Queer Eye (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Make Ted Great Again

1 Look at that truck full of homosexuals.
- Yeah.
- We're making America great again.
We're patriotic queers.
If I was president, you couldn't decorate my truck like this.
- It's too much.
- I kind of love it.
- Really? - Yeah.
I love how tacky it-- America is tacky.
Let me tell you, do not call America tacky.
Have you seen the jewelry you have on? All things just keep getting better I can't explain why we've done this to the car, but what I can tell us all is that we're gonna go see Ted Terry.
-Ted Terry! -Yeah.
Ted's been a public servant since he was 17.
He's 34, and he's the youngest mayor in Clarkston history.
-That's cool.
-All right, Kennedy.
-He's a bit young for politics.
-We need more young people in politics.
Ted was nominated by his girlfriend of seven years, Andrea.
Gonna handle this pile.
My girlfriend, who we affectionately call The Mayoress of Clarkston, she has nominated me because she wants me to up my game a little bit, on being mayor.
Ted's a hipster mayor, but it can come across a little bit slouchy.
Anyone who's seen him likes to comment on his beard.
He calls it his resistance beard.
It's a flavor saver.
It picks up what you eat or drink.
And I have done no grooming of it whatsoever.
People say it looks like a dirty hippie beard, and that makes them not take him seriously.
It looks like that goat from the Red Riding Hood.
It's ballooned into this absurd, mountain man, straggly mess.
A younger Santa Claus.
I'm gonna set aside these business cards.
Throw away all these.
Around the house, I would love it if he didn't leave stuff everywhere.
Good to see you.
Just here to get my mail.
Ted does not have a set office for his mayoral work.
He gave it up to people at City Hall, they needed the space.
That lack of an office creates this, like, snowball effect.
Without an office, you can't get into a routine.
I'm always on the go and on the fly.
Good evening, everyone.
Ted's public speaking skills, they have a long way to go.
Um, um, um The political landscape in Georgia is like the old guard.
The first impressions are, "Do you work for the mayor? You can't be the mayor, can you?" People assume that he's inexperienced, because of his youth.
I worry about being the 13-year-old mayor.
I'm getting invited to more international gatherings and conferences and speaking engagements, and I think she wants me to really shine and put on the best light for the city of Clarkston and for myself.
If anyone can help Ted, it'll be the Fab 5.
Ted Terry this week is hosting, at his home, a dinner for delegates from the Philippines and Sierra Leone.
He has not had people at his home for ten years.
-And his first guests are delegates? -Delegates.
He needs help with his speeches, with his house, with the food.
-He's got a beard that's terrifying.
-Let's find him.
It is House of Cards.
It is major.
It is bigtime.
Please tell me where Mayor Ted Terry is.
There are five queens looking for the mayor.
- Do you know where the mayor is? - Mayor, long beard, hipster.
- Hipster-looking.
Whoo! - No office.
-Help us out.
We're looking for the mayor.
-We need the mayor.
-We need Ted Terry.
Anybody know where Mayor Ted Terry is? Do you know where the mayor is? -Yes, I do.
I'm his friend on Facebook.
-You are.
-Where do we turn? -Right up there.
Ted! Ted! Ted! I see a beard that is out of order and out of date.
- There's that beard.
- Oh, my God.
-Get us out of this truck.
-The Fab 5 is here.
-What's going on? -What's up? -Hello, man.
-There you go.
I'm Jonathan, how are you? Nice to meet you.
Hi, nice to meet you.
-Was this a business meeting right here? -Uh, yeah, just casual.
Beard, beard, beard.
This is my resistance beard.
It's out of control.
My first impression of Mayor Ted, not really very mayor.
Kind of more man-goat.
Nice meeting everybody.
We're taking Mayor Ted with us.
Say goodbye to the old Ted Terry.
Andrea! A nice, undramatic entrance.
-Hi, I'm Tan.
Can I give you a hug? - Can we come in, please? - Yeah, it's hot out here.
-Let us in.
Hello! We're so appreciative of you, but some of this has to go.
You stick to your category.
You guys are healthy.
We've got granola.
This house is giving me very farm hobo chic.
Jonathan, look.
This is what eggs are supposed to be like.
They're so irregular.
-I love irregular eggs.
-Yeah, me, too.
Is this what they put on their laps to eat dinner? - Maybe.
- What's going on in here? Okay, kind of organize it a little bit.
The bathroom, it is bleak in there.
This has not been used in a while.
It is like the Russian winter in World War I, honey.
- What is this outfit? - Put it on.
Like, let's see you in it.
Oh, my God, it looks so fantastic.
-Does it? -Yes.
I haven't worn it yet, but I bid on it.
-That was an auction item.
-At a gala.
-So, this is your office area? -Uh, yes, and the kitchen counter.
This looks more like frat guy kind of just threw some things on a table.
Doesn't look like mayor of a city.
You're gonna have a dinner party here? Yes.
-Where's your dining room? -Uh, we don't have a dining room.
-All right.
-This doubles as a dining room, slash, my yoga room.
I don't see any people who are officials coming to this house, ever.
Oh, my God.
I wanna teach you all.
So, everyone, get into dogward, downward.
-Dogward down.
-There you go.
You guys, boundaries.
Now I need you to get into cat pose three.
Namaste away from me.
-There's a smell.
-That's a strong smell.
I mean, this is the bedroom of someone who's busy saving the world.
-Oh, he's got Hillary signs.
-I love it.
Stronger together, Ted, we are! I love her! Hillary! Hillary! I love her! I love her! -I was a Bernie Sanders delegate.
- This room is cluttered as hell.
- I know.
What is going on in here? Is this the world-famous purple tie? -It is.
-And purple lavender shirt? That you have every meeting in? He won an election in that shirt.
I don't care.
-Not that shirt.
Not that shirt.
-Not that shirt.
This purple shirt has to go.
Hold on, we're not done yet.
-Cute, yes.
-Oh, my God, I can see it.
You're here and then he comes in, and you're like, "Mr.
Mayor" Then you crawl to him.
And she asks him to verify her ballot box.
Yes! Andrea voted for me.
Hey, Jonathan, let's go see chickens.
Let's go find you some big black - They're so cute.
- I wanna hold a chicken.
Here, kitty, kitty.
Come around here.
They're all here.
Come here, poopy.
Let's talk about this dinner party that you guys have.
What's the purpose of it, first of all? One of the things that I'm hoping to do over the next four years as mayor is to expand my international relations.
Why is it important to host this in your home and not in a restaurant? I like showcasing the restaurants, we have great restaurants in Clarkston.
But sometimes you want a little intimate, just kind of relationship-building.
When Ted's in charge of cooking, things go really awry, to put it nicely.
He has no concept of how long things will take.
You're nervous.
Are you stressed out? I don't mean to be like a teacher.
The cooking, I'm trying to, uh It doesn't have to be stressful.
I want this to be enjoyable.
Here we go.
-Go for it, Jonathan.
-They don't love me.
This is such a freaking cool yard.
Oh, my gosh.
We've got, um, a bunch of different varieties of tomatoes growing.
- There's some tomatillos right here.
- Yum.
Can we get that one? Oh, don't scare them.
Oh, I herded the crap out of them.
You guys have an abundance of beautiful vegetables and fruit that we can use.
It's like, why not? What is it like for you being a mayor? What's your biggest challenge? I get no respect.
Um, the older council members, older people in general, will usually assume, "Well, you're young, so, you don't know anything.
" Even though I've been working in this arena since I was 17.
If I do the talking, people at the table are like, "Why are you talking?" Are you a good public speaker? I could definitely be a lot better.
I'd love to learn.
There we go.
That is what I'm feeling like.
If you're part of the political culture, you need to know that speeches can make or break you.
I'm noticing organization, you need some help there.
Also kind of separating the work and the home life.
This has not been used in years.
Look at all the dust on this.
And also a way to bring work and personal life together.
You're a politician.
You need to be entertaining delegates, constituents.
I wanna make your home open to the public, but also separate that life.
My advice, always make sure you put your "work life," even if it's at home, behind a door that can close.
What I'm most excited about, this space here.
I think this has the potential to give you your office space.
Turn this into a space that you can do all your business, -so when you come in here it's work time.
So, this is where we are, where all the magic happens.
Tell me about your beard.
You had a beard before? I grew it out after the election.
Ted Terry's style is definitely, "I get up early, meet with constituents.
I'll put on some Dickies khakis and I won't give an F, 'cause I'm saving people.
" But, honey, I give an F.
For something important, like a big speech or some big event coming up, would you give 20 minutes to your look? I don't know what to do for more than five.
I'm gonna show you.
He's literally at the end of his grooming rope.
We're gonna get you into some mousse, a bit of hairspray.
-A wet product and a dry product.
Your eyes are getting big and scared.
It's all new, but I'm here to take advice.
I'm gonna walk you through it.
I'm gonna hold your mayoral hand.
-I am.
We're gonna get this.
-Thank you.
Do you find it easy dressing in the morning? Uh Yeah, 'cause it's very quick and easy.
I don't spend much time doing it.
So, what do you go for? 'Cause it's a mess.
-I'll just do a shirt with a button down.
And then just whatever pants are clean.
On the whole, do you have a lot of this stuff from college? This is all probably ten years old.
-Ten years is a real -Yeah, definitely ten years old.
He needs to step it up.
He's got grand ambitions.
He's not gonna get there if he sticks with that wardrobe.
-I hear that this is your, um, best suit.
-Yeah, look, has my name in it.
-I love that you mentioned that.
-I've been wearing this for five years.
That one's got rips in the bum.
-I don't think I've worn this in years.
-You should definitely not.
-I'm holding on to clothes.
-No, you're a hoarder.
- I'm not a hoarder.
- You're kind of hoarder-ish.
-You're not getting rid of old suits.
-Ish, ish.
When you go to work, are you wanting to wear a sneaker? -Do you wear a formal shoe? -Um, I have those brown shoes right there.
These are the only shoes you got.
Brown Mm-hm.
I don't really like black shoes.
You have two pairs of shoes.
There are other shoes in there, but I don't wear them.
The red shoes are my campaign shoes, but they're falling apart.
You go out on the street and you meet people with these? I won my election in those shoes.
-You keep them for sentimental value.
I will get them fixed.
I don't know how to get them fixed.
-Why? -For sentimental There's no repairing them.
I promise you, there's no repairing them.
I'm gonna get you a nice, formal shoe that is gonna be classic, that is gonna stand the test of time.
These ones are very dated.
I wanna do a great job for Ted.
He's helping, he's truly helping people.
I wanna make sure I'm, in return, helping him.
Gentlemen, come join.
Now that we went through all your stuff, what are you hoping to get from us? Uh, yeah, I think I need to up my game.
I need to be the best mayor I can be, to represent Clarkston.
Here in Georgia, but also internationally.
Ted Terry, I love what you stand for, well, so far.
I'm pretty sure that I'm obsessed, but I just need to rein it in.
I know that if we can figure out a way to bring all these religions and ethnicities and languages and cultures together in Clarkston, and we still live harmoniously and peacefully, that that's something that we can export to around the world.
I'm open, I'm ready.
Let's do this.
We're gonna get our diplomatic lives ready.
What I got is what you need Feel the love washing over me None of the spaces in their home function for Ted's life.
I wanna make sure he has his spaces at home that he can take and entertain.
Also, I've gotta give him a space that he can get his work done, close that door, and in the evenings work is done.
Ted Terry is giving me Mayor Blue Collar ferosh.
He's relatable, approachable, but he's giving me basic when I need him to just give me polish.
I need to feel safe when you're making my policy.
Not so much that he alienates his base.
I just need him to, like, make better a little bit.
What I got is what you need I'm kind of amazed that Ted has never hosted a dinner party.
The lesson that I wanna teach Ted is that he can host these events in his own home.
The pressure's on.
He needs to look a certain way, and he can't get away with his wardrobe.
We want him to be on a global stage, and we're gonna get him there.
Speeches and toasts are very similar.
You have to command the room, be engaging, but you have to get your points across, and that's what I wanna make sure he understands how.
Sometimes I think I think my head is working overtime All right, guys, so, we're going to Bacchanalia, one of the quintessential fine dining spots in Atlanta, despite its name, which actually means wild and drunken stupor and revelry.
Oh, fun.
Oh, sweet.
- Have you been here? - Never.
- It's really beautiful.
- It's elegant, but laid back.
- Yeah.
- Makes it feel like it's special.
Before we sit down, you guys are hosting your first dinner party in your new home, right? So, I wanted to show you what a standard minimal setup sort of looks like.
We don't wanna keep it complicated with the six-fork situation.
Your eyes are already getting big.
We're not doing that.
It's very simple.
We have an appetizer fork, a dinner fork.
We're gonna be having fish, so, we have a fish knife, then a water glass, red wine glass, white wine glass.
- Do you know the difference? - No, I don't.
- It's basically about size.
- Okay.
So, red is for the larger.
More swirling to open up the wine and get the notes.
The white is more about crisp.
We'll have a dinner plate, an appetizer plate, cloth napkins.
This isn't the night for paper towels.
You can keep those for your quinoa bowls and all the other healthy stuff you eat.
Play the game, play the game Play the game When you invite guests and prepare a meal, it doesn't have to be complicated and elaborate.
There's something to be said for casual, simple elegance.
I do know that in order for me to really deliver for my town, which is a working-class community, I have to be able to play in these different realms.
You know, there's fancy dinner tables and there's home cooking.
-You gotta be ready.
-I have to operate in all of it.
Roasting is a good idea for dinner parties.
If you roast something, it can sit, like a meat or a fish.
Andrea, you're gonna do the salmon.
You can do that.
And then, what is more Georgia than a peach? Right now it's blueberries.
Okay, fine, what is more Georgia than blueberries? Peaches.
It's a peach state.
You can take care of the appetizer, a grilled peach and heirloom tomato salad.
This Friday is an example of what's to come.
I want people to look at you and be like, "Holy crap.
What they're doing is amazing.
" They support each other.
They're charming.
There's no better way to build relationships.
- Than over food.
- Right? And alcohol.
Oh, yes.
Ready for some Pottery Barn magic? I'm ready.
Thank you.
When I design a client's home, including Mayor Ted, I think about the way it needs to function.
I see the bathroom stuff, and your bathroom needs help.
-It doesn't just need to be beautiful, It needs to work.
I love doing a nice, light color towel.
If you get them messy, you can bleach them.
These would be cool for your office area, to put little things.
Everything needs its place.
The other thing I love doing is lanterns.
They add a nice ambient lighting.
You can use real candles.
You can use digital ones.
I love that Ted's a man of the people.
He meets his constituents at coffee shops, bus stops, restaurants.
It's cool.
I am all about function, function, function.
But there are meetings that need private space.
He's a mayor of a small town.
They don't have big fancy offices.
He needs to be able to bring people over and not have an embarrassing space that doesn't function.
-Thank you.
-Next time I see you, your house will look snazzy.
All right.
-How's it going? -Good to see you.
-You, too, man.
-And this beard.
Still there.
-You haven't met Jonathan.
-Not yet.
Mayor, this is Joe.
-Hey, Joe, how you doing? -Good.
Nice to meet you.
The reason I brought this handsome fellow here You see this face? Good-looking guy.
It's because he is state champion at speech in Georgia.
-I started when I was 14.
I didn't know anything about speeches.
I was bad at public speaking, but when I practiced and I knew my speech, I was confident I could deliver it.
I thought it interesting to find someone who's exceptional at speeches.
But also have you meet your younger self.
I thought about the fact that you had said that older politicians aren't respecting you enough, and part of that comes from your speeches.
-Would you agree? -Uh, I agree.
What stops you from giving the best speech? Um, I think there's a little bit of a stutter, -Mm-hm.
-Um and probably it's more just the time to, you know, get it memorized.
Yeah, like, for these speeches that I did to win state, I started practicing so much, ahead of time.
I started writing down speeches and giving them to people.
Practice, practice, practice.
You know Clarkston all the way.
I can talk about Clarkston all day long.
But how can you talk about it in a way that's engaging and exciting? -Yeah, I need help with that.
He has to organize his thoughts in a way that come across clear, fun, but also show that he is confident about the work he is doing, and that's my job for him.
First, I wanna see your speech skills.
You told me at your house you had decriminalized weed here, right? -So, you ready to go? -Ready.
So, uh, marijuana, um, also known as cannabis, um, has been illegal in this country for almost 80 years.
Uh, no one has ever died of a marijuana, um, cannabis overdose.
We do know, however, that cannaboid oil, cannabis, you know, one-- - I do know that I - Stop.
-You're nervous right now.
-I'm not nervous.
-You sure? No? -Mm-mm.
None of this body language is saying you're nervous? This is a safe place.
You can say it.
-Yeah, I'm nervous.
-You gotta relax with it.
I have an idea to loosen you up.
-A Clarkston, and you're from Concord? -Concord.
-Rap battle.
Listen, all I want you to do is rap about your city.
Let's do it.
I put him on the spot and he is confident.
In any traditional rap battle, back to back.
You already swagged out with your jacket.
No, no, no.
Swagged out now.
This is about to be epic.
Mayor MC.
Y'all ready to go? Concord up first.
Rap about Concord 'Cause I love my city I'm from a small town Yeah, it's pretty In Clarkston we're known As the most progressive city I got some deep roots, yeah But we still wear boots Clarkston, the most ethnically diverse Forty nationalities Sixty different languages In just one square mile Whoo! Concord may be in the country But we've been in the-- Oh, damn.
You gotta go, he just messed up.
There you go.
Fifteen-dollar minimum wage In the city Recreational decriminalization Of marijuana Even got Election Day as a holiday And we got a railroad Running right through our town Ted is clearly no Eminem.
What? But I give him two thumbs up for doing such a good job.
I know this was fun, and I'm making a little bit light of it, but Joe's tips are real.
I don't want you, especially with you being a successful mayor, to get lost and not being confident when you're giving speeches.
You've gotta loosen up, be confident, and you've got to practice.
For this speech coming up for Friday, you need to think about the rap battle and how you brought in the fun, the looseness.
You still were giving me facts.
We know you have it in you.
I've seen the amazing work you've done.
You're pretty exceptional.
-So -I would vote for you.
-Look at that.
-He'll be registered by then.
He can vote.
You got someone.
What do you love so much about Clarkston? I love the food.
I love the music.
I love the celebrations.
-We don't just celebrate Christmas.
We celebrate Ramadan, the Korean New Year, the Vietnamese Tet New Year, uh, the Ethiopian Independence Day.
It's really fun to see, you know, young children in hijabs singing, uh, "Jingle Bells.
" Yeah, how does that make you feel when you have such an ethnically diverse town, but the rest of your state isn't? There's always this concern that people are gonna show up to cause trouble.
-It hasn't happened.
Um, the people that are showing up are showing up as almost a response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric.
If we can figure out, you know, how to make all of these religions, and we've got Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, that are, you know, living in proximity together and, you know, that to me is, that's like our opportunity to lead by example.
I can't change what's happening outside of my city limits, in Clarkston, but I can change what's happening in our 1,4 square miles.
I think this is gonna be perfect for you.
Come with me.
How do you feel a store like this? Um I usually go for the clearance rack.
I don't think they've got one in here, that's the problem.
These guys, what they do well, is that they do casual suiting, which I love.
We call it a deconstructed suit.
You could wear this to a coffee shop.
I wanna know, when I go and speak to my local council member, that he's approachable.
What you wear does affect your job.
What you wear does encourage people to treat you a certain way.
-Looks great.
Like it.
It's a really lightweight denim, so, it's not going to be too stuffy when you're in your hot weather.
I wouldn't want you to be too uncomfortable.
Even though I can tell you work out, you take care of yourself, Don't go too skinny.
Constituents aren't looking for a fashionista.
They want to take you seriously.
Go for a simple color.
It's got a straight leg, not too skinny.
Go for a solid.
Go for a gray, go for a black, go for a blue.
I want you to strike a balance between casual and formal, -and this is how.
Keep it simple, a simple closet, then whatever you put on is easy.
I'm a politician, so, gotta be not as complicated.
Yeah, you know I know.
-You know I know.
You only had two pairs of shoes, but you now have a third.
-Oh, yeah, these are my running shoes.
-Okay, so there's a third.
I got you brown, and I got you a black that makes sense for you.
It's got a lovely round toe.
It's nothing too chunky.
With a black or navy suit, these will go perfectly.
I'll make sure his closet makes sense for him-- Give me a shout if you need help.
--and is so good that he can't help but love what he's wearing, and feel comfortable.
-How you doing? -I'm ready.
Take a look in the mirror for me.
Your jeans are now an appropriate length.
-It looks like a more formal jean.
-I like it.
I haven't worn black shoes in years, so this looks odd.
All right, we'll build up to it.
We've given you a shirt that adds a layer, but you can take it off.
And then I want you to throw on this blazer with this.
-It feels good.
Um -Yeah.
-Yeah, it seems just a little bit more -Dressed up.
Little more dressed up.
Do I button it? I would leave it open.
I always feel like I wanna be comfortable in a suit, so, it's already so restrictive, I leave it open.
I actually think it's appropriate for a meeting.
Like, nothing super senior, but for something like, let's say, a Friday evening gathering at your house.
A button-up under this would be beautiful.
Throw on jeans, appropriate, as long as you've got this.
-I like this a lot.
Okay, good.
How are you, Ted? -Hey.
Very good.
-Good to see you.
How's your day? -Good to see you.
Ted Terry's approach to politics is all about love and compassion and putting other people first, but I need him to apply that to his face.
So, this is your hair, and then this is your beard.
What are we gonna do with him? -Jonathan, what are you thinking? -I think we should take it.
Ladies, mayor of Clarkston, Georgia, it's a gorgeous little town.
He's had this beard, what do we think? -I'm kind of curious to see it gone.
-Really? Yeah.
I wouldn't mind a little scruff, but the beard is scraggly.
He has pretty eyes, and you notice the beard now, instead of the eyes.
Oh, I don't know.
Um But this hair in general, like, having such length on top and then such a short tight on the side, it's a bit edgy.
But you can be an edgy mayor.
I support you being an edgy mayor.
Let's make it a little less mountain man.
Let's do it.
My, gosh, find that beard.
He has a nice face.
It's a face and a smile that draws people in.
He needs to appeal to the people that are voting.
Yeah, it's delegation.
Choke on this shape.
We're giving you Jake Gyllenhaal vibes except for blond, but I love that.
This is now a man that can smile and look you in the eyes and there's nothing to hide behind.
He doesn't have to be afraid anyone's judging him for his look.
He can reach across and make friends and continue to do the amazing work he's doing.
Andrea knew what she was doing when she married you.
- We're not married.
- Oh, yeah, I forgot.
I mean, she has a title, it's mayoress.
-Oh, my God, it is? Is that official? -Like a baroness.
Did the townspeople of Clarkston decide this? Sorry that I'm really hitting society's, like, hideous expectations of hetero couples on you.
I'm so sorry, I'm not doing it anymore.
I feel like you're giving me Governor Ted Terry right now.
Not that crazy baby hipster beard.
I've been liberated.
Okay, so, resistance beard is on the ground.
He lived his best life, but are you ready to see your new you? -I'm ready.
-Here you go.
-I love it.
Looks great.
-You do? I think he looks amazing.
He looks young, fresh, he looks confident.
-Professional, but edgy.
-Like a gorgeous mayor should.
Total transformation.
-Wouldn't you vote for him? Right? -Yes.
-Thanks, Jonathan.
-You're welcome.
-I think Andrea will like it.
-She will.
Yes! Get out.
You look gorgeous.
I'm obsessed with you.
I can't wait to see you tomorrow.
- Oh, boy.
- I hear Teddy honking.
I love this covert operation.
- Ready to see this? - Ready.
Let's do it.
It is amazing.
I promise you.
Come on through.
-Hi, Mayor Terry.
This is nice.
You've got plenty of room to entertain in here now.
But also, too, you got all the natures of, like, element.
You got fire.
You got plants, you got water, you got couch.
You got wood.
You have everything.
Oh, my gosh.
Your look is amazing.
-I have a face.
-You're very handsome.
- And a lovely face.
- Wanna see the rest of it? -Oh, this is a dining room.
Now you have a place that you can have constituents over, embassy officials, all those people.
-Embassy officials.
-Yes, yes, embassy officials.
Do you also notice something different about this room? - I don't know.
- Dude! There used to be a closet there.
- Oh, that's right.
- There's no closet.
Went like the Republican Health Care Bill.
Notice anything different in your kitchen? - Yeah.
The backsplash.
- Thank you.
Andrea has been wanting a backsplash.
It looks like a brand-new home.
-It really does.
-Oh, my God, I do Aw Listen, we're just gonna clap for you all day.
Yes, governor.
-He is the mayor.
-No, he's gonna do-- It's aspirational.
Yes, aspirational.
Governor, yeah.
Future governor.
Are you ready to see some more? - Yeah.
- Yes.
So, notice we put whole new wall treatments.
New bed, new mattress.
Painted the wall and the ceiling.
We added all this wood detail.
Is this color called Sexual Healing? My favorite feature of this room is, remember the closet in the dining room was gone? -Yes.
It's back here? -Now it's back here.
-What? Andrea is totally gonna kick you out of this closet.
I'll share it with her.
This is awesome.
I will definitely keep this organized, now that I know how.
Now we have a true mayor office.
- My favorite thing about this room - Oh, my gosh.
-is your shoes.
-These are the shoes.
Oh, my gosh.
I think this is amazing.
I, uh Yeah, I'm at a loss for words, Bobby, this is really great.
Hi, look at your gorgeous bathroom.
Here it is.
If it's daytime, we need sunscreen.
It's all you need, all over your face.
If you're doing a telly interview, polish it up so, you don't look sweaty.
Just put it all over your face and neck and it keeps you from looking sweaty, which I'm obsessed with.
Keeping your face clean-shaven, you wanna have a razor that has very, very close blades, 'cause that reduces the friction or catching of skin.
This shave cream has spearmint in it, which will help lift up the hairs.
Then when you're done shaving, hit it with cold water.
That closes your pores, and it tells everything to calm down.
Also, I got you this texture hair spray.
A lot of hair sprays live on the hair.
This lives in between it, so it creates texture.
Give it a little look.
See how it gives you a bit of a piecy-ness? Love.
So, first, if you're going on a more formal evening, with people you have to impress-- They're not gonna be impressed by cool-boy clothes.
You've got long sleeve options that are great for a suit, or great tucked into pants with a tie, I don't expect you to wear suits daily.
Then the rest of this-- You are the hipster mayor, the last thing you wanna do is be super formal and you're not approachable, so, I got you great options that still look like your clothes are clean, well put together, and tidy.
Yeah, I like the blue and the versatility of the shirts.
Next, footwear.
Because you're not the biggest fan of black shoes.
-I saw the black shoes and I was like -I know.
But I never wear them, so, it's kind of like the beard being gone.
I'm like, it's new, but The more you wear it, the more you become accustomed to it.
Every man should have a black shoe.
So you ready to try on some looks? Yeah.
Okay, boys.
Ted, come on out.
-Got his pants leg rolled up.
-We've gone for a more casual look.
He could wear this to meetings at a coffee shop, somewhere casual.
It's all linen, it's nice and breathable.
This is something he can be comfortable in.
-Flip burgers, hold babies.
What happens if you take that jacket off? He could take this off.
Let's take the jacket off.
Karamo and I worked on a bag for you.
Let me show you this.
It's slick.
It's sophisticated.
It's more mature.
-You look amazing.
-I feel good.
You're all mine now.
It's light summer fare tonight.
I got you some red wine and white wine, there's a chardonnay, it's gonna go beautifully with asparagus and salmon, and, uh, with grilled peaches, as well.
So, we're making a summer grilled peach salad with heirloom tomatoes.
So, you cut down this natural line that occurs right over here in the peach.
Named doughnut peaches 'cause they look like little baby doughnuts.
These heirloom tomatoes, you're gonna cut them into wedges, kind of like these guys, and arrange them on a plate, consecutively.
So, now with our tongs, you grab these, and on a super-hot top, beautiful sizzle, we lay these out right here.
Basil, from your garden, and then you just roll them up, -so that they look like a little -Joint.
-Thank you.
-We're cool here.
Okay, cool.
So, take a nice sharp knife, and then you go at it like this.
You're gonna take your basil, sprinkle a little bit on.
A bit of Parmesan, add a bit of seasoning salt, pepper, and the olive oil.
Grab a piece of almond or two, and try.
-It's amazing.
-It's pretty damn good, right? Hey, Tan, come on out here.
Who is this gorgeous man in front of me? I don't even remember.
-You look amazing.
-Thank you.
From the moment that we jumped out the back of that truck and saw you, to where you are standing right now, it's completely two different men.
Just the confidence.
You just radiate it.
This week's been great, and I'm proud of Clarkston, but now I'm proud of my home, I'm proud of my food I'm gonna serve, um, and then how I look, and then, got some good things I wanna say, concise and to the point, but to be inspirational and, you know, really try to use this opportunity to build relationships.
Thank you so much for everything.
Good luck tonight.
You'll be fantastic.
-Oh, thank you, governor.
-I want you and John to storm the senate.
You and John storm the senate, you got this.
-Have fun tonight.
-Have fun.
You're gonna be great.
-Have fun tonight.
-Remember everything I told you.
-Pomade, pomade, pomade.
-You wanna take a selfie with me? -Yes.
Guys, seriously, this couple could live in Ted Terry's town.
- They could.
- Right? We'd be welcome.
My little homage to Ted today, blueberries and whipped cream.
Can we see what happened at Ted's meal? -You wanna get in? -Yeah.
-Welcome home.
Look at you.
Let me see, all around.
I love this whole outfit.
It looks so good.
He does look good.
And see the bedroom.
Oh, my gosh.
This is so cool.
-And this is -And this is the closet.
This is - This is really exciting.
- Show off the closet.
Dum, dum, dum! -Tan organized the heck out of this.
-He decked it out.
Oh, and he got you a special gift also for tonight.
- This is your dress.
- It's gorgeous.
- She has to love that.
- These are your shoes.
My God.
They're gold.
He got me gold shoes.
I love gold shoes.
Oh, this is fantastic.
-Shall we get cooking? -We got an hour and ten minutes.
- Some sweet potatoes.
- She's preparing salmon.
- They each have their own dishes.
- Tell me what you're making.
-Supposed to be grilling them.
-Oh, that sounds so good.
It's cute that now they can cook together.
-That's adorable.
-It's sexy, is what it is.
I'm excited they have a proper dining table, so they can host this party.
Proper is the word.
-You okay? You seem like, uh -Yeah, I just, uh -Trying to just get this right.
It's gonna be fine.
You need to relax.
You're, like, all anxious.
-All right, so, I'm gonna wear this.
-With these pants.
-That'll be great.
Tan was like, "Don't wear that belt," so, I won't.
-Look how sharp he is.
-He's wearing sneakers.
I didn't encourage him to wear sneakers.
He's balancing it out with a blazer.
I'm fine.
- He's really cute.
- He looks fantastic.
-How do I look? -Oh, you look so good.
-His shoes are so cool.
-Good job, Tan.
Yeah, he is.
-Hello, how are you, Cynthia? -Hello.
-Mayor Ted, nice to meet you.
-Ted? You look younger than I thought.
Yeah, I'm one of the youngest mayors in Georgia.
-Nice meeting you, Ted.
-This is Andrea.
-Hi, Cynthia.
-Hello, Andrea.
How are you? Hello, Mr.
-Check him out with his sheer shirt.
May I present my assistant here, Marina.
Marina, Mayor Ted.
Nice to meet you.
Well, come on in.
That's Andrea, over there.
-I was thinking of an elderly guy.
So, I made this from scratch.
I got a lot of coaching on it.
-Oh, my gosh, this is such a treat.
-He's about to give a toast.
First off, I wanna say thank you so much for being here.
Clarkston wasn't always welcoming to refugees and immigrants, and I think the community has always been very open, but the political leaders haven't.
And one of the first resolutions I signed was a welcoming resolution, to say that we believe there is strength and compassion and love and that we welcome all here.
We are proof that immigrants and refugees can make a community stronger.
If we work together and learn from each other, then we can create a more peaceful, prosperous world.
And I just wanna say that I look forward to finding ways for us to come together.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We wanna toast to the mayor and the mayoress, for all the things that they're doing here in Clarkston, Georgia.
- Yes.
- Look at that.
-This is what America's about.
It should be welcoming, it's heartbreaking that's not where it is.
But thank God there is, like, a little beacon of gorgeousness 30 minutes away, honey.
I love how impressed they are.
It's so refreshing, we see a town like Clarkston, being welcoming to a lot of different nationalities, and doing this.
- In the middle of the South.
- Yeah, yeah.
And I think you are the future leaders of the United States.
And I think you should continue that path to where we should be going as we move on with the United States of America.
Well said, well said.
-Bravo, mayor.
-That was really good.
Everyone should find ways to push their comfort zones and to try new things and be open-minded because you never know how it's gonna turn out.
If I had resisted any of this, it wouldn't have turned out as great.
-Thanks so much for coming.
-Thank you very much.
-So nice to meet you.
-We'll be in touch.
-Looking forward to it.
Thank you.
Sometimes you have to let five gay guys into your life and see what happens.
-Can we all give cheers to Mayor Ted? -To Mayor Ted.
When entertaining, it's about clever innuendo and planning.
At the end of my dinner parties, I like to serve a proper coffee and tea service.
It tells guests, I'm sophisticated and thoughtful, but it also says, perhaps it's time to go.
-Coffee? -Uh-oh.
We're being asked to leave.
You came into my life And my world never looked so bright It's true You bring out the best in me When you are around Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better Things keep getting better