that that,
like, threw up all
of my mum issues?
It's certainly a
possibility. Pregnancy,
whatever you choose to do,
won't just pass you by
without having an effect.
Has it made you feel
differently about your mother?
Mm, yeah. No,
I I have to think about it,
but for now, no.
Well, our time is up,
but hold on to those thoughts until
next week when we start talking
about forgiveness. My mum my
mum doesn't deserve my forgiveness.
We'll see how you feel about
that the further we get into it.
Oh, and happy birthday. Mm.
What are you doing to celebrate?
Nothing. Er, I'm going
to go swimming, I think,
and then back to
my grandparents.
Can't spend my whole summer
with Grandma and Grandad.
Wish me luck.
Cos the sun's
engaged to the sky ♪
Why did I choose this as
my first outside activity?
I never liked swimming before,
and I don't have a
swimming cap. Right,
focus. Regroup. No negativity.
Swimming is a normal and fun
thing to do in the summer.
Everybody's falling in love
and I'm falling apart ♪
Not another black
body in sight, though.
You wouldn't know I was 'round
the corner from Brixton.
Seriously? We haven't spoken
since she dogged me out over Guy.
That's all she has to say?
Stepped outside and
burned my skin ♪
Right, so where was I
this time last year?
I spent my 25th on a surprise
trip to Greece with Tom.
Now he's spending my birthday
with his new girlfriend,
which is horrific.
I also had a job last year
and now I'm on some kind
of forced or extended leave
for something I didn't do,
and haven't heard from
The Daily Reader in
so long they've probably forgotten
about me and promoted Ted.
Did you hear what I said to
him, Stella? I said, "Cosmo,"
we are going to have to sell the
second flat." The Brixton one.
Because we cannot be dealing
with these tenants any more.
Every minute it's,
"Oh, the flat is damp."
"Oh, we think we've got
carbon monoxide poisoning."
"Oh, the mice are in
our cereal boxes."
Hello. Little
girl, are you lost?
No, stupid. I'm a sea creature.
Oh! And so are you.
Tabby, darling, come here.
Oh, my God, what a little shit.
Oh, my God. Obviously,
that's her mum.
I mean, are are you seriously
going to let your child
behave like this?
Come on, Tabitha, we're leaving.
I will not be attacked at my local
pool. My MP will hear about this.
Do you know what? Don't bother.
Well, I tried.
Are you all right, darling?
I'm definitely not ready
for the outside world yet.
Happy birthday, Queenie! Oh,
yeah. Happy birthday, niecey.
Thank you, Auntie Maggie.
Mum, you know that Queenie
don't like physical
affection. Hmm.
I got you tickets to that
exhibition you keep talking about.
Black History Double X,
the one about the women?
Ah. Oh, thank you.
I didn't I didn't
think you remembered.
Listen, I'm young. My memory's
not going, like you lot.
Can we all go outside and stop
congesting the hallway, please?
Check out the
surprise motive. Well,
not motive, but you
get what I mean.
That I planned for
my big cousin's 26th.
26 years old and my
housemates are in their 70s.
Three years from now and I was
meant to be getting married,
maybe meant to be stable,
and maybe thinking
about popping babies.
I know what you're thinking.
You do? Yeah. But it's cool.
I didn't get the money
for all this illegally.
Oh. I wasn't even thinking that.
Guess who I found.
Please, not my mum. Please,
not my mum. Not just yet.
Happy birthday, girl! Argh! OK!
Mm. Mm. Argh!
Oh, God, that one looks burnt.
Therapy still going good? You're
skinnier than I'm used to,
but you look finer every
single time I see you.
Do you know what? These
last few weeks were hard.
Like, there was one session
where I didn't think
I was going to go back.
But, you know, Grandma,
Grandma miraculously changed her
mind, and she makes sure I go.
Love that. I know.
And your therapist is giving
you, like, tools and shit.
She's giving me tools and
shit. How did you know?
It's how I know anything,
Queenie. TikTok.
Do you know, it's it's
weird, because it's, like,
even though she's
giving me the tools,
and as much as I can feel
better, I can feel worse, too.
You just got to
take it day by day.
Oh! Oh, my gosh, Kyazike!
I haven't seen this
picture in years!
Oh, Miss Chestnut's
parties were the best.
Frank found it when
he was painting behind
the cabinet in the front room.
What? When are you lot going to
stop treating Frank like the help?
Why would we ever stop
treating Frank like the help?
God. How is he? I haven't
heard from him in a while.
He's all right. Uh,
he's gone quiet on me,
too, though. I think
he's got a new girl.
G er, yeah. Nice.
Good, er, good for him.
Don't watch that. He's
a hoe. No, y-yeah.
He should hoe all he likes.
Darcy. Hello!
Erm, these don't really go
with my colour schemes,
but I'll allow it. Oh.
Like, they're just blowing in my
face and hitting
me and hitting you.
You and Janet talked
about this. Deep breaths.
Happy birthday, Queenie.
Acceptance acceptance.
Hi, Sylvie. Sylvie!
Come back here and help
me in the kitchen, nuh?
I'm coming. I'm just
saying happy birthday.
Ah. Na worry yourself.
I'm coming. I'm
coming. I'll be back.
Kyazike, lovely to see you.
You've grown into such
a beautiful young woman.
Thank you.
You OK?
Yeah. I'm good.
Kyazike, come and help in the
kitchen, too. I'll be back. OK.
Sorry, I've been quiet for
a while. Just needed to,
you know, just not
think about work.
Which feels weird, because
I'm still getting paid,
and I'm still having therapy.
I just feel like I
don't matter to a place
and to people that I've
been with for years.
Mm. No, I understand.
But you know,
we never have to talk
about the office.
I'm your friend
outside of all of that.
I know. Thank you.
I know that these past few weeks
have been hard for you, too.
I wasn't a good friend.
I wasn't a good anything.
No. Come on, don't be silly.
I love you, Queenie. I
wouldn't just abandon you
because you're going
through a hard time.
Oh Oh.
I think you should start
writing, you know? Mm.
I'm sure that freelance
things are still allowed.
Sorry to break this up. Erm,
Queenie, quick one. Mm-hm?
You guys definitely do
wash your chicken, innit?
How dare you? Kyazike, go,
go in the kitchen and go
and ask my grandmother.
It's it's a question. Yeah.
Doesn't washing chicken
spread salmonella?
What? No? No. Good.
Had to go and get
the good-good china.
Because, you know, we
have a white guest.
OK. Thank you, Auntie
Maggie. Christ.
Oh, sh. Maggie, the
candles? Where you put them?
What'd I do with the
candles? I've got a light.
And why do you have
a light? Huh, child?
What did you say, Grandad?
She's coming. OK.
birthday to you
Happy birthday to you ♪
Guys, can I just get a minute?
Happy birthday,
dear Queenie ♪
Hold it down. Hold it down.
Happy birthday to you. ♪
Why does she have to be here?
I-I wish she'd disappear.
I wish she'd just
Hey, there's food outside
that needs finishing.
Yeah, let's go. Let's
do that. Come on. Move.
Queenie, I've, erm,
I've got something
..for you.
But don't open it now, though.
It's fine, Sylvie. Don't
make a big deal out of it.
All right. Take
your time, Wilfred.
What? What is this?
Let's let's talk about it
later. It's not a lot, but
Oh, I haven't had a chance
to meet your friend properly.
Oh, yeah, of course. Erm, well,
Queenie and I have worked
together for three years now.
Yeah. I'm the picture editor, so
that means I'm in charge of
Do you know what? Darcy,
it's fine. Do you know what?
We were actually just
going to get some
Oh, well, I do have a
question, actually, Sylvie.
Erm, why did you name
Queenie "Queenie"?
Wow. Darcy's really not
reading the room, is she?
That's an easy question.
When I was growing up, I
always wanted to be a princess.
Aw. All the books I'd
read, they were so perfect,
pretty and delicate.
When I was pregnant, I
thought, "Oh, she's here."
The princess I'd been
dreaming about was right here.
Well, that's before I found out
her dad was already married.
Well, that's one thing
I got from Sylvie.
The inability to spot when someone
has a wife. Oh, my goodness.
When I got back from
the hospital with her,
all I could do was cry.
I wasn't even thinking about a
name. How is my birthday about her?
This is meant to be the
day that I get to reflect,
that I get to think about my
life. To look at where I am now
and have a chance to be
sad about where I am now.
But instead, I'm having to think
about her feelings instead of mine?
This is why I don't
want her in my life.
This is exactly why I don't
answer her calls or her messages,
because I end up having to feel
bad for her instead of bad for me.
So I called her Queenie. I think
it I think it suits her.
Darcy, just give us a minute.
It's Kadija's. She
left it in my bag.
And if Kadija said to jump,
would you say, "How high?"
It depends on the reason
why she's asking me to jump.
Oh, what a rock. You all
right, darling? Yeah, all good.
I think Queenie wants to
talk to her mum in private.
I know. Erm, there's
there's there's
..there's nothing that I
Queenie, I, erm I'm so s
You can't just buy my love!
No, I know! Look, wait.
You think a cheque is going
to undo all the damage?
No no, that's not
what I mean by
So you let that man take your
money, but you let him take
your relationship with
your daughter, too!
She need to let it
out, Maggie. I I
Look, you can't
just keep turning up
and popping into my life
until you acknowledge,
and properly, that you
left me alone. Stop.
No, no.
I wish that she,
Maggie, Grandad, Janet,
all of them, knew
how painful this is.
Do they know what it's
like to love someone
as much as you can't
bear to be near them?
Are you all right?
Well, obviously you're not all
right, but are you all right?
I need to get out of here.
Do you want to touch
that exhibition?
We've still got time to go.
Yeah, let's do it. OK, cool.
Yo, wake your ass up,
fam. We're leaving.
Oh, what, your little
pro-black event's done, yeah?
You have fun in there?
Ah, shut up, man. Look,
it's an exhibition
shedding light
on, like, black
lives, black history.
Nah, miss me with all that, bro.
You thought Queenie was
going to be in there, innit?
Bro, did you eat before
you left your house?
Ooh. I just never thought
I would see the day where
a man like Frank is acting shy.
You with all your hungry
talk, man. Enough.
Bro, just shoot the shot,
bro. What you waiting for?
Where else are you going to find
a girl who cares about
neeky shit like exhibitions?
Kyazike already said
Queenie's a no-go.
She's got stuff going on, innit?
I I've got to
respect her word, innit?
Don't you think that is
down to Queenie to decide?
Stop looking at me, fam.
Just face your front, cous.
So basically, if
you sign the form,
you tick off my work experience
for me without me actually
having to do any work. Mm.
"Work experience with top
British Jamaican journalist
Queenie Jenkins." There's no way
your teachers are falling for this.
Tell me you don't like the
way I bigged you up, though.
What would Diana say if
she knew that this top
British Jamaican journalist isn't
actually on a sabbatical from work?
Maybe that's how you
ended up so depressed.
Sorry. I just mean you need
to loosen up a bit more.
Stop taking life so seriously.
Get inside before
I knock you out.
Love you, Queenie. Thank you.
Sign at the bottom
of the form, please.
Just means we have to be inventive
about ways we can diversify
the curriculum ourselves.
Because no offence,
we're not your generation or our
mums'. Definitely not Grandma's.
We're not just going to wait
for change. I mean, yeah,
but is that what you really
think people have been doing?
Like, sitting on their backsides
waiting for change? Come on, Diana.
What are you going to
do about it, then? Uh
Cos, don't you work
at a newspaper?
Why haven't you done
anything about it?
Because I'm not even sure
that I work there any more.
Also, listen, I'm
I'm fed up with writing.
OK. Take some inspiration
from me for once.
Make a video.
Hmm. Maybe the little
cous is onto something.
I think you'll be a
good mum, you know.
How is it for you guys?
It's always good to know
what the youngsters think.
I thought it was cold.
I-I also, I also
thought it was cold.
And? Well
..I'm I'm obviously interested in
the place of women in black history,
but when we often
focus on black history,
it's either through the
male lens, or it's
..we just focus on
the big names. Like,
yeah, thank you to Mary Seacole
for everything you did, but it's
What do you mean?
I just meant that it was nice
to see Nanny of the Maroons
and Altheia Jones-LeCointe
and Jocelyn Barrow
..and even Dawn Butler.
Oh, and Khadija Saye.
I think it's important to
break this tradition of what
a black woman has
always been. Also,
to shift the focus away from
what she did for white people.
Yeah. But then, you
know what they say.
Tradition is peer pressure
from dead people, so Yeah.
What was your name? Queenie Jenkins,
top British Jamaican journalist.
Makes sense. I'm Jasmila.
I'm her cousin, Diana.
And, sorry, where do
I know your face from?
Er, I write books.
Take my card, Queenie.
Let me know if you
ever want to talk more.
I will. Thank you.
It's OK.
Oh, look, see? These one's are
important. Which one? I like this.
You should hire that
girl. She's smart.
She reminds me of me
when I was that age.
I can't talk about
Sylvie any more.
Diana, is that you?
Listen, can you just
..just tell them that I went
upstairs for a nap, OK? Diana.
Come in here a minute,
babe. Got you. Thank you.
I'm coming.
"To my dear daughter,
Queenie Veronica Jenkins.
"Happy 26th birthday.
"My hope is that
you use this cheque
"to get yourself somewhere
to live. It's not a lot,
"but it should be a start.
Love, your mum, Sylvie."
You back, Queenie? "PS. I
hear you're in therapy."
"That is only a good thing."
Queenie. Uh yeah, but
I'm I'm going to my room.
There's someone here for
you. He's in the garden.
Why is he here?
OK, don't read too much into it.
Maybe it's time for me to look
forwards instead of backwards?
Ah, the bigger the fish,
the more butter it take.
Bigger assignments
take greater effort.
But look, it's all
worth it in the end.
Yeah, no, I really
appreciate that one, Uncle.
I'm, uh, yeah, I'm going to
hold on to that one still.
Not interrupting, am I?
Yo, big Q. It's it's
your birthday today, innit?
Yeah, well, erm,
Happy Earth-strong.
My guy. Yeah. How
did he remember?
And and the-the-the smaller di
fish, the more cleaning it take.
Grandma, can you come
and get your man, please?
Get yourself up here
and leff the young
people to talk na.
In a bit, Grandad.
Nice boy. Bye, Frank.
What'd he say to you?
Oh, you know, just, er, just
some life lessons and that. Mm.
Yeah. Important ones,
too. Oh? Yeah, man. Mm-hm.
Saying something about
how he really likes me.
Yeah, me too, if that
dream is anything to go by.
Look, I, erm, I got
you a little something
from the exhibition
I was at earlier.
BOTH: Black History XX.
Yeah, I was there! Oh, yeah?
Yeah, but my my family
threw me a surprise today.
You don't like surprises,
though. Not really.
Not when they're in
the form of a person.
What, your mum?
One and only.
You want to talk about that?
Not today.
Is that all right?
Yeah, of course.
What exactly is
going on between you?
Diana, are you serious?
Frank's my friend.
OK, well, just be careful,
innit? Cos I saw a video online,
and it spoke about male/female
friendships. OK, thank y OK.
Yes, all right. Thank you.
Diana. Come. Fine.
I'm so sorry about my
cousin. She has no filter.
Er, I can't stay anyway, so.
Oh? What, you got a hot date?
Oh. OK.
That's nice.
Going anywhere nice? Look, it's
nothing serious or anything.
That's nice. Er,
Frank's going on a date.
Hot date. Erm, I
got dates, too.
Next week. Oh, yeah?
All next week, actually.
Dates with who?
Do you know, erm
..thank you for my gift.
It's thoughtful of you.
I'm not my mum, and
Frank's not Roy.
He could never be that man.
Er, well, er I
need to trust that.
Be easy, Big Q.
Got me falling on myself
But I don't resent you
Shaking to Deftones,
glitter in my bones
Love you like I
don't know better ♪
Yeah, cool.
Frank's not just your friend.
Queenie, for once in
your life, say something!
I'm wide open
All yours, baby
Come down like
a million tonnes
All yours, baby
Flood me with
your nervous love
All yours, baby
Come down like
a million tonnes
All yours, baby
Now I got my shot glass
out the punch is stickin'
Tryna deduct blue,
why do I trust you? ♪
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