Queer Eye (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

The Handyman Can

1 These houses are gorgeous.
-It's ridiculous.
-I know.
Oh, curb.
Oh! We're alive.
We're alive.
Bobby, who are we doing this week? Jason Vogelsang.
He is 48, 6 foot, 165.
Jason is a handyman that can fix just about anything.
His relationship status is single and he's open to dating.
Oh, nice.
He was nominated by his best friend Beth and she adores Jason.
Could he date her? It's best friends, I think they might be in the friend zone.
Oh, all right.
Jason's been attending Burning Man for ten plus years.
He's officially found his family.
I love that the Burning group is like gays, we get to pick our family.
My dear friend Beth nominated me.
I think it's obvious why.
Jason's style granola meets aging hipster.
This is typically my style right here.
I'm just not a very vain person.
Everything is mostly functional.
Jason is a paradox.
He does resist change but I think deep down he knows that it's time.
Approaching 50, you start asking bigger questions about life.
I'm getting to a point where I realize I can't do the painter-handyman thing.
Jason's moving to Reno.
Reno makes sense on a lot of levels, it ties into my love of Burning Man.
As far as my career is concerned, it's something I wanna redefine once I move.
I don't have a specific direction to figure out what's next.
It would be nice to have a fresh perspective.
I just would love for the Fab 5 to help Jason build up his confidence so he can really follow through and take control of the next part of his life.
I wanna give Beth a call quick.
-Beth, hi.
-Hi! -You're so pretty.
-Thank you.
I'm so glad you guys are coming into his life for a bit.
It's amazing.
Tell us why you nominated Jason.
-He holds my life together.
He does that for a lot of people.
And in the process, he doesn't necessarily make himself a priority.
What do you think about this move to Reno? I'm still kind of trying to figure out what my life in Atlanta is like without Jason.
It'll be good for him for the next phase in his life, but other than that, I hate it.
It has been wonderful speaking with you.
You're so sweet.
Thank you.
Thank you, bye.
She was getting emotional talking about him moving away.
- He's loved.
- Yes, so loved.
I don't understand why Reno is happening other than the fact that it's closer to Burning Man.
If he can't do it with his support system here, how will he do it on his own? If you can't land a triple toe, triple toe in Atlanta, why are you gonna be able to in Reno? - My thoughts precisely.
- Exactly.
We'll teach this handyman he's got some value.
All things just keep getting better - Is that him? - That's him.
- Wow.
- You're living large! -Not bad, right? -Oh.
Oh, my God.
A dog! Hi, poochie.
-Is he friendly? -What's going on? -I'm sorry, dogs scare me.
-I'm Antoni, nice to meet you.
-How are you? Jonathan.
Let's hug.
Tan is terrified of dogs.
He's real friendly.
-Hi, I'm Tan.
-I'm Jason.
-I'm Karamo.
Oh, Tan.
It's fine, there you go.
-Save me.
-It's excited.
No! It's getting excited.
Can you take us inside? That's not my house.
I wish.
I live in the carriage house around back.
-Let's do it, I wanna see it.
I've got an idea.
Let's leave the dog.
-That'd be great.
-We can do that.
Wait, what? - You got some stuff.
- I have some stuff.
-What room is this? I can't tell.
-The kitchen.
You can tell by the sink.
Most people use their kitchens to prepare a meal.
Jason has paint cans.
What is this? Okay, that is a flame thrower.
- Can we try it? - Take it outside.
-You wanna try it? -Yes.
-Bad idea.
-Let's see if we can.
I'm marking it right now.
I'm gonna-- There we go.
-Oh, my God, it's working.
-It's working? Everyone told me I was flaming, now I really am.
Stop! Psh, psh, psh! How do these work? Hello.
Hello? This was for a Burning Man-style party.
I have a lot of good burner friends.
But I have not been yet.
- I don't know what Burning Man is.
- It's an amazing event that takes place in the Nevada desert for a week every year.
It centers around fire, art and community, primarily.
Everyone believes it's a big party but you also have to fend for yourself in every sense.
You gotta pee in a bucket? You bag it up and pack it out.
I'm out.
I'm not gonna mess with this.
I respect Jason but he'd probably enjoy coming with me to Coachella and sitting in the VIP tent and sipping champagne.
This is like boyfriend material house.
Oh, yes, queen.
-Where's the rest? -Check out the rest.
Oh, my God.
Holy, this place is a gold mine.
Oh, there's a dead bug on it.
Probably not the last dead bug you find.
Don't! Pieces you've got are beautiful but you add things like this -that make no sense.
-It's function, not form.
-Clearly he has a big penis.
-Big old penis.
-These are what I use.
-He's got a big ew.
When I walk into these places I'm scared but this place I'm like: Ooh.
Jason has a great eye for amazing objects.
He doesn't know what to do with it.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, she's fierce, that's very Burning Man.
Y'all straight men are into some kinky stuff.
That freak flag in the gay community, straight people, y'all got us beat.
-This is phenomenal.
-That is awesome.
Burning Man attire.
Karamo is giving you "Man in the Mirror" realness.
I'm giving you Evil Red Riding Hood meets Jamiroquai, Paula Cole realness.
She needs levels.
- Want me to help you? - I need help.
Doesn't feel fresh.
-Oh, it smells, too.
-Oh, well.
Are you just gonna go in and lean? I have Burning friends who live in Reno.
- So-- - Oh.
That is part of my Burning Man attire as well.
You didn't plan on being here long.
Right, I'm moving to Reno, Nevada.
Why? I get restless and I can be closer to Burning Man.
Help me understand.
You're moving away from friends you had your whole life.
To be closer to an event that happens once a year.
I'm priced out of living in Atlanta.
But I'm looking at it as a fresh start.
The only time I've liked Reno was in Sister Act, when all the ladies had to go save Whoopi, from those like evil mob sharks.
Reno does not have a place in my heart.
I'm down for you to make a change but the move with how it is now doesn't make sense.
We need to organize this to put you in the best position so the move could work.
It's like a liver transplant, this ain't gonna work.
You're gonna reject the liver, Reno, if we send you in this.
There's a lot of stuff here.
Tell me about it.
I'll start with this, 'cause this is my suit.
I love that you have a suit.
A lot of people don't.
No, just one.
-I mean, it's massive on you.
-It fits.
-Is it? -Absolutely massive.
Do you know Sponge Bob Square Pants? So, it looks like he's wearing a suit.
That's from a family cruise, the whole family wore them.
Would you say your style's boho maybe? Again, it's huge.
Look at this.
-You know -Is that nice? If that was the right size and I had jeans on instead of these This is my favorite shirt.
No, I don't hate the fabric but I've got a real problem in that corner.
What you're looking at is my painting clothes.
-I could scale that down.
It sounds like you've got work clothes -and you've got Burner clothes.
I wanna create a style for you.
I'm torn as a designer, if you're leaving why am I doing this? Even if a space is temporary, it needs to be a home.
I wanna show you how to make a home no matter where you are.
There's literally thousands of dollars of cool antiques in here.
But it's sitting in boxes and on shelves.
Have you ever thought about using your eye to make some more money as well? Yes.
There's a couple of these that I want to turn into neon art.
-How long have you owned these? -I got these this Christmas.
- Almost a year.
- One year.
There's some follow-through issues.
I don't want these habits of not following through to follow you to Reno.
I wanna go around and put on everything a K for "keep," S for "sell.
" We'll show you how to monetize the other things.
I need you to be a friend.
Close your eyes and smell it.
What is that? This is lung.
-Lung? -This is cow lung that the dog eats.
Oh, that's disgusting.
- Oh, what's that? - You gonna sniff it? Did you just taste it? You can't put everything in your mouth and up your nose.
That's really hot.
It's making me sneeze.
What's a morning in the life of Jason? Do you spend time on yourself? -No.
-Just like take a shower? Take a shower.
I don't really have any product.
I struggle with shampoo.
The ingredients in this are not working.
Sodium lauryl sulfate, the same thing that cleans the carburetor of a car.
-It is hardcore.
It's like an AK47, you know.
It is not gentle.
For curly hair that's porous, we do not want that.
I'm way open to any advice you have 'cause I've never known.
Also as far as the look.
Maybe polish it up but still keep your boho vibe.
Make it a little more attractive, honey.
-Put those Magnums to work.
-Whoo! -I wanna see your fridge.
-Not much to see.
I don't even have anything that I can criticize because there is nothing in here.
My meals are simple and functional.
But it's a convenient thing.
Functional eater, my ass.
You're supposed to enjoy spice, texture.
Something that's fried, something that's raw.
-What cuisine are you interested in? -Um, I love Indian.
Oh, nice.
It's something I'd like to make 'cause I do love the food.
Do you cook? Frozen veggie burger.
I have nuts and probably some microwave meals.
You're not being good to this.
-Ew, why is it sticky? Ew! -Just get it off, get it off.
Hey, stop touching my stuff.
Get up here.
-Let me find a chair.
How else can we help you? I don't know if you know, but I'm planning a going-away party.
-Oh, nice.
We should help you plan.
I might need help.
Are you transporting these things you've collected? I'm gonna try to get rid of a bulk of it.
What if we have a silent auction? Line up some cool things to help fund your move.
- Great idea.
- That's a great way for friends to have a piece of you, -then it helps fund your trip.
-Great, brilliant.
Are you open to all of these things? - Very much, very much.
- Good.
-'Cause change starts now.
-I like it.
Every time I hit you Boy, you're gonna explode We gotta give Jason the tools he needs while he's in Atlanta, to make this move successfully, seeing a goal and finishing it.
Follow through.
I don't need to teach Jason taste, he has it.
I need to show how to translate that into a home.
I want him to get excited about food like when you hear a song you love or see a painting that makes you think.
The same should happen with food.
Jason needs structure in his life.
He's complacent.
And the problem with that is that you get to a place where you just don't wanna try anymore.
No more painter Jason.
No more burning Jason.
We want the real Jason.
Hey, George.
Our friend Jason is obsessed with Indian food.
Yes, it's something I don't know enough about.
I wanna try to embrace it a bit and get more experience.
What we do here is we're a chaat house.
Chaat means like savory snack.
Lot of crispy, street vendor foods.
What's great about this spot, it's fast, casual, easy dining.
Jason uses food purely on a level of necessity.
- These are called pooris.
- My mom makes this.
-Isn't it so good? -Holy crap.
You're supposed to explore, try things, get excited.
I wanna make roti.
Can I? Yeah.
Right this way.
I make this with my mom.
But it's been a long time.
Really flour up your hands and get a small ball and then roll it.
- Mm-hm.
- Spin it in between each roll.
You get a little bit more on this side.
And then, yeah.
-Doesn't matter what the shape is.
-Doesn't have to be pretty.
The pan's super-hot so this gets done in a minute.
Keep turning so that it doesn't burn in one spot.
- Yeah.
- Oh, hey.
This wouldn't be terrible at Burning Man.
I like that.
-You know, that ain't bad.
-It's artisanal.
It's artisanal rustic.
It's damn good, mate.
You're halfway Indian.
-Can we try more food? -Oh, my gosh.
Will you try one thing for me? Try this with dal? - The dal rounds it all out.
- Yeah.
It's not dry with the intensity of the mango.
Oh, wow.
To bastardize this, it's a potato burger -and it's delicious.
Kale covered in a delicious fried batter.
Sign me up.
Is this gonna be in your regular stop? - Absolutely.
- Until you leave.
Our way of getting you to stay.
- I'd stay for this.
- This is good.
There's a lot to be said about, um, preparing -and the cooking, it's a ceremony.
-It's experience, not just function.
- Exactly.
- Absolutely.
I love the excitement on your face.
You should feel like this when you're eating, best part of the day.
I want this to ignite that interest in just keeping this alive.
- It's ignited.
- Awesome.
-Hey, hey.
-What's up, man? How are you? -Karamo.
-Nice to meet you.
-You want something to drink? -Yeah.
- Thanks for coming.
- Cheers.
-Thank you for having us.
-Of course.
My granny used to say, "If you wanna know someone, meet their friends.
" I'm trying to figure out more about Jason.
He wanted to fix things up and sell them, he never got around to it.
With his skills he could be the president of Home Depot.
He'll never work for the man.
He just really doesn't like structure.
People have offered to help.
Beth will offer to help set up structure that will make his life easier.
But he's really just not into it.
He's settled, like, "This is good enough.
" It felt like he's scared of -Success.
More afraid of failure.
-He needs a taste of success.
Let him taste and be like, mm, this is actually cool.
He said he's been trying to move to Reno for years.
-Why has it not happened? -He's got incredible friends.
I think that that's a tough thing to cut or leave.
I have never thought he really knew how important he was to this community.
We've been surprised at how willing he was to leave.
Why are you moving to the other side of the country, away from people that have been in your life? We think of him as family.
Like, he's like our brother.
I get a little bothered.
Like, "Do you not get it?" Get how much you love him.
I don't think he realizes it.
The issue with Jason is he doesn't have a plan.
He just floats and goes where the wind takes him.
I say, "Plan, do, ask for help.
" If he can do those things, he could find the success and happiness that he wants in his life.
-He's having a going-away party.
I want to give you a small assignment.
At the party, I would love if you all take a moment just to really let it sink in with him like how much you all truly love him.
When people pass away, everyone talks about the memories.
We don't do it enough in real life.
- Don't rest in peace, live in peace.
- Exactly.
Good job.
That's what I am talking about.
I'm excited to go to the Neon Company because I wanna start showing you how to turn some of your passions into profit.
Taking all those great finds you're getting at flea markets and turning them into something that you can markup ten times sometimes.
I like that.
-I recognize those.
-I stole them from your house.
These will make great wall sconces.
When you're doing pieces you want to sell, it's best to do things that are neutral.
Everyone likes white.
White will go with any room.
-Let's clean this up.
We're taking some of the objects he's found and turning them into cool pieces he can use in the silent auction at his party and make some money.
We have a finished product.
I love it.
-It looks great.
You had this idea, you needed motivation.
I want one for my place.
-Five hundred? -Come on, come on.
-Give me a deal.
-We'll talk.
This is what I wanna tackle next.
You mentioned turning it into an amplifier.
-One of my favorite things to do is take old things and make them modern.
All right.
So, what are you most excited about going to Reno? Um God, everything really.
-Good answer.
I wanna do some research on the concept of having a store front.
That's where I need to live, -something that has dual purpose.
-Work space.
I like that.
When you love what you do, you never work.
He needs to learn how to take things he loves and the things he can do, mesh them together and create a new career.
- I like this already.
- You've got it under control.
-We need this by your party.
It's going in the silent auction.
-Good deal.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you.
Come on.
I know you're quirky and I'm not trying to get rid of your style.
I'm very upset.
I've heard that the cargo shorts are out.
Did you hear that 12 years ago and then you just reminded yourself now? They're so functional.
A muumuu is functional but I don't want you in it.
Fair enough.
Everything I saw in your closet, a lot didn't work, but there were options that did.
I took inspiration from them and brought you here.
It's making more of an effort to get what you want.
It's very boho.
I know you don't like the word hippie.
Why? Um, I guess I don't really classify myself as a hippie.
-Is this not hippie? -A little.
That's actually the Burning Man symbol.
It is? Okay.
I actually love that.
That will tie in perfectly with what we'll pick.
- Linens.
- I do like linens.
It's hotter than hell out here and where you're going, -it's not that much cooler.
Yeah, so linens are perfect.
Stick with natural fabrics.
Cottons, linens.
Anything that's a silk blend as well that's gonna breathe.
-This is beautiful.
For your coloring, this could be perfect.
One thing that we talked about was that you don't have Jason.
You have handyman, you have burner.
I wanna find a version that sits in the middle of these two guys that makes sense for regular life.
-I like it, okay.
-Let's get you to try on some clothes.
-Okay, Jason how you doing? -I'm good.
-How's it looking? -It's coming along.
If you wanna pop those on.
Comfortable? Like the way it looks? -Feels very comfortable.
-It's different.
-If it gets cool in the evening.
-Over the shirt? -Yeah.
I like this.
I like that there's a bit of the shirt.
My first skinny pants.
If we make sure things are fitting right and not boxy, you'll look taller and slimmer.
It's still very much you.
-It's just definitely a more -Elevated.
An elevated and refined version of you.
-Ready for the next one? -What you got? I like that.
If you wanna slip those on.
And the final piece.
Let's put this on you.
Oh, no.
-No? Yes.
It looks like trouble though.
This feels good.
I like this.
-It's boho, and it's age appropriate.
We've gotta get back into the unfortunate clothes.
I've been researching Burning Man culture, I want to understand why you're so intrigued by it.
The spirituality is one of the key things.
There's a temple where people take photos, mementos of loved ones that they've lost in the year and post those up everywhere.
-At the end, they burn it.
It's very powerful.
It's also a good place to let go.
The temple is the one time of year I give myself -Let her rip.
Get it all out.
Side note.
I met with your friends because I need to know more about you.
And your friends, they think you're afraid of success.
-Why? I think I could use a little more ego.
Your friends were on the nose with what they were feeling about you.
We spent a lot of time together.
The fact you're afraid to succeed is a problem.
But we're gonna help you to see if you do fail, it's okay.
But you also might very well just succeed.
I dig that.
There's a lot of this at Burning Man.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
It's mind-blowing.
-Hi, are you Kimberly? -Hi.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
We have never done aerial arts-- - This is blowing my mind.
- I know, right? -You're gonna do just fine.
-Please be gentle.
-Absolutely not.
-Yes, mama, yeah! That does not look like day one stuff.
- All right, ready to stretch? - Sure.
My granny used to say failure isn't the opposite of success.
It's part of it.
Yeah, I agree with that, and I am afraid of failure.
You have to put yourself out there, and I think that requires a little bit of ego.
I haven't failed much.
'Cause I haven't tried much.
It's a fine line where ego gets blown out, and you're self-centered.
How do you think it's affecting your life? Um, I'm sure it probably holds me back from "career" things.
The thing Jason is struggling with the most is that I don't think he's ready to face whatever fears he truly has.
This is what's gonna help him propel to that next level and get over that hump of being afraid to succeed.
This is about conquering fear.
-Jump up for me.
Knees on the outside.
Slide your hands back and good.
- Good job.
- That's nice.
We're going to learn how to climb.
Straighten this leg and stand on this.
Yes, there you go.
Jesus, I'm sweating.
I keep slipping.
That's normal.
-That's normal.
-You gotta push harder with your feet.
I'm gonna use that against you.
When you feel you're slipping, push harder.
- I like that.
- Now, lift those knees.
You're gonna bend them.
- Grab up.
- Uh-huh.
- There you go.
- Got it.
Walk those hands up, all the way up.
- Yes.
- Good job.
How do you feel? High.
Very good.
Aw - Look who's here to catch you.
- I was here.
-I'm proud of you.
That was good.
-Very nice.
Jason is succeeding at every one of these things she's telling him to do.
-You are killing it.
-Thank you.
This is the first taste of success Jason needed.
What I love is it's giving you -an experience to try something new.
-I'm excited.
I will be fearless at Burning Man when I come across one.
-Hopefully this opens you up.
-I can get into this.
-Not too shabby.
-You're getting over fears.
-Not too shabby.
-You're swinging.
This is working.
Nice to have a Burning Man section.
I wanna set Jason's home up with great furniture that he can take to Reno so he can see what a home should be when he moves.
Excited to view the house? Yeah, definitely.
I can't even imagine.
They're here! Come on.
Whoa! All right.
Welcome home.
- Is this my house? - You had amazing pieces.
-They just needed to be showcased.
-This is really, really, really ridiculous.
And look, you have a whole handyman hideout.
I didn't have a place for that.
I wanted to give you things you can take to Reno.
Thank you.
- Are you ready for the rest? - I doubt it.
I have curtains.
-Holy crap.
-Shades, curtains.
Ninety percent of the furniture in here, you already owned.
There's your dining table.
Oh, my God, look at this table.
The cool thing about these chairs, they can go to Burning Man.
Hey, hey, hey.
I am beside myself, Bobby.
Now you don't wanna leave? Is that what this was all about? Get me to stay.
-Beth called.
She's like, "Make an amazing space, so he doesn't leave.
" There may be regrets going through Jason's mind.
Realizing he could have been living like this.
You were in my head when you set this up.
-Yeah, yeah.
-Holy crap.
-I like the use of the trunks.
-Which were clutter.
Now they're functional.
All these ideas can go with you.
- Hi, coreshine.
- Hey.
-Hello, bedroom.
-Ready to jump in bed? I've never refused that.
That was a nice soft landing.
- Graceful.
- She's never done that before.
-You're like Kristi Yamaguchi.
We're gonna go do a spa day.
-Let's start on your haircut.
-I need this to match this.
It's gonna match.
Welcome to your new bathroom.
My shower's clean.
It's clean.
-Oh, my God.
-You'll be able to see your head in this mirror.
You have a pretty texture.
But it needs a bit of work.
I'm distracted by some of this bulk and this extra-ness.
I wanna maintain your texture on the top.
-This morning, since I knew by the time I was finished with working on the speaker, that I'm gonna have to come over here.
So, I took clothes to just do a shower at the Neon Company.
I washed my hair with dish soap 'cause that's all there was.
That's okay because I have much more gorgeous shampoo -for you to use after this.
First snip.
-Excited? Good, me, too.
Making me glorious today You're giving me Brad Pitt realness.
You have these blue eyes.
This strong jaw.
-You're giving me a big head.
-I'll take this beard down.
Let's get that chin strap off.
Let those eyes shine bright.
Blow it out.
I need to put it right, spit shine him up.
Get him some product and get the show on the road.
Imagine you just got out of the shower.
Come in with this thickening grooming cream.
Start in the back, then work your way forward.
This is just a humectant.
Curly haired people need moisture in the hair or it gets frizzy.
Oh, the suspense.
All right.
Go and pop on up.
Hey, what--? Whoa.
- I remember that guy.
- You do? I remember that guy.
Holy cow.
-What do you think? -Amazing.
Thank you.
-I love how that's sitting, -Uh-huh.
-so that defines it a little.
-Are we ready? -Yeah.
-Look how good you look.
Oh, my gosh.
That's taken a decade off you.
- I think so.
- Am I right? Yes, how do you feel? - Wonderful.
- You look so much better.
-Can I steal? -Get him in a gorgeous outfit.
It makes no sense to leave you in the clothes you've got on -because you've had a haircut.
-Right, yeah.
My issue with a lot of your clothes is that it's too big for your body.
I wanna make sure we're framing it the best way we can.
So, get out of that top.
-You mind--? -You hate this? I do.
I just wanna show you the difference.
Okay, good, good, good.
The shoulders fit your shoulders.
-I don't have a shirt -that fits right, I know that.
-See what a difference that makes? -It fits you appropriately.
-I do.
You seem to resonate with the boho style, so we do earthy tones.
I wanna mention one more thing.
I told you about this shirt.
This was the one thing that I thought: Okay, now, I understand his style.
So, had it tailored 'cause it was a big.
-Thank you.
-But, um, I'm gonna show you -how to wear this the right way.
I got a whiff of something, I thought it was me.
- Your breath stinks? - I had peanuts.
It's probably me.
It's not you.
Fart-y baby.
-I'm a fart-y baby.
-All right, boys.
-Oh, my God.
-You have a face.
-Look how young you look.
-And a nice one.
-You look amazing.
-Look at the buttons.
-I know.
I love that he's smashed his fresh hair -with a firm hat.
It looks great.
-I'm sorry.
-What does it look like without the hat? -Lovely.
Have you seen this hair? -Love it.
-What I love about this-- -The moccasins.
-It's my hat and my shirt.
-I was gonna say I've seen this.
-Serious? Yeah.
I'm not devoid of style.
I actually built the whole wardrobe around this one shirt.
This is all him.
We've just shown him how to wear it correctly.
- Love it.
- Never worn a skinny jean before.
- Is this a skinny? - Skinny for him.
That's a skinny jean.
I don't wanna get him back in those hideous clothes.
So, we've given him something he can cook in.
- You ready? - Awesome.
All right.
Bye, boys, let's go.
So, I wanted you to have little lessons that you can take to your new and existing friends in Reno and also the deserts of Burning Man.
-I was inspired by Beth.
She got really emotional about you leaving.
-Oh, no.
-And I was thinking about my best friend, Rema, she has an amazing snack that her mom taught her how to make.
I actually call this Rema's Nuts.
-But some people call it peanuts masala.
-All right.
So, you start out with roasted peanuts.
I heat these up on a pan just to release the oils and get them nice and brown.
Here we have red onion.
-Once I cut it, I soak it in water.
-Never heard of that.
It's gonna make the flavor a little more mild but it still has bite.
A nice little heap of that.
So, I like to buy unsalted roasted peanuts, so you can control how much sodium goes in there.
This is cayenne.
We're gonna be super modest and careful with this.
-You can't take away any spice once you put too much, but you can add more.
So, it's better to make it gradual and mix it around until you get it right.
And then, finally, lime juice for acidity.
That's basically it, and the only way to find out is to taste it.
-I like that.
-It's a crowd pleaser.
This is something you can make for friends, take to Burning Man.
Your friends will be more impressed than your standard peanut butter offerings -when they come and see you.
-They would absolutely be impressed.
So, how's this week been for you? A whirlwind for sure.
I think I have exactly the little bit of a kick in the pants that I needed.
Examine myself a little differently and take more care about what I'm doing.
We talked about Burning Man and the traditions and culture.
I was fascinated.
It's a great place to, um, let go of a lot of things, whatever you need to let go of.
Well, that's what I love most about Burning Man.
-I got you these cards.
I really want you to take an opportunity before you go to your party to write down some of the things we discussed.
And in true tradition of Burning Man, let them go.
Well, I can absolutely do that.
What are some of the things that you feel that you'd be writing down? A little bit of a fear of intimacy, fear of failure and fear of success.
And, uh, the rest I'm gonna figure out.
I don't want you to move to Reno having any of those feelings and those issues with you.
So, I'm excited about you using those tonight.
Definitely, definitely.
I wanna talk about your party, but I want the guys here.
-Oh, right on.
-Hey, fellas! -Girl, you look amazing.
-Thank you.
I'm so happy about your going-away party.
Me, too.
Allow tonight with the silent auction items that you and Bobby put together be the first step in your plan.
Failure is not the opposite of success.
- Right.
- It's part of it.
I would like to say thank you again for pushing that because I procrastinate on things, but half of the time when I do them, I'm like, "Why did I wait?" Glad to have been a mama bird to push you out of the nest.
You were a painter, you were the burner, there was no real Jason.
Everything in that closet truly feels you and the person that you wanna continue to be.
You did a great job.
I do wanna thank you guys.
You did an amazing job of getting to read me a little bit, and I appreciate the fact that you put that into what you were doing.
As a matter of fact, if you give me one second, -I'd like to run and get you something.
-Get out.
-What? -For us? I thought of this last night.
-It just came to me.
-Oh, my God, what is it? I got T-shirts for everybody to remember this experience.
But I didn't just get T-shirts.
I got original, one of a kind, slightly paint smeared -That's amazing.
-Plunging neckline.
-I love a plunging neckline.
-I really, really enjoyed -this experience.
Thank you.
-I'll look you up at Burning Man.
-Please, do.
Good luck tonight, be fantastic, be confident.
Thank you very much.
Bye, guys.
We're gonna dance Till the sun comes up Until everybody knows This world is for us So, this is sort of a roasted nut dish to have when people come in - you eat with your hands.
- Throw another.
I'll catch it.
Yeah! You guys, so, I bet they're literally about to light -that massive burning thing on fire.
-The effigy.
Shall we go retire -to the lounge? -Yeah.
- After you.
- Are we ready for this? Of course we are.
- Topless Jason Vogelsang.
- Don't let that skinny body fool you.
That man is so strong, he climbed things like you can't imagine.
Yes, I love that shirt on him.
- Those are oysters.
- Yeah.
I gotta find the socks I had earlier.
-Why is he going through dirty laundry? -He had loads of socks.
Maybe he doesn't realize the clothes are in the dresser now.
It's like old habits die hard, honey.
Burning Man culture is all about starting anew, and with him doing the move, I gave him these so he could write down things he wanted to let go.
-If you got an issue, burn it.
-That's what he's doing? -He's gonna burn all this? -Mm.
You know what I do not have time for? Fear.
-At all.
Don't burn your nuts.
- Is that Beth? - Oh, my God, it smells good.
- What the hell? - Roasting peanuts.
Oh, hi, honey.
Oh, my God.
-Look at you.
-Right? I don't know if you guys just like caught the subtle, not-subtle body language Beth just gave him.
-Oh, yeah.
- Oh, my God.
- I know.
- I actually wanna hang out here now.
- I know.
I got some swanky shoes.
She just checked out his butt! - Hey, Jason, what's this? - Squash.
-So, can I have all of this? -No.
How about you come over and we cook together? Look at her looking at him, making food.
-The friend zone is over.
It is something you're supposed to eat with your hands.
-Gosh, that's super good.
-This is awesome.
I should have taught him breakfast.
You've done things this week that literally we would have to tranq you up to do.
I guess I'm just wondering, like, if that whole experience has sort of made you look at, you know, what you could do in Atlanta differently versus skipping town and trying in a new place.
But Atlanta is just too big.
It's a nightmare.
Oh, traffic.
- Beth and Michael, yay.
- Right.
You talking about things that are not important.
What about people who love you and are in your life? I understand that.
Aw -Here we go.
-You're making me sad.
-Oh, come on.
-Don't be sad.
And then, a selfie with me in it.
-You've ruined it now.
-Get out of there! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Not everybody knew there was a silent auction.
We're gonna get your e-mail address, phone number, or if you happen to have cash.
That's great, too.
-Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
-Hey, man.
-What's up? -Hi, Jill.
-This is a Jason I marginally recognize.
-Shake a shooter back.
-Thank you.
I'm, like, turned on by those shoes, dude.
Oh, yes.
- They are good shoes.
- We have foot fetishes.
Is that a spittoon? That is a spittoon, and somebody wants to pay $100 for it.
Oh, there's some money to be made here.
I've had the vision for a while of doing hub caps with neon.
The big awesome piece is back there.
Do you remember that old speaker that was in? We turned it into an amp with neon on it, painted it.
Does it work? Does it work? Yes! He's so cute.
-I love that he's proud of his work.
All right, let's do this.
The hub cap highlighted with neon assembled by yours truly.
The winning bid went to Clayton and Catherine for $100.
Oh, yeah.
-Next, a speaker cabinet amp.
-Yeah! Sold! This will be used in my wedding.
Oh, yeah, damn.
Oh, yeah.
- Yes, come through fire.
- We have Burning Man stuff.
-This is why I wouldn't go to Burning Man.
-The dust, the sand, the heat.
- Yeah.
- I'd go.
- You? - You won't put yourself in an uncomfortable position for 30 seconds.
Jason, I fully support you going to Reno, -but it makes me sad.
-Makes me sad, too.
It's funny how quickly I can get emotional about it because you are a beautiful man and I love you.
You're one of my constants.
-I hope I have been that for you.
And you have always been there, 30 years.
It doesn't matter where you go or what you do.
You're a piece of my heart.
And that's all I can say without crying.
- Okay.
- I don't want you to go.
-But I love you.
-I love you.
My granny used to say, "Give me my flowers now, not later.
" So many times people forget to tell the people they are around how much they love them.
So, you know what? I love you.
I love you.
I love you, and I love you.
-I love you, girl.
There were some things that I kind of need to let go of that I've been living with too long.
So, in true Burning Man fashion, burn them and let them go.
It was very overwhelming to hear the outpourings of love from my friends.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
I guess it's something that I innately know, but to hear it and to see everyone gathering here is just a bit overwhelming.
It's gonna be very hard to move on to Reno and leave this behind.
We love you, Jason.
I love you.
I seriously love you.
Every minute that runs away It gets better now, it gets better now -Hold on.
What? -No.
-Say it again.
I'm coming home So leave the lights on -Oh, my God! -Yeah! -That's the best! -I love you! To Jason and Beth.
To Jason and Beth.
It doesn't really matter If you got a heart of steel What's the use in stronger If you can't feel Every time I see you You got that look in your eye You make me feel so divine But when I get home and see your face I know I'm in the right place At the right time Every minute that runs away It gets better now, it gets better now I'm coming home So leave the lights on You're the one I want So, baby, leave the lights on