Queer Eye (2018) s03e01 Episode Script

From Hunter to Huntee

1 [WOMAN SINGING "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL"] [WOMAN] How can I say that I love God? But I cannot love, the ones who are right there next to me.
[APPLAUSE] All you guys, the gifts that you have, you're using it, for the good of humanity.
Queer Eye has been an incredible experience.
[TAN] We've showed that, we really can love each other, despite our differences.
- [JONATHAN] Road trip! - [KARAMO] Jesus, take the wheel.
[SCREAMING] Where are we going? [KARAMO] Kansas City.
[JONATHAN] Kansas City, Missouri? E-I-E-I-O With a "yes, queen" here and a "yes, queen" there I spy with my little - No! - We're not playing that game again.
Eye - No, no! - Let's switch guys.
[KARAMO LAUGHS] You guys, wait where - Wait, where's Antoni? - What? - Where's Antoni - We left him at the gas station.
[SCREAMS] [BOBBY] We're in Kansas City guys.
We made it.
[CHEERING] - [JONATHAN] Hey boys, you ready? - [KARAMO] Let's do this.
Hi! - Hi! - [HONKS HORN] In order to understand someone, you need to walk a mile in their shoes.
- Or high-heels.
- [BOBBY] Or wheels.
People are people are people.
We are all capable of change.
Hi! Sometimes you just need someone to connect with, that says, "I see you and I see what you're goin' through.
" Self-care is an inside job.
Food, is love.
Make an effort.
You deserve it.
It's your life.
Design it well.
- [KARAMO] Guys, we're home.
- [BOBBY] Yeah.
[THEME SONG PLAYING] [TAN] Ready for our next hero? - Yeah! - It's actually a heroine this week.
I love a heroine! My Name is Jody Castellucci and I'm 49 years old and I live in Amazonia, Missouri.
I love being a country girl.
She was nominated by her husband, Chris.
[TAN] Jody has three grandchildren.
One son, two daughters, and Chris is her second husband.
She and Chris went hunting on their first date and have been in love ever since.
I usually bring a gun on my first date too.
[GUNFIRE] I met my husband Chris actually online, then we went hunting for coyotes.
That was our first date.
[LAUGHS] [CHRIS] From day one I was so attracted to her.
I mean, she's like my best friend.
- She won.
- I did, I got him.
Jody grows her own produce.
Awesome! - Hunts and fishes for her own meat.
- Love that.
[JODY] I first started goin' huntin' when I was about ten years old.
I just loved goin' out and bein' able to bring home a squirrel and think I brought home dinner.
[LAUGHS] They include deep fried squirrel How do you say that animal again? Deep fried squirrel.
- [KARAMO] It's called squirrel.
- [JONATHAN] Squirrel, squirrel.
Squirrel is a noise, squirrel is a word.
- Girl, it's squirrel.
- Squirrel! - Squirrel! - It's squirrel.
It's squirrel.
You guys are morons.
[LAUGHTER] [TAN] Jody works in an all-male federal prison.
She has a tough job.
- [JONATHAN] Wait, what? - She's a lady guard? I know.
[TAN] If she's not wearing her prison uniform, she's in her husband's clothing, which is usually camouflage.
What else is new? - [JODY LAUGHS] - With a home from 1875, it's a shrine to country living and their love of hunting.
- [JONATHAN] Taxidermy.
- What do you think about this? Yay, lots of dead animals.
Okay, Jody hasn't had her hair professionally cut or colored in over 25 years.
[JONATHAN] Wait a minute.
What? - Great.
- [GIGGLES] [CHRIS] I love her hair.
That's probably one of my favorite things about her.
My husband and my hair.
I guess it's my sex appeal to him, 'cause it's up all the time, so ya know, when we're goin' to sleep or somethin' and I let my hair down, he's like, "Ah, your hair.
" Yeah.
She pulls her hair back in a bun to keep it out of her face and wears mascara only.
[JONATHAN] I've never gotten to, like, do something on this level, really.
Would love to take Jody on a fancy date but she's uncomfortable outside of hunting and fishing.
So they don't go out much That's sad.
Around these parts fancy things can make people uncomfortable.
[CHRIS] I think Jody's kinda fell into that, "I don't care" state.
She's always beautiful to me, but I don't think she feels that great about herself.
Jody and Chris have been married for ten years but never honeymooned.
Chris is taking Jody out to celebrate their tenth anniversary, And Jody needs the Fab Five's help to get ready for that fancy night out.
And then she's gonna have a little She's All That moment.
I nominated Jody for this because, I want her to feel good about herself again, I just don't think that she does.
She just needs someone to bring out the best in her.
The mission this week you guys is to take Jody from hunter - To huntee.
- Okay! Yeah! - [BOBBY] We're on a little farm.
- [JONATHAN] Gorg.
[DOG BARKS] [BOBBY] Oh look at the beautiful horse.
[ANTONI] That's the one animal I can never eat, is a horse.
Okay? - That's nice.
- [GUNSHOT] Oh! Woah! What was that? - [KARAMO] Was that a gun shot? - [BOBBY] I think it was.
[ANTONI] Oh, there she is.
[KARAMO] Hello.
It's real muddy, careful.
[JONATHAN] Thank god she didn't wear her heels today.
[LAUGHTER] - Oh my God.
- Yes, queen.
Look at this.
- How are you? - Look at those outfits.
- I'm great.
- You look gorgeous.
- How are you? - I'm great.
That was a lovely hug.
Oh no.
He wants my hair down.
Wow! Look at that.
- You've got gorgeous hair.
- It's some long, thick hair.
- Beautiful.
- [TAN] Show us something.
- Please, we'd love to see inside.
- That's awesome.
- [JONATHAN] Show us in.
- [JODY] Yes.
- [TAN] After you.
- Okay, alright.
- Sir, after you.
- Okay.
[BOBBY] I'm not hating this.
- [TAN] That's a lot of camo you got there.
- [JODY] Yeah.
[CHRIS] There's a lot more than that.
That is actually, my compound bow that I deer hunt with.
[TAN] I don't even know what way is up and what way is down with that.
- Is that how you no? You hold it? - No, no.
No, no, no.
[KARAMO] Oh my - God.
- [ANIMAL NOISES] This is a horror movie.
Jesus, take the wheel.
[ANIMAL SOUNDS CONTINUE] [SCOFFS] This is like, all of Snow White's little friends, all up on the wall.
From the Jurassic era, the Goose Pterodactyl, often reached spans of up to four feet wide.
- Where are these from? These are beautiful.
- These are from my garden and these are actually cucumbers.
- No.
- [TAN] Get it, get it, get it, get it.
I'm just over here working it out.
You know, before I go hunting.
[LAUGHTER] An alarm goes off and then what? [JODY] Usually when I get up in the morning the first thing I do is, - I gotta take a shower.
- Yes? And then I'll come over here and I have to put lotion on my face - or else it feels dried up.
- Yes, yeah But a little bit of this on my face.
But that's body lotion.
Do you think that lotion has SPF in it? It's just really smooth and creamy on my face.
No lady! But I've noticed you have a little bit of a lack of skin care.
When it comes to skin, for me personally, I'm more about preventing issues.
- I get a lot of redness, being blonde.
- Yes.
Yes, yes.
So that'd be more about like a sunscreen and some color corrector.
One thing I think that happens, when it comes to our grooming or when it comes to our self care, it's like, "well my job, there's not much of that 'cause I'm in a correctional facility and then at home I'm we're just more like, outdoorsy," but I just want to spark - a little bit of curiosity within you.
- Okay.
Because if you have an eighth of the curiosity that you have with like, animals and plants, with your self care - Yep? - we would get to where we wanna go.
[KARAMO] Do you think your wife's confident? She's confident but I don't think she is with her looks.
She's confident in her abilities to do things.
I mean, she's obviously in a job where you have to be confident.
You know.
But I think, as far as feeling good about herself, feeling beautiful, I don't think she I think that's kind of gone away.
- I can tell you love your wife.
- I do.
Yeah, I mean it literally radiates off of you that you love your wife.
I do, man.
Ya know what I mean? She's the best thing ever happened to me.
[ANTONI] Oh my God, two gray squirrels.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] Oh, it's got fur.
Oh, wow.
How often do you like to got to the salon? Or you don't - I don't ever go.
- You don't ever go? - No, I haven't had my hair cut - So how do you do your color? Actually I put it on a cap and I'll pull it through myself.
- Ah, can we take it down and look at it in the mirror? - Yes.
She has so much thick hair, I was like, "Oh my God.
" This is literally gonna take me like, ten hours.
Aah! - The highlight stops.
I wanna get this color together.
I do think I need to fire you - from doing your own hair color.
- I know, I know.
So now I'm just like your fairy, like, gay godmother is here, [ANTONI] Wow! - These are all the zucchinis.
- Nice.
Zucchini's really nice raw too.
If I shave it with a bit of olive oil, salt and lemon juice that's all you need.
- Oh.
See I would love to try that.
- And soft herbs.
Let's go see the chickens.
Let's see what we got.
Camo, great.
- [KARAMO] Okay? - [TAN] More camo.
- Camo and Karamo? - We're killing this camo game out here.
- [ANTONI] So you both have full-time jobs? - Full-time jobs.
How the hell do you maintain a house with all of this? Where are the grounds people? I don't see them anywhere.
That's us.
I don't know to be honest, sometimes, I don't know.
I mean it's, it's, it wears ya out.
- [ANTONI] Yeah.
- [CHRIS] It does.
That's why we don't go anywhere.
This is our paradise here.
[ANTONI] But if you go out and if you do something special Then I think you get to appreciate it more.
- [CHRIS] Sure! - [JODY] Right.
You would not believe.
Is that a camo [TAN] Oh my God - [KARAMO] Bathrobe? - [TAN] No! You definitely have a very specific point of view - when it comes to decor.
- Yes.
And I hate to say you don't like a feminine home - No - Because I don't I don't like labelling.
Everything is what anyone specifically likes.
But you definitely like more of a bark and leaves - [JODY] Yeah.
- [BOBBY] Not flowers.
[BOTH LAUGH] Well now, show me the rest of the house, I haven't been in the back here yet.
[JODY] We have to have the dark curtains 'cause my husband works nights.
- Okay Good to know.
- So he has to have blackness - during the day.
- Okay.
We can accomplish the lack of light for him, - Right.
- without being so dark and depressing.
- And then Jesus.
- Yeah.
Do you often face Jesus towards the bed so he can That's my husband's side so he Well, Jesus isn't usually the person that I wanna get biblical in front of.
Girl, Jesus don't wanna watch that.
Talk me through what you think you wanna look like.
I wanna feel more feminine.
Then my question is: What is this? I don't know how, to dress more womanly.
- Okay? - So, I don't have Everything Yeah, I love those though.
I guess it's kinda like, I look more for comfort, than what it looks like.
Oh no, no, I got you.
But don't worry about it.
- Who starts? You? - Yeah.
- It's only diagonal right? - Like, whatever.
- No.
- I win! What do you see when you look in the mirror? Oh gosh.
I see um I don't know.
Somebody that's aging.
And I don't want to.
So Can I stop you there real quick? You do - You're 49? - Yes.
- You do not look 49.
- [LAUGHS] You look incredi Your skin is beautiful.
Your eyes are beautiful.
Remember I am gay, I am married to a man, so this does nothing for me Your boobs are fantastic.
And they're hidden away, they're literally camouflaged.
They're camo'd.
And I want you to look in the mirror and feel beautiful.
When was the last time you feel like you saw that? Gosh, the day I got married to my husband I actually did look in the mirror and I had a dress on.
- And it was - That was ten years ago? - I had my hair completely straightened - Yeah? I didn't even look like myself.
- Do you own a dress right now? - No.
Do you own anything that you would consider girly? - No.
- Nothing? What is that something you might like? Oh yes! I would love to have something like that.
- Okay, lovely.
- To go out with my husband.
Once in a while I wanna be able to look and feel like I belong there.
So how's it been this far? Oh my gosh! Crazy but fun.
So I've been hearing "I don't know how to be feminine.
" - Yeah.
- Is that true? Growing up with five brothers on a farm.
I've always been a tomboy.
Oh my gosh! I was devastated when I started growing boobs.
I was like, "Oh my God! What's happening, Mom?" [LAUGHS] You know, I didn't have a lot of girl friends.
I got made fun of a lot because we were poor kids that lived on a farm.
Um, I wore jeans that were really high.
I remember being made fun of for having high waters on.
And I went home and told my mom, and I'm like: "Mom, what's waiting for a flood mean?" And she goes: "Oh they're just jealous.
" Yeah, when somebody's really makin' fun of you, sayin' you're poor and stuff like that.
I wanted to beat 'em up.
So it was your defense mechanism, part of the boyishness of like - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh my goodness.
Even the [LAUGHING] It's camo Oh my gosh! Would you like to see yourself as beautiful? Yes! I am inside but I'm just not that outside.
But, you deserve love and attention.
And I think it's sort of getting you to a place of helping you to understand that.
It's hard for me to do that though for myself.
- Yeah.
- Always has been.
- Yeah.
It starts in here.
- I know Oh my goodness.
It's alright.
You're a beautiful spirit.
[TAN] Thought I'd lighten the mood for ya.
- [JODY] He found my he found my - [TAN] Now, tell me Tell me tell You found it.
You weren't supposed to find that.
Do you find me sexy right now? I do.
I find you so sexy.
Sexy, right? [LAUGHTER] [KARAMO] So are you ready, to be in our loving hands? [JODY] Oh, my gosh.
I am so ready.
- Kiss, aww.
- Aww, aww.
Our mission is very simple this week.
We're gonna take you from hunter to [ALL] Huntee! [BOBBY] I wanna show Jody that, her house doesn't have to be frilly and florally and pink to be feminine.
It can be Jody.
[TAN] Just because you say that you want to dress feminine, doesn't mean I take you from prison outfit Jody, to pretty princess Jody.
[ANTONI] Jody is very self-sufficient.
But the confidence that Jody has at home; I want her to have that wherever she goes.
It's not so much about how you look, it's about how you feel.
But sometimes those are kind of synergistic because if you look better, you feel better.
So, do I wanna really help her with her outside look, and some tools in her tool-box, to help her feel better? Absolutely! [KARAMO] Femininity is whatever she wants it to be.
It's whatever makes her feel the most confident and the most beautiful.
[BOBBY] I wanted to take you here because, I feel like it has more of your feminine touch.
- [BOBBY] This is you.
- [JODY] Not even close.
Oh, come on.
That's like a 12 year old girl maybe's room.
Well that's exactly what I think, like, Jody, like, frilly little princess.
- Little princess stuff.
- Alright.
No I know.
I'm not crazy.
A lot of people try to define masculinity and femininity, with specific colors and specific looks.
To me it's about what an individual likes, not what gender they are.
You're this beautiful feminine woman, - that isn't a frilly woman.
- No.
You're still everything that a woman should be.
- Right.
- Ya know? Who has a more masculine side.
You know what, no.
You don't have a masculine side, you're just Jody.
[LAUGHS] I've decided a cute, modern, rustic, farmhouse look would be perfect for her.
- [ANTONI] You've never been here before? - Never.
This is legit like one of my favorite spots.
Come on in.
- Are you hungry? - Yes.
I'm very hungry.
I'm genuinely starving but I'm also - You already screwed up.
- I already messed up.
You're gonna have to tell me which ones I have to use.
Oh it's pretty simple.
You just work your way, from the outside in.
- Oh, ok so salad - When you need a spoon you grab your spoon and then salad or appetizer, small to big.
- Oh, then I don't worry 'bout that - That's all.
That's very easy.
- Hey.
Hi there.
- Hi.
How are ya? I kinda wanna get her out of her comfort zone and have her try something that she's maybe not as familiar with.
- So you've never been here before? - Never been here before.
I just don't feel comfortable going into a fancy restaurant That's One thing, I've been thinking about - The word "fancy" - Fancy? The word fancy makes it sound like it's elitist or wrong.
I want to change the word to "special".
Ya know? A special - Special.
There ya go.
- restaurant that is more high-end, appearance-wise.
I don't feel like I had that confidence to be welcomed into a place like that.
'Cause we're so, just country backwards.
- Like, with the way we dress - But I don't think it's country backwards, it's just, like you have more important [BLEEP] to worry about.
- Yeah, I got a lotta stuff goin' on.
- But at the same time, to go somewhere 'special' every once-in-a-while, - Right.
- like, even for your relationship, - your husband is so freakin' supportive.
- He is so supportive.
- Chef! - Oh.
Hey! Jody.
Chef Ryan.
- Hi, Ryan.
- Hey.
- [RYAN] Alright - [JODY] Wow! this is our rabbit pie.
So, it's got a rabbit sausage, with a little burgundy escargots, a little mustard seed vinaigrette, reduced rabbit jus, tarragon oil and a small frisée salad.
- [JODY] Oh my gosh.
- [ANTONI] Beautiful! That is beautiful.
[JODY LAUGHS] - Could do this with a squirrel even.
- Right? Exactly.
[JODY] I could eat like five of these.
- [LAUGHS] - Same.
It's not about going and being intimidated and kind of scared by everything there - but it's sort of like, it's an exploration.
- It is.
But you have this insane garden.
There's so much that you can do with it that by coming to places like this, you can try different things and be like: "Oh wow, I never thought to do this or " Yeah.
And I feel like I'll be doing a lot more of this kinda stuff, with my husband.
Because for us to be ten years going on ten years and You know, he'll pack me a lunch and sneak love notes in there.
It's like, so awesome! To experience stuff like this, is it's, it's that's magical.
We have one more course coming.
Oh my God! - Thank you so much.
- No, you're very welcome.
So we have a ginormous Maine Lobster.
We need a hammer.
Let's see if this one maybe will do better for me.
That way.
So elegant.
That's the irony of it as well, it's seen as such like, an elitist thing but it's actually like the messiest thing to do on your own.
See even in places like this, it doesn't have to be intimidating at all.
Not at all.
You're with the right person.
We can make a whole mess of the table - and not even care about it.
- My gosh! - So good.
- So good.
[TAN] Okay.
After you.
- [JODY] I've never been here.
- You're in for a treat Jody.
- [JODY GASPS] - I can't wait to show you around.
So, you had said: you would like to be more feminine.
Just for my self-esteem, outside, to portray what I feel like, on the inside.
And I have two young daughters, and I see how they dress and it's young and in fashion, - Yeah? - And I'm not.
- I'm not tryna get you super trendy pieces, - Right? I'm gonna get you things that will last a while.
All you need to do is maybe once or twice a year, just add to it.
I love that you noticed the camo.
Is that what you gravitated towards That would be the first thing I would walk in and see, like, - "Oh, I gotta try those on.
" - Why? Let camo go Jody! I am not getting you camo'! I know that you've got these preconceived ideas of what is gonna make you look a certain way.
I'm gonna get you out of that.
I want to show you that, camo is not your only option.
- Right, right.
- Camo is not your friend.
Hunting, yes.
In the rest of your life it is not your friend.
- Don't wear it out to a restaurant? - No! And I don't know a lot about hunting, my in-laws are from Wyoming, they hunt.
- Yes.
- And it's actually for a purpose and it serves a purpose.
And before I met them, if you'd asked me what I think of people with guns, I would say, "They're out of their minds, nobody should have a gun.
" My opinion has changed a little bit.
Even where I work at, I've got to have protection, so, - Yep.
- I think we do need guns.
but I do think that people need to be responsible.
All of us correction officers at the Feds have to train every year.
So we make sure that we're fire safety, gun safety.
It does worry me that just anybody can get a gun.
It does me too.
But you can go to a gun-show without even a license You can go to a garage sale around here and get a gun.
And get a gun! And that's terrifying.
Gun laws need to be stricter.
They need to be tighter.
They need to have more training.
I think we're on the same page, - I love that we are.
- We are! I love that we are, that makes me so much happier.
Okay, then! Let's talk about clothes.
- Will you try anything on? - I will try anything.
- You trust me? 100 percent? - I trust you, 100 percent.
Okay, great! Jeans.
You don't wear a lot of jeans? I do wear a lot of jeans.
But like I said, they were the hip-hugger, - Oh? - low-riders with the flared boot.
Sorry, I thought you were these, like, capris.
My husband hates these things.
- Oh my gosh.
- He calls them granny pants.
They are.
There's nothing sexy about those.
Women of the world, who are not style aware, if you see a pair of capri pants, run.
- Jody, follow me.
- [JODY] Okay.
I've got some other things in here for you already.
Alright! Okay, great, come take a look at this.
Oh, wow.
Tell me what you think.
These feel so good, I feel like I've got pyjama bottoms on.
- They're so comfy.
- Yay! It's amazing what a bit of stretch does for your jeans.
It's gonna feel like you're not actually in jeans.
All I'm doing is, yes, giving her the French tuck, shut up everyone, I'm giving her a French tuck.
And it is amazing how awesome this T-shirt now looks with her, new, revised proportions.
These are very comfortable.
So, all I've done is given you a jean that's more tapered at the bottom, - so it makes your legs look longer.
- A lot longer.
And then I've given you a shirt that's boxy but it's got a print.
- You were in an oversized tee already.
- Right.
- So it's still an oversize tee - This is comfortable.
But it still looks super feminine and chic.
Yeah! Definitely a woman that's out-and-about on the town, just doing something like that.
Just take a look at your butt.
Your butt looks fantastic in these jeans.
- It's like I've had a a butt-job.
- Yeah! Well okay, so here's the thing You have been wearing your bra incorrectly for years.
- Yes, I didn't know that.
- OK, what you didn't realize is that, you were wearing it on the lowest point, which meant that, it gave you no support.
Next one.
Okay, come on out.
- Oh yeah, love the polka-dots.
- Isn't it cute? - Yeah! - Do you see a little bit of cleave? Just a little bit, it's like, just peek-a-boo.
Just a modest version of it.
- It's like a little tease.
- Exactly.
Chris will be able to see it at dinner.
That's for him.
You could wear this to a nice dinner and you're not gonna feel like, you're over-dressed.
Oh yeah.
- And then - Oh my gosh.
I have these.
And you're just gonna stand with me.
Okay, so you don't need to worry about walking in them.
- God.
- Isn't that nice? And look how you're standing now I wish you'd wear heels every now and then.
- If ya don't want to, I get it.
- I will every now and then, I would.
Do you see what that does for the way you're standing? Like, you've started to sta chest out, bottom out.
- Yeah.
- You just look so hot.
I would have to do some runway like, practice - before I walked anywhere.
- Well, maybe we'll get to that point.
Everything so far has felt especially these jeans and the tops have been so comfortable.
- Good.
- After having three kids.
Not bad.
Not bad? Like, killer! Incredible body.
Show it off.
Oh gosh, yeah.
[JODY] I'm seeing for the first time that I've never really looked at myself to try and make myself feel good.
You know, my husband, all the time, like every day, He goes, "Good morning beautiful.
You know you're beautiful.
" "You're a beautiful woman" and all this stuff.
And I'll be like: "Oh, thank you.
It's just for you.
" And he goes, "No, it's for everybody, but I'm the one that enjoys it the most.
" But I always even deflect that, like, "Oh, it's just for you.
" - Ya know? "It's just for you.
" - Yeah.
Yeah a lot of people have problems deflecting compliments.
When do you think that started? Umm.
Oh my goodness.
I'd say that was probably Close to after my brother died.
My little brother, in 1993 was 21 and he'd just turned 21 and got into a car wreck.
- And - I'm sorry.
Yeah, and you know, my brother was always saying stuff like: "Man, my sister's got it goin' on.
" Or ya know? When your brother used to tell you that you had it goin' on - Oh yeah, he always said that.
- And did you accept that? - Yeah? You loved it? - Yeah.
I loved when he would say that.
And then after he died, it felt like, I was never gonna heal from it.
I can't tell you exactly where you're going because it's a surprise.
[GIGGLES] I'm so excited.
[KARAMO] Bye! [JONATHAN] Oh my God.
- Hi Jody.
How are you? - Hey, sweetie.
So good to see you.
[JONATHAN] Come over.
Let's talk about your hair.
I feel like your hair is absolutely stunning but I do feel like she's lacking like, a little bit of shades.
And I love your lightness, it's gorgeous.
I just feel like when you're pulling it through the cap You're doing too much, so it's creating such a harsh line.
Honey, I was shocked and mortified.
Once I started like, pulling out the sections of that hair, there was moments of white, yellow, blorange which is a mix between blonde and orange.
[JONATHAN] Look at all that gorgeous length, honey.
When you were talking the other day it's like You want to like, incorporate some more time in your life for you to have these moments of, like, grooming and pampering for yourself.
Yes, I do.
Stuff I haven't done for myself.
Ever! Yeah, we gotta change that.
I mean, it's never fun like, picking up an expense where you didn't have one, but like, if you went to the salon three times a year - Yeah.
That would be perfect.
- Yes! I get little chills on my triceps every time I make a clean line.
Takin' this fat outta this hair right here [JODY] If you could only take the fat outta my stomach.
[LAUGHS] - Huh? Get outta here.
- [JODY GIGGLES] [JODY] 'Cause after having three babies and your stomach [JONATHAN] I can't believe you had three babies.
[JONATHAN] How old are your kids now? Twenty-eight, 25 and 22.
We got Joshua, Joni and Jaci.
- And I'm Jody.
- Oh, I love that.
- We're All J's.
- That's cute.
I love that story.
[JONATHAN] I definitely have my work cut out for me because Jodie has like, 50 shades of different, on one head.
Processing solution.
I'm just creating some dimension, where there wasn't very much.
So, I'm kind of strategically leaving out, some of the stuff that was already light, and then re-popping some of the other stuff that was a little darker.
So I can just create like a very dimensional natural blonde that like Highlights where it's supposed to highlight.
[LAUGHING] [JONATHAN] And then turn towards me.
[JODY] My gosh, I am dying inside to see this.
Without any further ado, here is the new Jody.
Oh my gosh.
No way! [GIGGLES] Oh, look at that color.
Oh, my God.
- Do you love it? - I love it and I love that part.
- Isn't it pretty? - That's crazy.
- Ah! - Oh my gosh, that's gorgeous! Oh my God, keep freaking out.
I have one more surprise for you.
This looks like so, young lookin'.
Like I feel like But not like, age-inappropriate young.
- No.
- Like, age-appropriate.
Really cougar young.
I love that.
So the other thing I heard was that, sometimes you struggle, with walking in heels.
- [JODY] Yes.
- And I just wanted to show you that We're gonna have a quick little heel walking lesson.
- Yes! - So, I'm gonna turn you right here.
What one of these heels, feels the most Jody? Which one would you pick? - Really? - It's bold, it's different.
It is bold.
When you're walking in heels, it's all about confidence.
So I go like [JONATHAN] See how she's like, a little criss-crossed? Yes.
So, now let's see, do you do you feel like, you need a spotter, - or you feel like you got this? - I think I can do it.
Oh my God.
She was just like: "Heels, moi.
Love!" [JONATHAN] Ms.
[JODY LAUGHS] Like, she can still change a tire, she can still shoot a squirrel in the head [LAUGHS] - But she just takes care of herself.
- Exactly.
Get that hair tie off and then drop it.
- Oh.
- Oh sorry, Chris.
Stop making me bend over and dropping stuff, Chris.
[JOANATHAN] Think a bend and snap, but now.
[JODY] Oh, you just dropped your hat.
- [JONATHAN GASPS] - [JODY LAUGHS] You're just like the most gorgeous person in the world.
I do, I feel so pretty.
You just don't even understand what you did.
- Thank you for doing that.
- You deserve it.
And it's so not about like, looking pretty, so much as just like, giving yourself a little bit of love.
Oh my gosh yes.
I'm gonna do that more.
So much more now.
It's unbelievable.
Now I'm gonna care.
[LAUGHS] [KARAMO] Hi, everyone.
- [JODY] Hi.
- [WOMEN] Hi! - This is my friend, Jody.
- Hi.
This is everyone.
Hello, everyone.
In Jody's mind, when it came to being feminine, she thought that she was, "doing it wrong.
" There is no one way to be a woman.
You're going to sit in the middle.
Everyone take a seat.
So I've gathered a group of diverse women.
Who have different backgrounds, that can empower her to feel confident about who she is.
First of all, I know that five men have come in your life and are like, talking about your self confidence and beauty and femininity.
And for me, that's great But it's not.
I think it's important for you to be around other women.
- Yes! - For you all to talk.
I know that growing up you were always around the boys.
- The boys, yes.
- Even with your job - You're always around men, right? - Right.
When was the last time you were in a big group of women like this? Never! Ever! Well, good, so you're in your sister love circle right now.
- Oh.
I feel it from all you guys.
- Good.
- I'm Donna, and I'm so glad to meet you.
- Hi, Donna.
One of the struggles that I've been through is, trying to fit into society's vision of what I'm supposed to look like.
I wish I were taller, wish I were thinner.
I've done so many diets, - I can't even tell you.
- Me too.
We're redefining what it means to be feminine, - because that could look like anything.
- Anything.
I'm loyal, to my friends.
- And I'm independent.
- Yes.
This is what a woman looks like too.
This is not an anomaly.
- You know, this is exactly who I am.
- Exactly! And exactly what I was meant to be and do.
- I'm also pretty independent.
- Independent! And pretty strong.
It doesn't matter, if I have perfect skin - or a million different things.
- You still feel like a woman inside.
I still feel like a woman and I still, more importantly, feel like me.
- Creativity.
- I'm a good listener.
I have a giving heart.
- Sensitive.
- My passion I think I'm a good friend.
I love being a mother.
- Sometimes too sensitive.
Like - Me too.
I'm very sensitive.
I'm always giving to other people and I've stopped caring about myself.
I lost my little brother, when he was 21 in a car wreck, and I didn't realize that had really shut me down.
And I just constantly wanna give and never receive.
I just kinda put a wall up of ever receiving anything that's complimentary.
Being able to be vulnerable in front of people is hard.
It takes strength.
You're just full of it.
- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
That means so much to me.
You have a joy about you.
- Thank you.
- That is encouraging for me.
You're like a breath of fresh air.
What I love most about this experience, is how open Jody is.
She is just receiving and she is connecting with all these women.
Something she said she hasn't done in years.
And you start to see for the first time, she starts to truly believe, that she is special, that she is beautiful and that she is important.
What does it feel like for you to be around this diverse, group of women right now? So awesome.
It's like, amazing, to know everybody's so different but we're all strong women.
And, that means so much to see.
It's just awesome.
Femininity isn't what I'm thinking, it should be, when I'm looking in the mirror.
It's what I want it to be and how I feel confident.
- It's right here.
- [KARAMO] It's all right there.
I'd just like to end things on a group hug.
Can we all do it? It's a circle of love.
Come on in.
- We're gonna shower you with love, OK? - Yeah! Yay! [TAN] Have you enjoyed your week? I have been on cloud nine, enjoying the week.
To the point where I can't even sleep.
[TAN] That makes me so happy.
- [JODY] It's just blown my mind.
- [TAN] I love that.
- I'll just honk the horn, so they know I'm here.
- [HONKING] All right, you ready for this? Oh my goodness.
Hi! You ready to see what we did do? Oh my Gosh! [JODY] No way.
Oh my God! Get out.
This doesn't even look like the same room.
[BOBBY] Not at all.
Oh my God! [LAUGHS] No way.
Look at that.
I painted everything white.
I got rid of the dark, depressing wallpaper.
I got rid of the dark, depressing wood.
- See we still have a bird wall.
- That looks gorgeous.
- That looks gorgeous.
- It's like they're all flying together.
And I like that it's not too masculine or feminine.
[JONATHAN] She's gender neutral.
[JODY] I am gender neutral.
On everything like that.
- [JONAHTAN] Your spectrum.
- [ANTONI] I love a spectrum.
[JODY] Oh my gosh, yes.
- Oh my gosh! - [JONATHAN] Gorge.
Love it! [BOBBY] Welcome to your bedroom.
[JODY] Get out! Oh my gosh.
[JODY LAUGHS] Amazing.
Picture it, okay? You've just woken up.
Let's do a little wipe.
- Like we did the other day.
- Yes.
That is awesome.
After you cleanse you're gonna come in with a little bit of facial oil.
I'm just doing a drop.
And then always remember your neck.
This is a color correcting primer.
I literally apply it straight from the bottle and it's going to prevent you from using too much.
- Wait! Rub it in with this.
- Oh.
That's right.
These are the most amazing make-up brushes I got you.
You wanna put it straight on the skin, instead of putting on the brush, because your fingers are pourus.
So this is going to use so much less.
And let's just do a skinny, little mascara.
Like, nothing crazy.
Oh my God! Yes! You're just giving me application for days honey.
Can we even talk about how freakin' gorgeous your skin looks? Oh my gosh.
It's glowing.
- Love that.
- Uh.
- Oh my God.
Love indeed.
- Don't - This looks - Look at you! - Gorg' right? - Yes.
- Do you love your look? - I love it! - I love you.
- You're amazing.
I've made your closet very simple.
Very organized.
I got you great basics.
Oh yeah.
So they're like my own T-shirts.
They're your own T-shirts.
They will fit you beautifully.
I see camo.
- Yeah, you see camo.
- I can't believe you did that.
Let me explain why.
It's very fitted.
Like, when you put that on it's gonna show the curves of your body beautifully.
So, I'm not trying to tell you, you can't do camo anymore.
- My other camo'll be only in the woods.
- Yeah.
Let it go.
- Leave it in the woods.
- Let it go.
And then, I got you more jeans.
Those comfortable jeans? This is how I want you to think of this in the morning.
You're not going anywhere fancy so, you've got a pair of jeans.
What will I look like today? Ah, I'd probably like a T-shirt.
- Great.
- Yes.
All I'm doing, is putting the T-shirt with it.
Maybe you're going shopping, with your daughter.
Throw on a heel.
And you might grab lunch afterwards.
So then, I want you to try this on.
- It's not a jacket.
- Oh, wow! It's just gonna add a pop of something.
- Will you give it a try? - Yes.
Okay, boys.
- Hey.
- Hey boy.
- Oh my God! - You are not ready! - Oh my - Holy [BLEEP].
Oh my God.
Look at her! Oh my God.
I'm like I'm walkin' so good in my heels.
- Walk back to us.
- Yes! - Go Jody.
- Turn around and come to us.
[KARAMO] You are a bombshell, baby! Jody the girls, my God.
- I know.
- What? I know.
This is like, young Christie Brinkley.
- Yes it is! - Yeah it is.
- Sorry.
- Calm down.
All of the deer heads on the wall just moved towards you.
[DEER SOUND] - Yes! - Yes.
What all of this has done for your confidence I hate that we use the word confidence so much [JONATHAN] Body language.
Your self-esteem, it has gone through the roof.
I want you to feel this sexy all day.
- And every day of the year.
- Every day.
- And all it is, is jeans and bloody T-shirt - T-shirt! I know.
- So sexy! - Oh, I know.
- I feel it.
- [KARAMO] Yes you should! You look in your 20's.
- I feel like I lost 15 years.
- Fifteen years.
- Easily.
- Fifteen years.
I'm so glad you enjoyed this one 'cause we're onto the next.
- Oh no! - I love the kimono.
She said her family hasn't seen her look like this in 25 years.
And I actually called them and invited them here to see her.
So, they just texted me and they arrived.
Come on in.
I had to bring the family in.
She is confident.
She's standing tall.
Her hair is flowing.
And so they had to be part of this moment.
That's what makes it special.
What are you guys expecting with this? Do you like, sense anything? Or, do you have any like, inclinations? - No.
- None at all.
Well, I shaved her head.
- Ready for this? - Yeah! Come on out, beauty.
- Beautiful.
- Oh my God.
You look beautiful.
Don't I look so much younger now? - Yes.
- Oh, and confident.
I love that.
I know.
Your hair looks so beautiful.
- It's beautiful.
- Oh my gosh! Don't I look like I'm so young.
Oh sweetie.
Oh my God.
I'm goin' shopping with you more often.
- Look! She's wearin' heels.
- I know.
Sit down and take it in with us.
I haven't ever taken time for myself to make myself on the outside look beautiful and feel like the same as I do on the inside.
But it doesn't even matter if I'm in camo or not, I'm still gonna feel a bit more beautiful now than ever.
And take the time for myself.
And you know, I quit doing that when John died.
And, this is I didn't realize that.
So, this has been an amazing transformation and week and the confidence is unbelievable now, - on how I feel about myself.
- Yeah.
Slash, you look amazing.
- Yes.
- Yes.
You do look beautiful sis.
You look like a weight has been lifted.
And you just look extravagant.
- Looks like you got your joy back.
- Yes.
Nailed it.
You look happy.
Oh, yes.
I am so happy.
Just as happy as can be.
You go and wow that, wonderful husband of yours.
I know, I'm going to die.
What do you think he's going to say? He's not gonna say anything.
He's gonna just sweep her right off her feet and they're going to have a wonderful night.
[EVERYONE LAUGHS] What a difference.
It was nice to meet you.
[TAN] Jody is incredible.
All we did, was high-light all the very best parts of her.
So all I want her to do, is remember, that she can be feminine, that she can feel attractive.
There's no shame in self-love and self-care.
I hope that she remembers everyday, that she is beautiful and that she is worthy of the love that everybody gives her.
That's it.
- Do your things, have fun.
- I'm going to.
Thank you so much.
- Goodbye.
Love you.
- Love you.
Oh, my God and don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Oh, I'm going to.
[ANTONI] Do you recognize this? - [KARAMO] Oh no.
But wha - [TAN] Yes! - Oh, is this all from Jody's garden? - Yeah! [KARAMO] This looks delicious.
[ANTONI] It's just a marinated zucchini squash salad.
I cannot wait to see what Jodi's husband thinks of her.
- Thank you.
- Gosh.
- [BRULEY CRIES] - Oh, my God, Bruley.
I'm just gonna reiterate how disgusted I am when we feed him with a fork.
You want him to eat with his hands? - What are you? - Yeah.
[JONATHAN] Press play Bobbers.
Let's give this a go.
She has the kindest face.
- I love her.
- I think she's got a sexy face.
- Woah.
- He looks so handsome.
My God.
- Oh my gosh.
- Um, this is unreal.
You look like Like a movie star.
Yes you do.
Holy mackerel.
- Dang! - Ho ho.
I knew it.
- He flipped out.
- I love a hand over mouth moment.
- You look amazing.
- Gosh.
- No wranglers.
- Yeah.
No stranglers.
- Yeah.
- My God, he's handsome.
Let's do this.
- Yes.
- Aw.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, this is beautiful.
- Look at this.
- Wow.
Oh, It's a little Venice boat.
It's a little gondola.
I've been looking forward to this all week.
Me too.
It's just crazy.
If we do this again, I'm bringin' a fishing pole.
[JODY LAUGHS] And I love it that she's really feeling herself.
- What a gorgeous couple.
- Right? I want a gondola ride.
I have a li'l somethin' for ya here.
Oh my gosh.
I want you to - Open it.
- Oh my gosh.
- Oh, yes.
- That's so sweet.
Oh, wow.
- Yeah.
- Beautiful.
- Got it? - Okay.
Oh, wow.
You're the most beautiful woman in the world.
And I feel that way now.
Thank you, baby.
- He's so in love with her.
- Yeah, yeah.
You've always made me feel beautiful.
But now I feel like, when you say that, I feel it even more.
'Cause, I'm gonna take care of myself more and actually like my Mom said today, she said: "You look like you found your joy.
" Aw.
Awesome! We've got champagne? - Mm hm.
- Woah.
And it's not fancy anymore.
It's special.
I agree.
To more of that.
To more of this.
More of this.
[JODY] This week has been, such a learning experience in that, it wasn't anything about the outside, it was so much more about the inside.
And being able to feel beautiful no matter what I'm in.
No matter what I look like.
No matter what I wear.
Hey guys, I'm gonna be back.
One sec.
- Where's he goin'? - Wow.
I feel like I'm going to explode with just happiness.
I can't stop smiling.
You thought of everything, I swear.
Thank you so much.
Room service.
Come on in.
Oh my goodness.
- Antoni! - Oh, my God! That's where you went.
What are you doing? Oh my gosh.
I couldn't let anybody else bring it, other than me.
I'm like: "Where did Antoni go?" He's a crazy little boy.
Look at him.
- Un petit homard cuit.
- Holy So we have our, Maine Lobster, with king crab sections.
Lord almighty.
Oh my God! He prepared a lobster and we got zucchini? Enjoy your dinner guys.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Also you look really beautiful.
- Thank you.
- And so do you.
Thank you very much.
We got another one goin' here.
Bring it on home here we go.
[OPERA MUSIC PLAYS] [ANTONI] What'd I miss? - Oh! - Hey.
It took you so long that it's day-time now.
You silly little girl.
[JODY] Get that off of there.
Then you take these and you - Oh, you did great.
- Ow, right in the neck.
- Got me in the neck.
- We gave Jody the space to tell us, the kind of woman she wants to be.
And everything about Jody now, is totally a reflection of the woman, she actually is.
Everybody is a different point on those scales between masculine and feminine.
And whatever point you're at, at the scale, is just fine.
Yes, you look beautiful but I can tell you feel that way.
- You know you're beautiful.
- Yeah that's what I learned, a lot.
Beauty is believing in yourself.
It's knowing that you're worth it.
Beauty, is confidence.
- Yeah! - Voilà.
If you feel confident about who you are, beauty will radiate from you.
Beauty is, when you are so connected with your own heart, you don't need to explain anything to anyone because you know that you are beautiful just the way you are.
- To us.
And a great evening.
- To tonight.
Terrific, awesome, unreal evening.
To our Amazonian Queen.
[SPEAKING FRENCH] Bonjour tout le monde, je m'appelle Bruley et je suis un petit bulldog français.
I Mm-hmm.
This is our gorgeous bulldog, Bruley.
He is French apparently.
And his Mom works down the hall.
- And we just love him so much.
- Yeah.
Now, he's our team mascot and he comes and goes whenever he wants.
And he's just a magical bay-bay.
[KISSES] What a cutie.
Bye bye.