Queer Eye (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

A Decent Proposal

1 You know you love it You know you love it You know you need it You've gotta have it It's the one thing on your mind Every time we get this far out of Atlanta, I remember the nervousness I felt on election night 2016, this level of discomfort.
Like, where are we going? What's happening? -Got it.
-You're starting to feel discomfort -of being away from a metropolitan center? -Yes.
-We'll protect you.
-I felt safe wherever we go.
- 'Cause you're white! - You look straight.
Stick with the two brown guys, the gay guy That looks like a big gay Jesus.
The way to get you to understand the discomfort would be is if I put you in a crop top and made you go everywhere.
Then put you in black face.
I will consider one of those things.
-The crop top? -Yeah.
Wouldn't it be horrible if he said the black face? All right, I got our next victim.
William Mahnken, age 41, lives in Dahlonega, Georgia.
His nominator is Shannan, his live-in girlfriend.
-Hold on, his who? -His nominator.
-What language was that? -I was making it up.
-Bougie English.
-I was trying to add spice.
I'm not gonna win every time.
So, Shannan his live-in girlfriend.
He works at Walmart where he met her at a manager training program.
-A Walmart romance.
It's how I've dreamt of meeting my husband.
My name is William Mahnken.
I'm 41, from Dahlonega.
My name is Shannan.
I nominated my boyfriend because he's stuck in the '70s with his style.
It's shorts and a T-shirt, tucked in.
He tucks in his T-shirts.
If you're wearing a belt, you tuck in your shirt.
I thought that was a rule.
Along with his bland fashion sensibility, he says his hair is brown and fluffy.
-His grooming routine is non-existent.
William's a good cook, but he has gotten to where he's making the same thing over and over again.
Lately it's been wraps.
Just veggie wraps.
Everything here belonged to Shannan and her ex-husband.
Except for the couch which we bought from Goodwill for $30.
So, he's also vegetarian, names his three favorite things as: movies, Shannan and cheese.
-I do love my sci-fi films.
-I like romantic comedies.
I'm a hopeless romantic, but I think William has gotten complacent.
Shannan has hinted about getting married but I'm not sure how to approach it.
He's terrified of heartbreak and rejection.
Aw I'd be frustrated after three years: -Yeah.
-"Come on, crap or get off the pot.
" I know that I need to give you A little more time, baby A little more time, baby Actually, that's really good.
The Fab 5 can help me propose.
Any time I talk about him, I get emotional.
I hope they can give me some ideas with the proposal because I'm clueless.
He completes me, he makes me happy.
She completes me in a way that nobody has.
It is tears of joy that That I was lucky enough to meet someone like him.
- She's the one.
- A lot going on with this guy, but our mission is clear.
Help William find courage for the ultimate marriage proposal.
Three years.
Yeah, three years, get it together.
All things just keep getting better Hello, I know we've met before But our lives begin right here and now -Hey, Shannan! -Hi, Shannan! -Hi.
-Thank you so much for nominating William.
Really need your help.
I love him so much.
I just want him to feel that same feeling we had in the beginning.
Once he gets comfortable in a situation, he doesn't try because he has social anxiety with doing new things.
-Got it.
-Where are you? -We're at a bowling alley.
-Oh, snap! Guys, you wanna bowl? -Can you save us five pairs of shoes? -My gosh, I'm so excited to meet you.
Let's go, gentlemen.
It's so chilly, you have to have a jacket on.
There's the bowling alley.
Do we see him? There he goes.
Oh, I see fluffy.
Hey, William! How you doing? -I think he's scared.
-You're right.
Have we scared the poor man? Hey, Shannan.
Hi, how are you? You've got a lot of hair.
I'm excited to play with it.
- Grew it myself.
- Oh, he's funny! Get it, get it, get it.
Oh! I love that you've got holes in your T-shirt.
-You've got holes in your T-shirt.
-It's air conditioning.
Get it! Get it! - You got it, girl.
- Hey.
-Yeah! -Very good.
Work, diva! We gotta get out, we've got so much to do.
Let's do this.
I wish my days away, it's true So I can waste my time with you This is not a road.
- Look at their trailer home.
- Oh, my gosh.
This is literally the definition of Nowhere, Egypt.
Oh, God, I'm seriously scared.
Wow! This is nice! - I thought it was gonna be smaller.
- I know.
Aw Somebody -I like the beard this length.
-That's my favorite picture.
I've gotta blow everything before I can touch it.
-That's a different type of party.
-God, I just found a bag of teeth.
I kept my daughter's teeth when she lost her teeth, as she was losing her teeth.
Okay, zero judgment, but maybe they should be in a special little box not right behind your head in a bag for an unsuspecting gay guy who just walked into your house and put his hand innocently down and finds human teeth.
This is giving me like Bob Ross realness, honey.
You look like Bob Ross! -If we permed his hair and grew it out.
-Can you? No.
Bobby, there's stains all over the couch and look underneath it.
- How long have you had it? - About six months.
-We got it for $30 at the Goodwill.
-They ripped you off.
So, you have a woman who's the one.
Maybe she shouldn't be sitting on things like this.
It is kind of comfortable.
There's nothing that looks comfortable about this.
Jump with me.
There's nothing comfortable about this.
- It's fun though.
- It is fun though, right? Mark Rothko, bleeding of the colors meets a little Dali surrealism with the spectacles.
Interesting choice, William.
We are coming, we are coming, we are coming.
- Did you make this, too? - These are Shannan's.
I love that you do that together.
That's sweet.
I'm imagining two easels, windows open, you guys topless.
In my world, everything that's romantic is topless.
-That sounds pretty good.
-It does sound good.
Who doesn't like chocolate syrup and string cheese? Boys, I'm cooking you dinner! - What? Blah.
- What are you talking about, Tan? Aw She left that on my pillow.
To make sure I could see it, I put it there.
I love that.
- Eat up, Tan.
- No.
Shannan? -Um, no, I'm done with wraps.
-Did you hear that? She's done with wraps.
If you take a bite out of that, I will do anything you ask.
You name it.
Tell me, how did we land on this gorgeous look? Uh, when I shave all the way, I get little patches in here.
I don't think your vibe is completely shaved.
If it hurts, I'm not gonna make us do that, -so we can just put that to bed.
-He's been doing the cooking.
He's been tired, it's been wraps because it's easy.
You are a vegetarian house, so there's never any meat here? -Right.
-Do you experiment with different things? When you have time? We do.
We love cauliflower.
I made pizza crust with cauliflower.
Yeah, yeah, you grate it up.
There's a lot more to life than a wrap.
We wanna show you a fashion show on how you should be wearing your clothes.
Here's the thing.
When you put a gaggle of gay guys in a trailer in the middle of Appalachian trail mountains, we're gonna give you a fashion show.
Get it, get it, get it, walk it.
-Walk it.
-Jonathan does not stand by full shirts, -it has to be a crop.
-They're like Christy and Naomi.
He wants full exposure of your midriff.
Every day.
Yes! Yes! Yes.
I haven't worn that in forever.
I'm so sorry, but one quick little tug.
If you can rip your T-shirt that easily, -it's time to get rid of it.
-Get rid of it.
-Sorry, guys.
-Your obliques are looking good.
-Doing a fashion show.
-Do you love it? -I love it.
Oh, my gosh.
Is this a book about their love story? She wrote a book about their love story.
This is the cutest thing.
- Did you cry when you got this? - Full cry? -What did you feel when you saw it? -Uh I felt love.
- Here, here, here.
- That's gonna hurt him so bad.
So? I can concentrate now.
-We gotta say goodbye to Shannan.
-You're going to work? Shan-Shan? -Can I help you carry your bag? -Sure.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, I love kisses.
I love you guys.
-Where did this furniture come from? -Uh, her and her ex.
Her and her ex.
Same with that bookshelf.
Everything else is in storage.
-We don't have anywhere else.
-How does sleeping in a bed -her ex slept in make you feel? -You try not to think about it.
You think maybe that's keeping some of the committal issues is there's still pieces of the ex's in here? Possibly, yes.
I would love to leave those.
The cats are starting to love it, too.
The cats are loving it too much.
Sleeping in the same bed with your new man that you did with your old man When you watch movies and you see a show and you're like, "That guy looks awesome.
" Or "That star looks awesome.
" Who are you thinking about? Who do you think looks good? Oddly enough, someone like Frasier Crane-- I don't know why.
Maybe 'cause I like my sweater vest.
I think my work here is done.
I can't-- We can't help him! We can't-- He's a lost soul.
-Tan, are you okay? -We can't help him, Karamo! Tan, what's wrong? What's wrong? - His style icon's Frasier Crane! - You're joking.
Now this makes so much frigging sense and it's terrifying.
Perfect, some lice shampoo.
Didn't you just use her comb? -I did.
Veggie chicken strips.
Why? If you're gonna be a vegetarian, just eat veggies.
This is Jonathan Van Ness reporting live from this bathroom in the wilderness of Georgia.
Veggie chicken nuggets.
That's so weird.
A lice killing shampoo that I'd love to show you but there's a brand name on it so I'm not quite sure if I can, but it is lice, I am nervous.
I did use a plastic comb that's right here.
I did use this comb.
This is neat, I like this.
Knives should be in their own drawer.
I'm trying to make sure this isn't a louse right now.
Is that a little baby lice? -No, that's just dandruff.
-It's like hair, yeah.
You have been together three years? Is marrying her something you wanna do? Yes.
I wanna take that step to show her that I'm committed to her.
Do you think that Shannan wants to take the next step with you? I think I've been receiving some hints lately.
She's kind of let slip her ring size and we went shopping That's not a hint, that's called a kick in the ass.
-That's what that's called.
-We went shopping and she passed a window with jewelry, and she's like, "I like this band.
" -So, what has been the hold up? -I don't know how to do it.
Marriage is a scary step.
There's a lot of pressure on men to do it right.
But at the end of the day, if you truly love this person and you wanna spend your life with them, you gotta step up and be the man for your partner.
By the end of this week, what are you gonna do? -I'm gonna propose to Shannan.
We figured out what was holding him back, so over this next week, we're gonna figure out how to propose.
-I'm getting pretty excited.
-Boy, you seem so excited.
Your excited face is the same as your mad face.
-You look happy.
-He does.
-You look happy and I'm excited.
-I'm very excited.
- I'm excited! - Yeah.
Saving all the best ones for us You can't build your current relationship while sitting on your past.
The first thing I'm gonna do is get rid of the ex's furniture.
When your best look is "fresh out of bed sasquatch," it is not inspiring for your lady, at all.
I can tell right off the bat that a good haircut is gonna rock him out of his shell 'cause he's gorgeous.
William's life is like cauliflower.
It ain't that exciting, but it can be more interesting.
Being stagnant in your relationship is not okay.
That also goes for what you're wearing.
I don't care if you're 30, 40, 50, 60, you want your partner to look at you and think, "I wanna tap that.
" Shannan does not need all the bells and whistles.
If William got on his knee now, she would say yes.
But I'm gonna help William give her the proposal that he wants.
Action! Diamonds from dust Saving all the best ones for us Now we're making diamonds from dust When you go shopping, where are you shopping? -Goodwill, heh.
-Just the Goodwill? -Do you ever go to the mall? -Not for clothes, no.
Really? William plans to propose to Shannan this week.
She wants a different kind of man, a better version of him.
The most important thing is to build his confidence before he gets to that point.
I've already pulled loads of items and I got them pre-ordered.
We've got the right sizes.
I wanna try on some tonal looks first.
It's your love of the lonely -I'm ready.
-Ready? Oh, good.
Oh, my gosh, come through, look at this.
This is already cooler, you already look 40 instead of 55.
There's things that you can do, rolling those sleeves shows a bit more character, it's not just a stuffy button-up shirt.
Actually it looks really good.
You tuck in your shirts usually, right? -Yes.
-Does it feel more comfortable to do so? It kind of does, yes.
You see how I've tucked in mine? It's called a French tuck.
We're doing it slightly at the front.
Yeah, all you need is a little tuck and you've got the comfort, but it's not highlighting anything.
If you tuck it in completely, it'd hang over your stomach.
That's the area everybody has issues with.
Slip this on.
A tonal look means we've got different shades of blue, but it's all one color.
-We've created a look from it.
-I love this shirt.
Good, it feels comfortable, too.
It's what I thought I was looking like before.
-Yeah? -But apparently I wasn't.
But it feels good.
I'm not trying to be mean, this is not what you looked like before.
But it's not so completely removed from what you wore before.
I've not taken you out of your comfort zone.
Let's get you into the next one.
I'm gonna grab it.
-Yeah? Okay.
-Thank you.
No worries.
-You done? -I'm ready.
All right, let's have a look.
Oi-yoi-yoi, dapper man, dapper man.
It's not something I ever would've purchased, but I feel slimmer.
I've always been worried about my gut.
What do you think Shannan would say? I can't go into those details.
She would really like it.
Go into those details, I wanna hear those details.
-You think she'd find you sexy? -I do.
I don't want you to go down the street thinking she's not thinking, "My man looks good.
" Even if you don't wanna do it yourself, make an effort for her.
-I feel good.
-That makes me so happy.
Give me a hug, that makes me so frigging happy.
Let's get you back into those unfortunate clothes.
For William's proposal, he wants it to be perfect, so I wanna take him to my favorite specialty market.
- How are you guys today? - Good, we're planning a picnic basket.
He's gonna make a nice dish.
He'll make some stuff, buy some.
-This is raw Brussels sprouts.
-She loves Brussels sprouts.
We need a container of this.
Look how thin they cut it.
See, this is like such an important thing.
If you cut them thin enough, you can enjoy them raw.
No cooking necessary.
Shannan mentioned she's going through a cauliflower phase.
Yes, yes.
I've never been successful cooking it, I don't know how.
He's gonna make it super cute, adorable and romantic.
-Next stop, cheese.
-You have a favorite style of cheese? Uh, American cheese.
American? Hey, we don't have the slices, Kraft Singles or anything like that.
Do you have anything from Vermont, maybe? Oh, my gosh, this is my favorite cheese ever.
It's so amazing.
Yeah, so this is Cabot and it's a raw cow's milk cheddar.
It's all about a special picnic.
We're gonna put it in a nice little wicker basket with a picnic blanket.
What are your thoughts about this proposal? I kind of know what I want to say, but I don't know how.
To love someone the way I love her and there is no word to describe that.
It's interesting you say there's no words, sometimes when you can't find the words, it's best to use art.
It would be phenomenal.
I've been racking my brain around this, we want this to be something she'll never forget.
She loves romantic comedies.
You should produce a movie that you propose to her in.
That'd be excellent, yeah.
Because it's part of my passion.
And it's something I'm doing specifically for her.
I called around.
I got an amphitheater in Mableton that is having a screening this Friday.
They have agreed to play your movie on the big screen before the movie starts.
-How do you think she'll feel? I mean, it's just-- It's almost overwhelming.
And I know this is kind of what she wants.
It's gonna be perfect.
Just so happy, I-- I wish she was here to give me a hug.
Rock my love I'll rock your love Rock my love You may think we're taking you to a random office building, but we have a surprise.
'Cause you know the age old proverb, you should have put a ring on it.
You know who said that? Was that Aristotle? - I think it was Saint Beyoncé.
- Beyoncé-- Oh, Beyoncé.
You know.
Uh, that's not quite what she does but you know.
-You know the dance, right? -Oh, yeah.
-This is William.
-William, pleasure.
We're here today to find the perfect ring for his girlfriend, Shannan.
I know she loves the infinity -Infinity style? -Right.
Perfect, we'll show you the showcase.
Like this middle one where you have the infinity on the sides.
Do you know what kind of cut diamond she likes? Uh, with that particular band, a round one would be the best.
If you do infinity, this is not enough of a twist.
This is one of my favorite designers, just beautiful handcrafted pieces.
This is what I was thinking.
When I think infinity, I think more of a dramatic twist.
- Oh, my.
- Ooh.
- That's pretty.
- Love this ring - in the rose gold.
- Rose gold.
-Will Shannan? -Yes.
Aw Shopping for a wedding ring is not easy.
You need to know exactly what this person loves and you should know.
If you're asking somebody to marry you, you know everything about them.
- We're gonna do this ring in rose gold.
- Yes, ma'am.
But the really important thing was the finger size.
That's kind of important.
-Uh, seven and three-quarters.
-I love that you just know that.
How do you just know that? I think William is onto a winner.
He knows that she wants infinity.
He knows that she wants diamond, wants something simple.
He knows Shannan.
-Good? Happy? -Yeah.
So, I brought you to a gorgeous skincare place, don't be scared.
William has this big old beard because he has flaky skin.
We need to go to the derm.
It's not vanity, it's self-care, there's a difference.
What are your skin concerns? I have these rashy spots, really hurts when I shave, I try not to shave too often.
It sounds like a very common inflammatory condition called seborrheic dermatitis.
It's worse with people that have beards.
Shall we take some hair off, so we can see what's going on? I think so, after we're done, we'll examine your face with skin complexion analysis system.
-Feel nice? -It does feel pretty good.
Doesn't it? Aesthetically, he's got a nice face, a nice jaw and a nice neck, and the beard is taking away the attention from the face.
- It's a big difference already.
- Right? - All right.
- You look amazing.
Follow me.
-I love that lip color on you.
-This is what's on the surface of the skin -so you do very well here.
So, you're in the green.
But what we can work on today with the facial -would be texture.
- Let's do it.
- I wanna show straight men it's about taking care of yourself.
You're worth making that skin look nice.
-Look at you, gorgeous.
How do you feel? -I feel pretty good.
-Feel a little relaxed? -Yes, feels good, too.
-It does, right? -Less itchy.
I've got a major hashtag "transformation Tuesday" and I cannot wait.
Do you go to the same hairdresser or different ones? Same one.
-Shan-Shan does your hair? -Yeah.
-Puts on the clippers and goes at it.
-Oh, man.
I think that you'll find that if you did make a proper hairdresser part of your grooming routine, and even skincare, when you are in social situations you weren't so confident in, it could make you more comfortable.
You'll be looking good -and you'll know you are approachable.
I don't know if I'll be able to keep my hands off you.
So gorgeous.
You're making my Blanche come out.
Wanna do one? Say, "Oh, my God, Shannan, you look gorgeous" Oh, Shannan, you look so Oh! Let it roll off your tongue once more.
Oh, Shannan, you're looking so good tonight That was awful.
I'm sweating, you've got me laughing.
I'll practice that every morning.
Oh, my God, that's gorgeous.
-Never done wax before, right? -No.
This one's the real winner.
Honey, she is maj.
That one's feeling good and ready.
You ready? Sorry.
Got it.
-I like my nose hair.
-No, come on, come on.
We got this, we got this.
-All done though.
This haircut just ain't quitting being really handsome.
Yes, you sexy beast! Do you feel like comfortable in it? I feel comfortable.
I feel a little bit of confidence.
I just got chills on my triceps.
We need to get you ready for your full-on close-up.
Unless you wanna make out, but other than that, my job is done.
-We can do that after.
-Wait for the cameras to be off.
Yo, yo, yo! -Oh, my gosh! -I did it! You look phenomenal, mate.
How are you? - How do you feel? - I feel good.
-You look great.
-Thank you.
Great job, Jonathan! You look slick, like classic hair.
Do you feel good with it? I feel confident.
Look what I picked up this morning.
Look how quick they are.
- Came out perfect, didn't it? - Wow, that's -She's gonna be so happy with that.
-I love.
It's amazing.
- It's a gorgeous ring.
- It is.
I'm ready to get started on movie-making.
Crew, we have work to do.
So, can you please get to work? I love what you have going on here.
The way that you spell Shannan's name to mean love.
Come on.
Yes! All eyes on All eyes on you Quiet on set! Sounding! Speeding! Rolling! Take one.
All eyes on All eyes on you You know you want All eyes on All eyes on you Okay, let's do this, let's do this.
Guys, they're here.
Ready to see this? He's gonna be excited, guys! Come on, baby Jonathan.
- Okay, boys, we're here! - Come in! Hello! Welcome home.
This is great.
Wow, this is amazing.
I did a lot of little movie touches around for you.
Oh, wow.
Oh, my gosh, - I forget how handsome you are.
- Doesn't he look so good? - It's not even old William anymore.
- Got you a new TV.
I was gonna say it looks big.
For people who love movies and watch movies that much, - you can't have a small TV.
- Even that note that was on the bathroom wall.
Oh, Bobby! Sit in this sofa, it's so comfy.
-Yes, sit in it.
-Yes! Honey, what are we gonna watch? Wanna Netflix and chili? And now we come in here to the bedroom.
Oh, wow.
All the walls, I recovered with shiplap.
Oh! How you feeling? Aw It's just amazing.
Finally a space where you can have some fun with your wife.
Come on in, I want you to see.
So, I've picked things specifically that are perfect for you.
I know that you said that you, um, really appreciate Frasier Crane which I will never understand and I'm not gonna try.
I'm not even gonna pretend I understand.
You like that he's in a blazer, he's dressed up, which is great.
This is the green blazer that you tried on, you liked it.
-I loved it.
-I wanted to find you things you truly liked so you will wear it.
It means that you can wear jeans or slacks or chinos.
It's a really good way of dressing up a simple look without making any real effort.
This is your picnic basket.
What's cool about this little guy, there's a built-in cooler.
-We have all the stuff that we picked out.
I got you these Chinese food containers that are disposable and cute and a little different.
With all those elements, we needed one more.
We need one more nice special dish.
Shannan mentioned cauliflower which she really liked.
Here we have our friend the cauliflower.
We're gonna roast this.
Take a sharp knife like this, and you make an incision in the trunk, and you just crack, and it's more about crumbling it away, and the little pieces come off like so.
Once you have these cut, you grab a bowl, put them in, dowse them with olive oil, so that they brown and they don't stick to the pan.
You're gonna salt them, they're gonna go in the oven, 375 for 20 to 25 minutes, and then you flip them for another five minutes or so on the other side to get them brown.
And I wanted to pair it with a really cool, mean, wicked, tangy, sexy dipping sauce.
We're gonna be making a green goddess.
It's a lot of green that we're doing here.
So, we start out, fresh cilantro, rip it off like so, parsley.
It's gonna give it just like a nice freshness.
Green onion.
A really nicely ripe avocado.
That's gonna make it super creamy.
So, we have some jalapeño, throw that in there.
And those are all our greens.
Traditionally, a green goddess has mayo, I wanted to go on the lighter side, so, we're gonna put Greek yogurt.
And now we need some fat.
A surprising amount of olive oil, otherwise it's just gonna be a thick paste.
Slip it on and pulse.
It's a little dry, so I'm gonna add some oil.
-Oh, that's amazing.
-Do you like it? -It's like vegetable candy.
-Vegetable candy.
I'm copyrighting that.
That's really good.
-Do you think Shannan's gonna like it? -She's gonna love it.
We're going to get you all ready, okay? You're gonna spray in your grooming spray, then we're gonna round brush your hair, and then you'll put this in.
-So, let's switch.
Plug in your blow dryer.
Use those dexterous fingers.
What you're gonna do first is take your round brush, practice going like this.
That's literally the motion.
There's two ways you can do this.
You can stretch and roll.
See I'm doing that stretching, roll.
Or you can take the section, roll it up to start, blow dry that.
-All right, well -Yeah? Yes, handsome man who I love.
Yes! He's doing it.
Work your way forward.
Now take some of the pomade, start in the back, work your way forward.
I like how you're getting underneath.
And let's get it up in the front a little.
Start to shape it in the place where we want it to live.
-Looks good.
This hair looks great.
But if you feel like it falls, don't be afraid to hit it up with a little more zhuzh.
You should never be afraid of a little zhuzh.
All right.
-Isn't my top cute? Are you obsessed? -It is.
-Do you wish you had one? -I need one.
I thinking that you needed one.
You look the best when things hit you here.
My belly hairs can stick out through the mesh.
That drives the gays wild.
You've already seen the closet, you know what we've got.
-Does this look good? -Very good.
-I can't wait to try it on.
When I met William, I did not think he would feel confident in anything we put him in, no matter what he looked like.
Stand in front of the mirror, check you out.
However, seeing him look into the mirror is amazing.
You know that this man is now confident.
Boys, ready to see this? Guys, ready? Show them.
Ooh! - Groovy.
- That jacket, those shoes.
That butt be looking right in them jeans.
Shannan's gonna love it.
Look at it without the jacket.
-He's casual, he's cool.
-I like the little partial tuck.
French tuck, looks damn good.
Tell them how you feel William, we wanna know.
Yesterday you were six on the confidence scale.
- In this, I'm definitely an 11.
- Yeah! Honest, you look fantastic.
-There's one more look I wanna show you.
-Note to myself: - Collarless shirt with a bomber jacket.
- Okay, you ready? -Yes! -Okay, we're coming out.
All right, here we go.
Oh, yeah, pineapple upside down shirt.
That blazer fits you perfectly.
Just spin for me, mate, spin for me, 'cause, my gosh, that looks-- Yes.
Careful doing that in front of this audience.
I know, she's hungry.
-Shanna-what? -Come.
Can I sit with you? Thank you.
Now that you look like a model, tonight's the night.
Like in a couple of hours, you're gonna be engaged.
- Yeah.
- What is with your mind? I heard his heart go ba-boom.
I'm ready for it.
I appreciate everything you have done, you've really given me confidence and shown me ways to dress that I never would have done before and hair.
The house is amazing.
You've given me the confidence for tonight.
Shown me something new 'cause I've never made green goddess, man.
-So, thank you.
-You deserve it.
People wanna be open, but part of them is still shut off, and scared to be in their old ways.
You have been so open, loving, which lets us know why Shannan has fallen in love with you.
-I'm gonna invite you to the wedding.
-We would love that.
Onward into the future.
-Such a pleasure.
Thank you.
-Enjoy your home.
Got this tonight.
So proud of you, man.
Good luck! We can't wait to get the invitations! And we go, and we go, and we go! Darling you're the one The one I wanna love What was your proposal like? I've never heard yours.
- I know his proposal.
- There wasn't an actual proposal.
It was a case of, "We're gonna get married one day, right?" "Yeah.
" -You didn't have a proposal? -No, we had agreed it was gonna happen.
And then we arranged the date.
Do you ever miss the fact that you didn't get that moment? -No, I'm not romantic.
-You have to have feelings to be romantic.
On that note, let's watch something that hopefully is romantic.
The only proposals Tan likes are business proposals.
Tan, I'm going to plan a proposal for you.
No, thank you.
I've been married for seven and a half years.
I think we'll be fine without.
Shall we watch this? Here we go.
Look at that daddy chest.
I'm in love with a belly and some hair.
You're gonna have every straight man doing a French tuck.
I like it.
It looks a little smarter.
He's pouring cauliflower into Chinese to-go cups something more creative than your classic Tupperware.
- My God, that is adorable.
- That's such a cute idea.
Oh, my gosh, hi.
You look good.
Aw Oh, my gosh.
She's shocked.
Rightly so.
This is amazing.
Oh, my gosh.
It's beautiful.
A lot.
I like the blue wall.
With all that shiplap, changed the look of the room.
It was an amazing week.
Thank you for making this happen.
I never realized that something as simple as a haircut could change me, make me feel completely different.
I know.
-Good job.
-Good job.
Aw He's gonna make me cry.
It looks really good.
I got all kinds of product and stuff now.
-My little baby.
-Oh, look at that.
It's nice.
We're gonna go down to Mableton to an amphitheater, we're gonna watch a movie down there and have a picnic.
-And watch a movie.
Sounds like fun.
-Yes, pop the collar.
I liked it popped.
-I prefer it not.
Me, too.
I told you you look good? -Thank you.
-You do.
They've got 2-for-1 Down at the Ava Lounge You remember when we were holding hands, you wanted to hold it like that, I said we had to hold like this? If you intertwine fingers, my mom said that's 'cause you wanna bang, and cupped is, like, platonic.
-Why didn't you wanna bang me? Bitch! -Well-- - Wanna do this on the table? - Yeah.
-You like having a picnic basket? -This is nice.
-This is what I made.
-This is the green goddess.
For our cauliflower.
It was my first time using that oven.
It's good.
Very good.
Oh I've let our relationship grow stagnant.
I apologize for that.
But I'm hoping that in the future you'll see a difference.
I love you.
She has no idea what's about to happen.
-I'm gonna go get us a drink, okay? -Okay.
-All right.
Bear with me.
-Thank you.
I told him that before the proposal to sneak away and just say, "I'm gonna get popcorn or something to drink.
" So that way she has no idea.
He's nervous.
So, without any further ado, we have a special presentation coming up.
And I hope you have a great evening.
I love this editing work.
You can love your dog and you can love pineapple upside down cake, and you can love two-hour showers, but there needs to be more than love.
Why is there no word more than love? I'm gonna create that word.
She's about to start sobbing.
Her throat's starting to go.
Alcohol, A, A is amazing.
Hair, H, H is happiness.
Oh, that's a great letter.
I need more letters.
N, N is naughty.
I need one more letter.
-He looks so good in that video.
-He does.
A symbol.
The infinity symbol.
A symbol, S.
Sexy, sweet, smart.
She loves a romantic comedy, she doesn't even realize she's the star of one.
A, H, A, N, N, N, S.
Ahannns! - No! - I'm with you, girl.
-That's not a word! -Stick with it.
How about? How about? That's it, Shannan.
The word for more than love.
Oh, she can't even contain it.
Let it out, girl! Shannan.
I Shannan you.
I must tell the world! I must tell the world.
I must tell the world about this new word! Everything in my life has brought me to you.
All my regrets, all my choices, and all my tears, I wouldn't change a thing.
And I'm ready for our next step to begin.
I'm ready for us.
Shannan Ann Eller, will you marry me and be my wife? Yes! Aw -This got me.
-I know.
I love you.
We all have a fear of failure, but true love is about releasing fear.
-That's a great feeling.
-Have an open heart, an open mind.
I'm doing this for myself, more importantly I'm doing this for my partner.
It's time to get yourself back To my front door I love you.
To William and Shannan, boys, to William and Shannan.
-We Shannan them.
-We Shannan them.
I Shannan the hell out of all you guys -I Shannan you.
-so hard.
Just put your feet on the path To my front door - Now what? - Don't know.
This is where you end credits.
You'll often find me sporting a French tuck.
A French tuck is simple, all you have to do is tuck in the front of your shirt into your pants.
It's gonna balance your proportions and help you look taller and leaner.