Queer Eye (2018) s03e04 Episode Script

When Robert Met Jamie

[CHATTERING] [MAN] We're super pumped for your wedding man.
Yeah, It's going to be awesome.
[MAN 2] He's gonna be a good husband, he's already an amazing father.
To Robert's last night as a free man.
Did somebody call for a stripper? [ALL] Whoo! Nice.
You ready, Daddy? Great.
Look at this beard.
Listen, you get him tonight, but we get you tomorrow, so enjoy this.
[ALL CHEERING] Nice to meet you all.
Drink water in between.
[KARAMO] So, are you guys excited? [ALL] Yeah.
At the end of this week Robert is saying "I do.
" - Oh, wait, is it our first wedding? - Yeah.
We got our first wedding.
My name is Robert Hitchcock.
I'm from Kansas City, Missouri.
He works as a nurse in a psychiatric ward.
- Oh, wow.
- Now, Robert is 5', 5".
- Oh, my God, I'm finally gonna feel tall.
- [BOBBY] I love a shorty.
Me too, but I also love you white giants and you black giants.
[LAUGHS] He was nominated by his groomsmen and his fiancée Jamie.
When I first met them, I thought they were married because they are so well together.
I think they just never found the time to get married.
[JAMIE] I'm so excited.
One week.
Robert and his fiancée, Jamie, are on opposite schedules.
Monday through Friday, Robert stays at home with the kids while she works.
[ROBERT] I work every weekend and then I'm home Monday through Friday.
Don't put it in there, it's clean.
[ROBERT] I've got three kids.
Nova is three years old.
Cosmo's one and Audrey's eight years old.
Robert and I have been together for six years.
The thing that attracted me to Robert was just his personality, he's so, like, outgoing and he's a fabulous father.
I keep trying to lay on the wit and charm real thick to keep her around.
[CHUCKLES] [JAMIE] I nominated Robert, because this week is the wedding, and I want it to be about him too.
I want it to be a piece of him, but it seems like he doesn't really enjoy it fully, just 'cause of his childhood.
He had a rough go.
[ROBERT] I don't really have an example of marriage.
My father was dead before I was born, so my example of marriage comes from my own construct.
I never thought that I was going to have some form of wedding and I'm kind of freaked out.
Like, I know, it's supposed to be for me, but, like, I would have been happy with just marrying Jamie in a courthouse.
[ANTONI] This must run really deep, 'cause, I mean, they already have kids together.
There's definitely some past, probably abandonment issues.
[JAMIE] When me and Robert first started dating, his hair was so short.
When I was in the Army I always had super short hair and now that I have long hair He's turned into Gimli from you know, Lord of the Rings almost.
[GIGGLES] It just has a life of its own and he needs a little help.
[CHUCKLES] He's just not really, like, taking care of himself, honestly.
When I walk down the aisle, I want to look the best that I can for Jamie.
He deserves it, they deserve it.
They both deserve it.
The most important thing that Robert could take away from this is just him being more like confident.
Our mission this week guys, let's help this cowardly groom find his courage.
[WAYNE] We have had two fights, one was over a black jelly bean within the first week of our marriage, but you get over those things.
I got the black jelly bean.
[GIGGLES] He gave it to me.
[JONATHAN] We're in suburbia.
Here, here, here it's this one guys.
- [BOBBY] It's this one.
[JONATHAN] I love a nicely shaded home.
[JONATHAN] Yes, queen.
Look at your dress.
- I got a baby.
- Can I have a hug? You're so pretty.
You are gorgeous.
Can I touch your hair? Yes.
[TAN] It is a lot tidier than I was expecting it to be.
I see a lot of kid's things.
Oh, my gosh, you guys got lots of stuff.
- Robert.
- She just called you Robert.
Does she not call you Dad? She does call me Dad.
Audrey is not my biological daughter, so she calls me Robert and she mocks her or mimics her.
Oh, my gosh, look how cute you look.
She looks like Honey Boo Boo when Honey Boo Boo was still cute.
- Remember? - I don't know if that's a compliment.
- It is Honey Boo Boo was the cutest - No, it's not a compliment.
- It's not a compliment.
- It's not a compliment now.
[KARAMO] Good job, Bobby.
I'm going to send you a gift basket of muffins to help your soul.
- What is that smell? - Things smell like they're cooking.
Pork chops.
Gorgeous browning.
- [ANTONI] What did you season this with? - [ROBERT] Korean red pepper spice.
- Korean red pepper spice? - I lived in Korea for, like, three years.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! [LAUGHS] [JONATHAN] Olympics, here we come.
The UK versus The US men's rhythmic gymnastics championships is upon us.
Okay, ready? Okay, watch your little bitty face.
Oh, God.
Let's try again.
Oh, my God, his pants gonna fall.
But then Tanny! - Oh, Tan, that is a stunning technique.
- Great style.
Rhythmic gymnast realness, honey.
Nice, right? You're welcome.
Daddy sleeps down here.
Woah, look at you, daredevil.
[TAN] Oh, my God.
Dad sleeps there? [TAN] Oh, my God, Dad sleeps there.
It's horrible.
It's a dungeon.
Shiz is everywhere.
Like it looks like a bachelor pad in the worst way.
This is where Robert and Mommy stay? Why? Um 'cause I wanted the master bedroom.
But, you're not the adult.
They suggested me going down here and I'm like [SCOFFS] slaves down there.
I can clearly tell that the kids are the king of the castle and Robert's the minion.
- This is my room.
- So, this is your room? So, you have the master bedroom? [AUDREY] Yep.
No, no, no, no, no.
Are these cheesy mashed potatoes? Cheese and heavy cream and a whole lot of butter.
[ANTONI] Why am I here again? I'm not quite sure.
This is delicious.
It is delicious.
This is delicious.
I think a lot of my value came for my mom and her just being like we need to cook whatever we can from like food stamps and stuff.
So, I cooked you know, it's delicious poor man's food, but I feel like, I mean the kids I love them, but they have only like hyper-escalated the poor intake.
[ANTONI] As much as Robert is loved by his family for his buttery choices He keeps asking for you, he's like, "Where's Robert?" If you put enough butter in anything, it'll taste delicious, but he's taking the easy way out.
So, is it kind of like you want to be able to prepare healthier meals for your family? Yeah, I've literally been like this weight my whole life.
When you're chubby in high school and you walk around and got man boobs, and you're like "Just gonna try to hide them.
" - Yeah.
- and I've always kind of felt stupid insecure.
I'll talk and talk and talk and I literally don't stop talking to a default, like so much and, like [BOBBY] Robert is definitely a talker.
I've literally talked over you like four times now and I just an automatic thing.
I live with Jonathan every single day.
Yeah, we're friends with Jonathan Van Ness.
We don't even notice any more.
There's no middle part, like, the middle part's gone completely.
So, it's just actually a skirt.
[BOBBY] This is Audrey's room.
We actually had this as our room for a little while.
How did a six year old conquer you? - I don't know.
- [LAUGHS] Like, it was more, like, being able to give all of them their own rooms.
[BOBBY] Okay.
Where does Jamie sleep? On the couch, most of the time with kids.
She doesn't like the basement.
To me a key to a good, healthy, long-lasting relationship is being able to go to sleep with each other.
My husband and I have busy schedules and that's really the only time we have is just at night, cuddling a little bit, rolling over going to sleep.
You've been married 14 years, you said right? - I mean that's real, real talk.
- Especially in gay years, that's like eighty-something in gay years.
Okay this is my "no" pile.
This is meant to be my "yes" pile, but I think there's only one thing I'm putting there.
What is your go-to? Ninety percent of time I wear about the same three pairs of shorts, black t-shirt pretty much almost daily if I can.
I need to get that one fixed, 'cause I just love the shirt, but maybe I just need to throw it away.
What do you mean when you say you want to get this fixed? How? I wanna know what you think can be accomplished.
What's the one where you have it cut all the way down the side here? - Oh, you're gonna make it into a tank top? - Yes.
Struggling to believe that you're gonna wear a tank top, - because - Yeah, my man boobs Tell me about this issue.
Just grab a handful, grab a handful, cup 'em.
- There you go, you gotta cup - It's a regular chest.
Now, let me cup you.
I'm a tiny little guy.
I'm a tiny little guy.
This concerns me that you have got such an issue with your own body.
- I weight 250lbs.
- Listen, it's not That's morbidly obese at my height and my weight range.
I've been this big for so long, and I've learned that baggier stuff just made me look fat.
So then, I got stuff that was tighter fitting but then I'm like a busted can of biscuits, - 'cause it's so hard to - We're gonna stop.
We're gonna stop.
We're gonna stop.
It's really hard to hear.
You're self-deprecating attitude, I know you're laughing through it.
I don't love it.
I definitely don't feel handsome.
I don't feel beautiful.
No, I don't know how I could keep Jamie sometimes.
You've got a wedding this week.
I want you to walk down that aisle thinking, "I look incredible.
" [SCOFFS] It's like the trifecta.
Okay, is he wearing a wig here? - No, that's his hair.
- With a blow dry? [LAUGHS] [KARAMO] So, what were you and Tanny talking about downstairs? I mean, I don't think we really talked about wardrobe.
Know what? I convinced myself for a long time that people would say I was ugly or something and then there was, like, a shining moment one time when I was little bit younger, in my twenties or something, when I realized no one actually had ever said that, but it's still there, like So, what messages were your parents telling you when you were a kid? My mom always progressed positivity.
My father died before I was born.
And having four kids and a mom who Abusive boyfriends, abusive people, ended up making it where life was so hard that we went to like foster care.
What was it like in those foster care homes when you were there? Other than one place, absolutely appalling.
There was, like, one woman that, like, her idea of punishment was, like, lock me in a room.
Every day I got home I'd be in there, like the only time I got to go out was like going to church.
A lot of people treated me really poorly.
I mean the only one that didn't do it was my mom.
And you know you can you can have some many bad things happen to you, you could blame it on your parents, but at the end of the day it wasn't her fault.
She actually said, you know, like, "You're great.
" 'You're going to be a great person'.
I want to be what she said and that's what I try to keep doing.
- You know? - Yeah.
[JONATHAN] What's going on? He's making me cry like an [BLEEP].
He does that to everyone, girl.
Don't worry.
Robert has been hearing all these negative messages in his own mind, and now all Robert does is insult himself.
He needs to be better to himself.
- [JONATHAN] Is this your baño? - [ROBERT] Oh, yeah.
I mean, you have beautiful hair.
That hair is serving me Metallica, 1991.
I feel like right now you're giving me, like, Samara from The Ring.
I feel like the TV's gonna come on and I'm gonna be like, "No!' You know what I mean? I guess the one that gets compared most is Gimli.
- That boy from Lord of the Rings? - Yeah.
When people say that I'm like Do you know how many times people call me "Jesus", call me this, I mean you don't have time to be concerned about all that stuff.
This is actually four year new.
I was always army clean-cut, but now I feel comfortable because I look like a kid without this, like You get rid of this, I look like an eighteen year old.
I mean, a worn-out eighteen year old, but, like, I want to feel pretty.
I'm not not into your look.
I think you're so handsome with your beard the way it is, with your hair the way it is.
However, I was like really, really, really into my one world, one love, like hip tat with a squirly Q, when I was seventeen.
I was like regularly rock that forever.
I just like, when you're 45, 55, 65, I want you to look back at these wedding pictures and be like, - "Yes!" - [LAUGHS] What's your favorite thing that your dad makes? Do you like bibimbap? Bibimbap? Do you like his curry? I just made him smile.
Hey! - Wifey-to-be! - This is Jamie.
Jamie! - He's my new best friend.
- [JAMIE] Is he? How are you? - Whattsup? - Hey, babe.
Did you meet at work? - No.
- No.
Like, she works with people that are sick and dying.
I work with people that have full blown mental illnesses.
That's my extrovertness and being able to talk to them.
You can be a nurse and you can hand out meds, but if you can talk to somebody and project that love to them.
Let them know, like, "You're gonna be okay.
" Your professional life, which you've dedicated that to, is so important and we need people like you.
You're obviously such an incredible man, so, like, I wanna investigate that more.
You know what's interesting? The second that like we start to talk about you, it's like Yeah maybe, but I'm also trying to, like - Stop talking about the man boobs.
- I can't stop.
[JONATHAN] I don't see man breasts, all I see is a chest that I want to lay my head on.
You are not nice to yourself.
You are not kind to yourself, and we're not going to stand for it.
You are our first wedding, so we're so excited.
- I know.
- I'm so excited.
Are you ready to love yourself? Like do it on three.
Loving ourselves on three.
[KARAMO] All the negative messages that Robert heard as a child, he's still listening to those messages.
I need Robert to grow past these negative feelings he has about himself, before he walks down the aisle with Jamie.
At my wedding I felt handsome and I want that for Robert.
That's what you should feel on your wedding.
You should feel like you look your best.
[ANTONI] I want Robert to have a strong foundation, in terms of his dietary habits, so that he can make healthier choices for his family.
[JONATHAN] I love a strong statement look, but I never want the look to wear you, I want you to wear the look.
[BOBBY] I really want to show Robert that being a great unit with Jamie is just as important to the kids as giving them everything their heart desires.
Even if at the end of the day you're just touching feet because you're exhausted, that's the intimacy couples need to stay together.
- [GIGGLES] Are you ready? - Yeah, this is gonna be amazing.
I'm so excited.
We've hit many rocky roads through the years and you just know that the storms going to pass.
Nothing's going to be perfect and suck it up.
- Are you excited to come shopping? - Yeah.
[ROBERT] I can make my own decisions, you know for a whole lot of stuff, but things like this I'm gonna teach you how to make a good decision.
You're biggest issue is that you don't think that stuff's going to fit you right.
There's never something in my size.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause, like, anything that looks good is always made for you.
- It's, like, queen size and I'm, like, okay - Oh, am I queen size? I got bull size going over here like.
- I love being referred to as queen size.
- Big bear size.
Right now, Robert is a man who is hiding.
I brought Robert to Bonobos for this very reason.
- They only have a sample size.
- Okay.
Then you choose what you want in the store and then they send it over to your home in your correct size.
How'd I never know this existed? His issues with his body are small issues that you can disguise in a heart beat.
I know you've said this before, that you are not a regular size.
You are but, we're vertically challenged.
Your pants are always gonna be too long that you purchase, mine are too.
You gotta cut 'em up, roll 'em up, doing stupid stuff.
[TAN] We'll inject some prints, but we'll balance it out with some more neutral stuff, so you still I like the style of what you're wearing but I mean, I don't know if I could - do the white pants.
- The white jeans are a lot.
And you could never find a pair of white jeans that just like - I would kill for big legs.
- I love this.
- I love my legs.
- You've got great calves.
Do you do some kind of sport? - Nah man.
- That's just natural? That's how I could run when I was in the army.
"I don't why, but I was really built for this!" [BOTH LAUGH] Are you confident about how you gonna look this weekend? She's going to look so beautiful.
I don't want to outshine her but I want to be on her level.
- Yeah.
- And I feel like just a penguin suit or something like that is just, it's not who I am and I have never found anything that fits me.
Don't be concerned about, "Is it gonna fit, is it's not gonna fit?" It's gonna fit.
We're gonna make sure it fits.
- [TAN] Are you ready to try on? - [ROBERT] Yeah.
- Okay.
- Am I ready to try on! Come on out for me.
Okay, so can your jeans are still baggy? Don't worry about that, we're gonna correct that.
But, I wanted to give me an example of why you would wear a more structured shirt.
I would never pick this.
Oh, my God, this is cool.
[TAN] It's more forgiving for the areas that you need it to be forgiving on.
- I can see what you're doing.
- You can see where we're going.
Like, and it makes my shoulders, which are already big, look squared-off correctly.
This makes me smile.
Like it really does like it makes me feel like I'm just like - Good.
- I'm gonna buy like three of these.
Good, good.
- I've created layers.
- Yeah, yeah.
I've given you the over shirt which is called a work shirt or a shacket.
Shacket! But, the areas you are concerned about you can't see.
It's pretty swanky, actually.
It's amazing what a difference this had made.
Makes you wanna like, kind of just like - Posing! - I like that.
[TAN] He looks like a cool dad.
He looks at age appropriate.
He's finally seeing that sexy guy that you said he's never seen in the mirror before.
You know, you look good, but for now let's get you back into your regular clothes.
I know.
- They're hiding me again.
- [TAN LAUGHS] I wanna be dancing queen.
- [BOBBY] We love pain.
- Oh, yeah, you guys think you can hurt me? - [BOBBY] I'm not gonna hurt you.
- [ROBERT] Gonna see if I can keep up? If didn't think you could keep up I wouldn't be bringing you here.
- But - Do I get a headband? We can get you a headband if you want? [ROBERT] This week is all about - self-care and self-love.
- Okay.
- Hi! - [WOMAN] Welcome to Orange Theory.
- Guys, this is Rob.
- Bobby, great to see you again.
- My name's Kelly, nice to meet you.
- How's it going? I'm Antoni.
[BOBBY] Do you know how this works? [ROBERT] Working out? I mean, I only ran like miles, and miles, and miles and extra miles when I was in the army.
I wanted to bring you somewhere where you can have a community-based program to really kind of motivate you just to feel your best.
I find that when I don't feel my best self, it makes my self-confidence worse.
On his wedding day, I want him to be 100% confident.
- Yeah.
- [ANTONI] I'm just here purely for vanity.
[BOBBY] Yep, he's pretty on a treadmill.
- You want a head band? - You're missing your ascot.
It wasn't an ascot, it was a fanny pack, get it right.
[LAUGHTER] Treadmills, go ahead and press that green star button right next to your hip.
And start taking it to your base pace.
Keep that chest lifting and keep those eyes forward.
[PANTING] When they said don't eat heavy - Did you? - Not really, but yes! - [WOMAN] You feeling it? - Nope, not at all, drill sergeant.
You should be feeling uncomfortable right about now.
She's starring at my butt, of course I'm uncomfortable.
[WOMAN] There you go.
Let's see what you got here.
Do you do parties as well? [WOMAN] This is a party, right? [LAUGHS] Come on, here you go.
Nice job.
Here you go.
That push-up's looking great.
One more rep here, keep pushing.
May have been ten years since I've done anything like this, so You got it.
What a lot of people don't think about, is taking care of your physical health, has a huge effect on your mental health.
And if he's constantly feeling that he's not in the best of shape, then get in a little bit better shape and it'll make you feel so much better in every aspect of your life.
[CHEERING] Killed it.
It was a little all over the place.
[ANTONI] Great job, seriously.
Thank you.
No, you did a fantastic job.
You crushed it, actually.
No one could have gotten me to go workout.
It took two sexy dudes and some orange machinery.
Oh, man.
I've been lying to myself to validate laziness, like it's okay to give up and not go work out, not go move forward.
Is this something that you think you'd like to keep up? Yeah.
I need to just own up and just be what I was.
[ROBERT] What's up, Antoni? - Can I come around with you? - Get back here.
- Oh, my God.
What? - You got your own station and everything.
How are you feeling? - A little wobbly, are you wobbly? - A little bit.
So, you're more familiar with Korean cuisine, but I wanted to introduce you to this really beautiful little country called Laos and their unofficial national dish is a thing called larb.
It's basically a meat salad, and I'm on a little mission.
I'm going to cook with zero oil.
Zero oil! Robert knows more about food than most people I know, but he's not making healthy choices in cooking for his family.
He needs to put a little more care and effort into making healthy choices that are still just as delicious, if not more.
I wanted to show you sort of like a pure, clean Keto style way of doing it where we're just using, like, the protein and the veggies.
- [ROBERT] That's a fish sauce? - [ANTONI] Yeah.
[ANTONI] Probably put in, like, half a cup-ish.
- [ANTONI] And then the lime juice.
- Yeah, I'm all about some lime.
- And then we have a bit of like a - Thai chili sauce? Yep, exactly.
- Oh, yeah man.
- So, you just plop some of that in there.
[ROBERT] Yeah.
Perfect, so you're gonna gently whisk that up, get it all incorporated.
- We have some ground chicken.
- Oh, chicken.
[ANTONI] So, we're going to add just a little bit of chicken stock.
[SIZZLING] - This pan is hot.
- Hot.
So, we're gonna plop the chicken right in here.
You're familiar with lemongrass, how to treat this? Yeah, I got something to beat it with.
You're freaking awesome.
[ANTONI] Oh, he knows exactly what he's doing! We have a lemon grass, shallot facial going on.
So now this beautiful sauce that you made, we're gonna go ahead and plop some of that in here.
The plop is good.
So, it's like really intense flavors that are coming not from butter.
- So, are your kids picky eaters? - Yeah.
[ROBERT] Nova will just literally not eat anything, you would think she was eating everything.
Why would you say you think she's eating everything? She looks like she has a little more weight on her.
Who's feeding her? [SIGHS] Me.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm not trying to shame you, but I'm, like, - like, let's talk about that.
- No, I have been trying to cut it back.
'cause I want her to feel confident.
I don't want her to be like me, self-deprecating.
I don't want her to, like, grow up and have to make this like this lie essentially to try to feel better.
Honestly, I really think it boils down to, like, just trying to have a balance.
On weekends, like go make your gratin, go make your cheesy mashed potatoes.
You can enjoy them and not feel guilty about it.
It's just like self-deprecating humour, these are all just habits.
And I think just being aware of them and being gentle with yourself, but knowing that it's like "Oh, I'm aware of it.
How does it serve me? How does it not serve me?" [ANTONI] He has the ability to change those habits.
He has the ability to shape the way that his kids and his family look at the food.
I want him to feel empowered by that.
We've got all our components, - we're ready to try.
- Okay.
Are you going to do one bite? It's a Korean way of eating lettuce wrap.
Oh, my God, you just taught me something, it's a little aggressive, but I'm into it.
How's that? That's amazing.
Are you wondering what we're doing here? [ROBERT] This looks like a hair salon - [ROBERT] who knows.
- [KARAMO] Maybe.
Oh, [BLEEP].
This is a dance studio.
- It is a dance studio.
- Oh, no.
Do you think you're dancing today? Uh, I mean in sandals, am I gonna just like hit it and just knock it off the park.
You're very flexible and I appreciate that.
I want you to take a seat.
Oh, God, more striptease, Jesus.
We're not here for another fireman striptease.
- No? - Not at all.
Something that kept resonating with me was the first 30 minutes of our meeting.
I pulled audio and I want you to hear this.
Are you ready? If it's my own voice, not really, no.
It's alright.
[ROBERT'S VOICE] I've always kind of felt stupid insecure.
I weigh 250lbs.
That's morbidly obese at my weight range.
When you're chubby in high school and you gotta walk around and you got man boobs.
Just grab a handful of that.
Grab a handful.
Cup 'em, there you go.
I talk, and talk, and talk and I literally don't stop talking.
I'm like a busted can of biscuits.
I look like an 18 year old.
I mean, a worn-out 18 year old.
I definitely don't feel handsome.
I don't feel beautiful.
I don't know how I could keep Jamie sometimes Huh.
We came in here thinking that you're an amazing guy.
We were thinking the same things that your soon-to-be-wife was thinking about you, that your buddies were thinking about you, that we met, that your kids think about you.
Nobody else is saying these things about you.
It's you saying these things.
The only way to change this is to acknowledge it.
I want to get up.
Look at yourself.
Can you see yourself? - Yeah.
- What do you see right now? I see a nice guy.
That's the only one saving grace that I see anytime I look in a mirror.
I see a good guy.
Hold on.
Good guy.
I see a - a father, I mean like - That's big.
Something I really wanted in my life, you know? Success, I mean, I see a successful guy.
- You write it, come on.
- [WHISPERS] I don't know how to spell it.
S-U-C-C-E-S- S.
- Yeah I do know how to spell.
- Yes.
Definitely funny, okay.
Instead of fat, maybe built.
You are built, good job.
I want Robert to know that anytime he hears himself saying the negative things he has to stop himself and remember he is funny, that he is handsome, that he is loved.
Those things that happened to you as a child have now made you a good guy, have made you fun, have turned you into a father, have turned you into worthy, strong, handsome, loved.
The first 30 minutes you told strangers all these negative things, but that's in the past and this is a brand new day, brand new window.
[KARAMO] There you go.
This is what people see.
This is what you need to see.
This is the vow you're making to yourself.
This is the vow that you want to make to your family and to your future wife.
That this is the man you're gonna be for them and this is the man you're gonna be for yourself.
Maybe stop telling people who I am and just let them see who I am.
I'm proud of you.
The biggest thing I'm doing for Robert is I'm moving him from the basement to the master bedroom where he should be, so that he can make sure that he not only focuses on himself, but on his wife.
I've been thinking about you for, like, 72 hours straight now.
Now, I heard you saying you'd constantly had this kind of like similar crew you're whole, like, young adult life, because you were in the military.
- Absolutely.
- I found this one hair cut that I think'll be really sexy on you and it is shorter.
It's not a crew thing even at all.
It's very medium-length.
- Okay.
- It's actually Do you know who it's really kind of like? - It's kind of Jon Snow-ish.
- Jon Snow, yes! Yeah, it's kind of Jon Snow-ish.
And now let's talk about your beard.
LIke I feel like I need to get it off your body.
Yeah and I could see the lapels of the suit and actually be part of that.
How are you seeing things? How are you connecting dots? Okay, ready? This is gonna be major.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
[LAUGHS] I wish I could put it like on my [SINGS BURLESQUE FANFARE] You got a good swirl.
Brava! Cute.
- Yeah, I like that.
- Okay, so watch.
So, I kind of come in with one layer and you really got to, like, apply it generously to your stache.
And then I twist it.
- Now that's a curl.
- Honey.
- This is our moustache.
- It's our moustache.
Let's talk about your wedding.
Going through this process, it just really opened up my eyes to the thought of, like, me being part of it and really enjoying myself and just, like, the, the way that, like, - I'm going to look, you know like? - Yeah.
I was not aware of, like, how self-deprecating I was.
I mean, I was belittling myself.
I was abusing myself.
Sometimes it just takes five fabulous dudes to - change it a little bit.
- But you were also ready to change a bit as well.
I really want him to move forward with this idea of self-care in his marriage because I think that really a lot of times, when our relationship break down in our lives with our kids, with our loved ones, it's really because your relationship broke down with yourself.
Hey, you ready? - Oh, man.
- You know, you look amazing.
This is like old timey but, like, still new.
I would have never known to do this.
I would never told anyone to do this.
This is amazing.
In the mirror he's like giving me handsome-daddy, hold-me-daddy, you're-gorgeous-daddy.
It looks so good on you.
- I can't even believe it.
- You look like Jon Snow.
Yeah, just that little bit like, oh! [ANITA] Differences should be appreciated.
I noticed Julie's differences and thought this would never work and then, I began to appreciate her differences, because it sort of filled in my gaps.
[UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] How excited are you to see your house? Thrilled, oh, my God.
They're here.
Look how sparkly Karamo is.
Look at our little disco ball.
- Hey, queen.
- Do I go in with my eyes closed? You should go into everything with your eyes closed.
Look at your hair! And that's just "wake up in the morning" hair.
- Alright, do we do a three, two, one? - You can open them now.
- Yes - Three, Two [SHOUTING, LAUGHING] - You like? - What did you do? [ROBERT] Oh, my God.
What the hell! Pictures of the kids and the family.
Man, this is amazing.
I gave you indestructible coffee tables, so the kids can't destroy them.
And instead of a TV, I gave you an art frame, which is also a TV.
Don't need TV, period! We can just keep this off, dude's, like, killing it.
- You put up - Coat racks.
I love how there have been so many changes and it's, like, "The coat racks, I love the coat racks!" - No, I mean, it's like overwhelming.
- You ready to see more? Oh, man.
No, go in there.
Go in.
Oh, my God.
Cabinets aren't white anymore and when I see black and those little leather accents, Oh, my God.
I'm a crier.
The chandelier thing, - I don't even know what that's called.
- It's on a dimmer, so you can have some nice, romantic evenings in here.
[ROBERT] Oh, my God.
[ROBERT LAUGHS] What? I mean this is like literally mind blowing! [KARAMO] This is your space.
[ROBERT] I mean, this is amazing, we get to sleep together in our bed.
She doesn't have to come down to a bachelor pad.
I mean this, she can't go back.
I can't go back.
It will not go back.
We have all of your components ready for the larb salad.
I don't need to go over it with you.
- You were showing me in that kitchen.
- It's going to be awesome.
- The knives.
- Oh, my God.
So, these are like the best commercial Japanese knives that you could ever have.
They have a really nice from grip.
This is something that you use everyday, so I really felt like you had to have the best of the best.
Welcome to your gorgeous bathroom.
For tomorrow there were some things that I wanted to hit.
- Alright.
- This is a gorgeous restorative mask, so tomorrow, when you get out of the shower, before the big day.
Yes, then you're gonna put these little guys on.
And you're going to let that oil soak into the skin.
That kind of create spaces for the moisturizer to attach to.
- Does that make sense? - It totally does.
Now, this cool thing I'm gonna do right here is your trick to not getting flat hair.
- So, it's like a trainer, essentially.
- Yeah.
And then another thing I'll do is I'm going to get you a little a blot thing.
Just like a little blotter for your pocket for tomorrow, for the big day.
- Blot me, please.
- You're gonna get blotted.
You have to blot me.
Do slower blots.
- Slower blots? - Yeah, like, let it sink in.
- [TAN] Okay, so time to show your closet.
- Okay.
So, I got you some shirts.
You know I love a pattern.
You know I love a print.
- Yeah.
- But I got you just, simple.
These you can wear to, as a casual look.
I got you a couple that are gonna be a lot more formal.
This is the only one I should be ironing and this is just, like, a light - [TAN] Iron everything! - [ROBERT] Iron everything? Iron everything.
Even with a t-shirt, when you fold a t-shirt, I can see the lines that you This has been folded and I can see the lines.
- I iron my t-shirt.
- Oh, my God.
It takes like 20 seconds, just do it.
It's gonna make it look like - I'm down on that.
- It looks like you've tidied up.
- Are you ready to try on? - Yeah.
My question is: do we get to see the wedding look? I didn't even think about that.
Okay kids, just a more sophisticated version.
- Robert! - Yeah.
Look at that moustache and that jacket.
Look at the handle bars.
How do you feeling a slight heel? Good.
Don't you feel pretty sexy? This is like when I go out.
Alright, alright, you peacock, come on.
Fairy dust, fairy dust, fairy dust.
- An iconic French tuck.
- Yes.
Everyday Robert.
I wanted to show him how to keep the same jeans, to keep the same shirt, we're just changing it up slightly.
It just looks like a more casual version of what you had on before You literally just gave me, like, ten different strong influencer poses.
You're going to nail Instagram after this, it's so good.
You guys really did come in, you really did make an honest improvement.
Like, each one of you guys have been so instrumental in changing stuff.
I never noticed I was that self-deprecating.
Loving yourself and, like, learning to love yourself, is a conversation that, like, has to be more than five days.
Just take your time every day of the next few weeks, months, years and be good to yourself.
You really make me want to, like, not have to self-deprecate, also for Audrey, also for Nova, also for Jamie and my family.
You've been so open during this whole week it's incredible, so just keep doing that.
Well, we are very excited about your special day tomorrow.
Every single time that I was, you know, like talking about it, it's just her day, da, da, da It's my day too.
I cannot wait to see what your wardrobe looks like at that wedding tomorrow.
- We cannot wait.
- [TAN] It is gorgeous.
Love you.
You're so sweet baby boopers, with very beautiful skin, if I do say so myself.
- Thank you.
Keep up with that workout.
I'm gonna kick your ass Do not forget we love ourselves.
Thanks much.
Don't forget to love yourself, girl.
Okay, bye.
[BEATRICE] Don't go to bed angry and you go to bed and you do a kiss.
- Just like that.
- She likes that part.
[LAUGHS] And I like that part.
[LAUGHS] Hey gentlemen, we're cutting cake.
Cutting the cake for the Robert Hitchcock, yeah! Oh, my God, I love cake.
- There you go.
- You know I do.
What kind of cake is it? - Vanilla.
- Yum.
Robert Hitchcock, come on Bruley.
- What a cutie.
- Come and sit down.
- Thank you, Bru.
- Come on.
Who's ready for Robert Hitchcock? I was born ready.
Look how good he looks, look how good that kitchen looks.
[ANTONI] That's not even oil in the pan, that's actually chicken stock.
- [BOBBY] Yum.
- [ANTONI] Swapping the butter for butter lettuce.
That's a good job, Antoni.
We're going in.
[JONATHAN] They're about to see him for the first time.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- They changed this whole thing.
- Oh, my God.
Holy cow, look at you.
Wait, what happened to our TV? Oh, my gosh.
God, this is a TV.
- It is a TV.
- Shut up.
That's a TV.
- That's amazing.
- This is not our house.
The baby has no reaction.
Cosmo, give us something.
Give us some reaction, Cosmo.
- This is amazing.
- This is our kitchen.
- [JAMIE] Wow.
- [ROBERT] Look at the table.
- This is so beautiful.
- It's totally different.
Amazing! Close your eyes, keep them closed.
Why are there clothes still on the bed? - [LAUGHING] - Tan! And open 'em.
Oh, my God.
Right? This is beautiful.
Imma close the door.
Ah, they're having a private moment.
We'll actually close the door and we're going to lock it.
We're going to have our room.
I love that he's calling it "their room" already.
- Finally.
- Yes.
I want to be old with you and I want tomorrow to be awesome.
It's already awesome.
There's going to be an Irish twin in this family.
Someone's getting pregnant tonight.
I've never seen you make that at all.
I made it with Antoni.
He showed me how to make it.
Kinda like I'll show you how to make some stuff.
[KARAMO] You know, sometimes we get into habits as parents that you forget that every action you do actually is being absorbed by your children.
That's so good.
Are you ready for tomorrow then? - You been thinking about it? Yeah.
- I'm so ready.
When you stand next to me, you'll actually see someone that loves himself.
[BOTH] Aw.
He needed to hear how negative he was about himself, so it's really sweet that he's going to be a more confident man.
Aw! [BOBBY HUMMING WEDDING MARCH] [ANTONI] I knew I wore a suit for a reason.
Yay! Wedding day vibes! Oh, cufflinks with a design on it, nice! [TAN] So, Paolini made this suit especially for him.
[ANTONI] You see the lining? It's like Van Gogh or something.
- It is Van Gogh.
- Oh, Starry Night.
[JONATHAN] Oh, wow, he looks so cute.
To the future.
- To the future.
- Blessings.
[LAUGHTER] Is that his mammy? Aw.
Your hair looks cute, Boo.
I love her little crown.
Get in Nova, get it.
Oh, my God.
[BOBBY] That back-less dress is everything! It is.
- They both look beautiful.
- She does look beautiful.
- Robert.
- Jamie-po.
You're the man of my dreams.
I have encountered so many people in my life.
and I want you to know how much you mean to me.
But up until meeting you, I had never met anyone that I could say I love.
I love you.
- Aw.
- Cutie.
Jamie, take this ring.
Robert, take this ring.
Robert and Jamie, I now pronounce you husband and wife and you may enjoy your first kiss as newly-weds.
[CHEERING AND APPLAUDING] - That was a beautiful.
- Love it.
He seems so happy.
[CHEERING] I could not have asked for a better wedding.
It seemed surreal, feeling confident standing up there It was amazing, long way from a week ago.
Nova, do you wanna thank everybody? Say 'thank you for being here'.
Thank you.
[ROBERT] I felt proud to receive Jamie and to love me! Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time the bride and groom will do their first dance.
It's gonna be a shimmy.
Robert and Jamie, our advice is be patient.
Hold hands out of blue.
Be there for each other.
What's that word we were going to use? It is give and take.
- Pay attention to the other person.
- Pick your battles.
- Compromise.
- There you go.
- What she said.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, my god.
Cheers to Robert and Jamie.
[ALL] Yeah.
[BOBBY] You don't have to take your journey to self-care alone.
Working out in a community-based program helps you be held accountable and be around people with like-minded goals.
- Right guys? - [ALL] Yeah!