Queer Eye (2018) s03e02 Episode Script

Lost Boy

1 [KARAMO] This is what I love about Kansas City: like how these trees sort of billow over the highway.
Ooh Kansas City You're so lush and green And verdant everywhere! - [LAUGHS] - Hey guys, this week we're going to summer camp! [EVERYONE SCREAMS] [ANTONI] Did you guys go to camp as kids? We couldn't afford that.
I was about to talk about horseback riding camp, but now I just felt a little shamey.
Oh, it's okay.
You're rich.
I literally went to Christian sports camp, every summer, - for ten years! - You went to Christian sports camp? I always got something.
- Like what? - Lice! The flu! Shingles! My first gay experience was at a camp.
[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Our hero this week is Joey Greene.
He's 47.
He lives in the town of Lawson, Kansas.
[BOBBY] Joey is a newly appointed program director at Camp Wildwood outdoor education center.
[JOEY] I have Peter Pan syndrome and I I never want to grow up.
And so I guess to get along well with kids, you got to behave like a kid.
[JOEY] Welcome to Wildwood, guys.
[BOBBY] It's a sleep-away camp, where he is in charge of more than 30 counselors and 90 campers.
- Lots of responsibilities.
- Right! His job is to get the staff and the campers - to take risks.
- Yeah.
[BOBBY] He's 5'11", 135 lbs, and Robyn, his boss, nominated him.
[GRUNTS] Joey is an awesome guy, who brings so much skill and talent and experience to us here at Wildwood, but he is a scruffy-looking adult.
His clothing is not representative of the leadership position that he's in.
If I'm gonna have to wear clothes, I'm going to wear clothes that serve a function.
I believe that you should wear shoes until they are completely gone, because that's what they're for.
Joey works outside and thinks showering and wearing deodorant is pointless.
That is a risk-taker.
It's a very brave move.
- [LAUGHS] - [JOEY] To be 100% honest, I don't really need to have running water.
There's lots of showers in the world.
You can find one, like if you, if you want to take a bath you can.
I work outside, which means I'm going to be hot and sweaty.
So, it's a losing battle, I'm all about not conforming to the societal expectations of beauty and grooming, however - You don't wanna be remembered - For your gingivitis, - or inflamed gums or your weird smells! - You don't want that to be you thing.
[BOBBY] For years, Joey bounced around.
He's been living in a run down RV.
The RV is disgusting.
I have asked for it to be parked behind a building, so that none of our camp guests can see it.
It's the closest I got, to like, a home.
[JOEY] To a lot of people, it like, incites pity.
And I don't understand.
It's just, everything that I need.
Joey is finally putting down roots.
He's been offered a year-round cabin at Wildwood alright, cute! Part of accepting the job as program director, includes having an apartment that they provide for me.
That's incredibly attractive, because now Isaac can actually have a home here with me.
[BOBBY] Joey is a father, his 13 year old son Isaac, - is with Joey for five weeks this summer.
- Cute! [BOBBY] This is the longest that he's ever stayed with Joey since he's been divorced, eight years ago, since Isaac lives in a different state with Joey's ex-wife.
[JOEY] I moved here to start working in the camp industry.
It was tough to make this decision, because it meant instead of three days a week, I get to see him maybe once a month.
Why don't you help me out with that? [JOEY] I wanted him to see me be successful at something, as opposed to do whatever it took to make ends meet.
[ROBYN] Joey's passion for Camp is almost unparalleled.
[JOEY] We're very, very excited you're here! We've got a lot of really super cool activities.
He is deeply committed to the difference that a camp experience can make in the life of a person, and I hope the Fab Five help him be the best program director he can be, and help Joey uncover all of the awesomeness that he is hiding from the world.
[BOBBY] At the end of the week he's throwing a camp cookout at Wildwood, to let his staff and his son know - that he's here to stay.
- [EXCITED] Yeah.
Our mission it to teach this little baby Joey how to lean in, plant down and grow up.
Lean in, plant down, grow up! It's very bend and snap! It is very bend and snap! Oh wait guys, look, the pavement's ending.
[BOBBY] We're on a dirt road.
This is so camp.
[ANTONI] We're here.
We're at a camp.
- [BOBBY] Look at this! - [ANTONI] We're in it.
What are the chances they're making s'mores at this time? What are the chances we're all gonna get a tick? [JOEY] Alright, so you done done this time? Alright.
[BOBBY] Hi, we're Wildwooding boys! Hello Campers! - Joey! - Let's do this.
- Hi guys! - How adorable is this? Does anybody know where Joey is? [JOEY] I wanna take you out one at a time.
- [BOBBY] Joey! - [TAN] High five, high five! - Joey, what's going on man? - How you doing, Joey? Come on in here.
I'm Karamo, nice to meet you.
- You wanna go canoeing? - Not yet! - Hi! - Is this the summer hair cut? This is the winter fur.
- Cute, it's still hanging on? - Yeah.
[EVERYONE LAUGHS] [TAN] Joey's a little more raggedy than I expected.
He definitely looks like he really needs a good wash! Like, I just wanna get in there and shampoo his hair! - This is Isaac.
- Pleased to me you, how's it going? Come on in.
- I love all your bracelets.
- Thanks.
What's your favorite thing to do at the camp? Depending on how much I did that day, sleep! - So, you're like Tan? - I get it.
I love a good nap.
[BOBBY] Joey, can you show us where you're living now? Sure.
- [JOEY] That is the RV that I live in.
- [ANTONI] This is your home? - [JOEY] Yes! - So, she's been your casa for like - how long? - This was my fourth winter in it.
- [BOBBY] Oh, wow! - [JONATHAN] Alright.
Ooh! [JOEY] It's tiny.
[BOBBY] Woo, it's hot.
[TAN] Wow.
There's a lot going on in such a small space.
Do you and Isaac both sleep in here? [JOEY] If he does, it was up there, but that was converted to storage.
Picture it: Harry Potter, living under the stairs.
It's horrible.
It's nasty.
It's dark.
It's cold.
That is paradise, compared to the little cubby in the camper that Isaac used to have to sleep in, that he has now grown out of.
[JOEY] That's a real Stetson by the way.
I saw that it was a real Stetson, I got really excited.
On The Price is Right, you can win a new RV.
- [KARAMO] Who made these? - [JOEY] Isaac.
[JOEY] We made that at Christmas one year and then this, we put it together right at the dining room table up in Michigan.
[KARAMO] And you're holding on to them? I mean, he's not here for a huge part of the year.
So, anything that can resemble him being here - Yeah.
- is nice.
[JONATHAN] Is the shower in here? There is a shower but I don't use it.
And then where do you get ready? Inside the cabin.
- Speaking of the cabin, let's go see that! - Okay.
Oh my! - [JONATHAN] is his new house, right? - [TAN] This is his new place.
Ah! AC! Okay, this I've got a lot to work with here.
[KARAMO] This cabin is [RETCHES] disgusting, I mean [KARAMO] It's dirty, there's car seats for chairs.
There's a bed in the living room.
I just don't understand.
[JONATHAN] Have you been living in here now? [JOEY] Yeah, once it got hot, - it was much more comfortable in here.
- Yeah.
Where are you sleeping? 'Cause there's a bedroom in there.
- That's Isaac's room.
- [BOBBY] Okay.
[JOEY] And then this is where I sleep.
- [BOBBY] Okay.
- This seems like a horror movie.
No evidence of a person ever This is like a Walking Dead bathroom, honey.
[KARAMO] How do you go number two in here? [JONATHAN] He's got some toilet paper.
[JONATHAN] There is a lack of basic self-care that has to be introduced.
There's no hand soap, there's no floss, there's no toothpaste.
There's literally things that he's doing that could impact his health in the long run, that I definitely want to correct.
[BOBBY] What is in here? [TAN] An upright bunk bed, a sideways bunk bed! There's three things in the closet! Wait no, I think some things are double-hung! - I love a good double hang! - Okay, how many does that give us? Five, six? [ANTONI] This is, like, the opposite of clutter.
There's nothing.
- Ooh, cookies! - Ooh! Ooh there's something There's a smell in there! - [TAN] It's so bad! - Ooh.
Oh! I love a bad smell, but that was horrendous.
It's like chicken carcasses that have been sitting in the garbage for 10 days.
Then a skunk came and ate it and shit it out, and that the remnants of what was left of the fridge.
Oh, it came out! - [GRUNTS] It took a while, but it came out.
- [RETCHING] My gay guts couldn't even take it, honey.
She was rejecting! - There's a candle, we should light it.
- I gotta get out of here.
Let's get air.
[JOEY] My thought is this would be like a studio for when he visits.
To me, especially since he's not here as much during the year, this space needs to mainly function for you, but he needs to have a space here.
What's your design aesthetic? Do you have one? - Generally speaking I'm pretty simple.
- Okay.
I definitely wanna keep it simple, but again, I really wanna give you a place that you can really relax and you guys can have a nice home here.
- Right.
- 'Cause, I mean how long has it been since you had a permanent home? You know, the last place I had a place, was in Michigan.
I get it, you know, I left home at fifteen and there was a lot of times where I lived in my car.
- Yeah.
- I've lived in friend's basements.
So that first time I got an apartment, to where was like: I don't have to worry about tonight, where I'm gonna sleep or I don't have to sleep in a car, was such a big moment for me.
- Yeah.
- So, I get it.
That's kind of been the quest.
I might be able to introduce home into my vocabulary again, so that when he comes to visit, it's not he's visiting Dad.
He's coming to his house at Dad's, so he has two homes.
Awesome! The camper's with us also, right? Okay, from the back I wouldn't know if you were a camper or one of the more senior people.
I want you to look a little more authoritative.
I seem to thrive best when I'm working with the young people and the campers.
When I go into an environment where I have to sell myself, that's a struggle for me.
[TAN] Joey sees himself as a kid and I need him to start making an effort and to remember every day that clothes do truly make the man.
- I believe you have a girlfriend.
- Yes.
- Of how many years? - Three.
What do you wear when you go out with her? 'Cause it's hard for me to gauge it, 'cause all I have is three things! So, pull an outfit that you would wear on a date.
- [JOEY] Okay, I'll be right back.
- I'll come into the RV.
[TAN] I didn't know there was an extra selection here.
Let's get all the clothes, I wanna see what my options are.
We'll talk through that in a minute, we're gonna pull, we're gonna pull.
- You roll them - A lot of my stuff is is hand-me-downs, gifts.
That's where my fashion sense comes from.
- I assume that if somebody buys me a shirt - Yeah.
it's because they think I'm gonna look nice in it.
I like that thinking.
And so, I hoping you feel that way when I get a load of things for you also.
Everything looks massive and you're skinnier than me.
So, let's just get stuff that is actually fitted.
I wanna breathe some life into your closet.
I wanna breathe some life into you.
I mean, what do you want from all of this? Oh It's just never been a big deal for me to take care of myself, 'cause I have what I need.
What's wrong with wanting something that you just want, not that you need? The way I grew up, I got it in the back of my head that that was selfish, you know, and so maybe that's something I need to unlearn.
I want you to be happy and I've not seen you smile.
You've got a son who's thirteen, I want him to see Happy Dad! We're gonna see a happy, happy Joey.
- Alright.
- Sound good? What do you do? Hold on, I've never been to camp.
This is a classic literary masterpiece.
When I was a baby, I made my first friend.
Did any of you guys make your first friends at camp? - Yes, I met her.
- I met her.
And I met you.
- And I'm your guys's friend? Cute! - Yeah.
How do you like the food here? - Honestly.
- It's all right.
- What do they make typically? - Think elementary school lunch.
[ANTONI] So, Isaac was telling Karamo that he's not super impressed with the food situation here.
When he was little and we still lived together, he got homemade macaroni and cheese with hand-pressed garlic, - 'cause I was a stay-at-home dad.
- So, you used to cook? - I love to cook.
- So, what happened? When did you stop cooking for him? I, err I was, I was drinking a lot and that resulted in some serious problems.
I have a very intimate relationship with addiction and I know what it's like.
It seems like it's something that you've been able to overcome.
I I'm I have no regrets about putting drinking behind me.
That's great.
Joey has made tremendous strides in his personal development, so that he can show up for his relationship with his son.
And I really hope that Isaac sees the beauty in that 'cause that's stuff that he's gonna remember when he gets older.
At the end of the week, I think it'd be fun to have you, like, cook a meal for your staff.
Something that you can kind of like, impart your wisdom and your knowledge on to Isaac and it's a nice experience, like something nice you can do together.
By the time I was his age I was already cooking over an open fire.
I want him to be able to be proficient in the kitchen too.
And you didn't get to have that for a certain amount of years while you were figuring your stuff out, you know, but you get to do that now and I think that's the important part.
[GIRL] Where were you born? - I was born in a place called England.
- England? Yeah, you know where that is? - Have you heard of The Queen? - Yeah.
- Okay - Queen Elizabeth.
Yeah, that's where I'm from.
I'm a different kind of queen.
You know that, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah, you know that.
Good girl.
[KARAMO] Isn't it amazing when you see your kids start to grow up right before your eyes? - Well, and then I have a huge break.
- Yeah.
[JOEY] So it's like, "Oh my God, what happened to you?" What has it been like for you since the divorce has happened and not being able to see him so much? [JOEY] It's tough, it's like man, I gave up a lot.
I gave up packing lunches and taking him to school in the morning.
All the artwork and pictures and Judo belts that I can save, - don't put him in the room with me.
- Mmm.
And I also feel a certain amount of guilt, because I did walk away.
Listen, you're not alone.
My kids and I, had a different relationship.
I didn't get them into my life until they were nine years old.
- Okay.
- So, I missed so much of their lives.
I know what that void feels like.
It just means that you now have an opportunity to work harder for yourself and for your son.
- It's not too late.
- [JOEY] Yeah.
[KARAMO] Joey wants to do better for himself, but he hasn't been in a good place in a long time.
He's sort of not felt like that he's worthy.
But, he deserves the best out of life.
- [TAN] How you feeling about this week? - I'm pretty excited to be honest.
I feel like the journey didn't just start when I was nominated.
I feel like it's a culmination of a much longer trip.
And so, for that, I'm pretty excited.
What we're showing you, the five of us, is that every single day, you're going to take what we've given you - and use it in your life.
- Make it today.
- [KARAMO] Love.
- Lean in Plant down - Grow up! - [KARAMO] Yes! - Can you say that with us? - Lean in Plant down Grow up! Yeah, let's go.
[TAN] I don't see Joey as a program leader, I see him as one of the campers.
He needs to dress a certain way, that will make him stand out from the people at the camp, that will make him seem like an authority figure.
All that guilt that Joey has about not being a good dad.
He needs to open up to Isaac, to move past it.
[BOBBY] I hope this design inspires Joey to realize he needs to start setting a better example for his son, because he wants to show him what home really means.
[JONATHAN] He only has an idea of validation from making other people feel good and I really want to teach him that he can get validation from helping himself to feel better.
I really want Joey to take advantage of the time that he has with his son and I want him to have memories that he's gonna be able to look back on.
Joey needs to start cooking again.
So, you do have some technical outdoor gear.
Where are you getting that from? Usually whatever's closest and most convenient.
Alright, so then, I'm glad we brought you to R.
, because it's a gear store.
[TAN] Although I know that the majority of the time you're spending on the camp, I want you to be dressed appropriately for every occasion.
What do you see when you look in the mirror? - Passable.
- Alright.
I don't love that adjective, but it's better than 'I'm not happy.
' I like that at least.
I don't want anyone to just be like they're 'passable.
' I want them to feel like they're great.
Or they're at least on their way to great.
- I wanna address something real quick.
- Okay.
- You don't shower very often.
- [CHUCKLES] If you're not gonna shower as often, don't just wear cotton, 'cause that cotton's gonna soak up all of the moisture and you're gonna be hot and sweaty all day.
You wanna give yourself as much air flowing through as possible.
Hold up a shirt to a window.
Do you see how much of that you can see through? That means it's gonna be breathable at least.
So, you're gonna feel a lot cooler thoughout the day than you will in something like this.
A lot of my choices are just based on the fact that I need clothes, what's the cheapest, easiest way to get clothes? In the long you're gonna end up spending way more, 'cause you're having to replace it more often.
- You get what you pay for.
- [TAN] Yeah, exactly.
My biggest issue is your posture.
This isn't going to present as a leader.
How do you bridge the gap between being authoritarian and being approachable? [JOEY] This says approachable to me.
I'm gonna give you my honest opinion, this doesn't say approachable to me.
This says: I probably don't have the answer.
A smile is approachable.
You can still be an authority figure and smile.
Ooh! Oh my gosh, an improvement already.
Okay take a look in the mirror real quick.
I'm gonna make a couple of little adjustments.
You're jeans are a little long.
I'm gonna roll those for you.
- [JOEY] Good.
- [TAN] Can I take this? I do like the pop of color, but I want to see you without it and it doesn't go with that, so come, take a look in the mirror for me.
Tell me what you're seeing.
Well, this is the skinniest I've ever seen my legs.
I've always had overstated baggy pants.
That makes you look like - you're a boy in dad's clothes.
- Okay.
So this actually makes you look a lot more proportionate.
You look more grown up this way.
The shirt is a win.
- The shirt is a win? Yes, I love that! - Done, boom.
Okay, great! Look at yourself.
Just take a minute.
[TAN] You look like you've made an effort.
I'm seeing a very different guy to the guy I saw yesterday, even the way you're standing right now, you're stood up! Yeah! - More clothes? - Sure.
The shirt is a little baggy.
I'm gonna make it a little bit tighter.
It looks rugged and cool and you're a mountain man.
- It makes sense.
- Yeah, it's a - You almost had a smile.
- It's growth.
Every time you're about to smile you stop yourself.
I guess I always felt like I had a goofy smile.
You don't.
You come across warm and inviting.
If you wanna be approachable, smile more.
It'll be work.
He's so quick to hide there, from that smile.
It shows that he's not confident enough yet to see himself as the person that he wants to be.
[ANTONI] So let's get started.
This is a porchetta.
It's going to be roasting on the spit.
So it's the loin and then there's a pork belly that's around it.
- The bacon's built-in.
- Exactly.
[ANTONI] My mission for him, complements a foundation that he already has.
We're just tweaking it and making it a little cuter by adding a porchetta with a nice little rub, as opposed to your boring old burger.
So, we're gonna dry rub this little puppy.
- It's actually a coffee rub, - Alright.
with aleppo, ancho, chili powders.
We have some brown sugar.
I already mixed all that up.
Have you ever done anything like this before? I work a lot with pork butt.
You can't live in Kansas City and not do barbecue.
Well, exactly.
I'm not expecting Joey to make a porchetta every single week, but I really hope that this plants the seed and kind of gets his interest going again.
When I think of the time that you're spending with your son, when you say how many times you used to cook for him in the past.
- Yeah, every day.
- When my life was like a complete mess, when I was trying to come out of it, food was always a way where I kind of made myself feel better.
- Yeah.
- I know we touched on what you've come from in, like, dealing with addiction, I don't know about you, but like I didn't care about myself, so I definitely didn't care about anybody else, - Right.
- but when I came out of it, it was suddenly like, "Oh my gosh, I'm getting up early in the morning, not because I'm still up from the night before, - but because I genuinely want to".
- Yeah.
You know, for the first year or so, it was just like you wake up and it's like how long until I can take a nap.
Then you slowly start to hit that point where you're like, I'm going to take this day.
I mean, I don't have time to sit down and do this every day, but once a weekend, if I plan for it.
This is perfect, because it takes time and it's a way of showing love as well.
- Yeah.
- It's all in a roast! - Exactly right.
- Yeah.
[ANTONI] To see a man like Joey, he worked on himself, he cleaned himself up.
He's a kind, passionate, super loving dude.
And he's already an example to every single person who gets to meet him at that camp.
Maybe he just needs to believe it.
And you really need to pay attention, 'cause you're doing all this at the end of the week.
And this is something that I want Isaac to help you with as well.
- Sweet.
- We're going to roll it up, - [ANTONI] like a meat cigar! - [JOEY] Right.
[ANTONI] It looks intimidating, but it's really not that complicated.
So we're going to start out a little bit near the end.
You tie it once, tie it twice, pull down, and then you tie a little knot.
So then, you bring it up about maybe an inch or so and you take it through, see how it gets nice and tight and secure? - Yeah - And then you have a knot.
- Right.
- So this is like nice and uniform.
And then what we're going to do, exact same thing again, just to finish up, our beautiful little meat parcel.
Just tie a little double knot to secure it.
Look how pretty this is? - This happy little piggy did not die in vain.
- No.
Like you spend a little bit of time, you teach him how to like properly tie this puppy up.
I guarantee that Isaac is going to remember that.
I still, I still remember the taste of my mom's red beans and rice.
It's about caring.
I mean she was fixing food for her family and being a good mother.
- Or at least trying.
- Yeah.
I'm hopeful that as Isaac and I spend more time together, that's something that we can connect on.
It's care, and that's, like, the greatest gift that you can give.
[BOBBY] My idea for the cabin is really not to fight what it is.
It's a cabin.
I want to make it kind of rustic.
I want to make it warm, but at the end of the day, it's all about where you make that home, where you put down your roots and where you make a place for your son to feel safe and secure.
That's really the definition of home.
- Hey! - Ho! [JOEY] You guys aren't playing ga-ga ball? - No.
- Sadly, no.
Your choice.
I'm excited that you're both here.
What I want to do with you all, is, I want to combine all of the things that both of you like to do, because I know you don't get to spend a lot of time together.
So, I got this canoe and I got some paint.
- Alright.
- You're gonna paint the canoe.
- Oh.
- [KARAMO] Yeah.
All that guilt that Joey has about not being a good dad, moving away, the divorce.
He needs to put that behind him, because he made a choice to move here, so that he could give his child a better life and a new home.
- [ISAAC] I'll carry the green.
- [KARAMO] Is that your favorite color? - [ISAAC] Yep.
- He's kinda got a built-in bias, his last name's Greene.
So then should my favorite color be brown? Alright, so here's a question.
We spend a lot of time obviously driving back and forth from Michigan to Kansas City I've actually kinda started to like driving around.
[JOEY] Yeah, it's one of my favorite things.
Of all the trips, what was probably the best trip? I really liked the Knight's Action Park.
Yeah! How many times did we drive by that place - before we finally stopped? - I don't know.
A lot.
We always say someday, let's switch someday to today.
What's that? Every time we drive by it's like: someday we're going to stop.
And so the next time coming through, instead of someday we're gonna stop, today we're gonna stop.
[KARAMO] I like the sound of that.
Oh yeah.
[KARAMO] Isaac, do you know why your dad moved back here? Uh, because he could actually have a the apartment.
[JOEY] Well, that's part of it.
The other part is, I was running out of options.
I don't really remember that at all.
You were real young.
I was gonna be able to provide an apartment in Michigan, that kind of fell through.
I didn't have my act together, no matter how much I thought I did.
Any time you feel emotions of like, sadness, guilt, or how didn't it work out, you channel that into some type of good action, that good action for you in this case, would be hanging out with the most important kid.
- [LAUGHS] - [JOEY] I don't want to just be surviving anymore.
I want to come home and have more hangout time.
This is what I wanted ever since I left, but it took a long time.
Right, so I want you all to draw on this 'today, not someday.
' And then you can just come up and whack me in the head with it when I'm like, 'Hey I'm busy!' I like it.
Today, not someday! You can put the paint on me, I don't mind some paint.
[CHUCKLES] I have a custom spit made for Joey, if that isn't badass, I don't know what it is.
[ANTONI] Before we came along, Joey was a man who was eating granola and oatmeal, but now he's going to be spit-roasting porchetta for the entire camp! It's gonna be delicious! - So, we're headed to go see Jonathan.
- Yeah.
People are so sweet here.
It's a conservative town, but it has a really healthy underground.
I grew up in the Arts Community, I mean we used to go drink 40s on the steps of The Nelson-Atkins Museum.
Did you just hear that? Your dad was drinking 40s.
Do you know what a 40 is? Don't listen to any Snoop Dogg, 'cause then you'll learn what a 40 is immediately.
[ISAAC LAUGHS] I have a feeling that he's probably gonna make a lot smarter choices than I did.
That's all I think about with my sons, is like, make smarter choices than me.
So because of that, I'm completely and fully honest with them.
'Cause my father didn't tell me anything, so then I made all the mistakes because he was hiding it.
Oh well, my dad always perfect.
So, I didn't wanna let him down because he was perfect.
It wasn't until I was much older that I was like: he's not really perfect at all.
Yeah, either you repeat the mistakes, or you try to fix them and change them.
He's been on a journey to help himself.
He needed that push, now he's ready to grow, so you can be a good role model for the kids, the other counselors, but most importantly for his son, Isaac.
[KARAMO] Oh, look you can see our little - [JOEY] I can see it.
- [KARAMO] You can see Jonathan inside! - [HORN HONKS] - Enjoy your grooming time with Jonathan.
- Thank you for this morning.
- Of course.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Come on in.
- Take a seat.
- Alright.
[JONATHAN] I thought this is something that we could do fun that's together.
Which is cute, like, father and son who, ya know, barber together, like, get along or something.
You've heard that phrase before, right? - Yeah, it's pretty common.
- Yeah it goes back way long ago.
Yeah, totally.
Joey has never really had a routine.
It was more of just like "Do I have what I need?'" So, I'm like let me just take you to like, a food track for haircuts, 'cause I'm thinking if I can make it sumore fun, It's almost like when you're trying to get a kid to eat broccoli, you gotta put cheese on it.
I'm trying to put, like, some cheese on the broccoli of Joey's grooming experience.
Do you have clippers at home to like, maintain your own beard? I have the ones with the guards and then I have a beard trimmer.
Yes, that's totally what we need, so that's what I'm gonna use to trim up your beard today.
- Okay.
- Let the games begin.
Joey sees no value in taking care of himself and showing up for himself, so in that regard, I think that he really needs a little bit of help to - bring up his baseline.
- We have lips.
I can almost actually see your face.
So gorge! I kind of want to have your hair, like, live out of your face, 'cause it's like hot and it's like sweaty and like I don't want you to have like hair in your face.
I think it's like a lot.
I'm vibing like a sort of like a this, but I'm gonna like shorten it up.
[JONATHAN] The first time I ever got highlights, when I went to school the next day The compliments were coming from everywhere.
I love your hair! I love your hair! I love your hair! I love your hair! I love your hair! I wanna create that sort of experience for Joey.
I wanna unlock the beautiful man that is lying beneath this said "winter coat"! This is dry shampoo paste and it's gonna absorb, like - dirt and debris and just like, crap - Yeah.
from your hair, but it's also like a pomade.
- Okay.
- So it gives you like a little bit of like texture and movement, but it kind of like keeps the hair clean.
- Cute little haircut! - Yeah.
I mean, look at this guy, does he feel different? - He's kind of like a hip, cool dad.
- You also smell good.
[LAUGHS] - [JONATHAN] And he smells good.
- He's not used to that.
I'm pretty excited.
- You better ! - [JOEY LAUGHS] If you've ever wanted to see a big gay guy throw a straight guy out the window, you were about to see it.
[COUGHING] Serves you right.
A nice deep cough.
Go over and hack out your lung.
Alright, it's your turn.
[JONATHAN] Tomorrow is the big day.
How are we feeling for cookout? The whole thing is so weird, 'cause I don't make a big deal out of Christmas, or gift exchanges, or birthdays.
[JOEY] The last time there was a big deal about me was probably my wedding, maybe? I don't want you to wait another like, ten years before you do something nice for yourself.
You've worked really hard and you deserve this.
This party's going to be the jam, and I'm really excited for people to get to see your new moment.
I'm pretty excited.
- We're excited, right? - Yeah.
This haircut looks great.
You look amazing.
[JONATHAN] Son: check.
Father: check.
Looks are slayed.
[KARAMO] Are you ready to see your place? Yeah, I'm pretty stoked already.
[HONKING] Hold on, one second.
I'm gonna blindfold you.
- Hey hey! - Joey! Your hair looks so good.
Feels good.
- Ready? - Ready? - So, this was your old home.
- [JOEY] Alright.
- [KARAMO] Alright, are you ready? - [JOEY] I'm ready.
Move that junk, we don't need it anymore! [KARAMO]This is your new home.
The only rule is: you have to model walk in.
- Model walk! [EVERYONE LAUGHS] - Is that how models walk? [BOBBY] Welcome home.
I've seen this like in all stages of like functionality and it's not even the same place.
[BOBBY] What do you think? [CHUCKLES] How do you say it without using profanity? - And you still have bunk beds.
- I know.
[BOBBY] I know we talked about finding a space for Isaac, He can put all stuff up in the wall, anywhere he wants, so this is like his space.
It's amazing.
[JOEY] We still haven't even gone 10 feet that way.
Or that way.
So this is a space I thought was really important.
[BOBBY] You needed that adult space to come home to, you needed those roots.
Remember those? [CHUCKLES] [KARAMO] We love the fact that you collected his art, but that need to be displayed and not just thrown around.
And you notice that up there? That was going up, whether or not.
You know? [JOEY] Like, that was gonna be on the wall.
I wanted to open this space up a whole lot more, - remember there were upper cabinets here? - Yeah.
'Cause there wasn't enough space for a dining room, but I wanted to make sure that you and Isaac had a place to eat.
All new appliances, new sink.
You've got a great new stove, an amazing new refrigerator, with a huge LED screen on it.
- What! - [BOBBY] Right? - Is that so you can see what's inside? - [BOBBY] Exactly.
- And it keeps stuff cold, right? - Right.
[JONATHAN] So, the thing we didn't do yesterday that I kind of wanted to do, is a little 'mani' moment.
So, a really good time to do your nail grooming - Uh-huh.
- Is when you're fresh out of the shower.
Yes, exactly 'cause it kinda softens everything.
[JONATHAN] So, I just go straight across.
Gorge, right? This is a buffer.
You can feel your nails like after you cut them like a little like crispy? When you see-saw it makes the edges worse, so just try to go like one way.
That's the only rule you gotta really remember.
Sunscreen, every day.
We hit that.
We hit it hard.
Every day that sunscreen will be like: Joey Use me Spray me on your arms and rub me in You gotta rub that in To activate it Forty-five minutes Before sun exposure, girl! You know? This is just a little bit of a salt texture spray and this just gives you a little bit of pieceiness and a little bit of texture.
[JONATHAN] Let me just see how you play with your hair.
Gorge! Oh! Get out of my face with that, that was too gorge, I cannot handle, I love it.
[ANTONI] That fire's looking good.
- [JOEY] I love the smell of a campfire.
- [ANTONI] After you, sir.
[ANTONI] You have a full dinner to prepare.
We're making porchetta sandwiches on Hawaiian roll with a nice little slaw.
We have a bunch of red cabbage.
I love cilantro and we have the leaves but the stems are actually really nice and crunchy and there's plenty of flavour, so I like to throw those in as well.
And then we're gonna put in a little bit of mayo and then you take the juices from your can of chipotles in adobo.
There's salt in there.
There's the spice.
The seeds are also included in it as well.
Apple cider vinegar, super important for a slaw to have that acidity.
You know, my dad would not eat a pulled pork sandwich without coleslaw on it.
That memory that you have of your dad.
I want Isaac to have that with you.
And now we're just gonna do a little sampler.
You're gonna be making your own, but this is the one that we prepared the other day.
- Right.
- So, this is a bit of dijon and cherries that were just sorta pulsed in a food processor.
We want a bit of like a tanginess and a sweetness and the tartness from the cherries, I think is going to be really awesome.
So pretty.
You have the green and the purple.
So now, enjoy.
Oh, yeah.
Do you like it? I don't want it to splatter.
I am waiting.
You're leaving me hanging.
Perfect! There was a time when I used to get really, really excited about things and I didn't feel like I had to hide it.
When was the last time you had a moment that you were the star of the show? That, I think, has always been a thing that's been missing.
Tonight is your night and you deserve it.
Can you just say with me that you deserve tonight? Um I feel like I deserve to be appreciated Just say, "I deserve tonight.
" Come on.
I deserve tonight.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thank you.
Keep that head high.
- Keep that head high.
- Alright.
[TAN] Come on through, come on through! I wanna show you your closet.
So, before I go into clothes, can you take your glasses off, I got you some new glasses.
Super exciting, 'cause this is like the first new pair of frames in probably - ten, fifteen years.
- I love that! Do you wear contacts? I got you contacts too.
I wore contacts, I just taking them in and out, I got lazy.
- [JOEY] But, I I liked 'em.
- [TAN] Try these on.
Come look in this mirror a second.
You see that, just that added bit of color is adding dimension to your face.
It makes you look slightly younger, - the other ones were a little bit old.
- Mm-hm.
- These ones are definitely cooler.
- Yeah.
- And they're intentional.
- Yes.
Like I'm not trying to hide the fact that I'm wearing glasses.
- No, they're not just functional.
- Right.
Okay, ready to try on some clothes? - Yeah.
- Okay, good.
So, we're about to go in.
- Are you ready to see this? - Yeah.
Are you excited? - Yeah.
- Good.
- It's cool, right? - Yeah.
This is cool.
Tan, the ado is bubbling over for us out here.
- We want to see! - Tanny! - Boys, you ready? - Yeah.
Alright, come on out, Joey! Yeah! [JONATHAN] Look at you with no glasses! Even the way you're holding yourself is different.
Do you feel do you feel pretty good? Look at those baby blues with that shirt! - [TAN] He's got his contacts in right now.
- [JONATHAN] That face is next level with no glasses on! He likes a graphic tee, but it's still him.
And it's still on brand.
- It's national park, it's like camp.
- We're not trying to turn him into one of us.
He's still very much Joey, but like the most stepped-up Joey.
I think it looks great.
Yes, I'll take that Isaac.
You do look so good.
You're not the cutest one in the family anymore.
[EVERYONE LAUGHING] [JONATHAN] There's enough room for two cute men in your family.
- [JOEY] That's true.
- Yeah.
[JOEY] We can unpack your room.
[ISAAC] True.
So, tonight's the big night.
Tell us how you're feeling.
[JOEY] I'm a Lost Boy and part of that is thumbing my nose at how you're supposed to dress and how you're supposed to act.
Which I love, I do that too.
Exactly and so, it was scary and I thought I was gonna get a lot of finger wags.
And like: "Oh my god, this guy is gross.
" I'm grateful that you met me where I was, instead of like trying to take me.
You didn't need a lot doing, you just needed somebody to say: "You've got this in you, let's show you the way.
" So, continue to see that forward.
When I was struggling, you know, people would try to say, like, helpful things, like, "no one's going to love you, if you don't love yourself.
" How do you do that without being this selfish, arrogant, like: "Oh, I love me!" Well, it's what you just said outside.
- You deserve it.
- Right.
And I want you to continue to say that.
Taking care of yourself is not a selfish thing.
You know, you've gotta take care of yourself, before you can take care of anybody else.
You have an event to get ready for tonight.
- Yeah.
- [JONATHAN] And you look gorgeous.
- I'm feeling gorgeous.
- You look phenomenal.
I've laid something out on your bed, for you to wear tonight.
We got new shirts made for you.
That's gonna make you stand out from the pack and you're gonna seem more professional.
[KARAMO] We're going to get out of here, so you two can get ready.
- Have a fun night tonight.
- Huggies, group huggies! I love a group huggie! Yeah.
Little circle group huggies, we love.
Enjoy your bunk beds.
- Take time tonight to connect with Isaac.
- Are you gonna be a good sous chef, Isaac? Bye you guys.
- [KARAMO] Who poses better Jonathan or Bruley? - [BOBBY] Bruley.
- Sorry, Jonathan.
- Why does it have to be a competition? - [KARAMO] It's not.
- Are you our new mascot? Are you a little baby? - What are we having? - Heirloom tomato juice and lemonade.
[BOBBY] Oh look Karamo, it matches your outfit.
- Alright shall we? - Don't hurt yourself now.
- Honey, I could lift you any day.
- Oh God! Alright guys, let's watch this.
You want some lemonade? I'm gonna have some lemonade.
- Is there two glasses? - Yeah.
Will you pour two.
[JOEY] I'm glad you were part of it 'cause uh I dunno, maybe I just want you to be impressed.
The original place was pretty nice too.
- Yeah.
- It wasn't that bad.
- I don't know.
- I mean, I like this so much more, but Right.
[CHUCKLES] I'm gonna get a piece of basil.
You don't like talking about how you feel, do you? - No.
- I understand.
- Need a hug? - Yeah.
- I was not that kid.
- I was not that kid.
It's sweet that he doing that for his dad.
Instead of him wearing that ratty old t-shirt, I wanted him to stand out.
- I like it.
- A little denim moment.
Oh my god, he literally looks cute.
He is giving it the water treatment, when I did give him some nice products.
[LAUGHTER] [TAN] His hair still looks great with just a bit of water in it.
That's impressive.
Alright, check this out.
- So, this is what we're making? - This is what we're making.
- [JOEY] You wanna try it? - [ISAAC] Sure.
[JOEY] Alright, so you wanna hold that really close.
So that don't chop your fingers off.
- [TAN] What's he making? - [ANTONI] So, those are chipotles.
Hold on, there's a thing called chipotle, it's not just that company name? It's the chipotle spice, for goodness sake! Don't get on the end of the blade, get up here.
There you go.
[JONATHAN] Oh my god, he's doing the full Ghost moment, but like father-son Ghost! [JOEY] This is why we need to tie it up, because it's huge.
Get it to where it'll stay closed.
- [JONATHAN] Is that mozzarella? - No, it's fat! Oh.
- Don't let it come unwound.
- Alright.
We need enough that we can get it around.
What did I do? I cut it.
How did I cut it? [ANTONI] Ah, he's struggling a little.
Please get it, please get it! - Underneath.
- Okay.
Antoni was much neater than I was.
He did it.
Yes! [JOEY] Let's go see our friends.
Are you ready for this? [ISAAC] Yep, they're gonna freak out! [EVERYONE SCREAMS] Oh my goodness! Wow! Yes! - Everyone is in shock at his new look.
- All the staff loves his new look! I know that's how I feel about pork roast.
It's a chin.
What a week, huh? Yeah.
Thank you guys for keeping it together, like this whole week.
I know next week is going to be kind of chill.
So, please take care of yourself.
That's kind of something that I learned this week and not just take care of yourself but celebrate it.
[KARAMO] Well, good job for learning the lesson of self-care and celebrating who you are.
How amazing! I don't know that you could've realized the impact that had.
Now, he's moving into his own space, so thank you.
Thank you.
You are awesome, congratulations! Good job.
So I guess we should probably get this on the fire, right? - Joey this is cool.
- Yeah.
So I'm happy that they kept the long hair.
- I love the long hair.
- Me too.
- He looks different.
- We don't need him in a suit, we need him camp-ready.
You look real good.
- So do you.
- Thanks.
I'm not used to the no glasses.
[ISAAC] Uh oh, Dad! Look at our dinner.
Is it real bad? I mean, you could look.
- I don't want to look, I'm scared.
- [KELLY LAUGHS] - I think that Isaac sabotaged the meal.
- Sabotage! Just so he didn't have to watch that love-fest.
That's what I would've done.
You look good.
She looks at him the way I look at like, a fresh family-sized box of pop tarts.
We have chipotle-cilantro coleslaw.
Just kind of make yourselves a couple sandwiches.
See what you think.
Oh my god, delicious in every way.
That sauce is amazing.
- Is it with the cherries? - Uh-huh.
Is this sauce sweet or salty? It's a sweet mustard.
- I would give it a taste.
- He's having fun.
[KARAMO] When you look at the new Joey, he is emoting a confidence, that he did not have when we first saw him.
Most people aren't that far away.
Like usually they just a need, like, a little baby bit of a polish.
It's not about, like, telling you about all the things that are wrong, sometimes it's about telling you what's right.
By giving them a little bit of care, by giving them love and attention and some affection, it makes people feel worthy.
[JOEY] I hope you're prepared for this.
[ISAAC] There's no way to be prepared.
[JOEY] There have been times in my life where I felt like the only option I had was to just accept that it wasn't ever gonna get any better.
Oh, holy cow.
[CHUCKLES] Oh my If I had quit earlier then none of this would have happened.
I'm gonna get up tomorrow and we're going to be in here.
I can legitimately say it: Isaac, welcome home.
So should we raise a glass to our friend Joey? - To Joey! - To Camp Wildwood.
[CLINKING GLASSES] For too long tomatoes have been misunderstood.
It's tomato.
Please keep this wonderful fruit of the summer out of your fridge.
It's a vegetable! Ripe tomatoes should be kept in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight.
Please keep tomatoes out of your fridge.
It's tomato!