Queer Eye (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

God Bless Gay

1 Amazing grace How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost But now am found Was blind, but now I see We are on our way to Gay, Georgia.
- G-A-Y - It's literally called Gay, Georgia.
I looked up Gay, and the population is 89 people.
-That's big.
-And their big-- Big? I used to live in a town that had nine.
-Love it.
-We actually have a special treat, guys.
-We're doing a lady.
-Yes! I haven't done a lady in years.
-We've never done a lady.
-I have never done a lady.
Oh, I just got the joke.
-Our lady this week-- -You're homos.
I got it.
You came into my life And my world never looked so bright It's true You bring out the best in me When you are around Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Our lady this week, Tammye.
She's 5'1" and pounds 'cause you don't tell a lady's weight.
-All right.
That's me.
She is nominated by Gene, -her friend and neighbor.
If the world was full of Tammyes, we wouldn't have problems.
God has given me a precious gift.
I'm on this planet not for myself, but for the betterment of humanity.
She is sweet.
She's loving.
She's caring.
She's actually more sweet, loving, caring for others than she is for herself.
Miss Tammye's a very busy woman.
I have three children and a husband.
-How's school going? -It's good.
She loves church.
I hug every person that walks into church.
She's a teacher over in Coweta County.
I also do Hospital Homebound for children who are sick.
I visit them after school, and then I make my own way home, and grade papers, and I try to fix something quick to eat.
Something fast, a fast meal that's fast to cook.
Do you eat fast food? I eat fast foods.
Instead of getting help with her home, Tammye hopes the Fab 5 will help -with the community center.
-All right.
This weekend, Tammye's church is throwing their annual Homecoming Service.
-Do y'all know what that is? -I do.
Each year, most local country churches have the homecoming, and they're asking the ones that haven't been in a while to come and socialize, and get encouraged to start attending again.
Her passion for the community runs in her family.
Aw, Tammye's grandmother was a sharecropper, and she co-founded this church at her kitchen table over 50 years ago.
Back when "gay" just meant happy.
Miss Tammye, uh, was diagnosed with cancer.
Then her sister and her mother all at the same time.
And her mother unfortunately didn't survive.
This is the first homecoming-- Excuse me.
--without my mom.
So, that's gonna be bittersweet.
Tammye's son, Myles, he's 22, and he just moved back home from Atlanta.
He does not feel comfortable going back to their church, because he doesn't feel welcome anymore after coming out as gay.
Or even the homecoming, for that matter.
The Church is what I feel alienated by, not God.
I feel loved and accepted by God and Jesus.
It's the politics of the Church is what made me feel not welcome.
That was people saying, "I love you.
I just don't accept your lifestyle.
" I can relate to that.
Not everyone in the Church is that way.
And not all churches are that way.
I love the Church, and I have loved every experience.
I have always used my strength to encourage them to see in a different light.
-That's beautiful.
-Let's be open-minded.
So, our mission this week is to help Tammye go from hot mess to Sunday best.
Yeah! That's his truck.
That looks like a truck Gene would drive.
That is a bright red truck.
Let's find Gene.
-Come on.
-Got it.
"Notice: No firearms--" Really? They gotta put a sign saying "no guns"? -Gene? -Oh, my God, he looks like my dad.
-Nice to meet you.
-Hey, I'm Bobby.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
- You have awesome boots.
- That's a crisp hat, too.
- You're a snazzy dresser.
- Thank you.
-So, why nominate Tammye? -Tammye's a sweet lady.
Been through a lot in the last year, so it's been a rough ride for her.
You're helping with the community space? Yeah, we started this last year, but they only had so much funds available.
So, um, we got it up and dried in, and, uh, it's been sitting here.
This was a vision of theirs years ago, was to have this community center.
What are they planning on using this building for? I think their goal is to have it to where they can have one, two days a week where elderly people-- Even not members of the church.
But they can come here and maybe have a meal, socialize and visit.
-I love that.
I think they're hoping to maybe start a day care here.
- Oh, nice.
- Some of the young ladies here and single moms that are struggling that can't afford day care.
-Maybe they can start a program in here.
We could have bingo, too, I don't know.
-Can you take us to Tammye? -Be glad to.
-Yes! -Let's get out of here.
-Come on.
-Wanna take a look inside the church? Yeah.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-I'm good.
-You're good.
- Wow, so much red.
- Go ahead.
-You all right? Wanna stay? -Mm-hm.
- You sure? - Is that a tree? It's so-- Y'all gonna do all the singing, I'm gonna do the preaching.
- It's beautiful.
It's cute.
- It's been here a long time.
In my experience with religion and religious people, I've just been judged.
You look like the gay that's scared they're gonna burn when they cross the door.
Can I ride with you, Gene? Yeah.
Who wants to ride with me? -Wanna ride with us, too? -Sure.
I don't like being involved with the Church, because there's so much hate against gays and fights against our just basic rights that I have a hard time making peace with it.
Do you have Muslims in this town? -I'm assuming not many in Gay.
-Where does he or she live? Yeah.
I'm pretty sure we're thin on gays and Muslims.
Picture it.
Click on Netflix and turn on that Bob Ross collection they have on there now.
So peaceful.
You're taking a little gander.
You see a little side street.
Let me go down there.
You come upon a little horse farm.
See little birds living up there, and some hay over there.
That's Tammye's house.
Had a nice drive? Isn't it beautiful? Yeah.
Reminds me of home.
Oh, I love a good front porch with rocking chairs.
Miss Tammye.
Miss Tammye, you here? -Hey.
-Hi, good-looking.
How're you doing? -Come here.
Let me see you.
-Oh, my God.
-I wanna introduce you to the Fabulous 5.
- Oh, my God.
- This is Miss Tammye.
-You guys are fabulous.
-How are you? This is one sweet lady.
You'll never meet one finer.
-Hey, it's been great.
-Thanks, Gene.
-Mm, I smell something frying.
-You better come in here.
I'm walking slowly.
I can't contain my excitement.
Can't live in Georgia without fried green tomatoes.
- Come on, y'all try one.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
Those are good.
- Sinful.
This is sinful.
Ooh, wow.
Do we call you Miss Tammye or Tammye? Call me Mama.
- Mama.
- Oh, yeah.
Mama Tammye.
-I'll be Mama Tammye.
-I love that.
-I'm your mom away from home.
-I love that.
I'm so far away from my mom, so I will take that.
We just saw the community center.
-We saw the church.
- You guys raised all that money.
- Bless my heart.
You made this building.
What's on your vision board? Oh, my vision.
I want it to be a place that we can feed people spiritually and naturally, where everyone that walks in the door can feel love.
-Yeah! -All right! -Yay, guys.
-Can we see the rest of the house? -Yes, we'd love to.
This is Myles' room.
Coming in.
Oh, my gosh.
- Careful.
Step over things.
- Myles.
I'm assuming Myles is single - if he's living messily.
- Yes.
-Nobody wants this in their partner.
Karamo is so upset, he's like-- -I'm like-- Yes.
-Going crazy on the inside.
There's no way as a parent that I'm walking in to my door and see a trail of my child's clothes and I'm cool with it.
He says this is his creative mess.
That's a BS excuse.
We'll deal with him.
Can we see your room? Yes, come on.
Be careful.
- This is me right here.
- Nice and tidy.
- On the whole? - Can I close this door? -No.
-No, no.
-No? -Nope.
Oh, my God, what happened? - Mama, what happened? - That's my creative mess.
I'm starting to see where Baby Myles gets it.
If I have a messy room, it gives me so much anxiety.
This is causing more anxiety than you need.
You're already busy.
This is gonna add to it.
What is it you're wearing to church? I'm the head usher at church, and usually, I wear something black, or a combination of black and white.
It's the uniform color of the ushers.
It's just comfortable, because I'm there for everybody else.
And I'm never off-duty.
- But I love that.
- Okay.
There's that amazing hat.
Can I grab that? -Oh, yes.
-That's beautiful.
-Oh, that's Patty's.
-So, who's Miss Patty? -That was my mom.
Oh, it was? She was known as the Hat Lady.
She wore her hats to church.
Do you wear hats also to church? No, I don't.
You know, I never thought about it until she passed away, 'cause I always thought-- I had the round face.
I didn't think the hats would work.
Can I see it on? Do you mind? Her mom nursed Mama Tammye and her sister back to health when they had breast cancer.
When she walks in that homecoming, I want her to feel the spirit of her mom.
Oh, you look beautiful in it.
-It's so cute.
It looks real good.
-You guys say I look-- I want her to feel the power that her mom had, the command that her mom had of a room.
For everything you do for the community, you deserve self-care.
-You're gonna make me like a diva? -Oh, my gosh.
-Oh, diva.
-Mama, you don't even know.
You don't even know.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
- Do you grow these tomatoes? - I do.
I grew these.
What's the goal? -It's homecoming.
Homecoming is a long-standing tradition.
I love that word.
-Oh, home, come on home, baby.
It's that one day in the year where everybody comes together.
And you'll have food-- -What are you contributing? -I usually make macaroni salad.
-Talk me through it.
-Macaroni and eggs, -some pickles, a little taste of mustard, -Mm-hm.
-mayonnaise, onion-- -Mm-hm.
A lot of mayonnaise? -Guilty.
-Did you have to ask that? -Did you have to ask? -Hey.
I know our goal this week is to help finish this community center.
But sounds like Tammye has the homecoming figured out in this potluck situation.
For once, I'm not the one teaching.
I'm here to learn, help and be of service.
I wanna hug you again.
-Anytime, anytime.
-You're a treasure.
Look at your bedroom, honey.
-Let's get up here and have a chat.
-Just roll around.
-Can I take my shoes off? -Okay.
-Can I take mine off? -Yes, queen.
-Let me take my shoes off.
-Let's cuddle, chat.
-I'm home.
-I'm living for your short hair.
-Did I tell you why I wear short hair? -No.
My hair used to be really long.
And then, uh, when I was diagnosed with cancer, of course, it all fell out.
You know, I was just bald.
And I was about to put on, like, scarves, -and thought about it.
And then it was like God spoke to me.
He said, "Don't put it on.
" He said, "Take it off.
I want people to see openly what I'm doing for you.
" -Take it off.
-And I rocked my bald for a year.
-'Cause your face is gorgeous.
You got cheekbones all over the place.
You got these big eyes.
-Your face is gorgeous.
-Let me ask you something.
What about the gray? Here's the thing.
I'm down with you coloring your hair to cover the sparkle.
-I feel like the top is too light.
I wanna blend it together and create a more natural look.
I can make it so shiny, so pretty.
Oh, my gosh.
We're gonna have a Steel Magnolias moment.
It'll be fun.
I love it.
You deserve it.
-I love you.
-I love you.
Hi, boys.
-How are you guys? -How's it going here? -Good.
-Hello, Tammye.
-We just got out of bed.
-We did.
We did.
-We were having a full-on cuddle.
We were.
We kicked our shoes off.
Then get up in this bed.
We can leave them on the stairway.
-Oh, speaking of.
-How are you? -Hi.
Hi, how are you? I'm Tan.
Nice to meet you.
I'm liking your shoes and your jeans combo.
- No joke.
- Thank you.
That fit on those ankles is lovely.
It's women's size, so-- - Yes! - There you go.
Don't be afraid of lady's wear.
-You just moved back home? -Yes.
- And she's the major perk of being home? - Oh, yeah.
-Yeah? -Our relationship's gotten much stronger -Yeah.
-just by us seeing each other every day.
I can't talk.
Oh, my God, I look at my children.
And for them to respect you, and to admire you -is priceless.
Definitely a tulip.
Yeah, he is.
Can I spend time with this tulip? -Is that okay? -That's fine.
Is that cool? Can we spend time? I can only imagine growing up in this town, being black and gay.
It's so hard.
I can understand the feelings of being judged, by experience.
I'm so blessed to have a mother like I have 'cause mostly, these mothers here, if you're gay, you're gone.
- There's other gay people down here? - Like, two.
It's just walking down the street, being called the F-word.
Being called the N-word sometimes.
-And being bullied, like, from the start.
Just because I was different.
I talked and acted differently.
-I just started feeling lonely, you know? -I see a lot of myself in Myles.
I understand what it was like to grow up in the South with a loving family.
And then to feel some rejection from your family, community, your church.
Feeling like, "What do I do now?" -What do you miss the most about church? -The music.
I see choir as therapy.
And with me, I connect to God with music.
I've really enjoyed meeting you because I truly see love.
-You know, I grew up really religious.
Yeah? Mm-hm.
There wasn't a day I wasn't at church.
It was my life.
-Those people were my family.
And I knew from a young age that I was gay.
And I'd be down there at that altar every Sunday, just crying and begging God to not make me gay.
Once everyone there found out, completely turned their back on me.
You know? I wouldn't step foot in your church today.
-The other guys went in.
I wouldn't.
Why? I told myself I'd never go back to a church.
I was so hurt.
And I know that's what Myles is going through.
What was it about being in the big city that made you say, "I gotta go"? It was just-- Everybody is just go, go, go all the time.
Then I found myself getting lost.
I didn't know who I was.
I lost contact with family for two years when I was there.
-Really? -Yeah, I was just-- It was crazy.
I was a mess.
I thought of it as trying to find myself.
I kind of cut off anything I had associated with home, away.
Has your mother--? Has your relationship always been close? No.
When I first came out, it was really hard.
She came up on the small-town Christian belief that you were condemned, and it was just disgusting, and it's an abomination.
-She projected those feelings onto me.
Which is hard, to the point where I didn't like being around her.
I didn't like being at home.
But she got cancer my senior year of high school.
That gave her the time to really sit back and reflect upon her life.
How do you feel about this homecoming your mother is putting together? I don't know.
I'm a little iffy about it.
It's the fear I don't know how they will receive me.
I tell people all the time, you know, this is a catchphrase people just use, and they let it roll off their tongue, "What would Jesus do?" Right.
You know? And I take that, you know, very, very seriously.
You can't antagonize and evangelize at the same time, you know.
And that's why the greatest commandment of these is love.
That's one of the things this homecoming in the community center represents.
Myles, come home.
That's what we're gonna tell you.
You're God's son.
It's okay.
- Oh! Before I start-- - Let's get out of here -and see how the other boys are doing.
-Oh, my God.
-We're just stooping it out here.
-Hi, sweetie.
You are full of love and light.
I just immediately felt at home.
Yes, you're home.
That's right.
Y'all are home.
Normally, we have one person we're gonna help, but the fact we're helping you, which will serve your community, it's way better than I could have expected.
I'm expecting an incredible week of love and growth on everybody including myself, and I'm looking forward to it.
It's gonna be amazing.
-It's gonna be so much fun.
And you upped the population of gay men in Gay, Georgia, -by 500 percent.
-I know.
It is up by 500 percent.
You thought you're alone here? Okay? Yes, time to open up a club.
I want you to stay In my life Lord This homecoming in this community center is a culmination of a lifetime of work.
A lifetime of love.
It's also the culmination of a lifetime of Tammye not knowing how to take care of herself.
There is a diva in there.
All she needs is a bold lip and some lashes, and a new haircut, so she can put her best foot forward.
At first, it was hard for me to wrap my head around a vision for the community center, because if you think about it, this is literally 50 years in the making.
A 50-year dream that's finally being fulfilled by a bunch of gays.
I mean, who'd have thought a bunch of gays would come to Gay, Georgia, and build a community center for a church.
It's especially rewarding to help somebody who puts her own community before herself.
I think we can learn from somebody who's so grateful.
I've been desperate for us to finally take on a female as a client.
She wanted to feel like a diva.
I want Sundays, and in particular this homecoming, for her to really shine.
I'm hoping to encourage Myles to be comfortable with himself.
When he gets comfortable with himself, he'll realize that no matter where he is, he belongs.
In my house Take my advice You better not be naughty You'd better be nice Watch your P's and Q's Everybody's gotta pay some dues We're gonna prepare Mama's famous banana pudding.
- What's going on? Okay.
- Okay.
- You know how this goes? - I was making them before they were born.
Oh, you were? All right.
We're gonna do a layer of crackers, and then bananas.
These wafers, when they soak up the pudding, and they get all nice and soft, I mean We're gonna mix the milk.
I used to say, "How much to put, Mama?" -She said, "Pour till I tell you to stop.
" -Yes! -Do you all sing? -I don't.
I don't sing.
-I don't.
-Not at all? The rest of the family, everybody-- -Why don't you sing? -We were robbed.
I'm kind of like the wind beneath the wings, like: Yes.
As a matter of fact, Myles was one of the ones that started the praise team at church.
- He grew up singing in the choir.
- Yeah.
He recognized the voices, gathered them together, and rehearsed with them and all.
Then he went off to college.
Did he learn singing from you? Yeah, he did.
When he was small.
I always encouraged him.
Even when he was in college, he sang in the choir there.
So, why is Myles hesitant to come back? Do you know? He's just struggling that, will he be accepted? It's just a matter of overcoming his fear, because he has shared with me that he has been bullied.
Hopefully, he can find a way to move on by seeing acceptance from you guys, at least.
Other kids who bullied him may not ever accept him.
May not ever change their hearts.
As long as you are open -and willing to accept him.
How was it when he first told you he was gay? He told you when he was 14, right? Around 14.
It took me aback for a minute, and for a while, and it was a process.
Brenda, she was the one that was always-- You know, she will talk to me, you know, about it.
When God enlightened my heart, we sat around this table.
I sat here, he sat there.
And I said, "Mama needs to apologize to you.
" And he looked at me in my eyes, and he was like, "For what, Mama?" I said, "Because Mama loves you.
You know that, right?" And he said, "Yes.
" I said, "But I need to ask you for your forgiveness, because Mama has not loved you unconditionally.
" And, you know, he looked at me, he's-- "Mama, I forgave you a long time ago.
" And I said, "No, I need to hear you say that.
" I said, because the Bible that I read tells me that if I have wronged somebody, I mistreated someone, to ask their forgiveness first, and then I'm free to go to the father.
And I told him at that point, "Your Mama has your back.
" She thought her faith told her to judge somebody who's gay.
But she chose to see past that, and she saw the individual.
She saw the person that her son is and changed her mind.
She says that it was a religious experience, but she made that choice.
Not all parents do that.
One of the things for me, you know, that I struggled with when Myles came out to me that he was gay, I think it felt like almost a broken dream of him having a child.
I get that.
-Do you mean that for Myles or for you? -For me, you know.
That dream of him having, you know, a natural child that's his, you know what I'm saying? Myles can still have kids.
I'm working on my kids next year.
-They're gonna be my children.
We're gonna have a surrogate, but they're my babies.
Just because he's gay doesn't mean he won't have children.
-Yeah, oh, yeah.
-Yes! In the beginning, I was apprehensive about this renovation.
The Church was involved, and I was worried we'd be judged and not accepted, but that's not what I've gotten with Tammye.
-Hey, looking good.
-How you doing? Doing good? -We're quick.
Oh, yes, fantastic.
I'm excited to be helping Miss Tammye fulfill her and her mama and grandmama's dream of making that community center a reality.
I want to make it a space where kids have their place, the elderly have their place.
It's the perfect harmony of people coming together to help each other.
We're gonna do a surprise.
Your mama doesn't know you're coming.
Oh, my gosh.
So, today is Tammye's daughter's birthday.
We need to have a Steel Magnolias moment.
-Look who we have.
Get over here.
- Hi.
- How are you? You look gorgeous in this yellow dress.
-Thank you.
-I'm Jonathan.
-I'm Brenda.
-Nice to meet you.
Tammye's totally stuck in a color rut with her hair.
She doesn't know how to come out and be the diva she was born to be.
I'm like, "Just because you only spend five minutes on glam does not mean you cannot be a diva.
" I want to tone this color down closer to your natural color.
Then I'm gonna take some of this color on the top that has some of the lightness, and isolate that.
It'll be more like a natural vibe, like you went to Costa Rica, and you were surfing, you were celebrating your cancer-free life, and you got a bit of a tan, so you got a bit of tips.
-There you go, honey.
Doing block treatment for Jessica.
Tightening up her roots.
And I have got my hands full transforming Tammye.
We're gonna have so much fun.
The way she moves The way she shakes Listen, when your mother's not around she talks about you in a way that-- Like, "Who's this Prince Charming about to walk through this door?" -"Who's this?" You know? -Yeah.
Once you believe that more, other things in your life will start changing.
Like, picking up after yourself.
That's a big one.
Part of, like, when you're not feeling the best is also reflected in other areas.
Are you so excited for the homecoming? I am, I am.
How many people do you think will come for that? At least 200, if not more.
Yes, Halle.
I didn't know I was gonna meet Halle Berry today.
-Get away from here, boy.
Get away.
-With this haircut.
Get out of here.
I won't.
Your mother invited you to this homecoming.
-I understand your apprehension.
I've had a different experience with the Church.
For me, anytime someone came with their ignorance and tried to say like, "You're going to hell," or whatever, I always was like, "My granny taught me God is love.
So, I'm not even listening to what you're saying.
" I did feel the love and everything, it was like-- I just need to get over the fact that it went down.
You know? -Is that a point of contention? -Yeah.
There's still that point where you're thinking like, they don't love you.
You know, even if they do.
There's still that little voice that's like, they're not for it.
Truth be told, like, this homecoming celebration is bigger than church.
Because whether or not you go back to church and start participating in organized religion again is not the real thing here.
-Like, homecoming is for us to come around people we love and be reenergized.
-A big family reunion.
-A big family reunion.
So, I just need to know, are you gonna go? -Yeah.
Anything for her.
Just like the tides of the ocean Like a rocket in the sky Come on Hey, Mama.
-Oh, my God.
-How are you? Give me some sugar.
-You getting that pampering treatment? -Yes.
I brought him so he can get pampered, too.
He needs to get his hair cut.
Come on.
Come on.
I love that Tammye is getting pampered, but I wanna pamper Myles.
We need to shape all of that up, so you're just fresh.
It's true.
When you work on the outside, sometimes it makes you feel better inside.
A hug, baby girl.
Look at that.
You look great.
- Oh, wow.
- Peter Gunz.
Killed it.
-That's nice.
-You look good.
-Why are you shaking? Nervous? Why? -A little bit.
I don't know, it's a big thing.
-Homecoming is me coming back.
It doesn't matter how they're gonna take you, they're gonna see you.
You're going there to enjoy yourself with your family.
Coming home, reconnect with them.
You highlight that cheekbone, like, she's running away from you.
- Stay next to me.
- Don't you wink at me -trying to make me feel certain things.
-Look at him.
-Oh, Myles.
-I have something to tell you.
Um, first of all, the clothes in my room, I'm gonna fix that.
It's not really me being lazy, it's just what's going on internally until I'm down, that's what happens.
So, I'm gonna work on motivating myself to do better, you know? -Like-- -Oh, Myles.
And second of all I've decided after a lot of thought and consideration to go to homecoming.
Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Yes.
I'm excited.
-Welcome home, Myles.
I used to-- At him about going to church or whatever.
And my mom would always say, "Leave him alone.
He's gonna be okay.
" You know? And I just I just wish she was here to see that he's okay, you know? We're all okay.
- I just-- I'm sorry, y'all.
I just-- - No, do not apologize.
-Give your mama a hug.
-Oh, my God, Myles.
We have another surprise, Bobby and I, for you.
-So, we're gonna leave you back to this.
Thank you.
-Bye, everybody.
-So, I know that was a good moment.
I love that you and Myles had that, but are you ready to fall in love with your new hair? All right.
We're happening.
Ready? Three, two, one, and here we are.
Let me take this off of you.
-Oh, my Lord.
-So you can see.
Look at this hair.
She's like, "Get all up in that hair.
Give yourself a gander.
" Wow.
-Doesn't she look amazing? -Oh, my Lord.
- The lightness to your ends.
- Yes.
-But see how shiny and gorge? Oh, my goodness.
Give me a hug.
-I love you so much.
-I love you, love you, love you.
- Do you hear them? - Yes.
Are you excited? You thought we were joking we're bring the choir.
I didn't think you were joking.
-You're home.
When you're struggling to fit in, find the places where you feel like you belong.
They're not gonna find you.
Are you nervous? No.
I'm just excited.
-Thank you.
- Hey, Robert.
How are you doing? - I'm great.
How about you? -This is Myles.
-So nice to meet you.
- That was beautiful.
- It was.
It took me back to my choir days.
Same here.
Are you gonna audition for us? - You want us to audition? Sure.
- Yeah.
So just-- Put him in the back.
That's what they said about J.
Lo, and you see where she is.
In my mind, I sound like Luther Vandross when I'm singing.
We're gonna sing "The Battle of Jericho.
" Oh, so exciting.
-Where do we sit? -You're behind those curtains.
John Legend, Michael Jackson.
I mean, like, that's how my range is.
I like the back row.
Y'all cute.
-That's the troublemakers, so -I'm in the perfect spot.
Perfect spot, then.
Okay, pitches, please.
- Can we stand? - You can stand.
Two, ready and go.
Joshua fit the battle The battle of Jericho Joshua fit the battle The battle of Jericho Joshua The battle, Joshua Joshua fit the battle The battle of Jericho Joshua fit the battle The battle of Jericho Jericho The walls Come tumbling Down That was fun.
- So, how did Bobby do? - He's got the notes.
He's got the notes.
That-- Hmm.
Just like Myles, I quit singing years ago.
But I was able to fill that void with design-- Myles, would you like to sing the solo, the beginning of "A Prayer" for your audition? Definitely.
--which helped me to move forward and not get into the funks that you can get in when you aren't fulfilling the passions in your life, like Myles when he stopped singing.
When I am dying, let me know That I loved the blowing snow Although it stung like whips Like whips Oh, wasn't that beautiful, everybody? Yeah.
So, we were going to make you an honorary member, but I think it's so great that he ought to just become a member.
All right.
-You're like, "Oh, he can sing.
" -He can sing.
So, you got a T-shirt.
-Thank you so much.
-All right.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I was raised on this for, like, ten years, and I quit.
It's like a piece of me is gone because I stopped.
This was my passion.
Like, this is what I was known for.
There's people with that story in this room.
They'd love to share that story.
-Thank you.
We appreciate this.
-Thank you.
Thank you for being here.
-Bye, everyone.
Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
Once in a while You'll speak to me Oh, my God.
How do you feel now that your room is clean? Refreshed.
It feels good.
Not heavy, like it did.
Since you said you're coming tonight, I actually got you an outfit.
- So, you're excited? - Yeah.
Hello-- Oh, look how gorge you look.
Thank you.
That jacket is all kinds of right.
We're home.
-Excited to see your place? -Yes, I can't wait.
- Oh, they're here.
- Oh, let's go.
-Hey! -Hey! - Are you y'all ready for Foxy Mama? - Yeah! Look at you.
-You look gorgeous.
-Hey, fabulicious.
You look so good.
-Come on.
Here we go.
-Come on in.
Welcome home.
-Go, go, go.
-After you.
I am stealing you first into the kitchen.
Let's get some cooking for the homecoming.
Usually, I'm the one teaching, but I'm gonna give you the reins.
-Teach me how to make your pasta salad.
-Oh, yes.
I always put a dab of salt in here, so that I don't have to add salt at the end.
You want to concentrate on your eggs now.
Those just cook pretty quick.
How many people are you expecting today? -At least 200.
-How are you gonna feed all these people? You'll see.
Their hearts are full, and their stomach is full.
-Where there's a will, there's a way.
-I'm gonna work on the eggs.
I'd love to know real quick, how many of the condiments you're gonna be putting in? Mayo-- It's according to how the macaroni soaks up.
-We are not skimping on the mayonnaise.
-There you go.
And now how much relish? So maybe about half this jar.
You wanna put just a squeeze of mustard, because I like to put just enough to give it a little color.
-Wow, that's looking good, honey.
-Why don't you try it? -Are you feeding me? Yeah, I'm feeding you.
One second.
-What do you think? -That's delicious.
Bobby, come here.
Give them a bite.
Oh, it's so creamy, it's so creamy.
Just, like, a nice little texture.
-I could eat this whole thing.
-You know what, get ready.
I know how to make more of this, so I'm gonna keep making it.
-Two hundred people.
-What? Oh, you got a lot of work to do.
-I know.
-At least.
At least.
-You boys ready? -Yeah.
Come on in, Mama.
Oh, my God.
Is this the same place? Is this the same boy? Oh, my God.
Who transformed this room? I did.
Without any of us asking.
Oh, Myles, oh! This is the young man I knew he could be.
Look at the shoes.
-Just look at-- Oh, my God.
Yes! -Yes.
Now you've seen how spiffy he looks, we're gonna take you downstairs.
We're gonna get you ready now.
-Your turn, Mama.
-Get ready for your homecoming.
I know you didn't want us to do anything for you, but you deserve you time.
And now you can come in here, take a bubble bath, and take care of Tammye.
This is a dream.
Wake me up.
Mm, mm, mm! Mm, mm! My own space.
What--? How did you do that? Miracles happen.
Will you come in with me? I need her hair and makeup.
You want a "diva" diva, that's what he's gonna give you.
- Yeah? - Thank you.
Thank you, sweetie.
Tammye is a giver, but one thing Tammye needs more than anything is one safe place where she can give to herself.
I'm just gonna polish that up.
She deserves to fly.
- Okay, ladies, you ready? - Yes.
How do I look? Just kidding.
-Oh, I love -Yes.
-the texture up top.
The little peek-a-boo.
The women, they're gonna be so jealous.
Yeah! -As they should be.
And the men, they gonna look like, are we in church? Yes! Let's it take it there.
-We should head over there.
-Time to go? Let's go! Okay.
It's time to go.
-Okay, get this stuff in the car.
-You guys can each grab one of those.
I am so excited for homecoming.
I knew how important your mother and your grandmother were to you, and how this whole homecoming was started from their legacy.
-So, I wanted to get you a Bible that was inscribed with a Bible verse and with their names.
This is so powerful, because my grandmother, she couldn't even read herself.
But she's, "I want y'all to know the Bible.
" Thinking back, all the sacrifices that she made.
-And then I look at my mom.
They always tell me, "Stay rooted and grounded in the word of the Lord.
" So many people are gonna be affected by this.
So many.
Oh, my gosh.
You ready, Mama? -I'm taking my Bible to church.
-Yes, you are.
-Let the church say amen.
-Let's get out of here.
-You ready to see the community center? -Am I ready? -I've been waiting my whole life.
-Come on.
- You ready? - Yes.
Yeah! Oh, jeez.
- Are you ready? - We're ready.
All right, Miss Tammye.
Oh, my Oh, my Oh, my God! You lift me up and I am heaven Look at this.
This is beyond anything that we could ever imagine.
This is beautiful.
This has just been through the efforts of so many people over the last 50-something years.
Some are still here, and some of them are gone.
But this is their legacy.
What do you think your mama's thinking right now? -I feel like she is right here.
-Right here.
Oh, my, yes.
- She'll be so proud.
- Mm-hm.
-Ready for some more? Okay.
-Take a walk, look around.
-Thank you.
Everyone in the Town of Gay could sit here.
-And look over here.
-Little kids' area.
- Yes! - Little worktables to play.
Areas for people to lounge, and just fellowship.
Couldn't have done it without him.
-Come here.
Thank you, friend.
-I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
This place is incredible.
And I think everyone involved has grown and been touched this week.
-I know I have.
-Us, too.
This has been a life-changing week for me.
And, you know, it's just God's amazing grace that we stand here in this beautiful facility today.
Before he gave the vision, he already made provisions, 'cause he knew you guys would wind up together.
Even before you were formed in your mothers' wombs, he knew you.
I just-- I'm thankful.
Oh Come here, Antoni.
Oh, my baby.
You continue to let God use you, baby.
Food is a way to the heart, and more importantly, the soul.
You keep feeding the souls of people, okay? And you, Mister Glam.
That's my new name.
You're calling me that from now on.
That's your calling in life.
Everything is made beautiful in its time.
And you add beauty to the world.
-It's your gift, okay? -Thank you.
You represent a lot of little boys who look like you.
And they wanna be like you, okay? Continue making this world a better place.
It's just, like, one after the other.
I can't.
Where's my other babies back here? Bobby, what have you learned this week? To remember where I came from.
You know, and to let go of some of the resentment.
-And realize that not everyone out there that claims to be Christian is good.
-But there are a lot out there that are.
-Yes, baby, more out there who are good.
Come here, baby.
This is the one I have to spank, right here.
-Get him.
-That's right.
Your spirit is so, so pure.
And all you guys, the gifts that you have, you're using it for the good of humanity, and that's why you're here on this Earth.
I feel like I have turned into a mirror, because you're talking about yourself.
You help everyone.
You make the world a better place.
You're empowering your spirit to everyone you touch.
Tell your mother what you told me when I asked why you were so quiet.
I'm still nervous about going in.
You have acknowledged what you were feeling, and you have started making dramatic changes for yourself.
Now that you've showed up here, God is doing the rest right now.
This church and community, they've opened their doors to us.
Why wouldn't they to you, to someone they've known and loved your whole life? Yes.
Mama's gonna be right there with you.
Praise the Lord.
- You're my children.
I'll miss y'all.
- Group hug.
I'll miss y'all.
I'm gonna miss y'all.
Y'all make Mama proud.
-I love all of y'all.
-We love you, too.
Amazing Grace How sweet The sound The Church has not always been accepting of the LGBT community, but this is what I've always seen.
The church is where we support each other to recharge, to rebuild.
Amazing Grace How sweet The sound This is what I've always known church to be.
This love that Mama Tammye radiates.
We thank God for the occasion we're here on today, homecoming service.
- Let us eat and be merry.
- Amen.
We just thank the Lord.
If they ended up in Meriwether County with all these rural roads and woods we have, they got to know God sent them down here.
- Yeah! - Come on up.
I thank God for this week.
This week, we worked with the Fab 5.
They put their whole heart into the community center.
These are five gifted men who are gay.
And through the course of the week, you know, we were able to build some relationships.
That's what it's about, building relationships.
They shared with me how they have been just torn down and rejected.
And the Church has turned their backs on them.
How can I say that I love God, but I cannot love the ones who are right there next to me? I would call myself a hypocrite.
And I say I was around five gay men, I was around six.
My son walked away from the Church, you know, and it's been my prayer that he comes here and feel the love.
You know, the love that Pastor Favors founded this place on.
The love that surrounds me every Sunday.
Do I love Jesus? Yes.
Am I a believer? Yes.
Do I love my son? Yes.
Yes, yes, yes.
Mama Tammye is the epitome of what Southern hospitality is about.
-Come in, see what you got here.
Mama has taught me so much about unconditional love.
Look at that, right there.
This is Myles, my son I was talking about, right here.
She loves her son implicitly.
Every parent who has a child should love them no matter what.
See right there? See the picture of Pastor Favors? At the end of the day, if you're gay, straight, black, white, it doesn't matter who you are.
We truly are all people wanting to connect.
Hey, girl.
Before you go judge somebody, get to know them.
I guarantee you'll find you have more similarities than differences.
And that's what we all need to do to everyone.
Not just the LGBT community, but Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists.
Just love and accept them, because that is what Jesus would do.
Yes, it will, girl.
Get it, girl! Whoo! You came into my life And my world never looked so bright It's true You bring out the best in me When you are around When you are around All things just keep getting better Nights just keep getting better All things just keep getting better All things just keep getting better All things All things All things Stop, turn around All things just keep getting better Subtitle translation by Matt Duncan