Queer Eye (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Hose Before Bros

1 [POP MUSIC PLAYING] [JONATHAN] What gorgeous Georgian town are we trekking to this week? This week we are going to the Covington Fire Department.
- [ALL] Ooh.
- Yes, firemen.
Thank you, Production.
- These guys have to be sexy.
- Hot firemen.
No, no, I'm sorry, they're never sexy.
For calendars, they hire models, 'cause they are never sexy.
- He does like a belly.
- I do, I love a belly.
The guy we're doing this week is Jeremy Holmes.
- Hey, Jer.
- [KARAMO] He's 37, 6'1" and 225 pounds.
- All up my alley, all of those stats.
- He's 6'7"? - No, 6'1".
- [BOBBY] I'd think 6'7" would be not good - as a fireman.
- I'd think it's perfect for a fireman.
Carry my tiny body out of this en fuego fire.
- There it is.
- I need to be carried to safety.
- Good morning, Blanche.
- [KARAMO] Exact Jeremy joined Covington Fire Department at age 19, it's the only job he's had.
Right? Search that room.
Good, good, good.
When I came to the fire department, I was searching for acceptance, trying to find my place, I guess.
I just I wanna help people.
Jeremy's official title is Chief of Training and the unofficial department prankster.
- On your mark, get set, go.
- Cute.
[KARAMO] Last year, he started the East Metro Firefighter's Conference to help firefighters get top-of-the-line training at a low cost.
As the face of the conference, he wants to be able to represent them well.
Jeremy was nominated by his fire chief, Stoney Bowles.
- So, Stoney Bowles.
- [ALL LAUGHING] Jeremy is a guy that really has no idea about fashion.
I really don't think about fashion very much.
Besides that, if I have some money to spend on fashion, well, I'm not gonna spend it on myself.
He's married to his beautiful wife, Bobbi.
- Bobbi with an I? - No, Bonnie, not Bobbi.
- You said Bobbi.
- You were thinking about Bobby.
- [LAUGHS] - We all heard Bobby.
[KARAMO] What's special about Jeremy and Bonnie, they have five adopted kids who are all biologically siblings.
- Isn't that special? - Really cool.
[KARAMO] Jeremy doesn't want anything for himself.
He wants help making over the fire station.
- [BOBBY] Not his house? - Nope.
"When talking about design, you're gonna be doing over the firehouse, which was built in the '80s.
" [GROANS] This firehouse, each year, raises $10,000 to train rural firemen.
We need to support them in getting to their goal this year.
- They're only $3000 short.
- Our mission this week is let's help this fireman get his fundraiser lit.
- Yes.
- Save lives, save lives Saving lives, doing the most [WIDELIFE'S "ALL THINGS (JUS KEEP GETTING BETTER)" PLAYING] You came into my life And my world never looked so bright It's true You bring out the best in me When you are around Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better [MISH FRANCISCO'S "SOUND OF FREEDOM" PLAYING] Okay We're gonna take it there If you stray too far Just listen for the music [BOBBY] This is legit.
- [KARAMO] This is amazing to me.
- Oh, my God.
- [KARAMO] Hey.
- Jeremy.
- Where is that Jeremy? - Oh, there you idiots are.
- Now, there we go.
- Hey, hey! - This one has never worked out before.
- How's it going, guys? - One, two, three.
You look like Superman.
Hey, what's going on? Nice to meet you.
Episode over.
Who cares if we find Jeremy? No.
I'm joking, we need to find him.
Coming back to Superman.
- Where is Jeremy? - In the kitchen.
Where's that Jeremy? [WOMAN] I have not seen him yet this morning.
Oh, my gosh, okay.
- You're not Jeremy, are you? - No.
I'm Joey.
- Is he in there? - No.
- Are you Jeremy? - I am.
- Whoa! Lazy boy.
- Get up, get up, get up.
- Hello.
I'm Tan, nice to meet you.
- Hi.
- Can I touch your hair? - Uh, sure.
All right.
- Did you guys make this table? - Yes.
- This is awesome.
- You did? - You crafted this? - [BOBBY] I throw out everything, but this I wanna keep.
Can I grab you in the kitchen? I need to know what's going on.
This is like neglected time here.
So, you feed 12 people.
You have two fridges, which is great, makes sense, like, one oven.
- It's broke right now, doesn't work.
- [ANTONI] Uh-huh.
So, the oven doesn't even work.
You're just doing stove top.
- The stove top doesn't work.
- How do you roast? - The microwave right behind you.
- Oh, no.
Wow, this is a neglected kitchen.
You guys have a kick-ass, state-of-the-art gym, then I come into this kitchen, and it's like the land that time forgot.
- Pretty much.
- Can we see the rest of the firehouse? Give us a tour? [JEREMY] This is our bunk area.
Reminds me of the sleeping quarters in Sister Act 2, and 1.
- Yeah.
- [ALL LAUGHING] After you, after you, after you.
See, I'm out last, I'm out last.
I'm meant to be a fireman.
Bye, I love you.
[KARAMO] Is this where you all groom? [JONATHAN] Has there been an unrequited gay love story in here? A Brokeback Mountain moment, where someone just fell in love - and they didn't mean to? - Not here.
- No.
- No? Look at these trucks.
There's 750 gallons of water inside of this truck.
- Am I allowed to spray something? - Sure.
Let's do it.
We could set it up.
- Maybe shorter.
- No, you know why? One ear hangs lower.
- What does that have to do with it? - It just looks like - I think you could go shorter.
- Oh, no, man.
Just, like, two fingers shorter.
Like, make this your ear mark.
This part of your ear instead of here.
- [KARAMO] Will you put us in the gear? - Sure.
So, first, we're gonna let Ezra demo this.
The standard is two minutes.
That's what you have to do to pass.
The firemen will give us a drill, which I loved.
Cover it up, seal it down, yes.
[TAN] We were gonna see who could get into these outfits within the shortest amount of time properly.
All right, the bomber's gonna come off.
On your mark, get set, go.
- Tan is in the lead, he's working it out.
- Go, Tan! Bobby is behind him.
He's doing the most.
Antoni can't find his way home in the same hall for four months.
He's in last place.
Antoni, you're killing the game.
How are we on time? - Oh, my God, and Karamo - [KARAMO] This is hot.
that poor little baby boy.
- [KARAMO] How do you zip up? - [TAN] Yeah, I win, I win! That's good, but your helmet's backwards.
[TAN] Win, I win! [LAUGHING] - Five, four - Oh, God.
- three, two, one, that's it.
- Hey.
Step away.
- That's it.
Away from your tray bakes.
- Hands down.
- So, let's see, here.
- Step away.
Your hood is supposed to be on the outside.
[JONATHAN] You need to do better.
If you had a fire, your chin would get burned.
[LAUGHING] All buckled up.
Breathing air, I'm impressed.
The only one breathing air.
Connected well here.
Let's see here.
That's skin showing.
- Wait, I finished first though, right? - [JEREMY] You did, but you would've been the first to burn up.
- [LAUGHING] - The winner, I have here.
[ALL CHEERING] Yeah! Because I follow the rules! I always [SHOUTING] I was dressed first.
I would have been first to the damn scene.
I would've died, but I was first.
That's gotta count.
- How long you been married? - [JEREMY] Since 2004.
- Does your wife get dressed up? - Yes.
- Okay, what do you do for her? - I wear - Shorts and T-shirt? - Yeah.
- Okay.
See where I'm going with this? - I do, I do a little bit.
Yeah, see, let me give you this example, I've been married for almost ten years.
- [STONEY] Just one thing.
Um - [TAN] Yeah.
Can you button your shirt up some? [TAN] Yeah.
You want me to be more modest? - Yeah, thank you.
That is much better.
- Why? - Kidding.
- You're hiding away my beauty.
While I got you, tell me what you think is wrong with what he wears.
If ordinary were a style, he would be just short of ordinary.
- And - We call it a basic bitch.
Okay, okay, all right, well.
I just wanna cut this one.
He brags about how good he is at math, and those types of things, so write 23 down right here.
- [STONEY] We'll just see.
- [TAN GASPS] What? It's just the number 23.
[TAN] Normally, when I meet a client, I have my closet that I can go into.
It's an easy process, because I know what to work with.
Show me what you'll wear.
- Really? - No joke, I wanna see.
- So, it's in this closet.
- That did scare the shit out of me.
- It was good, wasn't it? - Yeah.
It's hard.
At the firehouse, there's no closet to work with.
Oh, my God.
Those are my favorite shoes.
- You serious? Get out of town.
- Yeah.
I wear those These, no joke, are the most hideous things I've ever seen in my life.
I thought you'd say comfortable.
I hear they are comfortable.
I call them the given-up-on-life shoes.
You've given up, this is what you wear.
You are now one of many men I've come across who have these in their closet, and live in these.
They're the least-flattering shorts you could wear.
Don't go for something that has bulk.
This cuts you off at the wrong place.
It'll make you look dumpy.
You're not.
Don't go for that.
- I want you to look like a refined dad.
- Sounds great.
- Come on with me.
- All right.
- [KARAMO] Can we sit in the truck? - Sure.
This is amazing.
Put the headset on, and that's how you'd communicate.
The truck is so loud, especially with the sirens.
Any information you relay, people in back can hear.
So, this training is so important.
You don't know whose life could depend on it at the very next moment.
If you're risking your lives, why are you not getting the funding so everyone can be trained properly? That's a great question.
Training's expensive, and it costs several thousand dollars just to send one person, and can make a difference between life or death.
We have to make sure that whatever is going on at this fundraiser is gonna bring in the big bucks, because the work that he's doing is so necessary and so important.
This is where magic happens.
The mouths get fed.
It's amazing that you were nominated, and you didn't choose to have your personal, private home renovated.
You wanted this place.
Why is this so important to you? Um Because I have a family at home, and love them, you know, but also I have a family here.
Um, it's the brotherhood of what we have, - and we're a tight group.
- Yeah.
- What's going on? - How are you? - [BOBBY] I'm gonna take him, all right? - Yeah.
- This kitchen.
- [JEREMY] Sure.
[BOBBY] Hey, a lot of good things were made in the '80s, just not this kitchen.
It's a good-sized space, it just needs to be more functional.
- [JEREMY] Sure.
- Are you okay with storage? Storage-wise, for the chefs, they do enjoy having their own things separated.
How does that work with only two fridges? So, they make do, um, the best they can.
What I'm really seeing about the "home" part is that it's an afterthought.
We need to make this a home away from home, so that they can really focus on saving lives.
- I want one with just the fireman.
- You're shady.
[MAN] All right, crew.
- [LAUGHING] - I love you so much.
Hey, any of you willing to be in a wet T-shirt contest? - Come on, come do cute things on camera.
- Yeah, get it, get it.
Yeah! Yeah! Twerk! Twerk for us! I love some body positivity, and he looked so confident.
There's nothing sexier than that.
They're so fun.
This week is gonna be a blast.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] I'm just a hot-blooded animal [KARAMO] With this fundraiser, I want them to have a little fun, leave stress behind, and give them a new experience.
Jeremy is spearheading this fundraiser, but he's wearing clothes that people wouldn't take seriously.
I want him to reach his goals, and I can see that if he starts to dress appropriately.
[JONATHAN] When you're feeling good and looking good you can sell stuff way better.
So, I'll polish up that little baby Jer-Bear so he can sell and make money.
Make it rain on them firefighters.
- [KARAMO] Take off the shirt, Superman! - Yes! [TAN] Do you go shopping much on your own? [JEREMY] No, nada.
I'm not really built for what these clothes were built for.
- Really? You're a regular size dude.
- I think I'm just intimidated.
It's intimidating if you're not used to it, so I wanna give you a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need for every walk of life.
Would you ever wear a cardigan? - I'll try it.
- Next, pants.
Welcome to the world of chinos.
Would you try these for me? Just try them.
I know that color may seem queasy.
You look nervous, You're going that color.
You've got a blush on you.
Next, suit.
I'm going for a blue.
That's versatile.
You can wear a white shirt, gray shirt, whatever you want.
Okay, let's see.
Oh, my, dapper, dapper.
All right, come on out with me.
Okay, if you just stand there.
Your pants are too long.
I'll have this altered.
I want it to look more like this, where you've just got one single crease.
- There you go.
- It fits great, feels great.
There are situations you need a tie.
Keep it simple and classic, and you can't go wrong.
I feel like I'm looking more the part of what I want my future to be.
You are the one spearheading the fundraiser, look the part.
You look serious, you look powerful.
I think I might would ask if I could wear some of these outfits when we leave.
The rest of the time.
You're changed.
Usually takes a while.
Ready for your next look? We'll do something more casual.
- How are you doing? - I'm ready.
- Let's take a look.
- All right.
Oh, I love that.
Come on through.
This is a more stepped-up version of a casual look.
Great for hanging out with your family, friends.
The pants fit different, 'cause they tighten up like - Taper at the bottom.
- down at the end.
It's comfortable.
- Good.
- And the shoes I absolutely adore.
They're beautiful, right? I'll take that as a win.
The cardigan? It's very comfortable, and I might enjoy this more than a jacket at times.
- Bonnie will like it.
- Good.
- She might wanna go on a date.
- Good.
You look like you went from 18-year-old, 19-year-old boy, to a man.
I know you said you didn't feel like you had the body to come to a store like this.
Do you see that you couldn't be more wrong? - I do.
- All right.
Unfortunately, I'm gonna punish you for the prank that you gave me.
Get back into your regular clothes.
I want you to suffer those old clothes to remind you you should never go back.
- I had a good time at the firehouse.
- We did, too.
We loved it.
What made you get into a field where you would risk your life? - You started at 19.
- I did.
I needed a job.
I applied at the fire department, I got on.
And when I was there, I fell in love with the atmosphere.
It's a place that accepted me, my jokes, cutting up, being silly.
And then first time you run a call and you save someone's life, or you're able to Even the heartbreaking ones where you do CPR and they don't survive, and just all of those emotions, and all of that that stirs inside of you, it makes you wanna do better and try harder.
And so, it just kind of grows on you.
It's pretty astonishing when you do CPR on someone, and then before you end up at the hospital they're talking to you, you know? It's just surreal.
You're like, "Man, this is crazy.
You were dead just a few minutes ago.
" - And so - I got chills when you just said that.
The 12-year-old boy in me is like, "I wanna be a fireman.
" - Come on.
- Like It's an amazing feeling that erases all the times that went bad for you, and makes up for it.
If we save one person's life from this training, it's completely worth it.
- I took my wife up here to a dance lesson.
- Did you? It's that building there.
We took ballroom dance lessons.
Well, I think you just kind of broke the surprise there.
- [LAUGHS] How are you all doing? - Hey.
- I'm Jeremy.
- Good to meet you.
So, Jeremy is throwing a big fundraiser to help firemen, and I figured what better way than to maybe auction off a dance with firemen? - Yes.
- [KARAMO] We couldn't do this alone.
I brought my brothers and yours! [ALL LAUGHING] Y'all ever ballroom dance? You're gonna have a good time.
- We're gonna be showing you the waltz.
- So excited.
I've been watching figure skating like it was the end of the world since 1992.
This side, guys, left.
- Left foot, not your other left foot.
- Mm-hm.
When I am told I'm waltzing, I'm in my element.
I'm putting on my black tights, my athleisure, and I'm ready to kill it.
- I'll demonstrate this with Jeremy.
- Okay.
- [WOMAN] You're up.
- All right.
- Ready? - [JONATHAN] You got this, Jer-Bear.
- Your left foot's coming forward.
- Um, you'll be going back first - and I'm going forward? - Yeah, here we go.
So, you're gonna forward, side, together, back.
- Yes! - There you go! - One, two - Good job.
[JEREMY] Thank you.
Thank you.
[WOMAN] So, we're all gonna partner up.
Okay, I see it, you got your partner.
Superman, you're all mine.
You said, who doesn't wanna dance with that man, but this is the most handsome man.
Sorry, Superman.
- Turn around.
- 'Cause he's leading? Oh, my God.
[LAUGHING] Clasp hands right there, exactly.
Should feel secure, feel stable.
I feel like a dainty little girl, and I'm a 6'3" black man.
[WOMAN] Take a frame.
Ready, here we go.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
The blind leading the blind right now.
- [WOMAN] Yes! Very Good.
- Boom, we nailed it.
Now we'll start to rotate your backs.
- [TAN] Oh, yeah.
- Without hitting anyone.
[ALL LAUGHING] What would a waltz be without an underarm turn? People gotta turn.
No world I wanna live.
Leads, raise the arm.
One, and we keep walking around, whoever's following.
- I thought you were twirling.
- No, you were.
- You're pretty good.
- I don't know about that.
[JONATHAN] Was I thinking Dancing With the Stars? 100 percent.
Did I know this was a moment to shine? Absolutely.
Did I? Take a look.
[WOMAN] Very, very good.
Hurray, good job, guys.
All right, so, I love that you all learned ballroom dancing, - but I also have another idea.
- [WOMAN] Yes.
- Switch the music.
- See what you got.
Everybody knows when you think of firemen, we think they're sexy hunks, so, I'm about to teach them a couple of moves they can do at the fundraiser.
I don't care if you have a hot bod or a dad bod, you can do these moves.
Sexy Magic Mike.
Can you do that? Come on, you can do it.
Yes! [ALL SHOUTING AND LAUGHING] Yeah! [JONATHAN] Oh, God, your knees! Yes! You recovered! I saw it coming.
You're not wearing tights.
Oh, he fell so hard, which is terrible.
This is what we call the sexy crawl.
Be sexy, big cat.
I love the different variations we got.
You're a tiger! A tiger, a sexy tiger! The pelvic on the ground drag, a very sexy crawl by a man with a very Dorito-shaped muscular body.
He was giving you panther, he was giving you disconnected hip.
The swag, honey.
Then that little Jer-Bear There you go.
There you go.
- Yes! - Yeah! [JONATHAN] Heaven help him.
Sexy fireman, yes! Yeah! - Take it off.
- It's so hot in here, oh, it's so hot.
Yeah! Oh, my gosh, can we just do firemen episodes all the time? Thank you.
[SIGHS] Did you guys have fun doing some waltz? - Yeah.
- [JEREMY] It's a good time.
Eye-opening experience.
To be with the guys, being able to do this is fun.
This is a great way to raise money, engage with your community, who doesn't wanna fall in the arms of a fireman? [JONATHAN] I know, right? Come on.
Come on.
Pick her up, get me out of here.
Go! - We're gone.
- Come on, let's go! - Bye! - [KARAMO] I guess we're going out.
Bye, guys.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
[BOBBY] Taking on this firehouse is a huge undertaking.
Normally, we're dealing with a home, but this week, I need this space to feel like home for the guys.
So, I'm coming in here today with my lead contractor, Laura.
We're making sure that we're on track, 'cause this week, it's going by quick.
I love the island, so, we did some cool modifications.
There's one you haven't seen.
Remember the ugly trashcans over there? We did this one.
We knew they needed big cans.
Instead of the normal pull-outs that you see there in a small door.
We just made a new door so we can get in four big cans.
- They'll love it.
- Love a girl that can do custom.
This new flooring.
The worst thing about the space was the ugly flooring.
- Tile.
- I think it's been since the '80s - since this was remodeled.
- This type of LVT, it's virtually What are you doing? You're not supposed to be here.
Oh, my bad.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [JONATHAN] Breaker, breaker 1-9, this is the queer spa in the fireman's garage.
- Come on down.
We're ready for you.
- Hey, guys.
Oh, this is Blanche welcoming you to the spa, honey.
How are you, guys? Feeling good? Feeling excited? All right.
These guys have a high-stress job, and even if they don't go out to fight a fire, that alarm could go off, and they need to be in a suit in 90 seconds' time to save a life.
I wanna make a spa moment, so they can put their feet in hot water, feel themselves relax on the chair beneath them, so they can feel supported.
Everyone take a seat.
Welcome to the spa.
So, today we're going to make a little foot bath, and we're doing a gorgeous DIY face mask.
Take off your sockies.
- I hope we got some winners.
I hope we do.
- Got hobbit feet.
How does he have sexy feet already? [LAUGHING] Put those dogs on in, take a dip.
I feel like when you have a stressful job, you have to create pockets of joy in your life to take care of yourself.
Do you guys know about the calming properties essential oils can have in your life? - My mom kind of has been doing that.
- My wife does, yeah.
Lavender, peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus.
Tea tree, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, so it promotes healthy skin, which is gorgeous.
Let's do some tea tree.
Couple drops will do you.
Peppermint oil's energizing.
Rub it in your palms.
Then sit back, close your eyes, put the palms in front of your face, and then just take a deep breath in your nose.
Hold it at the top, and then exhale out your mouth: Ha.
And then blink your eyes open, welcome back.
Face masks can be a little expensive moment, so, you can make a lot of them at home.
We're doing an egg white and peach face mask, and you'll blend that into a gorgeous pudding consistency.
The enzymes in the peach clarify the skin and they also encourage your skin to detoxify.
Since you're around smoke all the time, that would be kind of nice.
[ANTONI] So, all of you have kids.
That must be hard not only in your relationships, but for your kids as well after a long day.
[JOEL] Trying to be as there as you can after, like, a bad fire or a bad medic call or something like that.
And then you go home, and you gotta just tell yourself that you did everything you could, you tried everything you can, and It's tough to not get personal.
You try to turn it off, but it's not always, you know, possible.
You gotta find constructive, productive ways to de-stress.
Wipe off the egg white and nectarine peach off your faces.
As hot as it is, I'm about to have scrambled eggs on my face.
[LAUGHS] - Mikey, your skin's amazing.
- [ANTONI] He's glowing.
[JONATHAN] I mean, you're truly glowing.
Those enzymes did wonders.
Before that face mask, I couldn't bear the sight of you, but now you look amazing.
How are you? - [ANTONI] You've arrived.
- What's going on? Don't you look nice? - How are you? - Good, how are you? - Hello, buddy.
- Hey, guys.
- Superman's here! Yeah, you gotta do it.
Yeah! I love straight people.
All right, Bobby's been working hard on this place.
- Ready to check it out? - Ready to see? Let's see it.
- [TAN] Come on through.
- [BOBBY] Come on, boys.
- You ready? Wait, no.
- Let's do it.
Hey! [LAUGHING] Wow.
Holy - [JEREMY] This is unbelievable.
- [BOBBY] Take it all in.
- [TAN] It's gorg, right? - [JEREMY] This is crazy.
[BOBBY] Notice you now have three refrigerators.
Three shifts.
No more stealing each other's food.
- They'll fight over the two microwaves.
- [BOBBY] Two microwaves now.
Two dishwashers, a new sink.
Look at this big new stove.
Double ovens.
- Look how deep that sink is.
- [JONATHAN] Oh, it's so deep.
[LAUGHING] You know, before, it felt like an office, and this is your home away from home.
You spend so much time here, probably more than your own home, and it bothered me you were sitting in an office setting instead of being comfortable before you save lives.
It's not just for us, it's a space for the community, - We have a lot of people come through.
- [TAN] Also, Bobby, it looks masculine.
- I love that you kept the masculinity.
- I was toying with pink, - but it would clash with the fire truck.
- Hey, we like this.
So here we are You and me Flashing lights Neon dreams We've made ourselves invincible - [KARAMO] Come on, Chief.
- [JEREMY] Yeah, I'm blown away by this.
[BOBBY] I like using dark colors on walls, because it controls the light.
With white walls, the light bounces off and nothing looks good.
These lights, I wanted them to light up this table.
And if you notice, you can see the grain and the logo even better.
- This is the focal point.
- Beautiful.
This has to be the nicest kitchen dayroom in a fire station in the state of Georgia.
Whoo! [KARAMO] You deserve this.
You are saving lives.
I mean, it may have just been a cat today, but who knows what it's gonna be tomorrow? [BOBBY] I wanted to make sure all the details spoke to what you guys do.
The art over there, with fire truck stuff, the fire hose.
Who'd have thought a fire hose is decor? But it looks cool in here.
It's also a great place just to cuddle with your loved one.
[ALL LAUGHING] You know Just relax.
Just sit back, Superman.
- Get out of here! - Just sit back, Superman, just sit back.
You're making 17-year-old Karamo very happy right now.
That was like, you know, 30, 40 years ago.
[ALL LAUGHING] We got food we gotta make.
I didn't wanna overwhelm you.
Your knowledge in the kitchen seems limited.
- It is.
It is.
- We're keeping it super-simple, super-American.
Hot dogs.
A hot dog is perfect to sell, because Jeremy and the others can make these.
And I wanna have two toppings just to make them a little special and justify a higher price tag, because these guys gotta make money.
That's why we're here.
Sometimes, it's about taking something classic and adding a tiny, little element of making it special.
Let's get started.
If you can grab me two bowls over there, two cereal bowls.
So, for the first one that we're doing, I wanted it to be sweet, sour, pickle-y.
So, we're taking pickled carrots.
What you wanna do is basically get these into super-thin, matchstick-like strips.
Really nice, thin little slices.
So, the sauce, we're gonna be taking Dijon mustard.
This is a little intense, so it'll have a nice kick.
And then add honey.
Maybe for whatever amount of mustard, maybe a third of that in honey.
And then the only way to taste, put your pinkie in and then wipe it on your old Whoo.
That'll be good.
The second is gonna be our crunchy, spicy hot dog.
And for that, we're gonna use mayo, then our chipotles in adobo.
These are spicy, spicy, spicy.
So, you mix mayo with chipotle sauce.
On the chipotle mayo, I love to play with texture.
So, we took ridged chips, which we're gonna crush up.
These are gonna go on top of the hot dog.
It'll add crunch.
We're going rustic.
So, now, what we're ready to do is prepare our hot dogs.
It's annoying when you put a hot dog in, it takes up the whole bun.
And then any of your toppings sort of falls out.
So, what I wanna do with these guys is actually just slice these like so.
This is called the butterfly cut 'cause it's like a butterfly.
Here you go.
No, you're taking the plate with the buns.
[LAUGHS] - We're going to grill these.
- Oh, got you.
And now, ready to throw these puppies on.
How much can we sell these for? - Can you charge $4? - I think so.
I think that's fair.
It's a fancy hot dog.
Grill marks make me so happy.
Drizzle a little bit of this on.
And now, I'll let you take your beautiful julienne.
- Over here? - Yup.
I like the colors.
It's a nice contrast.
The two are very different.
And you take those and crumble them on over.
- Be generous.
We're charging $4.
- I was thinking - All right.
- Ready? [CHUCKLES] I would pay more than four dollars for this.
- These are five-dollar hot dogs.
- Yes.
- That's delicious.
- Yeah.
This is where your big event is happening tonight.
Your fundraiser.
How are you feeling? I'm feeling a little nervous about it, getting it together, but I'm also excited.
- As you see, I got you a dance floor.
- Nice.
This is where you'll make the most money.
I also got you a bouncy house.
- Okay.
- We have a dunk tank.
- We have cornhole for people to play.
- Okay.
So, there's gonna be a lot of fun activities.
But I think everything should center around you being an amazing emcee.
When you touch their hearts, they go into their pockets.
Obviously you're a hero.
You know, you save lives.
Why do you get uncomfortable when I call you a hero? - I don't see it that way.
- Why don't you? You're doing what you're supposed to do.
Um You know, on my granddad's grave, it says that there's "Greater love hath no man than this, to lay down his life for his friend.
" This is more than just friends.
The way the world is, the way the political divide is, you combine all of those things, and one ounce of love can change that.
That's what we should do.
After this week, I can say that I'm sleeping more sound knowing there's guys like Jeremy who are out there to help others because they're full of love and light.
What I was thinking was, I like your length on the top.
I'll take your sides in and clean you up a bit.
- Okay.
- How's that sound? Cool.
But three grand, that's what we got on our mind.
- That is.
- I'm giving you a haircut that'll make everyone wanna give you three grand.
You have the cutest smile.
Do you know that? - No.
- It's, like, the cutest smile.
Your moneymaker.
Some people, it's eyes.
Some, it's this.
Your smile changes your face.
It's so cute.
- Don't be shy now.
Smile it out.
- Okay, okay.
[LAUGHING] You're gorgeous, my little baby boo.
You got such a cute smile.
We're getting it real dapper.
You're gonna get a little bit of this pomade, which I love.
Some people say pomade.
I say pomade.
It sounds a little cuter.
Here's the deal with the fire department.
They have got their nuts in a jar when it comes to options on grooming choices.
For me, that's an absolute emergency.
It is a fifth alarm fire.
Call everybody.
Where's Alec Baldwin? I need Alec Baldwin.
There's no products in here.
See Backdraft? Otherwise, you wouldn't understand the reference.
Great movie, one of the reasons I first knew I was gay.
This basket is all for you.
This is, like, all party.
Then this is for the guys.
We have tons of shaving cream.
We got tons of razors.
Locked and loaded, so you shouldn't need any new toiletries for a while.
We walked through some of these clothes, but I picked more.
I got you some oxfords.
Blue is always good.
It goes beautifully with the blue suit that you tried on.
If you don't know what to wear, put on a suit.
I'd rather you be overdressed and appropriately dressed as opposed to underdressed.
Next, footwear.
You had rubber shoes.
They were the worst.
So, I got you the rubberized sole.
Super-comfortable, suede up top.
It's neutral.
These are your replacement rubber shoes.
As far as work's concerned, a regular black shoe, an Oxford, or a wing-tip or a brogue is perfectly appropriate.
- What do you think? Tell me.
- Wow.
I don't deserve any of this.
I wanna stop you.
You are absolutely deserving of this.
I wish we could do way more for you.
Never think that you're not deserving of this.
- Ready to see him in his first outfit? - Do it.
- Bring him out.
- [TAN] Come on out, kiddo.
[ALL CHEERING] Look at me! Twirl for us.
Spin for us.
Yes! You know he's a professional model when he points at the crowd.
[LAUGHING] Jeremy looked like a grown man in boy's clothes.
Now he looks sophisticated.
He looks world-class, like he could go to a convention, and he's gonna represent Covington in the best way.
It's definitely cool to see each one of you have different things that you bring to the table.
It's a good experience, and to do it with these guys, I don't think that, you know, it could've got any better, because we're pretty close.
We've known each other a long time.
Usually, it's on the softball field.
Hey, ballroom dancing, check.
This has been a blast.
I can't wait till my wife gets here be able to take her out on that dance floor, have confidence in myself, and the nice clothes, the fresh haircut, all of those things.
- Be able to have a dance with her - What do you think she'll say? I think she'll have a big smile.
At least it's what I hope.
So, you're gonna be raising $3000 tonight? That's the goal? - That's the goal.
- [STONEY] One thing before you guys go.
Look, our job is very serious.
We love our job.
We don't want you to forget us, 'cause every time we walk in here, we'll never be able to forget you.
I think our guys will be changed for a long, long time.
Jeremy's gonna carry himself better, look professional.
I think in the end, people will look at him and go, "I wonder where he works.
" "That Covington Fire Department, they must have their stuff together.
" We could never thank them enough.
It's something I've been very proud to be a part of.
Ten more seconds and no more problems Eight more seconds And no more problems [JONATHAN] I loved that dance.
I loved that waltz class.
17-year-old me who wanted to go to prom with a boy - was living to be waltzing with a man.
- Yeah.
- That's really sweet.
- [KARAMO] It's the truth.
Can we watch these firemen? I'm excited about it.
I'm just gonna sit my big gay body up on this couch.
I'm gonna slough on over.
I pray so badly that they raise the money.
[TAN] I'm positive they did.
Easy, easy.
- Look at the happy kids.
- Children.
- You gotta get it here.
- Do they pay for each cornhole? - No.
- Get to the paid stuff.
Whoa! [LAUGHS] - [BOBBY] Wow.
- [KARAMO] Look at Jeremy's I know.
- Jeremy's wife is gorgeous.
- And she's stylish.
- She's beautiful.
- [KARAMO] The kids are adorable.
- The fact that he would adopt that many.
- [TAN] I know.
He adopted five, - all from the same family.
- Yeah, he just gives back.
[STONEY] Thanks for coming out tonight.
We're raising money for our Firefighter Conference.
Some of our firefighters have gone through a makeover all week long, in particular, our Division Chief of Training, Jeremy Holmes.
Here he is.
[ALL CHEERING] - Look at him.
- [STONEY] That's him, y'all.
- He looks so good.
- [ANTONI] Those suits, Tan.
[KARAMO] Jeremy looks so good.
I wanted him to stand out, so I gave him a blue suit.
The others are killing it, full-on Reservoir Dogs.
Hey, guys.
- Hey, buddy.
Hey, how are y'all? - Hey, Dad.
- Oh, look at him with the kids.
- God, they're such a beautiful family.
- [JEREMY] Open up, Jayden.
- [BONNIE] Go see what you think.
- [JEREMY] Look at these.
- [BONNIE] It looks so different.
We gotta cook hot dogs.
I was wondering if you wanted to help.
[BOY] Yes! Instead of using the normal condiments like ketchup, mustard, we're gonna make our own.
I want one of the hats.
- Where were those hats when I was there? - [JEREMY] Give me a spoonful.
- Did you really want one? - Yup.
Squeeze honey into that.
Why don't you stir that? [GIRL] I love you, Daddy.
- [JEREMY] I love you, too.
- How cute is that? This is cute now, but I need you to raise the money.
He's making the food, Karamo.
Back off.
Hot dogs are pre-cooked, for the most part, unless you're getting like a brat.
Two minutes each side.
Couldn't be easier.
I use water and pop it in the microwave.
- Chic.
- I hope you're having a phenomenal time.
- [MAN] Yeah! [JEREMY] You know, we do this to raise money for our training.
He's very comfortable on the mic.
And how he looks right now, - reminds me of a politician.
- I'd vote for him.
We got a few different ways to raise some money.
We got a dunking booth over there.
We've got food for sale.
We have some T-shirts for sale.
In five minutes, we're gonna have some firemen up here you can dance with.
I'm happy I'm happy to be who I am I'm happy I'm happy to be who I am Don't wanna be a - Come on, people.
- All right.
Drown him.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, dump him.
Run up and push it.
We are at $950.
We still got a little ways to go, and we are about to start the dancing.
Anybody wanna pay for Mr.
Bean here with a size 13 shoe? Come on, dance with your husband.
- [KARAMO] Dance, wife! - [TAN] Please! - Get out here, Ms.
Come on.
- Okay.
Twenty dollars.
Oh, that's okay, I owe you.
- All right.
You ready? - [BONNIE] No.
- [LAUGHING] - My toe, please.
- Hang on, hang on, hang on.
- One, two [TAN] Look at that.
[BOBBY LAUGHING] [ANTONI] Good, it's good, yeah.
- [JONATHAN] That turn was bullshit.
- [TAN] Wait.
[TAN] Whoa, he does a spin.
Twirl, two, three.
Whoa! - [JONATHAN] Oh, God.
- [BOBBY] Oh, watch his head.
[ANTONI] Karamo doesn't have the strength for that.
I dipped in, I was like, "He can't protect me.
" [JOEY] Sexy time.
5'11" dancing machine.
No big deal.
Yeah! - A sexy dance.
- Was that blue eyes? [JEREMY] Oh, my.
He's a tiger.
Money in the panties.
Money in the panties.
- Oh, yeah.
- Ladies, this size 13 shoe also comes with a law school degree.
[CHEERING] No one ever got a fireman by being cheap, honey! [TAN] He's worth at least $25, come on, love.
- Twenty-six - Fifty.
Thank you for coming out and participating.
He's about to make the announcement.
All right, everybody.
I'll let you know our goal was $3000.
That's how much we wanted to raise.
And just to let you know we have met that goal.
- [ALL] Yes! - [BOBBY] Oh, I knew they could do it.
We couldn't do it without you.
We appreciate it.
Thank you.
We'll put it to good use.
It'll provide excellent training to just not Covington, but surrounding departments.
So, again, I thank you very much for coming out.
[CROWD CHEERING] It's been an incredible journey.
Fab 5 came in here and flipped our fire station upside down.
I feel more confident.
A week ago, I would not have called five gay guys a blessing.
I would not have called them into the fire station.
It's not in our culture, really, in this area to consider something like that.
- To heroes.
- Hold on, before Hold on.
Antoni, I have a surprise.
- [JONATHAN] Cute.
- Love a surprise.
And it's almost a little embarrassing that we put these boundaries over our life, and we think that our way is the right way and the only way.
And that's just simply not true.
I don't say this lightly Um, but I love them very much.
Guys, to heroes.
[JONATHAN] To me, a hero is someone who, in their very job description is, like, they're willing to die for you.
[KARAMO] Who don't see race, who don't see sexuality.
[TAN] Somebody who goes above and beyond to help others.
[ANTONI] Being around guys who dedicate their lives to serve and protect others gives me hope.
It also lights a fire under my ass.
It reminds me that that's why we're here.
[BOBBY] We're here 'cause we care.
- To heroes.
- I love that song by Mariah.
[WIDELIFE'S "ALL THINGS (JUS KEEP GETTING BETTER)" PLAYING] You came into my life And my world never looked so bright It's true You bring out the best in me When you are around Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better