Queens Of Mystery (2019) s02e04 Episode Script

The Modern Art of Murder: Final Chapter

NARRATOR: Previously on
"Queens of Mystery"
VANESSA: This is a private
viewing, Fintan.
FINTAN: My deal with Cox means
that work by my best students
will be exhibited
for my lifetime.
This is state censorship.
- Oh!
- I want Kane in chains.
Would you go out
to dinner with me?
10 grand. Cash.
You seem to have developed
quite the knack
for unconering
lost masterpieces.
He knows.
I'll deal with him.
Fintan! You're going cuckoo!
She's definitely
up to something.
Before our young lives end.
It's an acronym.
That's Fintan Boyle's
skull she's smashing.
An extraordinary new work
by Keith Kane.
[ Gasping ]
So, what do you all think?
BETH: Robert Cox has just
sped off in his sport car,
and Cat's gone
haring after him.
Did Cox get away,
or was he taken?
Don't look now, but I think
someone over there
is watching the gallery.

[ Crow caws ]

[ Crow caws ]
[ Crow caws ]
[ Crow caws ]
[ Line ringing]
THORNE: Stone.
I've found Robert Cox, sir.
THORNE: What's his condition?
To be honest,
he's looked better.
NARRATOR: The murdered
art collector and sometime
getaway driver Robert Cox had
the raw, unsettling look
of a Francis Bacon.
An artist he'd coincidentally
once bought
a near perfect fake of.
Blunt force trauma to the head.
Looks like he was
bludgeoned to death.
What about the cash?
Ah, it's just for show.
A nod to the heist, perhaps.
There's no visible blood
splatter surrounding the body,
so I suspect he was positioned
here sometime after death.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
Lab report's back
on Fintan Boyle.
Okay, that's unexpected.
MATILDA: What is?
Toxicology report says
high levels of LSD.
Fintan Boyle was tripping
when he was murdered?
It appears so.
When I first spoke to Boyle,
he was complaining
about a taste of a drink
he'd be given by Yetao.
- You think it was spiked?
- Maybe.
Beth and Jane saw her get rid
of something in the river.
And her video art is of her
smashing a fake version
of Boyle's skull
with a sledge hammer.
Foster, find this Yetao woman
and bring her in
for questioning.
Yes sir.
Carry on, Sergeant.
Any progress
on Fintan Boyle's will?
We're waiting for a solicitor
to send us a copy.
I'll chase it.
We need to find out if he'd
written Vanessa Mills
out of it already
or if she's still a beneficiary.
After all, Cox and Boyle were
short changing her
in the divorce,
and now both men are dead.
I'd better head her off before
she contaminates the scene.
Let me know when you've
got Yetao at the station.
Please don't come any closer.
What were your movements last
night from 6:00 p.m. onwards?
I locked up at 7:00.
Keith came back here. We ate.
I dropped him off at the pub
around 11:00.
Tell me about your relationship
with Keith Kane.
Our relationship?
Keith and I have been great
friends for over 20 years.
But it's never been physical,
if that's what you mean.
Were you aware that your ex
and Robert Cox
had agreed a side deal?
For the Boyle collection?
I knew it.
Scheming thieving scumbags.
God rest their souls.
How much?
Mr Cox paid an additional
2 million
into Mr. Boyle's
Swiss bank account.
So much for legacy and art.
[ Speaking indistinctly ]
I thought you might need a cup.
So, are we all in grave danger?
From now on, there'll be
a police presense
at Egde and the pub.
You'll be safe.
Good to know.
Where were you last night?
Here with Kane until about 7:00.
Then I had dinner
back at the pub.
- Anyone verify that?
- Yetao. We ate together.
Then I went up to my room
at closing time.
I may still need to bring you in
for further questioning.
Mmm, excellent tea.
Should be.
The boss is a big drinker.
Assam, Darjeeling.
[ Chuckles ]
It's a bit of a problem.
Where is Mr. Kane?
- Haven't seen him yet.
- Is that normal?
Oh, sure, yeah.
He's a night owl.
-[ Cellphone chimes ]
- Hmm.
- Thanks for the brew.
- Oh.
- Duty calls.
- Hmm.
Finton Boyle had LSD in his
system when he died.
But you knew that because
you spiked his drink
and was seen disposing
of evidence.
Seen by who?
So you admit to drugging him?
I'm not admitting anything.
Spiking someone's drink
with a class A drug is
punishable by up to
13 years in prison.
So you'd better start
cooperating with me.
If I have done something
like that,
it might been to make him
look a fool at a big event
for leaving me out
of his collection.
Did being left out
make you angry?
YETAO: Sure.
But you know,
not enough to kill him.
[ Screams ]
MATILDA: Did you clash
with Robert Cox?
We barely knew each other.
So, unlike with Fintan Boyle,
there's no video art of you
doing anything violent to him?
And that was a joke.
To get back at Fintan
for being a bully.
How did you know you weren't
part of the Boyle collection?
Did he tell you?
I nicked his catalogue.
Do you still have it?
YETAO: Not exactly.
So, who would Robert Cox dead?
Our mystery lady?
- She needs a name.
- Jane Doe.
- Does it have to be Jane?
- I don't make the rules.
The trouble is, Jane Doe could
be half way to Timbuktu by now.
So, we let the police worry
about her for the time being.
Who's next?
Yetao. She's been acting
very suspiciously.
But I never noticed any
animosity between her and Cox.
Did you?
Una Lowe.
After you sped off
in hot pursuit of Robert Cox,
she came up to us
and was being a bit weird.
She seemed to know something.
Uh, Matilda?
Uh, you've gotin your hair.
Uh, here.
NARRATOR: As Daniel gently
picked rubbish
from Matilda's hair,
he couldn't help but wonder
if he wasn't making
a mess of his life.
Um, I was just following up
on a clue.
So, I'm done examining
the scene.
I found fragments of moss
and wood in the wounds
on the back
of Robert Cox's head.
- From the murder weapon?
- Possibly.
Looks like he was hit
with a heavy branch or a log.
Something the killer
picked up off the ground?
Seems likely.
I put time of death
between 6:00 and midnight
and then the body was moved
to the gallery
some hours after that.
[ "Here Comes the Bride"
ring tone plays ]
Natasha --
Are you still at the gallery?
I am, but I'm nearly done.
NATASHA: You'll get to the gym
this afternoon, then?
That's my plan.
You mean our plan.
I went before surgery.
Shame my patient didn't.
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Oops. Got to go.
Kiss, kiss.
[ Smooches ] Kiss, kiss.
-[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
- Hmm.
Okay, then.
Good luck in there.
MATILDA: Thanks.
That's not recyclable.
[ Groans ]
[ Cellphone rings ]
- Stone.
- Sir?
The mastermind
behind the Bawling's heist.
What about them?
She was a woman, Stone.
Great art gives meaning
to a world devoid of certainty.
The Lowe Down Gallery
gives context to that art.
[ Keys clacking ]
It says here Una Lowe owns only
20% of the shares
in her gallery.
The business records show
the rest
belongs to
Anderson Arts International,
which has registered its address
as a PO Box in Panama.
[ Keys clacking ]
No, there's no website
for it either.
A shell company.
I'll install some optical
character recognition software,
then scan the database of leaked
offshore company papers,
and see if the name turns up.
I was going to suggest that.
Have a look at the mug shots.
Is it her?
MATILDA: It is different.
She's aged a lot since then.
10 years in maximum security
will do that to you.
That's the woman who was
at the gallery, sir.
According to this report,
the getaway driver,
who we know now to be
Robert Cox,
who went by the alias
Aussie Barry,
was the only member of the gang
who wasn't caught
after an anonymous tip off
to the police.
Blew the whistle on the others
and kept the cash for himself.
Guess he missed the memo
about honor among thieves.
And now Tanya here
has got her revenge.
MATILDA: Look what I found, sir.
[ Chimes ]
JANE: Oh, here we go.
The shell company was set up
by Mr. Barry Anderson
whose contact address
is in Sydney.
Another Australian.
I'm thinking Barry Anderson and
Robert Cox are one and the same.
I doubt it's a coincidence.
I mean, secretly owning
a posh London art gallery
is a great place to launder
a serious amount of cash.
And having someone respectable
like Una Lowe
fronting it makes sense.
And no wonder she was so nervous
when he was wanted
by the police.
Where are you going?
To tell Matilda.
[ Bell rings ]
MATILDA: Look at the signature.
THORNE: Krasner.
Surely no one would destroy
an original.
This has to be a fake.
Contact the Art and Antiques
Unit and find out.
[ Grunts ]
-[ Sighs ]
- Unh-unh.
[ Sighs ] Oh,
for goodness' sake.
MATILDA: What exactly
is going on here?
I told her she needed to wait.
And I told him I have
important information
regarding the investigation.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Sighs ]
CAT: So, Jane did her, you know,
techie thing and discovered
that Una's gallery is owned by
some shady businessman from
down under called
Barry Anderson,
which we suspect is an alias
used by Robert Cox.
Aussie Barry.
We think Cox has been
laundering money
from the heist
through the gallery.
The forged Krasner.
I found what looked like
a Krasner
cut up in the bin behind Egde.
I've just had confirmation
it's a fake.
CAT: Una gave me this.
She said she'd uncovered
some long lost
abstract expressionist pieces.
Now, Krasner was one of
the leading artists
of that movement.
Okay, so Cox knowingly
buys fakes from Una,
pays as if they're
the real thing,
then takes the clean cash out
through his share
of the gallery profits.
MATILDA: I need to speak to Una.
You're in charge of
tracking down Tanya Shaw.
I'm all over it.
NARRATOR: This was absolutely
the sort of
big city policing
PC Foster dreamed of.
- What do you want me to do?
- Nothing.
Inspector Thorne will
have me on desk duty
if he finds out
you've been helping me again.
[ Sighs ]
Okay. What's the matter?
And the truth this time, please.
I invited Annie to the opening
of the gallery,
and she didn't show.
Oh, I'm sorry, Aunt Cat.
You can hardly blame her.
[ Sighs ]
I've been a lousy mother.
Not to me, you weren't.
Well, I had some help, kid.
[ Dog barking ]
Catching up on some work?
The Lowe Down Gallery
doesn't run itself.
Or fund itself.
Was it difficult finding someone
willing to bankroll you?
I managed.
I've made good contacts working
in the London art world.
You mean like your gallery's
actual owner, Barry Anderson?
Or should I say Robert Cox?
[ Chuckles ] I was
going to tell you.
How you're involved in money
laundering and forgeries?
Oh, and by the way, I found the
Krasner you tried to get rid of.
It's basically impossible
for someone like me
to break into this industry.
Grafted my whole life.
No silver spoon.
Cox offered me my dream
when no one else would.
The rest of the gallery's
above board.
The fakes, just for him,
once in a while.
Where's the harm in that?
MATILDA: The harm?
You helped a bank robber wash
millions in stolen cash.
I didn't know how he got
his money.
You've had to be naive
or negligent
not to suspect it was dirty,
and I'm pretty sure
you're neither, Una.
He seemed legit to start with.
Then things changed.
If I'd have told your lot,
I'd have lost everything.
Must be a relief he's dead then.
I never said that.
Well, right now,
the Arts and Antiques Unit
are raiding your gallery,
and your assets
have been frozen
while they investigate.
Being mixed up in
money laundering
and forged art is serious.
[ Alarm beeping ]
[ Alarm slows, stops ]
[ Dog barking ]
BETH: Okay, so if
you had to guess,
who do you currently think
the killer is?
as Sherlock Holmes said,
"is a shocking habit,
destructive to
the logical faculty."
No, I'm not doing it.
Oh, come on, live a little.
-[ Door opens, bell rings ]
- Oh, that might be a customer.
You're in charge
of the Venn diagram.
Do I have to be?
You know me and maths
don't exactly see eye to eye.
[ Chuckles ]
Hello. Are you
looking for anything
in particular?
But they took that away from me.
[ Sighs ]
What's wrong?
I still can't get a hold
of Keith.
He probably just forgot
to set an alarm.
I'll head over to the hotel.
I'll come with you.
What, do you think
something's happened to him?
No, but best we check.
I'll drive.
You never mentioned you were on
Boyle's course at Pennysmiths.
Uh, it was just for a year.
Uh, I dropped out.
- I couldn't afford the fees.
- Shame.
I really liked
your self portrait
in the Boyle Collection
I only found out yesterday.
I was surprised to be included.
Do you still paint?
Funnily enough, I'm thinking
of getting back to it.
[ Cellphone rings ]
Okay, so the good news is
I've found Tanya Shaw.
You have? Where?
Well, that's the bad news.
She's currently at Murder Ink,
talking to your Aunt Jane.
Can you check on Kane yourself?
[ Telephone rings ]
Murder Ink. How can I help you?
MATILDA: Aunt Beth, it's me.
- Hey, Mattie.
- Where's Jane?
With a customer.
That's not a customer,
that's Tanya Shaw,
the ex con who masterminded
the Bawling's Bank heist.
NARRATOR: Whilst Beth stone was
against criminals in general,
she was very much in favor of
women smashing glass ceilings.
So Tanya Shaw's
noteworthy contribution
to an area so dominated by men
impressed her.
I'll go check.
Aunt Beth?
[ Tires squeal ]
They still inside?
- Yeah.
- Okay, guard the door.
[ Cups clanking ]
This one is very escapist.
Ah, Mattie, I was about
to call you back.
I just made Tanya a cup of tea.
Thank you.
[ Indistinct chatter ]
Cheers, Leroy.
Excuse me, it's Cat, right?
Detective Sergeant Stone's aunt?
Hm, yeah, among other things.
You haven't seen Keith Kane,
have you?
- Nope.
- Okay.
Uh, could you pass a message
on to your niece for me?
It might be important.
Yeah, go on then.
Tell her Kane is not
in his room.
And it doesn't look like
he slept there last night.
Keith Kane's gone missing again?
So this disappearance makes him
a suspect or a potential victim?
Kane will out live us all.
Guaranteed it.
And don't forget his
"Am I art?" graffiti tag.
That's a bit
self incriminating.
BETH: Or it's
a clever double bluff.
Well, I know a way to find out.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
CAT: Oh, I've got a lead
on that vehicle
that rammed into Terry
and Robert Cox.
Tanya, we know you came to
Wildemarsh looking for this man.
[ Chuckles ]
Life's hilarious, isn't it?
I wanted to kill him
for such a long time.
But someone got to him first.
[ Chuckles ]
His mouth was stuffed with cash.
Are you really telling me
that isn't
because he turned you in
for the Balling's Bank heist?
I didn't kill him.
I found him in that sculpture
garden at 3:00 in the morning.
What were you doing there
at that hour?
I was gonna break in.
Look for a record
of his address in the office.
He stole 10 years off me.
And I was that close.
So I stuffed his grassing
gob full of cash,
trying to make myself
feel better.
Why go to my aunt's bookshop?
It was books what kept me
alive in prison.
I needed something to read.
[ Bell chimes ]
Oh, hi.
Hi. Hi. Hi, Beth.
The paint samples that were
taking from
the "Am I Art?" graffiti?
I'm still waiting for
the results on those.
Major backlog at the lab.
Do you send off
the whole sample?
No, I always keep some in case
they get mislaid
at the other end.
Solvent please.
[ Fizzing ]
[ Door closes ]
Do you buy all that "Someone
got to him first" stuff
she just came out with?
Terry checked her car.
No sign of impact, so she
didn't ram him off the road.
And the gun's a replica,
like she said.
Well, we can't charge her
for wanting to kill someone,
otherwise we'd
all be banged up.
[ Door opens ]
Boyle's solicitor
got back to me.
Vanessa Mills is still
in his will.
What was she left?
Matisse, Rothko and Picasso.
Now, that is a motive
for murder.
[ Door squeaking ]
CAT: Keith Kane.
- Mattie.
- Cat.
I found the vehicle that rammed
into Terry.
It belongs to Egde Gallery.
Vanessa Mills.
There was a blood stain
in the back,
and this was behind the seats.
It's Keith Kane's.
Wait there, okay?
I guess you've heard
that my gallery
was really just Cox's laundry?
Well, we all make mistakes.
We're human.
But not only was I selling
fakes, I've been a fake myself.
[ Groans ]
JANE: The paint samples
from Kane's sign,
Boyle's body, and Cox's body.
All three look identical to me.
Therefore, they were mixed using
the exact same
color components.
Ergo, we need to find
Keith Kane.
NARRATOR: Which, although
he was hopelessly lost,
- wouldn't prove so difficult.
-[ Horns honking ]
Don't. My head is splitting.
-[ Groans ]
-[ Horn honks ]
BETH: Keith?
I'm Beth Stone.
This is my sister Jane.
Come on, let's get you
out of the road.
You're about to become
extremely rich.
Despite divorce proceedings,
Fintan Boyle kept you
in his will.
You get a Matisse,
a Rothko, and a Picasso.
[ Chuckles ]
They're Fintan's dogs.
He's having the last laugh.
I'm allergic.
Hmm, I see.
Well, can you explain
why the blood stained van
that rammed my colleague
off the road yesterday
is registered to your gallery?
No. I can't.
But it still has nothing
to do with me.
So, who else has access
to the van?
But I mean, he'd never.
[ Drawer closes ]
He's probably just forgotten
to return the keys.
[ Indistinct chatter ]
[ Sighs ]
Bloody Mary?
Bloody hell, no.
Back to square one.
Three years I've been sober.
How did you hurt your hands?
[ Sighs ] It's all a bit fuzzy.
But I do have this terrible
feeling something
really awful happened
last night.
Like what?
I realize this looks suspicious,
but there is an explanation.
He's not well.
Keith has lived life hard,
too hard,
and now it is
catching up with him.
He's becoming forgetful.
And worse,
his sight is fading fast.
- He's going blind?
- Yes.
Very few people know.
The dark glasses.
Won't be long, bruv.
I reckon I ducking killed it.
I couldn't see.
There were people in the way.
I need to speak to someone
from the admissions department
at Pennysmiths.
Have you got their number?
Yes. What's the matter?
I really hope I'm wrong.
So, how come you still had
hold of the fake Krasner?
Because Cox gave it to me.
But why didn't he just take it
straight to your gallery
in London?
I wondered that.
He was gonna be there
early next week.
And you have no idea
who the forger actually is?
[ Sighs ]
I wonder if someone here
painted it.
I can't see Keith Kane
or Yetao faking art.
Why risk their reputation?
Well, there is one person here
without a reputation to risk.
[ Ding ]
I just remember what happened.
My assistant came to visit me
late last night in my room,
told me he was quitting.
No wonder I hit the bottle.
That's a disaster.
He does everything for me.
I need him.
Does he mix your paints?
I need to tell Matilda.
- We need to tell Matilda.
- We need to tell Matilda.
The light's rather beautiful
in here, don't you think?
You've come to arrest me?
I wish that wasn't true,
but, yes.
First, I'd like to do
a last sketch.
Of what?
And you'll answer
all my questions?
With searing honesty.
I hate to be interrupted
when I work.
Boyle always said
that above all else,
a great artist needs focus.
Stand in the light, please.
What gave me away?
The van.
I know Keith Kane's
losing his eyesight.
He can't see well enough
to drive in the dark,
so couldn't have moved
Robert Cox's body at night.
And of course you had
access to the keys.
WILLIAM: Trying to get away with
murder is a lot like making art.
You use whatever materials
are available.
And for you, that was Kane,
his phone, his credit card.
Also you lied to me about
dropping out of Pennysmiths
because of the fees.
I checked the records.
Sorry about that.
- Vanessa?
- Mm-hmm.
- Where's Matilda?
- I don't know.
She was on the phone
to Pennysmiths,
and then she just ran out.
And William Garnet,
have you seen him?
Uh, I think he's
up in his studio.
You need to focus, Garnet.
Focus! Focus! Focus!
WILLIAM: His relentless bullying
drove me out.
FINTAN: Pathetic!
WILLIAM: Stripped me of any
confidence I had in my talent.
MATILDA: And you
hated him for it.
For not recognizing
your potential.
WILLIAM: Actually, no.
For years,
I believed he was right.
That I just wasn't good enough.
So I completely stopped creating
my own stuff
and had Keith pay me peanuts
to do most of the actual
work on his art,
which then sold for a fortune
because his name's on it.
But hey[ Chuckles ]
That's the art world for you.
It's full of fakes
and forgeries.
You painted it for Cox.
He came to me about a month ago.
Offered me a way
to make some real money.
Guess he'd seen my self portrait
in the Boyle collection
and figured
I had the chops for it.
[ Clanging, thudding ]
I saw him in
the sculpture garden.
He as acting weird.
And I suddenly had this
need to confront him.
I just wanted to ask him
why he did it.
And he said this thing to me.
"My greatest disappointment."
Like it was my fault.
And I lost it.
[ Screams ]
Where's Jane when you need her?
[ Horn honking ]
There's a road full of llamas.
Well, strictly speaking,
these are alpaca.
You're right,
they're in the way.
BETH: Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo,
shoo! Go away!
MATILDA: What about Robert Cox?
Called me from the plane.
Said he was about
to be taken into custody.
Told me to do something
about it, or he'd grass me up
for forging art the moment
he got to the station.
[ Screaming ]
But then I realized
that he would hold it
all over me forever.
And he would own me.
I couldn't live like that.
Not again.
I'm done with bullies.
So you hid the body in the van,
went to the pub for an alibi,
stole Keith Kane's phone
to plant and throw us off
the scent,
and repeated your trick with
the "Am I Art?" graffiti?
I figured if Keith looked
guilty enough,
you'd have to let
the rest of us leave.
It wasn't personal.
What the hell are you doing?!
- Hey!
- Mattie?
- I'm talking to you.
- Just --
[ Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
What for?
For letting me draw you.
[ Groans ]
William Garnet,
I'm arresting you
for the murders
of Fintan Boyle and Robert Cox.
You okay, kid?
So, what's gonna happen to Una?
MATILDA: As Cox knew
he was buying fakes,
she can't be prosecuted
for fraud.
And without proof she knew
he was laundering stolen money,
I doubt any charges
will be brought against her.
And Yetao?
MATILDA: The evidence
that she spiked Boyle's drink
is circumstantial.
She'll just get
a slap on the wrist.
Cheers for clearing my name.
You're welcome.
Nicest part of the job.
Keith's gonna be staying down
here with me for a while,
till he gets back on track.
Be like old times.
VANESSA: By the way, Keith
CAT: He's good.
MATILDA: He was.
CAT: All that talent,
such a waste.
He's really captured you,
I think it looks more like Mum.
[ Crow caws ]
[ Crow cawing ]
[ Ring tone plays ]
Cat, it's Vanessa Mills.
- You all right?
- I am.
So, obviously,
the gallery opening
didn't quite go
according to plan,
but our website traffic
has soared.
Oh. Good.
So I put up some photos of work
from the show,
and I have a buyer
for one of your pieces.
Annie Stone.
Any relation?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, she is.
Yeah, thanks, Vanessa.
You're welcome.
NARRATOR: Cat embraced this as
a sign she and her
estranged daughter might one day
reopen their relationship.
But Matilda was about
to discover a "sold" sign
that would close
a promising line of inquiry
into her mother's
mysterious disappearance.
Almost as quickly
as it had appeared.
[ Crow caws ]
[ Crow caws ]
[ Branch snaps ]
Oh! George.
You're back.
Just landed.
Wondered when I might see you,
and I looked up,
and there you were.
Sorry, are you on a case?
NARRATOR: In that moment,
Matilda realized she had
nothing to lose by calling
the estate agents later
to find out what had happened
to Edith Bryant.
No, just curious.
NARRATOR: And perhaps
everything to gain
by spending time with George.
Come on, let me buy you a drink.
I want to hear all
about your adventures.
[ Crow caws ]
While unbeknown to Matilda,
less than 2 miles,
612 yards away,
another man with an interest
in our heroine
also whiled away
the evening with her.
That evening and many evenings
to come.

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