Queer Eye (2018) s03e03 Episode Script

Jones Bar-B-Q

[ANTONI] Guys, let me tell you.
I've been searching high and low for the best barbecue in town and I think that I found it.
- Oh my god.
- And this a double whammy, we're also doing our first duo.
Oh my god, I love a duo! Please meet the Jones Sisters.
My name is Deborah Jones and they call me "Little.
" And my name is Mary Jones and they call me "Shorty.
" [MARY] Our passion is to barbecue.
It's like an art.
[DEBORAH] Okay, we got a combo-plate, burnt ends and beef, with a baked beans.
[DEBORAH] I don't who would get out there and cook that barbecue like we do.
Barbecue is in our DNA.
And after all these years, it better being something, this been a lot of years so it's gotta be, it's all in there somewhere, all up in the DNA.
I don't know what else to say, It's just all in there.
[ANTONI] They own and operate 'Jones BBQ' and are among the only known female pitmasters in Kansas City.
[DEBORAH] Most pitmasters are men.
- We can get right in there with them.
- Right next to them.
- Not trying to prove nothing.
- Nothing.
We just, we can get in there with them and do the Q.
- Yes, honey.
- Wow.
We do it old school.
We still get the wood.
We still fire it up with hickory.
Deborah and Mary have over 35 years of barbecue experience.
Wow, they're not messing around.
That's definitely older than me, I know it's not older than some of you.
- It's older than me.
- You bitch! [ANTONI] They learned how to barbecue from their father, who owned and operated the first Jones BBQ until he passed.
So, this has been a generational operation.
[DEBORAH] We're very proud of everything we've accomplished.
Even the failures that we might have had along on the way.
Proud of them too.
Yes! - Female entrepreneurs.
- Phenomenal.
They are nominated by Izora, Deborah's daughter.
Love that name.
- She sounds like an island, honey! - Right? I'm nominating my mom and aunt, because they reopened this barbecue restaurant to help me get through college.
Alright, Pumpkin, there you go.
And their work ethic, it's hustler all day.
- They're like a moving train.
- 'Scuse me.
[IZORA] They never want to stop and smell the flowers, you know.
Their life is so, so busy.
I wake up every morning around 3:00.
and I'm at the smoker cooking by 4:15.
- [PRODUCER] When do you sleep, Mary? - Who needs it? [DEBORAH] I'm like her, I got to keep it moving.
I'm in there at 7:30 and I come in and I do what I have to do.
Now, I've never come past 8:30.
- Nine o'clock.
- Okay.
[IZORA] They are so willing to bend over backwards and they're always worried about everyone else.
You always want to make sure the customer's satisfied.
I'm pretty sure they can't do back bends anymore.
My feet are hurting.
They were raised that way, really.
Our dad was big on education.
- He was big on education.
- Our dad was big on education.
[DEBORAH] So, I went to college, after I graduated outta high school and got a business degree.
And I have a business degree.
My dad always said: "Sit down and think about what you think you can do, turn it into something.
They've been at their current location for five years.
[IZORA] It's like a little Mississippi shack on the bayou.
[DEBORAH] It's very small in there.
Me and my sister are forever bumping into each other.
'Cause, you know, we ain't lightweights, - we heavyweights.
- [MARY LAUGHS] And we bump into each other.
She gets on my nerves, I get on her nerves, - but we get through the day, you know.
- Yeah.
"They rate among the very best in Kansas City, but are still slightly under the radar.
" It sounds to me like their food is so good people don't care.
- Exactly! - Also sounds like there's gorgeous room for improvement.
[IZORA] Bringing the Fab Five to them would be the best way I could possibly give that thank you back for putting me through college and give them the edge and the push they need.
[ANTONI] Our mission this week is to help the Jones sisters take their business to the next level.
Let's get them out from the smoke and into the spotlight.
- Cute.
- [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] I always hear the music cue from the beginning of the intro, as soon as we say the word.
[VOCALIZES] [THEME MUSIC PLAYS] [DEBORAH] Got my burnt ends, sis? Steve! I want you to have a good rest of the day, okay.
There you go, sir.
[JONATHAN] Dang! Woah! Ms.
Sandy! [ANTONI] Kansas City is known for a lot of things.
Numero uno is barbecue.
- [JONATHAN] Look at that line.
- [KARAMO] That's amazing.
- [KARAMO] We love a line.
- [ANTONI] It's a thing here, it's a very big thing here.
- Hi.
- Hello.
This line is major.
Hi, ladies.
Hi! Can we come back there and help? Yeah.
Get on in here.
- We're not cutting! - Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Hi, beautiful ladies.
It smells so good in here.
What can we do to help you? We want to help.
Do you have a pen and paper? We'll take orders Okay sir, what would you like? I want that Tuesday Sausage Special.
Okay, here we go, baby.
Let me get out of your way.
- Ribs and sausage and baked beans.
- Ribs? Here you go, Precious.
Pork on a bun, with a baked bean.
I want a Rib Tip Special.
Bear with me a moment, sorry.
- This is my first time at the rodeo.
- It's okay.
- Jonathan, push the Rib Tip.
- Got it.
Oh my god.
Come on.
Does someone have a pen in their purse? - Are you a regular here? - I've been coming here for over 20 years.
Wow, oh my gosh! And what's kept you coming back? - The Jones sisters, I love Shorty.
- [TAN] Aw! - Hold the bottom of that pan.
- Oh, yeah.
How long has this been in here? Only a couple hours.
Okay, go through there with that slab and I'll be right back with you.
- Beautiful! - Thank you, Honey.
[MARY] You alright? [ANTONI] I've been here for like 20 minutes and I am sweating.
I can't even imagine what you ladies go through.
Thank you.
Next order.
- [KARAMO] Is this enough or more? - [MARY] No, a little more, more.
[KARAMO] More, more? Okay.
Extra sauce, extra pickle.
[DEBORAH] Two sausage, extra pickles.
How much do you charge for extra sauce when someone wants extra sauce? - We don't.
- You don't charge for extra sauce? Two sausages and then what's your name? - Becky.
- Becky.
I was gonna make, like, with the good hair, like, moment, but It is gorgeous though, gorgeous.
Hi, Sweetie, be with you in just a minute.
Okay, Baby? We outta turkey.
- Is that 1,200 or is that 12? - [DEBORAH] Not that's $12, because we don't have a key for 12.
[MARY LAUGHS] Bobby got the game and gone, okay.
Have a good day, sorry for the wait.
- How many times you been? - Four times.
- Four times.
- Oh, absolutely.
And every trip was worth it.
- [ANTONI] Potato salad.
- Thank you.
- You're almost sold out? - [DEBORAH] We are almost sold out.
Tip and a half with a potato salad.
I don't care how long I have to stand, it's worth it, it's good.
Okay guys, we're all sold out.
Oh yes.
Woo! [JONATHAN] You told me to push the Rib Tips, - I pushed those Rib Tips.
- You pushed 'em.
I said "Oh, those Rib Tips are gorgeous, - they are special!" - It's that special sauce though, it's that barbecue sauce, it goes on everything.
[ANTONI] Do you sell the sauce on its own? [DEBORAH] It got out of control, so I had to stop.
What does out of control mean? At first, it's doing five-gallon buckets once a week.
And then all of a sudden, too many people started ordering it, people calling from outta state.
- Ok, yeah.
- You know, I can't do that.
I don't have even a stove big enough to even get a pot on there.
So, people wanted it, you just weren't able to provide, basically, because you're already overwhelmed and this is a two-woman operation.
That's right.
[BOBBY] Is this your air conditioning? - [MARY] Sometimes, yeah.
- [BOBBY LAUGHS] - [MARY] We come over here - 'Cause this isn't even cold.
I can't count the amount of times I was bumping booties with the Jones sisters.
This space can definitely be reconfigured to work a little bit better, to where we can fit more than just the Jones sisters in here, because they need some help.
Come on.
Oh god, it's so much cooler out here.
[LAUGHS] What happened to your sign? - [MARY] They took it.
- [BOBBY] Someone stole it? - They took it.
- Some people.
I assume we need a nice open area for people to be standing in line.
- Yeah.
- If we put some seating out here, I can really make this into a five star establishment.
[JONATHAN] This is so much smoke in my hair, like, I've never had this much smoke in my hair.
[MARY] That's why I wear a pony tail.
I love your little high pony.
Do you have a perm in your hair? - Light.
- I could feel it.
I go to the beauty shop and get it washed.
- Do you get it blown out? What happens? - No, she wash it, then once it's dry, she just combs it out.
Don't nobody do my hair, I do my own hair.
- You do your own relaxer? - Yes.
I haven't been to a hair dresser since the '70s.
That's a recipe for breakage.
First of all, you're already gorgeous.
Look at this face, she's stunning, she can't help it.
I don't know who gave you permission, so gorgeous.
[JONATHAN] Mary has smile issues.
I can tell that, the way she carries herself, that it bothers her, it affects her confidence and it really hurts to see someone who's amazing as Mary struggle with this.
But, I do feel like you guys are so busy, your hair cannot be like in your face and being something that takes up a lot of time.
- Yeah.
- [JONATHAN] Do you need help? - Oh no.
- I'm an expert wood lifter! Okay, you've been on your feet all day, so I thought it's wise that we sit for a second.
- This is what you normally wear to work? - Mm-hmm.
I hear through the grapevine that one of you has clothes in your car, is that right? All right, Little.
Say I tip the sauce over or something.
You know, I can't go home.
I gotta keep working So I take that shirt off, go get another shirt.
Will you come show me your clothes in your car? - Sure I will.
- Let's have a look.
There we go.
There we go.
- Oh, and you've organized it so well.
- [MARY LAUGHS] Alright, and you are a jeans girl or are you not a jeans girl? I'm jean-skirt and jean-pants, it depends on how I feel when I wake up.
Okay, how do you like the fit of your jeans? You know, they cover my booty and everything else, so that's fine.
Although they are restauraters, these t-shirts don't reflect the business that they have and I'm no Sherlock, I just know that those stains mean dirty clothes.
I don't carry purses either, I carry trash bags.
Instead of a hand bag you carry a trash bag? - You wanna see? - You got it here? Yeah, I wanna see it.
- [LAUGHS] - [DEBORAH] And it got pockets.
I bet you never seen a trash bag with pockets, have you? - [TAN] Your trash bag has pockets? - Uh-huh.
These are the pockets to the trash bag.
They're just Ziplocs? - They Ziplocs.
- Great.
It's time to change it, because my strap broke.
Did you just refer to the handles of your trash bag - as the straps to your - That's right, my straps done gave out.
We're gonna solve that problem.
When people see you they say: "These are the Jones sisters, they are bosses, like, they own this place.
" So, you said you've been written up how many times, 12? [MARY] Uh-huh and been in about four magazines.
- [KARAMO] Really? - Hey y'all.
Hi, how are you? I'm Karamo.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
That's Mr.
That's my boo right there.
I'm going to take her outside and talk to her for a little bit.
Oh boy, you'll like that.
- Okay, then.
- Bye, Auntie.
She's a good kid.
This has been such an extraordinary day, spending it with your mom and your aunt.
- They're very different.
- [BOTH LAUGH] They balance each other out very well.
How does it make you feel seeing them work so hard, - especially at their age? I mean - It does make me feel some type of way like really, really sad, because this is something they love to do.
And then I think it was like, okay now we're doing this, now we can't stop and I think they've always been like that.
It's always just been, they very fiery, driven we can do this, we can keep doing this.
Are they willing to take help? No, I don't know if that's just because they're independent, like, that is just like a foundation of how our whole family is run.
- You have to be independent.
- Yeah.
Don't rely on other people to help you because you know, they won't always be there for you and when they're not there, - then what are you going to do? - That's also a cultural thing.
I think it is cultural.
- I can only depend on me - Yes.
- to get the work done.
- Yes.
What do you think could take this business to the next level? I mean, they make their own sauce, their own beans, their own sausage.
- It's all homemade.
- Yeah.
So, it's really authentic, so I really would love to see them put that in a store somewhere.
I feel like they just need to go ahead and get out there and just take it all the way.
But, they're just not asking for help and sometimes you just need a little guidance, to understanding that you deserve the support, you deserve the help, but also guidance in 'this is how you get to the next level.
' [ANTONI] Is this the sauce right here? I can try a little bit of it.
Take that right there.
Different, huh? There's something in there that's not, that's really not common, that I really love.
You're not telling me, okay, you know what? I'm not going to ask any questions that are none of my business, 'cause I get it and you have to like respect the integrity of the recipe, and it's not my place.
Who keeps the recipe? It's up here.
It's up here, you don't have it written down? - Oh, no! - Oh god, no! How did it start? Who made it? Who invented it? Why is it so important? I need to know things.
[DEBORAH AND MARY] Our dad! See Antoni, we started out from my dad as little girls.
Making sausages up on milk crates with my dad.
It sounds like bottling this sauce, that your dad created, would enable you to pass on to future generations of your family.
[DEBORAH] Mm-hm.
For sure, for sure.
- [JONATHAN] Hi, Honey.
- [KARAMO] Come on, this is your seat.
- You've been up all day.
- Alright, thank you.
So, we have watched you all day work so hard, we want to know will you let us take over this shop for the next five days and by the end of this week, we're gonna do a re-grand opening of this place.
[DEBORAH] I don't mind.
[LAUGHTER] [TAN] We're not gonna ruin your shop, we promise.
So, let's just go get this pampering on.
- Let's do it! - Parasols out.
Alright, on three.
Pamper! - Yes, queen! - Alright ladies, come on.
Come on, queens! [ANTONI] Is there like tamarind in there or some kind of a curry, like there's something - thing in there! - [LAUGHTER] [BOBBY] This little taco shack turned barbecue empire, it's kinda tiny inside and, they're at that point now where it's time to build something.
So, my goal for the redesign is just to make the Jones sisters' life easier and build that brand.
It's clear that these women are in survival mode, as a restaurateur myself, I want to come in and figure out how to make their business better.
I want them to have a business that thrives.
[TAN] They own this business.
However, they don't look like business women.
There is a way of doing this that reflects your business, but still makes you look somewhat more professional than you do now.
The Jones sisters, they're focused on the food and the customer, and the problem with that is that they're not honoring their story, the history of how your food came about is important in growing and expanding your business.
What I know that I can do to really help Mary and Deb, like, succeed and thrive in this gorgeous reopening, is by teaching them how to nurture themselves and empower Mary and Deb to find their own versions of self care.
Ah! [KARAMO] So, y'all just been working, working, working, working, working? Oh, you don't know the half of it.
It might make me sick to sit down for a few minutes.
She had, I think, her first job at ten, I think I was thirteen.
- Yeah.
- And worked at a corner store, Joe's corner store.
That was my first job.
Our dad always just told us to make sure you work and then you understand the joy of having your own money, instead of waiting on somebody to give it to you.
- Mm-hm.
- He was a good man, Mr.
- Your father? - Mr.
Jones was top of the line.
[DEBORAH] Me and my brother, Daniel, we always liked to play around and we missed the bus, he said "Well, you know what you gonna do, don't you?' 'Well, nah.
Ain't you getting ready to roll us out there, Daddy?" - He said 'No.
' - He said 'No, you gonna walk to school and you better get there in enough time so you can learn something.
' - Yeah.
- And we had to walk to school.
"'Cause, if I take you then the next time you feel like you wanna be lazy, then Imma take you again and that's not the way to go through life, just being lazy, because nobody's going to pick you up.
" Exactly.
Oh my god, no! Oh, you got to be joking.
- What's the matter? - We going here? - Are you serious? - Yeah.
Oh no, I got to take another pill.
Oh, my god.
Do y'all know what this is? This is the place that will help you get your sauce bottled and everything.
[KARAMO] They're so focused on the customers and the food, that they're not even realizing that what they needed to take this business to the next level is right in front of them.
[DEBORAH] This is it.
They gave me the paper and everything, but I just never have Oh, my goodness.
- It's on my computer.
I can't print out.
- [IZORA LAUGHS] [KARAMO] We're going to help them get this sauce bottled and on shelves everywhere.
Oh, my gosh.
[KARAMO] We're gonna walk this way, we got you.
This is spice and foods.
Just look around, look around.
I mean, I'm just astonished, when I drove up.
[KARAMO] So, I got a surprise.
Antoni's here too, because we're gonna to make sure every step goes smoothly.
[KARAMO] After you all.
- So, this is an exciting moment, right? - Oh yeah.
For sure.
So, if you see on the back of these bottles, there's always a little small bio or something that tells a consumer why you want Jones BBQ.
Yesterday when we were outside, I realized that a large part of why people love you all is not just that the sauce is so amazing, because it is, everybody was like, "We want the sauce," but they also fell in love with you all, they love your story.
When I learned about barbecue, I thought it was all white men and to find that there is two strong, proud, black women at the top of their game.
- [SCOFFS] - You don't think so? Yeah, I think so.
We've been just working, so I guess we never thought too much about that.
That needs to be told to the entire world.
This can be on the back of your bottle.
This will be on your menus, so that when people come up, they know the legacy of the Jones family.
[ANTONI SINGS A FANFARE] Okay, the obligatory hair-net.
I vote, I say we all go green.
- Green sounds good.
- Is that okay? Sounds great.
We have never looked better.
- We're gorgeous.
- I feel that, we're gorgeous.
- After you.
- Alright.
- [ANTONI] Gentlemen.
- [MAN] Hello, how's it going? We are all dressed.
I shaved my beard this morning, so that I could avoid the the beard-net.
- We appreciate that.
- Ladies, so we have Josh, food scientist.
Tommy, chef.
Deborah, Mary, creators, near originators, because Dad was the originator of the barbecue sauce and we're here to make this next step, in the future of your sauce.
We're going to make it taste exactly like what your barbecue sauce does, so that we can make it for you in this building, so that you don't have to make it in your restaurant.
Full disclosure.
Let's just lay it all out in the open, this is a big deal.
We're a little stressed.
We're a little nervous, right? A little bit.
Why? It's our dad's, you know.
That's why.
I get it that it's something that's very personal to them.
It's your heritage.
It's who you are.
It's where you come from.
It's much more than just a sauce.
And now we want to replicate that in, in a more professional capacity that's available to more people.
Getting ready to see it in a bottle, on a shelf in the store.
Right? - We're ready? - We're ready.
- Good.
- Let's get started.
The foundation for barbecue sauce is really simple.
It's ketchup.
We're making ketchup from scratch.
The reason why we do that, is it'll be more consistent from batch to batch out in production.
Oh, okay.
So, the Jones sisters are going to replicate their own family classic, by adding all the ingredients that go into it, as well as the secret ingredient, so that they can recreate Jones Sisters BBQ Sauce.
So, what goes next? [MARY] Just put that in there.
- Okay.
- Brown sugar.
[DEBORAH] Only use half.
When you're making this, do you have measuring cups? No, I got my eyesight.
- We don't measure.
- So, you use your hands? - No, my eyes.
- Okay.
Looking at the ingredients in your sauce, I thought this this might help the flavor and the visual.
- Would you agree? - Yeah, but not all of it.
- Not all of it.
- You want me to pour some of it? Yeah.
Why don't you go ahead and pour a little bit of it? [ANTONI] The mysterious, mystical sauce! Secret spice discussions, that we're not we're not privy to.
Wait, you ain't got no more.
It's fine, I don't take it personally at all! I'm trying to figure out what's in the sauce.
It's not very spicy.
It's definitely pickle-y.
Hand me the next one.
So, are you adding your secret ingredient there? - Yeah.
- I don't know if it's molasses - Alright, she's going after it.
- That was aggressive.
Or, if it's apples maybe.
She is very protective and I respect that a lot.
So, we got the sauce to our cooking temperature, so we're gonna pull a sample for you guys, so you can taste it.
Alright, here you are.
Oh my gosh, it barely moves.
[ANTONI] Mary, Mary.
That's about as close as it's been.
That's it.
Well let's get that then.
- There it is.
- See, that looks like it, right there.
Oh, I taste that element, that thing, that makes me think of tamarind.
You don't have to answer that.
You don't have to say anything.
I'll still pry.
- I'm not expecting you to tell me.
- Okay.
Get back in.
[KARAMO] How are y'all feeling? I just never got this far.
There's not two people who deserve the help to get to that next level.
Y'all too much.
I can't I just haven't got this far.
Hey Mr.
K, you know I'm the cool one, right? I'm the one that don't cry.
[ALL LAUGH] Oh my gosh.
Do you wanna come and have a look at our space? - Isn't it cute? - It is.
[LAUGHS] - Do you remember this cutie? - Hi.
He's going to serve us today.
Oh, okay then.
So, Antoni's prepared a treat for us.
We're doing High Tea today.
- Okay.
- Bruley is a very hungry pupperoni and we have to watch out, because he loves deviled eggs.
So, we have little mini baby quiches, deviled eggs, cucumber sammies and some hibiscus sweet tea.
Tea is something that we have in the afternoon in England.
It's something that the Queen does, the Royal Family's been doing it for years and now - And now we're doing it.
- It's an opportunity to just sit down and have a moment and actually, like, breathe.
[ANTONI] You guys all have fun.
[TAN] Thank you Antoni, this was lovely.
I know you guys have said you don't have time to go shopping, you're busy all the time.
So, we've set you up with something called Trunk Club.
They send you a box of clothes and you decide from there which pieces you like, everything else you send back.
I want you to just think every morning 'I'm going to put this thing on.
' I'm gonna look in the mirror and tell myself "I am beautiful, I am powerful.
I am a boss.
" And then the rest of the day, "I'm going to feel good about myself.
" Sounds good to you, Shorty? The lovely Shorty.
I can tell that she doesn't feel beautiful and it might be hindering Shorty's confidence.
Little, so Tan, just for a head's up, she's a winter warlock.
What does that mean? I wear my winter clothes all year and I wear my summer clothes all year and I mix them in.
Do you know what? I don't mind that.
So, I want you to try on this leather skirt.
Oh, I don't know now.
I know it's leather, so it's a little bit sexy, but I want you to feel a little bit sexy.
- Are you open - I don't like them short.
It's gonna cover your knee.
I also, I wanna give you a little bit of a print.
- Okay.
- I would like you to try this on.
I know you said you don't like your arms, so it will cover your arms, but I don't want you to be like a frumpy grandma, I want you to be sexy.
- So, we're gonna show off your shoulders.
- Okay.
- Shorty, my angel, come on.
- Yes.
I like that you already like jeans, but I want to try a lighter wash on you.
You know that this won't be the right size, right? There's so much stretch in this, we're gonna give it a go.
- So much stretch in it.
- Okay, okay.
And then I want you to wear a flowy top, But, you said you like color, so, I wanna give you a pop of color to wear over the top.
- This is my favorite color.
- Oh good.
Okay, good.
I love that.
Who wants to try on first? Let's go.
[TAN] Okay.
Thank you.
- [TAN] Shorty, my love.
- Yes.
Are you ready to see your glamorous sister? I am.
Glam! Glam! What do you think? She looks smaller.
I know with these layers, it doesn't highlight areas of the body that you don't want to highlight.
It just skims them, just because you have curves it doesn't mean you have to hide it away in an oversized t-shirt.
If you've got some more room around the hips, if you've got bigger boobs, show it off, that's the body you've got.
Dress to make it look the best it can and then show it off.
Why not? Tell me what you see when you look at your sister like this? - Gorgeous.
- Thank you.
- That skirt fits you so well.
- Thank you.
You look happy.
- You do actually look happy.
- Sexy.
Yeah she does.
That little bit of leather's a bit sexy.
My turn.
[LAUGHS] You are not even ready for what you're about see.
Oh, my goodness.
Shorty, my dear.
Come show us how incredible you look.
- Yes, come out Shorty, you look nice.
- Ten years off.
Look at you.
She look nice, don't she? - Ooh, am I sexy? - Yes! I'm gonna give you your glasses back, so you can actually see yourself.
Oh my.
[TAN LAUGHS] Wow, girl's still got it.
Girl's still got it.
After all these years, girl might still got it now, Tan.
- Ooh! - [TAN LAUGHS] I see a body I haven't seen in a while Your body looks so good, so good.
Why go back to clothes that aren't flattering, when you can look this good? Do you see this as possibly being the new you? I don't know, Tan, I might go to work like this next Tuesday.
Welcome to Jones BBQ.
Can I help you? [ALL LAUGHING] - I like your boots.
- They're 11s.
- Okay.
- They're a big old shoe.
I'm gonna jump on you after we get through.
Please do.
Look at where we are.
We're going in here? Honey, we're doing a full.
[JONATHAN] We're gonna get into some wellness and self-care, - are you excited? - Yeah, I'm excited.
- Come with me, hold my hand.
- Alright, alright.
Come with me, I love.
So, what I want to start off with, we need to do a massage.
Oh my.
You got some magic hands, you do whatever it is you need to do.
[JONATHAN] These ladies work so hard.
I just really feel it's very necessary to like create a strong moment of relaxation.
That was amazing.
Like I just wanna like show them why it's important to slow down and nurture yourself.
We are making our way out into our gorgeous mani-moment.
And how much more energy you have to give to other people when you take care of yourself a little bit because then, when the people are like "You don't have any extra ribs" and you're like Instead of that, you're more like "I'm sorry.
I'll totally do better next time on having more ribs for you.
" Do you wanna do that one, mommy, or do you like a different, more bolder red? We have to go back to work.
I shouldn't worry about work, should I? Yes! Yes! My favorite color red.
Red Hot Rio.
So, let's go do some hair.
I just want to shape it up.
Give us like a little bit of a like that's going to be gorgeous.
Your hair is in like, amazing shape.
I try my best to take care of it.
Snaps for Jesus, honey.
That haircut is slayed.
We have lift-off.
So, buzz cut right? Just kidding.
[LAUGHS] - Don't move around.
I'm doing your haircut.
- Okay.
Gonna end up Halle Berry, honey, if you move around too much.
Just kidding.
Here is my gorgeous Deb.
Oh, slam it! - Slam it, honey! - Slam it! Yeah, slamming it.
Get all up in our mirror.
Get all up in her.
Thank you so much.
You are very welcome.
And here is gorgeous Mary.
There you go.
[DEBORAH] What you think? What you think? Oh my.
- Hate it, right? - [MARY] Mm.
Oh my.
[CHUCKLES] - Do you love how you look? - I do, it's so different.
I love you so much, Mar! - Thank you.
- Oh my god.
[JONATHAN] Okay, where we going? We're having a gorgeous dental moment.
We're going to the dentist, because we are going to have your little baby smile fixed.
I did notice the first day, you kept covering your mouth when you laughed and smiled, so I love that we're doing this.
I just think that you have such a beautiful light - and a beautiful smile anyway.
- Such a beautiful light.
I I I [ALL LAUGH] [TAN] Are you scared? - No.
- I mean, it's been a while since you've been to the dentist, if you are scared, it's fine.
You also get to do, like, legal drugs.
- [LAUGHS] - [TAN] Oh, and it's the best.
So, tell me, what's going on with your teeth? Well, Dr.
Holli I'm missing one.
- But, then it came from - Was this from an injury? - From childhood.
- Okay.
My brother let a bike go.
So, you've been hiding your smile, haven't you? - And I like to smile.
- You're a smiler.
- Right? - Yes, Ma'am.
Doctor, what are we doing today, exactly? We're going to be replacing Mary's front tooth and getting rid of the gold tooth also.
And we're cleaning it? Girl, yes! Are you ready to get started on your new smile? - I'm ready.
- Okay, let's do it.
Look, there it is.
Finally out! - Keep it.
- Yeah, you Oh, Mary.
- Okay, with me.
Ready? - This is it.
[HOLLI] We're gonna rinse it out, but don't bite down, okay? Girl, you cannot even get over your face right now.
They look really good.
Oh my god, Mar! - I'm okay.
- Have I got it too tight, okay.
- [TAN] Yeah.
- [HOLLI] No more hiding.
[HOLLI] Are you ready to see? Let's look at your new smile.
[SOBS] [WHISPERS] Thank you.
[SOBS] - I can smile again.
- [JONATHAN] Yeah.
- Thank you.
- It's my pleasure.
Girl, you look amazing.
- Yeah you do.
- Are you upset? - I'm happy.
- Good.
Look at this smile.
We're here.
- Hello.
- Look at that beautiful smile.
Look at your hair.
You look so good, Little.
You just sit right here.
I know this has been a crazy couple of days.
Yeah, I feel great.
This was probably one of the best weeks me and my sister have ever had and together, in our life, you guys have treated us like queens.
A lot of times we get going in life and it starts being about work, about family, about everybody else except for ourselves.
- Except for ourselves.
- That's right.
Make some time for ourselves.
And relax and yeah You know, I can't wait, really.
Okay, my loves.
First things first.
I want to do a work uniform first.
We got you t-shirts done, with your logo on it.
So, you're still gonna be comfortable, because I know you like a t-shirt.
- But, it's branded, so you're gonna look - More professional.
- Exactly.
- Yeah, I love it.
I'm going to give you some jeans to try on with each of them.
I've got you some shoes.
Let's go get you changed.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Follow me, cuties.
You ready for this? Okay, Jones Sisters BBQ.
Come on over.
Come on over.
Look at those boots and those sneakers.
- Oh my god.
- Come on ladies, come on.
[JONATHAN] Look at the shoe on Mar-bear! [EVERYONE CHEERING] This is next level.
- We slaying it! - Yeah, you are.
- You ready to see the next ones, you boys? - Yeah.
Ladies, come and join us.
- Yes.
- Gorgeous.
- Come on over.
- Oh my god! You love that top.
- And those boots.
- And that French tuck.
This is something they could wear for a meeting, 'cause remember that they're bottling their sauce now, and to get it out there, you've got to have meetings with the right people, the right buyers.
And these are your meeting looks.
[TAN] You look sexy and cool, but you still look professional.
- I'm feeling sexy.
- Good job.
I love that.
This is so reflective of the level of ferocity that you bring.
I'm glad you brought it out, 'cause I always tell her, "Come on Shorty, let's go do this and go here.
" 'Ah, Dee Dee, you go on, if you wanna do that, you go ahead.
" I'll say, "Okay.
" [TAN] You know sometimes you just do need an external reminder of how great you are and all the positives.
You like a shopping bag, so I got you a shopping bag shape, - but it's not actually a shopping bag.
- That's good.
Chic, girl! Oh, thank you.
I know nice when I see it.
- Okay.
- I think it's time to go see the new Jones BBQ.
- Shall we? - I can hardly wait.
[BOBBY] Are we ready, ladies? - Okay.
- Oh, my god.
- Come right towards me.
- Duck your head a little bit.
Towards me, there you go.
- Let's do this.
- Three.
Oh my god! Are y'all serious? Get outta here.
Look at the logo everywhere.
Thank you, Bobby.
Look how many more people you're gonna be able to serve.
while they're waiting in line, they can sit.
[BOBBY] And these umbrellas move, so you can move them around when it's hot.
[DEBORAH] Oh, my goodness.
Oh, and I love these red things.
- Aren't they cute? - Yeah.
Look, Shorty, our name's up there.
Can't nobody take it now! [JONATHAN] Okay, ready? - Ready? - Three.
Yes! Yes, queens, let's go.
Oh, my goodness.
This right here.
I don't have the words.
More refrigerator room.
Oh, my god.
Oh my goodness, we got air! [BOBBY] You got air, you got a big new freezer.
Oh my goodness! Oh, we ain't gotta sweat no more.
The barbecue sauce is done.
We got a register.
A real register.
[BOBBY] I got you a new POS system from Upserve.
Oh my goodness.
[DEBORAH] We got things to stand on.
[BOBBY] Exactly, so it doesn't hurt your back.
It's not dangerous in here anymore.
Everything has its place now.
All these new organizational things up on the shelves.
It doesn't have to be this, like disorganized chaos, as it was.
So, now is the perfect time for all this to be set up.
[KARAMO] We wanted to make sure that you had a proper menu, we all worked together, and you notice on here and on the bottles, it has your family history on it now.
Every time they hear about the story you told us of your father teaching you all and then what you all have established.
When people come in here, they know this is a family business, full of love, full of attitude, and full of a lotta gratitude.
That's right.
For sure.
I mean, this is just wonderful.
- Y'all just don't know.
- Don't know.
Oh my goodness.
- Come here.
Give me your hand.
- Okay.
Look at this, look.
[BOBBY] I wanted to make sure I put up all the history of this place, of your dad and you.
I love this one.
- This is the badass Pit Queens.
- Yeah.
Such an amazing rich history.
Look Dee Dee, oh look.
[LAUGHS] - Look at that.
- Everyone's going to want to leave with a bottle of barbecue sauce.
How cool is this? [ANTONI] I know that it took a lot for you to be comfortable in, like, letting somebody else have a hold of your recipe.
You were very secretive.
I still haven't figured out what the hell is in this bottle, but you know what it's probably for the best, 'cause it's going to remain this beautiful little mystic secret that you guys get to share with the world and know that they have your back at the bottling company.
Because it's sacred to you, they understand what it means to you, they understand its humble beginnings.
This is the thing that you thought you weren't able to do.
- That's right.
- And it's just the beginning.
You guys gave us tools to work with.
Tools that we didn't have, but now we have them.
Where's it going to go? Show me.
- Right there.
- Perfect.
[BOBBY] Come on out girls.
- [ANTONI] Come on.
- Okay.
Have a seat right here.
On your new benches.
You guys have been doing this for 35 years.
Do you now feel like it represents that? - For sure.
- Yes.
It represents the legends and the amazing women that you guys are.
- Exactly right.
- That and more.
You all were always your knight in shining armors but you never allowed yourselves to be your damsels in distress.
Meaning you never allowed yourself to be taken care of and to show yourselves love.
Now, you can say, "It's our time.
" - Right? - Exactly.
- We are Power Women now.
- Yes.
Power Women do what? - We - Slay it! Yeah, we, we slay.
We just slay! What do we do Mary? We Slay it.
Slay! We gonna sell that sauce, you gonna be so proud.
[EVERYONE] Yes! We gonna do that, okay! And we'll forever be grateful.
You looked at us and you knew we had good sense.
You encouraged us.
You went outside the box with us.
You said things that some people wouldn't have the heart to say to us all out of love.
We love you and we appreciate you.
All y'all.
You got to get ready for a party, come on.
Let me get my sweaty body all over you! [GROANING HAPPILY] Thank you so much.
- Pinky promise.
- I promise.
Do not be in that kitchen tonight.
- Love you.
- Congratulations you guys.
Have fun tonight.
[ANTONI] Guys, look what we have.
Jones Sisters BBQ.
- Are you serious? - Legit! [ANTONI] We have ribs, there are burnt ends right on the edge over there.
[BOBBY] And the potato salad.
[TAN] Can I sit here? What, Tanny? Alright Barbaras, press play.
Ah, here we go, guys.
Oh, my gosh! - That is cool.
- Oh my That is cool.
Aunt Fanny! I'm so proud, I wish Mama and Daddy was here.
I'm seeing like a whole new person here.
She's beaming.
[SCREAMS] Yes, look at it! We in the house! She's so proud of the BBQ sauce.
And this our Jones BBQ logo now.
Oh, my God.
[EVERYONE EXCLAIMS] Your hair is so beautiful.
[JONATHAN] Can we talk about how good her highlights look? The way that wind is catching it, honey.
It's giving me life.
What? Wait a minute, come here.
Do it.
- They look beautiful.
- Ain't they beautiful? This is a new day, pumpkin! And did they cut the bob? It's cute.
- They cut my hair, you like Auntie's hair? - I do like it, yes.
Come on in, see it.
You on top, kid.
Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful.
We need to get some food going here.
Shorty, delegate is what they told us, put that down! Yes, that's right, take a break.
This is the grand opening of a new start, so enjoy! Alright! - I love that.
- Shorty, I love that.
This is the grand opening of a new start.
Not to mention like, her being willing to like show her smile.
That's the first time I saw her like speak in front of people and not go like this.
Now, it feels like a destination restaurant.
You would want to go there and eat and spend an evening out.
Guys, coming in your local store.
I'mma need you to support us, okay? - It was so good.
- Take it home with you.
It's gonna be in the local store, yes it is! Marinate your steaks in it.
I love her.
At the end of the day we work hard, because we want support other people, to give the next generation the best life possible.
- Thank you, thank you.
- I'm so proud of you.
You look beautiful.
Take a step back and look at the big picture.
- Ask for help.
- You're not invincible.
Because we've got to love ourselves in order to love other people, so that you don't burn your candle at both ends.
Our dad, Levy Jones Senior, would be jumping off.
He would be so happy and proud of us.
'Cause I know he's looking over our shoulder right now.
Feel that pat? Thank you, Daddy.
- To legacy! - Legacy.
[JONATHAN] And that'd be nice Got to get all that stuff on your cuticles.
Dry hands got you down, honey? Not anymore.
Start off with a gorgeous exfoliation moment.
We're gonna rinse them off.
Dry them off.
Get your gorgeous moisturizer and slather it on, sister.
Now, here is where the hip-tip kicks into high gear, honey.
You're going to take some socks and you're going to keep that body cream in all night long.
And then go to sleep.
And when you wake up, dry, crusty hands no more.