Queens Of Mystery (2019) s02e03 Episode Script

The Modern Art of Murder: First Chapter

[ Slow music plays ]
NARRATOR: Although Matilda had
the most fun, with a capital F,
at her Aunt Cat's,
the letter G for "grief"
was never far behind.
On this occasion, the grief
caused by a gradual fading
from memory
of her vanished mother's face.
It fell to Cat, who daily felt
the absence
of her own daughter, Annie,
to explain to our young heroine
that although life
is often messy
it's how you deal with it
that counts.
[ Matilda giggles ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Typewriter keys clacking ]
[ Caws ]
[ Birds chirping ]
Watch the road.
[ Tires screech ]
For goodness' sake!
Sorry, Cat.
Think I just saw a streaker.
In Wildemarsh?
Surely not.
[ Gasps ]
It would be great
if me and my artwork
could get to the gallery
in one piece.
Though Wildemarsh had always
been known for books,
this edgy modern newcomer
intended to change
that perception.
And Cat, the only local artist
whose work had any edge to it,
was a small part
of their grand plan.
They've spelled "Edge" wrongly.
CAT: It's back to front.
It's intentional.
How do you say it -- "egg-deee"?
The letters don't work.
It's not a word.
BETH: Look at this place.
Now, don't pretend you're not
even a little bit excited
to be invited.
More excited about
the free booze.
GEORGE: "Dear Matilda
loving my time working
with Health Across the Globe
Thinking of home and you."
- Matilda.
- Daniel.
GEORGE: "Love, George."
- Hi.
Ah, Stone.
Had multiple reports
of a streaker in the area.
I would send P.C. Foster,
but he's off this morning,
and I'm late
for the Inter-District Golf Cup.
Don't worry, sir.
I've seen a naked man before.
-[ Clears throat ]
- Yes, well,
of -- of course you have.
You're a grown woman.
Of course you've seen
a naked man before.
Unless that's not your thing.
Which is fine, obviously,
but notentirely obvious.
Um, what I'm saying is,
I'm sure you can handle him.
It. Handle it.
Better be off.
Yes. Good luck.
[ Clears throat ]
CAT: Careful.
Just -- Oh.
-[ Thud ]
-[ Sighs ]
Cat Stone. Am I right?
- CAT: Yeah.
- Una Lowe.
I run a commercial space
in London.
- The Lowe Down Gallery?
- Oh, hi.
My pal Vanessa's been banging on
about a fab local artist
she'd found
for the opening of "Eg-da."
Oh, that's how you say it.
We'll take this in for you.
So you deal in contemporary art?
20th century onwards.
-[ Camera shutter clicks ]
- Hmm.
-[ Camera shutter clicks ]
- Despite being
perhaps the richest artist
in Britain,
working-class agitator
Keith Kane
still got a kick
from waggling his
- WILLIAM: Beautiful, yeah.
What about this?
Yeah, lift -- lift the sign
a bit, Keith.
Lift the sign!
- KEITH: Yeah?
- WILLIAM: Yes. There.
- Nice.
-[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Horn honks ]
[ Laughs ]
-[ Vehicle door closes ]
- Won't be long, bruv.
I know.
Detective Sergeant Stone,
Marsh Valley Police.
Now get out of the road
and put some clothes on.
This is state censorship!
Keep filming, Will.
- Camera down, please, sir.
-[ Saxophone plays ]
When their eyes met,
Matilda momentarily forgot
about the naked man
5 feet and 2 inches away
and was swept up in a feeling
she had not experienced
since her first encounter
with Dr. Daniel Lynch.
Too much?
WILLIAM: It's safe
to look again now, Officer.
I take it this is
a publicity stunt
for the opening
of the new E-G-D-E gallery?
A rozzer who's into art.
My aunt's paintings
are part of it.
Well, I'm sure she'd agree --
It's our job
to challenge through our work.
Maybe, but it's my job
to enforce
Section Five
of the Public Order Act.
I'm sorry, Officer. We didn't
mean to break any laws.
I will take my boss
back to Egde,
and I'll keep him
out of trouble.
As Keith Kane was forced
to cover up,
Vanessa Mills
was rather anxious
about exposing her new venture
to the art world.
No, gallery two.
[ Sighs ]
Excuse me.
The private view
doesn't start till 2:00.
Oh, we're Cat Stone's sisters,
here helping to get
her work in situ.
VANESSA: Ah, yes.
I have three Stones on
the list -- Annie, Beth, Jane.
We're Beth and Jane.
Oh, welcome.
Have a listing.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You must excuse me.
Final touches.
Cat invited Annie?
- Did you know?
- No.
And that wasn't the only secret
being discussed in Wildemarsh.
Two men, both bound for Egde,
were also privately plotting.
I'm expecting the money
to be paid
in two tranches as agreed, yes?
Yep. 80% to
your new Swiss bank account,
and I have a check for the rest.
Good. And my sure my wi--
my soon-to-be ex-wife
make sure she sees that check
today, okay?
[ Sighs ] You're asking
for trouble, Fintan.
And so was Vanessa when she
filed for divorce. [ Chuckles ]
WOMAN: Take all power.
WOMAN #2: Take all power.
Yes, I can.
That looks therapeutic.
It does rather.
WOMAN #1: Take all power.
Here's the flyer
for my upcoming show.
You shouldcheck it out.
My number's on the back.
I will.
Robert Cox.
Major collector.
And one of my best clients.
[ Gasps ] Robert.
[ Laughs ]
Money, money, and more money
ruled the world
of the modern art.
And it just so happened
Robert Cox was made of it.
I am thrilled
that you could make it.
You are a fab friend.
Though the provenance
of his great wealth
had, thus far,
remained a mystery.
I wouldn't have missed it
for the world.
- How's rural life treating you?
- Oh, it's been brilliant.
And a welcome distraction
from this hideous divorce.
10,000 likes already, baby!
- VANESSA: Oh! You're a gem!
-[ Applause ]
Oh, Stone.
What happened to the streaker?
Publicity stunt
for that new art gallery, sir.
I issued a warning. Looks like
you've had a successful morning.
Second prize, I'm afraid.
A prize is a prize, sir.
All your practice paid off.
That's a result.
Well, if you think it
we could display it.
Thank you, Sergeant.
[ Clicks tongue ]
He's handsome.
JANE: Yes, but he's
far too young for you.
He's closer to Matilda's age.
Shifting art's hard work.
Tell me about it.
[ Laughs ]
I am William.
I'm Keith Kane's assistant.
- Beth.
- And Jane Stone.
Oh, I think I met another
of your relatives earlier --
a police sergeant.
Ah, Mattie, our niece.
I hope you weren't in trouble.
Me? No.
[ Chuckles ]
But trouble
is kind of Kane's thing.
She dealt with him
better than most, though.
She has a knack
with difficult people.
No idea why.
Oh, there you are.
We should go back and change.
I don't want to be late
for the preview.
Oh. Bye.
As the Stone sisters
headed home to dress up,
Fintan Boyle was preparing
to give
his soon-to-be-ex wife
a financial dressing down.
[ Woman speaking indistinctly
in distorted voice]
That train journey down here
lasted longer
than the bloody Renaissance.
This is a private viewing,
And you most definitely
were not invited.
As if I'm here to see you
or your sad little cowshed
of a gallery.
Now, where did I put
that brochure? Ah.
Yes. F.Y.I. --
My deal with Cox means
that work by my best students
will be exhibited
for my lifetime. [ Laughs ]
NARRATOR: Although Fintan Boyle
had saved the nation
from some deeply subpar art,
Kane and Yetao,
as former students,
still bore the scars
of his brutal teaching methods.
FINTAN: Mm. Impressive.
It's, uh, very you.
Devoid of style,
meaning, or wit.
the terms of our divorce
mean that half of the proceeds
are mine.
[ Clears throat ]
Is this some sort of a joke?
Those artworks
are worth 10 times that!
Mm, true, but, see, a man's
legacy is far more important.
Don't think I won't fight this.
I'm about to phone my lawyer.
Oh, be my guest.
ROBERT: Vanessa.
- Was that necessary, Fintan?
- Hmm?
On the day
of her gallery launch?
Oh, I thought so, yes.
Oh, and, Una, you seem to have
developed quite the knack
for uncovering
lost masterpieces.
You really must take me
to this magic yard sale
you've found sometime.
Well, uh, I've been very lucky.
Yes. Very lucky.
Oh. [ Laughs ]
Shame that wasn't lost, as well.
Not that it's a masterpiece.
[ Laughs ] Ducks.
Looking awfully infantile now,
Keith, eh?
[ Laughs ]
Maybe you should learn to duck!
That's for the endless torment
you put me
and all
the other students through,
not to mention Vanessa.
You bullying little nobody!
You'd be a second-rate painter
and decorator
- if it weren't for me.
-[ Keith grunts ]
Keith, Keith.
He's not worth it.
Whilst Keith Kane
and Fintan Boyle
practiced radical honesty
at Egde,
back at
Wildemarsh Police Station,
Matilda was inadvertently
catching Mrs. Edith Bryant
in a lie.
It appeared she had, in fact,
known Inspector Bryant
quite well.
I've never been married.
I'm sorry. I have to go.
Big trouble in the art world.
Keith, apparently the police
are on their way.
Call me back.
You seen this?
You should.
You're in it.
You and nine other men.
Don't let Boyle get
in your head, Yetao.
You're a star.
Enjoy it!
Oh, I intend to.
While Yetao knew instantly
how to concoct a revenge,
had she known of the imminent
arrival of Wildemarsh's finest,
she might have reconsidered
the timing of her retribution.
[ Groans ]
[ Breathes deeply ]
Oh, no.
Your turn to attack me now, huh?
Revenge of the ex-students
part deux, is it?
Just thought
you could use a drink.
Cheap plonk.
All there was, I'm afraid.
Mmno, it's disgusting.
[ Groans ]
I'm Vanessa Mills,
owner of Egde.
D.S. Stone and P.C. Foster.
We've had reports of an assault?
Assault's a strong word.
Keith was entirely provoked.
- Keith Kane?
- Yes.
Second time today
I've had to deal with Mr. Kane.
Where is he now?
He seems to have gone walkies.
this bargain basement champagne
she just handed to me
tastes like a
[Spits] chemical toilet.
How can you serve it
to your guests, Vanessa?
It took remarkably little
detection on Matilda's part
to see why someone might want
to punch Fintan Boyle.
Mr. Boyle, I'm D.S. Stone.
- YETAO: I'll leave you to it.
- Yeah.
He's barely hurt, Detective.
Is this really a police matter?
I want Kane in chains!
[ Whirring ]
-[ Humming ]
- MATILDA: Pretty sure
you were gonna
keep him out of trouble.
I kind of dropped the ball
on that one.
Sorry, Sergeant Stone.
He won't have gone far.
There's no way he'll miss
the unveiling of his new work.
When is that?
The doors open in an hour
and a half.
Then we'll wait.
Terry, keep watch
at the main entrance.
On it, Sarge.
I guess this is the paint
drying part of your job?
Yeah, I guess it is.
Let me know
when you hear from him.
Yes, ma'am.
[ Sighs ]
- You look great.
- Yeah?
Think there's some
important people coming,
so I just wanna get it right.
I'll see you there.
Oh, I do hope Annie turns up.
You and me both.
[ Gasps ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
I reckon you'll be pleased,
Mr. Cox.
Ooh. Ahh.
10 grand.
[ Gasping ]
Glad I found out about you,
Now how do you feel
about doing me an O'Keeffe?
[ Tense music plays ]
What's he doing?
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
[ Indistinct whispering ]
Have you told your new best mate
Boyle about our business?
- Why the hell would I?
- Well, he knows.
If he does,
I'll deal with him.
[ Panting ]
I'd be more relaxed
if we weren't doing this
with the police here.
ROBERT: They wouldn't know
which way to hang it up,
let alone if it's real.
Fintan! Fintan!
You're going cuckoo.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Fintan screams ]
[ Upbeat music plays ]
Moonlighting as a doorman,
Police business.
Matilda's inside.
NARRATOR: Surveying the guests,
who ranged from
the obscenely fashionable
to the fashionably rich,
Cat ascertained that
the one VIP she wanted to see
had not yet arrived.
Whiskey, no ice, please.
Thank you.
NARRATOR: And her daughter,
Annie, wasn't the only no show.
Keith Kane also remained
inconveniently unaccounted for.
William, where is he?
I need Keith here in the flesh!
I'll call him again.
WOMAN: Vanessa. Oh, wow!
This is fantastic!
How many steps today?
Only 9,000?
Eat that and then
it's steamed veg for a week.
Is Mr. Kane back?
No. But he will be here.
He loves to make
a dramatic entrance.
Look, I hope this isn't weird,
but would you go out
to dinner with me, tonight?
Yes. I'd like that.
fellow culture vultures.
Welcome to this first preview
of my Egde.
Thank you.
So without further ado,
I would like to unveil
an extraordinary new work
by Keith Kane in gallery one.
[ Woman gasps ]
So, what do you all think?
I reckon I ducking killed it!
NARRATOR: After a lifetime spent
demanding originality,
to become a part in death
of such a blatant rehash
of old work
by his most famous student
would have enraged
the late Fintan Boyle.
Some bruising to the face.
Bloodshot eyes.
Seems likely the victim
was asphyxiated using this
Time of death?
He's been dead a couple of hours
I'd say.
I first spoke to Fintan Boyle
at 11:15
and the preview guests
starting arriving at 2:00 PM.
So our suspects are the people
at Egde between those times.
THORNE: What about your aunts?
They were at Murder InK
getting changed.
All this happened
right under your nose.
MATILDA: It would seem so, sir.
When I cautioned Kane in town,
that's what was written
on his placard.
THORNE: "Am I art?" Hmm.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
NEWSREADER: Fintan Boyle had
been a professional
You both need to see this.
NEWSREADER: at the Academy of
Arts for nearly 25 years.
Among his top students
were Keith Kane
Meanwhile, 66 miles, 81 feet,
and a smidgen short
of 10 inches away,
Tanya Shaw was about
to visit her local library
to return some long-overdue
adventure novels.
When suddenly,
her plans changed.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
THORNE: Never had to worry
about a crime scene going viral
when I first joined the force.
I've been meaning to ask you,
did you know
Inspector Bryant back then?
NARRATOR: What Inspector Thorne
wanted to say next was
I've always known that one day
this question
would come from you.
And the truth is,
I worshiped that man.
And therein lies the rub.
For how can you really know
those that you place so high
upon a pedestal
But what he chose to say was
You've got a murder
to investigate, Stone.
This is not the appropriate time
for a stroll down memory lane.
You're right, sorry, sir.
I'll get on with the interviews.
Vanessa Mills has volunteered
her office.
Please remove your sunglasses.
[ Sighs ]
Thank you.
Where did you go after
you assaulted Fintan Boyle?
around the cemetery.
Anyone witnessed you
on that walk?
Other than the dead
If they did, I didn't see 'em.
Let's discuss your relationship
with the deceased.
Yeah, I can see
where this is going.
Look, it's one thing
to chuck a punch,
murder's not my style.
And I haven't forgotten
what Fintan did for me.
Gave me my career.
How's that exactly?
I was a student of his
at Pennysmith Academy of Art.
End of the course, he convinced
the London art world
I was the next big thing.
Launched me.
And yet you clapped
when you saw his corpse.
I couldn't see him.
There were people in the way,
I wouldn't have otherwise.
The old me might've done,
stir things up a bit.
yeah, I'm not like that anymore.
Did you know Fintan Boyle
was coming?
No, that was a nasty surprise.
Why'd you think he did?
For the sport of it.
To get back at Vanessa
for finally leaving him.
Shortly before he walked
into my fist, he told her
he was selling a bunch
of their art off on the cheap.
She's owed half in the divorce.
Is that why you punched him?
Word to the wise, detective,
this is Fintan Boyle
we're talking about.
You won't have to go far
to find people
who wanted to quack him,
if you'll forgive the pun.
[ Mid-tempo music plays ]
So, Fintan, this is for you.
[ Coughs ]
Would an artist as world-famous
as Keith Kane
usually exhibit somewhere
like Wildemarsh?
Maybe he's here
for something else.
- Like to murder someone.
-[ Cellphone rings ]
That Robert Cox is keen to get
far from the madding crowd.
ROBERT: So, what are
your thoughts on the offer?
Yeah, I know it sounds pricey,
but the man was murdered today
and, I mean, people like
a macabre narrative.
[ Mid-tempo music plays ]
Oh, I can do 5-5,
only 'cause it's you.
Otherwise I'll have to call
Prince El Saadawi.
You got yourself a deal,
Ms. Marino.
[ Laughs ]
You should go and tell Matilda.
You're the people person.
No, Cat should.
It's your exhibition.
No! It should be Jane.
Inspector Thorne likes
her way more than us.
That's true.
Go on, sis, you're up.
If Boyle was a gate-crasher,
that suggests his murder
wasn't premeditated.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
But it seems that Robert Cox
is selling the Boyle Collection
and for rather a lot of money.
And you know this how?
Well, it's really not my fault
if some people speak
too loudly on their phones.
Could be a motive.
I'll talk to him next.
Tell me about
the Boyle Collection.
It's art by
all his top students.
He got it cheap or free.
And what's your involvement?
I bought the 10 best pieces.
To put on display at
Pennysmiths Academy of Art?
For how long?
His lifetime.
So now that he's dead,
you can sell those artworks.
[ Chuckles ]
You know, it's called business.
I see a chance to make money,
I take it.
What's your profit margin?
[ Chuckles ]
This is a bad time to lie to me.
Look, Fintan made me
pay him twice.
By check for Vanessa to see,
and a separate transfer
of £2 million
to his Swiss bank account.
To stop her getting
her fair share
of that money in the divorce?
As far as I know,
I haven't broken any laws.
I'll need those
bank transfer details,
your fingerprints and DNA.
[ Laughs ]
I think I want the advice
of my uber-expensive lawyers
before I give you a damn thing.
Two glasses of water,
please, Terry.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
How long have you known
Mr. Boyle?
That's a pretty rubbish attempt
to get my prints
and DNA on the glass.
Ahh, are we done
with this charade, love?
BETH: What are we looking for?
A way Keith Kane could have
snuck back to murder
Fintan Boyle
without coming up the path
and being seen by Terry.
- Odd.
- Odd?
Don't look now, but I think
someone over there
is watching the gallery.
[ Engine starts ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Oh, she's coming over.
Yeah, there's definitely
something odd about her.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
The graffiti by the body,
it's the same as
on Kane's streaking sign.
But anybody could've seen that.
We posted the photos
on social --
we got about 20,000 likes
for the gallery already.
Keith's very supportive
of Vanessa.
WILLIAM: Yeah, they go way back.
Romantically involved?
He does have a soft spot
for her,
or he wouldn't
have done the show.
But that's it as far as I know.
Is he a suspect?
We're looking at everyone
who was here at the time.
So I guess this means
we will have to
take a rain check
on that dinner then?
Yes. For as long as
the investigation's ongoing.
[ Saxophone music plays ]
[ Clears throat ]
We'll book you all rooms in town
till you've been cleared
to leave.
You were in there with
that detective a long time.
Don't worry.
She was asking about
the Boyle Collection,
that's all.
What's up, Rob?
Summat wrong?
I've gotta go.
- Someone's left the gas on.
-[ Engine starts ]
He's making a run for it,
more like.
[ Exciting music plays ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
MATILDA: Sorry, Madam. Madam!
This is a crime scene.
You really can't be here.
But I've come to see
the exhibition.
I'm afraid it's been canceled.
Thing is
[ Sighs ]
Thing is, I've driven
a very long way.
Can't I just go in
and see the art?
I won't touch nothing.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
Mm. Okay.
Looks like I'll have to
come back another day then.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Robert Cox's fingerprints that
you got from the door handle,
I ran them through the database.
- MATILDA: We got a hit?
- Yep!
[ Imitates drum roll ]
Cox's prints were flagged
in connection
to the 2005 Ballings
Private Bank raid.
£30 million in cash was taken
and never recovered.
Well, that explains why
he refused to give us them.
TERRY: And how he got so rich.
- Hmm.
- Mattie.
Not now, Aunt Beth.
Robert Cox just sped off
in his sports car,
and Cat's gone haring after him
on her motorbike.
- Hello?
-[ Line clicks ]
I knew this tracker app
would come in handy eventually.
MATILDA: Where are they going?
Ah, oh, she's headed
for Larkin Airfield.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
NARRATOR: As Cat made the
universally accepted sign for
"Please don't run me over!"
a seemingly small moment
from her vastly eventful life
flashed before her eyes.
[ Cooing ]
Get -- Get out of the way!
Detective Sergeant Stone.
Out now!
[ Sighs ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
See you back at the station.
Be warned.
Inspector Thorne's super excited
about the whole
bank heist thing.
I bet.
You scared me half to death
running out
- in front of that plane!
- Bet you're glad I did, kid.
No! I'd much rather he got away
than you got hurt.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I'm fine.
You'd better get back to the
station before your governor
takes all the glory.
[ Engine starts ]
[ Somber music plays ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Muffled shouting ]
Can you hear that?
[ Muffled shouting ]
It's locked.
Terry, are you in there?
Just -- Just hang on!
It's okay, Terry.
We're here, you're safe.
Oh, Terry.
Here's your governor.
- P.C. Foster all right?
- Yes, sir.
Mild concussion.
They'll keep in him overnight,
just to be safe.
Did he say what happened?
The last he remembers is
Cox tried to bribe him
to let him go.
NARRATOR: Having spent six
months of his police probation
in Marsh Valley's
elite traffic division,
Inspector Thorne saw this
as his opportunity to shine.
Feint whiff of burned rubber.
These tire tracks are recent.
Acceleration scuffs.
The vehicle deliberately sped up
to ram Foster's car.
This tire pattern is most common
in a larger vehicle,
SUV or a van.
So the question is, did Cox
get away or was he taken?
You know, there was some
dodgy-looking woman
watching the gallery,
and Cox scarpered
the minute she went inside.
Beth got her number plate.
So, I couldn't help noticing
that Cat left in a bit
of a hurry earlier.
Is she all right?
I'm sure she's fine.
Robert Cox, on the other hand,
could be in all sorts
of trouble.
Funny she didn't ask what for.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Mattie, hi.
Did you catch up with him?
Yes and no.
The woman who was watching
the gallery earlier.
Cat says you got
her number plate?
Yup, hold on.
I wrote it down.
It's L-F-1-3-U-C-R.
It's a big 4x4.
Thanks, Aunt Beth.
"Before Our Young Lives End."
Before Our Young Lives End.
Yetao's artwork.
It's an acronym.
That's Fintan Boyle's skull
she's smashing!
Before Our Young Lives End.
Aunt Beth said the woman
was driving a 4x4.
THORNE: That's not a 4x4.
Number plates must be stolen.
We find her, we find Robert Cox.
CAT: Hey, Liv.
LIV: Hey, Cat. What's up?
I'm looking for a van or an SUV
that's been rammed by a car.
I need you to call me
if one comes in.
Yeah, I can do that.
- Cheers.
- LIV: All right, see you, Cat.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Well, I don't much fancy
wading about in there.
Me neither.
She's definitely up
to something.
And the artist known as Yetao
wasn't the only one
who was up to something.
Una Lowe had waited until dark
to take care
of some rather urgent
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
Even as Matilda decided to save
her energy for the day ahead,
little did she know that
it would be a day with not one,
but two murders to solve.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
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