Queer Eye (2018) s03e08 Episode Script

Baby on Board

1 [JONATHAN] Oh, my God.
I'm very excited because we got a gorgeous new expectant father on the way this week, Mr.
Tony Blanco.
Yeah! Alright! He is six feet tall.
He's 255 pounds.
Oh, I love that, I could just fit right into that No.
He was nominated by Bri, his pregnant/live-in girlfriend.
The last girlfriend I ever had, her name was Bri.
My only girlfriend I ever had, her name was Bri.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
It was in 4th grade.
[EVERYONE LAUGHS] He and Bri met when they both worked at Best Buy.
But today he works in IT at a medical facility.
I love a retail romance.
Tony and Bri are expecting their first baby together any day.
- Aww.
- She's having a girl.
Is our final scene where we help her give birth? - And we're all midwives? - Yes! I nominated Tony because we're having a baby any day now.
And we're not ready for this baby at all.
And we've known she's been coming for nine months.
It is baby number one for me.
Number two for my girlfriend.
[BRI] Tony is an amazing stepdad.
He's been an awesome father figure for Kairi.
With a six-year-old, she could pretty much take care of herself when I got into the picture.
This baby's gonna be completely different, so, I am 100% in panic mode.
We still have a lot to do.
You do like making lists.
- I like checking things off of lists.
- Yeah.
[BRI] For the last decade, Tony has been living like a bachelor.
There are times where the house gets so trashed that I don't even wanna come home.
It can't get to that level because there is a baby on the way.
My house is definitely not suitable for a newborn.
Mostly it all revolves around my procrastination.
[BRI] When this baby is here, I need him to recognize that, "The house is messy, I should do something about it," without me feeling like I need to tell him.
When I procrastinate, it doesn't feel good.
It's become an issue, not even just for me, but for other people.
Tony's always put on a front that he's very sure of himself.
But over this past year, he lost his job, he was in a car accident.
He's really taken a couple hits to his confidence.
And that really got me thinking about a lot of the things in my life that I need help with in order to welcome the baby.
[BRI] I call Tony a sloppy bear.
He's very hairy, he's kind of big.
He doesn't groom super well, like, he lets his mustache grow, like, past his lips.
No, I don't wanna kiss you.
Your mustache hairs are literally going up near my brain.
After this week, I'm hoping the Fab Five show Tony that he can step up, that he has it within himself to be a real partner when I really need a partner.
Bri's best friends are throwing them a huge baby shower - to give them a fresh start.
- I love a baby shower.
Canapés and cupcakes? Sign me up! Her family will be there and Tony would live for the ability to walk into nay, breeze into that baby shower with his head held high.
- Good job.
- So, ladies, our mission this week is to turn this sloppy daddy bear into a gorgeous, polished papa bear.
- Yeah! - Yeah! [JONATHAN] Let's do this.
Oh, this is just your size.
Proper gorge.
- Wish me luck.
- Okay.
[BOBBY] Yeah, this is how I normally hold a magazine.
[KAIRI] Come in.
Blanco, may I steal you for a moment please? Yes.
[BOBBY] Gotta keep them up now, he's about to come.
We have a slight problem with your insurance.
I'm just gonna need you to have a look at a form.
- Surprise! - Oh, my God.
Hey girl, how are you? Hey, I'm Karamo.
I know you don't believe this but I'm not a doctor.
- Oh, my God.
- My name's Antoni, nice to meet you.
From Tony's look, it kinda looks like he's already got the baby.
He's six months in, he doesn't have time to get ready in the morning If this is pre-baby, I can only imagine what post-baby's gonna look like.
Hi! - How are you? Nice to meet you.
- Karamo.
Hi, Bri.
- [JONATHAN] What's your name? - [GIRL] Kairi.
[JONATHAN] So how are you guys feeling that your baby family is about to increase by 25%? Thirty minutes ago we found out that we're having a baby in, like, eight days, so But you knew it was coming, it's not like it was a shock, - it's been a few months.
- Yeah.
Eight and a half months, it's pretty good prepared.
- Sounds about right.
- Hi, Doctor.
- Can we see the baby? - Yeah.
- [TAN] Have you been here for this before? - [KAIRI] No.
That was like spreading gorgeous ketchup on your tummy or something.
- Oh, my God.
- Is that the head? It's the head.
Is that the arm? [JONATHAN] Aw.
You know when parents say, [TAN] "Oh, my gosh.
This is the head.
This is the legs.
" I do not see legs or arms, I just see a furry little animal.
Do we have a name for the baby sister yet? - Rowan.
- Rowan? Oh, good name.
So, we got some more images to get so, if it's okay, guys Is it the part where we leave? Okay.
You want us to go? Yes.
Thank you so much for letting us be a part of this special moment.
- Bye.
- Love you.
Come on.
[JONATHAN] Look at your gorgeous house.
- Show us the way in.
- Okay.
- Gorgeous.
- Yeah.
Oh, honey, she's got an arch.
And a chalkboard.
That smell.
She's got a Smell-O-Vision quality to her.
[TONY] Been a minute since we did some dishes.
[BOBBY] This is insane.
[TAN] But it's also not just the kitchen, there's mess everywhere.
[ANTONI] Tony and Bri's kitchen [KARAMO] is disgusting.
I'm feeling norovirus.
I'm feeling food poisoning.
I'm feeling that baby is going to have a very strong immune system for the fact that there are germs aplenty.
While we're talking to you, you're gonna do better right now.
Just open that up.
There you go.
Can I tell you something that I didn't even realize? There is a to-do list over the mess.
This is Kai's chores.
It would be really, really shady to give her chores, when nobody else is doing chores.
- Yeah.
- [EVERYONE LAUGHS] Let's go to the bedroom.
[CHUCKLES] That's a way to get me up quickly.
- Holy [BLEEP].
- Get on that bed.
Holy [BLEEP].
No I can't lay on that bed.
[LAUGHING] Do you did you see how quick the save was? Am I a prissy little queen? I am.
Do you know what I really don't like? Being in a super dirty place.
There is a stank and I will find it.
- Raw cabbage.
- I don't wanna smell.
[ANTONI] The fridge is the site of an international incident.
I'm being very polite and gentle about it right now because it's overwhelming.
If these spoons can't come off - Oh, God.
- Antoni, you think they'll drop? - [ANTONI] Oh, God.
- [KARAMO] One did.
[BOBBY] Explain to me how the home got into the disarray that it's in.
I'm going to give Bri a pass because she's pregnant - and she can't bend over.
- Yeah.
That's fair.
That's fair.
My previous job I worked kinda far away so it was a bit of a commute.
You know when I was getting home from work there really wasn't a whole lot of time to relax, so we were in a time where we could kind of push this off.
- That's obviously not the case anymore.
- No.
Where's the nursery? Good question.
- We've talked about - Baby's coming next week.
- having her in our room.
- Okay.
I'm gonna explore more.
And we talked about having her in Kai's room.
And then where is Kai's room? - This way? - Kai's room is this way.
I see that the same organizational skills - are being passed down.
- Yep.
[BOBBY] Tony has been living in this filth for so long, he doesn't even realize it's not okay.
Especially with two little girls living in that house that are gonna get these habits of thinking that this is normal.
- Yeah I was going to, uh - Oh, Jesus.
- We're just doing a little massage.
- I was gonna jump on the bed.
- Whoa.
Why - I know.
Why are there so many pillows in here? I think we're all baby-proofed here, we're good to go.
[ANTONI] It's not a place a kid should be running around in.
There is a freaking sword just sitting there on the floor.
It's not even in its sheath.
I can't believe I knew the word sheath.
I don't think I've ever used it in a sentence before but I did just now.
[TAN] This one won't close because it's stuffed and that's empty.
They have a huge closet yet they still hang everything out here.
I want you to look around right now.
And I want you to tell me what do you see? A gross mess.
Okay, because I can tell you what I see.
This is literally you feeling overwhelmed.
- Yeah.
- So, it's one thing to say, "I didn't wash this dish because I'm tired, I'll get to it tomorrow.
" But it's another thing, of seeing one dish pile on top of another, and another, and another.
This is a representation of all the things that's piling up in his mind that he's scared to tackle.
[TAN] What's up with all the water bottles there, Tony? - They kinda just collect.
- Just get a glass! Yeah, I honest yeah.
- Stop killing the planet, Tony.
- I'm sorry.
Okay, does that not give you major anxiety every day? Yes.
Why haven't you ever done anything about it then? At this stage we've just been buried for so long that like we just need help.
- Like a clean slate.
- Yes.
My breasts have gotten so tender at this late trimester of my pregnancy.
Also, Mommy, you're getting some crumbs on your mustache.
- I'm a little full.
- I wanna make sure it's a big baby.
It's gonna be a huge baby.
[CHUCKLES] [TAN] I can't quite figure out where your clothes are in this room.
Do you not have many clothes? I've donated like three or four full trash bags of clothes that I just didn't fit into anymore.
Did you gain weight? Lose weight? What happened? - Yeah, gained weight.
- Okay.
So, the last time I didn't really see any issues was - seventy-ish pounds ago.
- Okay.
When I did feel good about my weight it was usually like a solid-colored button-up that I would tuck into dress pants with a belt.
- Okay.
- I stopped dressing like that when I walked into the store where I did 90% of my shopping and could not fit into anything in there.
You don't have a body that's difficult to dress, so maybe it's just about re-educating you on how to shop.
Okay so, tell me.
- Have you always had long hair? - No.
For years I would kind of let it grow out to about halfway down my face and then I'd just cut it super short.
I let it grow out because I wanted to try something different, and then I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do with it.
- Can I take your hair down? - Go for it.
- Let me see it.
- Yeah.
You've got gorgeous hair.
We could do something a little bit higher.
It's not your fault that you are like, um, a baby samurai.
Obsessed with.
- What does Bri say about your look? - Um, she I mean, she's told me that she likes my long hair.
When I shave it's usually because she's like, "Get away from me.
" What makes you feel good about the way you look? Um, I honestly yeah, like, I honestly don't even really know.
When you're kind of neglecting yourself, it's harder to feel good.
You're like, an extremely handsome man.
- Thank you.
- You literally are.
It would be nice to see you carrying yourself like you know that.
I'm gonna jazz and lift you up so hard, you know what I mean? I'm gonna tear your shirt off I'm kidding.
That'll be on Wednesday.
[LAUGHS] [KARAMO] If I had a music video, it would start like this.
Dance Dance Dance Dance Ground flaxseed? This is the best thing I found.
This is so good for BMs.
I am having so much fun.
You have a top bun! - Yep.
- It didn't take very long.
Let's talk a little bit about the end of the week.
So you have this beautiful baby shower.
How many people are coming? We've got something like a hundred or so people.
- Is Kai gonna be there as well? - Yes.
I heard that she's really big into food.
- That's what a little birdie told me.
- Yes.
We watch a ton of different baking shows and all sorts of stuff - She likes baking? Okay.
- Yes.
Is that anything you ever do together with Kai, like, cook in the kitchen? She asks a lot to help with dinner and I would love for her to do that, but then it comes down to - how do I teach a 6 year old how to - Right.
handle a sharp knife? The other unfortunate thing is all my knives are massive and she's got tiny six-year-old hands so Yeah, I saw a full-on ninja sword in the master bedroom that was just chilling out on the floor.
So you need something that's manageable, - that you can actually carry out - Yeah.
that you can do with her.
How are you? I'm hanging in there.
- You are? - Trying to.
It's very telling that your first thing was, "I'm hanging in there.
" I'd like to say that I was more ready than I am.
There's still a lot of things that I would like to be better about.
Organization and procrastination is a big problem.
And why do you think that you haven't been able to get over those hurdles? There was a time there where I was unemployed and just totaled my car.
So there's a lot of stress around that.
A lot of times, I end up disconnecting.
This anxiety, being overwhelmed, and then on top of that, you have a brand new baby coming and you feel like you have no idea of what to do.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's a lot for someone to deal with.
Do you ever get to talk about that with anyone? Me and Bri talk, but you know, that's We're both in it together.
So it's different.
Tony doesn't know how to ask for help.
He's keeping everything bottled inside and that's why he feels so overwhelmed by this home, by becoming a new father.
Everything is, like, on his shoulders.
You have the baby shower on Friday.
What do you need from us? I want to know not only that I can do it, but I want to be able to show Bri, and everybody else that we're inviting that I can be there and be a good parent for both of our kids.
We're gonna go ahead and put our hands in, and what's the baby's name again? - Rowan.
- Rowan's gorge.
Rowan's gorge! Yeah! [BOBBY] Tony is clearly overwhelmed with everything that's going on in his past, in his present, and he can't even think about his future.
What he needs, is a clean slate.
[KARAMO] It just takes one step at a time, and you'll eventually get to a place where you don't feel like you're drowning.
[ANTONI] Tony needs to learn how to ask for help.
He thinks that he has to do everything by himself but he can totally use Kai's passion for cooking to help him in this next chapter in his life.
[JONATHAN] I love your sexy beard.
I love your texture of hair, honey.
Let's just like, kind of shape it and make it look more on purpose instead of, "I grow this out once a year and then cut it off.
" [TAN] I want Tony to feel great in the present so he no longer thinks, "I need to lose weight to look good.
" "Do I look great right now and feel great right now?" "Abso-freaking-lutely.
" I'm really hungry and I kind of feel like we deserve a little treat.
[KAIRI] Yeah! Hi, Eren, how are you? Good! How are you guys? Oh, my gosh, they have espresso chocolate chip cookies.
- They have cupcakes.
Do you like cookies? - Yeah.
Eren do you mind if we like, sneak up inside the kitchen for a moment? Come on back! Oh, my gosh, you're as excited as I am about food.
This is gonna be great.
We have a baby shower at the end of the week and we have a child who is very interested in baking.
Let's have Kai and Tony make cookies for the baby shower.
We're making shortbread cookies, and then we're gonna decorate them.
Does that sound good? [KAIRI] Just a minute.
[KAIRI SCREAMS] She went to scream.
- I think that's a yes.
- You are not dramatic at all.
Luckily, I've known Jonathan for long enough so I'm ready for this kind of behavior.
The first thing that we're going to make is our dough.
So, it's one part sugar, two parts butter, three parts flour.
One, two, three.
Pretty easy right? Yeah.
So, you're going to slowly scoop it like this.
Tony's gonna help.
Bring it all in together, you wanna make a nice, perfect little ball.
Wanna help? There you go.
- Gotta be careful when I'm cutting.
- Great.
I'm gonna put these in the oven.
- We're setting these at 350.
Middle rack.
- [TONY] Three-fifty.
Are you watching? He's gonna put it in that big oven.
You're gonna be in charge of decorating.
You smear it and I sprinkle.
- You wanna do it that way? Okay.
- I think that's perfect.
I really hope this serves as the impetus for more opportunities to just get in the kitchen and make things together.
We have to make a lot of cookies, there's gonna be a lot of people there.
Are the boys gonna be there? - Yes.
- Yay! - Who are these boys? - My boyfriend.
You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend! He's not my boyfriend, but he's a friend of mine.
- Oh, okay that's fine.
- That happens to be a boy.
- Gotcha.
- Right.
But you're my boyfriend.
One day we're gonna have a little conversation.
[LAUGHS] Tony acts like he doesn't know what it's like to be a father, but he's been taking care of Kai.
He's so ready to be a new father to his baby.
He can do this.
That was a lot of fun.
Before this, I was struggling to think about different ways that she can help me with dinner.
And she's clearly interested, like, it's something she's so passionate about.
[KAIRI] Hi, boys! [ANTONI] Are you gonna carry your cookies? Just some extra sprinkles for the road.
In my stores I used to carry a lot of baby furniture.
Baby furniture for some reason goes out of stock a lot and when it goes out of stock pregnant mothers can get very - Cranky? - No.
Very - emotional.
- Mm-hmm [BOBBY] So we are here, because I think you need a bit of organization in your life.
How do you feel about that? I feel like "a little" might be, like, underselling it maybe a little bit? It's okay to be a little messy sometimes, but it's not okay to live in filth.
And that's kind of what Tony's doing right now.
- I struggle with some depression, - Mm-hmm.
and I've noticed when I'm in those funks, my bedroom starts to look like what your bedroom looks like.
- Yeah.
- And then you wake up in the morning and you see those piles and you're like - It does not help.
- Right.
And it's really hard to get on top of your piles of [BLEEP], no pun intended, when you automatically feel defeated when you wake up.
And I worry that that's kind of the rut that you've gotten into recently.
- Been there for a while.
- Yeah.
I've dealt with depression most of my life.
Most people think, "My house doesn't affect my mental health.
" It does.
- Yeah.
- So I want to show you some ways to keep things organised, you know, I want to hit that reset button for you.
Now that we've had a therapy session in The Container Store, - let's put all these emotions in this box.
- Okay.
Okay, stick them in there.
There we go.
[BOTH LAUGH] Back on the shelf.
I'd love to get some of these for Kai.
And these are great, size-wise.
- They can slide right under the bed.
- Right.
Just a second.
Ready? Open can.
- [GASPS] - That's magic.
I like this type of system because, A, you can take it out Oh, wow.
into the laundry room, fold it, then just put it right into the closet.
- But they still look pretty, - Yeah.
so when you're opening up your closet in the morning to get ready [VOCALIZES] Ah! - you know, it's where you start your day.
- Well, not currently.
- It's where I would like to start my day.
- Yeah.
You're starting your day already pretty defeated.
When you walk into a clean, organized space you don't feel defeated, you feel excited to do things with your life and with your family, and just really utilize the home that you worked so hard to have.
You know, I want you to come home and focus solely on being a great dad for Rowan, and not worried about, "God, this mess.
" Yeah.
[KARAMO] You obviously know where we are.
It's not my first time in a gym.
But this is really not a gym.
- Okay.
- This is baby boot camp.
- Oh, God.
- This is baby boot camp.
I want to give you the space so that you can learn how to handle yourself, so that way you feel more confident about handling the baby.
- Okay.
- The first thing you need to do is that you walk around wearing flip-flops.
Go inside there, and you can get a matching cute outfit like me.
- Awesome.
[LAUGHS] - Go change and I'll see you in a second.
- Twinsies! - Twinsies.
Tell me you love this.
- I'm yeah, no it's great.
- Come on.
We're twins! So this is baby boot camp, - and there's a baby coming in eight days.
- Yes.
- There hasn't been any real preparation? - Correct.
So I gotta be a little tough on you.
Tony's told me he feels really down on himself.
I want him to get his mind together, and his body together.
If you have something going on in your life and you need help with it, just ask for help.
That way, it doesn't get bigger and bigger in your mind.
- Yeah.
- This is how we're gonna do this exercise.
The only way you can ask for help, is with support.
So we're gonna lock our legs, go down with it, and when you come up, ask me for something.
- What do you need? - Um, preparing baby space.
When was the last time you asked for help? Um, I was going through a breakup, I needed a lot of help from my parents, and they were there - Yeah.
- when I needed them.
That is the same support.
Go back.
It's yours.
The same support you're gonna give your child.
His confidence needs to rise, and rise, and rise.
So that way he feels confident in doing everything it takes to be a good dad.
This is my friend, Janelle.
- Hello, nice to meet you.
- Hi, I'm Tony.
- This is now the baby boot camp.
- Oh, God.
[JANELLE] Let's talk about the basics of supporting your baby.
- [WHISTLE BLOWS] - How're you gonna burp the baby? [JANELLE] Think about this hand right here being like a tray.
- Okay.
- They just need to lean forward, and relax.
[BLOWS WHISTLE] Alright, the baby needs to be cleaned.
I'm going to grab the ankles.
These are baby dolls that are holding still but newborns if their heel kicks in - I mean, you just have to - It's bath time then.
- It gets messy.
- [WHISTLE BLOWS] Baby needs you to support her.
If I was gonna come take the baby from you, I can go this way, and I can pick the baby up with the support on their head, this way.
- [KARAMO] Swaddle.
- Oh, gosh.
Thought I was done.
[KARAMO AND TONY LAUGH] Just start going around nice and snug.
Happy baby.
[KARAMO] Good job! Bri and I went to, like, a doll store, and they had a swaddling station, we tried it out and Bri was like, - "No.
[LAUGHS] That is way too loose.
" - Yeah.
- You did good.
- Thank you.
- Bri will be very excited to hear that.
- Yeah! See? You should be excited too.
I understand your fear and anxiety, but you got this.
Never having done any of this stuff before, I mean, that was the biggest piece of anxiety.
I already feel a hundred times better.
- Proud of you.
- [SLAPPING HANDS] - Come on.
Let's get some daddy smoothies.
- Alright.
[CHUCKLES] [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] I wanted you to have a little part in putting together Rowan's crib.
Yes! [BOBBY] Although Tony may not know how to prepare for Rowan right now, he wants to.
So, I want to make sure that he helps me build this crib and he feels like he is already doing daddy things, because the first step is going for it.
Are you starting to feel that sense of accomplishment now? Knowing I can finish something, it's always a good feeling.
[TAN] Where are you shopping? It doesn't happen very often.
The last time I replaced a pair of jeans was because they were, like, contaminated by asbestos.
It just goes to show you need more than one pair of jeans - because you would've had a backup pair.
- Yup.
Um, okay.
This is your look.
So the thing I love about this store is they carry a brand that I love, it's called Billy Reid.
It's great men's clothes.
Like, dude clothes.
Tony's concern is that he's put on some weight and therefore, there aren't options for him anymore.
I want to dress him in a way that can make him feel just as good as he did 70 pounds ago.
When you look in the mirror now, what do you think? Usually it's either nothing, or, "ugh.
" I know when I look in the mirror I'm critical, but then when I put my clothes on, I think, "You've done your best to present yourself well to the world.
" What do you think? Um, that I haven't done that.
I wanna go through and find you some clothes, but I do wanna talk about - these monstrosities.
- Okay.
Why flip-flops? Of all the things you could put on your feet.
[TONY LAUGHS] Part of it is my California roots, um That's bull[BLEEP].
I've been to California a thousand times, and they look great.
It's comfort, and a lot of it honestly goes back to - being overheated a lot.
- I swear to Lucifer, they are not going to make you feel sexy.
- No matter what I do with you.
Sound good? - Yeah.
I found a pair of jeans that I think are gonna be great for you.
I know you said you only have one pair of jeans at once.
At least a raw pair of denim is gonna last you a long time.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
And then, you've got button-ups in your closet that feel so dad.
Like, my dad, though.
I wanna try some granddad collar shirts.
A button-up with a full collar is great, I want you to step it up a little bit more.
Is it too much of a transition from a regular button-up? Okay.
- Alright, ready to try it on? - Yes.
Alright, let's take a look.
Oh! Oh, my gosh, you look like a cooler dad already.
Within a heartbeat.
I've given you a pattern here, it distracts from the area you said you were self-conscious about.
I don't look at that anymore, there's so much going on elsewhere that's great.
- Mm-hmm.
- And then the boots.
[TONY] I've seen boots like this, and always looked at them and been like, - "Nothing that I own would - Go with it? - do them justice.
" - Yep.
I want you to look down and think, "Do my flip-flops make me look as good as these do?" - I love these boots.
- You do? What do you think when you see in the mirror? Dropping Kai off in the mornings and seeing all the people that tend to show up in pretty nice clothes.
This is something that I can see myself and not be self-conscious around the rest of the parents.
[TAN] Tony looks incredible in this look.
And the fact that he seems so excited about it.
That's all I needed for him to see, that there are options for him that are truly appropriate and comfortable and cool.
And, take a look for me.
I want it to be snug.
So this isn't the kind of jacket you button up? - No, don't button this up.
- Okay.
This, actually, is something that I think could be a great option for the baby shower - because it's a more formal baby shower.
- Yeah.
This is in line with how I would want to dress for this type of event.
Well, well, well, well, well.
- Look at this beautiful man! - Yeah.
Who gave you permission? You know, I just kind of took it.
Yeah he did! Twirl for us.
Doesn't he look good? Yeah.
Now that you've got the outfit of a model, do we need to take care of this so you look more modelesque? - It's probably looking a little weird.
- It needs a little bit of work.
Okay, if you ever call yourself weird in front of me, I'll literally take my heel off, I'm not wearing one right now, I need to save my feet to give you a gorgeous haircut.
Do it with your big bag, it'll teach him more of a lesson.
What do you put in there? - You might need a speedo.
- Oh.
You never know what moment you need to create from your purse.
- Positive you don't need a speedo moment? - Maybe not in Kansas City.
- Yay! - Come on, let's go do some gorgeous hair.
[JONATHAN] Go on in, monsieur.
That's "man" in French.
- Oh, Okay.
- Or something.
You hold down the fort, I'm just gonna put my murse away really quick.
And a sip.
A tequila a day keeps the doctor away.
Just kidding.
- [TONY GIGGLES] - Okay.
Yeah I don't feel like you've ever had a nice, shaped beard.
- No.
- And I kind of want you to have one.
- I think we should do that first.
- Okay.
- So you're about to be like a father.
- Yeah.
What is the song that can best describe how you feel in this very moment? Oh, my gosh.
And don't let it be some [BLEEP] I've never heard of.
- Okay.
- I don't want some like, Alkaline Trio, like some rock band that I don't know.
You need to expand your musical horizon.
You need to get your horizons in my gay vocabulary.
My vision for Tony's grooming is to show him that actually the way that he is, is great and it looks amazing.
He just needs to work with the look that he has.
It's really good for your eyes.
Just like, depuffs your [BLEEP].
[JONATHAN] Like, you don't have to go ten football fields from where you are, we just need to go ten yards and you're in the end zone.
Like, touchdown.
Because you've been growing your hair out and then cutting it all off and you haven't really found a vibe that's your own, that you're liking, I wanna experiment with, keeping some of your length, but, making it into a shape that makes sense for you.
So you definitely have like a little baby bit of dandruff happening.
Yeah, I've struggled with dandruff forever.
I have this gorgeous at-home remedy that we can do that I can make up for you.
You just need to spray on your hair at night for a little while and it's totally gonna go away.
You're literally Jon Snow.
You're literally attractive.
All I want you to do is hold me, I can't even handle it.
[BOTH LAUGHING] You can say, "Stop sexually harassing me anytime, Jonathan.
" You're good.
I knew we were closer than that.
I just feel like your workload is going to like exponentially increase because, like, now you're not gonna have a one six-year-old, you'll have a newborn, I feel like you're gonna have to be, like, - very militant about caring for yourself.
- Yeah.
Three minutes of mindfulness or something.
It calms everything down so you can just be with your thoughts.
I feel like I could definitely benefit from that, I, uh being as anxious as I am.
Do you struggle with that? Oh, yeah.
I've had issues with depression since I was like, - I wanna say like, 13, 14.
- Me too.
And it's fine to say you need help.
Well, I've been told I need to stop and ask for help.
[JONATHAN] Tony needs to approach his life with an attitude of playfulness and love and compassion.
He's ready to, like, tackle fatherhood with all the confidence and strength he never knew he had, but, honey, it's right there.
Alright, let's go see this whole new gorgeous you.
- How do you feel? - Excellent.
It's been such a long time since I've sat down and actually cared.
You feel like this could be, like, a little bit of your new adult look? - It's like still a little bit you.
- Yeah.
That beard doesn't say like, "ugh.
" You know what I mean? It's so soft.
- Do you feel good? - Yes.
Thank you so much.
- Feel those gorgeous shoulders.
- [TONY LAUGHS] These deltoids are ready to hold a baby, if I ever felt one, honey.
- [JONATHAN] Oh, my God.
We're home.
- [TONY] Oh, my gosh.
Wait, I wanna get the door for you because you're gonna be getting the door for everybody.
- Role play.
- [TONY LAUGHS] - After you.
- Thank you.
- You always make me feel so pampered.
- Right? Alright, boys, you ready? - Yeah! - Close your eyes.
- You're literally trusting me.
- Oh, he looks so pretty! - You're literally trusting me, ready? - Yeah.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
[TONY] I don't know what to say.
- [BOBBY] Who lives here? - I do, apparently.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
- Your hair looks so good.
- So good.
I love it.
- Yes.
- It frames your face.
What a handsome guy.
- He did a good job.
- Good job, Johnny.
- Ready to see more? - Yes.
[BOBBY] You mentioned before that you thought your kitchen was small.
- Yes.
- It feels way bigger now.
I darkened the cabinets.
I gave you a bigger functional island.
- I gave you all new appliances.
- [GASPS] Tells your daily weather.
Another thing that I love about it is you can see inside.
- So that's energy-saving? - So you don't have to waste energy.
You have room in here now - for four adults to actually - To actually sit and eat.
[KARAMO] The fact that it's so clean, what's that doing for your anxiety? If I am starting to like, you know, get anxious, I can just look at that.
- [LAUGHTER] - Good.
Oh, my gosh.
[ANTONI] What's that mermaid pillow? [BOBBY] Isn't that mermaid blanket beautiful? What seven-year-old doesn't wanna be a mermaid? What 37-year-old man doesn't wanna be a mermaid? Sorry little girl, there's another little girl in the house.
- [LAUGHTER] - Gorge.
I really wanted to make sure that she still felt special.
[TONY] Yeah, she's gonna love this.
[TONY] Oh, my God.
[JONATHAN] This is this house is gorgeous! [TONY] It's just amazing.
[JONATHAN] Aw! - [TONY] Thank you so much.
- My pleasure, man.
[BOBBY] The crib we put together for Rowan.
Oh, my God look at the paneled lighting.
[ANTONI] Bobby, this looks like a hotel.
This is your stuff.
This is Bri's stuff.
That's not a hard border.
It's more of a Northern Ireland, Ireland border pre-Brexit.
This is what you can do if you wanted to knock down your curl just a little bit.
You just take your hair, and you're just gonna run it through.
Just hit it really quickly with this iron and call it a day.
- Okay.
- Now, this is half apple cider vinegar and half water, and it is the most amazing, gentle dandruff clarifying treatment ever.
- Okay.
- It resets the pH of the scalp.
So you just spray it all over your scalp after you wash, get it all up in the scalp, let it sit for 10 minutes and then you just rinse it out.
I always do a little conditioner after so I don't stink, and this is your conditioner.
On that note, I think it'd be really cute to do a little spray, delay, walk away moment.
- I can do that.
- This is how you use your cologne which I also love this fragrance I picked out for you myself.
Walk through it.
Bye, queen.
How are you? - I'm doing great.
- I can tell.
The energy is so much different than when we met.
I mean honestly, working out, I'm still sore.
But it reminds me of when I was working out regularly - and it makes me want to go back.
- Yeah.
I can see the way that you whizzed through and got all those baby techniques under your belt, that you wanna be the best.
- For them, and for yourself.
- Yeah.
And I think that's really important for you to continue to remember.
Every time you say to yourself, "I don't wanna ask for help.
" Or, "I'm not gonna pick up something.
" Think about, are you passing on the wrong message to them? I mean, you guys have helped me see that I have support.
I have Bri.
And I have Kai.
And this is something that we're gonna do together.
[TAN] Okay, my dear.
Tell me what you thought of our last shopping trip.
I felt like I was dressing cool for the first time in years.
You want that feeling more often? - Would be nice.
- Good.
You can get pretty much anything from this wardrobe and feel damn good about yourself.
I know you said your feet get really hot if you're not in those.
I wear close-toed shoes in the summer, usually, but I still use foot spray.
Just a little spray and I promise you're gonna feel so much better.
I want to talk about glasses.
- Yeah.
- I got you a pair that I think is super cool.
If you don't agree, so be it.
They're clear at the bottom so it doesn't look too extreme on your face, so we can still see your eyes.
Just come look in this mirror real quick.
- Yeah! - Yeah.
They're cool, right? Do you see what I mean about seeing more of your eyes now? - Yes.
- [KARAMO] I can't wait to see him.
All I want is a crop top and like, some lace.
I feel like I may be disappointed, but I will hope.
Fives? A ten is speaking.
Okay, handsome.
Come on down.
- Oh! - Yeah! Handsome, handsome man you.
- Love it.
- The way you move and touch your hair, I'm so obsessed with you.
It looks like a tweed but it's actually a linen.
It's super thin-lined as well, so it's great for the summer.
I love the boot with it too.
It's so much more stepped-up than a sneaker.
Look how handsome his face is without glasses.
- Oh, yes.
- Oh, love.
He's got such beautiful eyes.
How do you like a collarless shirt, you used to those? I am not, but I like it.
You look polished and intentional and I love it.
- C'mere, Tanny.
- Yep.
Oh, my gosh, this is your new, like, king throne.
I didn't feel this good about my house when I bought it.
[LAUGHS] I don't take a lot of time to sit and really think about the problems.
And that was a big part of the reason why my house and my life was the way it was, and, you guys helped me realize that's not okay.
[JONATHAN] I don't want you to find yourself back there, and the way that you do that is just by staying really positive and connecting with yourself like every day.
I really wanna thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you all.
Our pleasure.
Good luck tonight.
So cute.
You're nailing it.
Look so gorgeous.
[ANTONI] Look what I did.
Did you make hot cocoa too? - These are coffee milks.
- Yum, yum, yum.
Okay, boys, shall we watch? - Yeah, let's do it.
- You don't have enough icing on that.
- Give me a little shot before we go.
- Yep.
Come on, Bruley.
- I love a cozy night in with you dumdums.
- Me too.
- He has come so far in just a few days.
- Yeah.
- Is he gonna shave his beard off? - Okay.
- So he you didn't tell him to shave? - Of his own volition, - he decided he wanted it off.
- Did you have this discussion? - Uh-uh.
- He looks really handsome though! - This is a Queer Eye first! - It's a Queer Eye first, honey.
If he wanted a clean-shaven face, I would've loved to have had that conversation.
And I could've empowered him on how to do that and take care of his skin and like, not go against the grain and create razor burn all over his face.
He should have gotten a true lesson from you.
But this is a big step and I appreciate it.
He looks great.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
[SINGING] Somebody's gonna ask her To marry me - [KAIRI] Oh, my God.
- [BRIANNA LAUGHS] It's so awesome.
They shaved your face off.
- I shaved it myself.
- Did you do that? - Yeah! - Oh, my God.
[KARAMO] She's glowing! I kind of wanna be pregnant so I can glow like that.
- Yeah.
- No more eating at the coffee table.
- I like how it's like two rooms now.
- [TONY] Um, yes.
- What do you think about the new look? - I like it.
Should I continue looking like this? Should I go back to basketball shorts and flip-flops? - Never.
- [LAUGHS] - I like you, Kai.
My kind of girl.
- She's very smart.
So opinionated.
- Go.
- Alright, come on.
- [KAIRI] It's amazing.
- It's a mermaid tail! Honey, I already tried it on, I'm so sorry.
- I know, she'd be furious.
- She'd be like [INHALES DEEPLY] [ANTONI] Yes, the carpet is super comfortable.
Oh, my God.
I love it.
- And the crib? - Yup.
- Oh, my God.
- Bobby and I built this.
- Is it stable? - It's missing, like one, screw, but it's fine.
Oh, okay, that's totally fine.
That's totally fine.
A grown-up bed that's not on the floor? We're, like, totally adults.
We're super adults.
This is my favorite bedroom that you did, Bobby.
I feel like this clean slate is exactly what I needed, exactly what we needed.
We just have to maintain.
- Hundred percent.
- Yeah.
He's saying everything she's wanted to hear for a really long time.
Oh, my gosh.
You guys look amazing.
- You ready to get to this baby shower? - Yeah.
[ALL CHEERING] - Yeah! - Aww, they're having a baby! Who's excited to see Tony and Bri? Yeah! This is a much fancier baby shower than I've ever seen before.
- Americans, am I right? - I know.
Oh, my gosh! You look so young! Wow! Oh, looking good! - Can I touch it? - Yeah! I'm just gonna keep staring at him! I haven't seen you like this since you were a baby! Hi, Mom.
- Yeah, so you got one week.
- Yeah.
- One week.
- One week.
We've got a clean slate with the house.
We've got plans on how we're going to keep it.
So excited about that.
We're so proud of you.
And we love you so much.
[CROWD CHEERING] Wait the best part can everyone see? No flip-flops! [TONY] I just want to thank everybody for coming.
This was an unforgettable experience.
Going into this week, I was extremely anxious.
The Fab 5 showed me that I'm a lot more capable than I give myself credit for.
[CHEERING] They also showed me that, um, I need to be better about asking for help, and knowing that I have support.
Which I can obviously see with all you guys here.
[WOMAN] Love you, Tony! [APPLAUSE] And after this week, I know I'm ready.
Before this, I was, "stay in there!" "Just stay in there a little bit longer!" But honestly, I would be ready to take her to the hospital right now.
- But let's not do that.
- Right! I guess that just leaves one last thing.
Oh, my God! Aw, yeah! Will you marry me? Yeah.
Good kiss.
I love you.
Let's celebrate! [JONATHAN] People think that asking for help is like a sign of like weakness, or it's a sign of vulnerability.
Not true.
Whatever it is that life brings us, there's always support, there's always someone to talk to.
That's the beauty of humanity.
People do wanna help.
You just have to ask for it.
Here's to our daddy this week.
To Tony! No more daddy issues.
- Cheers! - To Tony.
Rowan, you're such a lucky girl.
You are not only blessed with a beautiful mother and father.
You also have a gorgina sister.
I hope that she feeds you many cookies when you are able to eat them.
[TAN] Daddy did so much for you, he put himself out there for the whole world to criticize so he could be the best dad he could be for you, he's a good dad.