Queer Eye (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Big Little Lies

1 Let me go get some ammo.
I'll catch up with you.
Got the assault rifle.
Have a lot of ammo.
No, no, no.
He's got to do better.
- He's got to do better.
- He's got to do better.
All things just keep getting better Okay, boys, this week we've got a Middle Eastern boy.
Yay! This one's Arian.
He goes by Ari.
He's 24, 5'9, and 155 pounds.
He's my twin.
-You wish you were 24.
-Don't be fooled by the hair.
His nominator is Matt, who's his best friend.
Ari grew up in Iran.
He was there until he was 12, then he moved to the U.
Last month Ari moved out of his parents' house, and he now lives with his buddy Cyrus.
He has been working as a food server.
However, he keeps getting fired.
He loves to smoke cigarettes, and plays video games.
He lives on pizza, ice cream, and beer.
-You're painting a winning picture.
-I know.
-Stay with me this time.
-Don't lose each other.
-I'm not.
I killed the dude.
My best friend Matt, uh, nominated me for Queer Eye.
I don't know why, man.
I think I'm perfect, but, uh I have known Arian so long.
He's the closest to a brother I have.
I feel like Arian is in a funk.
He's really unsure with what he wants to do in life.
He doesn't see his potential.
Life after college, it's a lot harder.
The tree.
Kick the tree.
-Right now, I live with my friend Cyrus.
-The nickname I gave him is Dick-dog.
That's just his personality, a class clown type of person.
I would consider myself the most average roommate, ever.
I do the bulk of the cleaning.
He'll help a little bit with the dishes.
I do the vacuuming.
I don't go above and beyond to, like, be, you know, a goody good roommate, I wouldn't be a crappy roommate either.
I would say I'm fine.
The most exercise Arian gets is walking to the couch.
He used to have this really great sense of fashion, and he used to always spend all his money on clothes, and now he can't fit into those clothes.
Because Arian can't fit into his old clothes, he's not very motivated to go out and find a job or to go out in public because he's embarrassed that he has to wear stretchy shorts and, like, clothes that stretch now.
I was hoping this summer was gonna be the best.
I just graduated, I just moved in, I had a job lined up, and the crap hit the fan.
Arian is not officially graduated.
He has one class he failed.
He is a little embarrassed about his last semester at school.
Until he can get that class taken care of, he's not officially graduated.
We all have been trying to help Arian out in our group, me, Cyrus, everybody else, but it's wearing us down a little bit.
We really want what's best for him, but he needs to cut the bull crap.
I haven't kicked him in the ass yet, it'd be nice for somebody to help me with that.
As a Middle Eastern child, parents expect you to graduate.
And Ari hasn't told his family yet.
They're going to kill him.
Are we here to plan a fabulous wake? You guys, Ari is hosting a outgoing party.
It's the first time he's thrown a party.
His mom and friends will be there.
This kid's gonna be demanding.
So, we have to take Ari from mediocre to magnificent.
-That we can do.
Yay! I've never been to an I-didn't-graduate-from-college party.
I wanna go.
-His house is right up here.
I'm running around the corner.
Cover the right side.
I'm gonna revive you.
- All right, you boys.
This is it.
- All right.
They've launched their rockets.
They get you so fast.
Where are we going, where are we going? In here? Yeah.
Wait, I gotta go yield.
-One second.
-Hey! -Hi.
I'm Tan.
-Nice to meet you.
-How you doing? -What is this? -Are you playing video games? -Yeah.
I'm Jonathan.
Hey, I'm Bobby, Arian.
-I'm Antoni.
-Nice to meet you.
That's, like, really gross.
I love your usage of a Frisbee to keep seeds.
That's something.
Are you hungry? Oh, God.
What is that smell? Beer and takeout.
-Why do you do this? -It's easier.
-What's going on in this kitchen? -More cups than we'll ever need.
-Why are you in the house all day? -I don't know.
I'm off-- - Off of what? - Off from work.
-You're working right now? -Yeah.
How long have you been at this job? A week.
It's like, I should take a summer day off.
What's taking a day off when you just started? Uh, just like not doing anything.
You woke up and said, "I don't wanna go?" Just-- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
You're a really well-rounded, well-read baby.
-Are these yours or Cyrus'? -His.
-Meditation Made Easy.
-His roommate's.
-You have such good hair.
-Oh, really? Thank you.
You have such a cute face.
Oh, my God, I wanna clean you up.
-This is amazing.
-It almost looks like you.
You don't need to go to the gym when you've got this.
You're no longer living with your parents, why? I just had to.
I graduated, and it's the first time I moved out-- Is this your degree? Congratulations.
No, that's actually Cyrus's, my roommate.
-Where's your degree? -Uh It's a little bit complicated at the moment.
I'm trying to work it out.
So, I graduated, walked, had the ceremony, and three weeks later, I get a letter from my school, and they're like, "You didn't graduate.
You need to sign up for classes.
" Got it.
I'm like, "What?" I already walked and I took a picture-- I took pictures.
So, you do know you can't say anymore that you graduated.
Let's rewind.
You said, "I graduated," and then you said, "I got a letter that said I didn't.
" -Right.
-There was a disconnect there.
So, when I said that was your degree, the answer is, I don't have one.
-I don't have a degree.
Got you.
Let's see the rest of the house.
- Ari, what is going on in here? - Ari, it smells a little.
What's going on here, mate? Oh, my gosh.
- A mess.
- Yeah.
-Do you have a laundry basket? -Uh, I do.
-Okay, where is it? -It's, uh, right here.
- So, what's this all about? - It's just more easier.
Yes, oh, yes.
Please, tidy, tidy.
Get it.
We'll take that.
There's a beer can.
Get it.
Look at you, putting in that work.
You look great.
You can throw away that old loofah.
I'll get you a new one.
- Oh, I noticed this.
- Yeah.
-This was what you wore to walk the stage.
-Were your parents there? -All my family was.
It was such a relieving moment, you know.
But your mama doesn't know you didn't graduate.
- Yeah.
- We're gonna work on that.
It's not so good on your lower back, is it? No, it's not the best.
No, no.
Keep that on.
You've got five of us who are gonna support you.
-You're all chill as heck.
It smells like old things, and things to cover up the smell of old things.
Why's that wet? You've got a bit of a beer belly.
But you live in gym clothes.
Are you going to the gym? -Uh -Are you working out? I got nothing to say.
I got nothing.
I got nothing I'm looking at you in gym clothes, -is this your regular outfit? -Yeah.
-Show me what other clothes you've got.
Apparently, you love fashion.
-I wanna see.
-I'm struggling to believe it.
-All right.
What's your favorite thing in your closet? This is one of my favorite.
I love the color a lot.
A hoodie is your favorite thing? I mean, I can pick something nicer, but I just like that hoodie so much.
Show me the jeans you'd wear with it.
He's interesting when it comes to fashion.
I would probably do something like this.
-I like the colors together.
I'm surprised.
He's got a lot of pieces that are great.
I want him to feel good in his own skin.
I want him to know that when he puts his clothes on, that his body looks its best.
You've got nice clothes in here.
-I would wear that shirt.
I would wear this T-shirt.
A lot of these things, I'm shocked.
Super surprising, like, great.
It makes my job much easier.
You've got so much that I would wear, but if you're not taking care of your food, your body, -you're not gonna look great.
-Do you know how to make anything? -Uh Any, like, traditional dishes, like, anything that your mom made, -anything she makes now? -Uh, not really.
What's that traditional dish cooked in a Bundt cake mold and it was crispy saffron rice with, I think, turmeric.
Sometimes there are potatoes.
-You're talking about tadig? -Yes.
It's crispy rice on the outside, the center is soft and you can put things in it.
-Your face is lighting up.
Are you familiar with it? It's the most awesomest thing.
It's so flavorful, too.
Yeah, my mom's, like, super good at it, too.
You eat at home every night? You're a waiter? -Right.
-Sorry, you did work as a waiter.
Yeah, yep.
So, I-- Yeah.
When's the last time you had a paycheck? Uh, last one Uh Uh Like, last week or something.
I just recently quit this job.
Ari, I'm confused 'cause when we walked in, Karamo and I asked you if you were working, and you said yes, you were taking a summer day.
Uh, I don't know what you're talking about.
Us Fab 5, we have a great bull crap monitor.
So, you're not working now, you quit? Uh Okay, do you want me to be honest? -Yes.
And our bull crap monitor is off the charts.
I just started a job, like, four, five days ago.
With Arian, it takes you a certain number of questions to get him to a point where he's being honest.
-What kind of job? -It's a hookah bar.
- You work as? - A server.
As a server.
Oh Oh This is so sad.
This photo was turned over.
Tell me, what's a morning in the life? You know, just wash my face.
I put some water on my hair just to -Wet it down a little? -Yeah.
- What about sunscreen? - No, I don't believe in that.
-Why? -It's an extra step, extra cost.
Extra cost, so, money is an issue when it comes to buying stuff for you.
I mean, yeah.
Well, that's okay.
We can deal with that.
When's the last time you didn't have a beard? Yeah.
Yeah, I've been-- Yeah.
I mean, I like my beard.
Ari's main principles of grooming is, how do I do as least work possible and as least time as possible? I don't want him to be, like, a lazy, hairy-faced 24-year-old.
He has the rest of his life for a beard.
-I'm not gonna shave right now.
-Not right now.
-I know you're not.
-We'll discuss.
-Trim it.
We're gonna feel it out.
I'm not even gonna entertain in eating that.
You know how I eat everything? This is not one of those moments.
-I notice out here -Yeah.
A, it's disgusting, but the biggest thing -Yeah.
- Does your roommate smoke? - No, he doesn't, no.
So, he has to walk by and see and smell this every day and night.
- Do you feel overwhelmed? - Yeah, I definitely do.
What was your parents' expectations for you? I mean, the Middle Eastern culture is, that they want their sons and daughters to, like, become a doctor or lawyer or whatever, and, you know, so The school situation.
I know you haven't finished because you got the letter that said you didn't pass a class.
-Right? Is it just one class? Yeah, it's just one class.
So, why haven't you went back in and gotten that? Uh, I mean, I talked to the teacher and the teacher is not having it.
-So, it's the teacher's fault? -It's the teacher's fault.
I mean, when I say I think, I believe it's the teacher's fault.
You want it to be the teacher's fault.
No, I had some fault into it, too, but I would say-- -What fault did you have in that? -Um I didn't-- It's just one day a week class, and I didn't go to class sometimes.
Hold on, let's just stop there.
This whole thing about the teacher's fault, but now we realize, you didn't go to class.
-So, whose fault is it? Uh Arian is fully aware of the lies he's telling, and he's doing it because he's trying to protect himself from what he thinks people expect of him.
He hasn't done the work yet on himself, so he can get to a place where he's comfortable to tell people his truth.
We have dug through these levels with you.
We can't help you unless you're truly honest.
You're gonna be having a housewarming party.
This is a perfect opportunity to tell your mom the truth.
-I accept some of the fault but -Some? -All.
-I am not gonna change that.
Arian is young, but he needs to take responsibility for his own life.
You can fool some people some of the time, but not everybody all the time.
We all have a plan for you now.
-It's time to get to work, fellows.
-You are awesome.
I hope Arian is just open-minded to live a life of passion and ambition.
I don't see that, but I know it's there.
Arian forgot what truth means.
I want him to understand why he's been lying, so that he can move past that.
His look is just not giving me any indication that he cares.
I wanna create a definite change.
I wanna show everyone he's not just talking.
He's willing to make a change.
He actually has great style.
I've selected a product that is great for him, youthful, this will just add to that closet and make him feel more appropriately dressed.
Where you lay your head at night can set the foundation for every aspect of your life.
I wanna make sure that I leave Ari with the importance of making sure your surroundings are clean, organized, and happy.
Come on through, mate.
I've got something in store for you that I think you're gonna love, and by love, I mean hate, but it's to benefit you, I promise.
We're gonna work out in this space, but you're not gonna be able to do it in jorts, so, I've brought you clothes to change into.
-This is gonna be a tough hour.
-I'm ready for it.
All right.
It's obvious that Arian takes no pride in his appearance.
It's time to put in some work.
Everything I give you, you must do the amount that I tell you.
-No quitting on this one.
-I'm gonna do my best.
-We're gonna get it.
-I want you to do quick abs.
Take a seat.
Oh, boy.
Really stretch, really stretch, really stretch.
-All the way back.
-All the way back? That's hard.
Ari has nice clothes in his closet, but he's gained weight and his clothing doesn't fit.
It's all right.
You got yourself.
Don't worry about it.
-You can do it.
-I almost fell.
Get it, get it.
With the exercise I'm giving Ari, I want him to get rid of the belly.
I want you to clench your bum.
We're gonna make sure your ass looks tight.
His form has to be tip-top, otherwise he's not gonna see the benefit.
-You said ten.
-You're lying to me.
- I'm allowed to lie.
- What? -So, why can't I lie? -Mine's a little one.
I wanna see him sweat.
See him struggle.
I wanna see him see something through.
What are you gonna wear to your party? I was, like, maybe thinking, like, some black jeans.
-And maybe, like, a plain white T.
You can step it up more.
Wear a button-up shirt.
It's the first time people are seeing your home.
-Your mom's coming.
What's the point of having all that stuff? -I sometimes wear them.
-Where to? -Like, bars, if I'm going out to a club.
-You're one of the few I've come across and I'm like, "I like half of this stuff.
" If you're not wearing it, what's the point? -You don't like all of them? -Not all of it.
I got rid of some of it.
I'm doing you a favor.
Your wardrobe's gonna be fantastic.
Arian lives a lazy life.
He takes failure as an easy option every time.
How are you feeling about talking to your mom this week? Uh I get it, they're gonna beat the crap out of you.
-However -Right.
It's not like you've given up on life.
You're gonna take care of it.
So, you can tell them, "This is my plan.
" -Present the best version of yourself.
And then be honest with people.
-Careful, I'm gonna speed this up.
-Bring it on.
We're gonna go fast.
Just for a minute.
I just wanna see it.
You were struggling with the abs, come on.
could you do this a couple times a week? -Most likely, yeah.
A lot of boxes outside.
We've got a lot of new stuff inside, but you're not gonna see any of that.
- Then what are we doing here? - I have got other plans for you.
All right.
So, you need to step up and be a good roommate.
You walk by this every day.
You walk by the dirty grill, the flowerpots upside down.
Whatever all this is.
And you do nothing about it.
So, today you're gonna do something about it.
-What am I gonna do? -You're gonna clean your damn patio.
All right.
I pick this week to let our guy kind of relax, be pampered.
We do all the work for him.
But not this week.
Clearly, Ari needs to learn how to respect a shared space.
-Got some flowers there.
This is what we need right now.
-First, get rid of those cigarette butts.
-'Cause you need to quit smoking.
-Uh, thinking about that.
Sweep all of these corners up here.
Get all that dirt out of the way.
And then we can start spraying it clean.
I'm a pretty good sweeper.
It's all about the way you hold the stick.
-Are you trying to be clever? -I am clever, though.
I'm gonna sweat it I'm gonna sweat it out Disgusting.
You've gotta let it You've gotta let it out How are you doing over there with all that grass? I think I'm done.
I can still see some long blades growing over there.
Just ignore them.
You know, that seems to be your theory on life at the moment.
Life isn't always about coasting, and I feel like, right now, you're coasting.
-Do you think, yeah? -Just a little bit.
24 is when you're supposed to be working your ass off.
He needs to take some of that smarts and apply himself.
We all have shortcomings.
We all make mistakes.
We aren't always in a place we're happy being.
At the end of the day, it's not what you say, it's what you do.
Bring in the rest of those pots, I'll be back.
Stories don't last.
Only hard work, dedication, and responsibility.
That's what takes you far.
Do you feel good at all for having accomplished anything? Yeah, totally.
I mean, you know, I mean, look at the sweat.
-This is accomplishment right here, like-- -Exactly.
-Cheers, too.
Welcome to the Fab 5 loft.
-Nice, right? -This place is amazing.
-And this right here is my friend Ralph.
-Ralph, this is Ari.
-Nice to meet you.
-Ralph is actually a polygraph examiner.
-Oh, my God.
- You're gonna sit here.
- Okay.
I love the awkward laugh.
You're nervous.
You're scared.
- Just a little bit.
- It's okay.
-This is all about a clean slate.
There's no more digging myself into a hole with stories that don't make sense.
-Does that work? -Yeah.
-Ready? -Yes, sir.
He is nervous.
Who wouldn't be, if you'd lied as much as he did? He needs to understand very quickly that lies catch up.
You'll listen for each question, and all questions have only two options, yes or no.
These questions are just to figure out those inconsistencies we were feeling yesterday so that we can truly help you.
Remain still, the test is about to begin.
-Is your first name Arian? -Yes.
-Do you live in the state of Georgia? -Yes.
- Have you paid your rent late? - Yes.
Have you received a verbal or written warning for being late to work? Yes.
Did you meet minimum attendance requirements? Yes.
verbally blame someone? Been fired? Did you ever receive a warning? Did you ever lie? -percent of the work? -No.
Did you ever lie to anyone about graduating from college? Um Yes.
This part of the test is now over.
- How do you think you did? - Uh Pretty good, hopefully.
- Hopefully? - Yeah.
You would know how you did.
It's a truth test.
-Did you tell the truth? I did, yeah.
-You told the truth? -Yes, sir.
Let me know when you have the results? -It'll be a few minutes.
Come here with me.
-Take a seat.
So, back up.
Why would you be unsure about if you told the truth or not? Um, some of my-- I just feel like it's a little bit gray-sided so, it can't be, like, a yes or no answer.
They were yes or no questions-- These questions were designed so there's no gray.
It's easier to have gray because then you're softening the blow.
-That's why you end up being on the couch, not doing things, and making yourself feel bad, and you're, like, I'd rather not even have to tell people stories -than I would just be with myself.
Very true.
Do you ever feel sick about your parents finding out -that you didn't graduate? -All the time.
They sacrificed a lot of their own opportunities for me to have a good, bright future.
I'm the child of an immigrant.
I've heard them say, "You have everything.
You have this.
You better make this opportunity.
We gave up this so that you could do it.
" That's a lot of pressure on a child.
But guess what.
This is your journey.
-This is your life.
Design it how you want it.
You need to own the fact you didn't graduate.
Crap's getting real.
That's what we're here for.
What can you do to go towards your dreams? Applying myself more, and I'm gonna take the class again.
Finally, he understands.
Oh, my God.
Circled the questions on which deception indicated.
Thank you so much.
How bad is it, doctor? -The results -Oh, my god.
don't mean a thing.
You know the lies, you know the gray areas.
Let go of that pressure.
What I'm trying to do -Mm-hm.
-Come on, do this with me.
-Do this with me.
Do this with me.
-All right.
Do this.
There you go.
Release the pressure.
-I didn't graduate.
It's good.
-I haven't graduated.
It's okay.
-It's good.
-It's all good.
-Things happen.
-Things happen.
Sorry, I didn't graduate.
-Sorry I haven't graduated.
It is what it is.
-Thank you.
I love this salon.
It's a beautiful cob commoner.
-We're gonna get you really cleaned up.
-Let's do it.
Come on in.
Go ahead and jump in and let's have a chitty chat.
So, JP is an amazing barber, and I wanted a classic barber to do a classic barber shape.
So, what I wanna do, it's called a mid to low fade.
We're gonna take your sides really short, and leave your length on top, and then, for your beard, it's going bye-bye.
- We talking about a clean shave? - Yes.
-Have you ever done that? -I looked like a kid.
You're gonna look really attractive.
Sometimes showing a new face can show people that you're serious.
-Let's do it.
-When we have our party, I want your family to note you're putting your best face forward.
We can leave moments that are you.
I just wanna clean it up.
-Sounds good.
When people are having a problem shifting on the inside, it helps to shift them on the outside.
When you change your look and you see yourself a different way, it can inspire you to work a bit harder because you're feeling yourself.
I know finances are an issue sometimes, but if you think, what does a solid men's haircut cost? -Let's say $45.
That's like a dollar and ten cents a day for gorgeous hair.
You can't get good tips if your hair is messed up.
It could pay for itself by getting a tip.
It's literally an investment.
I am so excited to see you without facial hair.
What we're doing now is a gorgeous pre-shave oil, and then that hot towel is just keeping the pre-shave oil in there.
So, does this make the hair less curly? It makes the hair stand up, so when he shaves it, it gets as close to the skin as possible.
Oh, okay.
You need a shave cream and then a post shave.
- Okay.
Is that like aftershave? - Yes.
A little bit goes a long way.
-You don't wanna Home Alone it.
If you do, you went too hard.
All of these steps are paramount to getting a razor burn-free shave.
-Ready to see the new you? -Yeah.
-Okay, ready? -Yeah.
Oh, my God.
See how you're like a badass man in his 20s? - You're not a little boy.
- Right.
This is a worldly man.
- I like this part here.
- The little blend.
-The skin fade.
-I mean, look at that new smile.
Keep your head up Get out of the water Get your feet back on solid ground Keep on breathing You're reaching up higher Keep your head up and don't look down -Ari, you look amazing.
-Thank you.
-How do you feel with no beard? -It feels colder.
I can feel my skin.
So, you're gonna keep your eyes closed.
- Guys, they're here.
- I got you.
-All right.
-Take a step, step.
Put your glasses on.
-Yes! -Blind no more.
Holy crap.
-Look how handsome you look.
-I know, right? -Oh, my God! Amazing.
It's beautiful.
I've put pots at the tops of these columns, it made the space look larger and taller.
It elongated the space.
It draws your eye up.
There's places out here for you now to entertain.
When you have apartments, spaces are smaller, you wanna utilize all the space you have.
This was a totally under-utilized space.
I wanted this to be an extension of your apartment.
Ready to see inside? -Okay, I'll help.
Come in out of the heat.
Close the door behind him.
Three, two, one.
Oh, my God.
This is amazing.
So damn artsy.
This is the coolest coffee table situation, ever.
It's like a lamp.
They're functional in so many ways.
They're functional as a coffee table, but they're also functional as lighting.
-This is your adult bedroom.
-Holy crap.
I did give you new blackout roller shades.
This is called a hamper.
Where you put your dirty clothes.
-I know you didn't-- -I thought that was a decoration.
-I knew you didn't realize -Look, floors.
-You have floors now.
-You had hardwood floors.
How do you feel about the entire house, and the fact that this is now your adult space? Looks amazing.
It's almost like it evolved to something else.
Just like me evolving to something else, or a new person.
It feels a lot of myself is in the room.
-Don't mess up the bedding.
-Break the bed.
I don't know how many people this was rated for.
Just enough.
So, you'll be preparing Tadig tonight, a little housewarming.
Dude, that's my favorite food from when I was 5 or 6.
It's basically a savory rice cake.
It's like a special occasion dish in Persian culture.
Have you ever made? Or just had that your mom prepared? I've never made it before, just 'cause-- My mom, like, made it-- I'm not judging you! I'm happy it's something you enjoy.
-So, we have water that's prepping here.
We're gonna put in a bunch of salt.
For the base over here, we're gonna basically take any type of potato and we're cutting super thin slices.
You wanna cut it thin because if it's too thick, then it takes longer to cook and it's not crispy.
By preparing a super traditional dish with care for his mom, I'm hoping that at least her reaction ignites something in him.
Now you're gonna line the bottom of this with these slices of potato.
Put them in so they look pretty.
We take some saffron.
You know what my mama does? She puts the dried saffron just like that and adds hot water, this much hot water.
That's exactly what we're gonna do, actually.
-I know some things.
So, we're gonna take this water from the rice and take a ladle, take the hot water and throw it in here and already it just turns this, like, beautiful golden color.
Now take some Greek yogurt.
Two, like, super heaping tablespoons.
-So, we just mix in the yogurt and-- -Salt it up.
We're ready for assembly.
Should be some safflower oil, in that bottle.
Just two or three tablespoons.
A good tip is you put your thumb over it.
And then you're able to control where you put the oil.
You take this base over here.
It looks so cool.
-Take that spoon and even it out nicely.
-You've got it.
And the rest of the rice goes on top here.
Now, there's gonna be a lot of moisture at the base so, we want the steam to come up, so, using a spoon or a knife, we can just -create a couple of holes here.
-That's why.
My mama does that, too, I'm, like, why? - She does? - Yeah.
That makes me so happy.
And then you take little bits of butter into those holes so they're gonna go down.
We're gonna put this in.
Position it on the lowest rack so you have the direct heat coming up and it cooks the potatoes, the rice is already done.
But you need the potatoes to cook and be crispy and brown.
And then, when it comes out, it's gonna look something like this.
-Like a rice pot.
-Like a rice pot.
-And then, for this part.
And it's actually safe to All right.
Hopefully I did it right.
All right.
That was amazing.
What I wanna do, because budget is an issue.
There's a lot of natural things you can get from the grocery store that are amazing tips and tricks.
Agave nectar.
If you rub it all over your face, you use way too much product.
I always apply stuff to the back of my hand.
You go like this instead of wiping it all over your hands, so you have a more controlled amount, and you just rub it into your skin.
If you're as broke as a joke, little baby boy, there's no excuse for you to not have some face wash, the basics.
We just take it off with water, you don't have to wash it.
-Leave it on for a minute? -No, 15.
There is a budget line for everyone.
You have to do a bit of research.
You do not have to wash your hair every day.
I would discourage you washing it every day.
It can dry it out.
When you come out of the shower, and it's frizzy, this is how you would re-zhoosh it.
You take your brush, you're gonna use the round brush to blow the hair back.
See I'm grabbing it like that and pulling it.
-So, you're just using the tension to pull the hair back.
So, start in the front, pull, feel one more section behind it, pull.
-See how I'm doing that? -Yeah.
Just work your way to the back of the head.
So, that last chapter of your life that you said you're moving out of.
-You told me that you felt overwhelmed.
Oh, yeah.
It's a big move not depending on my parents or my family or my friends.
I think I'm ready to just come clean with them, and just be, like, "I know you all worry, you all have expectations of me, but letting you know, it's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna be okay.
" We all moved here from a different country with a totally different culture -Mm-hm.
-and most of it is for my sister and I, for us to go to school, get our life together.
-And becoming someone they're proud of.
And if they'd notice that, "this dude didn't graduate from college," it's just gonna hit them kind of hard in the heart, you know.
I'm so proud of you that you're at the place now you're ready to be honest with your mom.
How is she gonna know that you have a plan? I'll have something ready for her, to tell her.
Ready to see some clothes.
T-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, full button-up shirts, long-sleeve shirts.
I've then moved over to jeans and suits and jackets, so, keep it organized, and it's easier to get ready.
T-shirts don't have to be ratty.
Wear something that has a lot more interest to it, that looks like you've made an effort, so, go for a T-shirt with detail.
I wanted to get you some print.
Feel free to wear something with a collar, don't wear a T-shirt tonight.
So, make it a polo, make it that polo, something simple that looks like you've made an effort.
Yeah? Okay, I love a good boot and I love-- -Those are nice.
-Aren't they? I love a good desert boot.
You can wear these in the daytime but it feels as good as a sneaker.
If all I did was keep this, keep this, and just change those to these, I promise you you'll look stepped up.
Okay, so, I wanna get you in some stuff.
-Are you ready to try on? -Yeah.
Turn towards me, and then undo that to your lips.
Okay, boys, ready? Yes.
Come on out.
Come on out.
-That's a great jacket.
-Look, look how good-- -How amazing you look.
You're adulting! I love a bomber jacket, and that looks amazing.
Even though it's casual, it's still presentable.
If it was a casual job, he could wear this to an interview.
They wanna see you have made an effort, but are not wearing a suit, you just look cool, approachable, like a grown man.
-How do you feel in it? -I feel like a baller.
See the difference? If you rolled out of the house in this versus gym wear, like, how that might make you feel different? Yeah.
Totally, yeah.
He's giving you confidence.
Can you handle the confidence? I don't think you can.
How have you been feeling about this week? Pretty much just-- It's been a ride.
I just met five really cool people who have good intentions and they know what they're doing, and they actually help people who might need helping and Aw, buddy.
We feel love, we do.
You've brought me back to remembering what it felt like to be 24, and having those fears and worries of am I doing it right, am I doing enough, am I gonna make people proud, and sometimes, when you feel those things, you start to say things to cover up that you don't feel like you are where you're supposed to be.
-And I know you're headed in the right direction in life and I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
I know we came in hard on you at first, we've been there, trying to find our way.
Things don't always go as planned, but you just gotta get back up on the horse.
Everything takes steps for it to become something bigger.
Just shows that you've gotta put in the work and the love and the time to make something better.
I had to go through that so I can, you know, open the next chapter of the Ari book.
-I'm dying to read that chapter.
This is where we leave you.
-Love you.
-Have fun.
-Thanks, man.
Thank you.
-Bye, Ari.
I love you, Ari.
Good luck for tonight, you're gonna kill it.
Ari, like, bathroom now.
Clip nails.
This is me watching your nails.
Okay, bye.
I'm really grossed out with you four 'cause you're all so attractive, and you look so cute in your four suits.
-I'm not in a suit.
-You're in a Matrix suit.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Are we ready? - Jonathan, you look so comfy.
I am, I'm just this really cuddly, cozy, booby baby.
Ooh, spill it all over the place.
Let's watch.
He honestly looked so cute with no beard.
Yeah, it was so much better.
-His hair looks so good, so good.
-Thank you.
Massive improvement.
- He's going right for the nails.
- Thank God.
-That polka dot shirt is cute.
-I know.
- I suggested he wear the polka dot.
- Did you really? - I'm hoping he does.
- I didn't even know that.
Um I really wanna focus on this one moment.
No, go for something else.
Please don't wear that.
-I feel like it's -No, that's daring.
- That's a look.
- That's a choice you're making.
-That looks a mess.
-A hot mess.
I made it really clear, go for something super simple and there was a lovely polo in there, that polka dot one he liked.
He hasn't even adjusted it.
He looks sloppy.
But he cares about fashion.
Is he just stressed? -He has to be.
-When you see a girl on the beam in the Olympics, on her first go out and she falls, you're like, "Damn.
" I was rooting for you, you know.
- Oh, look at the napkin trick.
- Cute.
What is that? You just, like, do this with your fist so it's easier to lift them.
He looks like such a grown man.
Guys, I'm surprised by how confident he is and comfortable in the kitchen.
He was acting like a bit of a dum-dum when we met and now he knows what he's doing.
-I think he was just bull-crapping you.
-Yeah, I think so, too.
Whoa, whoa! Knife tricks.
Knife tricks.
He chopped those potatoes beautifully.
He obviously knows what he's doing.
- Well done.
- Perfect.
He put little nubs of butter on the rice so that it gets browned on top.
They've cleaned it.
It looks so great.
-I like this.
Look at here.
-It's, like, so much cleaner.
-That has to be Mom.
-Please let this go good tonight.
-I kind of feel like it will.
-It has to.
-Oh, my God.
-Holy crap.
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my goodness.
-Oh, my God.
-What's up, brov? Who are you? -I like the outfit now.
-I hate it.
See, it started growing on me, too.
He's 24.
You're allowed to be adventurous.
It's growing on me.
-What's up? -Look at you.
You look so handsome.
-This is so nice.
-Appreciate it, brov.
Everything is so much different.
Outfit, we can debate it all night, but look how he looks.
He's serving drinks.
House looks amazing.
He's being a proper host.
He was eating sunflower seeds when we came in.
This is like day and night.
Mom, do you want me to show you some pictures? -Sure, I'd love that.
Let's go.
It's gonna be a mama moment.
So, Mom, just wanna say, I love you and all.
I am proud of you.
I know what you want in life, you're gonna get.
-I'm sure.
I gotta be responsible, make better decisions.
Only things.
If I did something wrong, I gotta admit it.
So, when I was moving, last time I saw you I showed you this picture.
Okay, here's the time, dear.
Let's tell Mommy.
This one.
- This is one of the best.
- Yeah.
So, uh, I just wanted to say something.
So Uh I haven't graduated yet.
I failed one of my classes.
-How? -It's a little bit complicated.
I'm still talking to the school, but, ultimately speaking, I have to take it next semester, in January.
-And I know it's terrible.
It sucks.
I'm gonna take the class and I'm gonna go to class and I'm gonna do the work, I'm not gonna whine.
Next year, by this time, I'll have my diploma.
Uh, you know, a lot of it is from me, why it happened, and I just wasn't going to class as much as I should have, but I'm not gonna do that again, you know? -Okay.
-And I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry to hear that.
Oh! -Okay.
-She wanted to punch him in the head.
If this camera wasn't here, boy.
-I'm sorry to hear that.
It felt terrible, you know.
You know, I believe in you.
You can do it.
You know me.
I believe it.
And, uh just is a bad mistake.
-Bad mistake.
-Okay, just make-- Make it right.
I just didn't want you to look at a picture like this and be all happy, but knowing that it's not really true, you know? -No, I'm happy, I'm still happy.
-Because I know inside of you.
I know inside of you.
I know just take a little bit longer.
-I know you can do it.
-Just focus on the future.
Okay? -I love you so much.
-Love you, too.
-Sweet mom.
-She's over it a little.
-I knew she would come around.
-I love this picture.
It's a good picture.
-She loves her son.
Yeah, absolutely.
-How's it going? -Hi.
Good to see you, too.
What's up, bro? I love that old gay man in a little bowler hat.
Maybe he just loves colorful ties.
We don't know he's gay.
-Or he might work for Southwest Airlines.
-I love him.
-Is this you? -I think so.
It's not like That guy in the white shirt's checking him out.
So, I think the food might be ready in a couple of minutes.
I can't wait.
Right now, I feel like the pressure is not gone.
It's just going forward making the right decisions and being truthful and taking care of things.
I'm surprised that you pulled this all together.
-We're proud of you.
-Thanks, bro.
Everything's turned out wonderful today.
Thank you for coming and have a good time, get some good food.
Being adult means being a person of action.
It's just what it is, and it sucks sometimes, but when you make your plan and go after that plan, you'll succeed.
I'm seeing a man who's willing to fess up to what he's done.
It's hard to make up for the mistakes, but you can make up for it.
It will sort itself out.
You are strong, you're a Kelly Clarkson song, you've got this.
Kudos, Arian.
I'm proud of you.
-How's the food? Is it good? -Yummy.
Thank you.
-Let's cheers to Arian owning it.
-To Arian.
-Yeah! -Well done, boys.
Wanna quit smoking? Tweet instead of lighting up.
Worked for my dad, and tweeting is a much better vice than this.
Get out of bed Step two, then I'm out of my head I'm on my knees Comatose I beg you, please Step three goes On and on and on and on Do you believe in me? It's so easy Please, like turn 'Cause, yes, I believe in you It's like two plus two No, we don't wanna fight No, we don't wanna fight