Queer Eye (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Camp Rules

1 Hey Every day is a really good day I just wanna have fun - [JONATHAN] Why can't I drive? - The brake is on.
- Where? - Take the brake off.
Well, I never use that.
I swear to God I've driven before.
- Windshield wiper's on the left.
- It is? Okay, good.
Okay, okay, okay.
We're good, we got it.
We're good, we're good.
Road trip! - Jesus, take the wheel.
- Got it.
Girl, you are not in a lane! I'm in a lane.
Exhale! Ha.
- That's nice.
- We'll go see our next guy.
- Whoo! - [KARAMO] I know.
He's named Bobby, too.
- He's 5'11" and 175 pounds.
- Ooh, nice little build.
[KARAMO] Bobby's been married for 12 years to his wife Vera, who also nominated him, which is special.
- [JONATHAN] Cute.
- Their wedding was a disaster.
So, they had no wedding photos and no first dance.
- How sucky is that? - Why? Who was not organizing it? Bobby organized it and he was in disarray.
- They have six kids together.
- Whoa.
- [KARAMO] I know, right? - Are they Catholic? - Close.
- They gave us The Jackson Five, The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch.
Keep that going.
- The Cosby Show, the Modern Family, the - Camps.
[GIRL 1] Is this color sparkly? Ow.
- That hurt.
Are butterflies edible? - [GIRL 2] Come and look.
- Grayson.
- [CAMP] Wash your hands after this.
- [VERA] Did you draw on your face? - No, no, my highlighter.
- [GIRL 1] Here's a crayon.
- [GIRL 2] This one? - Hey, why you got me? - Yeah, I see sparkles.
[CAMP] Hi, I'm Bobby Camp.
I'm 48 years old.
I'm the father of six children, and my wife is Vera.
You're done.
She's a preschool teacher, also a full-time mom.
Bobby works as a drafter in an engineer firm from nine to five, and then he turns around and leaves again after the kids go to bed, and goes to a home improvement store, stocks shelves and comes home and is exhausted.
I nominated Bobby because he never takes time for himself.
[VERA] Eight people in a very small house means that our household is pure chaos.
Bobby looks like a homeless person.
He throws on clothes that have holes in them and they're stained, and your hair is stringy and greasy and you look terrible.
[LAUGHS] But Bobby is generous and loving and so patient with me and the kids.
I just wanted something nice for him.
I pray that we all enjoy our meal and bless this food for our bodies.
[ALL] Amen.
[CAMP] My wife and I are active in our church.
We volunteer, and our kids are active.
They do activities on weekends.
It's who we are.
You can work in my yard.
Will you pay me? Yes, I will pay you in food and lodging.
We got married quick after we started dating.
We had a short dating life.
We didn't get married in the church we wanted.
She's not ever been happy with how that day went.
My regret about our wedding is I have no pictures, because our photographer flaked and left.
But, in the end, it's really not about the wedding, it's about the marriage.
Their marriage started off in chaos.
We'll have a reception redo.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- I did that.
- How's your wedding? We had two.
One in London, one in New York.
London was lovely, I was there.
- Of course.
- [JONATHAN] That was really sweet.
- Take your Husband's V card? - Not talking about that.
Oh, yeah, we're not.
[SHOUTS] Better All things just keep getting better [GIRL] Ready? All right, guys, I think we're almost here.
Can't believe I only hit seven mailboxes.
- I know.
- I did so good.
- It is.
- Yes, it's a black truck.
[BOBBY] Keep to the left.
- Yes, we're here.
- Yep.
Oh, my God! Water guns.
If they spray us Oh, shit.
Protect the hair.
- Surrender! - We surrender.
- Yes.
- [ANTONI] Give me your guns! [TAN] I love kids, I really do love kids.
God, I'd love to not be so vain.
Love you all, but no, thanks.
Protect the hair! Protect the hair! Hi! - Protect my hair at all costs.
- [KARAMO] Hi, little ones.
[VERA] It's nice to meet you.
I'm Vera.
Ho, ho! Wow.
- Wow.
- [ANTONI] Whoa.
I'm in the house of a hoarder.
- I've found Bobby.
- Bobby? - I'm Bobby.
- Hi! Nice to meet you.
- Karamo.
- Good to meet you.
- How are you? - Good.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
Good to meet you.
How long's it take for this to accumulate? - Couple of days.
- No, like, two and a half, then.
[LAUGHING] If my mother or granny ever came in here, they'd lose their shit.
[ANTONI] I'm at a loss of words.
My OCD is, like, coming out in these, like, violent bursts.
- [JONATHAN] What happened in here? - [GIRL] It's where we throw things.
That house is messy AF.
Think if we spin around like tornadoes It's literally an anxiety panic attack in action.
- [KARAMO] From dinner last week? - We have that.
- [VERA] Last night.
- [ANTONI] Brinner? - Is it brinner? - Yeah, yes.
The only thing he cooks.
No joke, I love brinner.
I have brinner twice a week.
Okay, we're not crazy.
- Can we take a moment? - Yeah.
- Can I take you, too? - Vera, you're with us, love.
Well, is this your bedroom with? It's so small! We have the smallest room, 'cause kids share the bigger rooms.
They never sleep with you guys.
- They do.
Do you bring them in? - [KARAMO] This one sleeps with you? No, you need to stop.
You're putting him in a really bad habit.
You want more children.
Won't have them if your kid's here.
We don't want more children.
[BOBBY] Like, "That's why he's there, he lays on Mommy!" [ALL LAUGHING] This is the bathroom? - Eight people, one bathroom.
- The bathroom.
Got it.
What is up? This house is in disarray.
- We found out we were pregnant with him.
- Got it.
And there were complications, and I was not allowed to do anything.
- Was that hard for you? - Super, super.
- I was like - [KARAMO] Overwhelmed.
- That makes sense.
- But you have kids old enough to help.
- Yeah.
- Why are there so many sippy cups? Sippy cups.
Okay, gonna get organized.
[KARAMO] Why isn't the house organized? - Lexie, why doesn't everyone chip in? - 'Cause they're lazy.
[KARAMO] Oh! This is gonna be an uphill mission to get these kids to clean.
- [VERA] We're leaving, you need shoes.
- [BOBBY] We've gotta cleanse.
- Okay.
- No, give me my daddy! [KARAMO] No, we're keeping him.
- Bye, guys.
- Keeping my dad? What? God, look, JVN, they did a character of you, there's a toy.
Bye-bye, Daddy.
[KIDS LAUGHING] Look at these huge thighs, you could just crush a man with these thighs.
You! This is my favorite T-shirt and now it has glitter.
[ALL SHOUTING] You can give it, but you can't take it! You can't take it! Then I am like this kitchen, destroyed and ravaged.
I will break you, Karamo.
- There you go! There you go! - [SCREAMING] Stay there, ruin those Timberlands.
Let's see what happens in water.
- [KARAMO] No more.
- Antoni, take your top off, I'll help.
We love you.
- [LAUGHING] - We love you.
- [CAMP] You found my glitter.
- How did that happen? All right, so, Bobby, now that the sun is kind of sort of out, I notice you've got kind of some little garden going on.
Yeah, we got some fresh mint.
[BOBBY] I think a really cute way to teach the kids some chores - Mm-hm.
- is to put a little garden right up here.
- [CAMP] I love it.
- [BOBBY] Yeah? - [ANTONI] Oh, my gosh.
- Right? We could have a whole herb section, and it grows like a weed.
In Georgia, does herb section mean the same as in California? I don't know what that means.
- I'm dying to see your closet.
- This is all the space I have.
- This is That's it? - That's it.
- Over is mine.
- My gosh.
This is the saddest closet I've seen, and I've seen sad ones.
My gosh, all I see is the polo, polo, polo.
And why are they large, when you're not a size large? - Some are mediums.
- Are they? - Where do you get them? - Hand-me-downs.
If I spend money on clothes, it's gonna be for my wife, for the kids.
I don't buy myself anything.
You wanna keep it tight for your wife? - I would like to, but - Yeah.
You know, it's not my priority.
I need to function.
I'm gonna tell you something that changed my perspective about dressing.
I was with this person for five years, he let me go because I let myself go.
No joke.
The day I walked out, he says, "You don't make an effort anymore," and that was the biggest changer for me.
I've been with my partner for nine and a half years, he's my husband.
And every day I make sure my hair's done, I make sure I'm showered, I'm shaved.
I want my partner to think I respect them enough to make an effort.
Vera makes an effort, and she's doing it so you are still attracted to her, and it's important you do the same.
What's a morning in your life? You wake up.
It's four in the morning.
I get home by four in the morning.
I wake up at six, 6:30-ish, take the kids to the bus.
Restful two hours of shut-eye.
- Yes, exactly, perfect.
- Which is exactly That's the recommended amount of sleep for ants.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I come back and I've got about, eh, ten minutes.
- Ten minutes.
- Maybe I shower, maybe I don't.
- Maybe today we don't get to shower.
- Got it.
Baby Bobbers is struggs to func.
That's struggling to function.
Struggs to func is what Bobby is.
Bobby "Struggs to func" Camp.
If I could create three minutes of time in your day where you get to, like, just be here for yourself, that's kind of nice.
- That would be.
- I can't wait to do your hair.
[GROANING] - [CAMP] Antoni, what have you done? - What have I done? - What have you done? - What have I? I'm organizing, don't know where to start.
I've never seen so many sippy cups.
You could open a vintage sippy cup store.
It's just this cumulative thing, and it's just all piling on.
- So, your wife does the cooking.
- She does.
I do a lot of the grocery shopping.
It is stressful, but, you know - You look stressed out, I get that - Produce is a nightmare.
In terms of meal planning, I think that it would be good just to have simple basic recipe stuff - the kids can help with.
- That'd help her a lot.
[IN BRITISH ACCENT] God, holy Moses! Someone cover this poor baby.
Is there anything in here special to you that you want me to keep? Yes, our table that we dine at.
Made by a craftsman who's a missionary.
It is made from the pews from the church I grew up in.
- This is my history.
- Oh.
[BOBBY] I can tell there's a lot of religious background.
Coming from where I'm from, I was in church every single day of the week, and it's a sensitive topic for me because there still is a lot of hate in the South about who and what gay people are.
How do you feel about the fact that there is no photos from your wedding? It's frustrating.
The few photos we have are terrible, blurry, distant, like my kids could take.
Does Vera bring up often that she's disappointed about the wedding? It comes up enough.
I did not listen to my wife and her needs.
I've gotta make up for letting them down for so long.
Got marriage off to a bad start.
- It's a hard place to get out of.
- Right girl.
- Right girl, wrong foot.
- Wrong foot.
Bobby, you look comfortable.
Dude, so, just like you, I think this room is not working smart, it's working hard.
I'd love to kind of make this a space where the kids stay.
This is where they play, it's their responsibility to keep it clean, and the rest of the house stays clutter-free.
I like the sound of that.
[BOBBY] They were never able to dig in and set the home up the way it should be set up, and it got worse from there.
I wanna get this set again to where they can see how it's supposed to be, - Mm-hm.
- you can tell them, "Know what? You see how it's supposed to be now, the status quo.
If you don't keep it that way, no swimming, no dance, no going over to friend's house until you do your chores.
" I can tell his biggest issue is actually the guilt he has, like he didn't do what was right for his wife from the beginning till now.
It's causing him not to be the best dad and best man that he can be.
You really hit my heart about how you felt about your wedding.
- Yeah.
- You wanted a reception redo.
A reception redo would be awesome.
I want my wife to look back at the time we got married as something that she's proud of, and that she loved, and that a day that it felt like it was about her.
She clearly is still madly in love with you.
It'll be great for her to be in love with that day.
[ALL] Yeah.
- Or this day.
- [ANTONI] Yeah, this day.
[LAUGHING] The first time, it was the right girl, wrong foot.
This time, it's the right girl and the right foot.
[ALL] Right girl, right foot! Whoo! Anything, anything You know we can do anything Anything, anything You know we can do anything Bobby, he's overworked, so, it's just about creating a time in your day and say like, you're worth investing a few minutes in.
It's not vanity, it's self-care, there's a difference.
We can do anything Yay, this looks so much better already! So much lighter and cleaner.
People with six kids need a home that functions.
- Tommy, how are we doing? - Good.
All the furniture's arriving later, appliances.
It needs places for those six maniacs to put all their stuff, and that's what I wanna accomplish, for them to learn organization and how to do their chores so they can help their parents as they get older.
I think it's starting to look good.
[JONATHAN] Yes, yes, yes.
- Come on through.
- Okay.
We'll divide and conquer.
Spread off.
[ANTONI] Camp family, come with me.
- Boys, you're good? - Yes.
- All right, let's go.
- See you! Stores like this, they're designed for the Bobby Camps of the world, okay? It's all organized in a very logical, structured way.
I have a list, and we're gonna go piece by piece.
We're sort of doing a little Tex-Mexy type dish.
- [GIRL 1] Cheese! - [GIRL 2] I love cheese! [ANTONI] Me, too.
I've never met a cheese that I didn't like.
[LAUGHING] This ground beef, it's vibrant, it's red.
This is really perfect.
- That's a lot of meat.
- We're buying for a family here.
- Fresh garlic.
- [CAMP] Garlic.
But why this color onion as opposed to those? I like to cook with these because they're sweet, similar to Vidalia.
- We're in the South, it's called Vidalia.
- Vidalia onions.
- Oh, well, I'm sorry.
- [GIRL] Vidalia.
[ANTONI] Did anybody figure out what I'm making? - No.
- Chili! - Yeah! - Go, chili! - Do you guys like chili? - [ALL] Yes! Watch your toes.
We all know he can't drive.
- Oh, hello! - Hi.
- Tanny boy! - Good to see you.
Excited to be in my department? Do you like clothes shopping? This is your favorite? Good.
So, I've been looking for dresses for you guys, 'cause we got a party.
How do you feel about hats? - I love.
- Let's see you in this.
Leave this on whilst we go shopping.
- [GIRL] Yeah! - [TAN] Yeah.
So, I've got you guys taken care of.
Time for your dad.
You got six kids.
I know you don't wanna spend money, everything in here you can afford.
- Find jeans.
- Need to find clothes.
[TAN] All right, mate, let's do this.
Look how skinny Daddy's legs are.
You're skinny.
Your biggest issue has been wearing big clothes, so we wanna get you in things that actually fit.
Men, you are buying super baggy pants.
It's time to solve that problem.
- What do you think of this color? - Cute on a purse.
- Oh! We call that shade.
- Okay.
So, let's find a nicer version for your dad.
I spotted this walking in, and the reason I like it is because it's print.
You could wear with a blue jean, black jean, khaki pant.
It's really easy to dress up.
So, I'd like you to try this on.
- Dad, come on through.
- Right.
[CHUCKLES] There he is, look at him! Look at him.
Whoa! - He looks good, huh? - He doesn't look horrible.
[LAUGHS] Do you know, high five to that.
That is a win in itself.
- Comfortable? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - I like it a lot.
- You'd wear each piece? - I like this pattern.
[GIRL] The shoes are cool, and pants are not covering them.
- I love it.
- You love it? Tell Daddy why you love it.
[CAMP] What do you like about it? It's not plain like what you wear every day to work.
[ALL LAUGHING] It's the first time I've seen him in proper fitting clothes, and he looks dynamite.
[ALL] Whoa.
Take this off, let me see with the Henley.
You actually look young and cool.
Your physique's fantastic.
Doesn't Dad look cool? [GIRL] Yeah.
If I was 15 years older, I would totally date Bobby Camp, if he was gay.
- Has Dad ever looked better? - Not when I was alive.
Do you know, you are just a little superstar, you're right.
Look who it is.
Hello, hello, hello.
- Hi! - Hi.
- [JONATHAN] Hi, everyone.
- They're done with me.
In one piece, great job.
- I know.
- Gonna be a great dad.
Thanks, I can't wait.
All right, we'll see you soon.
Get over here.
You are too cute to be far away.
What I wanted to do was get stuff for you guys to kind of help streamline and get the whole bathroom situation working, popping, locking.
Wanna pop and lock the bathroom situation? - [ALL] Yes! - Let's go shopping.
[POP MUSIC PLAYING] New rule at the house is all of your guys' stuff, we're gonna keep in these cute little kits.
Yours and Vera's stuff is in the bathroom.
Want anything else, Uncle Jonathan says yes.
Just kidding.
Put your foot down, I don't mean to tell the children what to do.
Come on, follow.
This is my favorite aisle.
Shampoo and conditioner and naturals, which we love.
So many people, we have a lot of different hair types.
But since there is one shower, I want you to think about buying big and buying something everyone can use.
Upon doing some research, this is curl care shampoo, curl conditioner, they're both sulfate-free, so, we should pick these ones.
Yes and yes.
When buying shampoos, you want to avoid sulfates, so, it's just very aggressive for our hair.
You're like, "Why do I care?" But this is the thing, when you get older worry about what you put on your hair because it's outrageous.
Who gave you permission to be so cute? I drop stuff, we act like I didn't, but then you're right there for the save.
Love my Lex.
Let's go.
Yes, I want that, too.
- We're checking out.
- [LAUGHS] We're the catalog girls Ain't we pretty? See us on the walls In the big bright city - [BOBBY] Get any sleep? - [CAMP] A little bit.
- Yeah? - Strangely enough, we had, um, two kids in our bed still, anyway.
[BOTH LAUGHING] - [BOBBY] I wanna get this garden planted.
- Okay.
It's something for the kids to take care of and learn some responsibility.
B, it's one thing less you gotta get, so, more time at home.
And, C, it's just kind of fun.
[CAMP] Let's do it.
- Look at this.
- Eggplant, my wife loves eggplant.
[BOBBY] She'll be happy.
[CAMP] This will go over well.
Both together? - Yeah, let's put both together.
- All right.
So, the best way to do zucchini and squash is actually to build a mound, because they flower out like this.
- Okay.
- So, this kind of supports the plant.
I heard a preacher say, "Sometimes when you're feeling buried, you're actually just planted.
" Didn't ever think I'd be out planting vegetables with a gay guy in my yard.
You grew up religious, or was it something that? I did, attended the same church as a kid for most of my life and then - Oh, right, pews.
- The pews, yeah.
And then, uh, after we got married, we went to the church my wife grew up in.
What's your view on homosexuality? Growing up - gays are crazy, gays are wrong.
- That's what I was taught, too.
My mother and father were religious, we went to Assemblies of God, brimstone, fire.
I carried my Bible to school every day.
Lead singer of a Christian rock band, I was a deacon in my children's church.
Christianity was my life.
When I grew up I saw so many examples of God doing the right things, and lives were being changed, but then I would see such a contrast in some other people who were upright and devout and role models, that I saw the rules, I didn't see the grace.
I heard the word gay in church, but I heard it in a very negative way.
That gay people were bad, and they were pedophiles, and they were evil.
So, I spent every prayer meeting and every Sunday crying and begging God to not make me gay.
Coming here I was scared, especially having grown up in, you know, Missouri and Texas, I experienced the hate and the ignorance, and it's scary.
I was definitely kind of an outcast.
I had friends, but not close friends.
I started realizing what kind of made me different, and that I wasn't like everyone else, is that I was gay.
Maybe you think we're judgmental, maybe you think we hate gays.
That's not us.
God told me to love my neighbor.
People need to forget religion and just focus on God.
You know, God doesn't have a name, - God is God.
- God is love.
You know.
God is just love.
I got older, refused to accept that, and refusing to accept the chains I had been in my whole life, and I just wanted to be free.
- [JONATHAN] Bobby! - Hey! - How are you? - I'm doing great.
- You look gorge.
- Thank you.
- How are you? - All right.
This is Lenny's.
I'm the biggest fan.
- Take a seat.
- Of course.
- Hello.
- Hello.
So, in my head, what I kind of wanna take us to is like if God made it available for men to have babies.
Look like Chris Pratt and George Clooney.
- Okay.
- So, I think bringing these sides in, and the back in, getting this out of your face.
You have a nice face and I want the world to see it.
Lenny, Bobby.
Bobby, Lenny.
- How are you? - Good to meet you.
[JONATHAN] We're having a big redo reception, I wanna put the best face forward and get that hair off.
- Au revoir facial hair, girls are excited.
- Yeah, I'm excited.
[JONATHAN] The thing with Bobby is, even on an hour and 50 minutes of sleep, no cute new clothes, no grooming regimen of any kind, he still is an attractive lovely man.
That looks shamazing, if I do say so myself.
I just really can't wait to unleash the George Clooney of it all.
I can't handle how much I love it.
Yes, yes, yes.
I'm gonna let my hair down I'm gonna I'm gonna let my hair down He's giving you face, he's giving you angles, cheekbone, he's giving me jaw, a full thick head of salt and pepper hair.
Hello, hello.
Damn, honey.
Boys, what do you think? Oh, my gosh, you honestly look so good.
Yeah, you look handsome, sexy, you look fresh and clean.
We've got hair taken care of.
Now we need the outfit.
The restroom is here.
- Can you clean me up while you're at it? - Yes.
- His hair looks great.
- I love it.
Yeah, you did really great.
[JONATHAN] Bobby! [JONATHAN SHOUTING] - You look phenomenal.
- So good.
I like it.
I feel good.
- You know - Oh, my - My God! - [CAMP] You wanna fix things and I was, there's nothing to fix.
You look so damn good.
- It fits perfectly.
- My gosh.
I feel pretty amazing.
You're a superstar Today is the day you get to see your brand-new house.
I'm excited.
That reception redo is tonight.
How are you feeling? I'm expecting excitement.
[HORN HONKING] I hear honking.
We are here! - [BOBBY] Look at you! - Thanks.
- Doesn't he look great? - So handsome.
He was already a handsome guy, but now he's refined and a total DILF.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Oh, my! Oh, my goodness.
[BOBBY] So, I put in shades and blinds to keep the heat out during the summer to utilize this space, and your dining room's out here.
- Look at your table.
- [CAMP] It's pretty again.
- Right? - Was this the table in there? - Yes.
- Look, it's clean and pretty.
Bobby, Bobby, show him the shade.
Since you have kids, look, they're cordless.
- Oh, my.
This is amazing.
- It's really gorgeous.
[BOBBY] I painted it white so the room feels bigger, except I left the beams exposed, so it gives that boho feel - that she loves.
- It's awesome.
[BOBBY] The kids can hang out, do homework at the table.
- [CAMP] These colors.
- You like? [CAMP] I can't get over them.
- Is she gonna be happy? - She's gonna gush.
- So - Oh, my goodness.
When this is How this is the dining, kids' room, playroom, this is the daddy chill room.
[CAMP] Oh, my goodness, this is amazing.
So functional, so practical, so beautiful.
You all have just stunned me.
Nice place to walk into when you come in from whatever the rest of the day's thrown at you.
This isn't stressful.
[BOBBY] What I did was I gave you a huge sectional that the whole family can fit on.
And also the coffee table I put here.
I wanted it to be long so the family could sit there, but not take up space.
And there's no hard edges that you'll nail your ankles on.
- Which they all do.
- Right.
[KARAMO] Something I worked on with Bobby because chores are important.
So, this is your new chore board, and we wanted to make it easy, where all you have to do, take the chores, put it on whatever kid, and when they're done, they can stick it and put it on the done list.
- [CAMP] They'll love it.
- Good.
Something clear and defined, know what's expected of them, do it.
- Exactly.
- My work here is done.
- [LAUGHING] - Wow.
[BOBBY] Look at the sink.
You can put so many dishes in here.
New stove.
- Organization.
- It's beautiful.
[ANTONI] A whole new work station for you and your kids.
- You have counter space.
- Functional.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- All right, kiddo.
- Okay.
We need to talk about wardrobe.
Wanna see? - Whose clothes are those? - These are yours, these are all yours.
I want you to realize that you have great options available.
I know you tried this on, I just want you to try things on and make sure that it works for you.
If you're hesitant with anything floral, build yourself up with stripes, these are simple.
I like those, I like those a lot.
Yeah, so shoes, shoes, shoes.
A pair of sneakers.
No more of the running style sneakers, because that could be like My wife will love those.
These are sneakers that you can wear with shorts, with jeans.
Always keep them casual.
I want you to try a look, but I want you to pick it out, okay? - Yeah.
- Okay, good.
Get your asses in the living room real quick, he's ready to go.
- I can't wait to see Mr.
Bobby! - [TAN] Come on out.
- Casual.
- Nice! - Cool dad.
- [ANTONI] I like the stripe.
[KARAMO] Cool dad.
[TAN] He wore a print, broke it up with something casual, worn it with a cool boot.
This is a nice, easy, daytime look.
There's no reason why casual can't be dressed up.
Nicer version of casual.
How does that feel, that you have shoes with no holes in them? - [CAMP] They don't breathe very well.
- [FAB 5 LAUGHING] [ANTONI] Okay, Bobby, we got some chili.
- Smells fantastic.
- Although it's amazing to make, and super easy for like a large group, what's also great is you can do this for your family.
- I'm loving being in here.
- Nice.
This is something easy to prepare, you dump in all the ingredients in the morning, set it on the timer, and it sits there, you come home and it's ready.
- I prepared pork tenderloins.
- Okay.
My favorite part of the pork.
It's what filet mignon is to beef, pork tenderloin is to a pig.
We have these baguettes.
You cut nice little thin slices.
Room temperature butter.
Salt, and as a binder, whiskey caramelized onions, all the alcohol is burned out, kids can eat these.
- Yep.
- And then you put a piece of pork.
We'll make another, I won't let you eat alone, that'd be so rude.
So, put a bit of the softened butter on, just smears right on.
- Little salt.
- Thank you for paying attention.
- Make these, it's a perfect little bite.
- Let's finish this off.
We got to get you your new products.
- I'm coming.
- We'll live in the morning of your three minutes that you have in the bathroom.
Mom and Dad zone, no one else touches it.
This is for you.
The children have their own kit and caboodles, full of their own stuff.
That lives in their own room.
So, whenever we see a kit and caboodle, what are we? Incorrect.
This is for you when you head out to work.
Take this with you whenever, you always have your backup sunscreen in here, some floss, a little comb.
So, this is like when you're on the run, need to like run out, it's got your stuff.
Daily stuff.
So, you get out of the shower, you're gonna do a little bit of mousse on wet hair, blow dry, and then what you do is finish with your pomade.
So, one, two, no big deal.
I just scratched the iceberg for you.
Yes! You look gorge.
I'm so excited for your night.
Okay, take that body over there, I'll follow you.
Yes, yes, yes.
The reception redo, you said it yourself, right woman, wrong foot.
Once people start to arrive, that's where this new Bobby kicks in.
When the guests are coming in, you greet all of them, look them in the eyes.
Shouldn't be any person that walks through - that you haven't embraced.
- Okay.
Your wife knows there's a potluck going on, but she does not know there's a reception redo.
That is your moment.
So, you're gonna let her know how much you love her.
I really hope that she gets the feeling that she's important tonight.
I can't express enough how thankful I am that you guys were here.
I feel different, I feel more confidently me.
The better version of me.
The one I want to present to my wife, that I want for my kids to look up to, spend more time with them and we can enjoy each other more.
I want you to remember that when you are dealing with this family, this home, your faith, everything in this place, it is not just on you.
You're a leader for your family, but you've got a support system, your church.
Use it, continue to better your lives.
All the issues you had, the biggest was your lack of self-love and self-care.
- [KARAMO] Mm-hm.
- But you are an amazing father.
You are an attentive, sweet, kind husband, you really are.
You've shown us that this week.
You deserve those things right back.
I know the stuff is still there, the stuff that makes life too much is still there, but I'm not afraid of it.
I didn't know what to expect from you guys being here.
Uh, I knew that people were gonna invade our lives.
One of the things that we prayed about, we said, we want to use this as an opportunity to open up our lives to other people.
We want you guys to have come to our house and felt loved and accepted.
Growing up the way we did, homosexuals were not accepted.
And they still aren't in a lot of church environments.
But in the Camp family, they are.
In our hearts, they are.
And we want you guys to know that you've been loved here, and you've taught me so much about loving somebody that's come from a different background, that has a different worldview than me, that has a different story.
But you're people.
And hopefully, my kids have seen it, that we're all people.
Well, thanks for making me cry on camera.
Pretty cold.
[KARAMO] So, we're gonna go ahead and get out of here, but we believe in you.
[JONATHAN] Let's do a group hug.
Aw [BOBBY] You have fun tonight.
[POP MUSIC PLAYING] You're having too much fun over here without me.
- Come join us.
- You look good.
- Oh, yeah! - [ALL LAUGHING] So, are you guys ready to see Bobby Camp? - Thanks.
- Do it.
[GRUNTS] [TAN] Oh, look how cute he is! I love how he looks at it like this, "Okay, I think this works.
" This is his version of wearing a print that doesn't stand out.
- [BOBBY] Completely like it.
- It's a muted version.
[ANTONI] Worried about the shoes and belt.
[TAN] Those pants fit beautifully.
Look how nicely they fit.
It's out of his comfort zone.
I love that with that suit.
- [BOBBY] So handsome.
- [JONATHAN] Oh, look how cute he is.
[CAR HORN HONKING] [GIRL] Oh, my gosh.
Vera's here, guys.
[GIRL] Oh, my gosh, Daddy! [KIDS SHOUTING AND LAUGHING] - Oh, Daddy, look.
- Hey, baby.
Those kids are so adorable! They're full of love.
- You look good.
- [CAMP] Thank you.
- I like the suit.
- [GIRL] This is awesome.
- [BOBBY] Is she speechless? - [KARAMO] Stunned.
- They're stunned, they can't imagine it.
- [GASPS] I love this.
What's your biggest fear with these things? - The string.
- [CAMP] The string, why? - Zeke will strangle himself.
- No strings.
- You just push them up? And pull down? - You just push them up and pull them down.
[KARAMO] No string! Thought about it already, Ms.
These are y'all's buckets, okay, for your toys and whatnot.
Cabinets for each of you.
He's already teaching them what those cubbies are for.
Teaching organization.
The kids are happy about having a space that's not cluttered.
[CAMP] Are we ready for the rest of the house? Whoa! I love this room.
[CAMP] Here's these lists of chores.
You can look at your chore chart and you can see that Lexie has failed to pick up toys.
Lexie will lose her phone until she puts away her toys.
[BOBBY] Yes.
[JONATHAN] They seem like they're on the same team, the same page.
Kids crave structure and he's giving it.
- They're responding well.
- So cute.
- What do you think about the couch? - [GIRL] I love it! Hey, look in my eyes, look in my eyes.
This couch, you don't stand on the cushions, you understand? - [KARAMO] Set the rules.
- That's what happened to the last one.
Can I look in my room? Get off the couch, kid! What the hell did she just say to you? [LAUGHING] I like these.
- New sink.
- I love it.
- Do our dishes fit here? - [ALL] Yeah! Can we wash and get them out in a timely manner? - Yeah.
- And keep this clean.
Do you see the prep space we have? We can prepare things.
This is amazing, this is perfect for our family.
- Yeah.
- This is perfect.
[ALL SHOUTING] [CAMP] We're gonna set up for the party.
- Can I help you with party decorations? - Yeah, let's come get it.
Kids, we're gonna come make something.
Let's go.
There is a cutting board.
Pull, straight out.
Pull it, get it, get it.
It's coming out the other end.
[ANTONI] So, he's preparing the pork tenderloin canapé.
[CAMP] Straighten it out, go with the angle of the bread.
- [JONATHAN] Oh, God.
Oh, God.
- [KARAMO] But he's guiding her.
- There you go.
- [KARAMO] Yeah, she's doing good.
- All right.
- [DOORBELL RINGS] - Someone is at our door.
- You look good! - Thank you.
- [MAN] This looks amazing.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, wow.
- Hola! - Hey, Anne.
Vera is gonna be so shocked when she realizes this party is for her.
- Hi, Car.
- Awesome! - Thank you.
- [MAN] This looks amazing.
- You look great.
- Hi, Chris.
Welcome in.
- Wow, you look good.
- Thank you, I feel good.
See that? He loved what he was wearing.
Have you had a chance to look around? - He is running the house.
- He really is.
- And he's beaming.
- He's giving me Mr.
[KARAMO] Love it.
Okay, I wanna get y'all's attention for just a minute.
First of all, I wanna say thank y'all for coming.
Um A while back, I, uh I met a girl, and she was fantastic.
And, um, I asked her to marry me, and she said yes.
And then I kind of screwed up our wedding a lot.
I can't do another wedding, but I wanna kind of reset our reception.
If we'd done the reception right, you would have had these people here, lots and lots of people who love you, who love our family and who are close to us.
I love you, Vera.
I love you like crazy.
I would like to ask you to dance.
Maybe just come out here and try.
[VERA LAUGHING] I can't lead very well, I'm probably using the wrong hand but I love you.
- [JONATHAN] So intimate.
- [KARAMO] It's beautiful.
That was, like, literally sweet.
- [CAMP] This is about you.
- [VERA] I love you.
And I love you.
- We're like them.
- [JONATHAN] We are.
I'm sorry, neither of you are as cute as him.
[KARAMO] Uh When I walked into my house, the disorganization, it was a reminder that I'm not enough.
[ALL CHEERING] Now when I walk in, I see organization, structure, and I feel peace.
I see home.
[POP MUSIC PLAYING] [CAMP] We're gonna take official redo of wedding photos.
- [WOMAN] Hey, looking here, smiling.
- Look at the camera.
- Such a pretty family.
- [KARAMO] Family photo.
- Vera looks really happy.
- She looks beautiful.
- [TAN] He is so handsome.
- [KARAMO] Yes.
[TAN] Enough.
- Thank you.
- I love your giggle.
Aw! Bobby Camp stepped up for his family.
The guilt is gone, and now his family is happy again.
- [ANTONI] They have a new life.
- We achieved our mission.
People that are happy in their homes, it spills out to their life.
He is a different man from the man I met a few days ago.
He's giving you sass, he's giving you wit.
He's really honing in on habits attractive to him and helping him move forward.
Now I just pray and hope that he continue on this path, because this Bobby is the Bobby the world needs to see.
- Yeah! - To Bobby Camp.
- To Bobby Camp! - Yes! A breathing technique to break up a stressful day.
Make a phone with your hand, inhale through your right nostril.
Hold it, exhale through the left.
Inhale through the left.
Hold it.
Exhale through the right.
Repeat that same process for a minute, and watch your worries melt away for a gorgeous day.
I feel better already.
[WIDELIFE'S "ALL THINGS (JUS KEEP GETTING BETTER)" PLAYING] You came into my life And my world never looked so bright It's true You bring out the best in me When you are around Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better