Queer Eye (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Unleash the Sexy Beast

1 -Humidity and freshly washed hair.
-Looks gorgeous on you.
Everyone's got hats on.
I've got my hair up.
That means that you can tell it is nasty outside.
-I'm not letting it frizz my hair.
-Me either.
It's so rainy.
It's gloomy and stuff.
A good opportunity for a dossier.
So, this week, we have Leonardo Loria Rico, a.
I make whatever you want me to make.
I'll make it special.
I'll put love.
The first time I met Leo, we worked at the same restaurant.
We used to flirt a lot.
He never thought he was gonna get married, have kids.
Been married for six years, have two boys, and Leo turned into a better father than I imagined.
But I am nominating Leo because he is a ginormous slob.
- He just leaves his stuff everywhere.
- I'm very bachelor-style.
I feel like I'm picking up after three children.
I tend to do things my way, which is, like, sloppy.
That drives me crazy.
He doesn't have a stereotypical adult job.
I'm used to being the late-night person.
I'm like a vampire.
Every night, he's bringing bar food home.
Chances are, you open the fridge, there's going to be leftovers.
There's only so many days in a row I can eat Tater Tots reheated.
I really wish he would cook more because, I mean, he's good at it.
-Hi, honey.
When I look at Leo, I see a sexy beast, but I never see him look past a mirror.
All right, "Hey, sexy.
" I'd love to see that.
When people look at me, I can tell if they don't like me.
What I show to people sometimes might not be the full me.
Leo has an important event this week.
He's gonna be attending his first Parent-Teacher Mixer with Bethany.
Leo's uncomfortable around other dads and worries he's being judged.
I know that feeling.
When I got my kids, they were like: "Are you the big brother? Are you gonna be a good parent?" -I was like, "Don't judge me.
" -Mind your business.
I think he believes others are judging him, -so he judges himself.
-I don't have a lot of parent friends.
I'd love to have some joint friends, but it's like pulling teeth to get him to socialize with others.
It's that fear that I won't be accepted.
I'd really love to see him take his bartender personality and use that in social situations.
And I wish when he went into school with the kids, he could hold his head high because he is an amazing husband and father, and he's providing for us.
She thinks I have potential for a better self.
Ha! What's our mission, honey? Let's show this married bachelor that he's a rad dad.
All things just keep getting better All your friends just hate me Don't they? But I really don't care It's raining.
Need my umbrella.
There an umbrella that matches my outfit? Let's do this.
Here's one that matches your outfit.
- It's raining.
- You snooze, you lose.
Keep those hats on.
Don't slip.
Don't hurt yourself.
I wasn't planning on it.
That's why I got an umbrella.
Knock, knock, knock, I'm here.
-Wait-- Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Can I hug you? -I'm Tan.
Nice to meet you.
-How are you? -Antoni.
-Nice to meet you.
Great to meet you.
-Thanks for having us.
-I'm Karamo.
You used to have a major chin strap.
It's growing in.
-He's shy.
-Shy? He's a shy baby.
Leo looks like Mexican Santa Claus, but on the off-season.
He doesn't care about Miss Claus.
-He's just chilling until December comes.
-I see kids, kids, kids.
- Kids everywhere.
- Kids here.
-Where are the kids? -In daycare.
She works in the day, I work during the night.
Oh, wow.
This is, like, a super-fun kitchen.
-We got leftovers.
-Will you make us something? I'm making a stir-fry of the food here.
These are healthy options, right? The mac and cheese, not so much.
There's rice with cheese.
We have three things with cheese.
- Everyone loves cheese.
- Hey! I can't resist.
There's so much stuff in his fridge.
You wanna throw it in a pan, add cheese, see what happens.
- Chef, what do you want, olive oil? - Yes.
It's the basil olive oil.
There's no judgments from the Fab 5.
How do you say it in Spanish? I've never seen so many utensils and pans and pots.
-I used to have this one here.
I have friend that is so tall, he got that like I'm like, "Okay.
" Your accent is so gorgeous.
You can totally narrate going-to-sleep meditations.
It's like, "Honey, take a few breaths.
" And I'll be like, "Yes.
" You know? Leonardo Loria Rico.
- My God, look what's in the microwave.
- That's my lunch.
- From where, the bar? - Taste the goodness.
-Do me a favor.
Find your trash can and throw it away.
- Oh, man, but it's good stuff.
- Throw it away.
You bring food from the bar? Why don't you cook? We split it.
It depends how busy our week is.
-I cook at least two times a week.
-Is that enough for your wife? - You think she'd like more support? - I like to cook.
Having the dinner ready for her would be a lot better.
-Can I see your closet? -Sure, Tan, I've got this.
No problem.
I love the kiddie gate.
We need one for Jonathan.
Why would he not make the bed? And look how gross and un-fresh those sheets look.
-Oh, look at the closet.
-A walk-in closet.
Good for them.
- It's like a-- It's so-- - Uninviting.
Okay, these are all shoe-- Okay.
Literally 20 percent of this space is devoted to DVDs and CDs.
They need to learn what streaming is.
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, I don't like touching dead stuff.
- This is literally it.
- This is the closet? He doesn't have any clothes, though.
-Oh, T-shirts.
All right, no, no.
-Is anything salvageable? -There's nothing.
Leo has logo tees, logo tees, logo tees, and more logo tees.
He needs help more than most.
Child safety locks, that's good.
Child safety locks, but there's a hammer.
-Like -That does not make sense.
-The kids and the gays can't get in.
-How do you not know how to get in that? I do know how to get in there.
I might have broken it.
You know when you worried you were a terrible father? This is it? So, this is everything- but-the-kitchen-sink stir-fry.
- Um What is that? - Four types of pasta that I found in your fridge with two containers of peas.
It's good.
You know, I'm a vegetarian.
You're not veggie.
You're a liar.
- What's your favorite food? - Typical pasta.
Have you ever tasted fresh pasta? -No.
We've been trying to get pasta-- -Leo.
Italian food, what I like about it, it's a large dish in the center everybody gets to go after.
If you're having dinner with her, it's romantic.
And she likes wine, so I don't have to worry.
You leave your underwear on the stairs? Yeah, I feel like a bachelor, wifey is always at war with the kids.
-I'm pretty much with shorts downstairs.
-Sometimes, I just wear my underwear.
-You're gross.
A lot of the T-shirts in your drawer are sloppy.
I don't mind this one.
If you were to dress this up, wear some nice jeans, nice shoes, a jacket, I can make that work.
However, a lot of them look like you've worn them 1,000 times.
They look like student clothes.
-It's clothing, who cares? -I can't believe that you don't care.
I wanna get you to the point where Bethany says: "Leo's my guy.
And look at him, he looks fantastic.
" -We need to step it up.
-I'm very simple in clothing.
I think about that when we go back into the pictures.
In all the pictures, I have the same clothing.
This isn't doing you favors.
I wanna get you to where you've got options that slim you down, make you feel confident, make you feel dressed up.
Welcome to my office.
It's gorgeous.
-It's nice.
-Very convenient.
- My claws? - What's going on there? Uh I don't cut my nails that often.
You could climb a tree with those toenails.
We gotta deal with that.
When you look in the mirror, do you like the way you look? Sometimes I got problems with my hair on the sides.
-It gets sloppy and horrible.
Having it too long is too much of a hassle.
How do you feel when you're not in the bar? Does it make you feel like people judge you in some way? -I think they do.
-I think you're an attractive man.
But by just, like, doing a couple of things here and there, it will up your confidence, so that you do feel more comfortable.
We don't have that much storage.
The storage I have is weird.
They're big cabinets, but I cannot put small stuff.
-So, you need more storage? -Yeah.
The living room is where we spend most of our time.
Why is it red? I was gonna paint all these walls red, so I started here, then I didn't finish.
Okay, good.
Red actually is a color that makes you anxious.
So, blues, grays, those are more soothing, happy colors.
This isn't the best layout for this room.
Somebody told me not to put in a corner a TV, the layout is weird.
I was like, "I want it there.
" So, you have a big event at the school? They do these Parent-Teacher Mixers.
And every time, I say no.
I find an excuse like, "I have to work.
" -Got it.
-Wifey was like, "No, not this time.
" What's your relationship with the others? - Nonexistent.
- Nonexistent.
Why's that? I definitely felt that, you know, just the glances sometimes.
And I'm a bartender.
I think people prejudge me.
It doesn't make me feel good.
Wifey encourages that I call the dads and like, "You wanna bring the kid here? Maybe they could play together.
" I have a feeling that if I did that, it would benefit me, and my kids and wife would be happy.
I want to make more time for them that I don't right now.
-Why are you getting emotional? -I love my kids.
And I want to be with them.
They mean everything to me.
I can tell you're a great father.
It's just figuring out those ways around the fear.
Hanging out with other dads who understand what you're feeling gives you an opportunity to hang with the kids, but also relieve the stress and guilt you're feeling -that you're not doing enough.
-I want to change something.
Or not to change, but I call it "evolve part of your life.
" That's exactly it.
You have to know how to evolve.
-I have to know that.
-That is phenomenal.
Hey, guys, catch me.
Just kidding.
I got a little tense for a second or emotional, so to speak.
-I'm scared.
-We'll be gentle.
Your wife, Bethany, told us that you are her sexy man.
-She said sexy beast.
-Sexy beast.
Anytime a woman calls you a sexy beast, you gotta hit your chest.
-I do the dance.
-What's the dance? -Oh, no, it's the dance.
-No, you dance.
-All right.
-That's your game? Oh, yeah, baby, come on.
Leo is passionate about food, and I want Leo to prepare meals for his wife and kids that they can have when they come home, and everything is ready.
I wanna make sure I show Leo and Bethany, don't let the kids take over every aspect of your home.
Everyone needs to have that place to chill, and when there's chaos everywhere, you can't chill.
He's an attractive, lovely man.
We can polish him up, and we can turn him out a bit.
We just need to unleash it.
Leo is truly living like a bachelor.
All I see is college student, single guy.
A guy who hangs out at a bar every night.
We need to step it up.
My hope is that Leo can get his dad groove back.
Where he feels really cool about being a dad.
- All right, ready for this? - I am.
I'm about to open my eyes to something different.
- A little bit nervous? - Yes.
I've been into this store many a time.
It's one of my favorites for somebody who, uh, is slightly taller, and you've got proportions that do require a store that has larger options.
What parts do you love about your body, and what parts do you think: -"I don't wanna highlight"? -Well, I like my shoulders and my legs, -but I don't like the muffin top.
-We all got it.
I wanna concentrate on a slimmer fit that will give you a nicer look to your leg.
If you wear a wide leg, you're just gonna look short and big.
These are jeans that are soft, it's not actually denim.
You like comfort, so I wanna go with something that has stretch.
I've noticed that, too.
That stretch is comfortable.
We've got the Parent-Teacher Mixer.
Something like a blazer could be great.
I always liked blazers, but I've never found one I like that would fit me.
You can wear it with jeans, with trousers, with sneakers, with a boot.
I love a simple polka dot.
As opposed to going for the printed tee, go for a printed shirt.
-I'm a big guy, I step hard.
I'd really want to find a shoe that's gonna be strong and comfortable.
That will last more than six months.
Get your shoes from a place like this, they have a wider foot.
It's gonna accommodate your foot the way you need.
I get that Leo's daunted by being around other fathers, and if I were dressed that way, I would, too.
I want him to feel confident, secure and empowered meeting these fathers.
Let's take a look.
Whoo! Let's add in a little bit of style.
I'm gonna roll these sleeves a couple of times.
A better version of casual? Yeah.
I think it could be more formal like a parent.
'Cause sometimes they see me as the older brother picking up the kids.
It's gonna give you a shape you want.
I've given you a shorter jacket than the T-shirt.
We're mixing the proportions, so not only do you focus on your slim parts, you don't focus on the parts you don't want to focus on.
They're not noticing that.
It doesn't show me like a big guy.
More like a comfortable person.
I want you to start to realize you don't need to wear those shorts and T-shirts.
Feel comfortable in this.
Men have body issues.
We are as insecure as women are.
We just don't talk about it comfortably.
I want it to be a real conversation we can all have.
Okay, great.
Come on.
This is gonna work.
These jeans are made for super-tall people.
-We'll have them altered.
I don't want it to be too high.
Slip this on for me.
Look in the mirror.
Tell me what you're seeing, feeling and thinking.
- I see a stud.
- You see a stud? I love that the suit is fitted.
It's nice and slim.
The fact that it just about closes, I want that.
If it's too roomy, it's not the right size.
I thought it was the opposite.
You'll look like you're drowning in the suit.
So, I want you to keep it open.
It gives you a nice line.
That's taking 20 pounds off you.
If you close that, it would highlight your stomach.
Also, we've tucked in your shirt.
If I leave it open, and it hangs down, you'll look bigger and shorter.
-You don't want that.
I think I feel comfortable going out in this.
You look appropriate for your age.
You look like a rad dad.
The biggest problem in Leo's house, it's more a nursery than a home.
The kids' stuff, it's everywhere.
And Daddy's toys all over the place as well.
So, I wanna make storage spaces the boys can use and the adults can use.
We have to cover up the air conditioning.
We need to put a vent at the front of this, at an angle.
-I know you've always got it.
-All right.
-Thank you.
Living room, living room.
Put your back into it, man.
What we're doing is, uh, we're going traditional.
-Super old-school.
-Good evening.
Good to see you.
-How are you? -Nice to meet you.
-Leo, this is Riccardo.
I love traditional Italian food.
There is no place better.
So, I'm excited to be here.
Will you teach us how to make fresh pasta? -We've got to get you an apron.
-Me, too? - You don't get anything.
- Okay.
Somebody who loves Italian food the way Leo does, he's the perfect candidate for me to preach the fresh pasta gospel to.
To mix the dough, we're gonna do it with the well system.
Make a well, crack the egg, put it in the middle.
The slower you mix, the more flour is gonna get incorporated.
Just making scrambled eggs.
See how it's coming into a ball? It's not like a pastry dough you can overwork.
You're never gonna overwork this.
Fresh pasta, it's just so delicate.
It's so easy to make.
Anybody can make it.
It's better than reheating bar food.
Put it like this, and squeeze it through.
It's the right amount of flour.
Put it through until the clumps are gone.
-One more time.
-A couple times.
-Like I'm touching chewing gum.
-Other way.
You wanna go this way.
-Other way? -Criss-crossing.
-You do a 90-degree shift.
Then you stretch it.
We make it a bit shorter because we wanna discourage -eating pasta with spoons.
-I agree.
-Well, is that a thing? -Not for me.
It's better to slurp.
-That's the fun of it.
You feed it through here, pull it through.
- That's so beautiful.
- That's is so-- - It is like angel hair.
- It is.
You just shocked my world.
I always have the idea that there was so many things to do before getting to this process.
- Then straight to the-- - Straight to the water.
Fresh pasta is so good for kids, too.
You know, my mom used to do butter, parmesan and ketchup.
-And ketchup? -In Italy.
It adds sweetness.
No, there's nothing wrong with that as long as it tastes good.
Let's cook, and let's eat.
You mentioned you cook dinner twice a week.
Twice a week.
Monday's off.
I have time to set everything into motion.
If you're planning a dinner on a work night, your wife comes home and sees fresh pasta there, all she has to do is boil water, throw the pasta in, -and heat up a sauce that you made.
-That'd be fantastic.
It's romantic.
It's showing up for your family.
-It's interesting.
-Good challenge.
I wanna make something that they'll be like, "Wow.
" - Gentlemen.
- Yes.
This is a tagliolini.
Now, this is as simple as a tomato sauce gets.
Nothing is cooked.
It is olive oil, heirloom tomatoes, basil and wild oregano.
It looks so great.
Sorry, can we have a spoon, please? -This is fabulous.
-Right? -And it is so simple.
-It is.
If you make these in the morning, let them sit out at room temperature covered, it's perfect, the flavors will come together.
-I'll dream about this tonight.
-Thank you.
It was a pleasure.
-I got you.
-Thank you.
-Give me five.
-Let's dance.
There's some new kids coming in.
Wanna say hi? -Hey.
-What? Look, that's Anne Marie, that's Lulu, that's Genevieve.
All your little friends.
I invited some dads from your kids' school because this is a spot where you can bond, have fun, enjoy the kids, enjoy the fathers at a daddy play date.
-What's up, Dad? -What's up? Girls, you need to come over here.
Watch that guy.
A future CEO.
He could be talking to my wife.
When were you last around fathers? It's the first time I've met more than two.
- Today is the first day you--? - Seriously.
The greatest thing for me when I got the kids was to make sure that I started to interact with other dads immediately.
We just could connect, you just have some fun.
It's a great way for you to support the kids.
Meet around, mingle.
- Guys, wanna gather around? - All right.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
The fact that Leo is nervous about not fitting in, I understand.
But I want him to know that he can be relaxed, be confident.
-You've got this, boo.
-Say hi.
I love your hair, man.
He had that much hair when he was born.
-Yeah? -Yeah.
I'll sit in an airport and watch other people with kids quietly reading books, and mine are running around like banshees.
He knows what's going on, yeah.
Oh, no, here's the child.
Take him.
He was worried everyone was gonna be staring at him and judging.
He needed a push in the right direction.
Hey, kids, you guys ready to dance? Friend, wanna dance with me? I want you to cross your arms, and you're gonna lean with it.
Look at you.
You already look swagged out.
Look at this straight Fab 5.
Good job.
I'm no longer sweet dad.
I'm cool dad.
Yeah, lean with it.
That's attitude.
-Get it out.
-Now he's busting out the moves.
That's a break dance, buddy.
-We're looking goofy together.
-I love it.
Thanks for that.
Goofy is the word.
I wanted Leo to understand he's not alone in this journey, and that his kids are gonna be okay, and that's all that matters.
Nice job, guys.
-I'll hang out with you anytime.
-Next time we'll play poker.
This is our office.
This is the lot.
I'm excited you're here.
After you.
-After you.
I'm such a gentleman.
How's it going? -Bobby, you're forever architecting.
-Working on something.
Right now it's you.
Let's take this down 'cause we're just doing a big moment today.
You've got a major asymmetrical bob.
Love it.
I have a surprise for you.
-We're doing pedicures, honey.
-Oh, wow.
This is Tamika, this is Angelita.
We are going to have a little spa day.
Once I saw those toes, or talons as my mom would call them, I couldn't deal with your hair until we got your feet sorted.
Can you rest your feet and get over here? -I'm doing all the things for you guys.
-Hello, ladies.
- Ever had a pedicure before? - One time.
-How often do you clip your toenails? -Every time they're going right above the other side.
Society and culture doesn't teach men to do self-care.
It's not girly, stupid or too much.
It makes your toes look great, and makes you relax.
How often is right for a pedicure, once a month? Definitely.
I'm gonna do a little face mask on you guys.
- Ooh.
- I'm a big fan of DIY masks.
I took oats, and I ground them up in a food processor, and this is manuka honey, it promotes skin healing more than normal honey would.
This is a great mixture to put on before we shave or do any sort of skin stuff.
The oats in this are a gentle exfoliant.
- Your turn.
- Mm.
This tastes really good.
- I am gonna try to kiss my wife like this.
- It's really good.
- It is.
- Right? I'll just take this off of you.
-My God, are you falling asleep, Leo? -No.
So, okay, love it.
Are we done with our pedis? Look at that toe.
They're gonna be scratching nobody now.
Bobby, look at your face.
It's radiant and moisturized.
And your face, too.
-Thank you so much.
Come with me.
-Thank you.
You can step into my gorgeous office.
I'm just gonna clean up the upper part of your cheek.
And you don't wanna go too low.
It's about working with the beard you have, which I like.
We're gonna taken your middle out, and clean it up.
For years, I thought I was never gonna get a mustache.
- But then you did? - It was like, "Yeah.
" I'll take it shorter on the sides and the back, but leave length on top so you can wear it curly.
Oh, gosh, she's so loud.
Oh, she gets so angry.
Oh, honey, right there, we can't-- She just gets so strong.
After the conference, if you accidentally knock your wife up, name the baby Jonathan.
It's my fault -because I got you his haircut.
And if you have a girl, it could be my last name with an A on it, Vanessa, which was also coincidentally my drag name.
-And it feels good.
It's like, "Vanessa.
" -Oh, my God.
Take on the world Don't be afraid - You can make a carpet with my hair.
- The hair on the ground.
Bobby's collecting it so he can do something with it.
Take on the world Confidence is sexy.
I was loving the smile that I had to work with, and I know this canvas is willing to be molded, so I'm willing to make a masterpiece.
Here's the new and improved Leo.
Ba-da! Hello, how are you doing? -Do you like? -I love it.
-How do you feel? -Feeling fresh.
Get all up in there.
Check yourself out.
Look at that.
I look so respectable.
-Everyone will take you seriously.
-I just need my golden tooth like: Get out of here.
We can leave the golden tooth off.
-This is perfect.
-Give me a Mexico City kiss.
-Oh, yeah.
-Isn't it three? -Yeah, we'll make it four.
cuatro, honey.
I just wanna have fun Fun, fun, fun, fun So let your hair fall down Today we do what we want Love.
-Are you ready? -Ready or not, it's happening.
Remember in primary school in South London where we used to do this? -We would play blocks.
-And talking with my blocks.
Then we'd do our German accent.
Oh, my God.
He looks great.
Come on in.
-Welcome home! -Whoa! -Oh, my God.
Whose house is this? -Yours.
Oh, wow.
-Look at me.
-Oh, you've got goose bumps.
-You've got goose bumps.
Look at that.
Your problem was your lack of storage.
So, I added these bookcases.
From the waist down, you've got the boys' space.
Then waist up is family and Mom and Dad.
That is amazing, Bobby.
None of us realized that, - and we were playing with the toys.
- This flip here with the sofa -makes it twice as wide.
-You can feel the space.
I like, in a smaller space, a glass coffee table.
It makes the space feel bigger.
Aw Ready to see some more? - Whoa.
Everything is different.
- I built this bench.
Now you can fit at least seven people on just the bench.
-We're good.
There's no wall there.
It's a different kitchen.
It looks so big.
- Ready to see more? - More? Come on.
Oh, wow.
I love that curtain.
When you have lower ceilings, a way to make them look taller is to put the curtain rod higher than the window.
It gives the illusion that your ceilings are higher.
Oh, whoa.
- Bethany has her side.
- Okay.
And then you now finally have a real side of the closet.
Why didn't you put a note that says "Leo's side"? You think she's gonna take over? Look at this gorgeous bathroom.
There's things I wanna go over with you.
First thing is your hair routine.
This is your cleansing conditioner.
This is gonna allow your hair to have moisture and shine and be more manageable.
You're gonna spray this around your waves.
Give me a Yes.
Take your fingers and massage that in.
-Get it all the way to the scalp.
-Yeah, it feels good.
Waves tend to get frizzy the more you work with them.
Once you get the shape where you like it, leave it.
And then your mustache.
He's finding his way.
He's becoming a man.
Take a little bit of wax, and then really twist it up.
I could see this world where you're like a famous Instagramming-- The bartender with the handlebar mustache.
-See? -Why not? I love it.
You're ready to take your new look on.
That's what I like about it.
I'm confident about it.
What do you have here? - You'll be making dinner - I'm gonna make dinner? -for your family before your event.
-How are you feeling? -Compared to when I started this, a lot better.
I feel like the hero who's at the end of the odyssey.
I love that.
Hero at the end of the odyssey.
We're gonna be making all'Amatriciana sauce.
So, I got prosciutto.
Take it out of the pan when it's nice and brown.
You leave the fat there, then I cut up an onion.
Then I cooked it down.
If you're making this for the kids, you don't want it spicy.
-For now, we're gonna-- -As a good Mexican, -I need to do that to them.
-There you go.
We have chili flakes that we're adding to the onion, then tomato paste.
You can buy it in a can.
It's more expensive in a tube, but it lasts a lot longer.
Have the onions soak up all the paste and the chili flakes.
Now, we're gonna put in tomatoes.
What I like about crushed, I wanna have chunks of the tomato with the sauce.
I like that it's imperfect.
That's all you need.
Here's another new baby.
-Do you know what this is? -No.
This is a pasta machine.
It kneads it, and it pumps it out.
Wow, this is fantastic.
I don't know how I'm gonna relax.
This has been such a great time.
Yesterday, how did you feel knowing that these other fathers were feeling exactly what you were? It feels great to be not alone in these situations.
Now I understand wifey going, you know, dating with her friends and the kids.
-They do have a great time.
Tonight, you're gonna be doing something that you haven't been open to.
We'll see how it goes.
I think I'm getting all the tools together.
-How are you feeling about it? -I'm gonna let go.
I'm gonna be more relaxed.
When you get there, try to connect with the other fathers.
-Check in with your wife there.
Let her see that you wanna try, you wanna change.
That this is the new you.
Are you excited to see your clothes? - Oh, wow.
- I've given you options that work easily.
You like logos, so I wanna give you at least some print that shows a bit of personality, but it's not a logo.
-You're close to a certain age, 40.
It's creeping up.
You wanna look appropriate.
-We're not 25 anymore.
-No, we're not.
-We have to dress a certain way.
-Even if I look 40.
I wanted to give you some T-shirts with a little more interest to them, so I call them basic plus.
-Like this one.
-Yeah, exactly.
It's more age appropriate to go for something like a placket or a pocket.
Something that isn't saying, "I wanna get drunk with my mates.
" I've also got you shoes.
I love these.
You can wear them with blue, black, with cream, navy.
There's so many clothes you can wear with this.
They're the only clothes you'll go for unless you choose a pink.
Don't go for those.
-Ready to try on some clothes? -Yeah.
- Boys, ready? - Yeah.
- Of course.
We've been ready.
- Come on through, you handsome bugger.
- Slick, right? - So slick.
Super slim.
How do say it? Like rad.
- There you go.
- That looks like a start -to some cheesy sitcom of the '90s.
-Oh, yeah.
-We have to do it like this.
If I show up like this at work, nobody would recognize me.
If you showed up in that, you'd be getting tips.
I like this combination with the shoes.
The boots are good, right? -So, they are boots? They go up? -Yeah.
When you walked in, you looked bigger than you do now.
These clothes have made you look so much slimmer.
The busy print will help distract from any areas you're not comfortable with.
- Come in the middle.
- We're not moving.
-Do you feel confident in your clothes? -Yeah, everything has changed.
You opened my mind in ways I didn't think it was gonna be.
You're like a talking mirror.
You're telling me what I already know, but I need to be told.
As much as I hate it sometimes, like the first day I was like: "It hurts," but if you don't realize that yourself, nobody else is gonna tell you.
You have done that, I don't know how I'm gonna live without my favorite five.
My fabulous five.
Um, I'll try to influence somebody else like this.
-I'll try to pass on what I learned here.
No, it's important that we, as dudes, learn that.
I thank you a lot, a lot.
I really-- I'm gonna miss you.
-Tomorrow, I'll be like: -We're gonna miss you.
"Where are they?" I'm looking at a new man.
- I hope you feel as good as we see you.
- I do.
Like, you're such an inspiration.
Just like the American dream, honey.
A father.
You work, you're raising your kids, you're a freaking immigrant, you're gorgeous, and you're killing it.
Everything we've shown you, you deserve it.
-You've been open to all of it.
-Bring something positive to the table.
-You have got an event to get ready for.
-Love you.
-Love you, guys.
Enjoy your new home.
Have fun tonight.
-Bye, Leo.
-Bye, Leo.
We're making affogato, which is, like, a super traditional, après dinner, little dessert.
It's vanilla gelato with espresso.
-All right, let's go watch.
-Girl, this is so lit.
- It looks yummy.
- I love how shocked you are.
All right, time for Leo.
- Oh, look at him.
- He's such a cutie.
He's so excited for his wife.
He's so excited to show her the house and himself.
You look so good.
Ta-da! - Yeah.
- She went right in for it.
Here we go, kid number three.
-Look at this.
-You look so good.
Oh, my God, look at you.
-Ta-da! -Let me see.
Give a twirl.
Oh, baby.
Get your boys.
Your boys wanna see you.
Let's go.
Oh, my God.
It looks so grown-up.
Look at this island.
-I can fit everything in there.
-I know.
Oh, my gosh.
It's so great.
Oh, it's not over.
-No? No? -No.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my goodness.
What did they do to my room? -She literally stopped in her tracks.
-She's like, "Whoa.
" -Okay.
-First of all, your side, my side.
Yeah, that's right.
-Look at this.
-You have grown-up clothes.
I have, like, clean underwear.
Shows how dirty his underwear was.
That's what he pointed out.
And that's what a gasp she gave, like, "Clean underwear, wow!" I've conquered some fears.
I've been in public with people.
I can't wait for tonight.
So far, I'm ready for it, like -I'm gonna make you proud.
-I am so proud of you.
I'm already proud of you.
I'm gonna make you fresh pasta from scratch.
Well, I'm starving.
I'll get ready.
-I'll be back.
-I'll let you know when I'm ready.
If he prepares his pasta ahead of time, which is easy, when his wife comes home, she'll eat with the kids, and think about him.
Totally, I love that.
She'll be slurping that noodle down, thinking of Leo.
Orson, what's happening? Are you getting hungry? Yes, you are.
Me, too, man.
What's going on? One of the reasons I wanna have kids -is so I can show them how to cook.
-That moment right there.
Don't touch it.
Just see how it's coming out.
- I love that.
- You get to connect with them.
So, it's not the best pasta.
All right, this is not working.
Oh, my gosh, what happened, Leo? I'm cheating now.
The other one didn't work out.
What he ended up using was supposed to be décor.
-I know.
-What happened with it? -I don't know.
I'm horrified.
Dude, he's thrifty.
I like it.
Excuse me, there's a very gorgeous French braid on the television that was not there a few seconds ago.
-She looks cute.
-Really cute.
-How are you doing? -It smells delicious.
You are gorgeous.
If we had not come in and changed his little trajectory, that pretty lady was gonna be putting on her Giuseppe Zanottos -and leaving.
Daddy did good on dinner, didn't he? I wonder if he's gonna do as good on this as he did on pasta.
Hey, you guys, I'm here.
- Hey, Donna.
- Hi.
- You never hire a cute babysitter.
- She's harmless.
That's what Maria Shriver thought.
-Wait till you see Leo.
I know.
-I can't wait.
speaking in Italian - People love a 'stache.
- They do.
He's putting on my favorite blazer.
- Is it purple? Is it a mauve? - It's got a lilac thread that runs through it, which is beautiful.
Ta-da! -Hi.
-He looks confident, which I love.
-Madame, let's go.
I'm so excited.
He'll fit into that Parent-Teacher Mixer like you can't even imagine.
-How are you doing? -Well, happy to be here.
Well, here we go.
You mix and mingle.
-You gotta do it.
-There you go, yeah.
Look how Leo is greeting the other dads.
-Like, look.
-We don't do handshakes anymore.
There's no more handshakes.
How you doing? See, he's not gonna have that fear.
It's like he's at the bar.
Welcome to our first Parent-Teacher Mixer of the school year.
-Oh, yeah.
One of many.
-Mix, mingle and enjoy.
I see what you guys do with the kids, and they're growing fast.
They're doing great things.
She knows that I read to, uh, Sebastian, so she grabs the book and is like, "Read to me," and I'm like, "Okay.
" - Let's set up mani-pedis.
- Yeah, man.
They have places where you can even drink.
I just loved how he's engaging with other parents.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Okay.
I'm glad you took it to heart.
I see the change, and I love it.
And you look amazing.
I did it for you guys.
This is like step number one.
I really think that he's going to shine and is gonna be able to take onboard the lessons we've taught him.
Leo now has the confidence to connect with other parents, his wife, and know that he's not alone in this journey.
It's easy to compare yourself to other people.
At the end of the day, a dad who provides for his family and has a happy home, that's success.
-To Leo.
-To Leo.
-He did so good.
-To being a confident father.
He did so good.
Just don't stop, don't stop pushing me.
-Sometimes I need that.
-I'm gonna push you.
Stop pushing.
A slim fit jean is for everybody.
It's tapered at the leg, so it's gonna make you look longer and leaner, no matter what is going on here.
All eyes on you You know you want All eyes on All eyes on you Smiling for the camera Now they know who you are Set the world on fire Everybody knows you're a star You know you've got All eyes on All eyes on you You know you want All eyes on All eyes on you You've got the moves You know you've got All eyes on All eyes on you