Queens Of Mystery (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

Sparring with Death: Final Chapter

NARRATOR: Previously
on "Queens of Mystery"
The next director of the
Wildemarsh Wellness Retreat
will be Grace Mulberry.
[ Hissing ]
I can't get out!
Have you heard?
[ Gasps ]
Where were you last night?
At home.
My sister owns this place,
and I demand to know
what's going on, irregardless.
CAT: I heard she won the money
to buy this place
in a poker game.
Cat Stone to see Lucky Jim.
Can you explain why we found
one of your false nails
in the maintenance room
and Grace Mulberry's pass card
in your bedroom?
Someone must have planted them.
"the formal engagement
of their daughter
to Dr. Daniel Lynch."
- Shall we?
- Please.
Was her husband in the police?
JANE: Target on the move.
Yasmin Hayes couldn't have
killed Dr. Isherwood.
I'm her alibi.
Our finances have taken
a bit of a hit recently.
If we close, even temporarily,
it'll sink the place.
The Yasmin Hayes we arrested
isn't who she says she is.
She's using a false name.
[ Gasps ]
[ Panting ]
She's dead.
[ Theme music plays ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Despite knowing there was
a dead body
awaiting his forensic eye,
Dr. Daniel Lynch
was at least grateful
the occasion would allow him
further opportunity
to explain to Matilda
the circumstances surrounding
his recent engagement.
Or so he thought.
Natasha, what are you doing?
I agreed to lend a hand
until the calvary arrived.
Anyway, she was poisoned.
And I'm off for my beauty sleep.
Inspector, Margo.
What do we know
about the deceased?
Unusually, sir, less than
we did an hour ago.
We thought her name
was Yasmin Hayes,
but that turns out to be false.
PC Foster's searching her room
for clues now.
The deceased was undergoing
when she started
having difficulty breathing.
The therapist, Grace Mulberry,
raised the alarm,
but by the time I arrived,
she was dead.
[ Romantic music plays ]
- Your assessment, Dr. Lynch?
-[ Music stops ]
LYNCH: Could be poisoning.
Equally, it could be
anaphylactic shock.
I'll know more after
the post mortem.
The evidence suggests
the former.
It's the packaging
for the acupuncture needles.
There's tiny puncture marks
suggesting a substance
was injected to coat the needle.
And you think this
Grace Mulberry unwittingly
administered it
while performing acupuncture?
It's a theory.
I finished searching
the deceased's room.
There's nothing to suggest
her real identity.
MATILDA: Mobile phone?
There's no sign of it,
but I did find this.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Crow caws ]
Cat Stone.
Well, I knew you couldn't
keep away from here forever.
I'm here for information,
not action.
Well, let's not be hasty.
Sit, please.
You hosted a poker game
about 20 years ago
where a woman called
Angela Isherwood
won half a million
from a high roller.
I remember.
I'd never seen either of them
before, never seen them since.
The high roller was worse
than you.
Bet thousands on hands he didn't
have a chance of winning with.
I need his name.
I could look it up for you,
but my members do so value
their privacy.
Or we could wait till your man
here goes on a break
and I could beat it
out of you.
Or you could change the habit
of a lifetime
and try beating me at poker.
Texas Hold'em or five-card draw?
Five-card draw.
That's me done for the moment.
I'll e-mail you
my initial findings.
About the engagement,
I just want--
Matilda. Dr. Lynch.
Sorry, George, I just need
another minute
with Sergeant Stone.
That's okay, George.
How can I help?
Wondered if I could have a word,
in private.
We're all colleagues here.
Say what you need to say.
I was wondering if you'd like
to go to dinner
with me tomorrow night.
Yes, that would be really nice.
Thank you, George.
I'll be in touch.
Dr. Lynch.
Oh, dear.
Looks as though I'm about
to take all your money again.
I'll see you
and raise you.
and the membership book.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
I've shown you mine,
now you show me yours.
You bet your precious motorbike
on a pair of lousy queens.
Not just one pair.
You can always count
on four queens
to get you out of trouble.
Now give me that name.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
What about your money?
Give it to a gambling charity
of your choice.
You heard the lady.
[ Mid-tempo music plays ]
Have a good day at work.
Sir, I wasn't expecting you.
I know you weren't, Stone,
What Inspector Thorne
wanted to say next was
I woke up this morning,
and for some inexplicable reason
all I wanna do is
[ Tango music plays ]
But what he chose to say was
I was passing and wondered
whether you found
- those missing mobiles.
- MATILDA: Not yet, sir.
But I've been going through
the phone company records
and it shows that Yasmin Hayes,
or whoever she was,
sent Dr. Isherwood text messages
on the day of her death,
but it doesn't say
what those texts were.
That's very good, Sergeant.
Well done.
I'll see you at the station.
We checked Yasmin against
the National Crime Database
when she was arrested.
Her fingerprints
came back negative,
but we're still
waiting on DNA.
Tell the lab to make it
a priority.
[ Clears throat ]
- Dr. Lynch.
- No toxicology report yet,
but I thought you
would want to know
that the autopsy
revealed the victim
was a heart transplant
The tablets we found
in her room,
could they be
Transplant patients have to take
them for life after surgery.
I have a question.
Why can't we use dental records
to find the victim's
real identity?
'Cause they're only used to
crosscheck someone's identity
once there's a name
linked with a body.
There is no national dental
database we can check against.
But there is a national
transplant database.
How long ago do you estimate
Yasmin had her heart transplant?
Judging by the age of her scars,
15 years ago, maybe longer.
Meaning she'd have been
a child at the time.
How many heart transplants
take place each year
on those under 16?
A handful.
If we compile a list
of patients on the database,
we match the victim's profile
at the time --
Then we can cross reference
those names
with her dental records
to find a match.
Well, don't just stand there,
Stone, get on with it.
Where did you learn
to do this stuff?
You'd be amazed what you can
learn at night school.
Why exactly are we breaking
into Dr. Isherwood's office?
Because we need to see
the text messages between her
and Yasmin Hayes
on the day of her death.
We don't have
either of their phones.
We don't need them.
[ Lock beeps, clicks ]
I've narrowed down the list
of heart transplant recipients
to 19.
Where do we start?
Contact dental practices
near their home address.
And if the dental records
match the victim,
it will reveal
her real identity.
- Clever.
- Let's get started.
JANE: Mobile phones are often
linked to computers
with apps that show
text messages on both devices.
Give me five minutes.
I'm sure
I can bypass the firewall.
Let me.
Dr. Isherwood mentioned her
poor memory when we first met.
People like her
tend to keep a list
of their passwords
close to hand.
[ Computer chimes ]
JANE: Open that picture file.
Oh, who's that naked man?
I'm not certain,
but I think I recognize
that mole on his inner thigh.
- Really?
- What?
I'm widowed, not dead.
I've got a hit.
The dental records match a woman
called Kelly Underfield.
According to
the transplant database,
she received a new heart
20 years ago.
Aged six.
Good work, Foster.
It was Sergeant Stone's idea.
Yes. Well done, Stone.
Terry, dig up everything you can
on Kelly Underfield.
I'm going to the retreat to see
if anyone's heard of her.
ANNOUNCER: And breathe
and stretch.
And breathe and stretch.
And breathe and stretch.
You joining us, ladies?
Could we talk to you?
ANNOUNCER: The breath is
the prana that powers your life.
Take five, ladies, okay?
I'll be back with you.
BETH: Care to explain why
the two women
who exchanged this photo
are now both dead?
I admit it, I'm a fraud.
I'm not a ladies man at all.
I married
my childhood sweetheart.
She passed away a few years ago,
and I found myself single
for the first time in my life.
But then I met Yasmin
and for a brief moment
I thought -- who am I kidding?
I don't know what I thought.
And the naked photo?
SWIFT: Yasmin kept asking me
to send her an intimate photo.
Naively, in the end,
I gave her what she wanted.
[ Scoffs ]
And I'm guessing that's when
things changed between you.
Yasmin threatened to send
the photo to Dr. Isherwood
unless I gave her money.
But you refused
to be blackmailed?
No, I gave her the money
but it wasn't enough.
She kept squeezing me for more
until I'd used up
my entire life savings,
nearly £7,000.
That evening, Yasmin rang to say
she'd text Dr. Isherwood
the photo.
It was just gone 10:00
when she rang.
I knew Dr. Isherwood would be
taking her nightly steam
and wouldn't have seen it yet.
I crept back in and went through
Dr. Isherwood's locker.
I was going to
delete the picture,
but her phone was locked,
so I took the phone instead.
And what about Yasmin's phone?
SWIFT: I used to my pass card
to enter her room
and stole it as she slept.
It's why we were arguing
Yasmin knew I had taken her
phone but couldn't prove it.
Look, I know
what I did was wrong.
I'm an idiot, but that doesn't
make me a killer.
[ Sighs ] Why do I
get the feeling
you two have been meddling?
We prefer to think of it
as supporting a loved one.
[ Vehicle approaches ]
The missing mobiles.
Stephen Swift had them
all along.
I'm going to need more detail.
BETH: It's a long story.
Oh, oh, I recognize that mole.
Please don't tell me you've
been supporting me as well.
The high roller Dr. Isherwood
won the money from
for this place, Paul Underfield.
He practically gave her
the cash.
You know him?
Yasmin Hayes' real name
was Kelly Underfield.
[ Cellphone rings ]
I've been looking into
Kelly Underfield's whereabouts.
No one's seen her in months.
- Put it on speakerphone.
- No.
Turns out Kelly was the sole
heir to a large inheritance,
but she had blown
through the lot.
And then I looked
at Kelly's bank accounts.
Two lots of £50,000 had been
deposited in the last few weeks.
The second one, on the morning
of Dr. Isherwood's murder,
and both came from
the Wellness Retreat.
Why would Dr. Isherwood
pay Kelly 100 grand?
Good work, Terry.
Rowena Walker's been keeping
secrets from me.
The payments to Yasmin
are not something
I'm in a position
to talk about.
Would you rather I brought
in a forensic accountant
while you wait things out
in a prison cell?
No, no, of course not.
Then I need the truth.
It's Alistair.
Dr. Isherwood's brother?
Have you ever experienced
love at first sight, Sergeant?
I might have.
I know we've nothing in common,
but Alistair has a good heart
and that's enough for me.
The only problem is
I've never had the courage
to tell him how I feel.
I can't make out a word
she's saying.
Oh, I need to go.
I'm hosting a party at 3:00.
Mattie's in the middle
of a double murder investigation
and you're hosting a party.
Yes. A face lift party.
Oh, can I come?
I've always done
the Retreat's books.
Two months ago,
I spotted £50,000
being siphoned out
of the company bank account.
Dr. Isherwood fobbed me off
the first time,
but when it happened again
a few days ago,
I demanded an explanation.
Is that what you
and Dr. Isherwood
were really arguing
about the other day?
Dr. Isherwood wouldn't
tell me why,
but said that Yasmin
was blackmailing Alistair.
- Alistair?
- WALKER: He went to her for help
and she agreed
to pay Yasmin off.
Dr. Isherwood knew I had
feelings for Alistair.
She told me he'd get
into terrible trouble
if I said anything.
You should have told me
the truth when I first asked.
I was worried you'd think he was
caught up in the murders.
And what about you?
You weren't angry with
Dr. Isherwood
for making Grace the next
Retreat director?
[ Cellphone rings ]
Dr. Lynch?
LYNCH: I've had the toxicology
results back
on Kelly Underfield.
It looks like
we were both right.
- Right how?
- She was poisoned
and she died
of anaphylactic shock.
She was injected with bee venom.
Bee venom?
LYNCH: I checked
her medical records.
She was allergic to bee stings.
Thanks, have the report
sent to the station.
[ Dial tone ]
Did you say bee venom?
We use it in our
facial treatments.
We keep a supply of it
in the medicine cabinet.
MATILDA: Do guests fill in a
medical questionnaire
- when they arrive?
- Always.
And who'd have access
to those records? The staff?
And probably any regular guests,
well, if they knew
where to look.
Where'd you keep the bee venom?
Over here.
What's that?
It's a security camera.
Dr. Isherwood was worried
someone was stealing.
She asked me to set it up
months ago.
As Matilda eyed
the hidden camera,
she couldn't help but feel
things were finally
coming into focus.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
What are we looking at?
Security footage from inside
the Retreat's medicine cabinet.
Dr. Isherwood was the only one
qualified to book out medicine.
So as well as blackmailing
Stephen Swift, Kelly,
aka Yasmin Hayes,
was also blackmailing
Alistair Isherwood,
who in turn was getting
his sister to foot the bill.
Looks like it, sir.
That's not Dr. Isherwood.
That's her brother Alistair.
He's the one
who has been stealing.
And he had reason to want
Kelly Underfield dead.
Why would he want
to kill his sister?
Maybe he was angry that Grace
was promoted instead of him.
By killing Dr. Isherwood,
he inherits the Retreat
and can be in charge.
Put a BOLO out
for Alistair Isherwood.
I want him found and
brought in for questioning.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Doorbell rings ]
It's party time.
[ Bell dings ]
[ Whimsical music plays ]
Should we run after him?
Going somewhere, Mr. Isherwood?
THORNE: Do you want to tell us
about this?
It's just a sideline,
a chance to earn
a bit of extra cash.
Did your sister know
what you were up to?
Not to start with, but yes,
eventually she found out.
I can't imagine it was easy
growing up
in your sister's shadow.
She was so good at everything.
And that made you jealous.
No, I admired it.
Despite what everyone thinks,
I'm not stupid.
I know that
if it wasn't for Angela,
I wouldn't have this job.
I just I wanted to have
something of my own.
- Something I was good at.
- But then Yasmin found out
about your illegal
face lift parties.
You have to be
level six qualified
to administer
the dermal fillers.
And I failed the test
three times.
Yasmin knew I'd be struck
off the nursing register
if word got out.
Please, please,
please let me just explain.
She threatened to blab
unless I gave her money.
Problem was I was broke.
So you went to your sister.
Alistair, for God's sake.
ALISTAIR: I'd not seen Angela
that mad since we were kids.
And she agreed to pay Yasmin
Yasmin only wanted £10,000.
I think you were angry
your sister was going to promote
Grace Mulberry instead of you,
so you killed her.
- No.
- Then you planted the false nail
and the missing pass card
to make it look like
- Yasmin Hayes was the killer.
- No.
And when that failed,
you tainted acupuncture needles
with bee venom stolen
from the medicine cabinet
so that Grace Mulberry would
inadvertently poison Yasmin.
I wouldn't. I couldn't.
This is you stealing supplies
from the medicine cabinet.
Oh, you've got it all wrong.
I was stealing hyaluronic acid
for the dermal fillers.
I'd never hurt Angela.
I loved her.
You had the means, motive, and
opportunity for both murders.
- No.
- Alistair Isherwood,
I'm charging you with the
murders of Dr. Angela Isherwood
and Kelly Underfield,
also known as Yasmin Hayes.
No, please.
I didn't do it.
JANE: I'm having dinner with
Beth and Cat later.
You're welcome to join us
if you'd like?
Sorry, no, I'm fine, thanks.
I promised the inspector
I'd have all the paperwork
done by morning.
Do you really think
Alistair is guilty?
Inspector Thorne says
it's the court's job
to decide guilt or innocent,
ours is to gather
and present the evidence.
Sounds like you think
the killer is still out there.
Everything points to Alistair
being the murderer.
My head tells me
it's him, but
Your heart tells you
something different.
It was at that precise moment
that Matilda thought
she might be onto something.
My heart tells me
something different.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
And a heartbeat later
when she knew she was.
They match.
The dates, they all match.
- Where are you going?
- The station.
Do we have to go to this
keep fit class?
It will be good for us.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Oh, it's Jane.
- Matilda's onto something.
- Did she say what?
JANE: No, just something about
the dates matching,
and then she was off.
-[ Intercom chimes ]
- ANNOUNCER: Attention,
the healthy heart workout
begins in two minutes
in the dance studio.
What is that noise?
It's just the intercom
announcing the start
of our healthy heart workout.
Healthy heart workout?
Oh, I need one of you to come
with me to Dr. Lynch's practice.
Oh, yeah, me, me, I'll go.
It looks like
you've got a reprieve.
- Yeah.
- Bye.
Oh, am I too late
for an appointment?
I was heading home.
It won't take long.
I'll wait here.
Take a seat.
What seems to be the problem?
Well, I've been having
these dizzy spells
and I almost fainted
last week.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Computer chimes ]
[ Objects clatter ]
Did you hear that?
Oh, oh, my head's spinning.
I think I'm having another one
of my turns.
Oh, you know what?
I'm feeling much better.
Thanks, doc.
You're a miracle worker.
I haven't done anything.
It must be the placebo effect.
Thank you.
Despite a desire to believe
the best of people,
Dr. Daniel Lynch couldn't help
but feel his affections
for all things
related to Matilda
had ironically been
taken advantage of
by those directly
related to her.
Affections he now felt
compelled to act upon.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Anybody there?
Where's Grace?
She was in the maintenance room.
Show me.
It's this way.
[ Jug clatters ]
Why would she switch off
the state room's fire alarm?
Call the fire brigade.
Get everybody out.
Where are you going?
To stop Grace Mulberry
from burning this place
to the ground.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
I'm sorry, Beth.
I couldn't let you
get in the way of my plans.
By the time these chlorine
tablets react with the alcohol
and start the fire,
I'll be long gone.
Why do you want to
burn the place down?
Why would I want to burn down
the Retreat?
Because it was built
with blood money.
Stay back.
One step closer,
we all go up in flames.
Everyone gather
on the flagstones.
Have you seen Matilda?
She's gone to the state room.
MATILDA: Kelly Underfield wasn't
only blackmailing
Stephen Swift and Alistair,
she was also blackmailing
Dr. Isherwood.
You and your parents weren't
the only people
in that car accident.
You had a younger brother,
who like you ended up in a coma
in Dr. Isherwood's
intensive care unit.
Kelly was six at the time.
She had a genetic
heart condition
and she had been waiting years
for a heart transplant.
With Kelly days from death,
her father heard
about your story,
and I'm betting he bribed
Dr. Isherwood
to give Kelly Miles's heart.
Tell me I'm wrong.
Dr. Isherwood made it look like
Miles wasn't gonna pull through.
She switched off
his life support
so that his heart could be used
to save Kelly's life.
And Dr. Isherwood used
Paul Underfield's bribe
to set up the Wellness Retreat.
- LYNCH: Natasha.
- Daniel, what're you doing here?
- Where's Matilda?
- Oh.
Please. It's important.
I think she's in the state room.
Daniel? Daniel?!
When did you realize
Kelly had your brother's heart?
Not long after I saw
her heart transplant scar.
Therapists are like
Customers like to tell you
their life story.
She kept going on about
how ill she'd been as a child.
How she had this big
heart transplant operation,
but she didn't stop there.
She bragged about how
before her father died,
he passed on his big secret
about he saved her life.
He boasted about paying
an intensive care doctor
half a million to switch off
some dying kid's
life support early
so that Kelly
could have his heart.
It was like she was proud of it.
And you knew that doctor
was Angela Isherwood.
The dates of Miles's death
and Kelly's operation
were too close for it
to be a coincidence.
It had to be her.
So you planned your revenge.
Wouldn't you?
If you found out
someone you trusted
had been lying to you
your whole life.
Everything Dr. Isherwood
did for me,
it was born out of guilt
for killing my brother.
But why frame Kelly
for Dr. Isherwood's murder?
Miles was
too good for this world.
Kelly didn't deserve his heart.
She was rotten to the core.
Which is why when my aunts
uncovered an alibi for Kelly,
you decided to kill her as well.
LYNCH: Matilda!
Say goodbye to your aunt,
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Siren wails ]
Grace had been one step
ahead of us this whole time.
Feeding us suspects while
deflecting suspicion
from herself.
When Lord Overshaw supplied
an alibi for Yasmin,
AKA Kelly Underfield,
Grace decided to kill her
as well
and set Alistair up
for both murders.
But why Alistair?
Dr. Isherwood promoting Grace
instead of Alistair
gave him motive
plus Grace was the one who
set up the security camera
in the medicine cabinet.
When she saw footage of Alistair
stealing the hyaluronic acid,
she knew she could use it
to make us believe
he was the one
who stole the bee venom.
With everything in place,
Grace killed Kelly Underfield
and made it look like
she'd been duped
into administering
the fatal poison.
And Dr. Isherwood went through
with the charade
that she won all the money
in a poker game --
Because she knew
it would be impossible
to hide a £500,000 bribe.
Money won in licensed
gambling premises in the UK
is tax free and totally legit.
It was the perfect way
for her to launder the money
without drawing suspicion,
especially as no one knew
who she won the money from.
Until Cat uncovered the truth.
Dr. Isherwood thought
it was all in the past,
but it all came back
to haunt her
when Kelly Underfield
booked into the Retreat
under a false name
and started blackmailing her.
Well done on getting your man,
I mean woman.
Thank you, sir.
I'll expect a full report
on my desk by the morning.
THORNE: Ladies.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
[ Soothing music plays ]
Oh, do hurry up, Mummy.
Oh, you'll be fine.
I don't know why
I've put on weight
since I've been here, sweet pea.
Must be my metabolism.
Beth, do you have a moment?
See you in a sec.
Thank you for everything
you've done.
I'd still be under arrest
if it weren't for you.
There's still the matter
of the face lift parties.
I've decided to take
early retirement,
and I've written
to the Nursing Board
this morning
to let them know.
And what about this place?
It's mine in name, but I'm going
to leave the day-to-day
running to our new
Retreat Director.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
The Retreat's reputation
has taken a serious blow,
but I'm determined
to turn that around.
Thanks again for everything.
Did you ever tell Alistair
how you feel about him?
Decided against it.
After recent events,
I've started thinking
that the idea of love
at first sight
is a load of old nonsense.
It's time I moved on
with my life.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have a Wellness Retreat
to run.
What did loverboy want?
He asked you out?
Well, there's no need
to look quite so surprised.
He figured I'd already
seen him naked,
so what's the worst
that could happen?
Well, I hope you said no.
I said I'd think about it.
Well, I'll ring him later
and let him down gently.
Very sensible.
I just don't think
he's your type, that's all.
Although looking forward
to her date with George,
Matilda knew she wouldn't
be able to enjoy the evening
until she had first
the marital history of
a certain person of interest,
the resident of 33 Brick Lane.
[ Somber music plays ]
[ Doorbell rings ]
Edith Bryant?
Sorry to bother you.
I'm Matilda Stone.
I was wondering,
was your husband
Chief Inspector Bryant?
I think you must be mistaken.
I've never been married.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
[ Lock clicks ]
And while Matilda considered
ringing Edith Bryant's doorbell
for a second time,
her Aunt Beth was considering
a ring of
a very different kind.
[ Down-tempo music plays ]
Hi, Stephen.
It's Beth Stone.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm afraid I can't make dinner.
But I wouldn't say no
to a drink sometime.
Matilda, sorry.
I mucked up.
There's a private party tonight.
They can't give us a table.
No, no, no,
the sign's all wrong.
It needs to be higher.
I specifically told you
not to invite
any of your work colleagues.
I mean, I ask you to do one
Seeing Daniel, Matilda wondered
if the notion of love
at first sight was,
as Rowena Walker
so eloquently put it,
a load of old nonsense
and whether, like Rowena,
it was time she too moved on.
Don't worry about it.
Let's eat at the Crepe Gatsby
tonight instead.
- You don't mind?
- Of course not.
Come on.
Goodbye, Daniel.
Yes, that's right.
GEORGE: Matilda, quick question.
Do you always walk that slowly?
Oh, your shoe lace is undone.
Last one to the restaurant
pays for dinner.
Hang on, that's not fair.
Despite attempts to move on
with their lives,
the recent return of Matilda
has forced certain
local residents
to relive what we shall call
less virtuous aspects
of their past.
I panicked.
Aspects of their past
they hoped
had long since been buried.
I didn't know what else to say.
What am I gonna do
when she finds out the truth?
Are you still there?
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Crow caws ]
[ Theme music plays ]
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