Queenie (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Love, Finally

You like to kiss and tell
About it all-all
I don't know you that well
And I'm not trying
to get to know you
One more night
till I let you down
I let you down, you gotta go
I close my eyes,
don't wake me no more
I break the ties,
I'm gone for good now
Now, now, now, now, now, now
Now, now, now,
na-na-na, na-na. ♪
Little something
I've been working on.
More to come.
What do you think?
Oh, the new place is
looking nice, Queenie. Mm.
I never knew that money from
your mother could stretch so far.
I'm glad you took it.
Look, I'm already working on
paying it back. It's just a loan.
Plus, you know, I love
Grandma and Grandad,
..they were not the
best housemates.
Sorry, what are you doing here?
Cos got a shift soon.
You know what I'm gonna say.
No, I'm not ready to talk
to her, Maggie, not yet.
Do you know how your mum
got that money she gave you?
She was wrapped up in that court
case with Roy for months, Queenie.
It almost killed
her, but she won.
And she did that
for both of you.
She was determined to
get that money he took,
for you and you alone.
So, look, I'm not forcing you
to do anything or
to speak to anyone.
I'm just letting you know that,
yes, your mother
has made mistakes,
but for the last year,
she has forced
herself to face them.
Anyway, let me leave you to it.
See you at the party.
Oh, I'm bringing Patrick.
Who's Patrick?
My new man.
He's a wicked DJ.
He will spin you and your likkle
friend dem 'round the block.
See you later.
One day, I'll be
ready to talk to her.
I don't know when,
don't know how, but I will.
I hope I will.
Fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck! No, no, no.
Here you go. Thank
you. No worries.
Sorry, give me a second.
Ama, do you mind if I
take this? Thank you.
Hi, Hi, Gina. Yeah, I'm I've,
I've got a couple of minutes.
Yes, um, so, I'll
make this quick.
We have an update
on the Ted matter.
Can you come in
today to discuss?
Um, I can, I can come around this
afternoon after four. Is that OK?
Super, great, great, fantastic.
Would she say "fantastic"
if she was about to fire me?
Thank you.
This is what happens when you try
and tell someone you like them,
but the words don't come out.
And now you've made it weird!
I'm surprised he hasn't
blocked me by now.
Hi, can I get a tall,
triple soy, pumpkin spice,
flat white, shaken,
with caramel drizzle?
I recognise that voice.
I got this.
Now, how's this gonna go?
Cassandra. Hi.
I should say something
really cutting.
How are you?
Oh, nice work, Queenie,
you've got her there. What
you doing behind here?
..earning money.
Yes, but why are
you working here?
A lot's gone on since
we last saw each other.
I thought you wouldn't be caught
dead in a place like this,
let alone work in one.
Well, if you can't
beat them, join them.
You look good, though.
Thanks. Anything else?
Me and Guy broke up.
Don't let her draw you back in.
We've worked on this.
He cheated on me again.
There's a fucking surprise.
Sorry to hear that.
You're not gonna
say, "I told you so"?
I used to think we were
so different, you know?
Like, I was the messy one,
and you were put together.
Do you know what I realised?
Men made us both move mad.
Oh, why don't you put my
coffee in a proper mug?
We can sit and talk properly.
When do you go on a break?
Don't push it, Cassandra.
Just cos I'm being understanding
doesn't mean that we're good, OK?
Take care, though.
You too.
That one's on the house.
Nobody don't wanna hear no story
from an old woman like me.
I think you'd be surprised.
When I arrived here
from Jamaica I was so sad.
I was so sad all the time.
I thought I would never find joy
in a place that was so
bitterly cold and gloomy.
I thought maybe
I'm being punished
for leaving the
land that bore me
to come to a place where I
would always be a foreigner.
This series tells the stories of
the everyday women whose
voices are often forgotten.
Next up, Peckham.
Come in.
Sit down, sit down.
Er, no, that's fine. I'll stand.
Are you sure you won't sit?
Look, Gina, if you're gonna fire
me, could you just make it quick
and rip the plaster off, please?
Fire you? No, Queenie.
Ted's out, you're in.
I know this must come
as a huge relief to you,
as indeed it does for me, um
I'm just, um, er
..elated, obviously, that we did
manage to get to the bottom of it.
Sorry it's taken so long.
But did, did he tell
you what happened then?
Not exactly. No,
Jean broke what I'd always assumed
was this kind of lifelong vow
of silence to insist that I
watch the, um
CCTV footage over Christmas.
Oh, I'm not gonna go into
detail about what I saw,
cos obviously you
were there, but,
it did prove your innocence
..refuted Ted's claims.
Anyway, your account
has been reinstated,
and you can start back as soon
as tomorrow. How does that sound?
I saw your video. It's
amazing work, really.
Thanks, Gina. That means a lot.
Well, it's
Do you think I'll be able to tell
the stories I want to if I'm here?
I think you are an
incredible talent,
and I think The Daily Reader
needs those stories
..but probably isn't
worthy of them.
..I also owe you a
huge apology, really.
The, you know, Ted situation,
it should never have played out
like that. I'm so, so sorry.
You deserved more than that.
I did, didn't I?
And I still do.
Bye, Gina.
Queenie. Quickly, can we talk?
No, no, we cannot. Just give
me three minutes. No, fuck off.
Let me explain.
I said fuck off.
I did what I had to do to
save my marriage, Queenie.
How is your apology
all about you?
Do you even know what you did,
what you could've got away with?
Ted, you could've
ruined my life.
Yes, I know, and I'm
sorry. But I was
I wasn't thinking
about that, all right?
I was thinking about my
my child, my unborn child.
When you have kids, you might
understand what that means.
Don't let him draw
you back in. Whew!
Today is really one big test.
Can you hear yourself, Ted? Did
you hear how unwell you sound?
I know you are
angry. Angry? And
But maybe in time you, you
know, you could forgive me.
Forgive him?
And who knows? Maybe we
could be friends again, yeah?
Look, I'm gonna move
on with my life, OK?
And I'm gonna forget that
you ever existed. Don't be
Don't come near me.
Ow! Get the fuck away from
her, you big dickhead! Ow!
Men like you make me sick.
Go home to your wife, bastard!
I swear to God if you
come near Queenie again,
I will done your dance.
Do you understand?
Don't look at her!
Do you understand what I
am telling you? Yeah, yeah.
No, I understand, I understand.
Queenie, do you have any last words?
Do you know what? The sex
wasn't even worth the stress.
Pussy old dickhead.
Look at you. The stroke
game weren't worth it.
It's good?
It's pagan.
Hi, Queenie. It's
Jasmila from The Top Set.
I hope you don't mind me reaching
out. We met at the exhibition.
Oh, no worries. Um, it's
nice to hear from you.
Listen, I just watched
the video you posted.
I like how meaningfully you
approach something so ordinary.
It's definitely something I'd
love to feature on the platform.
The Top Set? Are you serious?
Of course. Between us, I'll be
expanding in the next few months,
and it'll be good to chat
and see what your plans are.
Yeah, definitely. Um,
thank you so much. Thank
you for thinking of me.
Speak soon.
You all right, Queenie?
Why you screaming?
Sorry, Sorry.
I'm good.
You scared to come
out or something? No!
No, I'm not. But
what if I was? Hmm?
You shouldn't anxiety-shame
people, Diana.
How many people are
down there, though?
Did you not invite your mum?
No, I I didn't.
Do you know what Khadijah says?
What? What does Khadijah say?
She says, "You have
to let go to be free."
She loves you bare, and
I know you love her too.
I don't know why you try
and firm that all the time.
Something to think about.
Come on, let's go.
I think Grandad's waved.
I think I mixed the
punch labels up.
Wilfred, take water.
Water? Cut it!
Off the music.
Disconnect, you.
Gather round, gather round,
Speech time.
So, as we all know, we're
gathered here today.
It's not a wedding, Mum.
Hush, Diana.
Anyway, before I start,
has anyone got anything they'd
like to say to our dear Queenie?
I'd like to say something,
and I have a gift for you.
Wilfred, bring the bag.
Open it. Open it, Queenie.
We don't have all day.
OK, yeah.
Oh! Are you sure?
It made me feel at home.
Maybe it will do
the same for you.
Thank you.
Well, I wouldn't give it to
you if you didn't deserve it.
What else could I give
you on your new beginning?
And you've had a hard time,
as we all know.
I know you're not into
this "strong" business,
but you are strong.
You're not strong
because you're tough
or because you don't feel pain.
You are strong because
you're not afraid
to say that you are
And I have learned
a lot from you, so,
think of Grandma when you
play your songs on this
in the way that I
always think of you.
Uh, I think that's, er, enough
of the speeches for now,
but thank you,
everyone, for coming.
Means a lot.
Well, at least let
me close in prayer.
Where's my anointing oil?
I already blessed the house
before you come, Maggie.
To Queenie.
ALL: To Queenie!
REGGAE: And then they ask
what a good woman is made of
She's not afraid
and ashamed of
Who she is
She's royal, yeah
So royal
And I need her in my life
I never knew anyone
So one of a kind♪
How you doing, Grandad?
Hey, the soil is good.
The way the world
looking right now,
you need to start growing
your own vegetables.
Well, this is a balcony,
and I don't think I can
grow my own potatoes here.
What? Your neighbour
no like potato?
Still, this is a nice little
spot you have here though.
It's all right.
So, er
..how your talking going?
Oh, it's been good. I, I mean
Well, not good.
It's been hard.
But good for me.
It's funny.
The day you turned up with
all your things in boxes
..you had this look in your eye.
You kept telling
me you were fine,
but I knew the truth.
The same look your
mother had in her eye
when that bastard Roy was
hitting her so hard
..she nearly never get back up.
She told me she was fine too
..but I knew she wasn't.
And as a father,
as a grandfather,
it's hard
when you see that look in the
eyes of the girls you love
with every breath in your body.
And both times
..I felt like I failed.
Like I didn't do enough to protect
either of you from the world.
But you pushed through,
the same way your
mother pushed through.
Look how she won
that court case.
I know forgiveness is hard,
but I've seen you conquer
things that were much harder.
I am not a man of
many words, Queenie.
I am not as strong as
you, or your mother,
or your grandmother.
But just know
..I love you all.
And you all,
and Maggie
and Diana
..are the things I am most
proud of in this world.
Ah, right.
Let me go in and get
some of that rum punch.
Where's that Frank? I like him.
Oh, he couldn't make it.
That's a shame. Yeah.
Don't stay out here too long.
Come on. Woo!
I knew I put too much
rum in that punch.
It's Chi DaKid, up
in the building.
Come on, Yeah, we're
gonna get crazy tonight.
Uh, get ready to wind
me up within the walls
of the house of
the house warming.
Woo! Come on. Woo! Hey! Hey!
It's Chi DaKid. Gonna
wrack it up, yeah?
Come on. Where my bitches at?
Enough of that chat,
enough of that chat!
This is the holy rap.
And if you don't like
that just sit at the back.
This is the holy rap.
Go Grandma.
ALL: Go Grandma, Go Grandma
He showed up.
What you saying? Good, yeah?
Thought you couldn't make it.
Happy house-warming, Big Q.
Party's over, so you failed.
Tried to finish my last
job on time, but
I thought, you know,
thought you might have, um,
been on one of those hot dates.
I got you something.
Again? How many presents
are you gonna get me?
Stop complaining, man.
Oh, for goodness' sake.
You did not have to do this.
Got your name written on them
and everything. I can see.
Mm. Thank you. This is lovely.
It's all good.
And now if you leave
one in my van, 20 more.
It was one time. Oh, yeah,
bro. Just relax? Mm-hm.
So, this girl you're seeing,
is she OK with you, you know,
giving another woman
personalised stationery?
There's no girl, Queenie.
Yeah, all right, I've been on
a couple dates here and there,
but she isn't what I want.
I just, I don't know,
I don't want to be one of
them guys that lets you down.
And I know you got
trust issues and
Look, I need you
to know that I'm
..never, ever even nearly
gonna treat you the way that
guy treated your mum, like
..just know that.
I know. I do, yeah. OK.
It's just that, whatever
we decide to do,
I just need I need to
I just need time.
I'm someone that needs time,
and I need a lot of patience.
Well, it's like I said
..I feel like you always
knew who you were,
even if you're still
figuring it out.
What's a dance break? OK. Hun?
I read somewhere that, er, dancing
increases your serotonin levels.
OK. So I added a five-minute
dance break into my daily routine,
but I was just trying something.
It doesn't Step up.
It was just an
idea. No, I hear it.
It doesn't mean anything. I
hear it. No, no, it's cute.
All right, well, come on then.
No, no, no. What are you?
Hold on? Let's do it. Let's go.
Oh, my gosh. We are in public.
What on earth?
Can you actually stop?
I have new neighbours.
Oh, this looks
familiar. Oh, does it?
Remember this from
the club, yeah? Yeah.
Like, how I remember you just,
er, coming in and doing this.
Where no man don't go.
A love I never felt,
now I feel for you, why?
Willing to swallow each
and every ounce of my pride
Everything you do
I wanna feel again
Ain't no use for
us to pretend, why?
Why don't we, why can't we?
Why don't we, why can't we?
Why don't we fall in love?
Why can't we fall
Why don't we fall in love?
Fall in love♪
What are you doing here?
Can we talk?
RADIO: That was
a little classic.
The Summer of Love
has officially begun.
Where will you be?
Who will you be with?
Next up, traffic.
I'm glad you came.
Look, I need I
need to say, um
Go on, Mum.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry if anything I did ever
made you feel like
you weren't enough.
The world does that
already. No, let me finish.
I should have put you first.
And I know I didn't do the
best. I did the best I could,
but it wasn't good enough.
Not for you.
You are the most special
girl in the world, Queenie.
You've changed the history
of this family, my girl
..just by being you.
I haven't really done
anything special.
You have.
Trust me.
And I
..I hope you can forgive me.
I love you, Mum.
And I love me, too.
Burning myself on
the way back to me
No, honestly
God knows it hurts
Not enough or too much
I'm trying looking out
for the silver lining
I promise to give back to you
On the way back to me
Give back to you on
the way back to me. ♪
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