Queer Eye (2018) s02e07 Episode Script


1 For some reason in my hometown, being in an orchestra was a thing, so everyone made fun of me because I played violin.
- Violin is a hard instrument to learn.
- It's very hard.
I ended up good at it, and then I did get to play first chair first violin, because the girl who was first chair broke her arm.
-How did she fall? -I didn't do it.
It sounds too shady.
You came into my life And my world never looked so bright It's true You bring out the best in me When you are around Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better This is the cutest place I've seen.
It's my favorite town we've been to.
Like it hasn't been touched since 1872.
Which is adorable.
It looked like something out of a Western movie, which I was obsessed with as a kid.
It was fascinating.
This week, we're gonna meet Sean Van Meter.
He is 18.
He's nominated by his godmother and number one fan, Lulu.
I love the name Lulu.
He lives with Lulu in Jefferson, Georgia.
He's a singer, songwriter, pianist.
-He's like Beyoncé of Jefferson County.
My name is Sean Van Meter, and I am a singer, songwriter, pianist.
I've been playing the piano since I was 6 years old.
I play classical music, country, jazz, pop, blues.
Everything all over the musical spectrum.
- What song? - "Fall in Love Every Day.
" -Really? -Yeah.
I knew that I would never have children.
The second I held Sean, that was over.
He's been my life for 18 years.
I love him so much.
Lulu helped raise me and take care of me when my parents weren't able to.
People ask who Lulu is to me.
She's my mom.
From an early age, I knew he had talent.
So, I worked hard to nurture the talent, but private school didn't have the capability of working with us.
A virtual school offered him the opportunity to hone his craft.
An online high school worked great, but I didn't see my classmates a lot.
I was alone most of the time.
Let's figure out what you're gonna wear.
All right.
Lulu books me just about all my shows, she'll go through my set list and pick out each song.
And she's been the one who really molded my fashion sense.
When Sean started playing, he never would say anything.
He'd sit there and play.
So, I got him a jacket and had his name embroidered on the back, so everybody would know what his name was.
It's his trademark now.
When Sean's on-stage, he's the guy.
He makes the audience part of the show.
When Sean's off-stage Double three! He's an introvert, shy, doesn't talk to people.
He doesn't have a lot of friendships, and the friendships that he has are people my age, because that's the only people he's around.
For those of you I haven't met, my name is Sean Van Meter.
Now that I am an adult, going to college is a major step forward for me.
I'll be around a lot of people for the first time since middle school, and I'm nervous about that.
College is about new experiences, you meet new people, you find new friends.
And that concerns me.
Is he prepared to be independent? Not at the moment.
I need the Fab 5 to help me, because this is gonna be a big transition in my life and I just need help fitting in.
So, Sean heads to college in a few weeks, and he's moving into his own place.
-He's going from home school to college? -You're in charge of a bachelor pad.
Later this week, Sean is having the biggest performance of his life.
It's nearly sold out.
He is the headliner.
He's worked hard on this.
It is our mission to help him step into this new phase of his life, take him up to the next level.
So, I must say, can the real Sean Van Meter please stand up.
-Whoo! -Yes! Falling in love every day - Well, we're here.
- All right, boys.
But what more can I say Falling in love every day Hi! -Hi! -How's it going? -Hey! -Hello! How are you doing? This is the first performance I've ever walked into, surrounded by antiques, both human and objects.
There was a huge generational gap.
There was a lot of like: It's kind of weird.
It's really weird.
I'm not understanding what's happening.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but we have to take him.
We got a lot of work to do.
-Lulu, come with us.
Let's go.
-Come on, come on.
-Bye, everyone.
Even though Sean was entertaining the geriatric people of Mayesville, we don't have time to waste.
We are five gays from big cities, except for Tan, and we've got stuff to do.
I'm so excited, thank you so much.
- Sean? - Yes.
-Is she always so energetic? -Always.
She's a firecracker.
Tell us all about your house.
The house itself is kind of small, but it sits on, uh, about ten acres of land.
-A beautiful backyard, great place to grow up.
I had a place to run and play.
Granted I never did, because I'm terrified of the outdoors.
Since you were a kid, you never played outside? Not a whole lot.
-Tell me about some of your musical icons.
I like to listen to Rod Stewart, Bruce Hornsby, um Is there any younger artists that you like? Um Oh, come on.
You don't know Rihanna, Beyoncé? You don't know Lady Gaga? What 18-year-old doesn't know pop culture? Are you gonna get mad if I say Elton John? -No! -He's like our dad almost.
-He almost birthed us.
-Basically, what I'm hearing -is you've got a lot of Lulu's style.
-That's the thing.
Oh, it's beautiful.
This is so cute.
There's baby pigs, baby kitties.
I'm living this, like, Bob Ross Georgia life to my fullest extent, and it is cute as F.
-Welcome to our home.
-Oh, my God, those kittens.
-Come on in.
-Southern hospitality.
-Come in.
So, this is the bedroom.
- I see a bike.
- Jonathan! This is the only exercise he's getting.
- Let him be.
- I knew you were too weak.
Jonathan, help me.
A send-Sean-to-college collection cup.
He'll need more than this.
What's this tie? Other than the grand piano, Sean's bedroom, not much personality.
Nothing says 18-year-old kid to me.
Those are cowboy boots.
Let's get those in.
-Have we got it? -I think so.
-There you go.
-All right, let's do this.
The gayest thing I've seen.
I wouldn't wear those, and I'm married to a man.
Hey, ladies, I see-- -Oh, no, no, no.
-I see something coming on.
Everybody, pick a Sean jacket.
We're about to be his backup singers.
Oh, my God.
-Places, places.
Hey Sean is like this baby relic from, like, this other time.
I don't know where that time is, I can't put my finger on it.
But he's living his truth, and it's cute.
Do you mind if I get rid of some of your clothes? But no! No! Sean's off-stage wardrobe, a lot looks like the closet of a 40-year-old man.
Those were great yard sale finds.
I'm so excited to get them into another yard sale.
Like, so excited.
Come to the closet with me.
At college, nobody wants to sleep with a 40-year-old.
Has it always gotta be Sean on the back? You know, I think that's my trademark.
I wanna look hip.
It's just that I don't know what that entails.
I like something that'll grab people's eyes, and they really just do say: -"Here I am, look at me.
" -Yeah.
You don't need to call out, "This is Sean.
" Everything else, your whole performance, that's Sean.
It's fine to evolve your style, so that's what I wanna do.
- Does Lulu prepare breakfast? - Yes, she does.
Lots of, you know, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage.
Look at these business cards.
The real Sean Van Meter.
She'll make things like, uh, Hamburger Helper, mac and cheese, tacos, chicken sandwiches.
Wow, he won a scholarship, good job.
She'll fry tilapia.
I'll just put some salt on that, put it on a tortilla.
She likes hers with slaw.
He writes all of his own music.
Do you clean up your plate? -I put it on the counter.
-You got it good here.
I like booty cause booty is fine If I can squeeze yours You can squeeze mine I see it wobble and I start to quake Milk is just fine But it's better with cake -When I'm feeling really fancy -Yeah.
We're getting there.
I'll make popcorn on the stove instead of the microwave.
The foundation is, like, really zero.
When your classes start, it's gonna get intense quick, and it's intimidating, and it's a lot to take.
I wanna set you up with a couple things that are simple, get you going a bit.
-Maybe we can do a nice cooking class.
I love the natural texture.
How often do you wash your hair? Every day.
What would this look like if I put it in the washer every day? It would be a tattered-up, tangly mess.
Your hair isn't getting so dirty that you need to wash it every day.
Also, for your brand and for moving on and becoming more of a recording artist and musician, the hair is, like, a thing, and God blessed you.
So, we gotta, like, nurture it.
Let's nurture that hair up together.
It'll be fun.
Nothing's better than sitting on a porch swing.
-Just need our sweet tea.
Now you've got me wanting it.
So, I think I heard the term godmother, right? -Yes.
-Yeah? His parents handed him to me when he was born, and I've done my best to teach him what I knew.
It means a lot to me, 'cause I'm adopted.
And I was handed to my mama.
And just like you, she took me in, and they raised me as their own and gave me everything.
And so, I have a lot of respect for you and what you've done for Sean.
Sean raised me.
He did.
Piedmont College.
Why that school and how you're feeling? What I liked about Piedmont was how well everyone seemed to know each other.
The students all knew each other, uh, they knew the professors.
I kind of missed that, because I did go to a brick-and-mortar school up until middle school.
And then going to high school, staying at home, I missed that socialization.
-You were home-schooled? -I was.
But it gets lonely.
I'm excited to start this new chapter somewhere else.
How you feeling about your baby leaving the nest? It's gonna be hard.
I found this great spacey apartment for him.
About 25, 30 minutes down the road.
Close to school.
And I'm hoping that that'll help with the separation anxiety I'm having here.
He has a safe place to come home to.
He's got a safe place, but more importantly, he can be his own person, and be the man he's becoming.
I found your cards.
-The real Sean Van Meter.
That's what-- It's what I wanna be, it's what I want people to think of me.
But you don't know who the real Sean Van Meter is yet? I'm trying to figure it out.
We've lost Sean's voice.
When you're with people who are older than you, you don't get to assert your opinions the same way you would with your own peers.
We gotta get him around people his own age.
I want Sean to take us over to the new place, so we can check that out.
-We're going investigating.
Where do you hang out here? Oh, well, you know, I, um, hang out at my house a lot, play music.
What if you wanna go see a movie? I mean, there's a movie theater.
Where? Show me the receipts.
I don't see anything.
I can relate.
The town I grew up in didn't have anything.
Which one is your apartment? Like, where? - It's this one on the right.
- This red building.
This new apartment is so important.
Sean needs a place for entertaining, bringing friends over and finding that group of core people.
After you.
Nice of you, Bobby.
Now, mind the gap, boys.
- I love a nice raw space.
- Cool.
It's so raw.
How old is this building? Do you know? Um, it's been here about a hundred years.
- This is your future home.
- I'll miss the luxuries of living at home, having someone cook, do the dishes, the laundry.
But it's worth it to be able to have the rule of the roost.
You're ready to spread those wings.
I'm really excited.
At the end of this week, I'm gonna be playing at a cool venue in Athens called The Foundry, and I want them to see the new Sean.
-Good job.
Once we're done, you'll feel confident.
- Are you ready to get this week started? - Absolutely.
No, I need more energy.
You got boots on, you are young.
-This week is gonna be peachy.
-Yeah! I love it! Let's get this party started.
I begged to be home-schooled, it was not gonna happen.
In Sean's case, it did happen.
I think that's impeded his ability to connect with people for the last seven, eight years.
He's getting a crash course in people.
There's five gay guys giving you life.
I don't wanna be Lulu and convince him to dress a certain way.
I wanna collaborate to create a look he loves.
And I want it to be very much him.
The thing that I want Sean to understand is that some people blossom after high school.
You go off to college, you get out into the real world, and you just become the man or woman you want to be.
That's when life truly happens.
This is a huge step for Sean.
When you see good taste around you, it helps you evolve your own good taste as well.
So, I wanna incorporate clean, modern pieces, but also make it industrial.
With Sean, I really wanna plant the idea of learning something at its most basic, fundamental level, and how he can make that his own.
Because he's gonna be on his own.
Unless Lulu brings him meals, which I wouldn't put it past her.
Do you think you're good at what you do? I mean, I think I'm all right at it.
Oh, that was a test.
I just need to get to the point where you know that you're great.
So, therefore, you don't have to wear all of that garb to make yourself seem confident, you naturally will have the confidence.
-That sounds great to me.
Ready to try some stuff on? -Absolutely.
You have been wearing tuxes and blazers, and just because you're sat behind a piano doesn't mean you have to be in tails.
So, I'm gonna give you a bomber jacket.
A simple black tee to go underneath.
Keep this one classic.
You can be the one that looks super cool.
-Do you know who John Legend is? -Yeah.
Okay, the music's beautiful, his voice is beautiful, but he looks hip.
People wanna get to know him, he's relatable.
I want you to be relatable to every generation, not just an older generation.
So, your trouser is gonna have a racer stripe on the side.
-Let me get you to try on the tee and the trousers first.
All right.
I want him to understand one cohesive look.
It will make you look youthful but a little bit dressed up.
He can go from school to the mall, the stage, from morning to evening, and he feels fantastic, and he looks fantastic.
Look at that guy in the mirror.
I want you to do me a favor.
Loosen up, shake, just shake for me.
Physically shake, let it go, let it go.
And now look at yourself, because you're turning like this.
I want you to have swag, you're young and attractive.
-Like "swag" swag.
There you go.
-All right, got swag.
When I look at him look in the mirror, I see confidence I've not seen before.
There you go.
Tell me how you're feeling.
Do you feel like it's something you could wear? I do.
It's kind of classy, but, like, not so classy -you couldn't wear it day to day.
I've never done the stripe before, but I could get used to it.
It's classic, but it's age appropriate.
This look isn't wearing you.
Try this on for me.
Put these jeans with this shirt, yeah.
I want him to feel young and cool and hip.
All right, all right.
Okay, okay, okay.
What I wanna do, instead of wearing the blazer jazzy, I'm gonna have a brighter shirt underneath.
-All right.
-And keep the blazer classic.
So, it's still very much what you had before, but just a very contemporary, cool version.
The way he's responding to these looks, the way he carries himself in these, there's a shift in confidence, in comfort.
Yeah, I would go out in this, yeah.
-I would, um-- -Uh, yeah, yeah, mate.
Check you out.
All right, I'll go for that.
When did you discover you wanted to be a singer? When I was about 10.
That's when I played in my first band, and I had-- -What was the name of the band? -Death of the Peanut King.
That sounds like the name of a 10-year-old group.
That was the first time I'd ever had any experience being a front man and doing a lot of singing.
Before that, I mostly played instrumental music and had never worked with other musicians before.
-But that's-- -Working with other people is hard.
No it's not.
It's not hard.
What are your interests outside of music? You know, there aren't a ton.
Uh, lasers, I really like lasers.
Like shooting laser beams or? Uh, yeah, I like to go outside at night and just see the beams in the sky.
Um Where do I start with that? No, there's no possible way.
We are complex human beings, and there are things we love to do.
Do you like to swim? - I do.
I do.
- Okay, there goes an interest.
-Uh Do you like to play video games? -Yeah.
There goes another.
Help me out here.
I'm trying to figure out what do you like to do.
Okay, um, I like to read books.
-Okay, books.
-Um Listen, I know it's hard, Normally, these conversations would happen organically when you were with other kids.
They would say, "Hey, do you wanna skip rope?" You would be like, "I love skipping rope," or "No, I've never tried.
" You'd know skipping rope is something I like to do.
That's all about how you socialize and how you find your tribe.
Friends who have the same interests as you.
Friends who love what you love outside of just music -And laser beams.
-And laser beams.
We are here.
Oh! -Now you're getting me excited.
-Now you're excited? Didn't think homos would take you out shooting guns? It's classic paintball.
I want Sean to be a kid again.
Have fun.
What better way to loosen him up and hang with other kids his own age than paintball? Now, I wouldn't paintball in this.
Do you see this outfit? -Yes, yes, we do.
Just remember, just shake it up and have a good time, and remember your age.
At the end of the day, if you hadn't been shot, you haven't played paintball.
And y'all have a great time.
I hope you make some friends and not enemies while you're here.
Thank you.
You know, this is about you obviously making new friends.
There is a group of people over here.
Do a little small talk, and hopefully, that leads to us having people to hang with us.
How you guys doing? -Doing good, how are you? I was just noticing, I love your hair cut, man, really hip.
I love your sweater.
Green, it's my favorite color.
-What's your name? -Travis.
Nice to meet you, I'm Sean.
Sean's a musician.
He practices all the time.
He's been out of practice when it comes to socializing.
-I like your shoes.
I have -Thanks.
a collection of Converse.
That and Vans.
All right, nice.
I like Converse, too.
I'm Sean.
-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
-How do you feel about playing paintball with us? -Yeah, definitely.
-Yeah? Awesome.
I'm super competitive.
I might have to show these kids that the old man's still got it.
We're gonna split up into teams.
Object of the game is to touch the other opponents' base without getting shot.
I'm hit! I'm hit! I'm hit! There's a kid that lives in all of us.
Some high-pressure guns.
When you're 18, you're not that far removed from that kid.
- We got one from the left.
- Shake off all of that old guy stuff.
You're young, you're fresh.
You're confident.
You are a cool kid.
Victory! I almost had him, man.
I know.
That was a good game.
Congratulations to me and my team for being victorious.
Give us a round of applause.
Thank you, we deserve that.
This is the first time I'm not getting one of those fake I-hang-around-old-people smile.
Like, he's giving me genuine happiness.
He's starting to realize he's a normal kid.
-You look familiar, man.
-Yeah? -You look familiar.
-I like to hear that.
Wanna hear that everywhere someday.
I'm like a proud daddy, looking at my baby bird off in the world, chirping his way through life.
- Glad you made it here today.
- You're not leaving.
- Wanna play another one? - Yeah.
Let's go.
What you doing? -Hi, Lulu.
-I'm painting.
-I can see.
-Oh, my.
-Thank you for accepting my invitation.
Oh, thank you for inviting me.
Nothing can move forward in Sean's life without Lulu.
Oh, wow, this is nice paint.
-Right? -Yeah.
We're gonna do a kitchen here.
-And then I'm thinking a living room here.
-Dining room here.
And then, back there, bedroom.
Sean's never even spent the night away from Lulu his whole life.
And now, he's moving into his own space.
That's a lot for Lulu.
How are you feeling? Uh, anxious, nervous, sad, happy.
Those are all good emotions.
As much as I don't want him to go, I'm excited about having space of his own.
Having a space of your own is important, you know? Just having alone time to figure out you.
You know, I just hope he becomes what he wants to be.
Not what I want him to be or what anybody-- I want Sean to be what he wants to be.
And I think the key to that is me letting go.
You think he's gonna miss me, right? - Clearly.
- Okay.
-Are you guys from Georgia? -I'm currently in school.
- What are you studying? - Communications.
The clock's ticking.
Sean's starting college in a week.
He didn't have the standard high-school upbringing where you're in a room with kids your age.
The sooner we get him into a classroom setting, the better.
So, welcome, everybody, to a little 101 class in cooking.
I wanna teach you how to make a French omelet.
Yes! Sean knows nothing about cooking.
Basics are where we need to start.
Butter, flour, eggs.
You gotta learn those rules before you break them.
To start off, put the burner on as low as it will go.
Is it gonna get as hot as you are? -Inappropriate.
-They're all thinking it.
And then we wanna take a generous tablespoon of butter, coat the entire pan.
We have chives.
Chop them finely.
-Crack an egg.
-Very, very quick.
-Be assertive with your egg.
We wanna break them up.
You don't want chunks.
It's coming down almost like water.
We're gonna season with kosher salt.
So, you pour it in.
And you take chopsticks, and we mix them around in the pan.
We wanna have a small curdle.
When I use a spatula, it has a larger curdle, and we want these to be delicate.
This is cooking really quickly.
And now, with the rubber spatula, fold them over lightly like so.
There you go.
Okay, guys.
Pair up, two by two.
You each have your station.
- Wanna be partners? Let's do it.
- Sure.
I was paying attention.
-Can we start, teacher? -On your marks, set, cook.
Let's do a massive omelet and do all the eggs.
Is that a chive? -Yeah, cut it with a knife.
-It'll be all right.
Oh, are we supposed to season? -All right.
-Just add the salt at the end.
Cooking doesn't have to be complicated.
Is it meant to look like cottage cheese, chef? Very good, very good.
Beautiful, I like it.
-It looks good.
-That's kind of folded.
It forces Sean to communicate, to ask questions.
-Is that our plate? -Right here.
To work with somebody, creating something.
Very successful.
You're gonna be a freshman? I'm starting at UG in a week.
Okay, congratulations.
Yeah, Sean is just like this bright-eyed, bushy-tailed little baby bunny rabbit shedding off the baby coat.
-What are you studying? -Nutritional science.
-Oh, okay.
So, this will be the first cooking class of many.
- Yes.
- And they were just talking and teamwork-ing and doing the cute stuff.
He's totally feeling better about himself.
We weren't selfish like you.
We made enough for everyone.
So, are you grading it? -Oh, yeah.
-I'll be the judge of that.
This is beautiful.
- Celebrity guest judges.
- Right amount of salt.
Okay, that was really good.
This one's a little more yellow.
That one's really good.
This one's cute.
It's a little rustic.
It's missing a bit of salt.
Oh, my.
We made a 12-egg omelet.
Tan and I are the worst.
But we had so much fun.
So, thanks for having us.
It's actually super close.
Sean, love you, but we have plenty to learn.
Jason put just the right amount of kosher salt in there.
-And for that reason, Jason wins.
-Yes! -That was beautiful.
-Good job! It's about learning how to make it his own.
Sean is a little less intimidated and a little more motivated going away to college.
He's excited, which is great.
It's time for us to go to the salon.
-Are you ready? -I'm very ready.
All right, well, let's blow this Popsicle stand.
-Come with me.
-Come on, buddy.
This is my favorite salon, Dragonfly.
I love it here.
Come on back.
My station's back here.
Are you nervous? -Mostly excited.
I'm excited for you to be excited.
Sean is in an image-heavy industry.
When you throw away your look to the first available person, and you don't invest in that, that can be an issue.
That's how you turn out with a Scooby-Doo haircut.
I wanna just de-hair-ify you.
I'm gonna take these sides off and take this back off and maybe have this top live more out of your face.
You know what I mean? -Yeah.
-I feel like it'll be sexier and younger.
And also, too, I am not digging this facial hair.
In two years, in three, five, seven years maybe, when these islands connect, beard out.
Grooming isn't like you get one look and that has to be forever.
It can be fun, and you don't always have to do one thing.
I'm so excited to change it up.
I wanna take Sean from a prepubescent Justin Bieber into, like, a world-tour Purpose Biebs, except for one that didn't get canceled.
Hey, boy, what are you waiting for? Your eyes gonna be popping.
Sean is so ready for this next chapter.
I feel like he's got a little more soul.
He's got more polished moments with the little bit of ruffled texture moments.
I can hear the girls chasing you already.
I feel like he's ready to just jump off this cliff and spread those wings and fly, honey.
It shows off your face so much.
-You can still jam with it, which I love.
-That's right.
-What do you think? -Different and cool, yeah.
I like it.
Feel your hair like someone who feels it.
Yes, like, and get-- Give me a little like sexy, like-- Like, photoshoot hair.
Like, give me, like-- Yeah, both hands.
Give me a little face when you do it.
That's what I'm talking about.
You just owned that.
I think I hear Lulu, guys.
I just show the guy who's gonna live here but Lulu's the person who loves him most.
I wanna give her the assurance that Sean's gonna be okay.
-You brought cookies.
-I did.
Come on in.
Come in.
Come in.
Come in.
Oh, my God.
-Let me get the cookies.
-And these are for you.
-Oh, my gosh! -You like it? That's gold.
I love that Lulu.
Isn't it crazy? Lulu with her emotions.
Yeah, can't get enough.
I was going through all this anxiety, you know, starting college, and, you know, being with him every single minute, and just everything.
And seriously, when I walked in the door and saw the space-- Seriously, when I saw the space, it was just all gone.
-Aw -I know he's gonna be okay.
I know when I get a good tear, it's legit.
-I'm gonna go away, I guess.
I kind of want Sean to have the same overwhelming moment that I just had.
-Before you go, I got flowers for you.
Thank you all so much.
-Thank y'all, it's beautiful.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, bye.
-Oh, she's so sweet, I can't -Love.
-I wanna gorge myself on cookies.
-Me, too.
You walk on campus with this look-- That's what I was saying.
People are gonna say, "You look killer.
" You're gonna have a great time.
When you start inviting people back to this house, wait till you see it.
-You're really gonna be like, wow.
-I'm so ready, 100 percent.
- They're here.
- I hear Little Sean! -Okay, okay.
-Get excited.
-Here we go.
Here we go.
-Get excited.
Boys, hi.
Oh, my God.
Just I don't know what to say.
Is it you? Yes.
It's like a whole side of me I never knew I had until now.
-I really love this.
-Take it in.
It's a lot.
So, I did more of an industrial modern, with bar stools, sleek uplighting.
And mixed it in with more industrial pieces.
It's sophisticated, but it's not too cluttered, which I love.
It's simple.
-I'm in love with this table.
-I've never seen you smile this much.
You have been laughing and smiling so much.
I am.
It's perfect.
It's just perfect.
-Thank you.
-Of course, thank you.
I hope this gives you the confidence you need.
Take a seat with me.
This is a very big week for you.
-I can see a different change in you.
Every time you smile.
Do that for the rest of your life.
I mean, you just seem happy.
It's not that I wasn't happy before, but I think it really opened my mind a lot.
As long as you know who you are, and you believe in yourself, then it's okay.
Whatever life throws at you, you can handle.
Knowing that has brought me to a whole new level of happiness.
So, the real Sean Van Meter is confident, and he's young, and he's ready for life.
-I feel that from you now.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Come here.
Thank you.
I wanted to get to the point where we've got one Sean Van Meter who looks great in the daytime and can throw on a jacket or change out just a shirt, and then he looks amazing for on-stage.
So, that's what we've got here.
I love some of your old stuff, but don't wear it the way you were.
You can wear a button-up shirt and one of your jackets, that's good enough.
-I like these.
I didn't wanna take away the full-on crazy stuff, so I got you one color.
It's black.
It's a simple color.
And it can just be the showpiece itself.
I wanna get to the point where you feel comfortable enough to use your style as a conversation starter to help gain new friends.
Speaking of friends tell me about this group.
That was my very first band, Death of the Peanut King.
They're a year or two older.
I don't see them as much as I did.
-Are they enjoying school? -Yes, they are.
Good, so I hope that gives you hope that you'll have the best time there.
You know, I was scared a week ago, and now that's all gone.
-I owe that to you guys and to this week.
-Let's try on some clothes.
You ready? -Yeah, absolutely.
Okay, good.
-Will you try those on? -Absolutely.
-Head on your way, thank you.
-Thank you.
-We're the Golden Girls.
-We are.
-We are.
-No, Dorothy.
-No, Rose.
-No, Rose, yeah, Rose.
Sophia? -I guess.
-You're the oldest.
Sean, how you doing? Are you decent? -Are you boys ready? -Yeah.
Sean, Sean, Sean.
My gosh.
Come over, 'cause I'm liking the shoes.
It's literally like sophisticated you.
-Great jacket.
That's like a staple piece.
It's a great thing to wear on-stage, it looks slick and cool and young, but it's also timeless.
You can wear it till you're 50 and look great.
Yeah, the fit of that shirt is fabulous.
It's giving him Dorito shape, too.
Big wide shoulders but a tiny waist.
-Come sit with us.
-Thank you.
Little cutie pie.
I don't feel like I've known you just a week.
I feel like I've known you a long time, and I feel so much better for it.
I couldn't be happier with how this week turned out.
-You're a sweetheart, Sean.
-What's Lulu's gonna say? -She'll freak.
- I know.
- Yeah.
She's not gonna recognize me.
-She'll always recognize her baby.
Feeling good about your set list? Stuff that you wanna do? -It is.
It sure is.
-Sean Van Meter's got this.
-Yeah! He's starting to feel it.
There's that confidence.
We're proud of you.
-Thank you.
-So proud of you.
It was so good to get to know you.
Enjoy your place.
I will.
-Up in it.
-Thank you.
Enjoy your new home.
Have fun.
Pizza's here! Jonny loves pizza.
Yummer, yummer.
-Fork and knife for Tan.
-Where's the parmesan? I want a beer.
Get me a piece of pizza, and then can we watch Sean Van Meter? - Let's go eat-er and watch Sean Van Meter.
- Cute.
I'm just gonna squeeze my body in there.
Squeeze in like you squoze into them shorts.
Oh, I know.
Ooh! The hair in Georgia is next level.
And you can't charge enough for corrective color.
You just can't.
Look how he's walking in.
He has so much confidence and swag now.
Where's my baby boy? I don't have him anymore.
Let me see you.
Oh, look at your hair.
Your face looks like you've had a facial.
A little bit.
A little bit.
-You look incredible.
Are you excited? -Thank you.
-Lulu's gushing.
She is.
Her little boy is grown up now.
-Thanks for being here tonight.
I wouldn't miss this for the world.
Dude, you're-- I had-- I had no idea you were coming.
Remember how you talked about the friends he's had since he was a child? -Oh, is that them? -They might have been secretly invited to come, so that way, he has some support.
Wait, hold on.
Hold on.
-Hold on? -You used to be taller.
-No, you used to be shorter.
-No shit.
-Look at you, man.
-Good to see you, brother.
It's great to see you, man.
- Look at you.
Look at-- - Yay, they like his clothes.
This was the most important part, with him going off to college.
He needs to socialize with kids his own age.
This is the first time we've ever wanted somebody to act younger.
Every other one, we're like, grow up.
This is like, act like an 18-year-old.
How are you guys doing? You ready for some musicianship? I think we should bring Sean up now and get me off-stage, and let's hear Sean sing some songs.
Thank you so much.
Over the past week, I have had the honor and the privilege to be mentored by five incredibly talented, kind, fabulous men.
-That's us.
I'm more confident than I ever remember being.
And I just wanna say my thank you to the Fab 5.
The best.
It's what we do.
It's what we do.
Namaste, namaste, honey.
We're proud of you, Sean.
Hit it.
-He's feeling it.
-You feel yourself.
You wanted to be not so boring So you're out and behind You're trying to find your best stories This concert was a farewell to my childhood, and it really coincided with going off to college and being on my own for the very first time.
I feel like a new man.
I feel like people are really gonna be interested to get to know me, and I can't want to get to know them.
It was like I witnessed a transformation.
He owned the stage.
And it's because he owned himself.
How do you thank somebody for changing the life of a child? How do you thank somebody for turning that unsure person into the confident guy I saw tonight? The Fab 5, because of y'all, he's gonna have a whole different direction in his life.
I know you wanna be famous Rich and barely 19 He's finally relaxed.
He no longer has to put on these airs of being older and more mature.
At the end of the day, it's an inside job.
It's here, and it's here.
He is worthy.
He is deserving.
He's a good kid.
I think giving Sean a tasteful, well-designed space is going to help him evolve his personal look and his personal self even more.
I'm a proud fairy godmother right now.
Sean is just giving me handsome devil ready to take life by the balls and fly, honey.
He doesn't have to separate his life between off-stage and on-stage.
There only needs to be one Sean Van Meter, and that is good enough.
The world has ever seen Thank you.
Yeah! Hold on, can we say cheers to the real Sean Van Meter? -Yeah, cheers.
-Cheers to the real Van Meter.
-To the real Van.
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