Queer Eye (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

Sloth to Slay

1 [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] [TAN] Don't you need to be out here waiting for the bus? Yes.
Like this.
[HORN HONKS] [PARTY HORNS TOOTING] [BOBBY] Get off the street, Tanny! Is this the party bus? [JONATHAN] Yes.
What are we doing on a bus? Why do you have pom-poms? Because we are sickening and it's Gorgeous Thomas's 21st birthday.
[ALL CHEERING] Thomas rides the bus to work and then he comes right back home.
He doesn't know it but we are on his route now! Yes! Birthday! Birthday! [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] Things just keep getting better [JONATHAN] Hear ye, hear ye, baby gays of Kansas City, Missouri.
- We are here to celebrate - Thomas.
Thomas! Oh, boy.
[LAUGHS] [JONATHAN] Thomas's hometown is Kansas City, Missouri.
He's 5' 5", 175, not that that matters, I don't care about your weight.
His occupation, is a college student who works as an IT support specialist at a local university.
- Nice.
- Cute.
He was nominated by his big sister Krissy.
[ANTONI] Love, Krissy! [KRISSY] Thomas is the most amazing person in the world.
He's sweet.
He's kind.
He's thoughtful.
He's a little grumpy sometimes, but overall he's just a really fantastic person.
He just has a really hard time showing that to other people.
He is single.
He is shy and has a hard time meeting new people and making friends, but he doesn't want to quote "die alone".
I have to say I also don't wanna die alone and I worry about it sometimes.
However, you're a lot older than him, he's only twenty-one.
- Yes.
- I have no age shame.
I'm proud of my thirties.
[KRISSY] Thomas's social life happens behind the screen of a computer.
He pretty much just plays video games.
[THOMAS] I love playing fantasy games and online MMORPG games, which is like multi massive online role-playing game.
That's a bunch of people who go off on quests or go into dungeons and just have fun.
I'm gonna go out with some friends, do you wanna go out with me? Not especially.
[KRISSY] A lot of times when my friends and I are getting together I'll invite him because honestly a lot of them are closer to his age, than my age and it's kind of sad to like watch him just sit around all weekend in his room laying back, typing away.
I'm not very social.
I find it just kind of hard to go out and be myself and say "Hey, how's it going?" [CHUCKLES] It's Thomas's 21st birthday and I'm throwing him a party and I'm really really hoping he gets the opportunity to just like open up and have a good time.
[JONATHAN] Thomas also likes Japanese culture and Anime.
Rumour on the street is the sloth is his spirit animal.
A Sloth was this baby name that he gleaned from his classmates.
- That's not good.
- That sounds like a bullying thing.
No, I like sloths, they're special.
[KRISSY] Thomas really doesn't think about his appearance.
I know that he's unhappy with the way that he looks.
Sometimes he'll wear things that I suggest that he wears.
Then he'll put it on and he's like "I do look good", but it takes a lot I think for him to like push himself outside of that comfort zone.
His go-to meal, I describe as, like, "a big plate of brown".
[THOMAS] I love tater tots, they're quick, they're crunchy, they're fluffy.
[KRISSY] I don't think he's ever known the joy of cooking.
Sometimes even veggie tots.
[KRISSY] I think he thinks cooking is too difficult.
Cauliflower tots.
Broccoli tots.
[KRISSY] I'd love for him to not be afraid to try new things.
Broccoli-cheese tots.
Thomas and Krissy's mother passed away ten years ago.
No! Ah, he was eleven.
I love my mom so much and I feel like that is so hard.
And he was really young when it happened, so that is like big T trauma.
[KRISSY] Thomas was always like a really outgoing kid.
After Mom passed away, I saw, like, a really big change in him.
He became a lot more reclusive and didn't talk about the things that might be bothering him and that really hurt me, to see him like that.
- Can I do the London Fog? - I will also do the London Fog.
Two scoops.
Our relationship is kind of "us against the world" kind of thing, but you're 21 years old and I want to see you out there living and like the world is so big, you know, and it's like time to start doing that stuff.
[KARAMO] He needs to find, at 21, friends that are physically there.
It is time to get this sloth to slay! [CHEERING AND PARTY HORNS] Ready.
- How's it going? - It's going pretty good.
Happy Birthday! - [PARTY HORNS BLARING] - [CHEERING] It's your birthday.
- Nice to meet you, how are you? - I'm doing pretty good.
- Gorg.
- Come sit with us.
Come, come.
[JONATHAN] You look gorgeous.
[ANTONI] We got you a cake and it has sloths on it.
Where would you normally be going right now? - I'd be going to work.
- Yeah.
Not today, Honey.
Hooky! You're hanging with five gay guys, it's the best thing you could do.
- Yeah.
- What's the deal with like the sloth thing? What is it? What's the story? We need to know.
One of my friends of my friends at school thought I turned my head really slowly, he said I looked like I was a sloth! Maybe, you could be like a part-time sloth, but part-time something else.
[BOBBY] Hey, we're here guys! - Let's do this.
- Yes.
Yes! - Thank you, sir.
- Have a good day.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- [BILLY] Yes, yes, yes.
- [THOMAS] Here we are.
After you.
- Cute.
- I like the decor.
[JONATHAN] Your sister has very good taste.
She's cute in here.
- [JONATHAN] Is this your room? - This my room, yeah.
[BOBBY] Oh, I see the sloth.
[JONATHAN] You have like some beauty products, babe.
All right, well you know, there's some room for improvement.
[BOBBY] Are you still doing discrete math? Why is it discrete? Why can't it be loud and proud math? [LAUGHS] [ANTONI] Hash browns.
Thomas, did you hang this mirror? 'Cause it doesn't work for people of my height.
He only has three pairs of underwear.
- Little baby.
- What's this nuggets name? - I have no name for it.
- You have no name for it? The sloth has no name.
[KARAMO] Okay, let's take this off you now.
[JONATHAN] Yeah, let's get cuter.
We're already Queer Eyeing you.
This place is great, they've got loads of awesome little pieces.
[JONATHAN] Can we go and have like a grooming moment? Wait, let's investigate your baño.
Just wanted to take a moment to figure out what a morning in the life of Thomas is.
[THOMAS] I brush my teeth.
Rinse my face off.
I use a skin product for my exfoliant.
Or I think I do.
[LAUGHS] The pistons are starting to go.
We're thinking about it.
He's not 'failure to launch', he's just like 'confused to launch'.
- I'm into your hair.
- Why, thank you.
I think we could play a little bit with some products and like have fun and I feel like maybe Bobby's just going to like design our lives up.
Maybe utilize some more storage in your bedroom as well? I'm seeing nothing of Thomas in this space.
It's all Krissy.
Maybe you can make a vanity I'm not trying to design - Yeah, oh, my God.
- Yeah.
- I don't wanna put words in your mouth.
- Let's go look at your bedroom.
I'm gonna make sure that nothing bad happens to your cake.
[BOBBY] So, what goes on in here? Usually just gaming, sleep, eat.
- Ok, so basically everything.
- All of my time.
[BOBBY] His space right now, looks like kinda like a depressed teenager, who just sits in his room and plays on his computer.
So [HESITATES] it's a little bland.
Happy Birthday Dear Thomas Happy Birthday to you Blow it out before it stops! Don't burn the sloth! It hurts so bad.
It hurts so bad.
[ANTONI] We're gonna get the perfect little sloth.
Oh, my gosh, yummers.
Who wants cake? - Me.
- Me.
- We should really give a piece to - The birthday boy? No.
I have the wait, there was a nice one with the sloth.
- They've eaten it already.
- Oh, my God! You picked the one with the sloth? That was for Thomas.
- That birthday cake was gorgeous.
- Rude! So, who does the cooking? Generally, Krissy does a lot of the cooking in the house, and she's kind of forced me to try broccoli for the first time.
How old were you when you had broccoli for the first time? - Twenty.
- You were twenty? So, what are your least favourite vegetables? I really don't like brussel sprouts.
But there are ways to treat vegetables so that you can really make them be delicious.
You can turn them into something beautiful that people remember.
You know at one point we grow up and we wanna learn how to do certain things.
Yeah, definitely.
[TAN] Alright, I do wanna check out your closet.
You grab these.
Okay, so this is it? That and this is your whole closet? - Oh! - [THOMAS LAUGHS] I love that.
Thank you.
- Do you wear that? - No.
'Cause I love it! I don't keep nice clothes in my closet thinking, "one day I'm gonna wear that.
" I keep nice clothes in my closet thinking, "I'm gonna wear that today.
" Tell me about your jeans, 'cause everything looks really big.
I get really self-conscious about my weight, so I wear a lot of baggier things.
Okay, when you see you in the future, what do you look like? Donald Glover.
Tell me what you like about him.
It's really simple, but also really stylish.
He's kooky.
- He is kooky.
- Yep.
- He is very kooky.
- Do you like a bit of kooky? - I do.
- Okay.
All in all, we're not gonna make it Donald Glover, we're going to be inspired by him.
But, I want to find your style, I wanna bring some personality out, 'cause you've got personality to show too.
- That sounds awesome.
- Okay.
Thomas! Alright, so out here, you got a pretty cool space back here.
You see, I know it's hard to entertain in a smaller space.
I lived in New York for years and my apartment was smaller than this.
[THOMAS] Oh, man.
Do you like the outdoors? Are you scared of the outdoors? I'm not afraid of the outdoors.
I just don't like bugs.
Not afraid of hugs, not afraid of We'll get some citric, citronella candles.
We'll keep the bugs away and Falls in Missouri are so nice.
- They are.
I kinda wanna make a space out here that you can have friends over, have a barbecue, maybe like zhush up back of it, - so it's a little prettier back here.
- Yeah.
I got a plan on going now, alright.
- Surprise! - Hey.
Who's that? I was just riffling up in your bathroom.
- How are you? - Good, how are you? You look so good, look at you.
Can you believe though, your baby brother is a full twenty-one? - Twenty-one.
- How's that feel? Weird.
I changed his diapers.
[ALL] Aw Not recently, though, right? Not yet.
We haven't gone out drinking yet.
- Can I spend some time with you? - Of course.
Okay, I'm gonna go explore.
Let's just sit out here.
Okay, go.
So, how do you think your mother would feel about where you both are right now? I'd like to think that she'd be pretty happy, you know.
Everything I do is like to try and make myself into somebody that my mom would be really proud of, you know.
And that's kinda why I helped my brother, 'cause I want to do what I know that she would want me to be doing, so.
What are you most scared of for Thomas? That he never leaves his room and just like gets stuck in this rut of just like going to work, coming home, sitting on the computer and like, lather, rinse, repeat, you know, like.
Do you think that' your responsibility, now that he's twenty-one? I would move the moon for him, that's not like to me, it's nothing.
Are you happy in Kansas? I'm at like a weird spot, like with what I want to do in life and I don't know if I can find that here.
But, I want to make sure that before I do anything, like, Thomas is, like, set up and good and I don't feel like worried about him just like staying in his house forever and you know.
Krissy needs for Thomas to grow up.
She's holding herself back because she's scared she can't leave her brother.
I know at the end of this week something's happening for your birthday.
- Up Down! - What's Up Down? Up Down's like a 'barcade', so Barcade, like a bar and arcade.
- How are you feeling about that? - I'm kind of nervous.
That has to change, it's time for you to show the world who Thomas is and for you to be proud and excited about life, because you deserve to be.
Any final words? I've got nothing.
Trust and believe, by the end of this week, you will have a lot of words.
Yes! Yes! I feel like I'm never going to top this birthday present.
[ALL LAUGH] [ANTONI] Thomas lives with his sister and he should be a part of that kitchen as much as she is.
I want cooking to be attractive, something that he can evolve and adapt on.
By just laying out that foundation, hopefully it gets him excited to try different things.
[BOBBY] I need to take Thomas out of this teenager room and incorporate the same design throughout the house, where Thomas doesn't just see himself in his new adult room, but also in the whole home.
It's almost like the reverse of "I woke up like this," like, did anyone ever wake up like this? Absolutely not! You gotta put your back into it, so I just want Thomas to just give the illusion that he just woke up like this but really he put in some effort.
[TAN] I want Thomas to start to use his clothes as a vehicle to starting up a conversation with people, to showing his personality.
Even when he feels like he can't articulate himself, his clothes can do it for him.
[KARAMO] There's this big wall in between him and the rest of the world and he needs to start being open to people.
We have to work hard to make sure that Thomas is at a place where he feels confident to be on his own.
[TAN] Have you been to this area before? I used to work just down the street.
What were you doing there? I worked for Legoland, as an entertainments host.
You did? I love that.
I want to bring out some personality in your clothing.
'Cause right now, it's all very plain.
Very, very plain.
You're going out on Friday.
'Cause it's your birthday, I don't want it to be old Thomas that steps in to that bar, I want it to be slick, new Thomas.
Like Donald Glover's little brother.
- Slick slick.
Slick slick.
Slick slick.
- Slick slick.
[TAN] Think, what would Donald Glover do? Would he wear this? So, it looks like a plain black jacket, but it's actually a kimono, but it's so simple because it's black.
Let's take that.
Next! I love a stripe.
[THOMAS] I've never really worn stripes, but I'm not against it.
There's a common misconception that horizontal stripes make you look bigger than you are, in my opinion it's a load of bull.
If you like the print, go for it.
Next, I want to make sure that things fit him well, that he knows how to layer, that he knows how to disguise the parts of his body that he wants to disguise and to do that I wanna bring in foundations.
- An animal print? - Maybe just a little too bold for me.
- Are you open to trying anything on? - I am.
Great, I'm gonna find a tutu and we're gonna see how that looks on you.
No, we're gonna give this a go and it's I promise you it's gonna look great, but if you're not feeling it, we won't go for that.
I don't wanna force anything on you that's not gonna work.
We'll find other options that work for you.
Your sister has bags of personality and you're a little more subdued, but she said when you were a kid you were all about that.
It all kind of disappeared kind of around the time my mom passed away.
- Okay.
- I do wanna be able to express myself, be able to talk freely and Okay, are we gonna make sure we're in the right outfit to do that? - Make sure we're in the right - Is that gonna help? - It will.
- Okay, good.
- Give me a shout if you need anything.
- I will.
[WHISPERING] Hello, thank you for coming.
Okay Thomas, are you decent? I think so.
Come on, let's see you.
You look pretty great.
- Hi.
- How you feeling? - I feel snazzy.
- Snazzy? - Snazzy? - I like that word.
- I like leopard print.
Going shopping with a friend, a family member, will take you out of your comfort zone.
That's an easy way to encourage change in your wardrobe, by allowing somebody else to help you and maybe taking on their ideas of what is cool for you.
How do you feel? I kinda like it, actually.
The shirt is growing on me.
- Good.
- More of that.
Can I show you We're gonna do so much more of that Krissy don't you even worry.
Okay, do you see how slim you look, when you look in there? You look fantastic.
Yes, okay, now let's change you into a more casual look.
Okay, what do you think? I like it quite a bit.
- [KRISSY] That sounds like excitement.
- That sounds like excitement to me.
[TAN] Do you see his style icon there? I could see him finding a new friend on Friday from this.
I can see him finding two new friends on Friday.
- Man, that's a step.
- That's our goal.
[THOMAS] This is Krissy's favorite restaurant.
- [ANTONI] No! - She loves this place.
This is your sister's favorite restaurant? - Do you guys come here together? - No, I've never been.
I'm all about making siblings jealous.
- Chef Sam, how's it going? - Hi, good.
How are you? This is my dear friend, Thomas.
- Sam, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Sam.
- Kitchen's all yours.
- Thank you so much.
Alright Thomas, I wanna teach you how to prepare a full-on meal from scratch.
So bringing up your little friend.
Who? The brussels sprout.
- How do you feel about that? - Nervous.
Other than tater tots and veggie patties, Thomas has never really prepared a meal for himself.
My mom used to kind of boil them, - they smell, just like - They smell like farts! But, we're going to treat these in a certain way to really like bring out their flavor, Get them really nice and crispy.
Is there anything she made that you have like a fond memory of? I always loved her spaghetti.
And would you guys have this as a family? Yeah, usually it's me, Mom and Krissy.
- Okay.
- Sometimes Dad.
That's how food was for me growing up.
I didn't come from the most functional household, but that was, like, the one time that we had to all just sort of - connect and talk about our day.
- Yeah.
So, with the brussel this part isn't very delicious.
So, you cut a little V right along this end, like so.
Cuz you want all the leaves to stay attached to each little sprout and then if you cut it down the center, you have a little cross-section.
Here, try one.
So, you just go down with one.
And then against the other one.
We're also going to prepare a shallot, get some sweetness.
- I feel like we need protein a little bit.
- Maybe.
Da, da, da, daa! - Oh, my gosh.
- That's steak.
- Steak.
- Okay.
So, we're ready to cook.
Bring this right over here.
Now we're gona make our base for the steak.
Butter, clove of garlic, throw in a couple of sprigs of the rosemary.
- And so now we're sort - Oh wow, it's already starting to perfume.
Right? We have our butter and our oil here for our shallots and the brussels sprouts.
So, if you'll just reach in here and lay them out so that they're nice and flat, facing down.
- I can do that.
- Great.
And then we're ready to throw the steak on.
So, we're gonna throw this right on to a hot a pan like so.
Beautiful! Palates can change, our sensibilities do as well as we grow up.
and Thomas is at an age where I think he's open to these new experiences.
Part of that is tasting brussels sprouts that don't taste like farts.
Your sister is gonna be so impressed.
You came to her favorite restaurant and you learned how to cook for yourself, all in one day.
That's kind of what it feels like for me right now.
- It's kind of a coming to age.
- Yeah.
Now I'm going to teach you a really important trick.
I want you to take a hand like this and now press down here.
So, you have medium rare when you touch your index.
That's exactly the same texture it's going to have.
Medium, little more firm and well done So, now touch the center that and where do we have? - Medium rare.
- Beautiful.
That means we're ready.
[ANTONI] It's really nice to see Thomas engaging with his senses.
It's like he's losing his culinary virginity.
So, let's check it out.
Try this little guy here.
Oh, my God.
[LAUGHS] Oh, my God, they're amazing.
It's nice having kind of that hint of shallot.
It doesn't taste Did you just say "it's nice to have that hint of shallot"? Who are you? Who are you becoming? I don't know.
[ANTONI] Thomas is a badass boss.
This is such a far cry from who he was just a few days ago.
Time wise, it's the exact same amount of time, maybe even a little less than it takes for you to make your tater tots and your veggie patties.
Like you can create that in a nice small intimate way of just, like, time that you can spend with yourself, with a date, with friends, with your sister.
It's showing love.
[MUSIC PLAYING] Thank y'all.
[THOMAS] What is this? [KARAMO] You wouldn't even know by seeing the name.
- [THOMAS] I still don't know.
- [KARAMO] I know, exactly.
- I'm excited actually.
- Are you? Good! That actually makes me happy that you're excited.
Oh no.
[CHUCKLES] Don't worry.
Don't worry.
- Have you ever done this before? - Never been rock climbing, no.
Well, I love that you're already enthusiastic about it.
So, we go to war with our minds and we build these walls up and a lot of times the wall start winning.
You start keeping everything out.
You start keeping yourself closed in and you're not letting the world see the real you.
Those things that you've been holding in, have been turning into basically a wall like this.
[KARAMO] You know I love a metaphor.
You know I love a physical representation that's gonna show you exactly how to get over the hurdles you have in your life.
Are you ready to go? Are you ready to climb? - I think I'm ready.
- Okay, so the more important piece is getting out of your own head, it's meditative, you know.
Whoo! - I'm in.
[CHUCKLES] - You wanna try it? - It's on you, brother.
- Okay.
Let's start kinda low, maybe.
Oh, God.
[CHUCKLES] Good job.
Yeah, already.
There you go.
Oh, God.
I've got you.
- You can do it.
You got it.
- You can do it.
Oh, God.
[ANDREW] Take your time, you know, no need to rush.
[KARAMO] I'm climbing with you.
Okay? - Aah! - [KARAMO] Don't worry.
[KARAMO] Take a deep breath.
C'mon, climb.
- [KARAMO] Good.
- Let's go up.
- [ANDREW] Nice.
- [KARAMO] Good job.
You see how far you've come already? Good job.
[KARAMO] There you go.
To the top, you made it.
Let me tell you something, you are no sloth.
[THOMAS] I need to find a new spirit animal.
Sloths do not move this fast up a wall and don't move this confidently up a wall.
This is awesome.
All the nerves and anxiety he had, they're gone.
When you look at Thomas you'd have thought, "He's going to be out of breath," "He's not gonna be able to do this.
" Thomas is like, "No, no, no, no, not today, Satan, I'm going to conquer this wall and I'm going to make it happen.
" - [KARAMO] That's only phase one - [THOMAS] What's phase two? Don't worry, you'll see.
- After you, kind sir.
- Well, thank you.
- You're like, "What is phase two?" - What is phase two? So, we talked about how you've been building a wall up and I want to start going through the pieces of your life that have built up that wall and I want to start building that wall, again right here.
We're just going to use these materials.
So, let's that grabbing them.
Now, what does this represent? [THOMAS] It's definitely, kind of like, feeling empty.
I'm sad, I miss my mom, you know.
Tell me something you loved about your mom.
I loved how she was always the life of the party, you know.
She was someone you could confide in, she'd give you the food on her plate, the water out of her own cup.
She was always there for you.
Grab another one.
Even my dad kind of started building up walls to keep to himself as well.
Staying at home playing games.
I'm missing out a lot on just kind of life.
Not having support, it kind of made me feel alone.
It was really hard to make friends.
I kind of avoided the whole topic of thinking about my mother, you know.
[SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] Look how tall this wall is.
All I can see a slither of your face.
There's a wall that's keeping you locked out of the world.
That, actually, is what keeps you from socializing with people on the outside.
Do you want this for another 21 years of your life? Uh Are you ready to tear down this wall? [CHUCKLES] - Felt good, didn't it? - It did.
- It did right? - It does feel good, yeah.
Step up here.
Whoo! - How's it feel? - It feels great.
[CHUCKLES] Why does it feel good? Being able to see that you know, like instead of seeing it as a wall, it's definitely something I should be using to - push myself up, ya know? - Yes.
Something that makes me stronger, not something that makes me weaker.
That's it.
- [JONATHAN] Ready? - [THOMAS] Ready.
- [THOMAS] This is us? - [JONATHAN] Yep, come on in.
- Well thank you.
- Oh my God.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Gorgeous.
- What's going on? Take a seat.
Okay, get in here.
This is gorgeous Tahki, we're obsessed with him.
- He's got good hair.
- He's got amazing hair.
- He definitely does.
- We're gonna taper out this back hairline but kinda wanna grow your hair out into, like, a little, like, Donald Glover moment.
I love cutting hair in heels, oh, my God.
Like, I feel so a powerful in the heel, oh, my God.
What makes you feel powerful? What makes you just feel like "Oh, I feel that breeze, honey"? Like, you know that one emoji on Instagram that's, like, that Like, the girl that, like what makes you feel like that? Are you excited for work in the morning? Yeah, I really love going to work, actually.
My co-workers are really awesome.
What would they want to see out of this experience for you? They always want me to be more outgoing, more social.
Is there any, like, gorgeous lady who you are obsessed with there? Do we like anyone? Are we dating? Who is there? - Not at all.
[SCOFFS] - What I hear you saying is that the dating life is not poppin'.
- It's not poppin'.
- How much not poppin'? - Like was there someone? - Not really.
Are you serving me, like, Drew Barrymore, like in Never Been Kissed? - Yeah.
About to get in with my corner work.
Are you ready? Hold that ear we don't wanna shave it off.
Bye, beard.
Bye, beard.
Okay, sit up.
Sit your gorgeous body up.
Okay, sponging lesson 101.
- Here's the thing with the sponge.
- Okay.
This is what it looks like.
The bigger the circle, the bigger the curl.
The littler the circle, the littler the curl.
- Okay.
- So, I kinda like a tight curl.
It's kinda cute.
We don't like press it on to the head really hard.
The more we do this to your hair, the better it's gonna look every time you do it.
So, and this is just, like, for like special occasions, when you feel like it.
Do you know what I think is, like, really gorgeous especially, if I could just impart this on you.
I love that you haven't, that we haven't made out.
I love that you're living your best truth, you know what I mean, like We don't need a relationship to make us happy.
You don't need this, like, all we need to do is have fun and keep getting to know yourself.
- You're just, like, killing it right now.
- Thank you.
You're killing it with school, killing it with your job.
You're just, like, coming into yourself and I just want you to know that, like I'm very much proud of you.
I adore you.
- Thank you very much.
- Do you love your hair? - I do.
- All I want for Thomas, is, like, for him to be happy and cute and know that he's worth someone making out with him.
In fact not someone, probably ten girls.
Or and guys, maybe he's fluid, I don't care.
Get all up in it, go look at yourself.
[KARAMO] So, just to give you a little information, Bobby, yesterday, he was scaling this wall, quick as day.
Rock climbing's fun, isn't it? I actually have a fear of heights, so, like, going all the way up there to the top and looking back.
[LAUGHS] - Hold on, you have a fear of heights? - I do.
Good job.
You just learn to omit it, just pretend it's not happening and just keep going.
Most people, if they're afraid of something, let me tell you what they're not gonna do, is do it.
Karamo has a tendency of pushing people over the edge, in a good way.
We're here.
Okay, Tan sent over two shirts for you, - Which do you like? - I like the black, - just because short sleeves, you know? - Boom.
- How do you feel? - Nervous.
Why? Don't be nervous.
Don't be nervous, you don't even know what you're doing.
Exactly, that's why I'm nervous.
Come on.
Come on.
[BOBBY] I'm glad you said that you're nervous because the whole point of this is actually to help you find a way to not be.
I know you mentioned me that sometimes you have a hard time just, like, going up and talking to people because you don't necessarily know how to relate to them.
But, these are a group of people around your age who are into Japan, into Anime.
It is the Kansas City Japan Club.
Now that Thomas has pushed down all of his walls.
There's nothing stopping him from connecting with others.
It's easy, everyone's socializing, having fun.
- [THOMAS] How's it going? - I'm Chris.
- I'm Thomas.
- Thomas, nice to meet you, man.
- I'm Laura.
- Laura, nice to meet you.
- I'm Breezy.
- Breezy, nice to meet you.
We are talking about theatre experiences.
Did you grab these dogs yet? - You should get some, they're fantastic.
- Do you want some food? - Sure.
- I'll be right back.
What are you feeling right now? I'm nervous.
I'm really nervous.
So, good thing right here is immediately socializing is go into what your interests are.
You can say something about any anime character and someone in there is going to understand it.
Go back to the wall, you scaled that wall.
You knock down the walls, go back to that, okay.
That's great.
Season three of Attack on Titan started too, didn't it? - I'm back.
- Hey.
- Are you an Anime fan? - I am.
So, is this kind of like an Anime club? Yeah, we were talking about Dr.
Lots of nerds, Dr.
Who? - What's your favorite? - Right now, it's kinda like Re: Zero.
- Are you a gamer too? - I'm more into like PC gaming, so I do a lot of like MMORPG.
- Yeah.
- Like which one? Right now it's WoW, that's the basic one.
It is so important for people to find their tribe.
It makes you feel as if you belong, when you're talking to someone and they can relate to you on levels that other people can't relate to you on.
You play Mario Kart? We're going to have a good time, it's gonna be a party, man.
I did see a really good movie, nothing Anime related Sorry to Bother You! Oh, my God, I just saw that the other day too.
So, just go in there and connect.
Talk about what you know.
My dream costume is to build a full set of power armor.
[LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh cute, love this.
- Oh, man, we're already - We're already home, but it's very new version of your home.
[TAN] I think you're going to be very excited.
[MUSIC PLAYING] Come on, I can't wait for you to see.
- Hi.
- Hi, gay-bors.
- Look how handsome you are - So cute Good to see you.
Twinsies! This is your exact look for your birthday party tonight.
[LAUGHS] See the heels too, we're gonna be twins.
- Do you wanna come see your house? - Are you ready? Alright.
Oh, my [BOBBY LAUGHS] [THOMAS] Oh, my God.
- That's awesome.
- [BOBBY] You guys already had really great pieces.
I just reused them and just created a new space.
I love these.
These are kind of Japanese inspired and the mirror now, both you and your tall friends can use it.
'Cause before, I had to go like this to use it.
[THOMAS] I love the lamps, honestly.
Ready to see your bedroom? I mean you can already see it, but - What do you think now? - It's so good, it's so good.
[JONATHAN] That's a slow clap, right there.
[THOMAS] This is amazing.
[BOBBY] So, I put these really cool bed panels on the wall to make a headboard.
- Now, it looks like a home.
- It does.
[THOMAS] And you kept the sloth! [KARAMO] The sloth is in the basket.
Do you have your new spirit animal? - I think I'm a lion.
- A lion! Yeah! I like that.
I feel like you grew up like ten years of emotional maturity this week, Boobie! - You ready to see some more house now? - Definitely.
Of course the lion is.
- [THOMAS] Oh, my God.
- [BOBBY] New cook top.
I repainted the kitchen cabinets for you guys, you know, I took off the front of these, because if you take the cabinet doors off and open them up, it actually makes the kitchen feel a whole lot bigger, but I have one more thing to show you.
Oh, my This is amazing.
[CHUCKLES] [BOBBY] So, new ping-pong table, which as you can see, it can also be used as a big dining table to eat out here.
You can start hosting barbecues on the weekend and you guys can really have a fun place to hang out and chill that's not just in the house.
- You going to do that for me? - I will.
- Promise? Yeah? - Promise.
- Pinky promise.
- [LAUGHS] [JONATHAN] This is your new bathroom.
So now, before tonight, let's zhush it up a little bit.
So, basically what I want you to do first, you're gonna put this on.
It's just a little moisturizer.
You're going to pump it on your hand and take your pinky, then you're going to go: dot dot and then rub, right? 'Cause if you put it in your hands and then just rub it everywhere you've used it all over your fingertips instead of applying it to your face, then I got you a lip mask too.
It's definitely different from what I'm used to doing.
I'm really learning to kind of do stuff for myself.
This is, like, your level up challenge.
Level up.
But, right? - I feel like this is where we just were - Seriously.
- Just a few days ago.
- Yeah.
[KARAMO] Tonight's your party.
- I'm really excited too.
- You are? What are you most excited about for tonight? Just to be around people and really have fun and show them the new fierce, stylistic, expressive Thomas.
How do you think that your mother would feel to see the transformation you had in such a short amount of time? She'd be really proud.
Just seeing me grow as a person.
Doing things I'm not used to doing at all.
Or not comfortable doing.
What would you want to say to her if she was here? I've missed her for a long time, but that I'm growing to be a better person.
[ANTONI] Okay, here we are.
So, you're fully stocked here.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Yeah.
You have your brussels sprouts, your filets are ready, season those two pieces with kosher salt and put them back in the fridge.
It's going to extract some of the juice and then reabsorb it with the salt - [THOMAS] Definitely.
- [ANTONI] Do you feel confident? I do, I feel really confident about doing this.
It's going to send such a strong message of your autonomy.
- Yeah.
- You're going to do great.
[TAN] Oh la la! Wait, what did we make? You're gonna find out a little later.
It's going to be a little surprise.
[MUSIC PLAYING] It's wardrobe time.
- I really like this one already.
- Good.
I love these.
If you were wearing all of this and just these, you got your pop of something.
- I would notice you on the street.
- Yeah.
I tried to find ways to add something neutral with a pop of colour.
So you don't feel like you're going all all out.
I got you new denim, got a bunch of different washes and they are all tapered at the bottom, but I want you to then add that one thing that's a point of interest.
So, for example tonight wear a a print or a colour that is even a conversation starter, where somebody could come over and say: "I really like that thing you're wearing.
" Okay, so there are the pieces I got for you, tell me what you think.
Really nice shoes.
The red, very bright.
Love that.
People on the street don't know how charismatic you are.
So, this is your way of showing, even before they speak to you, they know he's got some charisma.
I'm ready.
Hi, love.
How are you? - Good.
- You look great as always.
- Well thank you.
- Perfect.
- Come on, are you excited? - Yeah.
[CHUCKLES] - [KRISSY] Oh, my God, a fence! - [KARAMO] I know, you're like what happened here? Come on back.
Look at this backyard.
[JONATHAN] Oh my god! [BOBBY] Oh, she's shaking.
- [BOBBY] Hi, baby.
- [KRISSY] Hi.
You look so cute.
Thank you [KRISSY] Oh, my God, you guys you He slayed.
He came to play today, honey.
Come explore, come look at this little nook over here.
- [KRISSY] Oh, my God.
It's so beautiful.
- [JONATHAN] Take it all in.
Tell us about the parties you're gonna have out here.
There'll be so many cocktail hours.
Boys, you ready? - Yeah! - Okay.
- Come on, my lion.
- Hey.
Yeah! - Do you have in contacts? - I do.
I loved your glasses, you look so good without them.
[KARAMO] Yeah, you do.
- Those kicks are nice.
- Those shoes! We're just gonna take this off, 'cause I want to sit down with us, but I don't want you to overheat.
[ALL CHEERING] - Shirt is nice.
- You're full of surprises, honey.
[LAUGHING] - [TAN] Come sit with us.
- [KRISSY] That's beautiful.
[TAN] First things first, - what do you think? - Amazing and not even just the look, it's like I can tell like his presence is there.
Just to see you be the way that you are around me.
That means everything.
I am an adult, you know.
You don't have to worry about me as much as you do, and I can - take care of myself.
- Yeah? Yeah.
How does it make you feel knowing that your brother said he's ready now, you don't have to worry about him? - It makes me feel good.
- Yeah? It makes me feel good.
I just want to say thank you all, really, for spending this time with me and really getting to know me.
You've played a huge role in breaking down those barriers and, like, those walls that I've put up.
and really finding what has been holding me back and pushing me out.
[CHUCKLES] Working me out of my comfort zone and I'm not going to let you down.
I'm going to keep doing what I do and do it better.
Can you give us one final guttural roar? Let's all do it together.
Three, two, one.
[ALL] Roar! [CHEERING] We're out of here.
[ANTONI] I'm hugging you here.
Good luck, you're gonna be so great.
I can't wait to see what you do.
- Sponge that hair! - Sponge the hair.
- Cutest boy ever.
- I'm excited.
I'm extremely proud of you.
- You have fun tonight, alright? - I will.
- Bye guys, good luck.
- Good luck tonight, have so much fun.
[BOTH LAUGH] [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] [BOBBY] What are you making today, Antoni? We taught Thomas how to make crispy brussels sprouts.
[JONATHAN] You want some brussels sprouts, Bruley? No, he doesn't.
Nobody does.
I can't believe that we got somebody on their 21st birthday I know.
- This is really good Ant, thank you.
- So easy to make.
- [BOBBY] Are we ready? - [TAN] Mm-hm.
Here's the lovely living room.
Ooh! - Some hints of Tokyo, Japan, - [GASPS] - that kind of stuff.
- There's another poster from the series.
- That's right.
- Gorgeous.
Wow, Thomas! [BOBBY] Got a man's room now.
The bedroom is so good, I love that wall.
[CHUCKLES] It's my color palette too.
[THOMAS] If you want to get ready, I'm going to go ahead and just finish up the best I can.
[TAN] Yes, send her on her way, you can handle this.
He has got it.
He is taking control.
Something smells good in here! Thank you.
She's like checking in.
She's like, "Is the kitchen burning down?" No, we good.
We got this! So, where do we start? [CHUCKLES] I think we start off with the hydrator.
[JONATHAN] Oh, my God, he's doing so good, you guys.
Just go ahead and [JONATHAN] Why is he wiping it off? [KARAMO] I love that he just wasted all that moisturizer.
Use that expensive moisturizer and then you take it off.
- We're trying it out, we're getting there.
- [TAN] Okay, great.
[BOBBY] Is this a lip mask? What if you're gonna make-out with someone on your 21st birthday.
- I don't know.
- You want those lips soft, honey.
Sponge that hair, honey.
Don't think that's half bad.
[ALL] Aw.
It might be cold in there, so let's definitely use these.
[KARAMO] I love that camo jacket.
That's the right choice.
That's the right choice.
- Look how dapper you look, Thomas.
- Thank you.
Wow [JONATHAN] He's serving the steak up on a board? Like, what? [KRISSY] Tender.
That's a beautiful medium rare, almost a rare.
- [THOMAS] Mm-hm.
- [KRISSY] Mm-hm.
That's baller.
[LAUGHS] Thank you.
- They're pretty crispy.
- Those are good.
Dude! - I'd eat that again.
- I would make it again.
[ANTONI] Do you know what this does for her? Like, if she wants to move somewhere, she can do that now.
She knows he's able to take care of himself.
This is a wonderful surprise.
Well, I have a surprise for you.
- Oh, my God.
- Hi.
Happy Birthday! - Cute.
- Oh, my, you look so sexy, like rapper! [LAUGHING, EXCLAIMING] Look how happy he looks.
[ALL CHEERING] [LAUGHTER] [JONATHAN] Who's that cute high-pony girl? She keeps looking at him.
[TAN] He looks so good! He's a different person.
[CHEERING] [JONATHAN] He's serving me comfort in his own skin.
He's serving me confidence.
No, I suck at all of this.
[JONATHAN] Honey, he's got a stage five clinger! - This girl has not left his side all day.
- Yeah.
- You wanna go get a drink at the bar? - Yeah.
He's playing games and he's got game.
It's actually not about the way you look, it's about the way that you show up for yourself, through actions not words.
The things that you've experienced in your life are gonna be great conversation starters, but you have to put yourself out there.
We all wanna connect to other people, I don't think we're meant to be alone.
When's the last time you played this? A long time.
I feel really amazing, honestly.
Now that I'm 21 and I've had this experience with the Fab Five, it's definitely reawakened that ten-year-old Thomas in me and now I feel comfortable going out and experiencing life, you know? A brussels sprouts to our lion! Yes! To our lion.
[KARAMO] You want to eat some? Bruley like brussels sprouts too.
He's gonna be so gassy later.
My spirit animal is a peacock.
My spirit animal is a corgi.
No! I don't know why Antoni loves corgis so much but according to the spirit animal map, mine's corgi.
I'm a springbok.
I'm going to say a panther.
I reside in like Zimbabwe and like Tanzania.
It's a predator.
I'm a panther.
I have really interesting markings and I'm also very graceful and full of hops.
My spirit animal today is an adolescent corgi.
A tri-color, sitting in a really comfy, little plush bed.
Just resting near a fireplace, in the nice soft pillow with a little blanket.
Just being a happy pupper.