Queer Eye (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

The Renaissance of Remington

1 [FUNK MUSIC PLAYING] [NARRATOR] This is Atlanta, Georgia, the cultural center of the South.
A city known for its pride, people and progress.
[TAN] Okay, so I've got our next mission.
He is 27.
He's living in his grandma's old home.
It hasn't been decorated since the '70s.
They refer to it as the time machine.
- Love the '70s.
- Golden era.
- [TAN] Who was your favorite '70s icon? - I loved very much Stevie Nicks.
I was told I look like Stevie Nicks in drag.
- Oh, is that a compliment? - I don't know.
[LAUGHS] Elton John and Tina Turner were the epitome of the '70s.
- David Bowie.
- Chaka Khan.
Chaka Khan.
[TAN] Why is nobody complimenting Cher in this? Cher.
Oh! Better All things just keep getting better [TAN] Remington Porter.
Remy is 27.
He lives in South Atlanta.
I love Remy, but Remington needs to change.
Remington lives in Granny's house, which is my mom, and the house is like she still lives there.
- His grandma died two years ago.
- Oh, that's sad.
Her home has become a shrine to her.
It's not been updated since she updated it 30 years ago.
- [KARAMO] Wow.
- Wow.
[REMY] I am currently sleeping in my mom's childhood bedroom.
It looks like 1972, which still has pink and purple, and there's a big mural of a forest on the back wall.
[LAUGHS] What man wants to sleep in satin and lace? And could he have company in that room? Absolutely not.
He lives with his best friend, Ponder, and a time machine of a house that hasn't been decorated since the '70s is not attractive.
- He needs it young, fresh and new for him.
- Yeah.
Unfortunately, as far as style goes, he is a self-confessed gym rat.
What about some better clothes besides workout clothes or sweatpants or running shorts? This is our chance to get someone in a crop top that makes sense.
It was already part of my plan.
Crop tops galore.
- Yes, mesh crops.
For straight people.
- Perfect.
Majority of his food does revolve around meal prep for this gym body he has.
- Yes.
- He blends everything.
He needs to get a relationship with a pot and a spoon and not the blender.
My cooking ability comes down to the George Foreman Grill.
I can steam vegetables, grill cheese and cereal.
[LAUGHS] [ESTHER] I would love for Remington to learn how to cook and to carry on the family tradition of having family over at holidays and Sundays and brunches.
[TAN] We have to get Remy to bring back the Sunday dinners.
His dad died nine years ago.
So, he hopes to gain confidence and to continue his father's legacy.
[ESTHER] Remy and his dad were very, very close.
And after losing Conrad, I think Remy is having a hard time 'cause he's trying to walk in Conrad's shoes.
And so, he's gonna have to discover how to walk in his own shoes.
That age where he's ready to spread those wings and take off.
Today's mission is that we are going to change Remington from a boy to a man.
[ESTHER] Remy is surviving, and I need for him to start thriving.
I want Remington to conquer the world and take me with him.
I declare this mission "The Renaissance of Remy.
" [ALL] Yes! [JONATHAN] Is anybody home? [KARAMO] What's up, man?! How are you doing? Karamo, nice to meet you.
- What's up, man? I'm Bobby.
- I'm Antoni.
Wow! There's a lot going on in here.
These are neon green floors.
Oh, my gosh.
Does anybody want a mint? They've only been here since 1970.
I would never believe that two young guys live in this space.
This is so in a time machine.
Was this Grandma? She is a beautiful woman.
- She kept it real.
- What would Grandma say? "Get it together.
" This is the interior to a sitcom in the '70s - no one had that we all deserved.
- [KARAMO] What in the world? [JONATHAN] I love everything going on here.
This, I would re-purpose into a dress.
This would be my chunky belt.
Hey, Remy, when was the last time you cleaned these drawers? [REMY] It's a junk drawer, man.
- Are you a whiskey man? - I am.
I don't know what they need us for.
You have the guidebook to men's style and fashion right here.
Wait a minute.
Well, I guess I'm giving them a new oven.
[BOTH GRUNTING] [SCREAMING] - This is a beautiful bread basket to have.
- [JONATHAN] Don't fight! [REMY] What's going on upstairs? They found something upstairs.
- [BOBBY] What in gay hell? - [REMY] I do not know.
Why is there a ceramic kitten under a grown man's bed? [TAN] Why is there a ton of hats under a grown man's bed? [KARAMO] Those look like Grandma's hats.
I feel like we're the Scooby-Doo bunch uncovering why this place looks like this.
This is everything right here.
Honey, we don't play with the humidity here in Georgia.
- Oh, frozen flounder all on the chest.
- Oh, yes.
This is cooling me down in a really big way.
- No Oh, that's intense.
- [SCREAMING] [REMY] So, this actually used to be my mom's room when she was a little girl.
Really? And so, this is your room? - Yeah.
- And have you thought about changing this? - Yeah, just haven't gotten around to it.
- How do you bring ladies? [REMY] Disclaimer.
- Disclaimer.
- [REMY] Disclaimer.
Like, "By the way, my walls are pink, my closet's purple.
" I have a disclaimer before I bring ladies over, too.
I'm gay.
[LAUGHING] This is the only TV.
If you're gonna have buddies over, you'd all pile in bed? [REMY] Or we just don't come here.
- But would you like to? - We go to a bar.
For sure.
- [TAN] Where's all your stuff? - Like my clothes? - [TAN] Where's all your clothes? - A lot of stuff is thrown in that chair.
So, this is your closet? Yeah, pretty much.
[TAN] 'Cause there's nothing else in your closet.
This is Remington's house.
There's no sense of Remy.
It's not in the house, it's not in his closet, not on him.
- You wear gym clothes every day? - Yes.
- Do you go to the gym all day, every day? - No.
So, is there a reason for gym clothes all day? - Probably not.
- [REMY] Uh They're just comfortable.
What's it like in the morning of Remington? - So, I will come - You wake up.
A gay guy comes in your bathroom, pats off your head.
Then what? I brush my teeth.
I've seen many people more toe up, full project than you.
You got a gorgeous canvas for me to work on, I'm excited.
We'll also get into water picking and flossing.
Remember last year in the news Feel these traps.
[ANTONI] Oh, my God.
Holy Oh.
Oh, no.
- [PONDER] Please don't open this.
- Oh, my God.
We have to open it.
If you smell this, you'll never allow yourself to Oh, God.
[COUGHING] Yeah, yeah, you're a glutton for punishment.
I'm a bit of a glutton.
I love a good bad smell.
There's so much of your grandmother still in the house.
- Including some of her - Her clothes, yeah.
- How was your relationship with her? - Very good.
- [KARAMO] Special? - Special.
Is that one of the reasons why you decided not to remove her things? It's between me and my mom.
It's been hard to get rid of some of her stuff.
I know I'm not using these closets, so it was okay to keep the stuff there.
- But this is your house now.
- Yeah.
Damn, look at her! - This is me not swiping on your Tinder.
- What are my ho's in here doing? Oh, my God.
You making my money? Damn, boobie, look at how good you look.
That hat and that fur coat, I'm completely a blaxploitation film in this outfit right now.
- It's what I do.
- Where's my money? [SHOUTING] This is new-age pimping.
Tinder, baby.
Your friend Ponder was telling me about your father, uh, that he was an amazing cook.
Are there any dishes that you remember that really take you back there? My dad used to always do the holiday meals like Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, so he always made a good turkey and ham and stuff for the holidays.
I'm starting to think, and the idea of teaching you how to take this tradition that your father had, but maybe figuring out dishes that are your own.
Are there any side dishes that you guys loved that are quintessential? Mom's macaroni and cheese.
A mac and cheese is something that can be so personal, and figuring out Remy's way of doing it and being able to do that for a nice Sunday family meal.
[JONATHAN] What does your heart desire to learn from us gorgine gays? Definitely learn to be a little more cultured.
- To step up my cooking a little bit, - [KARAMO] I got you.
my fashion game.
- I didn't get a taste of your taste.
- Yeah, what are you like? We're walking into the space that isn't your own yet, but it's yours now.
Who's your style icon? - Don Draper, that's the dude right there.
- Okay.
If I did a little mid-century flair in here, you'd like that? - [REMY] For sure.
- I'm seeing elements of that, with the whiskey It's starting to come together.
The culture in Cuba also seems amazing.
It's about Cuban style now.
We can outfit you in awesome Cuban-inspired stuff.
- What type of man do you wanna be? - A type that is confident enough to be able to build an empire for a family.
- I like that.
- My father had his own business.
That's always been my inspiration and my motivation, to study what I studied, and eventually Thank you.
[LAUGHING] To get out and start my own business, like advertising or brand management.
- Okay.
- To help small businesses - get their brands - Hence the Don Draper.
I'm getting a sense of who you are.
He's opening up.
I'm really seeing a little bit of something about him, and I love that.
We're good to go, okay.
Come on, baby.
My friends are bouncin' off the walls 'Cause their week Has seemed impossible So we need to meet up And start the show [BOBBY] I really wanna repurpose some of the furniture.
Not just because recycling, reducing and reusing is good, but take pieces of Remy's grandmother's furniture and turn them into pieces for Remy.
And turn it up loud [ANTONI] It gets me so excited to teach Remy the technique to create those lavish meals his father did for his family.
He's like this gorgeous Rubik's Cube, and we're on our last two twists to getting him into the most gorgeous Rubik's Cube of a person.
Yes, Remington.
Turn it up loud [TAN] Clothes maketh the man.
I want to have the Don Draper of today.
I wanna give him versions of that that make sense for Remy's personal style.
I don't want Remy to be somebody else.
I want Remy to be his best version.
[KARAMO] If he's gonna step in as the man of this house, he has to be proud of himself, confident.
That's what's gonna let everyone know, "This is the man we need to look up to.
" [JONATHAN] You get manis and pedis regularly? - Never.
- You've never done one? Never had one.
Hello, discovery.
- Let me be a gentleman and get the door.
- Thank you.
- After you.
- All right.
- Hey, how are you? - Hello.
- Wonderful.
- I'm Jonathan.
So nice to meet you.
- This is Remington.
- Hey, how are you? - I'm gonna service you.
- Okay, awesome.
What we're gonna do today is get full acrylic French-tip pedicures and I'm just kidding.
[LAUGHING] Well, look at you.
You're like, "Acrylic? No.
" If your toes are gonna be showing to the world, if you're doing a lot of sandal moments, it is something that I would do.
Um, but fingers, these nails are important.
There's no hiding them.
We're not wearing mittens in Atlanta in the summer.
Know what I'm saying? Just because you work from home doesn't mean you don't need self-care, that it's not nice to have nails done.
Yeah, that feels good.
And you wanna have yourself looking together.
[REMY] I won't lie, it feels good, like I've been missing out.
And then what do you think needs to be in men's arsenal at home for, like, nail foot care? Like a gorgeous exfoliant? - [CAROLINE] We create our own.
Yes, we have oatmeal that we grind up.
We have organic rock brown sugar.
We have honey, a total body moisturizer, and we have, um, anti-bacterial soaps, and these gloves.
You can have this at home in your shower.
- Who gave you permission to blow my mind? - [LAUGHING] - We go down there for fingi time? - Yes.
Manicures are slightly more often than a pedi.
It's every other week.
[CAROLINE] Every other week is great.
Here's the other thing I haven't got to chat about.
I love we're doing it now.
It's very à la Legally Blonde.
It's desert island fantasy league.
Make up a perfect person to bring with you to your desert island forever.
[REMY] Okay.
Mine would be like the physical form of The Rock with the personality of Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada.
I would say the looks of Rihanna.
Uh The class and the sophistication of Michelle Obama.
[JONATHAN] Ooh, yes, this girl's good, honey.
[LAUGHING] Yes, yes, yes.
- Hello, Sam.
- Hey.
This is Remington.
- Sam, nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
[JONATHAN] Presenting yourself, it doesn't have to be one way.
I want the fade to say more business, pushing millionaire status.
- You gotta shoot for the stars.
- A more professional look.
So, I was thinking what would be nice is, like, a medium to low fade and leave some of this, some of the hair.
Distinguish it up a bit.
And then for his face hair, dark colors make things look smaller.
You have a proportioned face, you have no hair on the sides, a bit on top, you make your face seem shorter, and you don't have a long face.
Another thing about this haircut is that it's complementary to your head shape, as opposed to putting a haircut on your head that's a bit generic.
Remy is already gorg, looks great.
He doesn't need to invest a lot of time for him to look decent.
But I don't want decent.
I wanna serve face.
I said I'd swear to not be attracted to you, but I don't know if I can keep that.
- [REMY] Don't make me laugh.
- Put your best face forward.
I wanna show straight and gay men alike that self-care and grooming isn't mutually exclusive with femininity or masculinity.
Oh, my God, you look so good.
- [GASPS] Antoni.
- Hey.
- [ANTONI] Oh, my gosh.
- Oh.
- I heard that you like orchids.
- I do.
- Your son knows you very well.
- He does.
So, this is where you cook? Let me take out this pie.
- And you made this? - I did.
- It makes me so happy.
- Sweet potato pie.
I finished it this morning.
I let it stay in the oven and cool.
[ANTONI] You have a talent for cooking.
It's lost on Remy, unfortunately.
- Ha! We're gonna find it.
It's there.
- It's there.
[BOBBY] I have a little surprise.
It's important to me to keep pieces of your grandma in the house.
Because it's passed to you.
All the bedroom furniture in your mom's room, I wanna repurpose.
I know right now it's "girlie," so, I wanna paint it a masculine navy blue.
It's gonna look much more masculine, but it's recycling.
The way we start is sanding.
We do this 'cause most furniture has a sheen on the front, and if you don't get that off, the paint won't stick.
So, just lightly sand.
I like using personal things when redoing a house.
It helps you hold on to the memories.
[ESTHER] My husband liked whiskey.
I make a whiskey punch, too.
Would he be happy with the whiskey punch? Everybody's happy with a whiskey punch.
Would you like for me to give you the recipe? I would love that.
We're gonna eat some pie.
- Mm.
- It's low-cal, too.
Five calories.
- You're lying.
- That's the family secret.
[BOTH LAUGHING] I heard you make a mac and cheese that has five cheeses.
- I use Muenster, I use cheddar, - Mm-hm.
Monterey Jack, a little Swiss, cottage cheese.
It makes it special.
You put cottage cheese in your mac and cheese? Cottage cheese keeps it moist.
- You have to use a full-fat, not a skim.
- Yeah.
Right, a full Mm-hm.
Didn't know you were putting us to work.
You can't be the head of the family - if you're not putting work into it.
- [REMY] That's true.
- Is this good, Bobby? You tell me.
- [BOBBY] It's looking good.
I know it's overwhelming to redo a home, especially when it's a whole house like this.
When you start with little things like repainting a dresser, it gets that momentum going, and it's easier to move on to the rest.
What will your mom think about the new furniture? [REMY] I think she'll like it.
She'll be surprised.
It may take her a second to recognize, like, "Wait a minute.
" [BOBBY] Recognize that furniture she slept with her entire life? Let's talk about your beautiful son.
What do you hope for Remy? - That he grows, moves forward - Mm-hm.
- and - Do you feel like he's stuck? - I think we all might be a little stuck.
- Why? My husband died suddenly.
Had a massive heart attack at home, with us there.
For Remy, you know, he holds that, because Remy performed CPR on his dad.
You know, to be free.
So, wanting that for him that freedom.
To be happy and to live life.
- You deserve that, too, though.
- We all do.
We have great memories to hold on to, but we gotta let go of the past and move forward to new memories, new happy times.
Oh, absolutely.
- [BOBBY] Hi, Laura.
- [LAURA] Great to see you all.
- You must be Remy.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I wanted to show him what goes into doing a house and a remodel, with flooring and tile and countertops.
Well, sure, come on.
Remy's grandmother had taste.
She picked out really great pieces.
My hope is he can have a sense of ownership in the kitchen that can spill over into the rest of the house.
So, this is a nice, dark, sexy floor.
- Once you put it in, you can forget it.
- [LAURA] It's indestructible.
No maintenance, you don't have to seal it or worry about the grout.
It'll look like tile, but it functions much better.
- Nice.
- [LAURA] Yeah.
- And then these countertops - [LAURA] They're man-made.
They're made to mimic natural stones.
It looks like more of a marble look.
It can withstand any kind of heat.
You can put a hot pan off the stove on top, and it's not gonna hurt it.
When you're picking out materials for a room, you need contrast to draw the eye around the room.
I like doing darker floors and lighter things on the top.
It draws your eye upwards.
- I love it.
- [BOBBY] We're good to go.
- Always a pleasure.
- [LAURA] Absolutely.
- What's going on? - Hey.
Look at you looking smooth.
- I tried to get cleaned up.
- Damn.
- With Jonathan.
You smell good, too.
- What's up? - Looks like you're going to the beach.
- All right.
- I'm Jim.
- Jim, this is Remington.
He owns this amazing establishment.
- Learning about whiskey.
- Awesome.
You guys make this whiskey punch, and this would be perfect for that.
- You have to learn those recipes.
- Yeah.
That's part of your tradition, your legacy.
So, that's why we're here.
[JIM] The definition of bourbon, bourbon has to be at least 51 percent corn, made in the U.
, distilled at less than 80 percent alcohol by volume, and stored in new charred oak barrels.
It starts clear, but then that charred oak is giving it that color and flavor.
- How many flavors of whiskey are there? - There's many.
So, whiskey is the tree, bourbon is the biggest brand to the United States, but rye is a growing brand.
I didn't know that bourbon and rye fell under the whiskey tree.
- Whiskey's a tree, yeah.
- [KARAMO] Awesome.
[JIM] So, we'll start with the most mild of our products, and work our way forward.
The gateway is this clear whiskey.
So, if you bring a date in, and she is a vodka or rum drinker, start it off with clear whiskey.
It's mild, you can drink it straight, but you can mix it with something.
Great place to start.
And you wanna start it in the very front of your mouth.
Your palate will then dilute it.
[KARAMO] So, don't shoot it like it's a shot.
[LAUGHING] [ANTONI] Like, I love it.
- That is awesome.
- [REMY] Very good.
It's smoother than a brown whiskey And I didn't even know it started clear.
Next time you're sitting down with ladies, you drop this knowledge.
This is when you seem more cultured, have more information.
This is gonna step your game up in life.
I'd be impressed if a dude was like, "Let me tell you about these whiskeys.
" I'd be like, "Oh, all right.
Hey, Daddy.
" [LAUGHING] - What else do we have up? - [JIM] Let's go to bourbon.
It's a nice next step into the whiskey category.
- [KARAMO] This smells stronger.
- [ANTONI] There's like a bit of smokiness.
- You can taste the flavor.
- What Remy is learning right now is, if you're gonna drink this, you need to understand why.
Have some history behind it.
It elevates you as a man and shows that you're stepping into your own manhood by having this knowledge.
That hits you, right here.
I'm gonna be lit.
Love this table.
It's shocking how similar our paths are.
My dad was an entrepreneur.
I know your dad was.
I had a similar situation with my father.
He passed away when I was young, and it made me grow up, like, so fast.
How was that for you? I can imagine it's pretty much the same.
- Tell me.
- Sure.
So, yeah, it was definitely like a shock.
He passed away from cardiac arrest.
His heart just stopped.
I tried to perform CPR on him until the EMS got there.
No child should ever see their parent pass away.
That's just It's ungodly.
Do you think that he'd be proud of the man you've become? I think he would, but I'd also think he would be trying to push me into stepping out and starting my own business.
- He'd have that guiding hand.
- I started my businesses when I was 26, just before my 27th birthday.
That's never easy.
If you're willing to push through that, it could mean amazing things for you.
I've started writing a business plan, - but I'll pick it up and put it down.
- Why? I don't know.
I think it may be, you know, scared to get in close to having to start making moves.
My father, he was the role model, and it encouraged me to push myself.
I really hope that with everything that me and the boys teach you, that you're able to see that you should push.
You wear shorts and T-shirts every day.
If you can't make an effort in what you're wearing, you won't be able to make the effort to create a company.
My job is to make sure that you've got the confidence when you step out to get what you wanna get.
I really did take into consideration who you are, what you want.
You said you're not afraid of color.
I got you jeans.
You don't love skinny, so I got you options that are slim leg.
I know you said you like Cuban style, so it's print, but it's simple print.
I got you stripes and some checks.
They're the easiest, uh, to get away with.
- And then I have got you a suit.
- Okay.
I'm not going crazy by getting you more.
That's not you.
I am sending a memo to every man in the world, making an effort with your wardrobe doesn't make you a wuss.
Making an effort means you're serious about the life you want.
- Hi.
- [PONDER] Hey.
Fashion show, fashion show.
Ponder, how are you? Good to see you.
That smiley face, he'll be so happy.
Excuse me, these aren't yours.
Take a seat for me.
Ready to see Remington, how he looks? Yes, definitely.
[TAN] Come on out, come on out.
- [PONDER] All right.
- Somebody made an effort.
[ANTONI] Oh, shit.
[ALL SHOUTING AND LAUGHING] [TAN] It's tight in the legs, so we'll go up a size.
- What do you think, Ponder? - He can pull it off.
[KARAMO] This makes you look sleek and sexy and stylized.
- You gotta feel amazing wearing this.
- It feels good.
The guy has a good body.
Seeing him in that suit, he's like a different guy.
- I wanna show you with a different shirt.
- I like it buttoned.
[TAN] This was in your mom's closet.
This is your dad's hat.
Step back, look up.
Don't be afraid to step out like that.
You want to be Don Draper, add these.
These add in your personality, but they're reminiscent of the '50s, which is the era you love.
- Yeah? Do you feel good? - I do.
- You look fucking fantastic.
- You look so good.
You do.
- [KARAMO] What's going on? - I'm excited.
I don't know what to expect.
I'm really genuinely happy to see the changes.
See how we light up the sky The sky, the sky Tonight Oh, I think I hear somebody.
Let's do this.
[KARAMO] Your new castle, king.
Here we go.
[JONATHAN] Knocky-knock.
- We're here! - Come in! Come in.
- Welcome home.
- Oh, my God.
Wow, wow, wow.
Wow, this is awesome.
[REMY CHUCKLES] I'm really speechless.
I don't know what to say.
I'm thinking about what my mom's gonna think when she walks in the door.
- Take it in.
- What'll your mom think? She's gonna love it, because she wants the house to be my own.
She'll see everything and be like, "This is something that could be my son's.
" - This is awesome, guys.
- Homage to Grandma.
She loved murals.
[REMY] I love it.
It's Cuban.
- I replaced it with a Cuban one.
- I love it.
We've got the pictures of you and your family up here.
- [REMY] Look at this.
- [BOBBY] Right? I love this one.
[SOBBING] [CLEARS THROAT] I wasn't gonna cry.
The pictures are We wanted to make this the family home, surrounded around you.
It's really nice.
I really appreciate it, guys.
- Did I get it? - Yes.
Look at the floors.
This was under that carpet.
The plants are real, so water them.
They'll be your responsibility.
Even some art again, that was here.
I tried to incorporate as much - of your grandma as I could.
- That's awesome.
- You ready to see some more? Okay.
- Yeah.
[GASPS] This is amazing.
[BOBBY] Here's the countertops we picked out.
[REMY] Oh.
- [BOBBY] All-new appliances.
- Oh, my God.
- [BOBBY] New dishwasher, new sink.
- Right.
This awesome wallpaper bringing in a Cuba feel.
Most of the stuff up here is all Grandma's.
I'm overwhelmed.
I'm really overwhelmed.
- It's so major.
- Bobby was so good.
It's huge.
- Can we see? - See more? - Yeah.
Let's go.
- Yeah.
Oh my God.
- [BOBBY] The furniture was your mom's.
- This is awesome.
- You changed the - The hardware, made it more masculine.
We kept the headboard, got rid of the footboard.
[ANTONI] You can bring a girl into this room now.
- Yeah, for sure, no more disclaimers.
- No more disclaimers.
[LAUGHING] No more disclaimers.
The best part is, before, it was a lady's space, your grandma's space.
All I felt was your grandma's spirit.
You've kept these elements and I still feel her spirit, but it's you.
This is now your home, it's a man's home.
You guys are good.
With your new haircut, after you shampoo and condition, use this hair and body oil.
Spray it around your head.
Rub it in, then comb it to define your wave pattern, and it's perfect.
If your skin's feeling busted, like, needs a moment, come in with your clay mask.
One thing about clay masks, people often make a mistake, they do a clay mask the day they have a big event.
That's like asking the stuff to come out of the skin.
So this is more like a Sunday thing.
This is the biggest moment.
One of the things that I took away is that you are gorgeous and stunning, but when I asked about floss, I was like, "Honey, no," We wanna floss, but it's like, "Who really wants to?" I hooked you up with a big-girl water pick.
I use them once in the morning and night.
You just wanna get the crap out from between your teeth.
Just turn it on, mind the overspray, hello.
Yes, and that's what you do.
So, you just: - Do you wanna try it? - Okay.
Point it right You can get friendly with yourself.
Yes, queen, that's how you do it.
And do it methodically, too.
Yes, queen.
Yes, yes, yes.
- Okay.
- Do you feel ? - No, I do, I feel it.
All right.
- Let's get you on to gorgeous Tan.
- Here he is.
- That chair for storing dirty clothes is no longer needed.
So, everything is gonna go in here.
Do not use this chair - I won't.
- as your laundry chair.
We put your button-down shirts together, all of your jackets together.
And then we've also got all of your T-shirts together, short-sleeve shirts together.
Keep it organized and it's easy to get dressed.
Finally, I got you a pair of boots.
I want you to start wearing boots.
It just elevates the look.
Instead of sneakers, you're going to a nice restaurant, look at a pair of boots.
They're a good bridge between a super-casual shoe - and super-formal shoe.
- Okay.
So, also, you wanna look elevated, and you wanna increase that Cuban style.
If you're looking at that, add an accessory.
That hat.
- It looks fantastic on you.
- Right.
- Ready to try on some looks? - Yeah.
You boys ready for this? - [JONATHAN] Yes.
- [BOBBY] Yeah.
- Yeah.
- [ANTONI] Looks great.
[BOBBY] Love it, real men wear pink.
I would rock it.
The entire look from head to toe.
- You look phenomenal.
- Thank you.
Oh, the hat on top.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
[KARAMO] Twirl.
- You feel confident? You feel cool? - I feel cool, confident.
It's comfortable, too.
I really am not a card-carrying member of the NRA, but for that gun show, honey, sign me up.
Sign me up.
Uh, it's time to go to the kitchen.
Let's go.
- Wanna leave that hat here? - I'll keep it safe for you.
[JONATHAN] Make us something gorgeous, boys.
- He looks good.
- So good.
Starting new traditions, and I get to be a part of it.
- I'm so grateful for that.
- Awesome.
- So, first things first.
Mac and cheese.
- Oh, yeah.
Esther told me she uses cottage cheese, full fat, of course, at room temp with milk, whisks it up.
That's the basis for a sauce.
We don't have to cook anything ahead of time.
Bit of Dijon for a bit of kick.
There's ground nutmeg in there.
And then salt.
And this is gonna sort of serve as that creamy base.
Try a piece of this.
This is Gruyere.
On the far right here, this is fresh grated Parmesan.
In the middle, we have my favorite sharp cheddar.
This is from Vermont.
We're gonna top it off with some Japanese breadcrumbs.
This is gonna add that perfect crust on top.
It's incredible that cooking is important in your family, but it's just like this tradition that completely stopped and was shut down.
His grandmother did it, his father did it.
His mother does it.
- Next up, green beans.
- All right.
Drizzle with a bit of olive oil, and then a bit of salt.
I want Remy to be excited about cooking for other people.
Last step, meatloaf.
If you're intimidated by how much to put of everything, once you're done making the mix, heat up a skillet, take a little ball, throw it in oil, cook it, and you have a little meatloaf you can munch on and be like, "I want milk and breadcrumbs.
" Whatever you wanna add.
What I love about cooking is that it's the ultimate gift.
And, of course, right when everybody gets here, your punch.
- Some nice - These are juices.
And it's super basic.
Put in whatever amount of fruit juices you want, then soda water and ginger ale.
- We need whiskey to put in here.
- Yeah.
Oh, wait a second.
Hold on.
- Oh, wow.
- So, our buddy Jim hooked it up.
We have clear whiskey, perfect for mixing.
We have rye, we have bourbon.
Rye's gonna be spicier, bourbon's sweeter.
This is up to you, and this is about you starting your own recipe.
- It'll be Remy's punch.
- There you go, Remy's punch.
I wanted you to understand, how do I start to create my tradition? But still remembering the legacy and the traditions that have already been given to you.
And so, I did something for you.
[REMY] Oh, man.
I spent some time going through photos, memories.
I wanted to create something for you so that you can always remember the past, where you came from, but also where you're going.
Hey, um, fellas, come in here.
I made something for Remy, and I wanted you all to see.
So, this is going to be the start of your new family legacy album.
Okay, all right.
Oh, wow.
Think this is my first birthday.
My grandma and my granddad.
This has gotta be baptism.
I got baptized, and my granddad baptized me.
The man that your father instilled in you to be is fully here, and you should be completely proud of yourself.
We fixed you topically and gave you this house, but the essence of who you are didn't need a whole lot of fixing.
So, to that I say, like, go.
Just dust your shoulder off and make sure you moisturize before your big meetings.
You got what it takes to be a business owner.
You've got drive, you work hard.
I want you to continue to make an effort, yeah? - Yeah.
- From the moment I walked in, it was clear this home meant so much to your grandmother.
Continue putting the love into this home that she did.
- Carry on the legacy.
- Definitely.
All of this only works because you were ready for it.
Every single thing that we taught you.
And now you get to do that in your own way.
You got this.
Well, have loved spending time with you, but it is time for the Fab 5 to go.
So, you are on your own, brother.
- All right.
- [TAN] Let me take this from you.
[KARAMO] So, enjoy your dinner party tonight, and we are out of here.
Thank you for everything you've done.
Not just for me personally, but for my family.
I would have not known where to start, and you've given me that new direction.
Oh, bye.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- You got this.
- Bye, man.
Thanks, guys, appreciate it.
- Thank you.
- [TAN] Enjoy your night.
- Thank you.
- [JONATHAN] Enjoy your place.
[TAN] Dress well.
Bye, guys.
[DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] [JONATHAN] Are we gonna have a little family powwow? Is this Remy? - Thank you, come on through.
- [ANTONI] Little glasses.
- [BOBBY] Watch the feet.
- Oh, gosh.
- Bobby's gonna be pissed.
- I know.
I adored Remy.
I can't wait to see this.
Look how good he looks.
[KARAMO] I didn't realize how big his arms were.
Good job, Remy.
[ANTONI] I set it up so he doesn't have to be in the kitchen when everybody comes and he spends time with them.
Hold me until the pain goes away.
I know it's awkward, but we can do this.
Remember what he was wearing before? Flip-flops and shorts.
That's what.
This is a massive change.
- [JONATHAN] He looks so fly.
- [TAN] He looks so good.
Yes, go for the hat.
I love that hat.
- [JONATHAN] It's so clean.
- Yeah.
- Oh, look at that.
- He's loving his look.
Smells good.
- OJ.
- He learned how to make punch.
I explained everything.
They're labeled.
I wanted him to make his own version - using his grandma's original punch bowl.
- Cute.
He filled up a glass filled with whiskey.
- [KARAMO] Good job.
- I was like, "Where's this going?" That's my type of guy.
You better come through, mama, looking all good and sexy.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on in.
Come on in.
[SHOUTING] Look at [LAUGHING] - [KARAMO] This is cathartic for her.
- Yeah, of course.
It's a let-go.
[KARAMO] She was able to let go.
Her mother died in that house, and now, this is a new beginning for all of them.
[BOBBY] There we go.
That is a jealous sister face if I've ever seen one.
- I haven't even looked at you.
- You haven't looked at me.
[LAUGHING] Look at you.
Look at you styling.
Like your mommy and your sister.
- Did you all notice the floors? - Yes.
[TAN] No more green carpet.
- This used to be your room.
Are you ready? - Okay, let me see.
- Okay.
- All right.
[SHOUTING] - This is so nice, and it's my furniture.
- [REMY] It's your furniture.
[MIA] I love that picture.
[ESTHER] Everything is just beautiful.
Remy, I'm so proud, and I'm so glad.
I didn't know how it would feel coming in, but when I opened the door, it was like, "Ah, beautiful, really nice.
" - And I'll be over a lot more.
- Yeah? - They didn't change the locks? - I might I'm kidding.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Like, I have a key.
[ALL LAUGHING] I know you missed out on the Christmas Eve dinners.
- We should - Mm-hm.
Are you gonna pick that up? We should try, or have some kind of tradition like that.
- You got the kitchen space.
- I'll help.
We never said he has to do everything.
I love that Mom was there to give advice.
So, here, Karamo put together this photo album with just, like, our history and our past.
[ESTHER] Mm-hm.
Baby, we're very proud.
- Beautiful.
- You know they They bedazzled it.
[ALL LAUGHING] In true Porter fashion.
I got some stuff prepped in the fridge to put in the oven.
- And do we need to take Pepto-Bismol? - Hey, now.
- [LAUGHING] - I love it.
Esther is throwing shade.
- Hey, hey.
- [ANTONI] Ponder! Yeah.
- Look how good he looks.
- Hey, Uncle Rodrick.
Wow, no more drapes.
No more No more carpet, wow.
Ponder doesn't even recognize the house.
- Look.
He's hosting his own dinner party.
- [TAN] I know.
- Did you help, or did you have any say? - Absolutely not.
I'm just here to enjoy.
So, before we get started, I think I would like to make a toast.
Um Just to stepping forward into the future.
I know that it was a big deal for me to kind of fill Papa's shoes.
Um, but the guys, the Fab 5, taught me this week that I should walk the path he laid out for me, but fill my own shoes while I'm walking the path.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers to that.
[REMY] I think my grandma would be happy to see something that she was able to pass down to me, but have my own modern spin on it.
I just feel like a totally different person.
My dad would have been really grateful to see a transformation in me, to be able to be ready to step out and start my own business.
- Oh.
Oh, Esther is smiling.
- Fun.
- Mother approved.
- [KARAMO] There you go.
I think it's so beautiful that Remy now has a place that's really his own, but that still maintains his heritage and where he's from.
We can stop by every night for dinner.
And head on back home.
He's such a go-getter, so ahead of the curve.
I see the man that he is and the man he's going to be.
He's letting go of that young, little boy Remy, and we're seeing Remington emerge.
Papa would be impressed.
It's official, Remy reborn.
[ESTHER] Thank you, Antoni.
Taught you well.
- [TAN] Said, "Thank you, Antoni.
" - [JONATHAN] "Thank you, Antoni.
" - To Remy and family.
- To Remy.
- And to his home.
- Cheers, everyone.
[FUNK MUSIC PLAYING] Wanna walk with confidence? Start with a smile, then stand straight, shoulders back and don't forget, eye contact.